10 March 2016

Is Afrikaner self determination still a viable option?

Take your pic of independent country for white South Africans:

Or this?

By Mike Smith

10th of March 2016

I recently received several comments and suggestions about an independent Afrikaner homeland.

I addressed this problem several times before and will now try to condense my findings.

The constitution is written in such a way that Afrikaners or whites in SA will forever be chasing their tails about a Volkstaat.

For the ANC to grant us independence we need to share a common cultural and language heritage (not race). Further, one part of the constitution cannot be used to contradict another part. So, even if self-determination is guaranteed in the constitution, we need to be able to satisfy all the criteria of non-racialism, non-sexism, etc before we can even think along the lines of self-determination for Afrikaners,

So what is the Afrikaner culture?

Are all Afrikaners Christians? No. They belong to different churches, some are even atheists, etc. Do they listen to the same music? No, Some like Rock. Some like opera. Some like Steve and Juanita. Do they all speak the same Afrikaans? No, you have different dialects. Do they have the same history, heritage? No, West Coast, Namibia, Transvaal, Freestate, Natal, all have different histories. Do they all play (or like) Rugby, No. Do they all eat braaivleis or biltong? No, many are vegetarian. Do they all live in the same area? No, spread out from Namibia down to the Cape and north again to Beitbridge. From the West Coast to the east coast. On and on I can go.

So please tell me, WHAT IS AN AFRIKANER?

Now Eugene Terreblanche once said that when you ask that question, you are not one, but that is simplistic and probably the reason why he never managed to get a Volkstaat for the Afrikaners.

On 24 March1999, Thabo Mbeki released his “Report on the question of the Afrikaners”.

In that speech, Mbeki defined the Afrikaners out of existence, quoting amongst other Afrikaner race traitors, political analyst, Harold Pakendorf as saying:

” To have a debate about Afrikaners seems almost absurd. Which Afrikaners? Who is an Afrikaner? Who will speak on their behalf? Hopefully, there will never be a debate about Afrikaners again. They are not separate enough from the rest of South Africa to be discussed as such.”

” The surest sign that all is well with Afrikaners is the existence of the Afrikaner Eenheidsbeweging - the Afrikaner unity movement that unites almost no Afrikaners and represents even fewer. And that is how it ought to be - there simply is no organisation or political party that can be said to represent what Afrikaners want. They are divided, spread out over a whole range of organisations, churches and political parties.”

And so dear people died the dream of the Afrikaners to have their own homeland.

Basically Mbeki said there are no Afrikaners and even if there were, they have no leaders and no representative body speaking on their behalf.

Sadly Mbeki was right.

There are more than fifty so called Afrikaner organisations, and some of them like the Afrikanerbond and Solidarity, are made up of heavyweight intelligentsia, yet none of these organisations claim to speak for, or on behalf of the Afrikaners and none of them support a homeland for the Afrikaners. They all believe that Afrikaners should find their niche in the New (improved) South Africa. The truth is that Afrikaners and other Whites are finding their niches in Australia, England and Europe.

But on Thursday, 02 April 2009, President Jacob Zuma said: “Of all the white groups that are in South Africa, it is only the Afrikaners that are truly South Africans in the true sense of the word.”

Ironically, opposition parties condemned Zuma’s statement, with the DA saying that Zuma revealed an ethnically and racially “blinkered” world view in conflict with the Constitution.

If you look at what Zuma said, you will notice that he firstly acknowledged that the Afrikaners exist as a group and then proceeded to define Afrikaners as White Afrikaans-speaking South Africans.

The significance of what Zuma said is huge for the independence of the Afrikaner people. With that one sentence Zuma showed Mbeki’s 1999 Report the finger and defined the Afrikaners as a specific group of people in South Africa.

I for one have in the meantime abandoned the idea of an Afrikaner homeland in SA. To me THE WHOLE OF SOUTH AFRICA is our homeland. The homeland of all the whites who were born here and whose forefathers built this country. Problem is that SA is occupied, infested by those who claim to be indigenous, but are not.

We can talk and debate. We can protest peacefully, but will that ever get us independence from the ANC regime or the approval of the world?

Debating and peaceful protesting should not be abandoned. These are highly effective and powerful tools, but knowing the lessons from African history, the African’s inability to deal with complex scenarios inevitably leads him to the only solution he knows: Violence.

Ultimately the violence will be inevitable. We will have to be prepared for it. People will die. We cannot escape that. The more I look at it the more I am convinced that simply knocking on the ANC door is not going to get them to listen. You will have to kick the goddamn door down. You will have to climb onto their chests with a baseball bat and MAKE them listen and at the same time be able to role with a few blows yourself.

Inevitably, the whites of South Africa (and maybe other minorities) must be willing to do what the Israelis did in 1948 and draw the borders as they advance forward. They must do what the Israelis did at Deir Yassin, Shatila and Sabra to rid their country of the Marxists ANC scum and its supporters.

For more information read some previous posts on the subject:

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  1. Hmmm...It seems Front Nasionaal won't achieve their goal after all.

    1. Heinrich, sadly FN is taking a dive. There is a split between the "Cape Faction", as they refer to it and their Northern counterparts. The true Boere [the North, I believe] are looking to register a new party - another split in Afrikanerdom. When will it ever end?
      But, we can forget about a political situation. It is going to have to be the alternative and we take the country back, bit by bit. I say we start off here in the north of the Nothern Cape.

    2. Anonymous9:55 am

      Always the inevitable split in Afrikaner unity and the ignorant kaffirs sitting like hawks waiting to destroy the white minority. So it doesn't spell much good for Mike's wise political words and effort or the contribution and effort by the faithful members on this blog. UNITY is imperative and is the foundation to the creation of our new free land. This continual internal bickering and division will not even get us a single grain of sand and the kaffirs will stand on the side lines pissing themselves with laughter. Where the hell did the powerful words such as "EENDRAG MAAK MAG" disappear to in our lives? This is reality that we are fighting for and it will never be won by playing games of internal political monopoly!

    3. Tomkat, it really is a sad situation for them. I read they had to deal with Wessel Basson as well and Daniel Lotter was being blamed for all kinds of issues in their party. Seems they have a conflict of interest and not all their members follow the same policy. Regardless, even if they won 4 million white votes and represent in parliament, it is unlikely that they will win in the case for self determination. I think that is what some of their members realized and that is why they started on their own. Still not good though. They should stick together, get more support and over time discuss the reality of not getting a homeland, with their own members and supporters. Alternatively, they could become radical, get the support, start training camps, get funding for weapons and voila...fastracked self determination

    4. Anonymous10:30 pm

      Afrikaners are too libertarian in the way they act, right down to the open borders.

    5. Heinrich, as always, there are two sides to the story. I got a letter from the party secretary explaining the goings-on, that's why I referred to the north [Wessel Basson] as the true Boere. But, I am no politician and not interested in internal politics. Time for politicking is verby anyway.
      Take care, mate. See you on the 16th December, if . . .

    6. Anonymous3:46 am

      Anon 10:30

      They are not Libertarian, they are Liberal.

      There is a big difference.

    7. Heinrich [and any other interested parties], hier's hy. Go and check it out.

  2. It always comes down to the simple yet ruthless laws of nature. Do you NEED something or WANT something? Is your violence stronger than the other guys violence?

    I know what I/we need and I know how violent I/we whites can get when push comes to shove.

    PS: funny how when it comes to Afrikaner Self-determination, the enemy quickly uses banal arguments to show how such a concept doesn't exist to stifle us. But lo and behold if they need to pin blame on those evil racists, there is all of a sudden never a shortage of Afrikaners to stick it to. A true cognitive conundrum.

    1. Anonymous9:35 am


      As long as they have BEE/AA implemented then we have the right to a white state or part of the country period.

      They cannot call us racist when their policies are racist. They say to do away with the wrongs of the past, like building an economy and handing it to them...

      This has never happened in history where a nation has simply handed over their possessions only to be dictated to and cut out of the picture.

      It boggles the mind.

      They say whites were/are privileged, yes we were. We were privileged before we arrived, its how we arrived on ships, with books, with a wheel and that proves we were privileged + superior, no one can deny facts.

      They want to blame us for all this shit yet use the shit to better themselves from us.

      The real problem is in SA, they dont want us around. It makes them feel bad. Its like when someone steals your shit at work and they see you notice it on them.

      When they know, that you know and you make it known, then he will do anything in his power to get you out. This is what they are trying to do.

      They want us out of the picture because they are incompetent. You can give them universities, cars, jobs, bursaries, education - leave them for 20 years and see what they are.

      If an alien hands me his education, how the heck can I apply it when it is not applicable to my cognitive function? They had 2,000 years to come up with the same shit we invented in Europe.

      Does anyone actually realize that if the blacks here claim they are from this country, then they are claiming they are from those apes they dug out?

      Difficult hey, oh you are from here? Yebo, ok here is your ancestor, Heibo! No you are a ressist - ok then where do you come from - Eish e hmm, e grunt, grunt - still today they dont know. If it was not for whites these things would not know what year it was let alone what month or day.

      Phase 4 - no one will listen. Phase4, phase 4, its the only way forward. They will either do it or we will.

      They are planning on doing phase 4, the question is who will get it right? Them or us, me thinks them because they are not scared to say "kill whites"

      But soon the people will beg for phase 4... might just be to late.

    2. LOVE these responses, JP en BN!!!! May I quote you guys?

    3. Of course, not that you needed to ask Helizna ;)

  3. Anonymous6:21 am

    What amazes me though is how easy this takeover by the ANC was. They have slowly removed the whites from all state enterprises. And how was this allowed to happen - the whites were distracted by greed. Too busy earning the big bucks and not recognising the ANC takeover strategy. The white man's greed for money is his weak spot and ultimately his downfall. But now it is too late to do anything about it.

  4. Sorry Mike , but music , dialects , history etc you mentioned above are bullshit reasons not to get independence . Whoever stated that as reasons to stop us getting independence is very naive . If , as stated before by me , the whites slowly sell out and move to the old Cape Province , where there were no blacks yet , then we can , through self determination , the prosperity of our community and the collapse of the rest of the country , succeed .Traditionally the blacks are livestock herdsmen and where there is too little water they wont go . We as determined and hard working people will make the desert bloom . Those poor whites up country must start moving down and the middle class must start selling up and moving down too. As for the very wealthy , they can stay since they have too much to lose or are very close to the ruling party . Change the demographics radically in favour of a white and coloured Cape . Then propose and work towards independence and if not then fight for it . The concentration of skill and determination in the Cape by that time will be very strong , unbeatable . Just another reason to believe in The Cape of Good Hope . Faith ! Wheres the testicular fortitude ? Spread too wide !

    1. Anonymous7:07 am

      I agree, we can start our own WEE.

    2. @ Michael

      I believe that we're going to end up fighting for independance anyway, regardless if us whites move or not. The ANC won't give up their tax cows, they won't just give a piece of their assets away. We can just hope that parties like Front National get enough support to be able to at least try something before we have to take it by force.

    3. Michael the one who stated it was Harold Pakendorf, the liberal journalist. Thabo Mbeki quoted him. The point is that nobody can define an Afrikaner. What criteria do you use? How many of these criteria does one have to fullfil to be classed as an Afrikaner? These things like, music, heritage, etc are all parts of a shared culture.
      I mean, look at the blacks like the Zulu's, Xhosas, Ndebele, Sotho...they even have cultural dress and architecture (if you can call their huts "architecture"). Do the Afrikaners share the same dress? The same architecture? What is Afrikaans culture?
      If you can answer me that I will be glad, because this is the argument of liberals and Mbeki. They say Afrikaners are too diverse to have a common culture. What do Afrikaaners have in common? Rugby and Braaivleis? What? Till this day I have never heard a proper definition of an Afrikaner. If you say they are white and from West European descent and speak Afrikaans then we have a start. Problem is all these Intelligentsia people shy away from race, because the moment you mention race, you are back to square one. You cannot get a homeland based on race. Round and round in the conundrum.
      It is like Franz Kafka wrote about in “The Castle”. If you acknowledge the authority of the castle you will fight yourself silly against its bullshit bureaucracy. It is a futile pursuit of an unobtainable goal, like a dog chasing his tail. The secret is to not acknowledge the authority of the Castle in the first place even when others are doing so.

    4. Anonymous11:27 am


      @Heinrich Westphal7:13 AM

      There is only one thing certain for now.


      Between black tribes and blacks vs whites.

      I sense the whites are slowly waking up to the facts but a bit too late.

      This is what happens when you live on hope, you eventually sober up and it tends to not be nice.

    5. Anonymous10:28 pm

      Aren't there distinctions between the subgroups of the black tribes? You don't have to be clones to be part of a single people.

    6. AHHHH! I know what we have in common!!! Thanks JP you gave the answer... If they say "put all the racists in their own independent country away from us tolerant, progressive, liberal and non-racist folk" then you have your BEST criterion and definition... I will be the first racist Afrikaner to move!

    7. Anonymous1:14 am

      Just food for thought. Not all English people like the same music or cultural denominators. Not all English people are christian, not all English people are atheist, they dont all like the same sports either - then English speaking people are bastards the same as the Afrikaans speaking people. What then will make any nation in fact a nation?

    8. Anon 1:14 We are already a nation of bastards and will be a nation of bastards then. I'm half Scot, quarter Norwegian & quarter Dutch - a real potpourri? We'll show them just what bastards we are as well.
      I already have my own republic; my yard. If a creature puts its paw over the garden wall I will chop it off. They are not allowed in the yard; not even the municipal meter-readers.
      That's the way to go, each of us, isolate ourselves from the savages and have absolutely nothing to do with them and make their [civil servants] jobs as difficult as possible. After all, they go out of their way to make our lives as miserable as they possible can with their inept service.
      Cheat as much on your tax as you possibly can. I am proud to say, other than VAT, I have not contributed 1 cent to their New South Africa. I prefer my Old SA, they can keep their new one. I have no wish to be a part of it.

    9. Anonymous9:49 am

      How bright.. Isolate yourself? Like thats gonna work. Jip, ISOLATE yourself and by the way, when isolated its just a matter of time and your next. Rather break the wall between you and the person next to you, you just might stand a chance. O sorry, I forgot this killing white people story just happens to other people... Yeah right. You want an idea, get on your knees and pray, but please dont hide behind it because your scared.

    10. Anon 9:49 - It's a psychological isolation. Maybe I should have said segregation rather than isolation. "Break down the wall between the people next to me"? It the people next to you do not see the threat you are leaving a gap in your defense by doing so.
      Of course, their is no "wall" with like-minded people, but they aren't always your neighbours. And, by the way, thanks for the religious instruction.

  5. Anonymous7:03 am

    The fate of South Africa will not be determined by anyone who LIVES in South Africa, whether white Afrikaner or black ANC. The fate of South Africa will be determined by international forces, history proves this, the Boer Wars being just one example. South Africa is an international prize, because of its geo-strategic location, but especially, since the discovery of gold and diamonds, because of its natural resources.

    White Afrikaner South Africa might be a beautiful righteous and deserving toddler, alone in the world on the veldt, but to the international lions and hyenas fighting over its bloodied body, tearing it limb from limb, it is nothing more than the next meal meant to temporarily satisfy their insatiable hunger for world domination.

    South Africa’s only hope is to ally itself with other small nationalist minded countries that hope to preserve their independence and racial character against international globalist forces that seek to benefit only the megalomaniac one-world-government dictators.

    The former black Communist “national liberation freedom fighters” who have now been turned back into Chinese Communist slave labor should finally see by now that they’d be better off working with the Afrikaners to establish two states in South Africa, one white, and one black.

    The blacks of South Africa should have learned this lesson after they fought on the British side in the Boer War, only to end up worse off under British rule than they had been under Boer control.

    White South Africa might survive if it defeats the Globalists by allying itself with other small countries in the world and establishing the international principal that the world must be founded upon the sanctity of the racially homogenous nation-state and not the totalitarian dictatorship of a one world government ruling over an amorphous world-wide mongrel population controlled by a megalomaniacal tyrant.

    Israel, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan etc. might be examples (imperfect examples) of nation-states that are founded as “the nation-state of the Jewish people” or “the nation-state of the Japanese people”. White Afrikaner South Africa has the international right to establish itself as “the nation-state of the White Afrikaner people”. The dictators of the world will fight you on this, but the other people of the world who wish to maintain their own nation-state as the protector of their particular national racial character will be your allies.

    1. Anonymous9:51 am

      Dream on. Resist the globalists and you will end up like Syria. As for Israel - wake up, that is the head of this beast.

      South Africa is also like a spent prostitute - nothing left for the taking. Why do you think the globalists handed it over for total destruction using their ANC destruction machine.
      It is only us who live here who see value in SA. The lions have had their share and now the vultures are at the carcass.

  6. Anonymous7:19 am

    Network (1976)
    Howard Beale: I don't have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It's a depression. Everybody's out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel's worth, banks are going bust, shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter. Punks are running wild in the street and there's nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there's no end to it. We know the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat, and we sit watching our TV's while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes, as if that's the way it's supposed to be. We know things are bad - worse than bad. They're crazy. It's like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don't go out anymore. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we are living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, 'Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials and I won't say anything. Just leave us alone.' Well, I'm not gonna leave you alone. I want you to get mad! I don't want you to protest. I don't want you to riot - I don't want you to write to your congressman because I wouldn't know what to tell you to write. I don't know what to do about the depression and the inflation and the Russians and the crime in the street. All I know is that first you've got to get mad. You've got to say, 'I'm a HUMAN BEING, God damn it! My life has VALUE!' So I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window. Open it, and stick your head out, and yell, 'I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!' I want you to get up right now, sit up, go to your windows, open them and stick your head out and yell - 'I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!' Things have got to change. But first, you've gotta get mad!... You've got to say, 'I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!' Then we'll figure out what to do about the depression and the inflation and the oil crisis. But first get up out of your chairs, open the window, stick your head out, and yell, and say it: "I'M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE THIS ANYMORE!"

    Find it on you tube - then you feel it.

  7. I go with the Ninja's version of an Afrikaner, regardless of language.

  8. Mustafa8:43 am

    Nothing worthwhile in this world has ever been achieved without the use of violence. Think about it.

    Enough dreaming about a homeland, define a goal, develop a plan and then execute the plan.

    No more handwringing and moaning.

    Engage now.

  9. Anonymous8:59 am

    Afrikaners and eenheid/unity.

    This has not happened since the trekboere left the cape.

    Afrikaners, are not a nation in and of themselves, and why is this?

    look back at those same dutch who left the cape, and were described even then as hard headed and obstinate.

    even today, being called a hardegat is somewhat more of a sign of approbation, than derogatory.

    the only time that afrikaners as a nation or a ethnic grouping stood together was during the wars against the english.

    but even there, they were seperate and distinct from each other, the free staters, the transvalers, the natalians...

    then there is the northern afrikaners, who dont see the cape afrikaners as afrikaans.

    and then there is the whole "boer" thing... cos if you are a boer, you aint a afrikaner, and if you a afrikaner, you aint a boer.

    and of course funniest of all, a hero of the boer, jopie fourie's last words were?...

    but, in short, there cannot be unity in a country, where if you drive the wrong bakkie, or dont wear khaki or dont belong to the ng kerk, or listen to iron maiden and not stevie...

    just makes me wonder, what kind of event will it take to make the afrikaners stop their infighting and come together as the force we know they can be when almost united as in the boer war?

    1. Gonville Bromhead10:05 am

      @anon 8:59

      I once said that Afrikaners were as difficult to reason with as it was difficult to herd cats.

    2. @ Anon 8:59 AM

      Ja dis sommer kak man. It doesn't matter wheher you're boer, afrikaner or anything in between. These stupid criterias that define what is a boer and what is afrikaner only serves to divide people. Then ofcourse you get Afrikaners/Boere who still cling to the idea "die engelsman is die vyand want boere-oorlog"....blah blah blah. Man, let me tell you, it will take a miracle to unite all whites, english/afrikaans or boer/afrikaner, but i will go this far to say, if we cannot all unite, not even for war, then we don't deserve a homeland. Even if there was a war and divided we somehow managed to win back this country, after that there will still be division amongst ourselves and we"ll end up in another civil war. White on white....

      This is the way I see it, there is no difference between boer/afrikaner and if there is, so fkn what. Get over it and focus on the task at hand and realize you need all the help you can get.

  10. Anonymous9:08 am


    Lets all forget Afrikaners for now.

    Lets think of Amerikaner for now or Australianer

    Those are Europeans who settled those lands. Those people took a chance in those lands, the yanks did speak different languages at one stage.

    In the South, to this very day their mortgage/bond system is based on the French property laws. They spoke French in Louisiana, Mississippi - If the French dominated and beat the British they would have spoken French today.

    There was Spanish from the Spanish but even in America, you listen to how the southerners speak compared to the other states, you would think you are in different countries.

    They battle to understand each other.

    In my mind an Afrikaner is any white person who took n kans or chance in Afrika = Afrika + kans = Afrikans. (Chance in Africa)

    We all took a chance coming here. The people who took that chance had a variety of languages mixed together to form a chance of a language which looks like it will have no chance of survival.

    There were British, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italians, Greeks, Flemish, Belgians, Germans and many Europeans who all took a chance, many intermarried and today we have this amazing chance of a people aka Afrikaners.

    Who cares who really arrived first, you want to debate that cool - lets do it after we have die vierkleur above us. Lets put things in perspective....

    Argue about a language or our bloodlines, who arrived first while being slaughtered or unite, stop the slaughter and work to one objective?

    Only you, I and the others can choose. The Blacks love the fact that we fight like this, means they can continue to rape this country and blame the whites for all the wrongs, rob you, hijack you... its like arguing about cents when someone is stealing hundreds from you.

    I know it doesnt make sense but here we are, still debating this kak and I hear it all the time. Quite frankly when I hear it, I know I am dealing with very short sighted volk.

    Can we not come together and think 200 years or 300 years into the future while uniting and dealing with the present. You know this lot here only think about the now...

    Now we have a choice be called Afrikaners or Afrigeenkans - Africa no chance, where there is no chance of survival and each day looks more and more like geen kans.

    How many of you saw T-shirts with kill Afrikaners, kill British, Kill Portuguese, Kill Greeks, Germans - no my friends, they see you as one nation, one nation that took a chance to settle here among the most violent of the violent black tribes on Earth.

    So as one nation that might have different tongues depending on where those who took a chance settled, we only have each other. They dont care what language you speak or what European country you came from.

    That is why I say unite, forget the stupid petty things for now. You can discuss language when the dust settles. Why worry about pebbles when you have boulders in your way and mountains?

    If you are white....

    They make shirts + sings songs about killing you.

    So what dont we all take a kans/chance and just work together, come together, pray together and unite for one common cause.

    An independent state and nation for our people. A common objective.

    You cant speak English fluently, have a problem conversing in the language - I have no problem we share the same goal.

    You cant speak Afrikaans fluently, have a problem conversing in the language - I have no problem, we share the same goal.

    Make one goal, one vision, one people, one God, one prayer and come together now.

    Let us take a kans/chance now, together in Afrika all as one Afrikaner nation regardless of language.


  11. Anonymous9:37 am

    The herders of Southern Lebanon have done it, The Guzan's have done it, parts of Somali land and Yemen have done it and read up on a place called Nagorno-Karabakh, The Kurds have also done it. The out cast jews from around the world and the left overs from the Nazi death camps did it small piece of land at a time. And now an area of Spain called Catalonia want to go separate. All these people just went ahead and declared an area of their own choosing autonomous and could not care less if the world recognised it or not.

    So why don't we whites mark out many small autonomous areas declare them ANC/DA free SA govt/SAPS/SANDF and bank no go zones, And do like David in 1 Sam 22 invite all those that are in distress, in debt and discontent to come along. Stuff the banks go max your card out and buy a new Hilux and join in. Israel never made Hebrew a pre requisite for the Hungarian or French jew making alliya but taught them how to speak once they arrived. So what if I cant put 2 Afrikaans words together but I am willing to learn

    1. Anonymous10:39 am


      I agree and max the fudge out of your credit while you can.

      I say fudge the bankers, they wanted the new SA they got it!

      Max the fudge out of it while your rand can still buy something and enjoy it.

      Some might say, well you will have a black mark against your name. Well, when the country goes to junk status and companies cant raise finance, thousands/millions laid off, all not able to pay off their loans, cars.

      Then it all goes back to zero.

      No one in the end will be concerned if you can or couldnt pay off your credit.

      Do you think the bankers coming into Zimboonwe in 10 years will look at peoples credit scores?

      They will not and the same here.

      I have said already to family, refinance, move in together. Take your cash put it in another country for now.

      Today the rand hit R22 to the £1, by June it will be £25. Everyday now the rand will lose in my opinion about R0.20-R0.30 cents of its value to the pound and the $ will probably be R22 to the $ by June.

      Give or take, some days it will gain but for every gain it makes, it will give it back within 2-4 days.

      The rand is in free fall - enjoy.

      Just look at all the nations that decided they wanted their own IMF, Russia, Brazil, China, India, South Africa - all moered into touch by those that control the world.

      Regime change coming soon - watch out for it, sooner than you or I ever thought.

      Drought, food shortages, dirty water, no jobs, higher electricity costs, food price hikes + racial tension, downgrades, scandals, land reform fudge me that is a recipe for disaster.

      LOL there could never be a worse time in history to give the land back, I mean it is the best time for them to take over the land - more like dust + cracked soil.

      Here we go, good luck hope you enjoy eating sand pies.

      I mean we could not have had the worst drought in history come at a better time - they want the land, its now all fudged up, dry, nothing growing - seriously, has anyone thought about it.

      Perhaps thats why Malema is so quiet about it, he wants only the best fertile lands but the Lord has destroyed any hopes of them taking the best.

      If I was a farmer right now, would pack my shit up, hand the keys to the workers buy them a couple of EFF shirts to dunk in water for some rooi bos tea, cause the tea and the shirts is all the forkers will eat in the coming months.

      Come back in 5 years time and the farm will be fertile again, nothing would have been planted, soil refreshed and new grass for cattle to feed on + 20 million less parasites all gone because of food shortages.

      Thats how you win, simply hand it all to them, sit back and watch.

    2. Anonymous11:25 am

      Let me build further on my comment 9:37, What do we want as a homeland a region where we still have FNB, and the Standard Bank to impoverish us with high interest roll over debt, or do we want the KFC, Steers and Spur to follow us into a white homeland, Maybe we cant live without 7de Laan or the Springboks. I don't know what other people want, maybe they just want a white version of what the current SA is with high cost medical aid and so on. For me I see it as a man who has worked hard for a big company many years that tells him what to do, then one day he says to himself I want to be my own boss and bravely resigns from the company and starts his own business. We must see it that way get your area community together and propose a go it alone and if there is consensus go to the local govt and SAPS in your area, give them a 2 hour ultimatum to clear off and if they don't deal with them Chechan style Declare the area now the autonomous Free State republic of Maatjiesfontein area 400km2 expanding weekly, pop white 3000 increasing daily, Debt to GDP 0 (eradicated) all debt from SA financial institutions not recognised in Republic of Maatjiesfontein Free State. Govt: elected council with constitution. Currency: diamonds, gold, platt, $,Rand , Pound, Euro, Barter. Economy: Grow what we can, make what we can, confiscate from SA what we can, mine what we can. WHAT A WONDERFUL DREAM I JUST HAD

    3. Anonymous8:43 pm

      @ Anon 11:25 AM

      If we simply do as you suggest, annex or appropriate a piece of land, the munts will send the military if the SAPS doesn't sort us out first. They will have a valid reason then for slaughtering whites. We simply don't have the weapons to back our claim.

      It is however, an AWESOME dream, but consider having the WHOLE country as our homeland, even better! We just need to find a way to fight for it

    4. Anonymous3:44 am

      Anon 8:43 Don't you know the SANDF cant even finance its overseas peace keeping roles and Bantu Holomisa has said they don't have resources or mobility to even assist the SAPS if they were requested to do so.

      I served long enough in the SADF to know its weaknesses and to me it looks like the army have not changed its military doctrine since 1989 and that was to stop any Soviet/Cuban/terrorist total onslaught through SWA into the Northern Cape. There at lohatla the army are still being trained in Operation Modular, Hooper, Packer warfare. I don't think they have realised that warfare has so fundamentally changed over the last 25 years, read about what happened to the Americans in Mogadishu, the Russians in Grozny the Israelis in Jenin and its retreat in the last Lebanon war, The Balkan wars, or how Bashar al Assad first big army response to the Syrian spring was a total failure. My friend you might have also served in the SADF and done a little COIN training or ops here or there, but the day we stop thinking of ourselves as the Counter and more as the Insurgent is the day we might start winning small battles. You know Che Guevara in spite of his crap political ideology he was a brilliant guerrilla soldier and I think men like Dannie Theron would have gladly have fought alongside him. So I will throw out my old browns its old military doctrine and I will also throw out the socialist doctrine of men like Che Guevara and I will see what they can teach me about insurgency warfare.

    5. Anonymous9:15 am

      Anon 10:39

      The Rand may improve a bit in the short-term.

  12. Anonymous10:01 am

    Unless the 4.5 million whites all move to the Western Cape and prepare to undertake total war with heavy machine guns, mortars and covert assassinations, it is over for the white African. As I watch the bobbejaans in the SA parliament act like children and blame whitey for everything, there's no hope of ever being left alone. I'm just an outsider in Seattle, but I can clearly see the seething hatred in the youth as they spray paint 'F white people' and burn shit down. The sadistic violence these people are capable of and always that cold dead stare in their eyes tells me all I need to know. They cannot peacefully live in a White civilization in large numbers and African projected birth rates are staggering - I could not believe the numbers. You can't fight 4 billion low intelligence blacks who I believe are genetically predisposed to immediate violence and sexual gratification. If I lived in SA I would be well armed (to hell with new gun laws) and would be quietly making exit plans for the U.S., Australia, UK, Canada or NZ. We have similar anti white hatred brewing here too, but we tentatively remain the majority while being heavily armed and they do no have African-style birth rates yet. My thoughts are with the oppressed White South Africans - my God, I can't imagine having to deal with what's going on there.

    1. Don't worry Seattle whiteskins are nag anyhow http://proteamedia.com/?p=1268

    2. Anonymous12:37 pm

      So then why did you Americans put sanctions on us when we fortified ourselves with guns as you suggested?

      Good grief

    3. Dont take this the wrong way, I have relatives in your country, your government , both Democrats and the Republican so called opposition are difficult to distinguish apart, I have never been to a country that is SO politically correct one way......blacks =good whites = bad and u owe us..scary, your attitude towards us here is really encouraging, but your government has broken so many laws yet, it is still there, take care.

    4. If only we had the "2nd amendment" like ypu guys do.

    5. From what i have read whites will be the minority in a couple of decades in the USA too. We must remember this war wont be just for survival but the survival of our children and their children as well.

  13. Anonymous10:25 am

    Why are we not pushing a claim for the Cape Colony, which was occupied in 1652. At least we have a just claim to that part of SA. The amalgamation into the Union of SA republic is only as recent as 1910. Why are we allowing the ANC to deprive us of the whole country when it was never one country to begin with. What blacks can lay claim to the Cape. We must stop this discussion about South Africa and focus on what is really ours, from the beginning - the Cape.
    Clearly we need a strong leader to front this. We must not try and eat this elephant whole and stop this rediculous vision of taking back SA. There is plenty of room for all of us - just on different sides of the fence. We have become worn out and soft.


    1. Anonymous12:27 am

      What is your take on the coloreds and birth rates? I know plenty of blacks pretending to be colored and many coloreds marrying blacks and vice versa. Wouldnt our children be sitting with the same problem? Just a problem with a little bit more brains?

    2. Anonymous4:01 am

      Coloureds generally want to live a modern western style capitalist society and I have not met any who are Communist, and very few who like blacks or the ANC.

    3. My Problem with the coloureds as allies is that they always Support the stronger side. Look at them..."I'm a Man united supporter".

      "Oh really...how many Man United matches have you been to?"

      "None, but I support them".

      "So you mean you are a FAN of Man United, because the supporters actually go to the games."

      Blank stare.

      "So tell me Gammat. Why are you wearing an All Black Jersey when you live in SA and should be supporting the Springboks?"

      "I've always been a New Zealand supporter"

      "Oh really Gammat...tell me, do you have sons?

      "Yes. Two"

      "Do they Play Rugby?"

      "Yes. Both"

      "So tell me Gammat...When your boys play for the Springboks one day, will you still support the All Blacks?"

      Blank stare.

    4. Anonymous7:07 am

      @Mike Smith4:54 AM

      Was this a foreign owned shop?

      Any more info?

      Other than the toothless wonders doing their magic of making things vanish.

    5. @Mike Smith 4:54AM
      Okay Cape Town's Cape Creoles are another breed, now Mike what you think of the Cape Natives, the Griqua, Korana, Basters, the rural folk of the so-called "coloureds". Surely, you not going to put them with these people who have their own "gedagtes" and lingo like "mos", "torpa", "Mortchie", "minuta!","Jarre" "Awe", "Brah". "Mybru","Man" in each sentence, "Soute, Soute" alert, "Hoppa", "Hos", all these Austronesian derived words from the slaves. Majority of "coloureds" in the western half of South Africa are Khoisan/Cape Natives, they are not slawer! The passion gap is a slave "gedagte" thing on the Cape Flats, the heart of slavery. These people are to my best of knowledge Hottentot-Bastards due the Khoisan-Christian migration to Cape Town after mid-1800s, the muslim Cape Creoles became way less because of this massive migration and the Christian Cape Creoles Hottentot DNA jumped to as stated by that Kuils River-Cape Town Wikipedia genetics test 30%-43% on average.

  14. Anonymous10:54 am


    Ons gaan nié weer onderhandel met die vyand nie! Suid-Afrika behoort aan die blanke rasse wat hier aangeland het en hierdie land pragtig opgebou het en die grond bewerk het en steeds doen. Nooit ooit weer sal daar met 'n kaffer onderhandel word sonder dat daar bloed gegiet word nie! Hulle mág nie weer 'n spreekbeurt kry nie.

    Ons veg vir die héle Suid-Afrika of niks, en niks is absoluut geen opsie vir my nie. Ons volk is wel versprei oor die land heen, dit maak nie saak nie, dis omrede ons so 'n onafhanklike kultuur het dat ons wel verspreid kan bestaan, en dit is 'n kompliment vir my volk! Ons het ons eie vooruitgang geskep en niémand anders nie!

  15. Anonymous11:15 am

    CWG you are right

  16. I suspect that the ONLY way for the white man (including the Afrikaner)to re occupy Africa is to either see the massive and total destruction of the black man, by means of pestilence, disease, war, mfecane or any other manner, or through a natural phenomenon such as floods,earthquakes, little green men from Mars developing a taste for zot... Mzilikaze, all is forgiven, please come back and help....

    1. Anonymous12:46 pm


      @Anton11:30 AM

      I suspect that the ONLY way for the white man (including the Afrikaner)to re occupy Africa is to either see the massive and total destruction of the black man, by means of pestilence, disease, war, mfecane

      :) we will get there, wars change. This lot have just figured out how to use a gun while we have gone biological aka Zikka.

      Its coming - wars are never fought the same way twice :)

      Phase 4 is coming whether we like it or not. The Israelites had to do it the hard way, times have changed.

    2. Anonymous12:41 am

      Ninja we need them to attack us first and it must be so devastating that we can justify the retaliation of a phase 4. It needs to make world news and it must be so bad that the entire world condemn them. Or the world must be so busy with WW3 or something that we can continue unhindered.

      You most probably know the inhuman things that i am insinuating at if you have played out the scenarios properly.

      We will need special groups for this cleanup because i doubt whether our fellow brothers will be able to pull that trigger and enforce phase 4 to the fullest. Arnt we whites puppy and animal lovers after all?

    3. Anonymous4:30 am


      @Anonymous12:41 AM

      Not only is it going to be devastating but it will be on international television for all these whites who are feeling like we were circa the introduction of apartheid.

      It will be on CNN, BBC, Sky, every news channel.

      What the migrants have done to Europe, SA will do to the world 10 times over when it is finished. Race relations will be the worst.

      All those who supported the end of apartheid in the UN will then fear the white nations again, like it should.

      If they dont fear you, they dont respect you.

      My man, phase 4 - Phase 4 is like Australia on steroids. Phase 4 is Australia on steroids with their nativos.

      We must be careful that the enemy doesnt use WW3 to our disadvantages like the Turks did to the Armenians.

      Phase 4 = total but total removal of all parasitic elements from the Cape to the Equator.

  17. Ja, and tell me, in this magnificent dream of an Afrikaner Volksstaat, do English-speaking South Africans even have a snowball's hope in Hell of being a part of it? Or will we always be on the losing side - die Rooinekke et al????

    1. Anonymous12:20 pm

      We will never know until we create one but let that not be a stumbling block for you, lets find solutions and not make problems

    2. Anonymous12:43 pm


      Please define English speaking - is it someone who is a South african but only speaks English? Or English person who moved to South Africa and wants nothing to do with Afrikaans?

      Read my comment above.

      An Afrikaner is ANY white person who has taken a chance to live in Africa regardless of language.

      In the days, weeks, months ahead more and more whites will wake up to the fact that it doesnt matter what language you speak, if you have a white skin you will be a target.

      So you can choose.

      1. Live and live well being called a roonekke
      2. Live and be hunted by blacks?

      To be honest, you can call me anything. Besides, if you live around Afrikaaners is it so difficult to learn Afrikaans?

      Even a lazy person can learn to speak fluent Afrikaans in about 3 years hearing it all the time.

      I met an Ozzie in London 10 years back who spoke better Afrikaans than I do and she learnt it in 2 years living with Afrikaaners.

      Listen anyone with half a brain, little oomph up their gat can learn most languages to a proficient level in about 6 months if you really want to.

      12 months you will be speaking just like those who were calling you a rooinekke

      Rather my dutchy brothers than this lot who sing songs about killing you and put it on T-shirts.

      Its sad when a language can divide a nation to this extent with such a large threat - Language will be our dooom! And like a river, ALL languages change over time.

      Afrikaans today is not the Afrikaans of 90 years ago.

      Its not that difficult to learn Afrikaans - 6 months you will be part of the tribe.

    3. Anonymous3:23 pm

      where have you been? have you just dropped in from mars? read all the previous comments and the other articles prior to this one. and grow up man.

    4. Anonymous5:40 pm

      Don't sow division... Of course anyone is welcome, except SA and Zim blacks...they will be never be welcome. The world should know that SA and Zim blacks needs to be apart from the rest of us. They are fkn evil beings.

    5. I am Afrikaans and sadly i hear only English guys every now and again bringing this division up. Afrikaners are over he rooinek thing i promise you. Its old and we have moved on. You should too

    6. Anonymous4:08 am

      Unkown, It will be the same as now, English speaking people might generally hang out with other English speakers in their free time and Afrikaners with Afrikaners. Or whoever they feel like.

      But when it comes to business and politics for everyone's well-being and protection, work together.

      People can speak whatever language they want and follow their own culture and religion.

      English is the international language and of business, so it will always be there, especially with the cultural dominance of America in the entertainment industry.

  18. Anonymous12:18 pm

    All it will take is a thousand well trained and armed men to start it off, I would suggest a plan that includes air superiority with a few attack helicopters and troop carriers to be highly mobile force. Co-ordinate the spiking of the SAAF capability with the Parliament in session to eradicate the head of the beast. Occupy the TV stations, declare martial law and give every black person 48 hours to leave the country. Then have a few dozen cropsprayers filled with Napalm ready to fly over Alex, Soweto, Kyalitsha etc. Whats left we herd into camps and transport to Mugabe's border. I guarantee within 10 days it will be all over. It needs to be surgical and final. If its done like that it will be all over before anyone can respond. It wont even take that much money, there are many freelance mercs left over from the various wars up North that will be quite happy to provide support, training and even weapons. Lets face it, the SANDF got klapped in Lesotho, with Air Superiority this thing can be done quite easily. All it requires is the will to do it.

  19. Anonymous12:38 pm


    Unknown 11:58

    Of course the Souties are welcome. You are part of our nation for crying out loud, we need you! I'm a Rockspider married to a Rooinek, of course I'm taking him with me to the future!

  20. Kaapschman,

    Voortrekkers, Korana and Griqua groups with the Zwart Afrikaners in the Eastern Half(Azania) must do a Second Great Trek over the Modder River(East Griqualand) and Kat River. This will show the world that South Africa is two nations and that demands for a Confederal South Africa with Parliament and the National Assembly offices located in Bloemfontein is justified like Belgium, between the Flemish and Walloons. Either this or a Sudan situation or more recently Northern Mali situation is inevitable.
    A Kaapschstaat is highly possible!


  21. Anonymous5:10 pm

    Who cares what music Afrikaners listen to or which books they read or even which dialect, these divisions existed during the old SA as well.
    Once they are attacked in mass, they will be forced to stand together or be slaughtered outright like the rest of the whites throughout africa.
    Once the infrastructure has all being burnt & destroyed they will have no choice but to gang together.

    Remember this is a slow war, people will take time to wake up.
    If they do not wake up, they will perish like the whites in the rest of africa.
    Start a political party to fight for refugee status for whites in SA, pressurize Europe, they make all the decisions in SA anyway so they are the problem, not the blacks.

  22. Anonymous9:15 pm

    Unknown 11:58am, when what they are coming for is white skin, no language is going to stop them. IE. If you are white you're in by default. And the Indians and Coloureds are also gonna get a surprise: you ain't black enough, you will also be in the firing line.

  23. http://projectnovaeuropa.com/afrikaner-farmer-hungary-tour-update-and-non-farmer-opportunities/


    1. Anonymous12:40 am

      The solution does not lie in leaving SA. We must stay and take a stand. there is nowhere like SA.

    2. Anonymous6:21 am


      The sooner they all go, the sooner we can begin implementing phase 4 - phase 4 will start with a lack of food.

      Lets see how 50 million live when their stomachs are empty, lets see how they fight when they are starving.

      This is the Lord already doing his work with the drought in this country, more famine is needed.

      May the Lord hit the farms hard, why would you want to farm when the people murder, abuse, kill you? Blame you for all the wrongs?

      The faster the parasite starves, the sooner he will attack the other tribes. The sooner that happens, the sooner they stop looking our way, the sooner we regather, arms, unite, and then the only way to deal with the parasite is to cut off his food.

    3. I like to go through scenarios in my mind like a movie. The more detail the better.

      One is where I see blacks and also in some cases whites entering deserted homes all over the country going through the cabinets and shelves looking for food because there arent any food in the shops or nowhere.

      It will get that terrible. My advice is stock up but stock up to be mobile with your supplies.

      Dont forget to leave them some food but leave it with poison inside.

  24. As stated previously if you want a white homeland it would be the new featured hatred all around the world. It would be damned from China to Russia, Obama would poep in his pants. The world hasn't grown enough to accept reality yet. We are all still living in the pretend world. Pretend that we are all the same, pretend that race is a social construction not a reality. Western society still has too many skeletons in its closets , meaning they would be the first pointing fingers and shouting racist !!
    Based on that a Afrikaner homeland is the only alternative , but with a difference. Its all based on the Afrikaner, Boer , belief system and identity . Predestination and divine providence which encapsulates the Afrikaner culture. It would be a area that would be regarded as a homeland. No political party or leader would be of any relevance or church group for that matter. Christian but doesn't matter what denomination.
    Because there are so many factions voicing their opinions that they are the true Afrikaner or Boer group , it would be of no significance as it would be about the Volkstaat or homeland not the groups. It should be run as a business not a country. The leader would be symbolic or as someone who epitomises the values of the Boer.
    With regard to the other whites, can you imagine Janus Waluz not being given residency ? As long as people identify with the Afrikaner and his belief system they would be welcome. Despite the negative comments there has always been a grudging respect between the two language groups, I am not talking 1903. Yes, you will always be a soutpiel and me a dutchman or hairyback, but those are more terms of endearment than actual hatred. Many years ago maybe but not anymore, I think that English and Afrikaners are in the kak together.
    In terms of size and location, even if its small and has a population of a few thousand. Its the idea that its there that counts. It should be the place where kids are taught about Dirkie Uys and Racheljtie De Beer, Wolraat Woltemade and how we showed the world that we can not be dominated. (Except by the flappies because we got caught napping, lol)

    1. Anonymous10:13 am

      It would depend on location. The idea of putting a Boer state in the Karoo is a good one if you want to secede because the Karoo lacks resources, though this ignores the part where the ANC and South Africa is wholly dependent on white taxpayer money to function because the ANC doesn't tax the mining companies.

      The mining companies and most international magnates wouldn't care much about a white state located in the middle of nowhere. The fact that building such a state would be difficult however is the main reason why Orania only has 2000 people 25 years after its founding.

      If you were to create a state that included Bloemfontein, Pretoria/Gauteng region and Cape Town then it would be a target for the world because of its resources. If the Africans were a large minority then politics would still be swayed by them to a great degree. If there were no Africans then daily articles by the press would be pushed demanding that the white state be diversified, that the whites weren't having enough children, that white miners aren't numerous enough and charge too much for their services and thus more cheap illiterate Africans are needed to turn a profit for the great men.

  25. Anonymous10:35 pm

    Founding a white state would be rather easy once things collapse, given that blacks are wholly reliant on the state and millions of them are illegally there anyway.

    The Congo wars killed ten million people. The South African wars, should they come to pass, will kill at least double that number. All the blacks who can't get their food from the white farmers or can't get their power or their water from the white services or rely on white doctors to survive simple diseases will end up dying in droves.

    The whites on the other hand have plenty in their number who have been stockpiling for a race war for decades and as a result have the guns to create entire neighborhoods under arms from a single household.

    It will be like a zombie apocalypse- starving hordes of disease ridden niggers will swarm white fortress neighborhoods seeking food and getting gunned down in the thousands. The ANC and EFF will be too busy trying to suppress the common blacks coming for them to focus on the whites.

    Then NATO, China and Russia arrive after everything has gone to hell to sort things out and protect their assets. If the whites are unified in any degree they can negotiate as the most powerful fighting force in the country to get their lion's share of the land when it all gets divided up.

    In any case thinking that the blacks are a threat because of their numbers is foolish, the domesticated blacks of South Africa can't function or sustain themselves without the whites and will drop like flies in the event someone starts a civil war that shuts down access to services and products supplied by whites.

    1. Anonymous1:04 am

      Dont get me wrong but the African union i believe will fight against us too. I am though not to concerned about their might. As you can see Nigeria having problems to take care of Boko.

    2. Anonymous6:10 am

      @Anonymous1:04 AM

      Au troops are already training in South Africa since last year with the SADF.

      With Mugabe in charge of the AU, yes they will assist them and yes Mugabe will be involved which is why Siener even saw our troops heading there on a train in the end.

      This will all happen before he dies, perhaps the next 6-18 months at best.

    3. And that is the reason why we will clean up this lot all the way to the equator. They want to hurt a western nation but they are cowards and think it is going to be a walk in the park. They will try and believe me they will regret it in the end.

    4. Anonymous10:08 am

      The African Union is nothing. It was Muammar Gaddhafi's child and he wanted to create his own "Afro" currency based on gold. As can be seen he is quite dead and his gold is strangely missing. Does the African Union- or even just any state in the AU- have the kind of logistical ability to wage a large scale war in any part of the continent?

      No, the real fear should be if NATO, Russia and China decide to put the ANC back in power after the war is ended. Imagine American jets being used by Hillary Clinton to bomb whites just trying to defend themselves from African hordes. The "South African Srebrenica" caused by whites being too good at fighting and the blacks being awful at it, which would be just propaganda to justify the invasion since in Yugoslavia there were also massacres of Serbs by Croats and Bosniaks but you never heard about it because it wasn't convenient- Serbia was Russia's ally after all, and the goal was to butcher Russia's future ability to project power in Europe, hence why it was important to ensure Montenegro seceded in the long run and Serbia was denied a seacoast where Russia could possibly dock their fleets.

  26. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Mike, where do you think all this dissension between whites in south africa really started?

    Was it when the trekboers left the cape?

    When the boer republics were formed?

    During the anglo boer war when some were considered boers and others joiners, or hanskhaki's?

    some time after that, when the english ruled and singled the afrikaner/boer out?

    when did this kind of us/them mindset emerge, and then become such a part of our individual identities, that we choose friends/family based on whether they are in a certain church, vote for a certain party, or support certain teams, drive certain cars, have different jobs?

    when did a nation that last stood together during the trek, become so fragmented?

    1. Anon 11:33 - When some became richer than others and a class system developed; Waterkoof versus Danville? It was a diferent matter when all were in the ossewaens and had to stick together to survive. Riches corrupt morals and values.
      Think about it.

    2. Anonymous5:44 am

      Anonymous11:33 PM
      "when did a nation that last stood together during the trek, become so fragmented"?
      That is a good question but nobody seems to know the answers. Try asking "why" instead of "when" and the real truth will come to light.

  27. I keep saying, we start off in the north west of the Northern Cape, in the Kalahari, and work our way south and east. First objective, the Cape of Good Hope to in future be known as the Cape of New Hope. Then we turn north . . .
    I am going to shit myself if I hear one more person pissing on about the "language barrier", Rooinekke and Dutchmen etc. For fuck sake guy, get your acts together! Afrikaner / Boer whatever includes all Caucasians regardless of goddamn language. I'm a Rooinek / Dutchman. Grew up in an Afrikaans community, went to an English school. At school my nickname was Dutchman and, in the holidays, at home I was Rooinek and was good mates with both tribes. Who the fuck cares?!?!
    Listen to CWG [TB] and Ninja. You'll still be bickering about language when the Kaffirs are slaughtering you in your beds or more likely while you're in your cars and stuck in a traffic jamb on a highway somewhere. And, don't look to the SAPS & SANDF for help in that situation. They are the enemy and will assist the mobs in the slaughter. Catch a fucking wake-up and realise what's coming down!!!
    The time for talking is over. It has helped zilch anyway. The leeches will never grant us a white homeland. What will they have to leech of then?
    Nee, dis nou 'n saak van "Opstaan Boere" and fuck what language who speaks. If we want to continue living here [I do] we have to take what is ours. Begging for it is never going to work. Anon 12:18 said it - a thousand good men, is all it'll take. Think Eeben Barlow and his outfit, Willem Ratte, etc., etc. There are many good men out there who are also gatvol.
    Just be prepared in the meantime. When the shit hits the fan we will come together. Sadly it will be too late for the greater majority of us, those who refuse to see. According to certain peoples interpretations of the Siener and their projections, there will only be 800 000 of us left.
    I aplogise, but this language thing, is making me the moer-in. My fok, ons is wit en intelligent. What more do we need?

  28. Anonymous3:52 am

    How about just 'White Africans' instead of Afrikaner or English Speaking South African?

    It is less divisive, and means that people can keep their own language and religion. It's not only Afrikaner whites in SA, but also English speakers and those of foreign descent who have been here for generations.

  29. Anonymous4:51 am

    There is only one real true and deadly enemy that threatens the whole of mankind upon this earth and that is mankind itself. There will never be “peace upon earth” while the human being exists. They are completely contaminated with a deadly disease within the mind known as “GREED” which they have spread to the furthermost four corners of this earth. The ignorant masses will perish first and the not so ignorant will perish a short time later. Self destruction is inevitable and is unavoidable and mankind doesn’t have a viable cure or a valid solution to be able to eliminate this monstrous manmade disaster. So enjoy your pitiful existence while you can and remember that there are no second chances for the gift of life in the so-called hereafter. That kind of fantasy has only taken mankind to the brink of extinction in the first place. Truth and reality was never accepted to be a worthwhile consideration and a justifiable alternative and through “GREED” it was completely rejected.

  30. Anonymous5:35 am

    This, Or this....?
    I say neither.

    Look at the map of SA. We have Swaziland and also Lesotho bang smash in the middle of SA. Obviously totally dependant on SA. In other words, us, the tax payers.
    To solve this problem, I would cut off Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Kwazulu-Natal and Eastern Cape. This is the most fertile part of SA. No doubt about that. So it shouldn't be a problem for these parasites to get some agriculture going, if they just worked for it.
    Then we take the rest. Chase everything that is black and stinks into these areas, and declare RSA independent.
    No pass for blacks to visit SA, they need to apply for a visa, which will never be given.
    So if you see a black in your area, you may shoot to kill, because he will be here illegally, and probably only coming here to rape, murder and steal.
    We will immediately start 2 year compulsory military service, and all our taxes will be used for our own development.
    UN can take care of Azania.


  31. Anonymous6:25 am


    Get your braai vleis ready, get your TV on, the best action film is coming soon.


    You dont have to worry about the EFF, you have to worry what the other blacks are going to do to them now when the hunger games begin.

    EFFing made my day!

    1. "They continue to perpetuate black-on-black violence," said Sedibe."

      Read between the lines like as if this is wrong and it should be white-black or black on white.

  32. Anonymous6:29 am


    I love this statement says it all to me, we know what to expect next and I saw it during the elections, this is when the violence black on black begins, not sure if its this election or the main one.

    "It is always ANC members who are attacking our party members and we do nothing to retaliate. I believe the ANC leadership is aware of the attacks but they do nothing to control their members. They continue to perpetuate black-on-black violence," said Sedibe.

    and we do nothing to retaliate - how long will they do this uncle Mike knowing that blacks always retaliate, its in their DNA and what did you say - they believe they have to attack?


    The vision I saw, I saw the ANC+EFF getting attacked by Zulus both parties. The Zulu side + make a deal with the Afrikaaners.

    Dont know how, dont know the details just what I saw.

    1. Anonymous2:39 pm

      Tick Tock Tick Tock
      I am counting down
      Time is running out for your crazy "visions"
      What did you say not so long ago ??
      Two to Six weeks ?

      Well your two weeks are just about up.

  33. Anonymous6:49 am


    Is it not greedy to want the internet to post comments? Is it not greedy to want a computer while others only have stones to play with?

    Greed moves man forward, greed moves man to make innovation.

    Is communism not greedy?
    Is socialism not greedy?

    Greed is nothing more than following our own self interest. It comes in many forms, how many burgers you eat, how many movies you watch, how much food you stock in your fridge.

    Greed is relative.
    Everyone is greedy, including animals which is why they battle over territories, in fact I submit that greed is instinct to better ones genes, even insects are greedy, are bees not greedy for taking so much pollen?

    Are the flowers not greedy that they should cover the ground? Are the birds not greedy to want to eat as much seed as they can and nest in the best trees over the field?

  34. Anonymous7:09 am

    If I look at property listings in, for example, Germany, then property ownership over there is not all that difficult. You paid 1% p.a. interest on a mortgage bond in February, now it's even less, so you are repaying capital, not interest as we do in South Africa.

    Looking at what Europe and the UK still have to offer, it is beyond my understanding that younger white people still want to live in Africa. Old whites are forced to. It is heartbreaking for them that their children haven been forced into emigration. Look at what happened when that 92 year old white South African woman was nearly thrown out of the UK for outstaying her visa. If she had been a nigger or a wop or an Arab she would have been welcomed and put up in an English retirement home. It's more difficult to throw out younger South African whites with jobs and citizenship. Try going there when you're older and you won't hear the end of having been part of the apartheid regime.

    Even if whites were successful in taking back entire South Africa and expelling blacks northwards, we would still have the rest of sub Sahara breathing down our necks. Botswana is the most illiterate country in the world despite better governance than South Africa. Our situation is even worse than that of Israel.

    Many, many single black women are prepared to have a baby for a child grant of R350 a month. I do not know of one single white woman who knowingly got herself pregnant for such a tiny pittance. Yet black women continue to do it, increasingly. Most of their sons will become criminals, like we have seen in the rest of the world. The daughters will become baby mommas, ditto.

    So the gap between white and black is insurmountable and that was why we needed segregation in the first place, and that is why we should not live in Africa without segregation. Look at the coloureds in that video you put up, Mike. This is what happens when whites breed with blacks. Coloureds belong nowhere, they are not black and white, they are neither black nor white. A coloured male attracts a black female, not white, as we see with Obama. Why could he not have married a white woman? Because of the black chip on the shoulder.

    Afrikaners on average have 6% Hotnot, Xhoi, Malay and/or Bantu blood, which is not that terrible in itself, it does not make the Afrikaner black. But the longer whites stay in Africa the more coloured and criminal they will become. They will degenerate. This is what will happen to your daughters when there are no eligible white males to marry. Any young white male with a reasonable qualification will be out of here.

    These are all valid arguments to return to countries and civilisations that are still predominantly white. Let's go and fight it out with the Muslims and North Africans where whites are still numerically superior. There's no point in trying it - again -in South Africa.

    1. Anonymous11:58 am

      Some good points made but in Africa you cannot penetrate the dumb ignorance and arrogance of an African kaffir. They demand everything in sight and are not prepared to give anything in return.

  35. For me describing the Afrikaner is a question of what time you are looking at. You can argue whether van Riebeeck was an Afrikaner or even H.F Verwoerd.(German). I would say yes to the both of them.

    Being an Afrikaner is something that changes with time. Today being an Afrikaner is like they say in that Matrix movie. "I wanna tell you a little secret, being the one is just like being in love. No one needs to tell you you are in love, you just know it, through and through."

    Same with being an Afrikaner. You just know it through and through. If you dont know it then you arnt an Afrikaner.

  36. Legitimacy, it's these Khoisan that has legitimacy to rebel and demand things with international approval, side with them, get them to understand that the Great Trek started with the Korana in 1680 and the first volkstaat/Kaapschstaat started with Jonker Afrikaner in South West Africa. Khoisan and Voortrekkers(East side Afrikaners) must come together cause they have the same goals, more political control and "Afrikaner" cultural protection. Forget about the Cape Creoles in Cape Town, they are a waste! There's a language shift towards English, very worrying, evens though their ancestors played a major role in it. They wanna be like the Anglophone Caucasian people. Your best bet is with the Khoisan groups who will demand more political control and power for their forefathers land and protection of Afrikaans language. Use your brains Boers!Get out of the Transvaal and Former Winburg Republic areas and embrace a VOC era type nationalism. The Cape is Peru! The Cape is a volk!


    1. Anonymous3:02 am

      There is already a silent groot trek back to the cape. If you do some research and push the right characters in to your search engine you will see this. This was initiated about a decade ago.

      This trek is mostly done by those who could afford to relocate/ retire and find jobs. Also search for N24 2015 Joburg Millionaires relocating to Capetown on mass scale.

      The rest i guess will have to run in a time of anarchy but believe me most are aware that if you are going to run you will run in that direction.(Not enough homes and jobs)....

      The problem however is that you are sitting with a large number of coloreds. Some will stand with the boers no doubt but some are some stanch ANC supporters. Some have reached out to the Suidlanders but i dont see any big groups forming like with the whites taking a stand against the black destuction of our country. Yes they are voting DA but the DA is not our friend in the big scheme of things(Same policies as ANC/antiwhite and for that matter anti-colored if you look at BEE where coloreds are the majority and have to play second string to blacks..

    2. Hoor, Hoor. Gauteng's Coronation Park's Voortrekkers, those "poor white trash" I want them to trek over the Modder River and Great Fish River. These are the desperate lads who will make that huge journey and commitment back to the Cape, they have nothing to lose. Those Cape Town coloureds are quite ANC supporters, remember the Cape Creoles are not homogeneous like the Cape Natives. The Cape Natives by the 2020s will be the biggest group within the "coloured" category between the two in the Cape area. A firm alliance between, no not an alliance, a understanding, a feeling between Voortrekkers, Cape Afrikaners, Cape Natives and Pro-Eastern Europe English whites with the Cape Creole particularly Christians in embracing this Capeman/Kaapschman identity based on this "Peru,Mexico" similar Cape history between 1652-1910 will do the trick and launch this Cape-Azania war in the near future. The outcome will either be a confederal South Africa with Parliament and NA in Bloemfontein like a Brussels-Belgium type system or bloody partition, which I'm totally down for. All we need is the Voortrekkers, their Zwart Afrikaners and the Griqua and Korana groups to trek back into Khoisan territory/Cape territory. Thats the secret ingredient.

  37. Anonymous9:38 am

    LADIES! LADIES! PLEASE! When people accuse you of "white privilege". The correct answer is "Yeah I am privilged, what you gonna do about it bitch?"

    Who you trying to appease? The liberals cunt? fuckem.

  38. I'm rolling with laughter. You guys are truly delusional, you think Afrikaners can conquer all that land.

    1. Anonymous11:26 pm

      When the shops run empty and the taps run dry, population numbers mean nothing.

    2. Anonymous12:36 am

      These are the end days of the ANC, everyone knows it, the international community is turning against them and the rating agencies.

      It's like the last years of the National Party, the game is up and everyone knows it.

      Look how the ANC tried to make the Western Cape 'ungovernable' and failed miserably, using crime to destabilize a democratically elected province.

      When the ANC lose Gauteng, they will be a Bantustan Party.

    3. Anonymous4:38 am

      Shaka, my kaffertjie, my moet lekker lag, want van lekker lag kom lekker huil ook!

    4. Anonymous6:47 am

      Alexander the Great conquered a lot more with only 30 000 troops.

    5. Shaka my booi that is exactly the attitude we want you to have.

  39. Anonymous4:22 am

    Read the second last sentence of this article. The whites are facing genocide wearing a mask of crime: