22 March 2016

Forced Integration Vs Forced Segregation. Which is wrong?

By Mike Smith
22 of March 2016

Europe is in trouble. Deep trouble. Not only are we seeing an increase in terror shootings and bomb attacks since West European countries opened their borders to so called “refugees”, but in countries like Germany, Sweden and Denmark, sexual attacks on women have now become a daily occurrence.

In Germany, young girls are ambushed inside water slides of swimming pools and gang raped. Muslim refugees are telling women they attack that they are just there for sex and the Muslim refugees are demanding that Germany ban all alcohol or sex attacks will continue but to make things worse, there is a conspiracy of silence amongst the police, the government and the media who try to cover up the severity of the attacks and the orders came from the very top. Chancellor Merkel herself.

It is not only Germany...

Swedish police were warned not to give descriptions of the perpetrators lest they were accused of being racist

Nevertheless… Germany is a nation in denial and cannot handle the truth about these refugees

Instead of closing their borders and arresting their treacherous Communist Chancellor, they keep on helping these “rapefugees” and putting them up in tented camps. The useless feminized German men look on and do nothing as their wives and sisters are being raped To these Arab refugees it is all a “Rape Game” called “Taharrush” (meaning “harassment” in Arabic) …a kind of sex hooliganism or rape flashmob where hundreds of men encircle a woman, grope and rape her. It is part of their culture and to them it is great fun.

Only in the East and South of Germany there has been some minor resistance to the refugees, but those who resist are branded as “racists”.

According to Rainer Wendt, the head of the German police union (Deutschen Polizeigewerkschaft, DPolG), “Every police officer knows he has to meet a particular political expectation. It is better to keep quiet [about migrant crime] because you cannot go wrong.”

I guess it is easier to turn a blind eye and close your ears when your daughter or wife is gang raped by these scumbags than to speak up or do something about it, even when you are a policeman.

When you speak to Europeans, especially Germans, you hear that they either have no solution to the problem or won’t speak their minds for fear of being branded “Nazis”.

“Integration!”, they scream. These Rapefugees should integrate and learn the language and the culture. Learn to respect European women even if they publicly dress in miniskirts and bathing costumes. They should follow the “Leitkultur” (dominant culture). And the left is throwing billions of Euros at the problem.

But when you challenge Germans about their yearly holiday to the Spanish island of Mallorca you get blank stares.

Let me explain. Every year Germans stream in their thousands to Mallorca to behave like pigs, drink German beer, eat German food, party to German music and expect the local Spanish to be able to speak German…There is no following of the Spanish “Leitkultur” of Mallorca. Germans don’t integrate either. In fact, German culture has become the “Leitkultur” of Mallorca. Why should it be any different when the Arabs come to Europe? It is just a question of demographics and time and the “Leitkultur” in Europe will be Arabic.

Besides, this leftist belief of “Integration is the answer” is utterly racist and morally corrupt, but leftists cannot see it.

It is quite common for human beings to want others to be a little bit more like them. In relationships as well as society out there the belief is that, “If only they were a little bit more like us, we could accept them”.

That is why liberals will go out of their way to educate black Africans, donate clothes to them and teach them Christianity. They want the blacks to be more like them.

But why? Why are white liberals not willing to change themselves to be more like blacks? Is there something wrong with the way blacks are that they need to be changed into whites with black skin, but not the other way around?

Liberals have this sense of superiority, an assimilationist logic, that when blacks are eventually educated like them, wear the same clothes as them and practice the same religion as them, that blacks will also BE like them and we can then all hold hands and sing Kumbaya together, despite all evidence to the contrary.

People naturally separate.

In the Netherlands they talk about “verzuiling” in which society forms certain religious/cultural pillars and eventually the pillars do not have much contact with each other. In Austria they call it the “Proporz” (proportionality) doctrine. In France it is called “laïcité” (social secularism).

You can see it in South Africa. Blacks, whites, coloureds and Indians form social groups based on religious and cultural similarities. You see it in Germany with the Turks and Germans. You see it in Belgium with the Dutch and Walonians. This is natural nationalism. Forced integration is against this natural phenomenon. Therefore individual freedoms are protected in constitutions in the forms of the Freedom of Association, the Freedom of Religion, etc.

If forced segregation or separation is as wrong as a forced divorce, then forced integration is as wrong as a forced marriage and therefore evil.

This begs the question, “Is forced segregation (Apartheid, Jim Crow laws of the South, Israel/Palestine) then really and always wrong?”.

Hopefully when two people want to divorce, they can come to an agreement, respect each other’s rights and part ways peacefully, but what does a couple do when one party WANTS a divorce and the other refuses? Is it morally correct to cling on to someone who does not want to be with you? No, and besides that person has a legal and constitutional right to be alone if he/she so wishes. In such a case the court can and will grant a forced divorce.

In fact, trying to hold onto someone who wants to be alone is forced integration. It is in every aspect morally, ethically and legally wrong.

Like I said, forced integration is like a forced marriage? No court, at least not in the Western world, would ever grant one party the right to forcefully marry someone who does not want to be married. There are no exceptions.

So as can be seen…where forced segregation can morally and legally be justified through the individual rights of the person/people, this forced integration involuntarily being shoved down the throats of Europeans, whites in South Africa and especially the university residences can NEVER be justified.


  1. Anonymous9:53 am

    Tell them to enjoy their anti apartheid society. Whats that word in German? Scheadenfrude or whatever.

    1. Anonymous3:12 pm


      ;) I agree, hope they all get what they gave us.

  2. Anonymous11:12 am

    Mike, I heard some rumours about Medupi. One, it is not built to supply power to ZA, but for our neighbours. Another rumour is about a massive jail that is being built some where in the Johannesburg area, apparently to do with the Chink convicts working on site at the station. As I said, rumours. Anybody knows anything about this.

    Sorry, I know this is off topic.


  3. Anonymous12:25 pm

    Precisely Mike. Try tell the fucking liberal that. The west fucked us over. Enjoy you bloody stupid white liberals. Enjoy what we have to endure here in south Africa kaffir land. I am taking pleasure seeing them suffer now even though I have dual citizenship namely German. Deutchland Uber Alles.

    1. Anonymous10:52 am

      eish for a German [dual] National your German spelling is disastrous. The least educated turkish Immigrant in Germany would do better than you

    2. Warum? Weil er das Umlaut vergessen hat oder das "S" in Deutschland vergessen hat oder "Alles" mit einem großem "A" geschrieben hat? Mich stört das nicht. Bist du vielleicht ein Streber oder ein "Buchstabierungsnazi".

  4. Anonymous12:32 pm


    The solution in Europe + South Africa is for the white man to become the dominant male and accept his genetic birth right.

    Stop being pussies!

    Screw liberalism, screw the entire establishment and if we have to resort to fighting fire with fire then so be it.

    But this is only one part of the issue.

    Forgive me but I have to mention it.

    All these "feminists" wanted to be FREE - they wanted to do what they wanted to do, their rights, their this or that and today/yester year they were all behind equal rights blah blah blah which is all history now.

    OK so its simple - we send them to fight.

    We as men sit, do nothing, when the women are fed up about being raped we have to ask them - ok you now want us to do your dirty work?

    No, I say fuck it all! Let Europe burn, let it all burn and then .....

    I dont have an answer.

    If it was me, I would cut off electricity, power, anything going in/out these "no go areas" nothing goes in, people can go in but lights, water all cut off, no food goes in.

    Then when the towel heads are maar like Ethiopians, then you give them an ultimatum, you can eat but only if you get on this ship and ship the *** out.

    Thats one way and it will never happen.

    Europe is still in a good place now, this is nothing. Just the beginning, like our 93 crime increase, 94 it went higher and then it was like oh my Lord we are now living in the most dangerous country in the world.

    Same with Europe, I actually think Europe in terms of being white is in a worse situation than the whites in SA - they dont know their enemy.

    The enemy is the liberal, the enemy here is the white liberal, todays problems are because of "free, liberalism, feminism movements"

    Is it not ironic, that within less than 15 years of most churches closing down in Europe, Churches accepting fags and everything in it that the world is looking like it does?

    It should come as no surprise, there is a reason. The evil forces of the world plan on killing these chosen Europeans who those disciples preached to.

    I dont feel sorry for them, not one single one.

    When our farmers are murdered, 1,000,000+ white attacks since 94 - have we heard, seem, or even had one single European rally??

    Nothing - Silence yet against Rhodesia, South Africa, white Africa they hit us hard. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    I have seen it, they gather here and the Afrikaner will bliksem them back in shape in the end. These Europeans need to get the living shit bliksemed out of them, all their propaganda which persists to this very day.

    You, I have all had family members attacked, murdered, hijacked, robbed and worse. Personally I want retribution for what I, my family, my fellow brothers/sisters have had to go through, what we are going through.

    I feel sorry in one moment but the next minute think naaaaaaaaah f*** them, remember what they did to us!

    Never ever forget that boys and girls, remember what they have forced on us. The ANC are here in charge, running, stealing this country blind because of these very same people, who are now being raped.

    If karma exists, we are watching it.

    These Europeans will do what De Klerk does, play with himself!

    We need a leader not afraid of saying " kill these heathens"

    All of them, women, children, if you even feel a blink of remorse or even upset about the fact, rather stop wishing or hoping for a solution.

    This is war!

  5. Anonymous10:29 pm

    As usual, what the right-wing 'racists' had warned about is becoming reality or already is.

  6. Forced integration will always cause chaos. This is exactly why it is being implemented. German men between 20-35 likely to be a minority within 5 years due to this Islamic invasion:


    1. Anonymous1:10 am


      That is mind blowing!

      Crazy, the world is destroyed.

    2. Ninj, JP's, forget Europe and the rest of the world. they're getting what they asked for. We have our own problem and it's not a little one as we all know. It's our duty to ourselves and our likeminded, non-libtard European Christian brothers and sisters to take our country back so there is a safe haven for them to flee to when Europe goes up in flames, which it is going to. The Hugenots all over again?
      Imagine the influx of skilled people and what nation we will build then, without a single Kaffir insight.

    3. I agree with you Tomkat, it was just to show precisely that, that Europe is going up in flames and we must aim for only the highest ideals, namely a white homeland where Europe - those who are right in the ehad of course - can settle down here in the future. Exciting times actually to be alive!

  7. Anonymous12:11 am

    Fanaticism is a belief or behavior involving uncritical zeal or with an obsessive enthusiasm. Philosopher George Santayana defines fanaticism as "redoubling your effort when you have forgotten your aim". The fanatic displays very strict standards and little tolerance for contrary ideas or opinions.

    Sounds like the description of the typical liberal but liberals use it to describe the conservative or anything right.

    Liberalism is a sickness of self-loathing while having no regard for the freedom of others under their own opinions and thoughts trying to change the other person to their way of thinking stemming from the low self esteem to hold an opinion or believe by oneself.

  8. You're spot on. I was listening to them interviewing UFS students re recism on the radio the other day. All the Black students said, yes, there is still racism, especially in the residences. I would argue that. It's more likely the cultural difference. The Blacks feel uncomfortable in a civilised environment and because the Whites don't sink to their level they see it as racism.
    Bottom-line is as you say Mike, the two sgouldn't be forced to integrate. It is unfair and unjust to both.
    Ne'er the twain shall meet?

  9. The guys that can create money out of thin air ( FED ) have enough tosh to buy or position most politicians , media whores and judges exactly where they need them in the present system to create the perfect chaos out of which they plan to create the "New World Order ". The difference between them and us is that they have a long term plan while we - some of us - are howling at the moon , the rest is running in a self imposed debt wheel when not asleep.

  10. Anonymous5:15 am

    Merkel = The posthumous nemesis of Hitler. It makes you wonder doesn't it? I actually wonder what happened to Deutschland, Deutschland über alles, Über alles in der Welt...

    I have to give it to her, though: she has balls! I seriously doubt that she is unmindful of the number of people that want butcher her like a pig...

    1. Anonymous7:58 am

      Anon 5:15 Not Hitler , more like a Commie , upbringing and they way thing ran, from her years behind the iron curtain . Stubborn agenda .

    2. Anonymous4:00 am

      @ Anonymous 7:58 AM

      Hitler campaigned for an Aryan master race to the extent that the Nuremberg Race Laws of 1935 forbade sexual relations and marriage between an "Aryan" and a "non-Aryan" in order to maintain the purity of the Aryan race.
      Now you have this Angela Merkel and her politburo that openly encourage multiculturalism, racial mixing and interracial sex. So she's definitively Hitler's (posthumous, since he is dead) nemesis! Capisce?

  11. Anonymous5:00 pm

    Not all Germans are cowards

    In German Bundeswehr barracks across the country some group is circulating flyers encouraging the soldiers to rise up against the government

    1. Anonymous4:14 am

      I really hope the Germans, as well as the rest of the Europeans, regain their national pride.
      What's happening there is completely surreal! For the life of me I cannot comprehend how the European leaders are betraying their countries in the same way and at the same time and nobody does anything about it. It is as much heartbreaking as it is mind-blowing! Have Europeans (read whites) become really so apathetic to allow these hordes of savages to run the show??

  12. Great food for thought again Mike.
    So in 1994 when Apartheid ended, what was suppose to have happened? Was white people expected to assimilate in black culture or black people assimilate into white culture? White culture in terms of 1st world development was more advanced and still is, but blacks being the majority , did they expect a shift towards black culture? One would have thought the aim was a total attempted upliftment of all. Black people have thought otherwise and hence the big stuff up.
    As well as the clash of cultures you had language differences, as well as different believes. To throw some more wood on the fire, you had all the Eastern religions as well.
    White liberals wanted a upliftment of blacks , yet, did not want to look at history, their own ego was more important than reality.As said before, blacks have been told its whites keeping them down, no faced with reality that its their own incapability thats keeping them down. They don't like it and will not even face up to it.
    I think in their CODESA meetings they should have thought things trough a bit more, before embarking on the kumbaya road.
    Its quite funny that in the West where they now have huge problems with assimilation when a small minority enters the country and doesn't confirm, yet when we were at that crossroad many years ago, no one even gave it a thought.

  13. Talking around the point as in nearly every post. Jews force these white and antiwhite groups together. Always, in every country, it is jews using law and physical force to destroy the white nation. You are resolute in your unwillingness to address this point, which means you are either a coward or a fool. Jews are racist as hell in Israel and build walls to keep out hated blacks. This means they know exactly what they are doing when they force these same niggers on whites at gunpoint. Every single problem you discuss on this blog is caused by jews, but you prefer to deal with the cape and ignore the matador. The only question is why - cowardice, shilling, or - ?

    1. @ James McClaren: Kindly don’t come onto this blog and show your shocking ignorance. Your stupidity is fucking embarrassing. Please go to your beloved dimwitted Nutzi website, Stormfront. You will fit right in there.

      You claimed that Communism was invented by Jews and that I am ignoring this “fact” because I am either “a coward or a shill” or both.

      So let us examine your claim. If you were familiar with what Communism really is, or who Marx really was, you would know that you are talking utter crap. Marx was not a Jew and he did not invent Communism neither did he coin the term “Communism”.
      Read Dr. Richard Wurmbrand’s book “Marx & Satan” and you will see that Marx was a Sabbatean and raised a Christian although his father was a co called Rabbi, but that he converted to Satanism at the age of 18. According to his housekeeper, she often caught him practicing Satanistic rituals. BTW. Wurmbrand was a Jew himself who converted to Christianity.

      Further. Sabbateans (Frankists, Dölmeh, all the same) are not Jews and are not recognized as Jews by other Jews. They are Satanists pretending to be Jews, just like Jesuits (current Pope) are Satanists pretending to be Christians and Nizari Ismailis (Aga Khan) are Satanists pretending to be Muslims. Sabbateans only find out at the age of 18 who and what they really are.

      Further if you knew anything about Marx, you would know that Marx was a despicable human being who hardly washed himself and bullied his wife and children. He was also a thieving plagiarist who never wrote a single original thought down. His books are riddled with plagiarism from cover to cover.

      Now…As for the origins of Communism.
      If you have read Plato’s work “The Republic” then you would have realized that he already dreamt of a Communist Utopia where people share everything including their wives and children.

      Look at the history of the USA and you will see that the Quakers practiced a form of Christian Communism about 200 years before Karl Marx wrote about it and their miserable failure was the reason why the founding fathers opted for a free market, democratic republic.

      About 20 years before Marx, the Welshman Robert Owen came up with an idea of “Utopian Socialism”. He bought a section of land in Indiana in the USA and called it “New Harmony” where he let people work and stay and share their goods. A year before that his disciple Abram Combe tried a similar experiment at Orbiston, Scotland.

      In fact there was an entire Owenite movement in the 1820’s with other experimental communities at, Macluria, Feiba Peveli, Blue Spring, Forestville, Yellow Springs, Wanborough, etc…

      One of these London Owenites was John Goodwyn Barmby, who started a Utopian community on the Channel Islands. Barmby was the first to coin the term “Communism” in 1840 after a visit to Paris where he spoke to followers of François-Noël ( Gracchus) Babeuf, who called themselves “Equalitarians”.

      Babeuf felt betrayed by the “Directory” (French revolutionary government 1795-1799), because to him the slogan “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” (Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood) meant, that true equality could only be achieved if everybody had the same amount of money and the same share of property.

      Nevertheless, Barmby was the man who corresponded with other Utopian Socialists such as Friedrich Engels and that is how the word “Communism” was passed on to Karl Marx through his friendship with Engels.

  14. Letichia9:45 am

    We all experience this integration... but what stop the ANC government with its majority say to bring out a law that every white man MUST take at least 2 black women or face jail? If China forced abortion on the girly births and gets away with it ... imagine what is all possible in South Africa..... oops I forgot... all you see on tv is mixed black on white relationships.... i gueas it is first brainwashing before the law change.....What a sick idea - integration will never work if a person still have values...