18 March 2016

De Klerk turns 80

By Mike Smith
18th of March 2016

Today is the 80th birthday of the greatest “Joiner” and traitor this country has ever seen, F. W. (Fuck Wit) de Klerk. Born 18th of March 1936.

The Afrikaans media reported an article by theology Prof. Emeritus. Amie van Wyk of the North West University and old student friend of F.W. about what moved him to sell out his people and his country.

What moved F.W. de Klerk?

The former theology professor rambles on that it wasn’t the political pressure from overseas, the sanctions or the fall of the Berlin Wall that moved F.W. to capitulate, but that he struggled within himself with questions of “justice, peace and nabourly love”…of which the most important reason was “justice” which he learned from his professor L.J. du Plessis at the University of Potchefstroom.


Nevertheless, the professor goes on to speculate that De Klerk was maybe also moved by his Calvinistic religious convictions. Ja…the same convictions that moved him to shag his Greek friend’s wife.

Again. Bullshit! The liberal professor is glad that we went away from what he calls, “a dictatorship of the minority”, but regrets the fact that we find ourselves today in “a dictatorship of the majority”.

Obviously he does not hold his old friend responsible for the thousands of white people killed and what happened to South Africa under that “dictatorship of the majority”.

So what moved F.W. de Klerk?

I covered it in detail in Chapter 31 of Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box. De Klerk’s liberal conversion and the mindset of treason

I actually mailed it to the F.W. de Klerk foundation and asked them to respond or correct anything I said. Till this day I had no response.

So let me explain in a condensed version again what moved the traitor De Klerk.

We have seen that there are several reasons why people become traitors or cross over to the other side. The main reasons are represented by the acronym M.I.C.E… Money, Ideology, Coercion and Ego or any combination of the above.

De Klerk is a so called “Dopper”, a member of the ultra conservative Boer Church the Gereformeerde Kerk. In fact he is a descendant of a thoroughbred Boer family on both mother and father sides. One of the core beliefs of the Dopper Church is that God personally intervenes in the lives of people and that when one prays long and hard enough God will show one the way…show one which course to take. They believe that one can get a calling from God. In Afrikaans it is called a “Roeping”.

Dominee Pieter Bingle, personal friend of De Klerk and fellow member of the Afrikanerbond afdeling Leeuwenhof in Cape Town, told F.W. De Klerk to stop listening to the people and his advisers who were all “false prophets”. He told De Klerk that he was standing in the Council Chamber of the Lord; that he was an instrument of God. He told De Klerk that he who stands in the Council Chamber of the Lord will be aggressive enough to tackle problems and challenges fearlessly.

So religious fanaticism played a role in this betrayal…“To save all the people of South Africa.”

However, F.W. and his wife Marike, who was actually more conservative than him, had three adopted children. His one son, Willem, a total loser, had a weakness for coloured girls. He went from one coloured nightclub to the next, nailing coloured girls like a sosatie and on top of it making them all pregnant. There was Erica Adams, Nicole Norodien and Desire Joseph, just to mention a few.

F.W. de Klerk became the proud grandfather of a string of coloured children. How could he then defend Apartheid or carry on to be the president of an Apartheid state? All F.W. de Klerk’s superior education as a lawyer, his conservative convictions, his Ultra Conservative religious beliefs that he raised his children on all came to naught when his youngest boy came home with a coloured girl and evinced a weakness for Cape Coloured beauties.

Elita’s role

De Klerk was so totally besotted by his Greek friend, Tony Georgiades’s wife Elita, whom he was shagging on the side, that he left the entire CODESA negotiations to junior ministers like Roelf Meyer who was totally out of his depth when it came to negotiating with skilled Communists like Cyril Ramaphosa. In the end he just didn't care what happened to South Africa.

The money.

He obtained half of the Nobel Prize which is about $1,4 million dollars. So F.W: got about $700,000 officially. P.W. Botha said that De Klerk was offered about $3 million, because the same amount was offered to him. We also know that De Klerk had a wine and olive farm called “Wildepaardejacht” that he went on the market for R35million and that he shortly afterwards bought a mansion in Fresnaye for R20 million. We also know that De klerk was involved with secret negotiations organized by the British MI6 and sponsored by the mining company Consolidated Goldfields. If F.W. de Klerk indeed took any of the money it would be interesting to find out if it was declared and whether he paid taxes on it.

former director of the SA Reserve Bank, Stephen Goodson said that De Klerk stole R12 billion from the public

F.W. was coerced

De Klerk had many skeletons in his closet. He personally ordered several Apartheid era murders, but later denied that the word “eliminate” meant “to kill”. His former embittered wife Marike was busy working on her third book and was about to reveal all about F.W. de Klerk. Marike was brutally murdered under mysterious circumstances at her Bloubergstrand sea view apartment at the Dolphin Beach complex on the fourth of December 2001.


When one reads Albert Blake’s book “Boereverraaier” then one sees that almost all these traitors tried to justify their treason by stating bullshit ethical excuses like trying to save lives of women and children in the concentration camps, by bringing the war to an earlier end, etc, but once one digs a bit deeper, one sees that ultimately they all did it for the money.

In the case of De Klerk it was a case of his own religious fanaticism and narcissistic ego where he thought God personally singled him out to save South Africa, but also his weakness for his Greek mistress and idiocy to be led by his penis instead of his brain.

Further, he could no longer justify his conservative political views, because of his son’s interracial relationships.

On top of it he was manipulated by international agents using a “carrot and stick” approach, coercing him on the one side and rewarding him on the other. Instead of being a firm principled leader, F.W. de Klerk had feet of clay. Eventually he buckled, took the money and took the easy way out.

Although Justice dictates that a rotten traitor should be put up against the nearest wall and shot, today F.W.’s biggest punishment is to sit and watch South Africa slip into the abyss along with his "Yes" voters. My only wish is to live long enough to see him and his Greek slut dragged out onto the streets of Cape Town and given the Mussolini treatment. That day I will personally go and lay a flower on Marike’s grave in the Rebecca Street Cemetery in Pretoria West.

De Klerk: “My hande is skoon


  1. The problem is that the " NO " voters suffer from the result of the moronic " YES " voters that believed this slimy bastard proportionally even more.

  2. Anonymous5:32 am

    After reading this comment Mike I am going to look for residence on another planet! There are no more trustworthy people here anymore and both the communist and democratic rules of law and justice have failed the man in the street very badly. Apartheid was in fact destroyed by the very people who were supposed to uphold it. It is then no wonder as to why and how the ignorant blacks were so easily able to take over. The greatest threat/problem now is who do all of the people in SA have now to remove the filth from the past and the present that will be a trustworthy government in the future. I have always believed that the majority of the present politicians are all rotten to the core. That also includes the church leaders as well. The killings and destruction will continue while such filth is able/allowed to operate freely.

    1. Anonymous9:29 am

      There is one leader who never stole your money to live the high life. Who had a real job and served his constituents and is still around and will return.

      Christ himself.

  3. Anonymous5:38 am

    He must be colour blind because his hands are soiled with the blood of every white man woman and child killed after 94.vaalpens

  4. Anonymous6:50 am

    FW De Klerk would make a good leader for the Republic of the Western Cape. As I said before the Western Cape would be a good place to stick all the liberals just as Willem they will disappear into the Coloured gene pool. The conservative whites can expand or create a larger Orania and have their own location in South Africa. Everyone wins as all that needs to be done is throw out the blacks out of the Western Cape. Coloured, Liberals and conservative Whites all win. It is also very sustainable.

    Siener van Rensburg said ... 'Die Kaap sal weer Hollands wees'. Maybe the man was right. Maybe we are on a winning formula here.

    1. Anonymous10:23 am

      He is not wanted in the Western Cape.

      Right now the only feasible option is an alliance of Coloureds and Whites in the Western Cape for a separate independent or autonomous state.

    2. Lol, when hell freezes over. Cavemen Neanderthals have no claim on African soil. Clinging on the drunkard Siener's prophecies is all you guys have got left.

    3. Anonymous10:09 am

      Shaka is n WIT Troll. Kry jy lekker? Geniet dit..... amper klaar ;-)

    4. Anonymous5:15 am

      Sounds like 'Shaka' is getting worried.

  5. Anonymous6:53 am


    LOL I love the pic. Very good!

    And how true yet very sad.

    We see A greek dethroned SA on 2 occasions, Verwoerds assassination and De Klerk being led astray. Con incidence?

    How it must feel to watch your country burn, again does he care? Perhaps he will now that his lovely Greek Islands are being infested by raping towel heads and knows he wont be able to live there as well.

    Let him live here in shame

    1. Anonymous12:20 pm

      Verwoerd was Dutch.

    2. Anonymous12:28 am

      @ Anon 12:20

      Tsafendas....was born in Mozambique and had a greek father, later he killed Verwoerd with a knife

  6. It has taken time, 20 odd years, but at least we know we are around the corner now...

    1. You all say that, but don't do shit. Make a move if you feel so strongly about it, but you won't because you're a coward. Exterminating you guys would be doing the world a service getting rid of white rubbish.

    2. Anonymous1:31 am

      Funny how you kaffirs invert everything. You fucking apes have zero original thought. Shame, such a pathetic life you must endure. Every morning when you look into that mirror and see that black face and lifeless eyes must be enough to want to destroy everything in this world I guess, huh kaffir?

    3. Anonymous5:20 am

      Shaka, murdering and raping woman and children in their homes is not the same as fighting armed people.

      Those are the black cowards who attack whites every day while the government incites hatred and racism.

      They are below dogs, because to compare them to animals would be an insult to the animal kingdom, they are therefore sub-human.

      Not all blacks, only those who think and behave like you describe.

  7. what should the alternative have been /would be interested to get the forums thoughts /thanks

    1. Anonymous3:12 am

      The Globalists hated apartheid, not because it was "evil". But because it was creating multiple sovereignties and creating borders (AKA they were nationalists), whereas the globalists want to erase soveriegnties and erase borders.

      This is why the globalists in America hate Trump because he is a nationalist who wants to preserve America's sovereignty and borders.

      The solution is Nationalism. The alternative was to wake up the dumb black race in south africa and make them notice whats going on. It isn't futile. The Zulu monarchy offered Paul Kruger Troops to battle the globalists in the Anglo Boer Wars. which means not all blacks are as thick as bricks.

  8. Your assertions are unfortunately nonexistent and does not hold any substance. Thus are very misleading and provocative. Mr De Klerk did South Africa a great favour by throwing in the towel because Mr Fidel Castro's Cuba and Russia were surely going to invade South Africa and finish you all. The ANC's military wing outside the borders were already planning for that move with the support of superpowers. That's why after the SADF embarrassing defeat in Cuito, the apartheid government quickly ran to UN to bargain for a new transition where in they agreed to decolonise Namibia and free South Africa. With the coffers running dry and Israel no where to be seen, the pressure was mounting and there was no way to escape.

    1. The Nats where in a triparty arrangement (Govt/Afrikaans Church and certain big business) As i understand it church and business jumped the gun and did the deal with ANC .Bottem line govt was fucked

    2. Anonymous9:47 am

      Sello Puo8:23 AM
      That was back when the ANC had the favour and backing of the communist super powers. I wonder what they must be thinking now that this country has deteriorated to a junk status.

    3. Anonymous9:51 am

      You must be a retard of note... seriously with all that you stated above, at that stage the Rand was still kicking the dollars arse. Look at it today, worth as much as a limp dick in a whorehouse... all thanks to the fucking useless commie inspired anc fuckheads.. Seriously you are a big doos and don't know what you are talking about fuckhead.

    4. Anonymous10:29 am

      Sello Puo8:23 AM
      Just goes to show you useless black bastards with a twenty to one majority couldn't do the job on your own. Furthermore not only the communists were on your side the western world had fallen for your ANC lies and deceit as well. All in all how many non blacks were there to give you cowards the upper hand in a fight that you couldn't handle for yourselves. You still have achieved fuck all and you still haven't won the war so don't count your chickens before they hatch. At the blind rate you idiots are going now you will lose everything. Tanki vely muchi aah soowhaw!

    5. You should learn History Sello. The Soviet Union collapsed at this time. They could not have afforded to invade Swaziland never mind the most powerful military on the continent at the time. Not to mention a military with a nuclear deterrent. As for Cuito please look at the stats there was no embarrassing defeat except in the eyes of those with an agenda an no impartiality. I do however agree that the coffers where running dry and sanctions, now that South Africa was no longer needed to help bleed the Soviets dry, were about to be ramped up.

    6. Anonymous12:24 pm

      My, my what shit you talk. Do you remember the Berlin wall coming down? which heralded the collapse of the Soviet Union. The only reason why the ANC was unbanned, is because the USSR collapsed, making the NP idiots in power think that the communist threat was finished.

    7. Anonymous4:42 pm

      Sello puo, show us the facts that russia and cuba would have beaten us military wise, if not then take a hike because you have no facts.

    8. Anonymous12:06 am

      Truly I have to agree that SADF were bitterly defeated in Angola after Cuban young boys ropped in MIG 29. That machine even to this day has affected the minds of many South Africans who were involved in that war. My uncle (former politician) also confirmed it to me that South Africa literally was left with nothing with the level of violence within the country and the siege that they found themselves in. Cuba was as well planning to push towards Namibia and to South Africa and that had to be negotiated to stop the blood from flowing. We lost in the bush war and spend all the money thinking we can win that war. The nuke could not have helped us because it could have killed us all.

    9. Anonymous2:21 am

      12:06 Not Tue the man who called in the g5 bombardment of an armoured brigade told me a different story. Don't let your mind be swayed by revision history. The multimillion rand visitors centre at Blood River will also tell you a different account of what really happened. Our soldiers smashed the Cuban/Angolan advance and many suffered pschologicaly for that great effort.

    10. Anonymous4:11 am

      The truth that nobody wants to hear about is that SADF lost in Angola. We can tell many propaganda but MPLA continued to rule Angola to this day and Savimbi failed and was defeated. SADF lost but they concocted propaganda just to save their integrity. I happened to meet many people who fought in that war who willingly admitted that SADF lost the war of Cuito Cuinavale.

    11. Anonymous12:34 pm

      Anon 4:11

      I heard a complete story from every single SADF and Koevoet ex-soldier I spoke to.

      The Cubans were incompetent as were the MPLA and FAPLA.

      The casualties and capture of enemy vehicles and weapons speak for themselves.

      I've spoken to Rattel drivers who told me how they were just picking off the Cubans who could barely drive their T-55 tanks.

      And Koevoet in South West Africa absolutely massacred the terrorists.

    12. Anonymous5:41 pm

      There was no cuban or soviet build up to invade swa and push sadf, never was. I was there, like thousands of other serviceman, swatf soldiers and swapoltin, the cubans were a rag tag outfit , their morale was low and desertion was high, militarily they would have had their arses kicked if they tried anything, sadf was no push over, period.

    13. Anonymous1:39 pm

      LOL Sello Puo - what bullshit have you been reading? Probably some commie crap. Anyway, carry on in your shithead ignorance. That shitfilled head if yours is obviously nice and warm and soft.

  9. Anonymous8:25 am

    Every white person that have died by the hand of the savage kaffir from 1992 is a direct result of this fucker's cowardice. He has every dead white person's blood on his hands. He will burn in hell for his actions, he knows it, and hopefully it will be coming soon!

  10. Anonymous8:30 am

    So very one-sided by the one-dimensional man
    Leaves out half the story.

    Just like those idiots Blake rambles on about !

  11. I hope that Mr De Klerk will tell you himself that there was no way he could stand firm again. The time was up and the Cubans did not take NO for an answer. He (De Klerk) did to protect you, your wives and children. Hope you read this.


    1. Anonymous10:28 am

      No, he just followed the money and wanted to enrich himself like Zuma.

      De Klerk even admitted that the ANC resistance was nullified and white rule could have carried on.

      North Korea, Myanmar and many other 'rogue' states continue today, so could white ruled SA. But they would have ditched Apartheid and probably gone for a full federal system.

    2. Anonymous12:14 pm

      yes and then those wives and kids now get murdered while unarmed.

      And then we have to listen to some prick tell us to sit down and shut up because "all south africans are victims of crime"

      As if we must tolerate all thats happening to us just because you are criminal amongst yourselves.

    3. Anonymous12:26 pm

      LOL Revisionist history at best. 3,000 SA soldiers held 50,000 cubans at bay and defeated them.

    4. Anonymous4:49 pm

      Monthlyreview.org, socialist magazine, is that it, is that all the facts you have from a commie website, pigs can fly.

    5. Anonymous1:38 am

      Cool story bro, yeah yeah the Cuban communists had no intention of spreading communism in Africa, they just came to save the poor Africans from the evil white man.

      Cuba hates admitting that they poured everything into that war, they sent 36000 troops to Angola and lost 10000+. To put that into perspective, the USA lost +-50000 during Vietnam where their population was 200million, Cuba's at the time was 9.5mill. I'll put that into laymans terms for you, Cuba was getting their asses kicked. The difference tho is that at that time South Africa was becoming increasingly unpopular amongst the world, we had to keep quite about our battles, we couldn't go around boasting about our victories. Cuba won the propaganda battle because they could, and boy did they spread there communist nonsense.

      You should be thankful to those brave South African men that gave their lives trying to slow and stop the spread of communism. But then again you negroids seem to love communism/socialism because it means you don't have to think for yourselves. Maybe next time we leave you to rot

    6. Anonymous2:34 am


      Are you kidding us? Hehehehe… SADF were buttered blue-black in Cuito Cuanavale.

    7. Anonymous5:22 am

      Anon 2:34

      Are you referring to the heaps of black and Cuban corpses? The thousands of their casualties compared to the SADF's few handfuls.

  12. Anonymous8:45 am

    Hierdie poes gaan die ultimate prys betaal. Hy gaan met sy siel betaal vir al die bloed wat hier gevloei het. En die goeie nuus is dat hy nie alleen gaan wees nie, hier is baie "libs" in SA wat gaan brand. Jou tyd raak min pienk Frik, jy het die bloed van 'n volk op jou hande, bloed wat nooit afgewas kan word nie.

  13. Anonymous8:49 am

    FW is a very selfish and sick individual! He needs the death sentence!

  14. Anonymous8:57 am

    MY hands are clean... Yeah... clean cut off at the wrist for stealing all that money from us

  15. Anonymous9:02 am

    Where is our humble homeland FW? Where is our reservation De Klerk? You knowingly served the whites of SA on a silver platter to these black devils on the altar to Mammon.

    1. Anonymous9:57 am

      The majority of whites in SA serve their god mammon. There is no unity amongst the whites. Each is for his own individual gain.

    2. Anonymous10:13 am

      On the subject of traitors, this is an interesting artilce from the M&G 1997 concerning the Hani death. Was the ANC involved???????


    3. Anonymous10:23 pm

      IT is a known fact that Hani was whacked by mbeki.

    4. Anonymous8:59 am

      Derby Lewis admitted to have killed Hani. His gun was used and so why do you still waste your time about conspiracy theories that won't work for you. Mbeki is innocent.

    5. In his book "South Africa's brave new world" R.W. Johnson makes a very good case that former minister of defence Joe Modise, a double agent of the Apartheid government and the ANC, set Wallus and Derby Lewis up to wack Hani. Hani was about to become the new Minister of Defence and would have gotten all the kickbacks from the arms deal if not prevented the arms deal all together. NIA knew about the plot to kill Hani and could have avoided it, but they simply let it happen. Joe Modise was a known gangster who ran a stolen car racket between SA and Zambia. There is certainly a lot more than meets the eye.

    6. Anonymous7:56 am

      Neither Mbeki or Zuma are what you might call innocent. The rot and looting goes back to the day the ANC got into power. Joe Modise used Janusz Walus and Derby Lewis, at the behest of Mbeki, to kill Hani and those two idiots fell for it.

  16. Mr De Klerk has done nothing other than to protect you. The communists pressured his predecessor into bowing. Anyone one who would have taken over from an ailing Mr Botha would have done the same. Behind closed doors he was forced to give in but he couldnt even when he was defeated militarily. Remember, both white-led Zimbabwe and Mozambique fell and what was left of South Africa then? The communists are to be blamed because they forced that change and even threatened to take military action towards the borders of South Africa.



    1. Anonymous4:57 pm

      That is the thing with communists, they are good at lying!

    2. Anonymous11:59 pm

      And now some truth to counter your revisionist propaganda.

      This is from Castro himself.


      Castro had the leader of the Cuban forces killed and he used an excuse, but the real reason was because he lost the war.

    3. Anonymous1:32 am

      Communism was already finished in 1990.

      And the Cubans and Soviets were already beaten in Angola, plus there would be no more funding from the USSR due to their collapse.

      Rhodesia fell because they were betrayed by South Africa who were so idiotically short-sighted to not see that after Rhodesia they would be next. The Americans and Brits would see to that.

      The main enemy and catalyst for change at the time was America and Britain. The Communists were no longer a threat.

      Sanctions, travel restrictions, sport and isolation made many of the whites want to rejoin the international community again. They would thought the economy and foreign investment would improve.

      Which was obviously a big mistake as SA as de-industrialized and the Rand got consistently weaker the moment de Klerk announced the unbanning of the ANC.

      Remember the 1992 Referendum where almost 70% of whites voted to continue with negotiations with the ANC and bring about majority rule?

    4. @Sello...I was going to present you with lots of evidence about how South Africa kicked Commie but in Angola, but I once had a discussion with a former East German Stasi agent about it. He just smiled and told me, "I hear what you are saying, but tell me Mike, who is in charge of Namibia and South Africa today? Then tell me who won and who lost."

      He was right. Sadly I have to admit it. I just hope we get another chance at it.

    5. Anonymous2:27 am

      I was there. The cubans with all their numbers had no chance and they admit it.

    6. Come on, Sello. First get your facts straight before you post here. The republic was never militarily defeated, that was simply impossible. At that time we had one of the strongest armies in the world. We designed and produced our own weapons. We had nuclear bombs. We had generals who were top strategists. The Communists would never have attacked us, because not only would we have defeated them, but they would also have Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher's dogs of war on them. Cuba is a non-entity - they have NOTHING. Plus there was never a white-led Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe was always black led.
      You see its unfortunate that you can only prove you point through facts, not things you think up by yourself...hehe..

  17. Anonymous9:55 am

    It is ridiculous that one man can alone could have produced this mess. One man could not have had the power, without overall consensus from the people that he represented. We were all complicit otherwise we would have resisted right from the start. No one did. Hind sight is 20/20 vision. Only the ANC, who's plan this was, could have foreseen what the path was to be and the eventual outcome. And we are not there yet. The goal is a communist state. and to get there the whites need to be removed from economic power and off the land/farms.
    And another thing. FW is laughing all the way to the bank. He has been left alone to live a life of absolute luxury, even making it to 80. There are not may men who would not sell out for a similar life of luxury. Most white men everyday - in their jobs/businesses. Most senior white managers in big corporate's happily implemented BEE and AA, as long as it was implemented below them. this makes many more sell-outs to the whites. Whites are just bloody disappointing to say the least. And I stand accused/guilty as well.

  18. Anonymous9:55 am

    Don't be so shit to the man. De Klerk didn't give it up just so the Springbokke could play rugby internationally, and he was never a communist. Really. Honestly. South Africa has always relied on foreign capital inflows and the country had its back to the wall thanks to sanctions. No 30 pieces of silver; De Klerk is not a wealthy man. This country will see the International Monetary Fund knocking on its door within a year, if even that. De Klerk did not give up the country to the IMF who, at that time, had no idea what they were really up against. Now they do know what they have to deak with. Good luck to the IMF this time around. The country has sunk to such a moral low that even the communists are shocked.

  19. Anonymous10:30 am

    He was just like Zuma, a thieving scumbag, enriching himself at the expense of the SA population.

  20. Anonymous12:11 pm

    Why do these fuckers live so long while the good die young,

    1. Nou hoekom leef jy nog? Oooo jy is ook een van die f.... wat gaan oud word hahahaha
      Johann Conrad Brits

    2. So, hoekom is jy nog hier? Is jy dan ook een van daai f... wat nie jonk gaan dodgaan nie? hahahaha

    3. Anonymous12:40 pm

      Fuck off this site 'Brits'.

      De Klerk is a sell-out traitor piece of shit who did what he did for money.

  21. justice seeker12:21 pm

    Good article love P.W botha. Thank you mike for letting everyone know what a great leader P.W botha was to not give in to the extermal forces and he refused to be bought.

  22. ...it will be extremely satisfying to see De Klerk being ripped apart by an enraged mob. With Roelf Meyer, that lying SOB, Pik Botha and Roelf Wessels. These scum did not only sell out their own people, they sold out the republic and made life bad for all creeds and colors who live here. The history of civilized people will judge them very badly...

  23. Anonymous12:28 pm

    F W DE KLERK: Just like you betrayed your wife of 39 years you betrayed a nation,and for that you need a firing squad! You are a low life traitor you fuck whit!

  24. Anonymous12:53 pm

    Pienk Frikkie jy is n gemors van n mens! Mag jy net kak vorentoe! Ek wens jou allies van die slegste toe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Mike, stop the fourplay, where's the articles displaying the similarities between the Khoisan ad Afrikaners? The Great Trek of 1680, 1836 ecetera. The Calvinist religion, the Afrikaans language, the Afrikaner culture and sport. The semi-nomadic states: Griqua, Jonker Afrikaner, Boer republics. The intermarriage and sexual relations between white settlers and Khoikhoi women and the Baster offspring. Show the world that the Cape is a nation already.

    1. Anonymous12:33 am

      interesting please tell me more

    2. @Kaapschman...Don't tell me what to write mate. If you don't like my articles you are welcome to start your own blog and write whatever you want to write on there.

    3. @12:33 AM. SUDAN, Northern Mali situation will occur by the 2020s, if the Nguni elite doesn't implement a Azania-Cape South African confederacy.

    4. Anonymous7:45 am

      The Cape is the only option left. Get some hard currency together because the rand will crash to zero. It's not that difficult, just go to the bank and open a sterling/euro/US $ unit trust account and swop your money around. You should stop thinking in rand altogether. Spend your money only on absolute necessities.

    5. Anonymous11:37 pm

      Anon 7:45

      I think the Rand has potential for recovery, especially if the ANC kick out Zuma.

      Also commodity prices are on the upswing again, the prices may have hit the bottom already.

      Also, with the rising interest rates, this could help the Rand.

      However, looking at the graphs indicate a consistent weakening since the early 1990's but currently it us undervalued. 'Fair' value of the Rand is about 10 to the dollar.

      Despite all this, the problem is political instability, so I agree some foreign currency is a good idea.

    6. Anonymous8:03 am

      @Anon 7:45. No. The commodity bull run is over. Continually increasing the interest rate will cause the currency to crash, undervalued or not.

      See this old story here: http://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/08/george-soros-bank-of-england.asp

      It's going to be bloody hard getting the rand anywhere back to normal.

    7. Anonymous3:31 am

      I looks like someone wants to bang khoisan tieties and is looking for tjommies here.

  26. Anonymous3:21 pm

    Fvck de klerk, him & a few other french huguenots from anglo american sold SA down the river.
    Also Peter de Sorour.

  27. PreatorianXVI8:12 pm

    May De Klerk live forever, a traitor dies a thousand deaths...

  28. Anonymous12:58 am

    Off the traitor de klerk subject but relevant.

    Germany is waking up to their imminent destruction.

    I believe the evil communist traitor angela merkel will be ousted by the lovely intelligent and sane Frauke Petri. Siener said, a woman looks our way in Europe...

    Bring it on Frauke Petri!

    1. Petry...with a "y", but yes. She has the right idea. Use firearms to protect your borders from terrorist insurgents dressed up as "refugees".

    2. Anonymous2:47 am

      Oops my mistake but good to be corrected. Petry.

  29. Anonymous1:23 am

    Many whites voted yes at the referendum. This was due to ignorance and whites' generous and kindly nature, for which they got a kick in the teeth.

    De Klerk was fully aware of what he was doing. There are no excuses for him and his ilk.

    The FF was organised to round up any white dissenters. There were many. I attended a local FF meeting and saw that there were many whites who wanted to resist the hand over of SA. Promises were made at these rallies' but broken at the last moment.

    De klerks NP and FF, knowingly sold us and our children out for 30 pieces of silver.

    1. Anonymous2:41 am

      I'm not so sure they won the vote. Voting numbers all over the corrupt world are adapted

    2. Anonymous2:46 am

      I agree. A fine sample being the dimple chad debacle in the USA. Not that Al Gore was anything to vote for.

  30. Anonymous2:26 am

    We are blaming De Klerk for nothing. Botha himself was told to release Mandela from prison and negotiate a way out because there was a fear that when blacks took over because that was imminent, would push all whites to the sea and take over their businesses, land and everything else. Botha couldnt do it because of his ego of thinking that if he does it he would be betraying his people even though all signs of winds of change were there. All that build up to depression and the stress level rose after seeing the future that was bleak for the survivability of Apartheid. The country did not have money anymore and all that was left was to negotiate with the enermy and unfortunately it was De Klerk who was chosen to do that dirty job. De Klerk is today hated for nothing, for doing what Botha was told to do. The only way was to negotiate with Mandela that to tell him that "listen, we are willing to negotiate with your people but under certain conditions and one being they leave us with our businesses and wealth. However, we are willing to distribute some wealth to them". In fact, blacks then vowed to push all whites to the sea when they forcefully take power through external forces which also were determined to help them. Mandela had to negotiate with his people on our behalf and quell them down because of the rage on their face of claiming to have been marginalised for 300 years by colonisation and apartheid. That's why Roelf Meyer was part of that transition to ensure that the right to property will prevail which is today protecting many of our properties.

    In conclusion, I still say Mr De Klerk has done nothing wrong, the end was already there and he was also pushed into it to protect the the land from the civil war which could have claimed the lives of many Afrikaners and even lose everything they have ever owned.

    1. Anonymous3:00 am

      I don't agree with you anon. 2:26. re. De klerks innocence. He served his money masters and sold out SA.
      The so called negotiations you speak of fell way short to protect minority whites. De klerk and co knew this. Blacks would never have been able to push us into the sea as claimed. We could have easily defeated them.
      You must be a relative or friend of de klerk?
      There are no Excuses that hold any water Imo.

    2. Anonymous5:09 am

      Even if you wished and prayed thousands a times a day you wouldn't have defeated blacks backed by Cuba and the world. They would have gone into fully fledged battle bombing towns and cities. Their military arm and Cuban forces would totally suppress us. We were literally outnumbered and penniless. We took to consideration the lives of our children and women. We wouldn't want the history of Anglo-Boer War to repeat itself

    3. Anonymous11:21 am

      Who else could de Klerk have negotiated with ?
      There was only ONE recognised voice of "liberation"
      Why was that ?
      Because for so long THEY were the ones that the NP government had fought against.
      SO if you think de Klerk had no options ask yourself WHY !
      He HAD TO negotiate with "terrorists" -- there was NO other option.
      Thank Verwoerd and Vorster and the whole bunch of other idiots.
      ( For not fighting smart ! )

    4. Anonymous12:45 pm

      There would have been no civil war.

      MK was virtually eliminated in the late 80's.

    5. Anonymous11:02 pm

      Anon 5:09. I had brothers fighting during the border war. I remember death roll for our soldiers, and those killed in terrorist bombings. My heart went out to those brave young soldiers, and family who had lost loved ones. What has changed? At least we had a well trained army. Now instead we have white extermination since the country was handed over by the traitors...to a species' that is without a developed frontal lobe so cannot experience compassion. Aka. Psychopaths. So do you feel men, woman and children are safe in SA today? Do you feel safe in SA? Have you experienced the sickening genocidal murder and crime here? I personally don't know anyone who hasn't. So tell me how are we "better off?"
      We could have bombed Soweto for eg. in retaliation for bombings on us. Actually it is now that we are penniless and in huge debt. We had nuclear weapons too so your possible Anglo Boer war argument holds no water.

    6. Anonymous11:16 pm

      @Anon 12:45PM
      There would have been no civil war.
      MK was virtually eliminated in the late 80's.
      Sometimes the level of absolute ignorance leads me to tears
      As if MK was ever anything but a nuisance.
      As if eliminating MK would have solved the deep underlying problems and tensions.

      You completely fail to mention or understand the UDM -- or -- the result of the Soweto Riots -- and -- the Nation wide state of emergency.

      Do you have the faintest idea of the World situation and what would have happened if there had been any kind of war in SA ?

      Do you have ANY idea what would have happened if a UN "peace-keeping" force had been sent to SA ?
      It would have made the "scorched earth" of the ABW look like a picnic

      There WAS going to be regime-change -- either by hell or by high water.

    7. Anonymous4:19 am

      Anon 11:16

      And yet Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Belorus, and other rogue 'oppressive' states are still standing today despite Western co demnantion and sanctions.

      South Africa had atomic and chemical weapons, you think the work would want to risk us killing off most of the population?

      Regime change was not a certainty, even De Klerk admitted that whites had the means to continue to rule.

    8. Some people are being fed lies here. MK was alive and kicking in the late 1980s and was fighting alongside Angolan and Cuban forces. They defeated SADF bitterly and when they were advancing towards South-West Africa, with the aim of recruiting more young black South Africans and Namibians, the Apartheid quickly ran to UN to broke a deal of complying to resolution 435 and eventually moved out of Angola and Namibia. Seeing that now they were virtually under siege with the economy and coffers sinking, they were left with no choice but to give in power. Those who are saying SADF won in Angola should be asking themselves these questions.

      Who rules Angola, Namibia and South Africa today? Is it not the leftists?

      SADF were defeated bitterly in Angola, in fact, the word bitterly sound more friendly. The were virtually butchered until they ran to UN like a badly beaten child running to his/her parents to seek refuge. SADF embarrassed themselves so that even to this day their image is only protected by propaganda which they have spread throughout South Africa among their folks.

      If they won as they claim why couldn't they install their puppet UNITA in power with Savbi at the helm? Why did they ran away from Namibia? Their victory could have meant that their stay in Namibia could have been extended. Let us stop living a lie and face reality.

    9. @ Anonymous ANON.

      "And yet Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Belorus, and other rogue 'oppressive' states are still standing today despite Western co demnantion and sanctions".

      All those states might be autocratic as you profess but none is discriminatory towards its people. They don't exercise apartheid laws towards their citizens. The only state that is similar to apartheid South Africa is ISRAEL. Till to this day they are still oppressing the people of Palestine in the name of religion, as if God is allowing it.

      "South Africa had atomic and chemical weapons, you think the work would want to risk us killing off most of the population?

      Regime change was not a certainty, even De Klerk admitted that whites had the means to continue to rule".

      Atomic power is not ultimate victory. It kills everyone including those who made it. It also cannot kill all the people, only the size as large as the town. The minority rule was definitely up and could not have gone any further. The question is for how long they could have sustained it surrounded by enemies, without money and still under heavy sanctions and embargoes. The USA was also of the latest to start pushing for sanctions after apartheid government failed to deliver to their demands of dismantling communists in Angola.

    10. Anonymous11:29 am

      Sello, Myanmar/Burma is fighting a war against several different ethnic groups and secessionist groups are brutal about it.

      North Korea is highly discriminatory to its people and classifies the population into 3 class structures of which the majority are basically treated as slaves.

      Iran discriminates against any other religion and sexuality.

      The white government would probably have shifted towards military style rule and methods would have gotten more severe.
      Most blacks would just want to be left alone and live in peace and not interfere, just as it had always been.

    11. Anonymous5:25 pm

      Sello puo, i do not know where your you get your info from but sadf was not badly beaten as you put it, i was there, no maurauding swapo and fapla forces crossing the kaplyn to come and kick us out, you are talking crap, period, we sadf withdrew from swa, they were not attacked and annihilated like some major offensive was launched from the commies side, as i sad i was there, like thousands of other sadf servicemen. You are talking crap, period.

    12. SADF were not just beaten, but were literally butchered, molested and dik gedoner by just young pretty Cuban girls and some athletic boys aged 16. In Cuito Cuanavale when they fielded Russian MIG 29 they dominated air superiority over SADF. The mirage had to be grounded because they couldn't stand any chance of being hit by BVRAAM from the most fiercest fighter of that generation. They caused an upset on the side of SADF. That's why even to this day you will find walls in Cuito written " MIG ek hart jou baie" some written "MIG jy het my opgefok" even some written " Castro jy het my rerig ongelukig"

    13. @ Sello. There was no “Battle of Cuito Cuanavale”. There was a Battle for Mavinga. The Soviets, Cubans and FAPLA wanted to destroy the Unita bases of Mavinga and Jamba. They were stopped at the Lomba River and the entire 47th Brigade of FAPLA was destroyed. They were then driven back a further 120 km to Cuito Cuanavale from where they started (Operations Moduler, Hooper, Packer and Displace) and the South African Recce’s sprang the bridge over the river to prevent the useless Cubans, Russians and FAPLA of ever trying anything like that again soon. SA then withdrew. It was never our intention to take the town. All SA objectives were achieved. Unita carried on fighting for another 15 years. FAPLA and the Cubans were thoroughly beaten.
      Only Communists can turn an utter defeat into a victory.
      In the words of Col. (later lt.Gen) Deon Ferreira who commanded the SA forces.
      "If defeat for South Africa meant the loss of 31 men, 3 tanks, 5 armoured vehicles and 3 aircraft, then we lost. If the victory for FAPLA and the Cubans meant the loss of 4,600 men, 94 tanks, 100 armoured vehicles, 9 aircraft, and other Soviet equipment valued at more than a billion Rand, then they won!"

      Castro had his "War Hero" Gen. Arnaldo T. Ochoa Sanchez killed by firing squad.

      “ Heroic” Cuban Air Force Brigadier General Rafael Del Pino Díaz defected to the United with his family and he detailed widespread disillusionment within the Cuban military over its involvement in Angola. He also told of large numbers of casualties as well as numerous desertions from the armed forces.
      In 1987…”In interviews with Radio Marti, the United States Government-sponsored radio station that broadcasts to Cuba, General del Pino said the Cuban Army has had 56,000 deserters in the last three years in Angola and more than 10,000 casualties there over the last 12 years.”

      Only Fidel and Raul Castro believed in victory. All Cuban generals knew the war in Angola was lost for them.

      Operation Moduler

      Operation Hooper
      Operation Packer

    14. Anonymous1:37 am

      You talk the biggest lot of shit. Between Koevoet and the Romeo Mikes the SADF and SWAMAG were wiping the floor with SWAPO. I was there, were you? SWAPO were using 16 year old kids because we had killed the rest. Even outclassed by the MIG29 the SAAF still provided air support. I could tell you the Cuban deserters including a full Colonel but I won't waste my time on a indoctrinated crap spewer like you.

    15. What struck me the most is that the Cuban and Fapla forces were too kak-sleg to bury their own dead. We had to bury them in mass graves. Imagine what it must have done for their morale to watch their dead being eaten by wild dogs, vultures, hyenas, etc. I'll never forget the sight of the crows sitting on the corpse of this one Cuban Lieutenant who had his leg blown off pecking away at his stump and his eyes.

    16. Anonymous5:30 am

      The Cubans never beat the SADF.

      This is a fact, taking pictures of a few burned out vehicles and creating a story does not mean victory.

      'Cuito Canuavale' is Communist propaganda fiction to make them seem to not lose face.

      The only reason South West Africa was given independence was because the plans for transition had begun.

      If the government feared the idea of an independent Namibia, they wouldn't have gone ahead and kept it as a buffer-state.

      Military historians acknowledge that the SADF was not militarily defeated. This is a fact and no amount of spin-doctoring and Leftist propaganda and wishful thinking can achieve this.

      The Leftist psychological tricks don't work anymore, we're used to it.

  31. According to other F.W. cabinet ministers, There was no alternative
    It is actually easy and I agree that Apartheid had to go. The alternative was war. Full scale racial war. It would have been tough, but at least we would have cleansed the country and we would have had peace today. If there were no more blacks in the country then there was no more need for Apartheid. Then F.W. should have abolished Apartheid.

    1. Anonymous3:20 am

      There will be no peace as long as the globalists are in charge. They would have returned.

    2. Anonymous10:16 am

      In Politics as in life TIMING is everything.
      Some rush to blame de Klerk without knowing what the REAL internal situation was.

      Kitchener told Botha that the Liberal party was going to come into power in England and would look favorably on the Boer situation.
      This happened and self government was granted in 1906

      Perhaps in 1994 the time was not yet right for the "Boer" situation.
      Perhaps there will be a time soon when it WILL be right
      When the rest of the World has many other things to think about and there will be no interference from Russia OR America.
      Without outside aid and assistance the black African CANNOT stand !

    3. Anonymous12:46 pm

      Why do you think there would have been war?

      Do you think it would have been orchestrated and funded by the West?

    4. Anonymous1:04 pm

      A war that could have been sadly lost. Yes definately lost and see all of us being pushed to the sea.

    5. Anonymous10:36 pm

      It wouldn't have been lost, you're being an idiot just like they were then.

      Whites both then and now are concentrated heavily in the cities. Back then there were far fewer blacks in the cities. The bulk of the black population lived out in the middle of nowhere. Whites had the military, whites were about equal to blacks in the cities, blacks were far less entrenched in the cities and most would have fled once their primary reason for being in the cities- mining- was completely ruined by civil war and would have fled back to the bush to wait things out. Only the dedicated communists would have remained.

      Even now whites have the advantage simply because of how dependent on whites the blacks are for mere survival.

    6. After the fall of minority rule in Namibia, there was intelligence reports that ANC MKs and the government of Namibia will start smuggling millions of AK47, BAZOOKAS, LMGS, and RPGs to South Africa to establish rebel groups that will spring against minority rule and take over by force. Whites then were only few up against millions of Blacks who would have as well got support from Castro's Air superiority. You could have never stood a chance.

    7. Anonymous11:20 am

      Sello, worst case scenario nuclear weapons and biological weapons would have been used against the enemy or their supporters.

      North Korea, Myanmar/Burma and Iran still survive today and all are rogue regimes. SA is now classified as a 'rogue democracy'.

      Even De Klerk admitted that without his intervention white rule would have continued, MK was almost non-existent, Communism was dead, and the Army was as strong as ever.

      If any blacks did attempt revolt in SA, they would have been dealt with swiftly and the casualties would have been immense. The economy would suffer but with nuclear weapons and biological weapons, no one was going to touch us.

    8. Nuclear and even biological weapons can never be used nationally, that would be very foolish. They are only best if they are used in other countries to ensure that you and your family will be safe from the impact. Tell me will it be comfortable if you poo in your own house? Nope, you won't be able to sleep in that house yourself because the smell will be very unwelcoming to you. Moreover, should you use such weapons even in other countries, you must be ready to face wrath of the world. The world will rise against you and crash you because of contravening the Roman statutes or so called Geneva conventions.

    9. Anonymous1:27 am

      Kaffir an animal forced into a corner will do very bad things, even poo in his own house... especially if that animal can hit back and kill the aggressor at ALL costs. Let that sink in ape...

    10. Sello Puo10:37 PM

      Where do you take a dump then? on your porch perhaps or in the street?

      We already have a biological weapon doing damage in the country and this weapon is obsessed with shit throwing and touching white genitalia. It is burning universities, looting shops and destroying everything in this once wonderful country.(best weapon in the world)

      This weapon is also very smelly.

    11. Even an animal can never poo in its home, let alone the black man as poor as he is. Poo is bad, nuclear warheads or so called nuke is as well bad used in your own territory. It is more like pouring a backet of poo in your own yard.

    12. @Sello Puo. Your unintelligible bollocks have been tollerated on here for too long. Time to take a hike poo flinger.

    13. Anonymous5:33 am

      Sello, Bashar has used gas in his own territory on concentrated enemy cities. The Americans even used explosives using depleted uranium in Iraq. And Saddam gassed the Kurds before.

      Chemical warfare is a reality of modern warfare.

      The same could have, and probably have been done in SA if deemed necessary.

    14. Everytime the police use teargas it is chemical weapons. Every time Sello flings poo it is a biological weapon.

  32. Anonymous2:59 am

    Dont feel too bad, all cultures have them. The Spartan 300 had Ephialtes, the traitor. It does not detract from the awesomeness of the Greek Spartans.

    Don't let this Ephialtes diminish your manhood. The Spartans didn't, neither should you...

    1. Anonymous12:00 pm

      Wat opval, is dat dit Afrikaanssprekende blankes is wat vir die ondergang van die blanke politieke bewind, asook vir die gebrek aan daadwerklike magsdeling, verantwoordelik gehou kan word. Dit is ook Afrikaanssprekende blankes wat hulle in die nuwe Suid-Afrika vir die afskaling en miskenning van Afrikaans beywer. In albei gevalle beskou ek hulle nie as Afrikaners nie. Daar is ‘n kwalitatiewe verskil, spesifiek ‘n kulturele gehalteverskil, tussen Afrikaanssprekende blankes in die algemeen en die kleiner maar hoogs verdienstelike kerngroep, die Afrikaners.


      The bits that BOSS Mike leaves out
      Shame on you BOSS Mike

  33. It would have been better to have that civil war then, when we still had a great army. Not the low key civil war we have had against ALL South Africans ever since the handover. We are being killed bit by bit often with the same arms we gave up, can you see the irony ?

    de klerk himself stated in the press in the 70's that majority rule will mean the destruction of all the minorities in South Africa. That cunt knew exactly what he was doing.

    If enough people are interested I'll try put up a link to the exact document clipped from the newspaper back then.

    1. Anonymous4:37 am

      Please do so. thanks

    2. Anonymous5:17 am

      Show us the link.

    3. Anonymous5:31 am

      It does not matter the amount of weapons you would have had or even how strong was your army. The defeat was imminent. The ANC was now backed by Cuba and the world. Perhaps you could have enjoyed to see blacks capturing our women and children taking turns by repeatedly rapppping them before your very eyes.

    4. Anonymous6:18 am

      You dumb doos.
      What do you think is happening now?

    5. Anonymous7:06 am

      Anon 5.31
      Raping our women and children is exactly what they are doing right now.

  34. So many white Liberals on this blog pretending to be black.

  35. Anonymous6:06 am

    "... his Ultra Conservative religious beliefs that he raised his children on all came to naught when his youngest boy came home with a coloured girl and evinced a weakness for Cape Coloured beauties."

    Ja these Cape Malay beauties are such devils. Before you know it you've both got your broeks off and dan sit sy op die paal en dan sit jy met die gebakte pere. So lekker sappige gebakte pere met bobotie en begrafnis rys.

    Less lovely than lissom Cape beauties that Tretchikoff would have given one of his eyes for, is the Jesus/Old Testament "witness" bs doing the rounds these days. White men who used to have jobs to go to have set up religious themed B&B's with their nutjob wives and harass their neighbours with stories of, "I pray for you all the time," and "We set up a special prayer meeting for you and your family last night". Alles bloot 'n poging tot geldmakery. In the old days if Afrikaners tried their luck with this bs, their own community cried, "Skande! Kry vir jou 'n werk, jou lui bliksem!"

    You know a society is messed up when they pray to God and Jesus all the time instead of doing constructive, gainful work - gainful in a good way, not blackmail featuring some imaginary "friend" in the sky.

    1. Anonymous7:10 am

      Cape malay beauties look nice but at the age of 25 then they start looking like shit.

    2. Anonymous8:10 am

      @Anon 7:10 AM Yes, they let themselves go eating too much sweet stuff. And what's with the false teeth by age 30? Don't they brush and floss to prevent having to wear those awful dentures? It's the sugar in the diet.

  36. Boers are all talk no action. Let the circlejerk continue.

    1. Anonymous12:32 pm

      why are you so facinated with jerking off? Shaka was gay. You must be too.

    2. Anonymous10:31 pm

      In terms of strategy it makes more sense for whites to let blacks make the first move, since once the whole rotten system collapses most of you will starve. Why should a group of people outnumber 10:1 launch the first attack? Holing up in a stronghold and letting the attacker starve makes more sense. In terms of war it will be exactly like the battle of blood river but on a scale of millions instead of thousands.

    3. Anonymous8:12 am

      Shaka, at 10:1 you have managed to show the whole world what useless, dumb, thieving cunts you are. And no, the rest of the world does not fit into Africa.

    4. Anonymous11:14 am

      Anon 8:12

      They've done more damage to themselves which no amount of campaigning could have ever achieved.

    5. Anonymous1:24 am

      LOL 11:14 too true, they are their own worst enemy. That is why nobody wants to deal with them, that is why nobody wants to be around them or have anything to do with them. The curse of the world - ama azania black man. Sick fucks!

  37. Aan al die "Anonymous" en ander skuilnaam javels hierbo, ek het vir julle net een vraag:
    Waar staan julle ten op sigte van Jesus Christus? Hy het tog gesê dat jy aan ander moet doen soos jy aan jouself gedoen wil hê!
    Nou is daar net hierdie ou probleempie. Hoe klou ek aan my reg tot stemreg maar weier terselfdertyd dat die meerderheid van die land nie saam daarin deel nie? Is dit nie kontra van wat Jesus Christus gesê het nie?
    Ja ek weet daar is 'n klompie van julle wat uitgesproke atieïste is. Vir julle vra ek maar net hoe kan jy jouself regverdig deur dit wat jy as 'n reg beskou van 'n ander te weier? Net barbare doen dit!
    Groete aan julle almal!

    1. Anonymous8:42 am

      Johann Conrad Brits: Loop kak.

    2. Haai, Johann...waar was jy dan al die tyd? ALMAL in die republiek het stemreg. ALMAL. Wie is die "meerderheid"in die land wat nie stemreg het nie? Verwys my na die teksverse waar Jesus oor stemreg praat dat ek dit kan lees...

    3. Anonymous1:02 pm

      Johann Conrad
      Ja, dit klink my ook of my moet gaan kak!
      Jy het geen idee!! Stupid, onosel!!

  38. Anonymous9:37 am

    My kind K. Hugo(gebore 10 Des 2016) het my so pas van n droom vertel wat hy gisteraand(2016/03/18) oor ons gehad het.
    Hy se: twee skure (boerhuise "rooi geboue met wit balke waar voer gestoor word)wat die engelse afbrand.
    Dan se hy:"ek skryf op n papiertjie dat ons in n "OOStelike" rigting trek waar daar ander mense is wat kos prodseer op 3 lande(lande=in sy woorde "soos komposgrond"?), en dan se hy "nee eintlik 2 lande
    want die derde land ken/sien ons nie...dan laat val hy die papiertjie en ons trek eintlik noord waar ons genoeg kos gaan he...."en die res onthou hy nie.
    ek is onwillig om verder uit te vra want is bang hy maak stories op wat hy nie rerig gedroom het nie!
    Ek het hom van die Oos grens boere en die voortrekkers vertel toe hy my 3 dae terug gevra het waar ons vandaan kom en hoekom "ek het hom vertel van die boere "Trekboere en Voortrekkers asook die geskiedenis van "die Taal en Afrikaans"

    1. Anonymous1:00 pm

      Anon 9:37 AM

      Klink nie reg nie tannie, hy is gebore 10 December 2016. Dan is dit nog 9 maande voor hy gebore word....? Hallo...! Probeer jy snaaks wees tannie?

    2. Anonymous12:19 pm


  39. Here's an image upload. Apologies for the poor quality, but the original is unavailable as Twitter & Facebook have shut Adriana Stiujt down.


  40. Anonymous11:14 am

    Anon 9:37
    A miracle, your child is talking and still has to be born...

  41. Anonymous10:29 pm

    Amusingly if you look at America you'll find people like Senator Thaddeus Stevens who had a black "wife" (interracial marriage was illegal) and was the main force behind abolishing slavery (and thus indirectly responsible for the American civil war in which 600,000 people died) and even in the modern united states we find figures like John Boehner whose daughter married a black man and Jeb Bush who married a mexican woman in high ranking positions within the supposedly conservative Republican party, which is now being eaten within as the party's base steadily overthrows the pro-mass immigration elite of the party.

    I wonder how many other Western nations have leaders which are either foreign or have non-white relatives and thus are driven towards destroying their own countries to satisfy their little family.

  42. Anonymous6:33 am

    At least it looks like the main SACP ministers are going to get 'purged' soon.

    The Zuma regime is panicking and knows that SA, business, media and the world are against them.

  43. Anonymous2:01 am

    Hi Mike, firstly thank you for a wonderful blog. A question to you and those reading..... with the yes/no vote, I was lead to believe that the yes/no vote was whether the constitution was to be changed. This, if I recall was to be followed up with a 2nd referendum on what those changes were to be. This is why one of our top military blokes and a few men took Fort Schanskop hostage to demand the 2nd referendum. I too was angry with the hand over, but it seems we were all fleeced of this 2nd referendum. Is this correct? That the yes/no vote had zip to do with handing over to the ANC as it was done, and that the NP had no mandate from the peoples to do as they did. Also, to be angry with the voters in a sense exonerates the NP and the ANC from any wrong doing. Gee, hope my ramblings make sense......

    1. You are quite correct, there was supposed to be a 2nd vote. Mike covered it a few articles back. We weren't fleeced, we were betrayed and sold down the river by the traitors. No the whites are much worse off than the blacks ever were. We gave to them and cared for them under the old regime. They don't give us steam off their piss in winter. All they do is take, take, take and murder old defenseless people, children and babies.
      Absolute rabble!
      No prisoners this time around; man, woman & child.

  44. Anonymous5:14 am

    Hi Mike, sorry if I'm late on the topic, there is a significant difference betwee the NG's and the Doppers. I don't know it all but I think the Doppers lean more towards the Hervormdes. Just by the way ;-)

    1. Basically the Doppers do not sing hymns. Only Psalms. They are more conservative religiously, but more liberal politically.

      "Dopper" comes from the hairstyles of the time that looked like a "Doppie" or "bowl" turned upside down on their heads.

      They call the N.G. Kerk people, "Gaatjieponders"...comes from "Gat japon" literally meaning "Arse coat". It comes from 200 years ago when they used to wear the long coats that reached down to the back of their knees.

  45. Ah, fuck it! I wish these ignorant Kaffirs would just fuck ott the blog. I mean, this Sello Puo cunt is a total space cadet with his kak stories acout Cuito, etc. They bring absolutely nothing of intelligence to the debate, just a heap shit communist propaganda.
    Really, you brainless [I nearly said brain-dead, but that would imply that you actually had a brain at some stage, which you haven't] Zots would just stay out of intelligent conversation.
    You guys shouldn't even respond to their drivel, giving them recognition they definitely are not worthy of.

  46. Good, Mike, I see you have told Shithead Sello to piss off. I can't listen to the kak it sprouts a moment longer. Thanks China.

  47. Is'nt Juliarse's 2nd name Sello?

  48. Anonymous10:12 am

    Black and white people living in harmony how does that sound...I think it sounds good

  49. Anonymous12:25 am