28 March 2016

Can evil be cured by money or education?

By Mike Smith
28th of March 2016

Usually superficial liberals find Apartheid abominable without ever asking themselves what the reasons for Apartheid were, because in their minds blacks are the same as whites, just with more melanin in their skins.

As I have mentioned before, there are many reasons Why whites despise blacks of which none have to do with the colour of their skin.

However, one of the biggest reasons for me is their belief in the power of Muti and how they obtain it and consume it. All you have to do is Google “Muti Murders” and see how they kill albinos and children for their body parts which they cut out/off whilst the victims are still alive.

Last week a white man found his 72 year old mother in law, Marie Saddler, stabbed to death in her Germiston home. Elderly woman’s ears nose and eyelashes cut off

After torturing her to death, they stole her purse and two cell phones. Of course the MSM did not report the races of the victim or the perpetrators.

Also see here: Censorbugbear: Murder: hatecrime: Mrs Marie Saddler 72, ears, nose, eyelashes cut off; stabbed to death

But it is not just albinos, children and elderly whites who suffer having their pody parts cut off whilst still alive, in Phoenix, Durban a dog had to be put down because his tongue was cut out and he couldn’t eat or drink water anymore.

Dog found with tongue cut out

Now look at this report:

 Police says witchdoctors and soothsayers fuel sexual offences in Malawi

These witchdoctors tell their customers/clients they should rape their daughters, parents or relatives in order to become rich.

“Malawi police spokesperson, Nicholas Gondwa, said more than 1 300 men were arrested for defilement and incest crimes last year.”

“The rate of sexual offences is scary,” Gondwa said.

Now the liberal’s answer to all of this is…”Education” and “Throw money at the problem”.

However, we who have lived in Africa know that no amount of education will ever remedy this evil spawn of Satan. Look at Mugabe who was raised by Catholics and who has seven degrees including Masters in Law and Science.

We know that no matter how educated these creatures are, they NEVER relinquish their superstitious beliefs in the Tokoloshe, forefather spirits and the power of Muti. However, when you say it you will be accused of “racism” by the liberal idiots and PC brigade.

But listen what a black female journalist had to say after watching her own black  Bible friend casting out demons in cockroaches:

Columnist Sellina Nkowani, writing for local paper, The Nation, recently branded Malawi "a superstitious nation".

“Malawi is a very superstitious nation… Malawian – educated or uneducated, well-travelled or not are superstitious. The only difference between those in the village and those living in air-conditioned houses in cities, is that the former believes in witchcraft while the latter believes in demons.”

I mean…what kind of creatures are these? And they ask us why we had Apartheid.


  1. Anonymous3:36 am

    Like the old saying:

    "You can take them out of the bush but you cant take the bush out of them"

  2. Anonymous3:52 am

    And also how blacks turn previously white neighbourhoods into stinking piles of rubble. Even the so-called educated throw sweet wrappers and rubbish into other people's gardens and dump refuse right next to sub-stations where it is a fire hazard. The municipal cleaners do squat about it because they recognise it as typical black behaviour. They clean up once, they will have to clean up forever. I had a friend whose so-called educated black neighbours set their dog free to scavenge for food. No Checkers kibbles for Fido. When the dog predictably died, they threw it out in the street for the rubbish collectors. Not even in a black plastic bag, just a dead dog on their sidewalk.

  3. Anonymous4:05 am

    Not much difference between blacks here and white elitists with their eugenics programs and chimera projects.

    Not to mention the planned parenthood abortion clinics in America being occupied by weird white people who are Satanists that perform weird rituals on baby parts that get sold off to Pepsi and other cosmetic companies for research purposes

    It is just that Satan got a hold of a lot more of them than us.

    1. Anonymous8:14 am

      @Anon 4:05
      I disagree with your comment, due to the following:
      I understand Pepsi is a soft drink, similar to Coke. As I understand it people drink it. Cosmetics is something external like lipstick or black like me cream. Do you have any proof of your statement?

      However I do agree there are some sick twisted fucks out there (all colours)that carry out some of these weird rituals as you put it. I have travelled quite extensively around the world and in Africa too, the most of the JUJU or black magic I encountered was in Africa. (My whole family was apparently cursed in Zimbabwe by some black bitch because my Mom wouldn't give her sewing machine to the fucking filthy whore)(By the way all of our slaves back then started foaming at their mouths like rabid dogs and then went Penga (Mal) The black cops came and fucked them up and who knows what after. In Nigeria a whole village got burned alive as they were apparently witches. To be more up to speed and in timing with the current article, Africans are still shit scared of frogs, chameleons, thunder, lightning, snakes. Im planning a proposal to either Dulux or Plascon to see if they can manufacture 50 L paint tins to help all the darkies with an extra distance so the tokolosh cant get you!

    2. Anonymous11:45 am

      Pepsi does not use human stem cells DIRECTLY in their drinks, but it is believed that they have used fetal cells to develop tastes in their products.

      Apparently, they pulled the plug a few years due to public pressure. Still, nice to know that aborted babies where used to make your drink all nice and tasty.

      Drink on that next time you go to Burger king.


      Also, with cosmetics,


      Kinda creepy.... We have become a nation of vampires. Well, actually the Americans have. And they had the cheek to judge us over a little segregation here or there...

  4. Anonymous4:09 am

    There was a Catholic priest doing a tenure here which he requested to be extended for another four years because he had such a full time job casting demons out of the Zulus. He took it a step too far when he threatened to have each and every member of the Catholic Women's League (80% white with the odd Indian and Zulu) excommunicated. Working with blacks for too long will drive any white person completely bonkers in all aspects.

    (Now let's wait for all the anti-Catholic comments, doubtless from the same readers who are anti-semites.)

    1. Anonymous4:59 am

      ever heard the story about the Priest that had to be rescued by the evil sadf from his Corpus Christi mission station, the pedo priest had a fondness for young boys which upset the locals. intel picked up that they were going to kill him, so the story goes.

  5. Anonymous4:25 am

    This is the amazing thing about each and every one, their belief in witchdoctor's...

    I had a domestic years ago, and she had growth in her neck, which was huge. After the doctor's at the state hospital removed it, she went off to the local bush doctor.

    This sainted and anointed seer, told her she was poisoned by "Kaffir" poison, in her food, prepared by her sister.

    Last i heard, she was paying this same bush doctor to curse her sister for the poisoning...

  6. Looking after a few mates folks houses one gets to talk to the maids about general politics and whatnot. This one told me how Zuma is still in power because he has this powerful snake called 'm-mamblo' or something and 'if you have that snake then you are very powerfull' nogal!

    There is this fascination/fear with snakes.

    Apparently there is this other snake that crawls in a woman's vagina that makes them more beautiful than the other girls and if the boyfriend/ husband has being cheating the snake knows and you can guess what happens next time they butler butler.

    I am almost like a witch doctor myself now with all these things I know and the types of muti they have.

    Nee wat! Kaffirs are useful for live target practice, other than that they have become outdated farming/cleaning and mining equipment...

    1. And after you left the maids looked at each other and laughed at you dom kop, Mam'lambo is a snake on Generations the biggest soapie in South Africa, but you lot have no idea what's going on in South Africa, youre more concerned with analysing Senile van rensburg, and we are the superstitious ones? smh.

    2. Anonymous11:47 am

      I got stopped in a road block about 10 years back in Transkei, I had come from a friends farm in EC. On the farm I collected an old Kudu skull & horns and also guinea fowl feathers. The cops opened the boot of the car, saw all the stuff and nearly had a heart attack, their words were "hamba... hamba"

    3. Well moloto , we don't watch your stupid kaffir soapie,wouldn't wanto either , by the way I don't like swearing but I'm gonna like telling to to FUCK OFF from this site , your not welcome here we hate you fucken kaffirs.
      Why are you on here anyway , don't you have some kaffir site to blog on?
      oh but stay here if you want and read more about how we dispise you fucken lot,peice of shit.

    4. Anonymous10:41 am

      Hehehe Stephen, why is that these kaffirs just cannot stay away from us? Why do they always think they can come uninvited? They are so pathetic in their efforts to fit in. They are such useless primitive little creatures, they are fuckall and they will never amount to anything either.

      BTW mohawk kaffir moloto, I'll rather believe a 100 prophesies than 1 of your little kaffir's "truths". You are a bunch of lying stealing useless cunts.

  7. There's nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequals

    1. Mustafa4:35 pm



  8. Seattle8:34 pm

    "I mean…what kind of creatures are these?..."

    The kind that only takes a foreigner like me about one day of casual research to figure out South Africa is, unfortunately, not the place to move to for retirement. There's violent crime here in the U.S. and some of it quite extreme, but these African muti murders, horrific all day torture and baby rape tells me you're dealing with animals devoid of any empathy. And they're breeding at exponential rates!

    1. Seattle, there's an old joke.
      Q; What's the difference between a tourist visiting Africa for the first time and a racist?
      A: About ten minutes.

  9. Anonymous11:38 am

    7 de Traan also has their own little interracial affair now and the black actress is so appalled by the racial slurs from the public and even some of their costars...poor petal.I read all the comments on her little crying bullhshit blah blah article an EVERY SINGLE BLACK that commented was for interracial relationships and how can white Afrikaner people not just get over themselves and accept interracial relationships?And in this case its a White man with n meid.So why is it that they hate the White male with everything they've got??!!But when it comes to relationships,sex whatever they just cannot keep their hands off White men and Women?They are such an inferior species.They want our looks,hair clothes,German engineered cars.I think they have a love-hate relantionship with us.But I just fucking despise them!!

    1. Anonymous1:53 pm

      Ask Heidi Klum why she like black men

  10. http://www.amazingfacts.org/news-and-features/af-blog/article/id/13730/t/a-larger-perspective

  11. Anonymous10:47 am

    Hi Mike

    Your correct , colour has very little to do with the fact that we despise them ,their inhuname backwards beliefs and practices has everything to do with it.

    Our fundamental roots , are total polar opposites , as easy as it is for you to think something good , or do something right - so easy is it for a kaffir to think something evil and do abominal things.

    Its sickening that we have to share this plane of existance with them , thank God that's not the case in the next.


  12. Back to your question Mike, the answer is no. That is how they have evolved and at this stage of their development cruelty or rather obliviousness to cruelty is part of their makeup. They don't have compassion , it does not come naturally . Even today you can hire cryers at a funeral. The whole makeup is so very different to whites. Look at the way they transport animals. If a goats leg needs to be broken to fit into the transport vehicle then break it. To confront them over it will be met by complete bewilderment.