11 March 2016

Boer traitors and how to deal with them

By Mike Smith

11th of March 2016

You know…When you read Albert Blake’s book “Boereverraaier” about Boers shooting traitors during the Anglo-Boer War, then you will see that towards the middle of the war, already 40% of Boers were either “Hensoppers” (those who swore an oath of neutrality to the Queen) or downright “Joiners” (those who swore full allegiance to the Queen and actively joined the British army raping Boer women on farms, murdering old Boers on their farms, stealing and plundering the Boer farms, etc.)

It is a part of history people like to forget. Better to remember the “Bitterenders” who fought the British to a standstill.

However, there are many recorded incidents where brother turned against brother, like General Piet de Wet, brother of General Christiaan de Wet who joined the British and killed Boers.

Then there was the woman who was called to say good bye to her four brothers and her husband who would shortly face a Boer firing squad for treason. Her last tearful words to her husband were, “Ek het jou gesê jy moet dit nie doen nie.” (I told you don’t do it.).

Then there was the absurd case of the one Boer judge who sent Boer traitors to the firing squad only to join the British himself a few months later.

Then there was the case of the 29 year old teacher who faced a firing squad, half of which was made up of young men whom he had taught a few years before at school.

Or how about the young Boer soldier who found his best friend from childhood amongst the dead of the enemy, a Joiner.

The young Boer wife and her daughter who were chased 1000 yards out of their home in their pyjamas in the middle of the night in a freezing winter by her own brother, a joiner. They almost freezed to death. He was cornered the next day by her husband and shot between the eyes begging his brother in law for mercy.

Boer against Boer, every day. As Blake mentioned…towards the end of the war, the Anglo Boer War resembled more and more a civil war of Boer against Boer than Boer against Brit.

Nevertheless, getting rid of traitors is not always easy. It is uncomfortable, but it is necessary, because a few decades down the line, the offspring of those treacherous bastards will betray your children, just like you were betrayed once. Those traitors after the war will poison the minds of the young for generations to come. So you have to put them up against a wall and shoot them as early as possible. And don’t bury them. Let the vultures feast on their miserable carcasses.

Terblanche Delport
Take this idiot for instance. Terblanche Delport, a junior lecturer in philosophy at UNISA, who said that, “The only choice for white Afrikaners is to wait for their death and when that takes too long, then to commit suicide, because they do not belong in Africa. It is the only way to get rid of white rule and white supremacy in the country.”

White Afrikaans lecturer says Afrikaners should die out

He was one of the speakers at a conference on Afrikaner identity at Wits University.

On the question of whether he would kill himself, Delport said no. He enjoys his life and is not prepared to kill himself. (Yet)

Because, as Dr Jamie Glasov wrote in “United in hate: The left’s romance with tyranny and terror”, these sicko leftist pricks hate themselves so much that they want to kill themselves, but they want all other people to kill themselves first. Delport is a classical example.

“Whe whites should be prepared to quietly go into extinction, without having children, so that white rule can come to an end…or fall on our swords.” Said this joiner.

Ja Boetie…Your day will come.


  1. Anonymous7:23 am


    1. Anonymous1:37 pm

      Yip. De Souza is sort of level headed...

  2. Self hating people are tho worst. It's not just my own people. Self hating jews annoy me. Self hating blacks annoy me.
    South africa is going to hell. I hope africaans can have a nation of their own when south africa becomes a failed state.
    Keep writing your blog.
    Sympathy from Finland.

    1. Anonymous10:54 pm

      Are you that Finnish guy that put sanctions on us during apartheid? Just asking

    2. No. I wasn't even born back then. Our president then Mauno Koivisto was one social democratic bastard. Kissed the cheek of Ceaușescu just before his (Ceaușescus) fall.

    3. Anonymous11:19 am

      @anon 10.54
      this attack on foreigners or SA expats is becoming really annoying. Stop being an idiot and piss off to amother blog where your dumba attitude is appreciated. You clearly have f-all understanding of how global politics works.

    4. Anonymous12:25 am

      Anon1054, read up on war between soviet russia and finland, not all uitlanders are the enemy, get with the program!

    5. Anonymous2:32 am

      @11:19 AM

      Dont be fooled. The Finns screwed us once before. And they continue to support the marxists to this day

      Once burnt, shame on you. Twice burnt. Shame on me.


      " Finland's support to the South African anti-apartheid movement was transformed into development cooperation in 1995. The objective was to assist South Africa's efforts in building a socially and economically more inclusive and equal society.

      Since then more than 80 million Euros worth of bilateral programmes using a wide range of Finnish development cooperation instruments have been carried out"

      Dont know about you but I have never seen this 80 million. This sanitized crap you just read doesnt go down well with me. We all know what it means when it is stated that they want an "equal" society. that is where they want 50% of what you worked for because you are a racist.

      IT is good to have support for whites who are being murdered but I dont want to trust these ANC supporters anymore. Who is to say that they wont stab us a second time?

    6. Anonymous2:45 am

      Anonymous10:54 PM.

      Do you know why they say Afrikaners cant unite and stand together?

      Because you respond with this kind of attitude when someone is actually endorsing you. If we have any hope of surviving this thing then we need to have a mind change. WE dont do this just with foreigners but neighbors and family as well.

      Stop it.

    7. Anonymous2:45 am

      Anon 12:25 AM Get with the program! The Finns funded the marxists against us.

      The Globalist Finns hate us for wanting a multi sovereign society under apartheid. Anti apartheid activism is in itself proof that you are a globalist. The Finns have not repented. Until they do, they have no business burning us twice.

    8. I hope understand that a private citizen might not agree with his nations policies.
      Finland has been going to the wrong direction for decades now. Latest immigrant wave might wipe us off in couple off decades. We face a lot of the same problems that South Africans do. This blog has a lot of interesting information and I guarantee I (as a individual person) am on your side.

  3. Funny how fools call themselves philosophers nowadays...

  4. Anonymous8:17 am

    Ja Mike hy het gese daar is nie so iets soos 'n Afrikaner nie, lyk my daar was ook nie so iets soos 'n Boer nie.

  5. Anonymous8:34 am


    Good read.

    Well he is on my list. Not sure why there is no site online with a list of traitors.

    We should let them know now what we will do to them.

    If this is how they were with the British, how will they be with us in the end.

    1. Anonymous11:29 am

      Kan iemand nie so site begin nie. As ek geweet het hoe dan het ek. Ek het self paar name wat op daai site moet kom.

    2. Anonymous11:49 am

      Boere_Ninja, we need to start publishing your ever increasing list...Publish here so any and all may add!

    3. Anonymous2:22 pm

      Umm Boere Ninja, here you go:


    4. Thats a great idea. Can think of quite a few to put on the list.

    5. Anonymous4:00 am


      JP that is a great blog. Wish more volk could only realize they are part of Israel, more so than many in Israel.

      If only more could know who they are and where they are from.

    6. JP update that list of yours please?

    7. Will, do, I have a stash of names, just finding pictures of them, and will be updating our special list this week.

    8. Get to it J-Man! But looking at this tosser, Terblanche "Bokdoos" Delport, whoever the fuck he might think he is, is he even worth a bullet? The rope maybe, at least that's reusable.

    9. Anonymous11:34 pm

      Ons moet asb al daai libtards wat so kak praat van ons saam met Max du Preez op FB ook op daai lys kry.

  6. Anonymous8:45 am

    All these traitors have one thing in common, they are the reject of white society! If it is not homosexuality it is lesbianism or some kind of transvestite or transgender or some kind of mental diseases! They all secretly know that they are not accepted by white society and therefore they have to pre- empt things by talking this kind of crap about white people in general.

    1. Anonymous2:02 am

      It's got nothing to do with their sexuality (they are heterosexual anyway).

      They're just self-hating whites.

  7. Anonymous9:06 am

    I wasn't aware that there was still any white rule or white supremacy in the country, but then this Terblanche Delport may just be a much cleverer person than I am, what with his honorary black position as junior philosophy lecturer at a correspondence university. Seems like the lefties at Cambridge University weren't interested in offering him a job and that's why he's still sulking here in South Africa. The guy's a loser.

  8. Anonymous9:08 am

    That's why I said in the previous commentary about a homeland, the best way forward is to throw a mini coup in just one or many different areas if it can be put that way. Create a thorn or many thorns in the side of the ANC/DAs so called new South Africa, a kinda Gaza strip mini hate state whose sole business is to be antagonistic and hostile towards its Kaffir neighbour unlike the docile Orania or sheepish Kleinfontein. Ja we will be a stink to the white Liberals because black hatred towards them will go through roof, it wont matter what the white liberal would have said, done or donated too, the colour of his skin will declare him guilty. I love the beginning of the movie 300 where King Leonidas boots Xerxes emissary into the pit notice how the rest of the Greeks were so ready to surrender to the Persians, there will always be traitors who would rather appease than fight.

  9. Thanks Mike for bringing this traitor out in the open.

    JP this cunt needs to go on to the list asap and i call dips on this one.

    I am of the opinion that we will get the scared ones and liberals trying their best to get mercy from the blacks and trying to betray us instead of uniting with the whites when the war starts.

    There are some more names if someone will want to help in tracking them down. The white police officers and white National intelligence officers who infiltrated and eventually took part in the torture of the Boeremag individuals..... Read some ugly stuff on this and they need to go on to that list.

  10. Jesus, I'm getting tired of this. Boers/Voortrekkers are waiting for a 2nd mfecane to happen when you have the Cape, where there's NO BRITISH RULE anymore, get those poor Afrikaners and lower middle class to begin their Great Trek. Get those Korana and Griqua groups in KZN and Gauteng to do the same. I'm telling you a Kaapschstaat with strong indigenous backing is highly possible. The Cape Creoles of cape town don't speak Afrikaans anymore,a major worringly shift, they want to aspire and be like Global Anglophone Caucasian people. only the Khoisan/Cape Native groups understand that die taal is heritage and culture and worth dying for. Jesus, could someone tell me they will launch the Second Great Trek? Please coz this "divine" waiting for a Boer republic is pathetic. "Make America Great Again" and "Make The Great Trek Again" should be our rallying calls. Kom nou Kaapschmanne!

    1. Anonymous2:08 am

      Yes, a Cape Republic is the only feasible alternative at the moment.

    2. No, Kaapschman, you are wrong about the Cape Coloureds, or Cape Creoles as you call us. All of us are fluent in Afrikaans. It is our language and we will never have another language. But we can speak more than one language like everybody else in the country.

    3. Anonymous7:20 am

      It's good to see whites and coloureds uniting.

      We all want the same thing, to live in a modern prosperous society with a future, where we and are families are safe.

    4. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.......

    5. Now, we're talking. I was hoping you'd say something like that. We currently have a common enemy and we must unite against it. You will actually find us to be quiet pleasant and not all of us our gangsters. As a matter of fact less than one percent of Coloureds are gangsters. We are just ordinary people who want to go on with our lives in a peaceful manner...and blacks are as scared of us as they are scared of the White Afrikaners...

    6. Phoenix, my mate, nou praaat djy!!!

  11. Willempie9:36 am

    Nee, fok - nou het ek alles gehoor!

  12. Anonymous9:47 am

    These fokken Veraaiers are just giving the Tyrants fuel to carry on slaughtering the Afrikaner nation little by little . If these ..... worse than shit want the Boer to kill themselves then its best they set the Example. Not that they will. What pisses me off is that the Afrikaner doesnt stick together there is always someone that challenges the next one , to prove himself , no same werking for their ownself existence. Ek bekak my vor woede.

  13. Anonymous10:23 am

    His mother must have been a coal burning whore, how the fuck do you raise a child to become such a useless fuckup in life. Fuck you Terblanche Delport!!!!!! A bullet is too good for such a fuckup, hopefully he will die by the hand of one of his beloved kaffir savages.

  14. Anonymous10:45 am

    Can I shoot off his first kneecap please?

    Then a couple of punches and a beard grab....


    1. Anonymous11:30 am

      Ek wil hom eerder agter my bakkie vas maak.

    2. Anonymous11:51 am

      Ankles first...

    3. Anonymous2:03 pm

      At anon 11:30 maak hom vas aan die cruiser...oms kan hom deur die leeu hok trek...nadat ek sy fkn knieg afgeskiet het


    4. That's it boys. Trots op julle.

    5. LG, forget shooting, rather use a drill. Much more effective; slower and much more painful.

  15. Anonymous11:01 am

    There we go Mike.

    Thanks for answering my question about Afrikaners and Unity.

    I have always wondered why the Afrikaner cannot stand together as a united nation.

    Everyone who is Afrikaans knows this secret side of our history, every family has had them, no one is spared.

    And even if, as some pundits on here would have it, there is a civil war in South Africa, know for a fact there would be whites on the other side, and they may even be your family.

    and should there be some kind of unity happening, you can bet that the moment the war ends, the unity will end as well, as they will start to fight amongst themselves once again.

    1. Anonymous2:28 pm

      It is a mistake to think that it runs in the genes as suggested in the post. Killing those as their children will do the same? When this article itself mentions brother against brother with examples given. It is disturbing that a call can be made to kill families when one member is deemed a traitor.

      There was a good documentary on this aspect, and it is not a clear-cut black and white issue as stated.

      As to the lecturers call for Afrikaaners to commit suicide or to die out. The obvious self hate that he carries in his hart, is a burden that I cannot help him with.

  16. Anonymous11:32 am

    Dit is skokkend soos die waarheid gewoonlik is!
    My eie mense is so gefok omdat hulle nie weet dat hulle nie weet wat hulle moet weet nie!
    Onkunde is nie n verskoning in die naam van regverdigheid nie!
    Ken julle geskiedenis!
    Nie almal wat afrikaans praat, "praat" ons taal nie.
    Mag ons Vader genade betoon aan almal.
    Ons gaan almal geweeg word in hierdie tye...mag ons nie te lig gevind word nie.

  17. Anonymous11:33 am

    Somewhere along the line this righteous hard working nation became contaminated by greed for material possessions and the cheap delights of the flesh in a very fickle world. This was not their normal custom/culture and it has left them desperately treading water in a sea full of lethal ravenous man-eating political monsters.

  18. Anonymous11:43 am

    Ons gaan deur n sif....die kak sal agter bly

  19. Anonymous12:03 pm

    During The Boer War many Germans , Dutch and even Irish joined the ranks of the Boers, Henry Slegtkamp was one of the most talented Boer commandos.

    Hey Mike I reckon for every white verraaier in this country, there will be idealists and fundamentalists from Europe and elsewhere that will be more than happy to swell our ranks, maybe we can attract a few of those American SHTF preppers to sail over in boats loaded with ARs and bricks of Corbons and hornady's

    1. Anonymous3:16 pm


      Agree, I think the Europeans these days have more going in them than us - but they have the numbers.

  20. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Ja nee ...in my hart is ek n vegter..
    Maar nou sit ek en luister na Robbie wessels op Rosestad en drink n bier na 5 ure op my Massesy ..en ek wonder..wie is nog eg aan homself en God...ek faal self, maar hou nog! Hartpyne is dalk die droogte se skuld of is dit my verlossing binnekort..sal graag n paar " black labels" soos op boetie gaan border toe wou uithaal voor ek tot stof terugkeer!

  21. Most male whiteskins are into appeasement and misguided compassion and lacking the mongrel instinct - consequences / we will simply wither away

    1. Anonymous10:52 pm

      That is because you fail to understand how you enemy dabbles in the occult. The Occult isnt about worshipping lucifer. It is about knowing all of the irrefutable laws of the universe (think all seeing illuniti eye on the dollar bill) and using them to further yourself at the expense of others. MY eyes are open and i finally understand how the occult has used these laws to pacify men and make them into what you describe. The only way for men to free themselves is to return to Christ who provides the antidote. Christ teaches the opposite of the occult. Christ sacrifices himself for others. The Occult sacrifice others for themselves

    2. Go on 10.52 explain your stuff to the SAS or Navy Seals

    3. I'm an ex policeman so true http://voices.news24.com/alan-maguire/2016/03/good-men-watching/

  22. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Philosopher - not even close. A spoilt child looking for attention If he was in my platoon he would be crying for the mommy that accidentally passed him with something else.

  23. Delport Terblanche, Junior Lecturer
    Tel: 012 429 3391
    Email: delpopt@unisa.ac.za

    please feel free to send this sweetheart your love, kisses and good wishes...

    1. Anonymous10:46 pm

      You little rascal you!!!! :) :)

  24. Ek was ook eers kwaad en geskok maar toe dink ek so bietjie verder. Miskien was dit wat hy nou gedoen het presies wat ons nodig het. Iemand wat opstaan en openlik se 'julle moet opgee en doodgaan'. Miskien is hierdie ou op n verwronge manier besig om die Afrikaner wakker te maak en te dwing om saam te staan om ons sodoende te 'red'. Miskien kyk ons jare later na hierdie man en se: dit was hy, HY het ons wakker gemaak en dan sal ons hom onthou as iemand wat himself ge=sacrifice het sodat baie ander kan lewe. Dit wat hy gese het, het vir seker van hom n target gemaak. Hy kannie so stupid wees dat hy dit nie besef nie. Miskien, net miskien doen hy dit aspris en hoop dit werk. So se my nou, werk dit, of slaap ons nog te lekker?

    1. Anonymous3:14 pm


      Reverse psychology - perhaps you have a point?

    2. Anonymous5:56 pm

      Soos hulle in engels se, "reverse psychology"!

    3. Anonymous2:05 am

      Nee, dit word genoem "kaffer-sielkunde".

    4. Ek dink daar is baie van ons wat al presies so desperaat is. Die vet weet ek raak elke dag meer en meer aggressief en meer gereed om te doen wat gedoen moet word. En dan sonder rede voel ek soms om net liewer op te gee. Gods water oor Gods akker... Hoeveel van julle speel ook maar kat en muis met die noodlot....? Ek dink vir meeste van ons is dit wat in hierdie land aangaan so ongelooflik dat ons nie kans kry om regtig te besin en n daadwerklike besluit te neem nie. Want n mens gaan voort met jou lewe, jy sorg vir jou kinders en oumense en jy gaan elke dag werk toe want dit is wat van jou verwag word. Jy stap in n winkel rond en jy sien mense, gewone mense, kinders en oumense swart en wit. Soms groet hulle vriendelik en soms kan jy die haat in hulle oe sien ten spyte van die fake smiles. Maar die kindertjies is so onskuldig. Dit is wanner die hart bloei en die siel wil skree "hoekom!!!???" Want net n uur later maak mens facebook oop en sien hoeveel van ons eie mense is alweer gruwelik vermoor in tussen en dan kook dieselfde bloed met haat en opstand in elke aar. Die magteloosheid is besig om my mal te maak. Wie moet gestop word? Hoe gaan dit gedoen word? Wat moet gedoen word? Wie moet dit doen? If not I then who? If not now then when? If not them then us? Iemand gaan wen en iemand gaan verloor en die prys beide kante toe is te hoog vir n siel wat deur die meule gestuur is en fyner anderkant uitgekom het, en soos goud al n paar keer gelouter is en suiwerder geword het as wat dit was by geboorte... Hoe maak mens hierdie besluit tussen gees en vlees wetend dat bloed gegiet gaan word aan beide kante en dat siele verlore gaan raak...aan beide kante.. Waar lê ons ware prioriteit? By die siele en liggame van ons eie of by die geheel? Waar begin en eindig my verantwoordelikheid? Al is lede van die geheel so ver soos hemel en aarde van mekaar geskei in gees...wie het die reg om te besluit wie moet doodgaan en wie mag bly voort bestaan? Die wat reeds lesse geleer het of die wat nog moet? Wat van die wat agter bly omdat daar sommiges van ons is (ek self) wat nie sal omgee om my lewe neer te lê as ek net kon weet dat daar meer goed as kwaad daaruit kon kom. Wat help dit om jou siel skade te doen deur wapens op te neem en moord te pleeg as die wat jy wou red steeds doodgemaak sal word wanneer jy weg is? Wat word dan van jou siel en waarheen gaan so n siel? Is daar n hemel en is daar n hel? As daar n God is en n hemel, sal daar dan ook vergifnis wees vir so n siel? Is dit edel en rek om die vlees van een te red deur lewe van n ander te neem of is dit net moord? Hierdie is vrae waarmee die boosdoeners glad nie struggle nie - hulle is deur haat ingesluk. Waarheen gaan hulle siele? Wil ek daar beland? Hoe staan ek en toekyk dat onskuldiges vermoor word en bose magte seëvier en wat doen dit net nie aan my siel nie? Die lewe kom sonder waarborg van voorspoed en gesondheid, vryheid en vreugde tog kry sommiges dit alles en nog meer en ander word dit ontneem. Is dit God se wil of is dit die mens se toedoen? Ek hef my oe op na die berge, waar sal my hulp vandaan kom....

    5. En al wat ek heeldag doen is om te bid en by God te pleit vir my familie en vriende. God hou hulle asseblief styf vas. Beskerm ons, wees ons genadig - terwyl ek binnekant breek vir die wat alreeds nie so gelukkig was nie, gesinne wat uitmekaar geskeur is deur gruwel moorde op kinders en ou mense, n ma of n pa.. Hoe hou n mens al hierdie gevoelens in een hart gelyk?

    6. Anonymous12:55 pm

      Lees Efesiers 6 : 10 tot 17

      Wees daarom, my broers, versterk in ons Meester en in die grootheid van Sy krag. 11Trek al die wapenrusting van God aan sodat julle in staat is om staande te kan bly teen die strategieë van die teëstander, 12want julle geveg is nie teen vlees en bloed nie, maar teen die heersers, teen die outoriteite, teen die heersers van hierdie wêreld van duisternis en teen bose geeste onder die hemel. 13Trek daarom, al die wapenrusting van God aan sodat julle in staat sal wees om die bose een te konfronteer en wanneer julle gereed is in alle dinge, sal julle staan.Yes 11:5; 1 Kef 1:13 om julle heupe vas en trek die borsplaat van onpartydige opregtheid aanYes 59:17 14Staan daarom en maak die gordel van waarheidYes 52:7 15en bind die skoene aan julle voete vas in voorbereiding vir die goeie boodskap van vrede, vergenoegdheid, gesondheid en voorspoed. 16By dit alles tel die skild van vertroue op sodat julle die krag sal hê om al die brandende pyle van die Bose te kan uitblus.Yes 59:17 en tel die swaard van die Gees op, wat die Boodskap van God is. 17Sit die kopskerm van verlossing op

  25. Why should a soutpiel tell us Boere what to do? We shall decide ourselves how to deal with them in a honourable and respectfull way. Yes those shriners, catholics, libturds and the likes who resist will meet their match and might perish. You will be given a chance to orderly leave via Port Natal back to your own countries of choosing. Yo uare NOT welcome anymore. Period. Your masonic building shall also be demolished. We have no need for such things of a lesser nature. Uprightness and Righteousness is our cause.

    1. Double-dealings go back to the beginning of time. It is mentioned in the book about Robey Leibbrandt, “Vir Volk en Fuhrer” that the OSSEWABRANDWAG (during WWII) was infiltrated by traitors which even included their leader, Dr. Hans van Rensburg and his second-in-command, adv. Pat Jerling. These two individuals felt vulnerable when Robey Leibbrandt’s support base grew so passed detrimental information to the authorities.
      It was the ‘Englishman’ (Shriver… sp?), known only as ‘The Colonel’, and a senior member of the Stormjaers who seemed most loyal. He once stated that he was not an Englishman but a South African. It may be good to remember that there are many loyal English speakers in the country.

    2. Anonymous2:06 am

      Will that include destroying all the masonic NG kerk buildings as well...??

    3. Anonymous2:13 am

      His surname is 'Terblanche' so lets not derail the topic here and point the blame at other groups.

    4. Anonymous3:55 am

      @FredBarbarossa6:59 PM

      It may be good to remember that there are many loyal English speakers in the country.

      My point exactly - loyalty knows no language.

      This is the thing that pisses me off about the English & Afrikaaners in this country, they are so worried/concerned about who the fudge is damn English or Afrikaans while they are being murdered.

      Like the sheep arguing about who fleece better - while the wolves are chewing on their legs.

    5. Anonymous11:36 am

      It seems that we are going to have to entertain a freak like this for every new article posted. Get over yourself.

      Soutpiel/rooinek and proudly South African - who is fond of most Afrikaners with a new exception.

    6. Dude this blog is about uniting and not dividing. This soutpiel that you are referring to have spent a decade or more trying to unite both English and Afrikaans speaking people in to seeing the light. What have you done?

      I am an Afrikaner but I do have Italian, French, and English blood running in these vanes along with my Dutch and German blood. Being an Afrikaner is not about speaking Afrikaans only ....it is something that changes with time but yes i encourage the language of Afrikaans because it is an identification symbol of a newborn nation, my people but vanishing unless we can unite all of Israel that currently lives in SA as Afrikaners.

    7. Anonymous11:55 pm

      Hans van Rensburg
      Their Paths Crossed Mine. Memoirs of the Commandant-General of The Ossewa-Brandwag

      NO idea where the "Doctor" comes from ?
      A fake degree ?
      Like all the SACP / ANC / EFF crooks


    8. Jandre Kroeze. smaak my jy is heel fokken deurmekaar?! Ek sien jy't sommer vir Dan Roodt aangeval op sy site. Wat verstaan jy nie? Hy is heel anti-liberaal, maar jy sluit hom summier op JP se lys in. Kom reg en kry begrip vir wat mense se en wat om jou aangaan. Jy maak jouself belaglik.

  26. All talk no action. Mike is a snake oil salesman. You've been predicting the end for years now and nothing has happened. Face it, you Dutch creoles have no will to fight and are trying to get out while you can.

    1. Anonymous2:04 am

      When people get pushed into a corner, they have no option but to fight.

      It would also seem that the ANC is constantly instigating trouble and racial tensions.

    2. Anonymous5:14 am

      Tell me "Shaka" - you big troll doos - why do you keep coming back to this site and post your ignorant and dumbass kak? You contribute absolute nothing - because doos - you are just plain stupid. Do us all a favor and just fuck off. You parasite NOTHING!

    3. Anonymous8:40 am

      Put more mix in your dagga pipe kaffir you just might live a little longer. Your peanut is already fried but it is clear that you haven't got long to go.

    4. Anonymous1:03 pm


      LOL predicting the end - what is the end?

      What is your definition of the end?

      Atomic warfare? Killing all whites?

      What is the end?

      The end is near in sight now - when your currency loses 30% in 1 day, then you know the end is in sight especially if / when you see riots when things were the best they have been in Africa and then the country looks more and more like the rest of Africa.

      The end of what?

  27. Anonymous7:31 pm

    No talk about the Jewish influence during and before the war as the Oppenheimer's wanted the war to lay their hands on the gold and diamonds which they still control today? Today is the same as yesterday.

    1. You must be either a moron or new here. I mentioned the Rothschild involvement in the Anglo Boer War several times. It is quite common knowledge that Nathan Rothschild financed Cecil John Rhodes and sent the British soldiers Christmas parcels. I even published a picture I took at the Diamond Museum in Kimberley where they blatantly and openly display this fact. Check this post for instance.

      Trevor Manuel changes sides. Joins the Rothschilds

      Now why are you a “moron”? First, because you think it is new news to us. It's old. Second, because you think you know it all. The Jews this, the Jews that. You think Sabbateans are Jews just like you think Jesuits are Christians and Nizari Ismailis are Muslims. Here is news for you, doos. The Rothschilds are as much Jewish as the Pope (a Jesuit) and the Aga Khan (the leader of the Ismailis) are. They are Satanists.

      Now when you have done a bit of research and have overcome your simplistic mind and the 2,800 Jews who fought on British side, maybe you can enlighten us to the 300+ Jews who fought (and died) on Boer side. About 80 so called “Boere-jode” were captured and sent to British concentration camps. Many of these Jews were “Bittereinders” and fought alongside the Boers right up until the end when the Boer cause was already clearly lost. Do you know that the Afrikaans poet Olga Kirsch was Jewish? So is Pieter Dirk Uys and David Kramer.

    2. Unfortunately it is a fact that white "Boere/AFrikaners" have only ourselves to blame for all the ills besetting S.A. today, simply because we CANNOT, or WILL NOT stand together and form a united front against our enemies. We are just too divided, each trying to convince the rest that he/she has all the answers and shooting down others' opinions. My late grandfather - back in the early 1960's said: "I fought in the Anglo Boer War and killed my share of the enemy, but it is now time to forget this war and face the future. This old man was a genius in the field of politics, keeping his ear on the then (unbiased) radio news and reading his daily Transvaler, Vaderland newspapers from start to finish and analyse exactly what was going on in the world. One evening around 1963 after having listened to the newscast on radio (battery-run as we had no electricity on the farm) during which the Soviet Union had once again ranted about our apartheid policy and sympathizing with the poor "oppressed" blacks, he said - and I quote his exact words to my (late) hubby: "Ou seun, ek is 'n oudstryder uit die Boereoorlog, maar ons moet hierdie oorlog nou vergeet, want hoor wat ek vir jou sê: "Vandag, meer as ooit, moet swart en wit, Boer en Brit in hierdie land hulle geskille opsy sit en saamstaan, want ek sien bloedige oorlog aan ons grense wat gekeer moet word en wat groot moeilikheid vir one land gaan beteken"... Prophetic? I would think so... I now have eight GREAT-grandkids, and I fear for them and their contemporaries, for what future have they in this K-fuxated country that "Flatwheel" de Klerk sold out to the communists, and today we are facing a very uncertain future.... Sure, I know my hourglass is running nour very fast now, but what about those I leave behind....???

    3. Anonymous3:22 am


      @ Shaka 5:04 PM

      Eerstens, as ons jou opinie gevra het het ons die toilet getrek.

      Tweedens, vat solank al jou Kaffer vriende en begin in die rigting van Port Natal hawe drafstap, dis nou indien die groot besem jou nog nie van die aarde afgevee het nie.

      - The die is cast.

      Dit kom kaffer, dit kom.

    4. Anonymous5:20 am

      Anon 3:22
      Mooi gestel,so shaka ek hoop vir jul beswil dat jy en jou maat sipho al op pad is in jul drafstap na Port Natal hawe...caBOOM!

    5. Anonymous1:58 pm

      " Second, because you think you know it all. The Jews this, the Jews that. You think Sabbateans are Jews just like you think Jesuits are Christians and Nizari Ismailis are Muslims. Here is news for you, doos. The Rothschilds are as much Jewish as the Pope (a Jesuit) and the Aga Khan (the leader of the Ismailis) are. They are Satanists." Tell them, Mike!

  28. Anonymous2:00 am

    ek sien dit so n volks veraaier is laer as n kaffir dus moet hy gedood word soos n kaffer necklace hom in die publiek so maklik soos dit.dit sal die ander laat twee keer dink voor hulle dieselfde probeer doen

  29. Anonymous2:19 am

    Hi, bud.

    Here you´ll find all the personal contact details of this Delport doos.

    Boere Groete

    AB (Kev)


  30. Anonymous2:23 am

    So van verraaiers gepraat... DIS KLAAR BESIG OM TE GEBEUR!!! http://praag.co.za/?p=37155

  31. Anonymous3:23 am

    Yeah but most of them donate money to finance organizations that directly sponsor liberal and racially destructive policies in the West and completely other policies in Israel Mike.

    Adiitionally the Rothschilds et al may well be "Satanists" but ethnically and culturally they are Jewish and their crony organisations including the financial organisations and the US government are riddled with them and run by them. To try to separate them merely as a religious group and not as a ethnic and racial group is where you fall short.

    I have no problem with Jews as a race or a religion or a culture. I do have a problem with organisations specifically set up sponsored and often run almost exclusively by them to promote and finance destructive policies towards the white race and white countries in general.

    To think that the ordinary guy in the street is not part of it is disingenuous because they actively support and contribute to many of these organisations. Conversely I acknowledge that there are Jews who are actively against Zionism and applaud them. But 300 that fuaght on the Boer side does not a free pass give.

    There will be more than that number of blacks who wish to join the "Resistance" are you going to give the blacks a free pass over that too?

    1. Anonymous3:40 pm


    2. Anonymous11:55 pm

      As the saying goes: One swallow does not make a summer.

  32. Anonymous3:53 am


    Believe I had a dream interpreted from last year by one of the readers here who posted something. It just hit me last night while I was talking to a family member about what he said and then I remembered the dream - it was on the site last year, I still have the date it was posted.

    Last year, 8-9 months back I had a dream where I saw thousands, upon thousands of Europeans, Portuguese, Greeks, Italians literally leave the country so fast that their curtains, furniture, paintings, pictures were all in the same place as if they were living there.

    I saw many move to an area of Europe that over looks a bay, I believe it was near or around Spain.

    One of the readers mentioned yesterday on the last post how many houses were for rent in the Northern suburbs with furniture and how many people had left. Some of these houses for rent are like R50,000 per month - fits the description of the houses I saw in the dream, they were luxury looking houses, large in size.

    I believe this was the interpretation. I saw so many leave that when people looked up, they could not believe how many restaurants, small businesses were simply shut. They were not sold but simply abandoned.

    I saw cars driving by previous businesses which were simply shut down - like a ghost town. Something you see in Zimbabwe at present.

    I believe this is also the flight of capital we have seen leave the country. These are the people now leaving in droves.

    I think this also ties in with a vision Siener had - where he saw the economy crumbling and then they begin taking/touching pension funds. Now COSATU has said the ANC wont, but I dont believe any of these bastards.

    They will touch them now, just like the SA economy is only feeling the effects now 3 months later of a devalued rand, so we will in 3 months time feel the effects of this money leaving SA.

    I also saw in this dream how many blacks were now out of a job. I saw thousands upon thousands walking around looking depressed. These were your regular working blacks.

    In that dream I saw the panic that came over these people who moved overseas, they moved so fast, so quickly that not only was their house hold items still in place, many of their clothes were still in the house.

    I saw a broom and mop in the corner - to me this indicates that they were still intending to stay/work/live in the country when suddenly panic came over them - what is being said that we dont know of yet? remember our media is controlled these days?

    I notice a trend - 6-9 months is the sweet spot from the time I have the dream to the time it happens. 6-9 months.

    1. Anonymous8:16 am

      Well Transnet ANC officials started to rob the pension fund back in time and the outcome of the court case is still pending. So keep an eye on what is going to happen and the result will indicate the true measure of the justice left in this country. Personally with the lawless ANC in power I don't give those poor Transnet pensioners a snowball's chance in hell of ever getting their 74 billion back even if they do win their case hands down. However I wish good luck to you the pensioners and to T.P.A.G. for at least doing what you can about it. "Unity is Strength" and hopefully your efforts will be rewarded in this crime besotted country that is misgoverned by the ANC.

    2. Anonymous11:37 pm

      Boere_Ninja, do you have experience with accurate dreams/visions?

    3. Anonymous10:19 pm


      Hi Boere_Ninja, do you perhaps have an e-mail address I can contact you on? I have something weighing heavily on my mind and would love some advice.

  33. Perhaps it tells us something that one of the few whites
    that did something effective against the Communists in South Africa after 1990 was from Poland. Meanwhile the AWB and cohorts were posturing. A good Afrikaans friend of mine once told me : You put 5 Afrikaners into a room and soon you will have 7 fluctuating opinions. I think he was more right than wrong with his observation. "Unity is strength " seems not really understood .

  34. Anonymous4:06 am

    “Whatever is good for the White Race is the highest virtue;
    whatever is bad for the White Race is the ultimate vice.
    This is the Golden Rule”
    -- Ben Klassen “Natures Eternal Religion” 1973

    The problem of race-traitors is not limited to South Africa.
    It’s been a problem for every white country for thousands of years.
    It’s a problem that was central to the writings of a very wise man, Ben Klassen, founder of the religion of the white race, Creativity.

    Shooting race traitors is one way to go.
    But white man fighting white man has been the downfall of our race forever.
    And many of these fratricidal wars have been instigated by our devious racial enemies, who want us all dead, and preferably by our own hand at that.

    Ben Klassen made a great effort to understand WHY white people betray their own race,
    and he found the answer in the false religious beliefs of most of the white race.

    Ben Klassen understood that the highest priority of the white man must be the white race itself.
    But the false religion tricked white men into sacrificing himself, even sacrificing the existence of his own race in this world, for his own personal eternal life in the next world.

    “Our major problem first and foremost is to straighten out the White Man's thinking. We must reorient his thinking to basic values… It is to this noble objective that our new religion [Creativity] is dedicated”
    -- Ben Klassen “Natures Eternal Religion” 1973

    It’s the false religious beliefs of people who think that the highest priority in life and eternity is God and His commandments to “love your neighbor as yourself”, that “all men are brothers in Christ”, that “all men are created equal”, it’s these false religious beliefs that cause white men to make the welfare of other races a higher priority than that of their own race, out of a sense of guilt, which their false religious beliefs have instilled in them. That’s why idiot race traitors of South Africa think it would be good if white people stopped having children, and if the white race itself would go extinct and disappear from this world, because they’ve been tricked into thinking that it will earn them eternal life in the next world.

    Ben Klassen understood that the highest priority must NOT be the teachings of this false religion, but the highest priority must be the continued survival and advancement of the white race.

    Getting the race traitors of South Africa to understand that they’ve been tricked by their enemies into holding self-destructive and suicidal religious beliefs is the first step in creating a white South Africa.

    Getting the race traitors of South Africa to understand that the laws of nature rightly require them to hold the continued existence and advancement of the white race as the highest priority is the way to assure the continued existence of a successful white South Africa.

    Books and writings by Ben Klassen – available at archive.org

    Nature’s Eternal Religion
    The White Man’s Bible
    Salubrious Living
    A Revolution of Values through Religion
    Against the Evil Tide
    The Little White Book
    Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs
    Expanding Creativity
    Building a Whiter and Brighter World
    RAHOWA! This Planet is All Ours
    On the Brink of a Bloody Racial War
    Letters – vol 1
    Letters – vol 2

    1. In my opinion it is not so much that the religion is false but the preachers are.

      The book says to stone the fags. The church allow the fag to become a preacher.

      The book says to “love your neighbor as yourself”, Your neighbor in the time of the writings was your your kin, your family, extended family your own nation which was your own race who shared your values. Not another race whose DNA is closer to the chimpanzee than to whites

    2. @Dony

      Yes, it's all about interpretation and the way the message is conveyed in church or whoever reads the bible. Unfortunately, it is such a HUGE task to redesign the way whites think, because these false interpretations have been psychology carved in for many generations

    3. Anonymous10:09 pm

      Donycero, 'the book' also says you can sell your disobedient daughter into slavery.

      Let's stop with the homophobic BS and on what matters.

      The ancient Greeks, Macedonians and Spartans were all 'fags', by your terminology as was Alexander the Great.

  35. Wow, this is worrying, Mike. This means when the figthing starts, one will never be sure of who you can trust. I really hope there's a way to overcome this. Someone who commits treason against his own people must surely be the lowest scum there can exist on earth. I don't even think there is a punishment bad enough for such a person here on earth.

    1. Anonymous2:31 pm

      Not really. A bunch of farmers were smart enough to figure them out. We figured them out (Roelf Pienk Frikkie etc)

      So like cocks at a lesbian expo, they will stand out

  36. Anonymous5:17 am

    Getting the while man to abandon his religion, is probably the most desired outcome of the NWO.
    Race mixing would be the order of the day, and the NWO will have averted Armageddon. God's creation would disappear from the earth. Thus proving the Bible wrong.
    So no, Ben Klassen name needs to go on a list for traitors. He is part of the problem we face.


    1. Abandon his religion is part of the strategy for as long as there is a white man a white man's God will exist.

      They want to get rid of the family environment of the white man for his strength lies in the family which is also a Godly matrimony to begin with.

      The family environment allows men to be men and woman to be woman and not fags and feminists. They need it gone because when a white man is a man and not a fag he is a formidable enemy and when his woman supports him it is even better. History proves this.

      How would bloodriver have gone down if the woman werent loading those guns?

      But you are correct the endgame for the NWO is to get rid of the white man's God. They cant do this with the white man around.

    2. Noddy, Ben Klassen isn't saying we must abandon our religion, but that we must abandon the warped messages conveyed by the false prophets of our religion. See Heinrich's post above. That is why I do not believe in the churches anymore. As dony says, The Book says "stone the fags", but now there are faggot preachers, same sex marriages and who knows what other despicable behaviour will be condoned by these hypocrites in future. No, boys & girls, read The Bible and understand what is written. It's not difficult or confusing and stop looking for hidden meanings and to interpret what is written to suit yourself. "Thou shalt not commit murder." Plain & simple, what's so confusing about that??? There are only 10 commandments, live your live according to those. Easy.

    3. Noddy, Ben Klassen isn't saying we must abandon our religion, but that we must abandon the warped messages conveyed by the false prophets of our religion. See Heinrich's post above. That is why I do not believe in the churches anymore. As dony says, The Book says "stone the fags", but now there are faggot preachers, same sex marriages and who knows what other despicable behaviour will be condoned by these hypocrites in future. No, boys & girls, read The Bible and understand what is written. It's not difficult or confusing and stop looking for hidden meanings and to interpret what is written to suit yourself. "Thou shalt not commit murder." Plain & simple, what's so confusing about that??? There are only 10 commandments, live your live according to those. Easy.

    4. Anonymous7:58 am


      Ben Klassen didn't want to "get rid of the family environment of the white man".

      Ben Klassen regarded the white family as the highest priority, as it is the foundation of the White Race.

      Jesus did NOT regard the white family as the highest priority.

      "Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me.
      Matthew 10:37

      According to the teachings of Jesus, what rational man would not sacrifice the white race, if saving it would mean he would burn in Hell for all eternity ?.

      Read Ben Klassen, he explains it better than I can in a single paragraph.

      Ben Klassen wrote a dozen books, I can't convey their content in a single paragraph. But a clear understanding of what he said means having to read them. It's well worth while, and very pertinent to the unfortunate situation in todays South Africa.

  37. Wielneus5:32 am

    This dimwit was, quite clearly, cherry picked for the occasion. I mean, he's a junior lecturer at a distance-learning university, whom no one has ever heard of... They couldn't have picked a more insignificant no-name if they had tried. They knew exactly what he was going to say prior to the event.

    Moreover, this same event included well-known anti-Afrikaner traitors like Christi van der Westhuizen and Leon Wessels. This should further crystallise the true purpose of the event. Quite a cunning tactic used by our enemies really (whomever they may be). A not-so-subtle way of saying: if this is what "Afrikaners" think of their "own" kind, then they must truly be a fucked-up people...

    The question we should be asking ourselves is: who sits behind this orchestrated attack on the Afrikaner, and why?

    On the positive side, why would anyone go to such great lengths to destroy a group of people, if they didn't consider them a threat... It is clear that the enemy fears a united Afrikaner-Boer nation, and would do anything in its power to prevent it from happening.

    1. Ever heard of George Soros and his Open Society?

    2. What makes my blood boil the most is that these fuckers are apparently talking on behalf and for the Afrikaner. He is not talking shit on behalf of me.

      What he is doing in fact is misleading a new young generation of Afrikaners in to the white guilt philosophy that he is to yellowbelied to carry out himself.

  38. Anonymous6:16 am


    Shame another fucking waste of a white skin.
    Liberals / traitors same thing.

    Hook them up send them for a swim...live bait.

  39. Anonymous6:32 am

    The real tragedy of the new south Africa was not the massacring of whites, not the stealing of their assets, the forced removal of them from the work place but that whites complicity aided the blacks in doing this.

    The tragedy is that whites helped blacks rob them of their possessions, of their inheritance and a future for the generations to come.

    Whats scarier is that whites had known all along who and what their enemy was and chose, like an ostrich to bury their heads in the sand while being destroyed.


  40. Anonymous9:47 am


    @ Anon 11:43 AM & Anon 2:23 AM

    Dit is waar, die smeltkroes is reeds hier en die kaf word nou van die koring geskei. Baie interessant hoe hierdie liberaliste nou van oral uitpop noudat dinge lekker warm raak.

    Het hulle nou werklikwaar gedink die kaffers sal hulle spaar deur die kaffer hulle gelyke te maak, en het hulle werklikwaar gedink óns gaan hulle spaar met hoogverraad teenoor ons volk?

    Laat dit kom, ons is gatvol, ons wil dit verby begin kry en bou aan die land wat deur God aan óns gegee is!

    1. Anonymous12:55 pm

      Ek hoor jou en ek verstaan jou!
      Kan ook nie wag dat al die kaf en ander effers nou gaan daar waar daardie kaf hoort! ( verstaan?)

  41. Anonymous12:08 pm


    My liéwe volk en landsgenote, staan sterk, ons gáán hierdie oorlog wen, vír ons ouers, vír ons kinders!

    Já, ek ís nostalgies!

    1. Jy is reg maar dit gaan bitter wees. Ons moet net soveel mense se oe oop maak soos wat ons kan. Daar is nog so baie mense wat nie weet wat voorle nie, wat blindelings aanvoeter. Dit is ons werk as volgenote om deer broederlikke liefde te red wat ons kan en die nommers gaan dit ook net `n lein bietjie beter maak vir ons wanneer ons die geweer op neem.

    2. Anonymous7:24 am


      @ Donycero 1:58 AM

      Dit is waar, daar is ongelukkig nog 'n magdom blankes wat oogklappe op het en dink ons oordryf, hulle wil nie wakker skrik en besef dat die moeilikheid noú hier is nie.

      Ongelukkig is dit nóg 'n goeie eienskap aan ons volk, ons wil net werk werk werk... dit is in ons om net aan te hou. Aan die ander kant verstaan ek dit ook, mens kan tog nie op 'n hopie gaan sit nie.

      Ons moet maar net meer en aanhou wakker maak, terwille van almal se veiligheid en oorlewing.

  42. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Sorry to break your hearts and dash your hopes my mates but the true reality is that we are going to get zilch back from the greedy kaffirs. They are in the driving seat now and the only way we will ever remove them is by using brute force. They will never ever consent to a separate independent homeland for the whites because they know the whites will succeed whereas they have failed dismally on all fronts. As long as the milk cow is in/under their greedy control they will never let it go.

  43. Anonymous12:58 pm

    The ANC government debt stats at present indicates that the ANC is borrowing R11 billion every single day. “Ultimately this state debt means that you and I white taxpaying folks are in debt, not the ANC government! They borrow and spend just as they please and the taxpayers will have to pay the bill. That works out to be a cool R4,015 Billion Rand in one calendar year!

  44. According to Terblanche Delport White people will do well if they integrate and the death of the white race is an ethical solution
    According to the ANC’s Melanie Verwoerd former South African Ambassador to Ireland and the fired UNICEF Ireland Executive Director. White South Africans should listen closer. “Not with our heads, but with our hearts, especially when black people speak about issues such as the lack of property. And we as the younger white generation should have a type of humbleness about where we belong.”
    She also said that whites should be aware of their body language and voice tone when speaking to blacks.
    Of course LWB Melanie was married to Wilhelm Verwoerd, grandson of Dr Hendrik Verwoerd. She got involved with ANC terrorists when he was studying at Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship. After they divorced in 2008, she was the mistress of the (still married) foul mouthed alcoholic and drug addict Irish television personality Gerry Ryan who once said “God is a bollocks”. She was fired from UNICEF after emerged that Gerry Ryan died of a cocaine overdose

    1. Anonymous1:28 am

      How much $$$ did this prick take from Soros?

      We must never ever allow the Globalists to fund us.

  45. Anonymous1:30 am

    So people I have read all the comments carefully and learned one thing, whites are doomed in SA. English and afrikaans speaking people. Think about it there is no white leader for us and I am not that man. One can't join a movement because you will see your neck in a noose because one cannot trust any whites. Don't know who to trust. This is a sad dilemma. So what to do is the question. The way I see it is all that we do is comment on these blogs let off steam and opinions, 2: pack up like many whites have and go overseas, or remain here stuck and do fuckall and await our fait. That's how I see it. Whites won't form a resistance movement and tell the ANC and the world enough is enough because if you join a white movement they will be infiltrated with white traitors and one will be fucked. Scarey and depressing. If you money leave many are doing it, can't blame them. Not enough money stay and accept your fate.

    1. Adrem3:47 am

      Sadly, there is lots of painful truth in what you are saying.

      But - for those of us who stay back home, 'enough' at this point in time, is perhaps not yet 'enough is enough' - but the Red Line is coming unmistakably closer. I will never give up hope for achieving our objectives despite all the odds, most of which are of our own making. We have done it before, we will do it again.

    2. Anonymous5:04 am

      Anonymous1:30 AM
      Right on mate and as long as we keep on chattering away to each other like bloody frightened and leaderless chipmunks we will be like a ship without a rudder. We the white folks who brought this country from a third world status into the first world are now succumbing to a nation of third world savages who falsely profess to be able to do anything and everything . Without their commie backing they are nothing and are but worthless and mindless robots hell bent on the destruction of everything. Africa has been totally destroyed by them so the sooner the whites here unite and make a positive stand to physically remove the black plague they won't achieve a single positive step forward in anything. The rest of the former free world has also been engulfed with the exact same problem and are buckling under the black onslaught. So don't expect any support from them. We are now on our own and need someone with two big balls, a positive plan of action and burning desire for black supremacist obliteration.

    3. Anon 5:04

      What we need is lots of people to find their balls, fit them, and start organizing a small group - 5 or 10 people - so you have people to call upon when things go bad. Waiting for the One True Leader (tm) will leave us sitting ducks when the end comes. The same goes for the One True Organization (tm) - it will always be riddled with traitors. Best keep with a small group of very trusted friends, and reach out to others doing the same, if they can be trusted. This way the enemy have to penetrate hundreds of organisations.

      If you study some of the material that Mike has provided (links top right of page) it talks of leaderless organisations - that is basically what we need to do. In other words, take responsibility for securing your place in the new South Africa to follow for yourself, instead of waiting for someone else to do it for you.

      M.a.w. stig jou eie mini-kommando, maak seker jy kan jou manne vertrou met jou lewe, en maak reg vir die groot geveg wat gaan kom.

  46. Anonymous2:10 am

    And while the small talk continues:


  47. Anonymous2:24 am

    After reading the article and the comments above, i was reminded of a movie i watched last night, yet again. Captain america: The winter soldier. For who did not watch it yet here is a breackdown: Evil organization infiltrates and takes over good organization, tries to use good organization to eventually rule the world through fear. Small group finds out and tries to stop them, in the end getting the good people in the organization to stand up to the bad people. Well its as short as i can do it, in this story it reminds me of what is happening in south Africa with its people, in the end the few who realize what is going to go down will be ready, the one's that are not will wake up, too late but they will. No matter what race you are, color or religion. You will fight the tyranny and we all as a nation will stand up victorious. There will always be tyranny in the world if good people do nothing, i think i just quoted someone sorry for that, we can just remind ourselves that if the day comes and take back this country that we place people in power that will enforce the values that we all believe in and protecting the week.

    Blood will be shed, families will be torn apart. Brother against brother. War is not always the answer but it is a solution. South Africa needs one so that we can cleanse the lands and make it whole again. War is upon us and we all have to make the conscious decision where we will stand...

    Mike As always a good read...

  48. Anonymous3:50 am

    this is me again Anonymous1:30 AM And the carnage continues. Farm Killings. Boere waar is julle. How are thw AWB doing these days.???? Mike just read this on news24.
    - An elderly man, his son, his son's fiancé and her 9-year-old daughter were killed in a brutal attack at a Doornfontein farm this week, police said on Saturday." Note no mention about white male and family. Bet if kaffirs were killed it would read, "black male and his family murdered" and if they caught the murderers and they were white, they would write "black male and family murdered by Whites" but whats new. I am sick to death about our situation. What say you.

    1. We have been played into a terrible corner: We are disarmed, no more soldiers in browns armed with automatic weapons riding on Buffels etc., we are being killed off in a genocidal race war called "crime" by the ex-terrorists who now rule the country as well as the complicit media. How we are going to get out of this mess is beyond me...

    2. Anonymous7:22 am

      The one solution is to learn and copy the pre Israel statehood kibbutz Jews who were forced to defend themselves against the Arabs read up on the Haganah and the remarkable Fosh fighters who developed into the fearsome Palmach then into commando unit 30 & 101. The tactics of the Irgun makes interesting reading. It is time for eye for an eye tooth for a tooth life for a life.

    3. Anonymous12:02 pm

      Anonymous 7:22AM good points all and lets not forget the Taliban's tactics of fighting a superpower to a virtual standstill. If push comes to shove it will be an uneven match and thus an asymmetric strategy will need to be adopted.

    4. Anonymous1:19 pm

      Willempie, my fok my maat ek weet ook nie hoe de donner ons uit die gemors gaan kom nie! WRAGTAG!!!

  49. Anonymous7:12 am

    The ANC and EFF are ultimately exactly the same in every filthy fraudulent method and detail. Except for the slight difference in the facial dissimilarity between the two Neanderthals who lead them there is no difference at all. There is also a never ending string of identical Neanderthal misfits just itching to replace them. Therefore in my point of view there is definitely no sane hope of ever salvaging this godforsaken country with any kind or form of black leadership whatsoever. However with the large amount of white betrayers and the brainwashed communist black masses they falsely believe that they have put their trust in a savior. Take your pick Zuma or Malema ….Like it or lump it whitey because at this time of great need for a head we are essentially a bunch of headless chickens plunging into the fires of extinction.

  50. Anonymous7:36 am

    @1:30 & 3:50
    You are right, get out if you can, but do not accept any fate these fuckers want for you! Fight to the bitter end and then some!! Oil your weapons and carry it 24/7 and be vigilant! Do not trust the police they are corrupt comrade numba one's gang!

  51. Californian9:06 am

    It comes down to this: the struggle against apartheid was never about "majority rule" or "fighting oppression" or whatever else was slogan d'jour. It was (and remains) a war against white people. The dilemma is in getting (most) white people to understand this reality.

    We see the same thing here in the USA. Even after being given everything they have demanded for the last 60 years, blacks make increasing demands, amp up their crime, and in general run amok against YT. Of course, much of this is due to the agitation of radical activists (many of whom happen to be white), as well as the media and academia.

    This gets back to why there was apartheid (and segregation) in the first place. If you let the situation get out of control, you end up with your civilization being destroyed and white people being wiped out. Several major American cities and quite a few towns have been laid waste by black majority rule (examples: Detroit, Selma). And today, there are the Black Lives Matter impis mau mauing throughout the land. And Europe is now gaining all the "enrichment" which Africa inflicts on white civilization: crime, urban decay, the inevitable race hustling and pushing of whites out of their own cities.

    What is needed is a common white consciousness, and unity against the common enemy. But as the article notes, there are many traitors within the white ranks. Blacks are the "barbarians at the gates." But it is that treason within the white citadel with which accounts must be settled.

    1. Anonymous12:26 pm

      Californian9:06 AM
      Right on Californian and it is good to have your comment here. Keep on blogging mate your say-so will be well appreciated and also confirm that which we have warned the western world about the blacks a long time ago.

    2. Blacks only respect those that hold power over them. That is why they destroy things so easy - it is their contempt of western values that they are showing. Slap them down hard, and they will return to being the cowards that they are.

  52. Anonymous2:35 pm

    I will share a little secret with you

    Should Kruger have given the Uitlanders the "vote"
    He might have been suprised to find that many would have made very little use of it.
    Preferring to concentrate on making a living and hopefully a fortune.
    YES there would have been changes
    YES Kruger himself would probably have gone as well as a number of other deadwood government officials.

    This is the other part of the secret
    KRUGER was not prepared to give up power -- he was a "president for life" just like ZUPTA.
    Have a look at the election for president just before the war in which Joubert should have been elected except for some clever fiddling with the voting.

    In reality there was NO need for the war
    However all over and in every situation there are ALWAYS those for whom war is a necessary and useful tool in their agenda.

    1. Shortly before the outbreak of the Second Anglo Boer War Kruger told Milner, "You are not interrested in political changes or the vote. You want my country."

      War was inevitable, because the British wanted the Gold. No amount of negotiations or concessions were going to Change that.

    2. Anonymous7:29 am

      Agreed. I just finished "The Boer War" by Thomas Pakenham, excellent book, couldn't stop reading it, every sentence left me wanting to know what came next.

      Beyond the gold and diamonds, Milner, one of the schemers and instigators of the war, was an egotistical megalomaniac, he had visions of himself as another Kitchener in Egypt, or Bismark in Germany. All the tragedy of the Boer War, for (among other things)one mans puffed up ego. Tragic, senseless.

    3. Anonymous1:56 pm

      Please explain to me HOW the "British" took the gold after 1902 ???
      Did they NATIONALISE the Gold mines ?
      Ship all the Gold to England without telling anyone ?
      Did the previous mine owners just carry on as before without any problems ?
      ( Paying TAX of course )

      I wonder about the logic and insight evidenced here

      Clearly it was not in the British plan for SA that there should be an independent republic sitting on the largest know Gold deposits
      What do you do
      Become a part of the confederation let the Gold Bugs carry on owning the mines and give everyone the vote.
      You carry on like before on the farm and let the money role in.
      After all surely the economy should be run by those most able ( this is what you tell us every day about the "new" SA )
      Problem is Kruger -- and his Hollander state civil servants did not want to lose control of the "pie"
      Box smart --play Chess -- think outside the box

  53. https://t.co/2uJ6MyBNAc

  54. Anonymous12:21 am

    Mike here you go again a fudging of the issues
    Pot telling the kettle it makes better coffee.

    Stop for a moment and think about all these executions
    Were they in any sense legal ?
    Did those holding the hearings have any proper formal legal standing or qualification ?
    Were they in any sense justified ?
    Merely sour grapes trying to scare people into continuing the "struggle" when quite clearly the people ( Afrikaners ) had had ENOUGH ! They obviously felt that being under the British was not so terrible as the "Bittereinders" tried to convince them.
    AGAIN a case of not listening to the will of the people.
    Instead of trying to convince them that the cause was just. They just go ahead and force them and shoot them.
    Have a look at the history of the American War of Independence and the drafting of the constitution for an example of how all the Americans stood together VOLUNTARILY !

    Did you see the movie -- “Verraaiers”
    Did you get a feeling for the role of the "commanders" who authorised these murders -- and then went on to be "great" statesman.

    I am afraid 90% of your blog commentators just have NO real idea -- as I have said MANY times -- all emotion and ignorance.
    Here is another little secret ( especially for that false prophet )
    When all the millions of white Europeans fleeing from Europe land up on these shores ( Siener ) I can promise you they are not going to have much time for the dumb ignorant "Boers"
    Now go and chew on that one.

    1. Anonymous1:14 am

      Psst, here is a secret for you. You are a complete moron.

    2. It is clear from your comment that you have not read Albert Blake's book, because all your questions are answered in there. These guys were legitimately courtmartialed and both Generals De La Rey and Smuts had to ratify the executions. Smuts was a lawyer who studied at Cambridge and state attorney of the ZAR.

      On your Statement if the Boer cause was just, I suggest you read "Just and Unjust Wars: A Moral Argument with Historical Illustrations" by Michael Walzer.

      I tell you, if I was alive back then and saw how the farms were destroyed and how Boer women and children died in concentration camps in their thousands (50% of Boer children under 16 died) I would also have been a "Bittereinder" and I would have had no sympathy with any traitors, "hensoppers" or "joiners".

    3. Anonymous1:43 pm

      It is quite clear that you never watched -- Verraaiers

      HOW can they be legitimately court-martialed ?
      There is no longer any legitimate "Boer" government ?
      AT this stage of the war both capitals are occupied and both republics have been annexed

      The "bittereinders" are a bunch of brigands (look up the word )

      In any case Smuts was a plant of the -- money power ( who was his ADC ? )
      His father-in-law

      Explain to me then how it was that so few "bittereinders" were still in the field in 1901 / 1902 IF people were aware of this tragedy in the "concentration" camps.

      Were all the "Boers" cowards ?
      Is there a lot more to the story ?

      Why not look up the story about the OVS "boers" that went and hid in Basutoland WITH all their stock.

      THINK carefully about what you wish
      Wars ALL come to and end some or other time
      WHAT are you going to say to the family of a man you shot on some trumped up charge from a kangaroo court ?
      Something that REALLY happened here in SA -- and people still bear the scars TODAY !

      BTW: As you yourself pointed out -- you would have had to face 40% or more of the "boer" population ( hensoppers and joiners )

      One year of extra war and so much misery -- FOR WHAT ?

    4. In fact I did watch "Verraaiers" based on the book by Blake. Nothing new in your diatribe. I am well aware of the Boers who hid in Basutho land, Swaziland, Natal and even as far as Mozambique where they were arrested and interned in Portugal.

      I strongly urge you to read Blake's book. He painstakingly researched each and every death. It should be noted that the traitors were tried under Martial law, not under civil law. Your conspiracy bullshit aside, De la Rey and Smuts were the commanders in chief of the Boer soldiers and therefore the ultimate authority.

      Blake is very objective and often criticize the speed at which the trials took place, sometimes the lack of defence for the accused, etc, but mostly the trials were thorough. These were not "trumped up charges" from a "Kangaroo court" and investigations by the British Attorney general of military affairs in Pretoria, Sir Richard Solomon after the war (like in the case of Coetzee who lured Boyd into a trap as well as the deaths of Maclachlan, Theunisen at Wolmeransstad)proved that the Boers were acting legitimately.

      But you are right. After the war the Afrikaners were more divided than ever. The "Joiners" and "Hensoppers" along with their families were ostracised and treated as scum of the earth. It was so bad that several churches split and the "Joiners" found their own churches. There was also an intense hatred towards the English for what happened in the concentration camps. Four decades later in WWII this split in Afrikanerdom was still visible with the activities of the Ossewabrandwag and Afrikaners fighting on the side of the British. It was D.F. Malan who finally managed to (to an extent at least) unify the Afrikaners and form a Republic.

  55. Anonymous1:53 am

    Daar sal nie weer wit verraaiers wees nie. Die liberaliste wat na die vyand vry gaan eerste gepanga word. Die witman Afrikaans, Engels, en al die ander wit volkere wat hom nog hier bevind in 2016 word gedwing om net met mekaar te onderhandel. Hoe deeglik is die geskiedenis van die mensdom nie beplan deur die Skepper nie. Ons kan ondeskeid tref, oog op slag. Die wat wonder hoe ons uit die onderdrukking gaan kom? Doen jou deel vir jouself en jou gesin. Voorberei, bewapen, saam staan. Dit is wat Mike die heel tyd vir die met geopende ore en harte vertel op sy blog, nie om dowe neute nie. Die res sal deur God voorsien word, dan word daardie geloof kwessie ook sommer beantwoord. Geen twyfelaar gaan bly staan nie.