03 March 2016

5000 teachers lost in one year alone. Where did all our teachers go?

Don't worry...the ANC is doing a fine job Mr Mandela.

By Mike Smith
3rd of March 2016

Here is a report from the liberal Afrikaans media:

5000 Teachers lost in one year alone

The useless ANC minister of basic education, Angie Motshekga, has admitted in parliament that a total of 4821 teachers have left the profession last year. Since 2011 more than 30,000 teachers have left.


Basil Manuel of the teacher’s union Neptosa (National Professional Teacher's Organisation of South Africa) the second largest teachers union in the country, says that the teachers are overwhelmed and “the teachers are just tired”.

Tired…Tired of WHAT Mr. Manuel?

Allow me to enlighten you…

In 2004 the then Minister of Education Kader Asmal (what a fitting name for a corrupt commie) said that 5000 SA teachers are teaching in London alone at any given time.

Our highly qualified teachers are working in the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc. where they are appreciated and treated with respect. They are treated well by proper governments not a corrupt bunch of clowns like we have in South Africa.

So…You are right Mr. Manuel. Our teachers ARE tired. Tired of ill disciplined children, parents and one-sided departments, where in disputes the teachers are always wrong. Tired of an unsafe working environment where the children assault the teachers and burn the schools down whenever they feel like it. Tired of a useless substandard Kaffir curriculum that they are forced to teach. Tired of their employer attacking them, interfering with them and treating them like they are the enemy. Tired of earning a stupid salary in a useless currency called “Randelas”.

Tired of looking forward to a useless pension if it still exists by the time they are 65 and not stolen by the criminally corrupt ANC. Tired of paying taxes and getting nothing in return. Tired of discriminatory laws such as Affirmative Action and BEE that not only restricts their job opportunities, but also their promotional opportunities. Tired of running a daily gauntlet of crime on their way to work and back. Tired of being mugged, raped, tortured and murdered in their homes. Tired of living in prisons behind burglar bars, alarm systems and eight foot walls. Tired of a corrupt, lazy and incompetent government. Tired of bad management, administration and bullshit bureaucracy.

Wonder no more why our teachers leave Mr. Manuel. Your beloved ANC flushed the country and the entire education system down the toilet.

South Africa must be the only country in the world chasing its highly qualified professionals and teachers away replacing them with incompetent and lazy fools.


  1. Anonymous4:03 am

    Is it not the commie ideal to keep them stupid? Lets think Pol Pot and company where they would kill off the best and brightest. Since they cant do that now is this not the better communist option?

    1. 100% agreed, also makes these monkeys more susceptible to the 'it's the whites fault' propaganda line...

  2. Anonymous4:19 am

    Oh no...another fuck up...who can we blame this time?

    I read an interesting comment the other day somewhere, the genius stated something along these lines:

    Just make SAB (Yes the SA breweries) in charge of everything. Every tavern, shebeen, bottle store etc.. across the country somehow are pretty well stocked all the time...Excellent service delivery. You can get a beer just about anywhere in SA but schools, teachers and textbooks are an endangered species.

    1. Anonymous7:16 am

      Oh no...another fuck up...who can we blame this time?
      Whitie of course , since he brought the Wheel. Imagine he hadnt if would be free for all.

  3. Anonymous4:28 am

    And of course the commie system does not want the people educated. Educated people begin to question their rulers and aspire for more than what the commie state offers. The masses must be kept uneducated at all costs.
    Astute parents should home school anyway. We should never let the system brainwash our children with lies and irrelevant crap.

  4. Anonymous4:59 am

    Was it not Mr Kader Asmal that had the idea we should pay for our plastic shopping bags at the cash register just like Europe,fucking low life thought it would work but its not working 100%.Burn in hell Mr ASmal.

  5. Anonymous5:00 am

    Is this not happening to every sector of our once beloved country, sports, engineering, medical, everything. Only the farming sector still standing but soon to fall and with it food security.

    I do not believe that there will be a full onslaught on all the whites. They need us or some of us to suck on.

    If you take the white man out you take the private sector out. Where will ANC get tax from? Who will pay eskom to keep the lights on. Blacks will turn on blacks very quickly to grab the last crumbs from this once 1st world country.

    The rand will be useless and there wont be food on the shelf. Municipalities wont have the funds that they are so used too to do the little maintenance they have been neglecting and toilets wont flush anymore.

    They will have little rebel groups trying to mine gold and diamonds with AK47's and that would be the main source of income.

    1. Those little rebel groups mining gold and diamonds already exist, already have military weapons and are already killing. Read it this morning on that kak liberal news site, news24. I believe these illegal miners are called "zama zama's"

    2. Forgot to add something, these illegal miners are not rebel groups as yet, only seen as criminals at this point, but the rebel phase is well on it's way

    3. Anonymous6:50 am

      I hate to tell you this, but did they ever think they would "need" whites in any other African country. Lets take Zimbabwe for example.
      A parasite does not plan for tomorrow. It devours its source till there is nothing left, then dies of hunger.
      If you still doubting, check out this link.
      They coming for your property, because you stole it...!!


    4. Anonymous7:19 am

      Blackman is not cut out to do those things , those are our Jobs .

    5. Anonymous7:51 am

      You are trying to apply logic. This is Africa, logic and your white skin are of equal importance to them.

    6. Donycero

      Sorry did not put my name on top of comment.

      @Anonymous6:50 AM

      Yes maybe they dont think that far ahead. I wont give them that much anyhow but somewhere i have the feeling or believe that we will have a night of the long knives, but then the dust settles for a bit and you still have some white liberals( puppets of the NWO) working with them.

      See i believe they are much more controlled by the puppet masters than say Mugabe and Zimbabwe is. Mugabe is much smarter than Zuma and Malema combined. He knows about the NWO.

      Malema just spent time with his puppet masters abroad before he came back here to unleash his his soldiers on to the universities.

      On the other hand i believe Zuma is so stupid that anyone can buy him even the Guptas if not the Soro's and what have you.

      Just remember one thing. All money should be backed by gold and if not it is actually worthless.( think about it)

      SA have the biggest single gold deposits in the world and even though it doesnt seem like it SA is very very important to the NWO. Very important!

    7. Anonymous10:39 am

      @anon 6.50
      if they get this right then no whitey will have any right to any property. Hand it over or pay restitution fees. It's in the pipeline already.

    8. Anonymous10:56 am

      Coming for your property...
      Why doesn't Zuma focus his attention on the problems in the country instead of this continual prodding at the whites. It seems that he is provoking the whites to react aggressively and then he would be able to annihilate the whites under the guise of a civil war. I don't understand why this guy won't let it go.

    9. It's a fallacy that the ANC-regime would not carry out a massacre because 'they need the whites'. Seems to me I heard that comment somewhere before? Ah yes, a scene in Schindler's list where Jewish women are speaking amongst themselves in the cattle-car enroute to Auschwitz, discussing a rumour that 'all the Jews are being murdered'. One woman saying dismissively: 'They won't kill us, they need us to work for them.'

    10. Anonymous1:24 pm

      The topic is actually about teachers, I just went a bit off the point. Mike has in the past, and probably will in future address this.
      But I just want to say, the more chaos there is in a country, the easier it is for the NWO to get their hands on the minerals. The whole of Africa is a fine example.
      Currently the whites in SA are the only ones keeping a bit of order, and giving (some) resistance.
      One last point to ponder. If the Rand was backed by gold, it would be the strongest currency in the world.
      But we will chat about this at a later stage.


    11. Will do Noddy.

  6. Many of the smarter teachers have left the government schooling " system " and the unionised toi toi dancers are still here.

  7. Anonymous5:28 am

    Have a few Teacher friends...White en female and the whole lot of them could only get teaching positions at black or coloured schools. At the end of the day their husbands MADE them quit as it was too dangerous to drive to work.Stones get thrown at their cars.Hijackings and rape is also on the menu.They just couldn't get teaching jobs at white schools in white neighbourhoods.

  8. I have a girlfriend who's a teacher. She walked out of the history class one day and phoned me, almost in tears, saying, "I just can't teach this propaganda crap they force us to feed the kids."
    Nee wat. This country is beyond fucked.

  9. Anonymous7:14 am

    Hi Mike , when you asked "tired of what ? " I was about to aaa.... but then you said it all spot on . As the reckless breeding goes on and the offspring have to fend for themselves, and their Parents uh.. parent ( other one has bailed )dont put in any knowledge , because their aint any , only propaganda and excuses for their failures , the teachers have to do everything , domestic teaching before beginning with standardized lessons. Of course all the township propaganda influences them as well even the adults.

    1. Anonymous9:07 am

      On the subject of parents. Yes "they" are trying their best to push this single parent thing on to the whites too.

      Feminism and gays are portrayed as something good on tv and the mainstream media in order to make us weak. To somehow dissolve in to this abyss of not having structure, values and the strength that a family provides.

      Very important is the concept of a family with a wife that stands by her man no matter what. My dad taught me a long time ago. You get two different kinds of woman. The one makes you the other breaks you and there is no in-between.( i had to learn the hard way but saner heads prevail in the end)

      I read an article on JP's site today about the Boer war and the part on the Boer woman who stood by their partners and even did the jobs of the men who were out fighting really kicked home to me.

  10. Anonymous10:01 am

    My cousin just got her teaching degree...how I have NO IDEA. I shudder thinking that she is teaching young minds. Not because of her political views or anything like that but because of how bloody dense and stupid she is.

    It's scary.


  11. Anonymous10:51 am

    Off topic: I do not understand, what is the real deal with Afroforum and Solidariteit? Why are people against them?

    1. What people, or what race more specifically?. I know a lot of blacks are against them because ypu know, it's white and they get the job done.

    2. In my opnion and reseach i found that they are full of Broederbonders. The same people who sold us out to the NWO for personal wealth. FW and all the big business people.

      They are aligning themselfs again to take control of the country by way of the DA, solidarity and Afriform.

      They are heading a shadow government as we speak as well as proclaiming on N24 that they have i cant remember how many billions of rands already set aside to protect and isolate white areas under their control.(who gives money to Afriform anyhow?)

      They will need international go-ahead though but i think the puppetmasters are getting gatvol of the ANC because they whoring after Brics, Russia and China and showing middle finger to the west.

      I will support them when they stand up for whites just so that the whites can unite but i dont want them ever again steering this ship.

      You can read Mikes Pandora's box here on the right and also check archives on suidlanders website under "Die Geld Reus"

      Also Videos on youtube if you use the correct search phrases.

      I now live in a small town. Have a small but decent little business. I attended the funeral of the late minister....so and so..... recently. His son said in front of all the attendies that my wife and i are now apart of them. We moved in to the town as strangers. They are trying to pull us in. All business owners in the same church, attending same functions. I have an office in a nearby town as well and there its frot with the broederbonders so i am getting a little smarter but believe me to them its all about money and contacts and support only for one another.

      Just my 5cents but there you go.

    3. Anonymous5:05 am

      Heinrich @8:10 No sometimes I pick up that there is a bit of antagonism towards Afriforum and Solidariteit in what I read, not specifically on this blog, so I just wondered why.

    4. @Anon 5:05 AM

      They took a lot of criticism after they were in a Carte Blanche documentary that investigated whether farm murders/attacks are race related. Ofcourse, they (Afriforum) openly denied that this is the case and labeled it as "crime".

      I wouldn't expect any other reaction from them seeing as they were hosted by a Liberal channel, m-net.

      Sidenote, I apologise if I sometimes make spelling errors. Touchscreen...

    5. A few years ago there was a big debate about Affirmative Action in the Afrikanerbond. Dr. Dirk Hermann, who did his thesis on AA distributed his booklet of how to implement AA fairly for free amongst AB members. In essence they see nothing wrong with AA. They just want it implemented fairly. I totally disagree with it. Appointments should be on MERIT and MERIT ALONE. I reject AA, BEE, etc completely. It is nothing but racism against a minority. It has nothing to do with empowering blacks, but everything to do with disempowering whites. If you read the articles by Flip Buys, you will see that he has a very moderate to liberal view. Same with Dirk Hermann. Although I must admit that Hermann is not so sure if he agrees with his previous stance on AA anymore. He might have come around a bit.

    6. It's like Dony says, support them, but keep your eyes open.
      I like their idea of their own university, Academia, but i know that when all the public universities are burnt...their university will be next.

    7. There's a group of Afrikaans men that's far worse than any Communist kaffir you've ever come across. This is a white kaffir and very dangerous one because his not as dumb as his black counterpart..

      Like DonyC said. Ride along but prevent these pigs from ever steering this ship. I'm 100% Afrikaans so take it from me. Do Not trust these people.. They will sell us out to the NWO in 2 clicks. It's not the whole of these orginizations but certain people in them.

      The enemy inside the gates.. That piece of shit that smiles at you but you can see in his eyes betrayel and deceit.

      What can make or break us in the end will be our ability to have defeated our strongest enemy, the traitor. Believe it or not, but we have already defeated the kaffir..

  12. Johannesburg in the 70's

    Johannesburg now:

    It seems the horrible Apartheid government took care of everything, the people, the roads, the parks, everything.

    Baie verstommend hoe goed geklee die anders kleurige was in die 70s. Alles het verval ook hulle. Is dit nou die 'liberation' waarvoor hulle so hard baklei het en waarvoor hulle ons nou nog haat en wil doodmaak?

    1. Anonymous11:09 pm

      Yes Cindy, folk call it THE FALL OF CIVILIZATION!!!
      It would be laughable were it not so heart breaking!
      The once pristine city's of western Europe will soon
      look remarkably similar! Our European brethren like
      to ignore reality, however, they CANNOT ignore the
      consequences of ignoring reality.

    2. Anonymous12:03 am

      SORRY, I meant CITIES, not city's. I repent!

    3. Anonymous1:10 am

      Cindy 11:42: Dankie vir die videos, ja, dit is regtig verstommend hoe goed geklee die anderskleuriges was. Als was so goed bestuur, kyk net hoe netjies is die strate, als was so goed onderhou, dit was veilig. Ek kan nogsteeds nie glo FW de Klerk het ons land net so aan hulle oorgegee nie. Dit maak my siek.

    4. Anonymous9:45 am

      De Klerk het nie n'keuse gehad nie. Die wit volk het die finaal keuse gemaak.

    5. Anonymous10:00 am

      I fully agree with you Mike! Equal rights for all is not based on the colour of a persons skin. But blacks know they are a very backward nation and they don't like to admit it. BEE and AA are used as political shields to try and hide it. It's another dumb black kaffir failure in Africa.

    6. Anonymous2:56 pm

      Yes, when I was a kid I could walk down the streets of Durban on my way from the bus-stop (oh yes there were punctual working and safe buses too!)o my way to the beach. After I moved to Joburg I'd go into town after school where my brother worked and entertain myself at the various shops bookstores and movie-houses. Then in Bloem I'd spend Saturday mornings at the Plein and the various pubs and restaurants. Now every single one of those places has become a siff rat infested ghetto hellhole!

  13. What does anybody expect under black majority rule, nobody can say that they were never warned more than 20 years ago already.

    This is only the beginning, when factionalism, xenophobia & poverty really kick off it will make this seem like child's play.

    Hell will be unleashed in this country, many people of all colours will wish for a return to apartheid.

    1. I saw a documentary on African schools after colonialism. Only the most liberal teachers stayed behind. They gave up school uniforms first. Then the buildings went and then the books and now only the most privileged are getting education under a tree by a white Hellin Zille figure fearing for her life but trying to prove that there is something to save.

      It will go the same i wont say with SA but certainly for the Bantu.

  14. Is there any more doubt out there that this fantasy that was fed to South Africans are un workable? The new and enhanced South Africa will never work. Period.
    What are the road forward? Where to and how?

  15. Anonymous3:20 pm

    Most of the good teachers were of course white and have now reached retirement age. At age 65 they were asked to stay on until age 70. At 70 you will have had enough of standing up in front of a classroom as teaching is tiring and a major stress on the legs. The younger white teachers have either stopped teaching or they have emigrated. Black children as young as ten are often fully sexual - puberty kicks in a lot earlier - and this revolts white teachers.

    1. Anonymous2:44 am

      So that accounts for their massive population explosion and is a strong indication that their pea sized brain has moved from their head and is now located in their sexual organs.