12 February 2016

Zuma’s 2016 SONA Commie-speak deciphered

Extra big kfont. 11 lines per page
so he can read properly and not 
make a fool of himself as he usually does.

By Mike Smith
12th of February 2016

When I was watching the Number One’s State of the Nation last night I thought, “Goodness...my readers must be bored out of their wits trying to decipher that brabble”.

You guys at least have the choice to switch the TV off and go have a beer whilst watering the lawn. I, as a political and current affairs commentator have no choice, but to sit there and listen to this half witted idiot.

So I decided to decipher all that Commie-speak for you to make it a bit shorter and easier to understand.

Of course you can Read the entire SONA here if you can stomach it.

Here are some more pictures

However here is my version of what he REALLY said.

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

Comrades...uhh...Compatriots...Listen properly...

White people are the enemy.

Dont forget that...:

Whites kicked you out of District Six. Whites made you carry passes. Whites made you study Afrikaans. Whites forced blacks to fight in World War One. Whites killed our innocent MK activists. White people are racists. Never forget that.

We want to welcome some church leaders here, including the Archbishop of Cape Town, to show you that God supports the ANC.

We the ANC have governed well, but since I came to power, our economy is in tatters and we have no coocking clue how to fix it.

We are corrupt and mismanaged state owned companies like Eskom, Transnet, SAA, etc, but we are working on it not to be caught out so often anymore.

We fucked up the country’s infrastructure, but lo and behold, somehow, magically, the trains still move and the lights are still on. So no worries.

We stuffed up big time with the draconian Visa regulation, because we have no clue of how the international world works, so we killed tourism in SA, but don’t panic, because we collapsed the Rand so the tourists are still coming, because the country is cheap.

We have failed to create jobs for our black voters and failed to help them start small businesses, so we appeal to the Baases of the big white companies to fire more competent whites and appoint more of our incompetent blacks, because this is the only way we know how to create jobs.

Although our economy is stuffed as for as international economies are concerned, we are still the strongest economy in Africa and we intend to train more people in the banking and financial sector so they can steal more efficiently for us and not get caught. This is how we move South Africa forward.

We admit that we have stolen too much of the taxpayer’s money so we decided to cut down on (first class) overseas trips and the amount of family and friends we are allowed to take along on state costs (first class).

Further, the money is drying up, so we will cut down on the amount of money we spend on parties, food, alcohol and whores on all three levels of government (national, provincial and local) as well as in the judiciary.

It will be difficult for us, but once there is enough money again we can party on taxpayer’s costs as usual.

Coming back to Eskom. The lights are barely staying on and we pray that this will continue, but we have made plans to put some unsafe, out of date, Russian nuclear plants on your doorstep and get massive kickbacks from the contracts that will make the weapons scandal of the 90’s look like a Sunday picnic. Actually it is just a front to enrich some Uranium that we have so much of and build nuclear weapons that we will sell to our terrorist friends in Palestine, Iran and around the world, but nobody knows and nobody cares.

We are in cahoots with large international companies like VW, Nestlé, Samsung, Unilever, etc. We supply them cheap black labour at minimum wage, tax them nothing, keep the unions on a tight leash and they pay us plenty of buckshees and kickbacks.

The collectivisation of farms was a massive failure, but we will carry on stealing white farmer’s land and force them to hand over 50% of their farms to the black workers. Failure to do so will result in us expropriating such farms completely with no compensation. So they better wake up and stay awake.

We stuffed up the water and sanitation in this country. We failed to build any new dams or maintain infrastructure and now that we have a massive drought all over South Africa, we have no clue what to do about it. Nevertheless...Stuff the farmers. We won't help them. Food prices can rise. We don’t give a shit. KFC will never run out of chicken. Just sit tight and pray for rain or consult a Sangoma to do a rain ceremony.

Unfortunately we had to kill 38 miners at Marikana, but since then the natives have behaved themselves and the gold and platinum is flowing out of the country again. Our Anglo American Randlord friends in London and Washington should be satisfied by this, but we appeal to them to not fire anymore miners, because then we will have to do another Marikana.

We have more than 3000km coastline and it is a pity that we were so stupid in the past that we did not properly rape the oceans of South Africa yet, but we are working on it and making plans together with the Chinese and Dr. Iqbal Survé’s Sekunjalo so we can steal more perlemoen (abalone) and pretend we are farming it and protecting it. We want to properly destroy the seas just as we have done with the rest of the country.

Stuff the students at university. They are not getting any more money and we are not lowering fees.

Sorry about killing 300,000 blacks a year due to our stupid garlic and beetroot AIDS/HIV policies in the past. We fired Thabo and Manto and since then people are living eight years longer. You can now die at 62 and forfeit your pension. More money for us to steal.

We will rig and crook the local government elections which will be held after May.

We will come around and inspect local municipalities to make sure they are not stealing too much. Stealing is our job. i.e. National government which is us.

We stuffed up Pretoria. It is filthy and sewage is flowing through the streets. Stuff the residents and traders who complain. If they want us to fix it and clean it they must pay.

We give blacks free houses in the townships, but instead of occupying them, they either sell them or rent them out other people. So we will just build some more.

Further, we have failed to deliver services to the townships, because it costs too much money and then we won’t have enough money for us to steal. But we are listening to people’s complaints. Blah, blah, blah....

We also listened to foreign nationals in the kilometer long queues at Home Affairs unable to get papers. We asked them what they were doing in SA anyway? They said they were here to steal your jobs and women, so stuff them. They can wait all year in those queues. We don’t care.

We stuffed up the police services. The police are useless, incompetent, lazy and not well trained to do their jobs, but that is OK otherwise they could come and investigate us. We cannot have that. However, due to their incompetence, 75 of these dumb fucks got killed last year. We told them before to just “Shoot to kill”, but they don’t listen. So it is their problem if they get killed.

We will carry on supporting our genocidal dictatorial friends in the rest of Africa and we will use the South African Army as mercenaries and private security guards to protect our interests and projects to rape the continent and exploit the poor blacks in central Africa. We are very proud of our dumb fuck soldiers that they are obeying us so well and risking their lives for our wealth..

We are very happy about the BRICS Bank that will lend us billions that the taxpayers will have to pay back. We have made some deals with China to sell more mineral wealth to them for about $US10 billion. That is about one hundred, sixty thousand million, two and seheaventy…listen properly…billion six rand.

We are still being supported by and working closely together with those whites in Europe, America and Canada. Together with 2000 EU companies we are exploiting our black workers for their cheap labour and we will continue giving these big corporations tax cuts as long as we get our slice of the pie.

We want to congratulate all the black quota sports stars who qualified for the Olympics. Pity some whites made it too.

We want people to eat more KFC and McDonalds so they can die earlier and we can pocket their pensions. Therfore we have introduced a few more national pig-out days.

Our black Kwaito singers are basically useless so we are going to chuck more taxpayer’s money down a black hole to try and improve them through the Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa.

In order for us to achieve our objectives of totally stuffing up South Africa and robbing it into bankruptcy, we need to pull together and move faster. We need to “act decisively to remove domestic constraints to growth.” ....That means we need to get rid of these pesky whites who keep on catching us out when we steal or stuff up the country.

Let us work together to turn the situation around. It can be done.

I thank you.


  1. Anonymous1:59 am

    Zuma makes Communism sound like an organized crime operation.

    1. Adrem6:05 am

      It bloody well is!!

    2. Anonymous10:27 am

      Anonymous2:30 AM
      Pity about that because she is quite a good looking white girl when she chooses to do and be so. I wouldn't touch her though because you never know how many "googlies" have been there before you. UGH SIES!

  2. Anonymous2:30 am

    Terri Stander likes to dress up like a kaffir girl but if any white students do this it is racist,fucking bitch should paint herself black

  3. Anonymous2:32 am

    Haha spot on Mike. Watching last night reminded me of being 6 years old at boswell wilkie circus. Vaalpens

  4. How about the kaffir girls trying to dress up as white women, isn't that racist too? Shouldn't they be in their grass skirts, beads and topless with their tits hanging on their hips if they are so proud of their heritage?
    Just asking

    1. True Tomkat. Racist zuma likes to wear suits. Aka.colonial white mans clothes.
      The following proverb spring to mind:

      A monkey in silk is a monkey no less.

    2. Anonymous2:31 pm

      Don't forget the all-white legal team.

  5. Anonymous3:51 am

    NOTHING BUT MORE ANC LIES, DECEPTION AND FALSE PROMISES. My grade 3 granddaughter would have read and relayed that info to the public and ANC "COMPATRIOTS" in a far better manner. With all of the billions he has stolen so far one would have thought that he would have at least done something to improve his standard of education. To try and be an idiot joker by adding some of his stupid comments was the rotten cherry on top of the mouldy political cake! SHOWERHHEAD ZUPTA MUST GO AND THERE IS NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.

  6. Anonymous4:24 am

    Ag, thanks Mike. Now even I understand what Zuma said. There is a smile on my face because of the way you tell it, but my heart is aching ...

  7. Anonymous4:39 am

    Your honourrrrrable Mr Mike. There was no honourrrrrable man in that place last night! It was absolutely dishonourable.......and entertaining.

  8. Anonymous4:48 am

    The ghost of Jacob Zuma

    This was originally written on 11th February 2016 by a guy who calls himself “Mad Dog” on SONA na na na.
    Zuma and his ANC oligarchs have a major problem today, when he is to deliver the State of the Nation Address. There is NO GOOD STORY TO TELL. The old ANC’s glorious revolution, business and west-bashing will not wash any more. We, South Africa are on the skids! Junk status is just around the corner. The ANC has been found out as a party of corruption and Gupta-deals, not a party for the common man-in-the-street. Miners get shot and poverty is on the march with no practical solutions offered by the ANC. It has stirred racial division with its racist rhetoric of bring me my machine-gun and has been seen as a racially divisive force. South Africa has joined the real world and we need real policies for real problems! Zuma and every ANC supporter is stuck in a cleft with nowhere to hide! Shame on you ANC supporters! Zuma’s only way out of his present self-made embarrassment is to adopt a swath of DA policies. He must cut the number of Ministries. The DA suggests cutting them by half. That will save R4 billion directly and who knows how much indirectly? The power of the unions must be reduced and sorted out. They cannot control the nation’s education as though it is their own Department of Education! The power of the unions must also be clipped. Pro-employment policies are essential and this means business must be taken seriously and not treated as the enemy. Pro-business policies are by definition also pro-employment and pro-poor. Talking about plans will not work; they have never worked for the ANC, only policy changes will have a positive effect and only if they are practical. It is time for the ANC to join the DA!
    N.B. My personal comment and reply will follow!

    1. Anonymous9:38 am

      DA have exactly the same policies as ANC.

    2. Anonymous1:42 am

      DA are more pro-business and know what investors like to hear.

    3. Anonymous6:37 am

      Business are a bunch of fucking cowardly traitors. They kept schtum all the while that the ANC was plotting planning and implementing its racist policies of hate. All those fucking business leaders were only interested in making as much as they could while pandering the the parties every whim and paying lip service to their employees and the SA public as a whole.

      They were to fucking intent on evading any form of public debate whilst forcing socialist PC, BEE, BBEE, AA on their staff all in an effort to "feed the crocodile" in the hope that it devours them last. Fuck them I hope that if this shit goes down business loses everything. They know exactly who they are.

    4. Anonymous6:39 am

      And if anyone thinks that whites will be better off under the DA than they'd better get off the Mampoer and take a long look at what the DA has openly come to stand for.

      There are many ways to fuck someone over. You can stab them in the chest or you can stab them in the back. Which one do you prefer?

    5. Anonymous6:42 am

      I'll vote for the foirst party that stands up and publicly states on record that the ANC and all its affiliates are a thieving murdering bunch of fucking scumbags who should be lynched. I'll even join the mob of white supporters that will surely take to the streets outside parliament to physically defend that party from attacks by the EFF and ANCYL. The rest can go fuck themselves I'll just watch them hack each other to pieces.

  9. Anonymous4:49 am

    N.B. Personally I believe that this guy was only pussyfooting and delivered nothing straight from the shoulder. A bold head-on nose to nose and no holds barred confrontation would have been the right way to launch his political attack. But as the saying goes “We must be thankful for small mercies”! At least there is a sign of movement and an awakening to the truth within this ignorant biased ANC smitten nation. For in the past the majority of ANC supporters have clearly been ANC remote controlled wooden puppets. Furthermore the present DA party was originally started in 1953 as the UP (United Party) to oppose the NP. From then on several changes and breakaways occurred and it eventually became the DA of today. So the ANC don’t need to join the DA as they were originally one and the same communist party from way back in 1953.

    1. Anonymous2:00 pm

      Who are you?
      What are you smoking???

    2. Anonymous7:30 pm

      To Anonymous 2:00 PM
      Who are you talking to and what are you smoking

  10. I cant believe so many whites actually took the time to listen to this idiots nonsense.

    1. Anonymous8:44 am

      I repeat......

    2. Anonymous9:43 am

      Ai Krok. Its was not about entertaining his speech more about enjoying the popcorn and circus show. Once he got on with his speech i actually did go outside water the grass while having a beer. Mike was spot on there what a coincidence. Actually had a swim in the pool as well.

    3. Anonymous2:02 pm

      We left to go & have a glass of wine once the EFF left & he started speaking.

      As my wife always says: "Not my monkeys, not my circus..."

    4. Detroit Refugee3:12 am

      Wife always says : "Not my monkeys, not my circus..."
      Dayum! That was my response, till I came upon yours.
      Believe it or not, that phrase gets tossed around over here often.

    5. Anonymous6:46 am

      I didn't too much bile in my mouth and life is too short. I knew there'd be a synopsis here shortly thereafter though lol.

  11. He He Mike -well done could not have said it better myself ,I did watch most of the idiots speech and boy did you nail it spot on ,Every thing you say is exactly how I heard it - This is possibly some of your best work so far this Year

  12. Anonymous6:26 am

    Hau, is very funny baas!

  13. Anonymous6:30 am

    Oh my word ....... thanks Mike.

    I did not get to see the SONA because I was busy feeding the kids, doing homework, doing washing, hand watering the garden, etc, etc, etc.

    But since reading your version of events, I am so glad I was too busy last night.

    We are going nowhere slowly ........

  14. Adrem6:42 am

    Brilliant again Mike, sorry to repeat myself, but your interpretation of the shower-head's belated carnival speech is a masterpiece of investigative journalism; namely to report on something in a true, unbiased and balanced fashion to an audience who reads and subsequently clearly understands what was originally said.

    I still haven't stopped laughing about the 11 lines per page layout of the speakers typescript, but considering his frequent mispronunciations, they should try perhaps 5 lines per page for his next speech......

  15. Anonymous8:15 am


    Haibo maningi truth en thet speech. The only truths was e we will continue the struggle.

    The violence though will happen sooner than many people think, this country is fucked. How much more can you stuff it up, come June dont be surprised when the rand is R30 to the pound and R20+ to the Dollar

    I laughed though - did any of you see the EFF get moered in Cape town by the man swinging what looked like a plank?

    The EFF were all big mouths and then this plank yielding thug starts swinging and the monkeys run - same with the stun grenades.

    If you dont moer these things properly, apartheid was too soft they become wild.

    Marikana as you mention is the right way to go, I say the right way to go is like the Ozzies and even they could have had some improving...

    Our time will come.

    The violence will come even sooner than we think

    1. I saw them once toi-toi on the N2 by Gugulethu. Must have been about a thousand of them. Five cops came walking up casually, threw a few thunderflashes amongst them and the things scattered like roaches. Cops fired a few rubber bullets after them and that was the end of the demonstration. I thought...geez, five against a thousand and the cowards run like that?

    2. Anonymous10:04 am

      you cant stand up to cops, they will call for re inforcements

    3. Anonymous2:39 pm

      anon 10:04 eish by boooy, you missed the core of the message.....again....like you always do. eish.

  16. Anonymous9:54 am

    Water the lawn? hehehe. I have done that a few times. Watered peoples plant beds too :)

  17. Hi Mike.
    Thanks for your summary of the Showerhead's speech. Nice work.
    I have a suggestion/wish - could someone not just flatten Nkandla (bulldoze the place). Then some of the Taxpayers money is wasted, but at least Showerhead got nothing from his corrupt period of rule!
    Maybe start a # bulldozeNkandlaflat!
    Cheers and keep up the good work.
    PS: I would like to see you in debate with some of our so-called citizens.

    1. Anonymous6:51 am

      Don't worry one day it will be a museum.

  18. Anonymous10:40 am


    That is why I cant wait for May. May is going to be better than anything we have seen since 1990 in this country.

    Just wait.

    I listen to this Malema, he sounds so convinced that he has victory, he even has convinced all the moron munts in this country.

    I am going to laugh when they are attacked in KZN + JHB in May. We will still see Malema being carried away with blood pissing out his head from being bricked.

    Its coming and the longer they have time to learn the tricks of the trade, the more violent it will be.

    All we can do as whites is work together, arm as much as we can and unite.

    This time Mike things will be different. Apartheid was white vs black, this time (I could be wrong) but judging the different parties + tribes, I think we will see whites, blacks, Coloureds and Indians on one side vs the radicals on the other.

    I could be wrong but many blacks here hate Malema even more than they hate white.

    Interesting days ahead.

    Where is an article about preparing for this Mike? How can the whites in this country prepare for what is coming in the most effective way but still smiling & participating in the new SA?

    How or what is the best way to approach this without seeming like a Rebel or shit stirrer?

    Anyone goes ideas? How can we let others know the best, most peaceful way to go about preparing in case of an event like Siener mentioned?

    I know about Suidlanders, for a while I said I wasnt sure of them but fucking hell - I dont see any other white groups preparing or uniting our people, at least they made a start.

    Few months left to May - I would be at least stocking up on food stuffs + ammo. May is going to be a violent start to the revolution.

    1. Anonymous3:11 pm

      Ninja, things aren't moving fast enough - my humble opinion. In order for us to stay on the timeline, something major has to happen, here and internationally. These black fucks are content to play this slow game for another 5 years. I also think these black fucks are not allowed to do something drastic until their international money masters give them the go-ahead.

      As to preparations, anyone who has not started preparing to face the coming storm one way or another is going to really struggle to make it, leave them, they are blind and disillusioned, no hope for them. Those that prepare may have the chance to help them later. As for these black fucks, smile and wave boys, smile and wave. Ignore them, ignore what can be ignored and never ever give them a piece of your soul by looking them in their eyes. They need your soul energy to function. Give them fuckall, but take from them everything.

      The main question is, how do we establish a nation-wide network with like minded people, we do not have to do anything illegal anymore, we just have to educate one another and prepare. Of my fbk friends I reckon about 70-80% are ready for such a network, here comes the `LEADER` question again. I know we all should be that leader but a national head should start suggesting these things, let it go viral. No sabotage, no sedition praaitjies, no rambo talk, just start herding the people into groups province by province, dorp by dorp. Ima going to join them s0l_lth-landerz next week.

      Our window is opening more and more, from now until 2 years, maybe 5 years are critical. Info and ideas needs to flow.

      Stay strong white brothers and sisters, clean your hearts and keep North, it's the only way.

      The more this world crumbles, the more I get excited, the more these black hearted whites and black fucks lose their way and hope, the more WE grow and get some much needed verification and hope.

      We already won this war, we must just stand up and stand together. Yes, a lot of us are going to die but our children and their children will be free from this white and black filth that wants to destroy us.

      What a glorious time to be alive. C'est la vie

    2. Anonymous2:03 am

      You never know with these munts. Like you said they have been using this slow uitgerekte method of genocide turning the knob only a few degrees every year.

      The Suidlanders do have a point when they preach that it only takes fuel to ignite the tinder This fuel can come in many different forms. See what happened in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina. The munts went ape.

      Suidlanders are the best option at the moment for group joining. Starting a variety of new groups open us up to persecution and infighting if not managed properly. The Suidlander structure is of such a nature that it is very difficult to infiltrate with spies and even if a couple should exceed the intel is of such a nature that the group is untouchable by government. All leadership positions have also been closed recently to prevent infiltration.

      On the "leader" part... Lets support the leaders we have presently there are quite a few of them on different platforms. As for a new leader lets see when he comes to the forth if he ever does, maybe he is already there and just needing more support. Lets stay open minded but in the meantime lets support those we already know is fighting for our cause.

      For me personally you dont have to agree but Dr Dan Roodt of Praag is fighting relentlessly every day and seems to be a very respectable and also presentable character. Suidlanders is also there with Front National doing great work in the back ground. Just one thing dont bother with this miljoen stemme for Steve shit. His followers arnt looking for a leader they are looking for some one to worship as a god and he should have stepped up already instead of pursuing concerts. It doesnt actually matter who you support as long as we can find and build brotherly solidarity among each other. Just watch out for the woman groups too they tend to have a lot of enthusiasm, but also a lot of infighting .... You know mos how woman can get sometimes when they piss on each other's toes.

    3. Anonymous4:46 am

      A suggestion for organized communication would be to use the deep web/dark web to relay encrypted messages covertly. as Google bots dont index the deep web and terrorist organizations have been using it to organize attacks for the past 20 years.

      for our needs it could be used to organize ourselves. the possibility of infiltration could be prevented by having it invite only and the hierarchy of organization compartmentalized.

      Something like this would work best if it was combined with an already active organisation (such as SL) starting from the ground up would take a while before it hit critical mass.

    4. Anonymous7:04 am

      B_N you are correct about this: "Where is an article about preparing for this Mike? How can the whites in this country prepare for what is coming in the most effective way but still smiling & participating in the new SA?"

      No one will survive if we are fragmented and not communicating. To think that people will gravitate and form Platoons, Companies, Battalions, Regiments and Brigades without some SERIOUS motivation planning and financing is a fantasy of the highest order. Absolutely no need to do anything against the law because that will simply take any perpetrators out of the loop early on and garner zero except hostility.

      No this planning and training (training also cannot be overstated even if one is using sticks and going "bang bang!" is absolutely critical to self-defense if things turn against us violently like is being threatened. Until such time peaceful resistance is the only way. But the day that anyone turns their hand to violence against us than we absolutely must have trained in the science and art of battle.

    5. Anonymous8:02 am

      @Anonymous3:11 PM

      The main question is, how do we establish a nation-wide network with like minded people, we do not have to do anything illegal anymore, we just have to educate one another and prepare

      Great question - and great answer
      Awaken the people, unite the people.

      Malema + this anti white speech is driving them into our camp - best way to do it is NOT TO TELL people but ask them questions...

      You think the rainbow nation is alive? - then why is BEE against whites and why all the anti white talk? - when the ANC are gone, who will protect you?

      Ask them questions.

      Simplest way, be confident when you ask - come up with 15 solid, real questions and know their responses - this is how people learn to debate.

      Those who scoff - leave them.
      Dont waste your time with the deaf and dumb - leave them, ask them questions.

      Vietnamese converted many America during the war - They simply captured soldiers, gave them a beer, smoke, untied them and within a short time the guy was signing providing intel.

      Sure there were those who were tortured but they defeated the yanks by letting these guys go back into the jungles and he was converted - he saw his own people as the enemy.

      Ask questions - You say the blacks wont attack us but who is murdering our people? You say you believe in a free and fair society but you are discriminated against not by your own people but by blacks.

      Ask them if they think another Mandela will arrive on the scene, ask them if they think Mandelas "legacy" of free racial society is working? Ask, Ask, Ask....

      The best part all these questions are the truth- You dont need to ask too much because 90% of them already know the answers and in the coming days it is going to intensify.

      I love Malema! I love the EFF, I love IOL and all these people - they simply drive the whites together. Unity in numbers.

      Soon we will be around 3 million all like minded people wanting the same thing, there are coloreds who want the same thing also, blacks as well but the whites need to wake up.

      If they wake up, then our weapons will soon arrive.

      Ive heard 2 years ago that that prepper group alone had 850,000 members, today I presume they are about 1.2-1.5 million and GROWING by the day.

      I never used to say join them, I was anti them but who else is there?

      I say join any large group, join groups but unite, be strong, play your part and smile, be nice be like a rinkhals, let them think we are dead, silent, wont fight back until they pick on us and then we bite so hard, with such toxicity that they will wish they never fucked with us.

      And if we lose, we nuke this place.

      So long as we are all on that page - we leave, we nuke this place - we nuke every city, every township.

      So long as we can all agree with that, we nuke these fuckers and send them a radiation going away gift - 30 years we will be back, then you can have a gardener with 4 arms helping you out.

      Those living overseas who watch from the internet, mention the white slaughter in South Africa on all blogs, in foreign languages, urge the uniting of whites and for the whites in South Africa, win the sympathy vote from those having a influx of black scum from this continent.

      Every single South African here or abroad can simply do their part, those abroad can leave comment after comment on the most read news stories.

      Spread the news, translate your comments + leave them on all sites - built up the sympathy and this is a connected world.

      In the US leave comments - let the whites see and soon we will not be 4 million but will have 200 million looking our way and then boy oh fucking boy we will make apartheid look like the Mickey mouse club and then they will know what "racism" is.

    6. Anonymous8:05 am


      Part 2 to your question/Answer

      No blacks on this continent will come help these devils, they think they have the support of Africa, in their minds yes in reality no!

      Do your part people, Mike has laid the ground work. Study the opening Pandora`s box and please NEVER EVER EVER EVER NEVER NEVER - you get the point.

      NEVER argue with a Kaffir - the have no logic NEVER, if they argue smile say sorry walk away we will argue with the barrel of a gun and then we can debate nicely with their brains on a wall.

      Everything a kaffir knows is from whites, everything they will ever know in the future is from whites, leave kaffirs alone for 30 years and see if they progress. Satan's children this lot, they need wiping out like Israel was told to do.

      They come from Hams descendants, from the land of Phut + Cush, wiping out - no one left standing sorry, its either that or we are back here in 360 years.

      Yes im radical, far above radical, but radical decisions for radical times.

      If we lose we nuke which means we win.

      Just please all be prepared for the worst, we leave and say good bye with radiation.

      Or some virus for this black plague - we know their thoughts now, you see the writing on the wall, you see the writing on their shirts, you see the writing on the banners when they protest whites.

      Fuck whites - kill whites.

      OK now we know what we have always known. Thanks for letting us know.... When the day comes no forgiveness, you had your time with Mandela.

    7. Anonymous2:22 pm


      Prepare accordingly as this guy explains. Its a very long video but gives you good insight as to how to prepare for a civil war. Everything from food storage to two way radio usage. Its from the Suidlanders and well worth the two hours.


      @ everyone else

      There is no need for secrets as everything is in the open which makes shit stirring less of a problem. This big civil war that is brewing is not about fighting but about running. Surviving is wining as the flappies will kill each other. All you need to do is get out of the way.

  19. Anonymous12:20 am

    I wonder whose plagiarism this is ?
    See the cover page

    "Living on the political edge: Villain or Maverick?: A biography of controversial politics"
    Paperback – August 31, 2014
    by Dr Hennie Bekker (Author), Gerda Bekker (Author), Beth Bekker (Translator)


    PW Botha’s failed Rubicon speech at NP Congress Durban Aug 1985
    Former South African President PW Botha on a postage stamp.

    International pressure mounted on South Africa to release Nelson Mandela and it was clearly time to finally rid the Country from the shackles of Apartheid. Mangosuthu Buthelezi campaigned tirelessly for the release of Mandela and openly requested the unbanning of the ANC. Buthelezi also visited Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher of the United Kingdom and agreed to a plan in terms of which Constitutional negotiations could begin after the release of Nelson Mandela


    So what say BOSS Mike ?
    I suppose you will say it is all a pile of stinking dung ?
    Here is something for the Boere_Ninja ( clown )

    THIS guy I listen to


    SO tell us oh wise one
    WHAT happens when May passes and NOTHING happens ?
    Are you prepared to -- fall on your sword ?
    Will we just get another feeble excuse ?

    1. The ones who were really good at it, don't talk about it ;-)

    2. Anonymous2:22 am

      Mike, come to think about it, you could he next in line for purple face sub human personification uproar. Your photo looks like a purple animal of some sorts.

    3. Anonymous2:23 am

      Anonymous12:20 AM
      If you got so much to say about it you wise idiot why haven't you also supplied a wise solution to the problem. Talk is cheap and will only be a solution to fuck all just like the ANC and EFF. Both are curse to every sane person in South Africa and it looks like you needed some political binoculars before the genocide even started. This country is in such a volatile state at the moment it could erupt into a civil war overnight.ARSEHOLE!

    4. Anon 12:20 your what is known to us as a 'scoffer'

      your so proud in your own knowledge and recollection of party origans but don't realise we don't care about the things your minds is bamboozled by. :-)

      Futher more we can smell a doos a mile away and your closer than that

    5. Anonymous5:12 am

      Because they are in a padded cell ......
      EVERYONE "talks" -- to the shrink
      Company policy

    6. Anonymous5:24 am

      Anonymous12:20 AM
      We will send the "songoma" along to sort out your misery!

    7. Anonymous3:23 am

      "One Law . One Nation : The Making of the South African Constitution"
      Lauren Segal and Sharon Cort
      ( Mr BOSS Mike's buddies )

      WHY not ask Comrade Cyril Ramaphosa
      ( Who wrote the forward for the book and was the chairperson of the Constitutional Assembly )
      [ WHY there are NO copies in stock ? ]
      My how the mighty have been corrupted by filthy lucre !
      Still what does it matter the idiots here cannot read / do not read
      Except of course for BOSS Mike

    8. Anonymous4:45 am

      Anon 3:23 {What?} Are you some [superman] of national and international [mystery] and (intrigue?)

      No one here [cares] for your little *cryptic* pieces of shit info and innuendos!!! ! !! !.

      I dub thee...."Austen Powers; International Man of Gold-Members and /zero\ substance".

  20. Foxie911@gmail.com1:50 am

    Mike - pity you are not our President - what a step like that would mean for the welfare of our country! Doe so voort!

  21. Foxie911@gmail.com1:59 am

    BTW, Mike, I don't know whether you have heard/know about the latest version of the Christmas song: On the first day of Christmas..... In case not, have a good laugh at this version - it's a RIOT!!!:
    http://youtu.be/ytSsppnvkHE (The Complimentary Breakfast Christmas Song)

  22. Hi Mike
    What these flappies don't realise , is that their all pawns in this game called life , some of us might not know it , but we are not just some 'inhabitants of the earth' like they are.

    Goodness people , a 5-year old child don't even need That big font of letters (white child ) . Isn't That alone proof That yes the nledie scull is their forefathers, Not ours .

    Oh the utopia we were indeed living in is a distant memory.

    Hurry up flappies , selfdistruct so us whites can begin rebuilding
    This country ourselfs.

    1. Anonymous2:41 pm

      Yes, let them self destruct - it's the best solution but does anyone have any ideas how we can encourage them to get on with it as soon as possible? The sooner the better.

    2. Anonymous8:54 am

      The Boeremag had an idea. Food for thought.......

    3. Anonymous1:58 pm

      @Anonymous8:54 AM

      I hear you BUT they were too early, too hasty IMO & today most of them are sitting behind bars and believe what they were trying to accomplish was wrong - they are now broken men - They were dead right but in life timing is everything.

      Our nation was still divided & in Europe they were still way way to liberal.

      Know your enemy & know yourself & you will be assured victory. Its important to know how the enemy operates - they like to get their masses in a dancing frenzy for their bloody orgies.

      Know the enemy, know the enemies weakness, his strength.

      His strength is his weakness. He thinks because he outnumbers us that he is strong, that is his weakness. He is so convinced of victory that he doesnt look around him & notice that his enemy is not the white man but the other black tribes here & his friends Russia/China are his real enemy.

      Our weakness is not uniting, our weakness is turning though. Our strength lies with our creator who lead us here, our strength lies in our brainpower, our strength lies in the fact that the white man world wide is waking up, our strength lies in our ability to invent new weapons - dont fight this time with guns/bombs - fight with microbes.... If we can have a few men in coats assisting us then we can not only have SA but from the Cape to the Equator without too many bangs.

      Our weakness lies in believing that this thing will change its colour with education, that it is human. Our weakness is waiting for God to do our work, our weakness lies in believing that the future will be rosy - aka the liberal whites.

      Our strength lies in the fact that we know the white mans days are not just over but just beginning. All births have pains and all births are bloody, what we are feeling now are not the pains of the new South Africa crumbling like so many whites do that are not acquainted with the Sieners visions but the birth pains of the new Republics.

      From this chaos, which will be bloody the Vierkleur will once again fly.

      May you readers & Mike unite our people - one volk, one God, one ambition - from the Cape to the equator & leave not one parasite alive in between.

      These are the birth pains of the new Republics, dont confuse them with the crumbling of the new SA. Much pain & suffering and then when we look again we will have our freedom - its not far off - have faith little nation, have faith!

  23. Anonymous12:04 am

    Hey Mike
    Your translation of Zuma,s SONA represents the only honest, accurate comment to date. Do you think that we will ever see the day that PC is dead in this country and people can speak the truth without worrying about supposedly hurting feelings. The ANC are nothing more than racist criminals and that is what they should be called loudly and often. It is incredible that this country should be made to pay for the glorification and listen to the babble of a thieving, lying, murderous crook. When he opens his mouth you can be sure nothing but shit will come out
    Mike, your lonesome voice in the wilderness is the voice of sanity
    Thank you for your effort

  24. Anonymous7:39 am


    Can you believe this kaffir


    So if you are white you are racist?

    OK well then he is going to have to get rid of all whites but this kaffir dog will grovel on his hands and knees for money from whites like Mugabe

    1. Dont let this dushbag get under your skin Ninja. I have been listening to his shit for a while now. Follow your own advice dont try nd reason with these beasts. They are not on our level of reasoning and brain capacity. I will give him points for his enthusiasm though but nothing we can do will make him change his views. The sooner they act on these feelings they harbor towards whites the sooner we can punch his face in. Just hope we can catch this little shit before he flees the country when the shit hits the fan.

    2. Ah shit, Ninja, this BC kak is pointless against the socalled white supremacy and racism. We do not make ourselves supreme, they do because they are such inept and useless fuckwits. It is not our fault that everything they touch turns to shit. We don't tell them to go out and stuff everything, they just do it naturally, but now it's our fault. How do you understand that logic? You can't, so as Donycero says, don't let them get under your skin. It's pointless and a waste of energy. Be prepared, but otherwise just ignore the dimwits. Wait for them to start the kak and then wipe them out. Until then just accept their stupidity as entertainment. I don't acknowledge their existence therefore they don't exist. That doesn't mean I am blind to the threat, but until it happens, I don't let them intimidate me. Just smile and think, "Kaffirs,your day of reckoning is coming."
      And people must stop talking about new movements and organisations. Suidlanders & Front Nasionaal is there, let's all unite and get behind them. That's the old SA problem, we all want to play boss and have our own little organisation or group.

    3. Anonymous4:11 am

      Agreed! The white unity is essential and the bigger the Resistance and the bigger the clout we give to the black racist zombies the better. Let us "UNITE AS ONE ... THE TIME HAS NOW DEFINATELY COME"!

  25. Anonymous5:02 am

    Mike for president!

  26. There seem to be more people preparing for the inevitable

  27. Anonymous7:50 am


    I maintain we unite regardless of language now - we all want the same future. The uniting is not simply for us South Africans but those who long to be here as well.

    We unite for the western Europeans under attack that will also soon be in the same situation as us. We unite not because of hatred but because of justice.

    The white man of South Africa has no other home but South Africa. As a white, I am prepared even to look the other way over the past 22 years of black mismanagement, excluding us from the economy, your people from the economy, I am even prepared to forgive them regarding family murders, robberies, hijackings.

    But there comes a time when you & I will have to say enough as enough. When that time comes, it will be better for us to be one voice and say loud and clear....

    Enough is enough. We want to be part of SA but not like this. We are tired of the race bating and we are now prepared for whatever you have or want to try attempt to do.

    Do it at your own perril. We agreed to a vote in 1994, we can quite easily agree to a new vote for a new republic for our own people.

    IF you push us, it will be the last time and we will be forced to be cruel in order to be kind for the benefit of our nation.

    We love our land, we love our heritage, if you love our land, if you love your people and truly want a future here then each of you will have to unite our people.

    I welcome those other nationalities who want the same thing, they too can play a part by waking their own people up.

    I dont know how many visitors this blog gets but those here can wake our people up, those overseas - you can wake up the people overseas. The MSM is now in your hands.... You can make a change.

    We decide what future we want, since we made South Africa what it is, the question is what do you want? What are you willing to do to get it?

    Time is running out - brothers, sisters, viewers and readers please unite our people now, wake them up! Set some objective 5 per month - wake them up, drive them into our camp.

    Let our laager grow - get our people in.
    Ons vir jou suid Afrika - vir altyd!

    If we can simply get the numbers to 2.5 million here then something marvelous will happen.

  28. Anonymous9:35 am

    The more I think about it, the more I realise that they were against Apartheid because Apartheid would have prevented the rise of the NWO

    1. Anonymous7:45 pm

      @Anonymous9:35 AM

      Yes my brother - that is correct. You are onto something very big, very special & something so few will realize. That was exactly it -

      NWO need to create panic, wars, confusion now that everyone will be begging for something to arrive, something to end this suffering & something will arrive but we are told not to be fooled.

      “Here is the mind which has wisdom: The seven heads are seven mountains on which the woman sits. 10 There are also seven kings. Five have fallen, one is, and the other has not yet come. And when he comes, he must continue a short time. 11 The beast that was, and is not, is himself also the eighth, and is of the seven, and is going to perdition.

      The NWO are all about a resurrection - we are told it will be like the days of Noah. Go read Enoch, see what they were doing along with the book of Jasher.

      In Iraq they did find a Weapon of mass destruction, it is the most destructive thing the earth has ever known, which is why already enoch told us of his coming.

      His symbol is the cross as well which is why the Romans put him on the cross as a sacrifice to this sun god. Read below what they found, he was the first ruler of this world, he has many names in mythology - remember these things lived centuries, they became legends.


      Notice when he was found, when the war started and how its increasing. The world will be fooled when its here.

      All NWO organisations are building his kingdom for him to rule over.

      You are 100% correct - Apartheid is Gods law on earth. It tells us very very explicitly in the books to not mix with the heathen.

      It is funny how this what they found in Iraq, during this era they were mining gold in South Africa - read Michael tellingers books.

      note what Jasher says occurred:

      "[Then] the sons of men [began teaching] the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order therewith to provoke the Lord" (Jasher 4:18).

      With todays DNA, splicing it is very possible to make this thing real. It says in the book of Enoch that the spirits roam the earth, resting not always seeking to destroy.

      The NWO are building his kingdom for his rule. All, including Christians, Muslims, Jews will IMO be fooled.

      As it was in the days of Noah & to find out what those days were like read Enoch.Interesting that these books were excluded in Greece by the hands of Jews. Mike doesnt like Jews being mentioned but several biblical scholars have attested to these books not finding their way into our modern bible through Jewish influence.

      But I have seen their plans fail - the time is not just yet. A miracle happens here which turns their plans on its head & the world looks our way and this little nation is a testament to the world - you will see - Nations will marvel & say - look a miracle has occurred, throughout the earth the world will see this miracle right here & you who are still here are part of this.

      They want to try sacrifice us like they did the Jews in order for all this to usher in & spread like wild fire throughout the earth but it will just like it was at blood river - The Lord keeps his promise!

      Sounds weird, goofy but look at the facts, consult the book of Enoch + Jasher, then connect the dots.

      The Nazis had weird symbolism, the NWO has weird symbolism, Science has caught up with time & the best will IMO be literally resurrected and the world will marvel.

      Those spirits before the flood walk this earth, waiting for a host - read between the lines with that discover + splicing + DNA / aka cloning.

      Its spooky considering all these NWO pray to a sun god or have Satan as their master - the NWO is a satanic objective, building kingdoms on Gods kingdom.

      "Osiris will rise in splendor from the dead and rule the world through those sages and philosophers in whom wisdom has become incarnate."—Manly P. Hall, 33rd Degree Freemason

      Genesis + Enoch tell us how wise these things were.

    2. Anonymous8:09 pm


      "The World will soon come to us for its Sovereigns and Pontiffs. We shall constitute the equilibrium of the Universe, and be rulers over the Masters of the World." Albert Pike, Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry

      "I am Yesterday and I am Today; and I have the power to be born a second time." Statement of Osiris from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

      As was in the days of Noah -

      "[Then] the sons of men [began teaching] the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order therewith to provoke the Lord" (Jasher 4:18).

      Look at Mythology, Egyptian, Greek which comes from Lebanon, which came from Sumeria, look at the Hindu scripts which come from Sumeria, now can we not make those things today with science & DNA?

      We can make any animal, cross any animal and we can choose our own genetics.

      If we can make a human from DNA & the US invaded Iraq hours after the discovery then the above....

      "I am Yesterday and I am Today; and I have the power to be born a second time." Statement of Osiris from the Egyptian Book of the Dead

      Who is behind the NATO alliance, the world banks, the Freemasons, the churches, the papers, the press....

      All those societies believe there will be a resurrection - you can do the research yourself & see EVERY occult believes in it.

      All Roman Catholic churches today still have the sun god above where their pastors preached from, the cross they sacraficed Christ on can be found dating back to Gilgamesh/Nimrod ruler of Earth - Nimrod/Gilgamesh appointed the first Pharoahs rulers of Egypt - What did they try do?

      Wipe out the Hebrews!


      We only got this news piece thanks to the Russians, it was the Russians who first revealed the news and it was no where to be found in the west despite the entire effort being headed up by archaeologists from Germany.

      The Nazis were big into shit like this looking into the occult - but yet even being archaeologists from Germany no mention in the western media until Russians let it out.

      That, if it is true is the greatest weapon of mass destruction & deceit the world will ever know.

      The Jews were a sacrifice in Europe, then they were placed in Israel in order for this 2nd coming - we know it is fake since these are Khazar Jews but we need to shock the western Christian world now by sacrificing Christians.

      It started in the mid east, the final but start of a large sacrifice I believe these NWO guys will do is to the Afrikaners here, first they left Europe from papal Rome - read Eric John Phelps book the black pope.

      The pope believes he is god on earth until the resurrection of god but which god? According to Phelps intense research it is the Catholic Church which controls everything & not the Zionists as everyone thinks - this goes back to when they were in Jerusalem and sacrificed Christ -

      Judging from whats happening here, the lack of media attention, the lack of anything coming out except against whites we can see their agenda - they want to slaughter to begin here but end with a resurrection to bring peace, unite nations and usher in a new age.

      Just look at the evidence, science, findings, the NWOs agenda and it sounds so far fetched but is it? We have caught up to science and in fact we are ahead of the curve now.

      All their plans will fail though.

    3. Anonymous1:54 pm

      Nobody other than the Synagogue of Satan was responsible for the crucifixion of Christ. The fact that you rely on the BBC and the Schofield bible clearly indicates you are in need of some Revisionism.

  29. Anonymous12:13 pm

    A Kenyan man from Kiganjo village, in Thika sub-county, is undergoing treatment after chopping off his penis on the eve of Valentine's Day.

    Duncan Moseti (24) is said to have picked a quarrel with his wife over an alleged love affair on Saturday morning.

    He first attempted to cut off her breasts with a knife, but later ended up chopping off his penis, accusing his wife of cheating on him with his brother, STANDARD reports.

    A doctor at Thika Level V hospital where the couple was admitted told NTV: "He chopped off his manhood completely. He is currently at the theatre undergoing reconstructive surgery."

    The doctor confirmed that the woman had been treated and was in a stable condition, adding that it would be difficult to treat the husband.

  30. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Can niggers still breed,I nearly said bleed, if all of them cut their willys off?

    1. Anonymous10:30 pm

      That will stop their population explosion for sure! The doc should encourage it instead of trying to fix it!

  31. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Shacks in a university?,a university in a "homeland"?
    No, we tried that once,and they fucked that up also.
    Hope I got this shit right.

  32. Thanks Mike. Thats it in a nutshell. And no doubt more truthful than the original - and a lot more entertaining. I certainly will not subject myself to reading the original psychobabble. I'd rather watch paint dry. For sure posting this on my fb. My pals abroad will enjoy and share.

  33. Zuma is almost as bad as Obama We said he should keep his bullshit if he likes his bullshit because we certainly don't