07 February 2016

Zuma: "Roep die Baas!" ...and a travel agent

By Mike Smith

7th of February 2016

This past week we have seen Jacob Zuma wanting to “Pay-back-the-money” he stole for his Nkandla palace after he, stupid that he is, painted himself into a corner.

Basically his advisers told him that, either he pays back some of the money and stay on to loot the state coffers for three more years, or he gets pushed out in a revolution which will also see the ANC be pushed out.

Even the dumbest of the dumb like Msholozi Showerhead, realized his time was up.

For Zuma the party is over

Of course, Zuma has no other choice than to hang on to power for as long as possible, because if he loses his position as the main pig at the feeding trough, he will quickly be relegated to the back, kicked to the curb and be slaughtered, seeing that 783 cases of corruption are still hanging over his head like the proverbial Sword of Damocles, held at the pommel only by a single hair of a horse’s tail.

Even hard-core liberals like polezno idiot, Jan-Jan Joubert ( I always wondered if his mum was a stutterer to give him the same name twice) agreed that Zuma’s honeymoon in office was over

Zuma is an embarrassment to the ANC who in itself is an embarrassment to blacks in South Africa, who in themselves is an embarrassment to blacks in the whole of Africa and in fact worldwide.

The only support Zuma still has comes from a few idiotic dingleberries and suckerfish who are still hoping that he might promote them to a lucrative cosy-spot in parliament.

One sees it, and this is what is getting me excited, in the defiance of the higher ANC members like, and I quote, “the Gauteng premier, David Makhura, who announced that he was appointing Paul Mashatile to his cabinet. The same Mashatile who had been banished from Zuma's cabinet after he spoke out against e-tolling, a project which the president has defended against all comers. It is clear that Makhura no longer fears Zuma.“

This “No longer fears Zuma” is what I was waiting for.

As I said last year when I elaborated on how a revolution takes place, when the pillars of support are pulled out from underneath the dictator, he will fall. When those people who once feared him, lose their fear and act in defiance, no dictator can hold on to his position. You pull the pillars of support out from underneath him he doesn’t even have the power to resign. He will simply FALL.

And this is what is going to happen to Zuma.

The man is desperate. According to the MSM, Zuma summoned top legal mind Jeremy Gauntlett SC, who charges about R50, 000 a day which the taxpayers will have to pay

The two men met, along with Zuma's usual legal team, including his attorney Michael Hulley, in January. Of course all Zuma’s lawyers are white.

“Gauntlett's appointment has irked black advocates, with Advocates for Transformation national chairman Advocate Dumisa Ntsebeza saying this proved that the Presidency has no faith in black advocates.”

Noooo! For heaven’s sake. The president is no racist. Of course the president has trust in black lawyers, just as long as it does not concerns him and saving his own miserable black skin…then he quickly knows what to do…The same as what any desperate black man does when his fuck-ups have reached critical mass…”Ons roep die Baas!”

How pathetic. The toilet has been flushed. The turd is in the maelstrom on his way down the tube.

If I was Zuma I would not listen to lawyers and advisors anymore. I would cut my losses and get myself a really good travel agent who could recommend a dictator-friendly Caribbean island willing to take four wives, 21 children and a few corrupt Indian friends. Their days are numbered and I am sorry to say this…

No white man is going to save you this time Mr. Zuma.


  1. Anonymous11:12 am

    Michael Hulley, in January. Of course all Zuma’s lawyers are white.

    Michael Hulley WHITE ????

    1. Well he is not Black is he and besides are you going to reintroduce the pencil test?
      God….Of course you are right and I apologize for overlooking the fact that the only (and one of the main) members of Zuma’s lawyer’s team is a coloured.
      Michael Hulley: From taxi lawyer to JZ’s main man
      Zuma’s lawyer rakes in millions from the state
      So if the black lawyers of SA are so shit hot, why is Zuma’s team not blessed with even one.

    2. Anonymous3:01 am

      I am suprised that you do not yet understand that the ONLY "black" that counts is an indigenous aboriginal black native "African" -- the blacker the better ( and preferably ZULU -- whatever that means ? )
      So quite clearly Hulley fails the test ( according to the ANC )
      So perhaps you are correct and he is actually "white" ????

  2. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Grey Man there is a possibility that Zuma will ignore all the advice from those high dollar lawyers and he will opt for the tribal advice from his piglets who themselves will lose their place at the trough should their father abdicate from power.
    What if in the next few weeks South Africa is downgraded to non investible junk status BBB-, Then Zuma announces at the sonas that due to the economic turmoil, drought and water crisis, the ongoing student and other strikes blighting the land that he has decided in the interest of all South Africans the upcoming elections should be postponed and parliament suspended until the current affairs of the nation is stabilised. Of course it will just be an excuse to coronate himself as president for life and in the process he will save his bacon from any future criminal charges, and save his face from his fellow African presidents for life such as Mugabe and Bashar.
    What will we do?

    1. Anonymous11:01 pm

      We burn everything from them - guerrilla style.

    2. Anonymous3:04 am

      Oh please
      Another idiot
      Cut your nose off to spite your face
      You must have the same IQ as what Mike Smith claims the other bunch have

    3. Anonymous7:00 am

      No people Zuma declaring himself pres for life Is the only event that will give a white resistance legitimacy. Zuma abdicating and leaving the ANC to be totally self absorbed in its own internal feuds, will cause a power vacuum opening the way for malema and his outside backers to spring a coup. In the eyes of the outside world this will be seen as Malema coming to rescue South Africa, Then my friends we will have no legitimacy and will be rightly screwed.

    4. Anonymous9:01 am

      Anon 3:04 Ok big boy let's hear your solution. Come, share your pearls of wisdom. Solutions idiot, the whole world is listening.

  3. Anonymous4:10 pm


    Im all for Zuma falling, really I am.

    Remember when we bitched about Mbeki with all his drinking problems? We got Zuma but who will replace Zuma? We can see the ANC losing votes & come this May, just watch and see how many votes the EFF take.

    I doubt Zuma will go before violence erupts in this country. There is not much time left, just look at world events, connect the dots, connect local dots and you have a recipe for disaster.

    So Im 100% for Zuma going but who fills the void? The ANC never admits its wrong & as a result I think he is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

    He has stalled this long. He will ride this thing out until the next elections in 2018.

    If you think most court cases take 4-5 months just to get the trial going, combine this with court postponements, we could be looking at 2 years.

    If Zuma falls, if others even get a whiff that Zuma is going expect HIGH, I mean HUGE corruption on a scale we have yet to see. It will be the last grab before things fall into another parties hands.

    Zuma will sit in power (IMO) even more than 2 years, it would not surprise me if he goes for a 3rd term. No Zuma will ride this all the way to the end and when it stops, he will simply walk off the train with his bags filled with cash.

    There is coming local tribal infighting soon. Malema the coward defended the Zulu king last year regarding the Xenophobic attacks but why when the Zulu king mentioned "Things were better during Apartheid" didnt Malema say anything.

    Maybe we should spread some stories about the Pedi calling the Zulus little boys :)

    Lets see him handle the Zulus. He wont, he is a coward but I can see it happening now, perhaps 4 months away before the ANCYL attack the EFF & Moer the living shit out of them, this time though the EFF will be prepared with their new weapons + financial backing.

    All while the Rand loses about R0.30- R0.50c per day against the major currencies.

    If Zuma goes what will be left behind? It would be like getting a 2nd hand car from a munt, everything will be so stuffed you might as well start from scratch.

    Zuma I think will be here for the long haul, he is not going anywhere soon this would mean the ANC were wrong + their youth league & we know the ANC are never wrong.

    Offer a shirt + vleis & all will be forgotten.

    1. Anonymous3:10 am

      time though the EFF will be prepared with their new weapons + financial backing

      The magical new weapons that no-one has ever seen before ?
      WHY are you still talking crap here and not going and claiming those weapons for yourselves ?

      Let me guess
      You are sixty something , about five months pregnant , have a junior school leaving certificate , live with your in-laws and are drunk every Friday night.
      Sounds about right for the "Resistance"
      (At least what I read here )

    2. Anonymous9:03 am


      When it happens, when we see them I hope you will be the first to comment how wrong you were.

      These weapons seem to be bothering you!

    3. Anonymous9:05 am

      Anon 3:10 am Come smart man, it seems you know much more about any of us here, out with your plan. Or are you a idiot wanting to out-vote them? It seems you have a lot a lot of ammo for shooting down, but cant come up with anything of your own.

  4. Anonymous8:28 pm

    This ape will just be replaced by another ape and another and another. We have 55 000 000 retarded apes in this shithole country. We have to get away from these primitive genocidal apes at all cost as soon as possible.

    1. Fuck that! Why should we go? We built this country. We just have to rid ourselves of the apes; exterminate them like we do with other parasites. I've got nowhere to go and if I did have I'll be damned if I would run.

  5. Send him to Sweden, they were the bastards who were falling over themselves to finance and support the ANC. Now they can have more black plague inflicted upon themselves.

  6. Anonymous1:05 am

    Our situation is way beyond Zuma falling being a benefit. The cancer has already infected everything in SA. If Zuma falls, our path simply remains the same. We are going to see this civil cum race cum tribal war erupt very very soon. Prepare accordingly.

  7. http://lowvelder.co.za/313807/the-future-of-multiculturalism-in-south-africa/
    Another sign that the main-manne-what-count are turning against ol' Showerhead.

  8. Anonymous4:19 am

    This morning on 702, Zuma said " People are happy with the President and the government".... hehehehe..

    1. Anonymous6:44 am

      ja...he...he.he ..eleventy-sevety and six..he.hehe

    2. Listen properly...

    3. Anonymous11:21 am

      Hahahahahaha Eleventy seventy .... what a moron. Takes a moron to vote a moron.

  9. We have had three elected black presidents "of the masses on the ground" - (not ours).
    According to SvR Zuma is the last black president. Although he may steal a third term.

    1. He will never get a 3rd term his puppetmasters are desserting him. His btains trust, Ramaphosa, Phosa & Sexwale.

    2. Anonymous9:07 am



      I think he could stick around. Cyril is too white to be considered a leader, he is considered a coconut & personally I think too soft. He wont be able to handle the EFF.

      Sex whale - well, the most corrupt thing and out the ANC.

      Phosa I dont know.

      Zuma IMO is the best we have for the EFF. The ANC need a leader strong enough to tackle the EFF.

      Seriously when/if it came to voting, (not that they count) and I had to choose between the EFF/ANC - I would vote ANC.

      Each new ANC leader, any new black political party will be worse than the previous one. We have seen this happen throughout Africa.

      Zuma cannot afford to leave, I think the chaos that is coming, he will use that either to create a situation for him to stay or give him an excuse to stay.

      With all his corruption, all his stealing, rather have Zuma than Malema.

    3. Oh for sure, rather Zuma than Malema, Ninja. I wasn't implying that either of the other 3 will takeover. They backed him in Polokwane, but are now turning against him. Read the Lowvelder link I posted above at 2:54 AM of Phosa's speech at the de Klerk convention. And, they are all corrupt.

  10. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Those who are using Malema are only doing this in an attempt to oust JZ.
    They want Comrade Cyril, he was never charged at Marikane & he has white friends from anglo capital.
    He will be britains puppet.