08 February 2016

Wits University removes "Fuck white people" graffiti from law building

By Mike Smith

8th of February 2016

Personally I am not offended by this sign at all. Let these kaffirs write what is really on their minds. Let them carry on so that everyone can see who and what they really are.

"Wat die hart van vol is loop die mond van oor".

Can you imagine if this was the other way around? It would be front page news on every newspaper.

Wits condemns removes “Fuck white people” graffiti

Ironically they always talk about institutionalised racism at Stellenbosch University, when in fact ALL the universities in South Africa have institutionalised Anti-White hatred. Even the self hating white liberals are so brainwashed that they have come to believe there is nothing more evil in this world than white people.

They are the biggest racists, because at least a racist hates other races, but these white liberals hate their own race.

Was there an outcry over these slogans? No. A second hand report on page six of the newspaper and the online version doesn’t even mention it in the title so nobody clicks on it.

Wits said , ”Although it condemned the offensive messages, according to the law, the statement did not necessarily incite any harm”.

"We have been advised that legally, the statements may not be a violation of our country's Constitution, which provides for freedom of expression, unless it constitutes incitement to cause harm.”

Oh yeah? So if someone spray-paints “Fuck kaffirs” on walls he is also not inciting violence, just exercising his constitutional rights to freedom of speech and expression. Wonder how that will go down in a racially obsessed South Africa.

This just shows again the racial double standard in this country. Racism is a one-way street.

Nevertheless, how did C.J. Langenhoven express it? "Net gekke en dwase skryf op mure en glase"


  1. Anonymous10:40 am

    Mike I consider myself much more than a gek and a dwaas so I am writing on your wall of Truth.


  2. Anonymous11:18 am


    The writing is on the wall - no one can deny it now and anyone who does is a traitor and should be executed.

    It is now time for those here, those following to make a plan.

    Im glad they let us know. Very glad, even happier these liberal deny it.

    It might take a full day to hang all the liberals and deniers in this country.

    Is someone making a list of all these racists out to kill the whites? It is going to come to that.

    Mike you are busy with your wedding plans but I think it is time for an article about preparing for this storm. With the amount of readers on this blog, its now past due this year is going to be very very difficult for the whites.

    Their patience has worn this and we can see it now daily.

    Time for people to be...

    1. Uniting.
    2. Arming/preparing - dont do anything stupid though plz.
    3. Sending delegations to these new Europeans right wing up / coming politicians letting them know about the situation here.
    4. Then praying because only a miracle will help the whites here.
    5. Think along the lines of Zikka/Ebola /Biological since we are outnumbered, out gunned, with our backs against the walls.

    And get used to the idea when they start this shit, there will never be peace until every last parasite is gone - all of them ;)

    We have tried to make this work and we can now see the results of who the real racists are.

    Sorry not working! I want out!

    Please prepare people, take care & pray everyday.

    How or what can we do in the coming months to...

    1. Unite our people?
    2. Prepare for the revolution?
    3. Get international support?

    May God be with you, your family & our nation during these dark times.

    1. Anonymous1:15 pm

      Ninja, bless your soul and thank you!
      Yes time to pray, but also to be AWAKE AND READY!!!
      God will help those that help themselves!
      I am ready and I pray for ALL OF US in the ARYAN RACE!!

    2. Anonymous1:36 pm

      Ninja dude I've been mulling over this exact same thought for a while now the problem that I keep running in to is this other whites jy ken hulle daai maatjie naaiers those that will feed you to the savage
      They look like us eat like us shit like us but sells you out for a seat and pap at the niggers paint tin .look I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to put you down or something like that because its a problem I'm trying to solve myself without resorting to extreme measures. The rest like prepareing and stuff isn't so bad as this one point remember how the boeremag guys went down you won't know who it is till its too late.Honestly I would like to find like minded people to discuss things as stated but yeah to find them has been harder than I thought.

      Hur dur

    3. Anonymous10:51 pm


      @Anonymous1:36 PM

      Forget those whites, you will know which ones to speak to.

      All those other idiots will soon want to join our camp.

      Main thing is for people to start preparing for a worse case scenario.

      Look for articles on preparing for such an eventuality.

      Im hoping Mike will address this soon, we have been saying for years that this would eventually happen and its here.

      Good luck guys.

      Think smart, act smart and always smile at them... for now - our time will come.

  3. Hi Mike
    Your correct,let them spiral into their own abyss . Dust off your coat and boots of these libs and flappies and their obvious double-standards,their all on That one way street your talking about....one way to hell.

    Cursing slogans like these and the general hatefull atmosphere against us white does just show their true colours , your right, we shall know them by their fruits , and boy Do we kbow them by now.

    This is why i feel more and more assured of the things I believe ,
    because these flappies and libs fitt the bill perfectly , their the embodyment of the said ' inhabitants of the earth'.....

    Yeh it just sucks That we're have to live with these things in our
    midts, don't worry guys its not for ever , something else much more delightfull is.

  4. Anonymous12:21 pm

    Is there any reason why stinky black peps cannot fuck stinky black peps,just asking.
    Is it because this is the Chinese year of the Monkey.

  5. Anonymous12:30 pm

    The dream of each and every black "person". To fuck a white person (die wit miesies).

    Ironically, there would not be a plastered brick wall against which this "person" could spray paint his ultimate desire if it had not been for the white person who built it (fairly difficult to spray paint against a grass hut using the baboon shit that just exited your noble savage rectum).

  6. Anonymous1:10 pm

    With the state of the education system today I'm impressed that they managed to spell it correctly

  7. #feesmustfall....but apparently there's money for wasting on spraypaint...

  8. These niggers are on borrowed time. They have won nothing. They are nothing. The West is broke thanks to the enemy of all life. That foreign aid these niggers are living on is about to stop cold. The Chinese see that American power is receding and all those wonderful untouched rare earths and treasures are just there for the taking. Already they have suckered General Butt Naked and his retards into letting them build Military bases and ports. Their armies are already on their way. I suggest the Boers and Whites talk to the Chinese. They could use you, and the niggers are not human to them, just hostile wildlife they need to clear.

    1. Anonymous10:54 pm


      I agree, I have said on many occasions that at the last moment we should have swapped sides seeing what the west were doing to us during apartheid.

      We should have just funded the soviets in exchange for still running the country.

      Its logical - why shoot yourself in the foot by handing over, having your people murdered to prove to the west you are not racist? All the while they never gave two fucks about the whites, it was all about the minerals.

      We should do this.

      I agree. We should have done it decades ago, play both sides just like they played us, hit us with sanctions but funded our enemies and used us to fight "communists" which they armed, trained, funded.

      The west cant be trusted.

    2. I would rather talk to Putin? He's a man of action and White.

    3. Anonymous10:29 am

      Tom, why has Putin not come to help us yet? Where is his humanity towards fellow whites who are being slaughtered every day in this evil place? I don't trust Putin or Trump any longer. My trust lies only with my Father, brothers and sisters in this playground of the devil and all of his demons be they black or white.

  9. Agree. I know its a bit late in the day now ..but anyone know of a good place to go to learn to shoot? Pref on west rand.

    1. Anonymous10:13 pm

      When you see that ugly black face in front of you mate just point the gat straight at it and pull the trigger. Good luck!

    2. Flora Guns
      Hendrik Potgieter Rd & Albert Street

    3. Flora Guns
      Hendrik Potgieter Rd & Albert Street

    4. Anonymous10:57 pm


      Groups should be formed and people trained.

      I believe many now will be doing this in the coming weeks, months.

      Just have a look online or form a Facebook group but dont call it training or shooting - nothing too obvious but get local people to join you form groups - Try keep times, dates, locations as private as you can.

      Good luck - keep it up!

    5. Anonymous11:37 pm

      Self Defense Tips. It is a bit late but rather you do something than nothing at all. If it is just aiming you can use a pellet gun or rifle in the backyard too. Be sure to not leave all your trust in only a handgun.... you will be facing gangs with AK's. Form groups this is more important than anything else and prepare.( see suidlanders if you are a loner or even if you are not). If you dont own a handgun buy or make pepper spray(see internet). Let your imagination run wild with gas and flamethrower devices(home-made). Even normal underarm spray can be a weapon. Buy a machete at hardware store. Also see internet for sheep hammers(works like a bullet but is a hand held tool and can be made at home.) Crossbows are also deadly and no licence required. Familiarize yourself with different kinds of deadly traps and movement detectors. Dont need to buy see DIY. Be safe when making traps( children, pets, family can get hurt). Also see some hand to hand combat techniques use Krav Maga most deadly and even woman can use these pressure points. You can try it on yourself it works no matter the size of opponent. Most importantly is to form groups, identify fords, safe places, strategic positions, stock these places with weapons, food, water and petrol. Good luck and be strong.

    6. Anonymous1:28 am

      Shooting is quite easy say 10% theory 80% practice practice practice practice
      Practice in the light practice in the dark practice moveing and shooting,shooting moveing targets breath control ect basicly all the theory is on the net just google it you can even find targets to print it like someone mentioned get a air rifle with open sights best way to learn

      Hur Dur

    7. Jamie

      I don't know whether you have serious gear or only a handgun, but it would be wise to look into homemade shotguns and converting semi-auto gas guns into full on live ammo guns. It is completely possible as most of these guns especially a .38 special revolver already has a working gear and trigger system inside. In mist cases with the AK type gas guns, only the loader and receiver needs to be modified. Check it out on youtube. Ofcourse you will also need a reliable source for some ammo...that can be difficult to come by.

    8. Thanks will look into it. Time is running out methinks. Will also check out flora guns. Have done 1 krav maga session another soon. Excellent. Thanks for suggestions. Helpful.

  10. Anonymous9:54 pm

    That racist sign of “Fuck the white people” will just be completely ignored by the black ANC “G" ive "A" "M" unt or (GAM) for short“ because it was obviously done by a person who is in support of the ANC black on white racist political cause. But had this same racist filth been directed at the blacks there would have been such a huge outcry from the blacks that it would have created an eruption of demands for justice and retribution for many days thereafter. The black racist paranoia has become so pitiful and pathetic that a white person dare not even wear a black garment anymore for fear of being accused of racism. For instance on the “breaking South African news” service yesterday morning I read about two young white female varsity students who went to a res party as "aliens" and who innocently painted their faces with purple body paint for greater effect. Low and behold they were accused of being white anti black racists and their expulsion was demanded as well as the removal of the present varsity officials. The female students have declared their innocence and stated that they never intended to offend anybody. They also sincerely apologized if they did do so. So tell me now WTF did they need to apologize for? Good God man since when was a painted purple face regarded as being black? But I guess only a mindless ignorant kaffir can answer that!

    1. Anonymous3:09 am

      The results of political correctness and 'liberalism' (which actually has nothing to do with classical liberalism which is pro-speech etc).

      Modern liberals have hijacked the term, creating a mix of state socialism, extreme feminism, cultural marxism, 'political correctness', anti-patriotism, anti-nationalism, pro illegal immigrants and a general attitude of suicide.

    2. Anonymous8:06 am

      "GAM ... G ive A M unt the name suites the black governments in Africa to a "T". I understand now why the yanks call them niggers. "Niga meena" ... "Give me ... Give me" has been their most favourite chant and demand from the first day that they could talk!

    3. Anonymous10:19 am

      Agreed and Racism is the first thing that they see emblazoned before their eyes every morning. It's so deeply inscribed with racial fantasy that their tiny minds have got no room for racial truth and reality.

    4. simple explanation- black kaffirs have a huge inferiority complex .Why for instance do the more enlightened kaffirs speak with white accents or straighten their frizz bong hair.Inferiority incites hate .That in a nut shell is the problem. Someone once said kaffirs are not a problem, because every problem has a solution. Beginning to ponder that assessment

  11. Anonymous10:08 pm

    White liberals don't only hate their own kind Mike they even hate themselves. They are completely fucked in the head.

  12. The laws that have been written around affirmative action and basic black economic empowerment are of course not racist!!! so fuck them too!!!

  13. Anonymous12:46 am

    Hey Mike, was re-reading your Pandora's box and cannot connect to the link on "denis verschoyle" in District 6. I tried searching UCT archives, but no luck. Am I being stupid, here, or are they hiding it?? Thanks.

    1. This was the original link. Looks like they might have removed it. Trying to hide the truth. http://www.lib.uct.ac.za/mss/index.php?html=/mss/newaids/BC1205.HTM&msscollid=402

    2. Anonymous8:57 am

      I checked the Internet Archive and they might have a copy of the original link. https://web.archive.org/web/20111020185830/http://www.lib.uct.ac.za/mss/index.php?html=/mss/newaids/BC1205.HTM&msscollid=402
      and it's also on Archive.is https://archive.is/KOVEV

    3. Anonymous1:14 am

      Thank you, both!!

  14. I heard on RSG this morning regarding people with "learning difficulties" that it has been established that a large percentage [I forget the exact figure] of the inhabitants of the Cape have IQ's of between 60 - 70. No prizes for guessing what species those belong to.

  15. Suidlanders have experienced a massive increase in membership since December which they ascribe to the increasing racial polarisation. Thanks to the Kaffirs' overt racist tactics it seems more and more Whites eyes are starting to open.

  16. Mr Mister1:36 am

    I'm a whitey and I'm also not offended at all. Wits should not remove the graffiti. I want the whole world, not just the white international students to see it. Where can we give those blacks some cans of spraypaint ?
    If any of you black Wits students are reading this, tell us exactly how you feel about us. Tell me to my face that you hate my guts and while you're at it, you can burn that university down to the ground as well.

    1. Mr Mister, I agree wholeheartedly with you. Let them demonstrate their hatred of us to the full. I don't give a shit. I want them to hate me because I despise them. Hate is too strong an emotion to be wasted on parasites, but that they are despicable, in every way, no one can deny. They stink. They are ugly. They are gross and everything other despicable thing one can think of.

    2. Anonymous3:49 am

      He wont say it to your face. He will say it in a big group where he can disappear as soon as the heat is on. Fucken coward nation.

  17. Anonymous3:49 am

    Since according to law the statement didn't incite any harm. Fuck the blacks

  18. Anonymous4:02 am

    Read on Times Live Wits says its "freedom of speech"....

    1. Anonymous6:16 am

      Ja! freedom of speech but only for the black kaffirs. If the graffiti had been against the blacks it would have been a huge racial calamity and a crime against their black so-called humanity. The "ANC Give A Munt" is a black dictatorship and a genocide factory. So the SA whites will never have any rights to freedom of speech at all while the black hypocrisy rules the country.

  19. The Kaffir coach of the U19 cricket squad says he's "mystified" by the team's poor performance. I wonder why? And, what doesn't mystify a Zot? For fuck sake, they have no grasp of the simplest things.

    1. Anonymous8:30 am


      Tomkat in my mind any white person who continues to play sport in this country is a traitor and I have mentioned - all traitors will be hung.

      How can any sane, rational person play sport for a country that hates him/her based on their skin colour?

      So they sell out their own identity, race, nationality for a gold medal? For some coin? Do we want people like this in our future Boer republics?

      I dont think so.

      I laugh when I see the cricket, the rugby will soon be the same.

      They mocked us about apartheid.
      They laugh at us now losing like we are.
      Whites in SA are the laughing stock of the world now.

      Maybe they are right, fuck whites for being so dumb.

      Next time we wont be so forgiving, this was a trial period.

      We must remember who gave who the vote in the first place. If we can offer it, we can take it back and some more.

      Anyone going to Brazil/South America soon?

      If so would like to order a few mosquito's from their Cuban cousins, apparently helps speed up the slow punctures.

  20. Replies
    1. Anonymous10:22 am

      Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant!

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Adrem2:29 pm

      Mitch, I understand your situation and suggest you sit down and take a deep breath. Whatever you decide to do in the end, do finish your degree at WITS, especially as you are in your final year. Looking for a job without a qualification makes it so much more difficult anywhere in the world.

      Discuss your plan to move to Europe with your parents. Legally you don't need to do this, but morally you should. After that, you should make a realistic master-plan and, in case that doesn't work out, a plan B. With a Dutch Passport you can, of course, go to Germany, stay with your friend and get a feel of things. With your University degree and a bit of luck, you may land an apprentice-type job but realize, that they speak German in Germany.

      Leave those political affinities you mention out of your plan, they have nothing to do with your efforts to getting your feet down in Europe. Instead, concentrate on making the best with what you can offer with what you may be offered over there.

      At 22, you have your life ahead of you. Plan and execute one thing at the time and then the next, according to your plan. Keep a cool head and believe in yourself. - I wish you all the luck you need.

    2. Anonymous4:58 am

      Adrem2:29 PM
      Very good advice to Mitch my mate! However European governments are also allowing blacks into their countries and even financially supporting them. Malema has already openly declared that the blacks will rule the world. At the moment that is only a dream but if things continue the way are now going on in Europe Milena's dream could quite easily become a realty. Read the "The Red Indian story" and personally I feel that he had the right answer. The sooner these black leeches are removed off the face of this earth the better it will be for the rest of us. But good luck anyway and may you have great success in your brave trek into the unknown future.

    3. Mitch.

      You were born and bred here Man. This is your country.

      You stay and you fight for your country. You stay and you protect your Parents. Carry on with your studies, we're going need your skills when the time comes.

      Yes Europe is a great, great place but their in the same shit that side. That once beautifull region is being raped by the sand niggers. You'll end up being a disposable foot soldier forced to fight for their agenda. Stay and fight with us.!.

      You see this little band of brothers here.?. There's plenty of us. And you know 1 thing..?.. When we're done with this place it's going to be Paradise man. Fucking Paradise I tell you.

      Ever wondered what the theme song for the Resistance would be.? Knock this one full blast.!!


    4. Anonymous3:03 pm

      La CosaNostra, I wont abandon this country. While Determination will get us going it's also important to think about how the state will subjugate with it's power. The police and armed forces are obvious tools of the state that they will most certainly utilize to remain in power.

      But i also believe they will use their cronies in State Owned Enterprises (such as water and power). they will starve us of resources if we rebel overtly. we need to be able to produce our own power for living as well as for industrial capacity to supply a rebellion adequately and covertly. Germany is a pioneering country in the renewable energy industry and this is the field i plan on trying to get into while on this trek. If i can open up supply lines of this kind of technology (maybe this is what seiner meant? or was he referring to specifically a weapon?). anyway, I can only see it as being helpful to the cause. perhaps one could even smuggle other goodies through these lines.


    5. You got a sharp on head on you Mate. And guts.

      To smuggle out of Europe into SA will be a job and half, but if you can pull it off it's all that matters. Glad to see you younger guys are up to date and got the balls to fight.

      Go for it..

  22. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Yes & Fuck Max du Preez, he is a white scum libtard.

  23. Anonymous8:42 pm

    Many moons ago a Red Indian brave in North America was out in the wilds hunting for game to feed his family. Suddenly he heard a movement in the brush close to him so he crouched down lower in the tall grass that surrounded him. Then he crawled closer and through the long blades and stems of grass he spied the darkest skinned human that he had ever seen. It was a Negro and he had heard about them but had never seen one of them before. The black man was squatting and busy answering a call of nature. The Red Indian brave rose from his place of concealment and raised his hand high in greeting “How! Greetings midnight“said the Red Indian brave in broken English and the startled Negro jumped up and then angrily shouted back at him “Who are you calling “midnight” you ignorant red savage? You ain’t so bad yourself because you’re about quarter to twelve”! The Red Indian brave immediately drew his bow string back and shot the Negro with an arrow. Thereafter in the sack cloth bag that was lying next to the Negro he found a stolen bottle of “white man’s fire water (whiskey) and a few other odds and ends. Later that night sitting around the campfire he related his story to the other braves. When he had finished his story one of the braves said “But you didn’t have to kill him just for saying that to you nor for the bottle of white man’s fire water”?! “No my friend replied the Red Indian brave … that wasn’t the reason that I killed him. I had no alternative because that black man would have willingly killed me for fear of having to part with one drop of that stolen bottle of white man’s fire water! I killed him because of his greed and his dishonesty. He was untrustworthy! For when I first approached him in greeting I noticed that he immediately looked down at the bag so I also did so. I caught a slight glimpse of the bottle of “fire water” in the bag. Later on when I checked the contents within the bag there was also a few odds and ends within it. I also found something else besides the “fire water” and more deadly than the “rattling viper … a fire stick”. He put his hand into that same sack cloth bag that was now lying beside him and from it he produced a gleaming fully loaded Smith and Wesson colt .45. “Now do you understand my friends I was left with no other option”! It was a case of either him or me and he’s now free to join his ancestors wherever that might be!

    1. Anonymous4:24 am

      A good story but here in South Africa that Red Indian fella is still an anti-black racist!

  24. Perhaps going from the frying pan into the fire. But your choice. Europe is f@#$ked anyway. Ww3 looms. At least get your family involved with the Suidlanders. They at least have a plan.

    1. Anonymous7:36 am

      What plan is that ?

    2. Mitch....check out the Suidlanders web page.

    3. Anonymous12:40 am

      A great plan.

    4. i subscribed to the sms system just last week. i haven't read up too much about them though. just they are in a sense, "prepping"

  25. ......on racism, hatred towards SA minorities https://www.afriforum.co.za/afriforum-invites-public-give-input-international-report-racism-hatred-towards-sa-minorities/

  26. Anonymous7:42 am

    When I take my dog for a walk during the week, I see so many white men at home, like me, unable to find work. That’s where I see “Fuck white people” in action.

  27. I am privileged for growing up as a white person for sure, in ways that I probably cant understand. But I am not going to listen to some guy tell me that I dont have financial worries about putting myself through University. It is something that is on my mind 24/7. This person is raging against privilege and does not realize that he has the privilege to say inflammatory things and people will debate whether or not what he said is Racism or not. If I were to put on a shirt with the converse of his slogan on it....There would be no debate, no conversation. Rightly so too. The best thing we can do with bigots like this is not debate them. Just ignore them. Make them go away.

    1. Anonymous12:37 am

      Your white privilege is simple to understand. You measure yourself against white DNA not black DNA or Idian or Chinese DNA. On the other hand the entire world want to m measure themselves against white DNA and this is where the problem comes in. Woman and men do not compete in sport against each other. Woman dna differs from man dna and thus it is only fare to compete in your own group. Roger Federer cant play tennis against Serena Williams. If he did it would be male privilege. Same goes for the 100 meters.. I would never try to compete against Bolt and you can argue that it in such a case black privilege exists. It is not the white race or white privilege that is the problem but instead the bar that all other races want to measure themselves against and when falling short they need to find an excuse for it. Retrospection is a very difficult concept thus the easiest way to validate something is to point fingers at external concepts. That is why the fingers are always pointing to the whitey instead of themselves. Example. Jan van Riebeeck is to blame for Eskom, poverty, infrastructure, violence, rapes, murder etc..

  28. Anonymous10:58 am

    I understand and share your seething resentment and anger. But in preparing for power, what is a responsible goal for the future? I’ve been thinking about this the past few months. I suggest a good government should strive for be the well-being of the Whole: People of all races, Animals, the Planet. All Life. That, I deduce, is the only way that it becomes possible to succeed.

    The government should not meddle with the people’s business in any way. (A primary example: I don’t care about race, but the ANC has made my Caucasian race a “problem”. Now I must either side with my race or betray my race. This is as a result of the government meddling in the people’s business, and creating what they fear.) No group should be put down or put on a pedestal. Do away with “political correctness”, which is: totalitarian “liberalism” — a self-defeating ideal for a fool’s paradise. Do away with “affirmative action”, which is weak and unproductive. Then, ultimately, everyone will benefit (if Eskom worked, wouldn’t all races be pleased?).

    I concur that people are all equal by virtue of having a soul. Let people be productive by applying their talents in the most suitable spheres of society. Whites have an innate drive to create order and perfect things. This is useful in the developing and running of successful systems — better, for all races, than a bankrupt, starving Zimbabwe. Everyone benefits (albeit to varying degrees).

    Other than assisting the needy to have basic comfort, the government should get out of the people’s way, and let them live their lives.

    I say we must have principles. If we White South Africans hold ourselves to a higher standard, then in the future we will succeed, and be honourable. Clearly the ANC is not honourable, to say the least. How can they have any pride? Clearly they have failed.

    There is no ideal solution. Not everybody can be on top. That’s a fool’s paradise. There is only a practical solution. And, I suggest, an honourable goal.

    1. Anonymous12:13 am

      Using the word equal when identifying subspecies(races) bothers me a bit. Nothing in this world is exactly equal, only similar to a degree. The word equal is a liberal phrase to to pull the wool over your eyes. A tiger, lion, cheetah and leopard are not equal to each other even though they can interbreed. They are a bit similar in the sense that they are sub species, but they are very different. The lion subspecies for example is the only species of the cat family that is sociable, in other words family(pack) orientated like wolfs, dogs, dolphins, and the orca-wale. All of the other cats are loners once adults. This is thus a major personality(dna) difference. In the human species it is the same. Some subspecies are more aggressive and others more peaceful just like a doberman differs from a golden-retriever. Some races are more domesticated, smarter, stronger, faster, tougher, weaker, bigger, smaller nomadic, hunter gatherers, creators.... It took thousands of years to breed a wolf to a domesticated Labrador. You can not domesticate it simply by telling it or teaching it because the genes in the dna needs to be manipulated over long periods of time. Us human subspecies were also separated for thousands of years from each other until recently. We can not throw our western culture on to another subspecies and think that that subspecies will change their dna overnight.( That is liberal ding dong religion. You do not throw a wolf and a domesticated dog in the same den and think they are going to be best buddies the next day. Same with us humans. Nature celebrates "Apartheid" in the wild and also lends beauty to this concept of differential.

    2. Anonymous6:18 am

      Yes, although I didn’t mean “equal” in the popular Totalitarian “Liberalism” sense. So, by: “Let people be productive by applying their talents in the most suitable spheres of society.” — I meant: there is a practical and natural need for social hierarchy. But, if unchecked, the master/slave dynamic can become evil. Recognizing spiritual equality balances it out, and removes any justification for being inhumane.

  29. Personally i think White people should stay out of these things from now on. Maybe if we just stop commenting, reacting etc (no matter how angry and frustrated these things make us). maybe just smile and carry on with our own struggle to just be able to live as happy as we can in this country... I get that we just want to point out how racist those T-Shirts are or how hateful those people are but frankly whenever we say anything its us who is in the wrong... Most of these people were not even apart of the apartheid but they hate anyway and blame us for everything. We have very little in this country cause everything is designed to help Black people yet we are still doing ok and haters will always hate. So lets stand together and stay out of these little childish spats. We know who and what is destroying this country... (no im not being racist) think about it! Crime, bad Government and corruption... But hey you still think white people are messing up the country then sure.. Carry on destroying statues, stealing, killing, hijacking etc. Blame white people all you want. White people PLEASE STAY OUT OF IT FROM NOW ON. maybe one day we can all look back and be proud at how we took all the blame and that we took it with dignity and respect for our fellow South Africans.