23 February 2016

Why SA has submarines

By Mike Smith

23rd of February 2016

There I was thinking we bought the 209 class Submarines from Germany for billions of Rands in order to protect our coastline and launch clandestine missions on foreign soil and maybe set off small teams of Special Forces Operators from 4-Recce at Langebaan to go blow up some refineries or locomotives in Angola or Mozambique.

Who would have thought that our subs are actually used to scare away the sharks in the rivers where people go for a swim.

They must have seriously dropped the standards of admission and training. What an embarrassment.

“When we have to communicate to people on the ground to make them understand why we need submarines, for for example, if…Can we take a risk of people going into the sea where the river by the sea is full of sharks? We can’t do that. Number one…The submarine he can provide a deterrence. For us to have the submarine…people, they globally understand that the South African Navy, or SA, SA, SAFrican in general…they know. They know their road. They know exactly why they do it.”


  1. Anonymous8:05 am


    If this is the best they have, then victory is already ours.

    The only thing that comes to mind is baboon.

    Seriously, victory is ours - this is the best they have! Lol, I can send Grade 8s to out think this thing.

    Ja how far we have come - these things are all fucking doff

    1. Anonymous8:36 pm

      Ja Boere Ninja my mate that's what this country has now become but I am sure you have overrated this arsehole by far. Personally I think that even a white grade 1 pupil would be able to out think this black uneducated hambone. I think a baboon would also be disgusted with you for even comparing it to this backward black ignoramus.

    2. Anonymous1:08 am


      In the bad old days I went to an AWB meeting
      THEY said EXACTLY what you are saying now

      I told them -- LOOK BEYOND THE IMMEDIATE
      Look for the hand of the puppet master ( who IS competent )

      What happened
      Shortly there after they all went storming off to BOP
      You know the rest
      The guys I spoke to were the ones that made the very gruesome headlines !
      Be VERY careful lest you make the SAME mistake !

  2. Anonymous8:25 am

    Apparently these subs are all out of commission anyway... and I wonder why ???? These guys are seriously out of their depth.

    1. Anonymous11:27 am

      I see what you said there... :D

    2. Nope, those subs are all commissioned. All three are in operation.

    3. All three SAN submarines have been commissioned. What do you mean out of commission?

  3. Adrem8:33 am

    Submarines as a shark deterrent - what next?

    Perhaps the Air Force as a mosquito deterrent, who knows. Once again, the mind just boggles....

    1. Anonymous11:47 am

      Hahahahaha.... I love a bit of humour! Thank you.

    2. So the Army must be an Ant-repellant. Wonder who will win?

  4. Anonymous8:41 am

    Wow he will be the head of the NAVY (5 rubber ducks) soon.

    Did not mention that there is only 1 left working, rest are in dry dock, someone stole the batteries.

    Please GOD let there be an uprising against this bunch of idiots.

    1. Anonymous10:48 am

      Soon, National Assembly just approved Expropriation Bill. Ready?

  5. Hahaha oh my word! This is who is "in charge?" Absolutely breathtakingly dumb. I'm sure think the libtards thought it a luvly speech and gave it a standing ovation.

  6. How the love the white colonial regalia.

  7. Anonymous8:53 am

    Ninja, yes, but do not ever underestimate any opponent, even when they are baboons. These baboons comes heavily funded by the communists.

    1. Anonymous11:09 am


      I agree, dealing with this lot very simple its who`s behind + funding them.

      They have big players including the west behind them. They have Russia, China, India & Britain - nearly half of the worlds population 3.4 billion against 4.5 million!

      But let us see how well they fair against the God of Israel - which is why I said, we are going to witness (in fact we are part of it) one of the largest mass (I hate to call it this) miracles and the world will be a witness to.

      How many empires have crumbled that were against Israel and yet today we can follow Israels footsteps out of Assyria, through the Caucuses, Georgia into Europe, out of Europe and into the world?

      The Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Assyrian's, Persia, Media, British empire - all mighty but all vanished and here we still are AMEN! That in itself is a miracle!

      This is more than a physical fight, this is a spiritual fight. If the white man falls in SA, he falls around the world - we saw how soon apartheid fell, now Europe is crumbling.... Why?

      Once upon a time all those European nations who once followed the light also had the same rules, except they were unwritten rules/apartheid - they just practised them. Then we found ourselves surrounded by non whites and had to implement it.

      Today they removed those rules along with Christianity - the end - Europe flooded, raped, Islam - You name the diseases they got it.

      If the whites fall here, truly I tell you it will be the end for all of them, perhaps the last domino in Africa but not the last domino in the world.

    2. Anonymous12:22 pm

      You saying something here, that I have a theory about.
      Now, I don't want to take over Mike's site with religious stuff that doesn't belong, but this has relevance.
      Interesting how different nations came together in Africa, and formed a total new culture.
      Also interesting that over time many have tried to wipe this Boer off the face of the earth. Even to this day.
      But why....???
      Revelations never mentions that their will be a rapture before the Tribulation period. People assume it, because God has always removed His people before pouring his wrath over earth.
      Siener said that people from Europe will come help us in our battle against the blacks.
      Just a shot in the dark, but what if.....
      We where sent here to develop this part of the world, for a safe haven for Christians during the tribulation period....????


    3. Anonymous12:16 am


      Put the blog back online and allow comments. That was a good blog.

      @Anonymous12:22 PM

      That has also struck me before. I think you are correct.

    4. Anonymous3:47 am

      @Anonymous12:16 AM

      What I will do with Mikes permission is in the comment section put something of relevance when I see it.

      This way I am practicing what I am preaching which is unity. A blog here, a blog there doesnt unite us - there is only one message - Unity and a vierkleur flying above us again.

      We might not all agree on everything but we all agree that we need our own nation and we want die vierkleur flying from the Cape to the equator.

      We are in the final months, by the time the new site gets indexed or found again it will be too late.

      I will post here in the comment section what I see that way those who visit here can see it with their eyes.

      I dont want to at the same time take away from Mikes blog. We might have different ideas but all our aims, aspirations on this site are the same.

      Why not then have one place where all can see Mikes content & then I point in the comment section to what I see going on in relation to Sieners visions along with what I have seen.

      As mentioned, I feel If I put that site up and begin discussing what I saw in Jan then I feel like I will be speaking from a different spirit, a spirit of boastfulness, I dont want to say more than what I have seen - then it is from someone else or something else.

      The trouble I saw starting with the black on black, factional violence I saw in JHB, It is either Soweto or Alexander - one of those. It involved the EFF, Zulus and ANC.

      At this stage the EFF/ANC will have gotten our people down, very down in terms of attacking us - not in the flesh but making us despondent and then they turn on each other.

      The Indians want to take control of Africa, their race is against China. They think they will have the same position as the white man in SA. Those funding the blacks will see the blacks drop their weapons as the Taliban abandon the US.

      A puppet can never fight like a nation that has no strings. All those foreign puppet master nations control the strings of the blacks but it is our Lord which is our master.

      The enemy only thinks he has the stomach to fight because at this point in time we are not fighting back but when we begin to fight back - he soon loses his stomach and confusion comes over him.

      That confusion can only come from a united Afrikaner / Boerevolk nation, a united white nation and our fight is not just for South Africa NO NO this fight we fight believe it or not is for Europe and the other Christian nations which need a strong nation to look up to.

      This nation is being made strong in spirit as a testament for the world to bring them back - you will see.

      My faith was so restored from what I saw that it took me to my knees. Outnumbered we are but we are just tools in a much greater battle that has already been won.

      Unite, come as one, arm, train, prepare in spirit, mind and body.

    5. Anonymous5:05 am

      *** The Indians want to take control of Africa, their race is against China. They think they will have the same position as the white man in SA ***

      That is spot on and this is why I think that BRICS was a waste as India and China both have their eyes on Southern Africa for themselves. The blacks just dont see it yet, but the reality is that be it Whites, Indian or Chinese. The blacks are dead weight either way that nobody wants.

      *** A puppet can never fight like a nation that has no strings. ***

      True again as the puppet has been pacified to sit back and only do as they are told. They are the hands and not the brains. There lays the advantage in how it has been setup.

      *** The enemy only thinks he has the stomach to fight because at this point in time we are not fighting back**

      True again. The interesting thing would be the reaction once a push back begins. They should like Siener said start falling over themselves and fighting with each other. Maybe that is part of "die groot verskiking".

      The guy who commented above said something interesting which I read somewhere before. This guy reasoned that Africa is backward because God wants it to be backward that is why God gave it to the blacks. Nobody would ever want to fight over a shithole except those who live in it. Maybe there is a method in the madness.

    6. Ninja, you more than welcome brother to send me articles and I will load them up as individual articles on my blog if you want. The spiritual aspect is vital.

    7. Anonymous10:57 am

      *** The enemy only thinks he has the stomach to fight because at this point in time we are not fighting back**

      True again. The interesting thing would be the reaction once a push back begins. They should like Siener said start falling over themselves and fighting with each other. Maybe that is part of "die groot verskiking".

      I think the biggest surprise will be when they realise that our ex SADF troops were not fighting them during the township violence, but merely acting as support to the police. Boy o boy. I can just imagine the afrikaner unshackled, giving them a taste of what SWAPO and the Cubans experienced during the border war!

    8. Anonymous7:20 am

      what SWAPO and the Cubans experienced during the border war!

      Strangely SWAPO are the governing party in Namibia
      Cubans are busy fixing the SANDF vehicles in Bloemfontein

      You make the fundamental mistake of thinking that military battles decide the political fate ?

      BIG mistake !

  8. Anonymous8:54 am

    OMW. That is just shocking

  9. Anonymous9:30 am

    Appointed by ? let me guess ..... eleventy .... maths fundi Moron Leedah of SA SAfrica.

    1. Andrea2:51 am

      Oh excellent, thank you, however please note it is not eleventy, it is seVEnty!

  10. Anonymous9:35 am

    Probably the same as this appointment.

  11. Pity the sharks cannot watch this genius . Would enter into shark folklore for generations...

  12. Anonymous10:26 am

    Thank you for the 'translation'. I could not understand any one word of the audio. And this is a 'Commander'? gees!!! - the mind boggles.

  13. Anonymous10:46 am

    "There are more planes in the sea,than submarines in the sky"
    So said Air Force head nigger.

  14. Anonymous10:48 am

    Hey where are you now shaka? Please explain this african logic to us whiteys? Vaalpens

    1. Anonymous1:32 pm

      Anon 10:46

      Shaka, he is busy wekking , wekking towards the destruction of a once first world to a dungeon of crime hatred and nothingness. A place where you get murdered for a cellphone or a pack of cigarettes or mostly because you are white, a place where Satan looks after his children! 😁 a place where the Prez sings "kill the Boer" and bring me my machine gun to kill the Boer, no matter that when Boer is dead you blacks will STARVE! The time has come!!! And so be it ...! IDIOT FOOLS?

  15. Anonymous11:59 am

    Hahahahaaaahaaaa haaaahaaaaaaa fokkit ek moes nou eers die trane afvee.we will always have cognitive ability/reasoning and our intelligence on our side and they their IQ67.Al that they are good for is n shovel..

  16. Anonymous12:22 pm

    Some of the South African Air Force's (SAAF) planes were stolen and put in museums, which is why there were not enough planes for pilots to get their wings, Defence Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula said on Tuesday.

    "We have a problem," she said in response to a question to the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) on why SAAF pilots were being sent to Russia and Cuba to train.

    "Sometimes these young people train and they run short of flying hours before they can get their wings," explained Mapisa-Nqakula. "We can't give them those flying hours because there are no aircraft," she said.

    The minister said that if the government buys them people start "screaming" about buying aircraft. "So you are damned if you do, and damned if you don't," she said.

    "I tell you that some of the aircraft were taken by some of the people who left the Air Force and they belong to them in their museum.

    "Actually it started ages ago and some of the people stole some of the assets of the people and left with them. So when you talk about shortages it has to do with the fact that some of the assets were stolen," Mapisa-Nqakula said.

    Get our planes back

    But, in spite of this, none of the SAAF flying schools were closed.

    Economic Freedom Fighters NCOP member, Leigh-Ann Mathys, urged her to go and get them back and said the EFF would support the government in this.

    "We must bring our stolen stuff back. If people stole our equipment we must go and get it back. Just like our land."

    In January 2005, three people were arrested at the SA National Military History museum in Saxonwold, Johannesburg for being in possession of equipment suspected to be stolen, or used without permission.

    They were released after the prosecution declined to proceed.

    According to DefenceWeb, in 2005 a Ratel military vehicle was confiscated from the museum on suspicion of being there illegally, but it was handed back last year.

    1. How does one simply steal a plane or a ratel? It's not like you can carry it out under your raincoat past security. How are these machines managed by the military that they don't even know it's stolen until it's too late?
      No more KFC and pap for the SAAF!

    2. Andrea2:59 am

      Yes, minister, I have one of your stuff parked in front of my gate, please send your best qualified pilot to collect.

  17. Anonymous12:30 pm

    Guys I think it is safe to say now once and for all: Don't worry anymore about anything. This can only be a really really bad dream. I cant wait to wake up...please can someone just pour a bucket of ice water over me already...

  18. This version is more complete - and more completely hilarious!

    1. Anonymous8:55 pm

      I wouldn't waste my time looking it up skilpad my mate that uneducated kaffir already said enough to show me that he is a complete IDIOT! Thanks for the extra info though and I will forward it on to my friends abroad who still can't understand why we had Apartheid.

  19. I seriously think the Zimbabwean navy would beat the South African Navy if they had a war...

  20. Anonymous7:24 pm

    Slightly OT but put Jeremy Cronin on our list for his part in the land expropriation bill that is for all intents and purposes through. Look everyone apes and subs and racists and falling statues while we can take your land and basically everything you own.

    Now whitey, we will take everything from you and we did not even break our own laws. Nothing you fuckers can do now but kiss our commie asses and hope and pray we give you scraps from the table. Oh and before we forget, you still owe us money for your property we own now suckers. Hey whitey, we own YOU now.

    1. Anonymous2:27 am


  21. Comparison: Teaching a dog to use Skype

  22. WTF? BWHAHAHA! We must be the laughing stock of the world. It would be funny if it was said in a joke. But seriously? And stolen aircraft? This is a circus and we know who the ringmaster is.... oh wait no, onety one is the clown.....

  23. As someone may have said..Attack now!!! Victory is ours!

  24. Anonymous10:01 pm

    Feed them with Red Bull,that will give them wings,cheaper than a trip to Cuba.

  25. Anonymous10:03 pm

    Dont know how many of yous are connected and in groups.

    Just an idee but i am sure there are already people doing this.

    Check your area use google maps print if you need to. Identify all military bases, police stations, sexurity headcaurters and weapon manufacturers as well as weapon shops in your area.

    This info might come handy shortly.

  26. I can see that our Boers and other numb nuts think that these black folk are a joke, you people think that you are going to open the safe the out your hunting rifle and win a war. Boy I am so glad that I will be fighting my own war. You firstly make the mistake of letting your enemy know your emotions and you display a verbalise your hatred. Secondly you feed him what he needs to win against you. He uses your hatred against you and thirdly you attack him with a verbal assault for losing weapons of superiority in a war. Understand this these blacks have no place for you in SA as a white you're just a stumbling block to their goal. Why don't you numbnuts try using a bit of counter propaganda and become a third force on its own, when they lose an aircraft tell them its ok, they didn't need it anyway the white can be defeated without it. When the batteries get lost for the sub reassure them that its ok their is no need for marine patrols as the white will only be using the sea to leave. I ask the question to you wise sages, how the F would you arm yourself in a civil war if these squatters had mobile and active sub's in the water and airworthy fighter craft in the air? Believe me you will not get your arms overland as all our neighbours hate white as much as our own blacks hate us. Time to start fighting an intelligent war, your verbal abuse only let your enemy know what page you're on. And another thing is the creator of the universe and all within does not take sides, so quote all the bible you want, it will not win this war.

    1. Anonymous12:06 am

      Okay Mr genius

      If you think there is still time to win a propaganda war then you are the dumb nut.

      "He uses your hatred against you and thirdly you attack him with a verbal assault for losing weapons of superiority in a war"

      He does not need our hatred he's got enough of it. You show him love he burns your baby with a hot Iron and rapes your wife in front of you before smashing your scull open with a blunt panga.

      You sound like a liberal trying to come around but finding it difficult.

      If you believe in the Creator and have studied his book you will know that in fact He does take sides. Dont be an idiot. Inform yourself before you make dumb statements and call others dumb.

      We know what we are up against and who hates us and what not. We did not come to the party now recently like the liberals who are starting to panic. We have been here for decades.

      We are well aware of how many whites are going to be slaughtered but i assure you it will mostly be the ones who want to hold "intelligent" dialog and propaganda wars with them.

      They only understand one language and that language is physical.

      If you dont know their nature go and study it. It is not skindeep. It is mental, physical psychological and cultural. It is like asking a lion to be a lone tiger in the jungles of India or for tigers to start forming social packs like lions.

      You can go and play mind games with them if you want but anybody with a little commonsense knows what is about to go down here in SA and it is going to be ugly.

    2. Anonymous12:08 am

      I can see the enemy already have you on their side. They using you to divide us even further.
      I said in another article, lets find common ground. We need to put our differences aside, and start accepting each others mistakes. The MSM and traitors have got many of us thinking and demanding his own way of doing things.
      That's why they got a country without even firing a single shot.
      Time for us to regroup, not fight amongst ourselves.
      That is the only way. Divided we fall.


    3. Funny. God always seems to be on the side of the best soldiers.

      LTMA...You are right as far as showing emotions and verbalizing is concerned, but you also make a mistake. Never credit your enemy with a win he hasn't earned yet.

      Believe me; you are not as smart as you think you are. It is a common mistake most people make. They can only see as far as their own intelligence allows them to and think others cannot see further either. They forget that there are many people far cleverer than them.

      So stop criticizing guys (numbnuts) with hunting rifles if that is all they have. Remember how Queen Victoria also underestimated those Numbnuts with hunting rifles.

      At least it is something to start with. There are millions of AK47’s, R4’s, R5’s etc in Africa. Hunting rifles might be the start, but it is only a means to an end. It is just ONE resource. Personally, it is one I don’t even consider.

      What is the use of me spraying a bit of lead and getting rid of 10, 20 of the enemy? Your biggest resource is the brain. Now start thinking about all those white doctors, engineers, mechanics, electricians, telecom technicians, IT specialists, etc out there and think what they all can do WITHOUT any guns. Then you are moving about on my level of thinking. I think about 10,000 or 20,000 at a time. Every day. Don’t tell me it cannot be done, because I know it can. History is full of such instances.

      Go and do a study. Guns are so ineffective when it comes to mass elimination of the enemy that I don’t even consider it. There are far better ways. The Communists like Mao, Stalin, Mengistu, etc. proved that the quickest, most efficient and most effective way is through mass starvation. There are many other methods of which none involves guns. I won’t discuss them here. It is for me to know and them to find out.

      I will tell you this much…if you think the next war in SA is going to be the same as the Boer War or the same as the Angolan Bush War, then you are going to see your arse. I don’t care how good you think you are or how well trained you are. You can be a damn Recce for all I care. If you are not prepared for the right fight, you are going to lose. You don’t fight Mike Tyson in the ring; You beat him at chess. Guns might be the be-all and end-all to you. It certainly is not to me.

    4. Anonymous1:04 am

      Amen Mike
      I mentioned the stats on rounds expanded to actual KIA's ( thousands to ONE )
      A lesson on Stalingrad
      Personally I think Iraq , Beirut Yugoslavia , Korea
      Actually -- Mad Max , Terminator and ZOMBIE movies. ( because starvation makes a person like a Zombie ! )

    5. Whatever you think you know, you've still a lot to learn. Guns will not win this war but a gun will control it. You think your doctors and lawyer are going to be around when the bang goes off think again. You will not chemically treat this enemy and you will not starve him out. He is a survival machine and he will come back at you every time until he is annihilated. I have experienced this enemy in Africa he lives by the gun and eats shit for breakfast, lunch and supper and his hatred for you is his energy. Believe me his war is the gun and his goal is to now you down. If you think he is coming to your clinic to get treated think again and if you believe he needs your food think again. His backers have him stacked and packed with medicine and suppliers and what he hasn't got he will kill you to get. I never overestimate my enemy but I take nothing away from him either. You white boys think you so clever, you're not because from 1988 to date these boys have smarted you, shat on you and their bums with you. Have you ever face these tribes when they in war mode, they do not give a damn because if one drops there are 5 to fill the gap. You think we are coming down to clever war, when we get there its basic WF. Look around you at the last Twenty years of conflict over the world, the fight has run to the streets and into the hills.I will name a few, Bosnia, Somalia,Iraq, Afghanistan Sudan, Rwanda more recently Egypt and Libya the big boys drop bombs but they do not tempt fake by grounding it with their foe. You believe that we as a nation of whites will rise up as one and that somebody like Souter and Eugene will magically appear and puff the black away, not going to happen mate. We were left to rot from 88 and then 94 made it official. Now if you want to fight your antagonist, revert to the good old ways but t do not tell him you're coming, let him know when it to late. I gather that your practical experience is minimal to nil, youre not fighting the blacks here, you're fight their backers and nations with and interest in what they gain from the black's victory. Why are the Koreans, Chinese, Russians, Indians not talking to white people for business? Let me answer for you. We are not as easily swung by the bribe, we do not have the numbers to make a difference and in the end we will not give our country away for a slice of pie. Mate no disrespect intended with the numbnuts we are on the same side we just have totally different experiences to call on and to write off the gun in the future would be a mistake.

    6. Please excuse the grammatical errors as touch screen is my enemy. The words that come out wrong are mow, Wouter, and one more. You have a brain work out what should be there.

    7. Anonymous2:15 am

      @ LTMA

      You are wrong about everything you said in your post, except for the wise sages part. Very kind of you, now go fight your own war and and enjoy the rainbows and unicorns

    8. Anonymous2:24 am

      So without weapons and financing we are screwed?
      Face it boys, the white tribe in Southern Africa has been sold down the river up for total extinction.

    9. I meant to add, god is not always on the side of the best soldiers and stop believing that, let's look at it when the Marines were carrotted in Somalia, where was their god, when they went into Iraq And Afghanistan and took losses beyond what their training should have allowed where was their god. You think and believe that their is only a christian god, wake up! Smell yourcoffee , its cold and has a milk skin turning white. The creator does not choose, the best trained and most determined soldier wins , there is only one god in war and that is the god of war that says be meaner, be angier, be fitter, be ready, be winning. God does not give a shit weather you win or lose god gave you life and left you to live it within the order that is set. He will not come and strike down yourfoe because he created you the same way he created them. Get off the god mission and become the beast you were created to be. Where was god when the Simba, Mau Mau, Fapla,ZANU, Zipru, frelimo and hoardes of other were hacking his missionaries to bits and pegging their remains on stakes? I don't for one minute believe that your god will choose a side for he created all. I quote for you " the more you sweat in training the less you bleed in war" that is what a good soldier is and what he has on his side.

    10. @LTMA...I am not writing off guns. I am just not overly relient on them, because when you are, you stop relying on your brain.

      Look at what General Lothar von Trotha did with the Hereros in South West Africa. Chased them into the desert. Sent soldiers ahead and ambushed them at all the water holes. Today they want to cry about a genocide after picking a fight with the White man. Besides, these Hereros all had guns, provided to them by a Swede. Nevertheless, we will see how much shit they can eat and drink in the desert...The Sahara that is.

      There are other examples as well. Deir Yassin, Sabra and Shatila...

      Just don't rely on too many past experiences and what worked in the past. The Prussians made that mistake against Napoleon. He ran rings arround them, because they didn't know the new style of warfare.

      It was the same in the UFC. The Gracies dominated because they used a style of fighting nobody was familiar with.

    11. Merited and noted.

    12. If I am dividing you so easily then it won't take long to roll you up, I am proud of myself that my methods have worked so well. Now you boytjies with your B&C and hot coals, warm arse and loose mouths, mouthing off about the K and your 308s can huddle down and set up the next tactic and see if you will be able to stop the next infiltration into your ranks. If you fight like you talk then I would say you stand a chance, but if you fight like you protect your flanks then boys pack up and go home.

    13. Anonymous3:19 am

      LTMA and Mike. You guys are both right. A combination of new tactics and tried and tested muscle tactics is what can bring victory. What is important is that we do not divide ourselves into "old school" and "new school". This is going to be an ugly battle, it will be the most unique battle ever fought on African soil. We need all the brains and braun we can muster. The oke with the hunting rifle is as important as the oke with the chemical engineering degree and the oke with the boep who can hack the enemies systems. We all have our place and purpose in the coming mayhem. Divided we fall, United we stand. Even the moody hormonal woman who continually bitches about everything will save many a soldiers gunshot wounds with her over supply of tampons. Get real guys and stop pissing on each others legs. This isn't a dick swinging contest, this war whore will require all our dicks if we intent to fuck her to death, even Mr Tiny in the corner there.

    14. In war-time, even if all the odds are stacked against us, with only hunting rifles and hand made weapons, we must fight as strategically as possible in the given circumstances and area. Life should not be lost because of underestimating the enemy, like LTMA said. When it comes to ground combat - because they are greater in numbers and have more resources and weapons, the strategy should be to divide and scatter them into smaller manageable groups. Whatever weapons they have should be taken and used against them.

      In my opinion, it is completely possible to break up a group of 100 soldiers and defeating them with a group of 10. Im no war expert but I do believe that you do have the upper hand if you have the element of surprise. It's all about how you assess and use your area to your advantage and knowing their battle plan, cutting off their supplies and communication. Now if there were a hundred of these little battles, thats already 10 000 enemy casualties, plus a whole lot of extra weapons to be put to good use. Sure, it will take a lot more than ten thousand to derail the enemy but, it will give us the psychological upper hand. A few beat many.

      Anyways, it is against my principles to think that we are doomed and that we will just be slaughtered. If thats the case, then fine, but at least die trying rather than sitting back and thinking of how greatly outnumbered we are and that we have no backup from elsewhere.

    15. Anonymous5:08 am

      @LTMA If you are an atheist its fine. My problem is when you attack or look down or think other people are dumb for being religious.

      I am the only one with my religion that i have ever met eye to eye apart from my father who i last saw when I was 7. He died. I believe my religion to be the true religion( Abrahamic Hebrew ) but so do all other worshipers of different faiths and I dont go around trying to push my believes down other people's throat either.

      I dont go around calling them dumb nor do i attack atheists. What you believe or not is up to you and i respect it.

      Just a thought .. Would "God" protect the soldiers that invaded Iraq if the invasion was orchestrated and funded by the devil?

      You talk about the bigger picture and the people behind the scenes the so called puppet-masters. Arnt they the ones picking American presidents for decades now?

      You dont need to be an atheist to be a vicious monster killing machine in battle. The most vicious monsters in history were also the most religious.

      Being religious doesnt make you a fag it amplify your reason for and ability to battle and we all know what morale means when it comes to battle.

      Instead of discrediting the strategy of how we wish to save our buts here in SA rather contribute or implement your tactics.

      Our biggest battle at the moment is not the war that is looming but to recruit, recruit, recruit, inform prepare and recruit some more other wise the war will not only be our biggest battle it would a slaughter house.

      My point is take hands regardless of your stand on religion and battle tactics. WE NEED THE NUMBERS FIRST

    16. Anonymous5:25 am

      @Heinrich Westphal4:09 AM

      Very true. Scatter them, let a flash bomb go off among them - drop them with drones - today we can fight completely different use drones.

      They are only brave in groups of 20+, more like 50.

      3-4 white soldiers if armed, prepared, trained can take on 20-30 - When this lot hear bangs or explosions it does more to them than us.

      They cant handle pressure like us, they cant think straight with no pressure, then how will they think under pressure - they outnumber us but they have always outnumbered us from the start.

      Perhaps we should invest in ultra high frequency bomb making sound devices. That will scare the living shits out of this lot with all their superstition and get some holographic camera/equipment.

      Then we can project the Tokoloshi going into battle against them - They have those things out there, Cisco has a device which can project anything like this.

      We need a few, we unleash the tokolosh on them - they will run up to Zimbabwe so fast and knowing how superstitious this lot are the entire continent will back up and move across the Congo river.

    17. Hey chaps, I am not attacking your religion but I am not going to agree with a creator choosing sides. No way my friend. I ask you if you have 2 sons that get into a fight with one another do you choose one over the other? Why would god choose one tribe over the other. Wait for it, Judaism is not the oldest religion known to man so where was the god you pray to before the Jews labelled him. I am asking. I know that the Phoenicians and Egyptians and Hindus practiced religion long before El shadai was heard of. My point is why did your god not destroy those pagans? All I am saying is let's rather believe in our ability to win than believe that your god will win for us. Your FFs won BR only because they prepared properly and fought like demons. Had they not it would have been the precursor to Isandlwana.

    18. Anonymous9:38 am

      LTMA .. Okay we can stop on the religolious stuff for a bit but you ask where my Creator was..

      Just to get something straight in my religion He created animals and beasts(non Adamic creatures) call them what ever tribes you like before he created Adam in His image. So no, other tribes dont fit the bil.

      If you know what Adam means in Hebrew then you will know where i am comming from.

      Then you will also understan why he chooses one tribe over another because only one tribe he created in his image.

      All other tribes are beasts or mixed Adamic/beasts.

    19. Anonymous9:39 am

      This should answer the 2 son question as well

  27. Anonymous12:34 am

    Please guys out there - does anybody know what happened to this blogger and as to whether he is up and running some where else.
    He was shut down a while ago...... sienervanrensburgpredictions.wordpress.com

    1. Anonymous6:41 am

      Boere Ninja is the author. he took it down

    2. Anonymous1:58 am

      Thanks Anon 6:41. At least he is still active on Mikes blog....

  28. https://www.facebook.com/rudie.rousseau1/videos/1027019857365866/

    1. Anonymous2:53 am

      Funny that you should post that link Tomkat, I had just watched this one:

      Silent cry of the Boer


    2. Good vid. Need more of this.

    3. Thanks Anon 2:53 and, Donycero, I agree. We need to make our nation proud of their heritage again and stop them from letting the IQ67's fuck them around. Enough is enough. These kaffirs have overstepped the mark totally now.

  29. One thing that I fail to understand is the fact that you cannot see that the commander cannot go all out and tell civilians on National television what submarines are used for. You will only understand when you join the navy because there is certain information which should be withheld from the public about certain military equipments. As a commander you cannot tell the media about military secrets about how submarines are used for spying as well as performing secret missions.We are all grow men here and we know better that the commander was using some tricks to escape from that question which might rather compromise his oath he took about safeguarding military secrecy.

    1. So he was bullshitting. He is even pathetic at that too. So when last did the the SAS Manthatisi Crash into the quayside or had her electrical System blown up, by one of you incompetent idiots in Simons Town?

      Remind us again who was the black commander who nosedived the SAS Queen Modjaji into the seabed?

      How many of your MEKO class frigates are opperational? Last time I checked you only had enough staff for one. The other three were laid up.

    2. Anonymous4:50 am

      Fuck off! His dumb as nuts! Point.

    3. Anonymous5:16 am

      Sello Puo2:40 AM
      Well if it is an excuse to safeguard ANC military secrets then it is the biggest and best load of utter bullshit that they have vomited out so far. With idiots in power and even more idiots trying to take over and get into power this country is going down at breakneck speed. Those dumb words he spewed out were an insult even to the minimal intelligence of a complete mindless lunatic! What's going to be the next load of crap on the ANC's agenda???!!!

    4. It seems as if we are now playing too much of race cards here. I am neither an ANC supporter nor its member and so I am not interested in cheap racial politics. What I want to advance is that in the military you need to watch what comes out of your mouth. You surely don't have to be loose in terms of the interviews you make in public because you might sell out some vital information to the agents. So, now imagine you are in the navy and someone pose this question to you. What would you have answered? Tell me would you go all out to tell civilians that you use submarines to do dirty jobs. Subs perform clandeatine operations of high degree which are in cooperation with special forces missions. Would you tell people that it is what submarines do? Come on, I know well that what that commander has done is an insult but that does not mean he really does not know what submarines are used for. He attended courses for that matter. However, I will plead with you to stop playing race cards because South Africa belongs to all of us as black and white even though it seems not to be evident. I thank you.

    5. Anonymous11:36 am

      Cheap race politics like BEE and AA and land grabs? This country was built up to 1st world standard by old whitey, them blacks came to whitey, out bred whitey, and out voted whitey. Now whitey is not welcome anymore? Change roles and see the animosity.

    6. Funny that most people already have a good idea what you use a submarine for (not hunting sharks).

    7. When are we going to stop brandishing a swastika flag of polarising society and start reasoning with our head? Let us stop reasoning with our hearts, colour, etc, like what our ancestors who planted this seed of animosity among us used to do. None of the races of SA has done it any good. One race was in power in the past and they started widening the gap between the rich and the poor and not only between black and white but to some whites as well who were powerless. Moreover, they went as far as projecting power to its neighboring countries until they ended up in a ring with Cuba in Angola to what we call Bushwar. A war that caused them to misuse state resources for 23 years until they realised they cannot sustain it financially any longer. That's why today we end up with a situation that we have majority of blacks living in slums, some few whites who were powerless living in delapidated houses in the outskirts of the town and the rich living in affluent suburbs. They are as well guilty for creating this imbalance of development in society. Now, let us come to the ANC government. They came to power promising some change of reversing the imbalances created by the former regime. However, many of them were so hungry such that they couldn't wait to feed those that they represent and instead they filled up their stomach first and only share the remnants with the rest. Now, what we are only left with is incompetence everywhere. Now who to blame when the house is falling? Do we blame those who started building the house from the start, perhaps they couldn't dig the foundation deeper enough to stand the future upgrades of the house. Perhaps, they were so selfish that they built it only to accommodate themselves. That's why I am saying that we are all guilty for the dark cloud that befell this country and in particular our ancestors are to be blamed.They are responsible for planting this seed of animosity among black and white. Black pot calling kettle black.

    8. Anonymous12:15 am

      Sello make peace with it, black and white can and will never live together in harmony. The gap is just too great. The little experiment is over now. Go with peace.

    9. We can live together in harmony if we want to. Only if we can defeat what our ancestors have planted inside us. Supposedly, they are all burning in hell and that's where we are also heading to unless we change. I know it might look impossible in our eyes but believe me this is just only a hatred we have inherited from our parents, for the bible says we shall perish because of the wickedness of our parents. If we can only seek the face of God and stop listening to those who are servants of Satan. Who wouldn't love peace but sought after wickedness. We shall all prevail over evil and we shall surely overcome. I really envied the British after visiting London last year. Seeing how they live in harmony as black and white without separation really strucked me deeper. They all look clean, happy and are all enjoying good life. That's a kind of South Africa we must achieve but that will be difficult though because we are still all see our ancestors as heroes and we are not prepared to make a compromise. I thank you.

    10. See Sello Puo...This is the problem I have with you Kaffirs. Why do you always want to live in harmony with us, even when we want fuckall to do with you? Hey? During Apartheid you always wanted to come to our beaches, you always wanted to sit on our benches. We never wanted to be near to yours. Don’t get me wrong. It is not the colour of your skin.
      Maybe it is because of their abominable practices under the excuse of “It’s my kultcha”, that is the cause. Practices such as Lobola (buying multiple wives with cows) or uKuthwala (old men raping young girls to make them their wives) or Ulwaluko (circumcision of boys with dirty blunt knives causing gangrene and their penises to rot off) or Ukweshwama (a bull being tortured and killed with bare hands by boys to prove they are men) or maybe it is Muti killings (human organs, genitals, fingers, tongues cut out of living children and sold for medicine) that causes the despising.

      Maybe it is superstitious beliefs like the Tokoloshe or forefather worship animism

      Or maybe it is simply the way they react at a party (especially when there is a buffet) or on the beach.

      Or maybe it is just their utter slowness, lazyness and incompetence observed daily at work and especially at government institutions such as the Department of Home Affairs.

      Maybe it is just the observations you make when you stand in the queue at an ATM or in the queue at a Pick & Pay.
      Maybe it is like Malema says…because they prefer to live like rats amongst their own garbage and filth that one notices when driving past a township. It could even be that they smell funny.

      Maybe it is their violent nature or their entitlement culture, their victim mentality and always blaming whites for their failures. Maybe it is their corrupt and thieving nature and their propensity to destroy and ruin everything including a once prosperous first world country.

      There are many reasons, all rectifiable, but whatever the reasons are that whites despise blacks…You will notice that not once did I mention it is because of the colour of their skin.

    11. Mr Smith, I really understand your anger and hatred towards blacks. But the question would be how do you come to the land of your hosts and decides that you will have nothing to do with them? If we go in history we will understand that the first day when a white man set his foot in Africa he found all those fatish pratices you mentioned above and he decided willingly to settle with them. I respect a Chinese and an Indian today because despite the invasion of whites in their land they never at any occasion decided to denounce their cultural practices. They hold on to them in high regard even to this day. I now would like to take you back to the days of my scholarship in Ireland. There was one book which I have read about how the Israelis took advantage of Afrikaners because of the hatred they had with their black counterpart. They (Israelis) also had the same similar historical conflict with the palestines that we know about from the bible. They now studied this hatred that Afrikaners had over blacks and used it to their advantage to ship all the money South Africa made from its minerals to build their country. They surely came with something they knew would excite apartheid leaders and that was weapon programme to keep them safe from what they called "Kaffir" convincing them that they must give them money in exchange of transfer of technology to make weapons. They shipped all the money to build Israel, perhaps the money that could have been used to make blacks to look beautiful and stop their fettish cults. Money is what makes people to look desirable and I mean I have met many rich black people overseas who many white South Africans would only dream to be like them. When you look at them you wouldn't even notice their blackness. Many have even white women but I don't mean that to show you are not a racist you should start paying black and white under your skirt or trouser. Israel has now created their own historical conflict in Africa where whites would brand blacks as "kaffir". Surely the tribe of Juda among the Jew came to an extinct the very moment Christ was hang to the cross and now is all with us. It is no longer just God of Israel, He is for all of us. Idolatry never started with Africans, it descended among children of Israel and they continued practising it throughout their way to Canaan, even when they were with Moses, the one who could directly speak with God. I am an African yet I have seen the light and I am not practising any of those because I have accepted Christ. I believe that there could have been many of us if only people who came over the shores were not swayed by the love of money as do what they came here for. They brought along the bible to spread the gospel but they saw the golden stone they took up arms and butchered one another in an Anglo-Boer war. Now who to blame because your anger will not do us any good. What about our ancestors?

    12. Sello your comment is full of factual errors.
      First of all, when the whites arrived in SA they found Khoi-San people. You fucking lot were nowhere to be seen, because you were still migrating down the east coast from Uganda area. Study the history and the language of the Bantu and see where you lot are originally from. You kaffirs are NOT indigenous to South Africa. The first time the whites met the Bantu was on the banks of the Fish River, 120 years after they landed in the Cape and 1000km’s east of Cape Town. Get your facts straight.
      Further I just told you I don’t hate Kaffirs. It would be like hating a fly. He cannot help for what he is. Like a fly, when he gets annoying he needs to be slapped, but you don’t hate him.
      From almost the same time my people came into contact with your people, they decided to separate themselves from these heathen practices of the Kaffir. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to change any of your cultural practices. Please slaughter your goats in your backyard. Drink from Puza Thursday to Monday morning. Shag your AIDS infested sluts behind your Khaya. Carry on by all means. It is your right to practice your culture.
      However. It is also my right to practice my culture. My culture and religion is totally incompatible with yours. So I am leaving you alone. Please leave me alone. Stay in your place and I will stay in mine.
      You know fuckall about Isrrael or the God of Israel. You believe in ancestor ghosts and Tokoloshes. Carry on. Don’t pretend to be a Christian. You are a heathen. The Bible says I should separate from you as far as possible and have absolutely nothing to do with you or your kind. I exercise my constitutional right to practice my religion. Practice yours.

    13. Mr Smith, I now truly can see that proganda has corrupted your mind. What you are asserting to about the history of the Bantu people, I have passed through it and it has been proved to be a lie. Bantus have always inhabited Southern Africa long before the advent of the white man in Africa. Some propagandists took advantage of the fact that Africans never write their history in records by claiming that they descended from the North. That is terribly untrue, that's why in Europe they will teach you the correct history of Africa and archaeologists have also proved this rumour to be wrong through the artifacts they discovered throughout history. Do you even know that the first white man to arrive in Africa is not even JVR and he met black Bantu people with cattle. So, I know that you are one of the victims of that propaganda from those who wanted to justify their atrocities.So, just like the bible says the truth shall set you free and it shall surely set you free. By the time you start realising the mistakes made by our ancestors the better you shall be free. Go and visit libraries and you shall know the truth that Bantu people have inhabited Southern Africa from many centuries ago. I hope that God will save you from the pool of anger and hatred you find yourself in. Make peace with yourself. I thank you.

    14. You see Sello you just don’t get it. I don’t care where you studied in Ireland or wherever. I don’t care which books you have read or any. I don’t care for your KAK historical beliefs. I don’t care what cultural practices you have or whether you think you are a Christian. It doesn’t change anything about my beliefs. I still don’t want to have anything to do with you. I am not a liberal. I am not going to pretend I like you. At least with me you know where you stand. You on your side and I on mine. That is the only way there can be peace between us. I practice my constitutional right to freedom of association. I don’t want to associate with you. Now… Suka. Hamba wena.

    15. Anonymous4:58 am

      We know from Bushman paintings and their locations that blacks have historically never been part of Southern Africa. If we go back even further we can see that the Phoenicians had been in Southern Africa long before any black face was to be found. We know that from not only their ships that had been found in and around Cape Town but also from the Bushman paintings themselves.

    16. Now, you see it is just a poof that your anger is exploded by what they planted inside of you. Christisnity does not have colour or race and I know that what they have taught you was that Christians are white people. Well first let me provide you with an American source to prove to you that Bantus have lived in Africa for about 1400 years but in Europe they taught me they have live here since 300BC.


      Now you must stop what you are doing because Satan is using you. God said we must preach love and not hatred and now whose side are you in? You and Malema are not different. The chain of hatred has end by your generation and you have to break it in the name of Jesus. I am not that kind that will be taught that Jesus was white for I know that the original Jews never looked anything like what you see today. They had brownish skin like brass. Even though they had long hair but was more like a wool. We all shall die someday and we shall know the truth. I thank you

    17. @Sello: See Sello, where the Bible talks about “Nations” it comes from the original Greek word “Ethnos”, actually meaning “Race” and is where we get the word “Ethnic” from. God specifically instructs us to separate from you unbelieving, animistic Kaffirs.

      See, you serve Satan, because Satan wants to undo everything God has done. That is why you support multiculturalism.

      Mathew 24:32
      “And before him shall be gathered all nations (races): and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats”.

      2 Corinthians 6: 14-17
      “Do not be unequally yoked with unbelievers (Kaffirs). For what partnership has righteousness with lawlessness? Or what fellowship has light with darkness? What accord has Christ with Belial? Or what portion does a believer share with an unbeliever? What agreement has the temple of God with idols? For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, “I will make my dwelling among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people. Therefore go out from their midst, and be separate from them, says the Lord, and touch no unclean thing; then I will welcome you”

      Daniel 2:43
      “As you saw the iron mixed with soft clay, so they will mix with one another in marriage, but they will not hold together, just as iron does not mix with clay.”

      Deuteronomy 7:3
      “You shall not intermarry with them, giving your daughters to their sons or taking their daughters for your sons.”

    18. Anonymous8:15 am

      Sello, please do not try and use our religion against us, the Church has been brainwashing us for the past 25 years already, we have heard it all and seen it all. Your religion lies have no power anymore. Try something else maybe?

    19. Anonymous8:48 am

      Almeida sailed for Portugal in December 1509 and reached Table Bay near the Cape of Good Hope, where the Garcia, Belém and Santa Cruz dropped anchor late February 1510, to replenish water. There they encountered the local indigenous people the Khoikhoi. It is here the Admiral committed his greatest sin, one which he would pay for with the lives of his men and his own. After friendly trade with the Khoikhoi some of the crew visited their nearby village where they tried to steal some of the locals' cattle. Almeida allowed his captains Pedro and Jorge Barreto to return to the village on the morning of March 1, 1510.[5] The village's cattle herd was raided with the loss of one man, while Almeida awaited his men some distance from the beach. As the flagship's master Diogo d'Unhos moved the landing boats to the watering point, the Portuguese were left without a retreat. The Khoikhoi sensed the opportunity for an attack, during which Almeida and 64 of his men perished, including 11 of his captains. Almeida's body was recovered the same afternoon and buried on the shore front of the current Cape Town


      Check the listed references from the footnotes

      The story thickens
      ( This should appeal to the mad Ninja )

      Stein remembered too that, as Almeida, he had been wounded in the siege of Moorish Granada when it fell to the Spanish in 1492. During this campaign he recuperated in the house of a Muslim nobleman who, subsequently, gave him an unknown Aristotelian treatise about the secret properties of nature. After being nurtured back to health, Almeida left Granada with this precious book and a mysterious pearl, also a gift. The latter was apparently an alchemical reliquary. Though bound by oath to submit such things to the Order, he made them available to the German alchemist Basilius Valentinus. For this act of ‘betrayal’, the Order issued an unofficial request for Almeida’s execution.


    20. Anonymous8:53 am


      Rather try this interpretation


    21. Anonymous9:51 am

      Sello, just for you, for you see it is you that teaches the doctrine of Balaam and thus doing satan's work.

      Deuteronomy 14:2 "For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God, and the LORD hath chosen thee to be a peculiar people unto himself, above all the nations that are upon the earth."

      Exodus 33:16 "So shall we be separated, I and all of Thy people, from all the people that are upon the face of the earth."

      Deuteronomy 7:3 "Neither shalt thou make marriages with them: thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son."

      Joshua 23:12-13 "if ye do in any wise go back and cleave unto the remnant of these nations, even these that remain among you, and shall make marriage with them and go in unto them and they unto you: know for a certainty that they shall be snares and traps unto you and scourges in your sides and thorns in your eyes, until ye perish off from this good land which the Lord your God has given you."

      Ezra 9:2 "For they have taken of their daughters for themselves, and for their sons: so that the HOLY SEED have MIXED themselves with the people of those lands: yea, the hand of the princes and rulers hath been chief in this TRESPASS."

      Nehemiah 9:2 "And the seed of Israel separated themselves from all STRANGERS and stood and confessed their sins, and the iniquities of their fathers."

      Note: "Strangers" above in Nehemiah 9:2 is from Strong's Hebrew word #5236, "nekar", meaning "a foreigner" or an "alien".

      Nehemiah 13:3 "Now it came to pass, when they had heard the law, that they separated from Israel all the MIXED multitude."

      Hosea 5:7 "They have dealt treacherously against YAHWEH: for they have begotten STRANGE children:"

      Note: The word "strange" from Hosea 5:7 is from Strong's Hebrew word #2114, "zuwr", meaning "a foreigner".

      Deuteronomy 23:2 "A bastard shall not enter into the congregation of the Lord, even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the Lord."

      Note: The word "bastard" above in Deuteronomy 23:2 is from Strong's Hebrew word #4464, "mamzer", which is defined as "a mongrel" or person of mixed-race.


    22. Mr Anonymous who said Christianity is a religion of white man? The true Jews, are not white.The true Jews of Jesus times were not white. So you also adopted Christianity like others.

    23. Anonymous1:21 pm

      The Israelites were white my man.
      The same fight that started between the seed of Eve and the seed of the serpant (in Hebrew Nakash) meaning enchanter, is still raging today.

      Incidentally the Hebrew word for seed as referenced above is ZEHRA and it means not plant seed, but OFFSPRING.

      Adam's name in Hebrew literally means to show blood in the face. Can blacks blush?
      Here see for yourself.

      The bible does nt say anywhere that the world is 6,000 years old. No it only says that the world was created over six days, BUT the word day is translted from the Hebrew word YOM and it also means ERA. The world was created over of millions of years and the Hebrew bible does not disagee with this.

      The bible does however say that Adam was only created 6,000 years ago. Logically this means that Adam was not the first man.
      Here is a link to a study that I did that lays this out.

      Incidentally science has proven that blue eyes and white skin was only formed at the same time of Adam's creation.

      Adam was the first white man.
      Blacks are preadamites and evolved from beasts.


    24. @Anonymous. Those are the lies that they always teach you that ancient Hebrews are white.

      I have met many Hebrews in Europe who confirmed to me that indeed ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Hebrews were black. Go and make that research.


    25. @Anonymous, Adam was not white and your meaning was taken from a sentence that accidentally happened to have Adam in between. Adam according to the Hebrew bible means The one who was made from the earth (dust). Look at the earth? Does it look anything like white? Nope. That's why many scientists believe that in the beginning everyone was black and some people started changing colour and looks as a result of acclimatising to the environment.

      The world is 6000 years according to God's time. Remember thousands years is like a day before God. Amen.

    26. @Anonymous, I don't know whether you will accept this, that scientists revealed that first Europeans were black.


    27. @Anonymous- you must go down in shame after reading this.


    28. Anonymous10:44 pm

      Adam's name means to show blood in the face. To blush pink/red.

      Sorry buddy. Adam was a white man.


      The link above is proof of this. It is the HEBREW CONCORDANCE and it gives us the meaning of Hebrew words used in the bible.

      You can deny the truth, but you cannot debunk it. So can make up meanings for Adam's name, but you cannot debunk the REAL meaning of his name.

      You link above actually proves my point. The Adamites were created about 6,000 years ago. Before that time only darkies were around and yes some of them might have been living in Europe.

      Incidentally the word "MAN" in the Bible was translated from the Hebrew word Adam.

      Adam means to be ruddy.

      HUMAN = HUE = Colour
      MAN = ADAM = RUDDY

      Human basically means "man of ruddy complexion"

      This is why you are not human.


    29. Anonymous10:47 pm


      Atheist scientists are struggling to understand the origin of the first whites, because they do not take into consideration the creation of Adam that hapened only 6,000 years ago.

      Check you Bible. God creates man on the 6 day. He then rests. AFTER HE HAD RESTED, on the 8th day (Gen2) does he create Adam and Eve.

    30. Bwahahaha… @Anonymous. White supremacists have really succeeded in corrupting your mind, that's why Europeans now believe that white supremacists have really done an immense damage to the bible and Christianity at large.

      Do you know in every language there are many words which have dual meaning? For eg, in my language which is Sesotho "Nama" can mean two different things. When used as a noun it means "meat" and used as a verb it means "to relax" because it literally means to stretch your legs. On Afrikaans you can use the word "maal" to refer to multiplication and also to mean craziness. Afrikaans has millions of such words. Now, let us come to Adam the name that was derived from Adamah (earth). Coincidentally this name also meant to show red in Hebrew. Now white supremacist chose to use the latter to deceive people into believing that whites are only people who decent from Adam. They also coined a new concept of Adamic race and preadamic race which still today remains unproven and unscientific. All of that rains a hypothesis because it cannot be proven. The bible says "God created human beings in his own image (Genesis 26-28).

      Now, whites during the time of ancient Hebrews were gentiles, the Greeks and the Romans. They were well built and they conquered both Israel and Egypt. They subjected them to their law and destroyed their every heritage and even their book which was the bible and they westernised it, so that they would look superior to other races. Both ancient Israelites and Egyptians were black and only today we turn to see them being painted with white faces. An Egyptian president once said that the Hebrews left Israel long ago as blacks and now they return as whites, that is why they will never find peace.

    31. No you dumb fuck. "Maal" does mean multiplication, but "crazy" is "Mal" WITH ONE A...

      "Craziness" is "Maligheid".

      Another meaning for "Maal" is "meal" in English or "Isidlo" in isiZulu.

      Forget your pseudo Bible history.

      So you are a Sotho. Why don't you tell us why Thaba Bosiu was called “The Mountain of the night”.

      Tell us how Shaka Zulu chased your lot into the mountains and how the Sothos reached the mountain during the night after a terrible march during which, Moshoeshoe’s uncle, Peete, was captured and eaten by cannibals...Your people.

    32. Forgive my mistake dummy.

      Maal- number of times, eg een maal, twee maal, etc.

      Maal as in Maalvleis, meaning ground meat or mince.

      You see there are many of such words in any language.

      You and your folks are the ones who are spreading pseudo bible stories here by saying that God is a white man. You white supremacist.

    33. You tell us how the English chased you and subjected all of you to the concentration camps with your young dying.

    34. Ja...You put the "Homo" in "Homonym".


      As in "You bow down to the white baas".

      or as in

      "The white baas shoots you with a bow and arrow"

      or as in

      "The white baas ties a rope around your neck like a bow before he hangs you from the nearest tree."

    35. Anonymous10:07 am

      Sello says the following: "Now, let us come to Adam the name that was derived from Adamah (earth). Coincidentally this name also meant to show red in Hebrew."

      This is a lie.
      Here is the link to the Hebrew Strong's Concordance and the root meaning of Adam's name is Strong's letter H119

      and this is what it means
      " to show blood (in the face), i.e. flush or turn rosy:--be (dyed, made) red (ruddy)"


      You do realise that God himself named Adam, thus Adam was not named after anything. In fact the bible is clear that Adam named everything else, so yes, Adam named the earth after himself.

      checkmate. hehehe


    36. So, Adam was also named after the blood or red colour with witch he named as well. What name came first? Adam, Blood or Red. You will never succeed if you want to advance white supremacist agenda. They have failed permanently.

    37. You see Sello you just don’t get it. You believe we are “White Supremacists”.
      Now here is an extract from Wikipedia on what “White supremacy is”: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_supremacy
      “White supremacy or white supremacism is a form of racism centered upon the belief, and promotion of the belief, that white people are superior in certain characteristics, traits, and attributes to people of other racial backgrounds and that therefore white people should politically, economically and socially rule non-white people.”
      See? That last line where it says that it is a belief that , “white people should politically, economically and socially rule non-white people” is where I have a problem and why I am not a “White Supremacist”, because I do not want to dominate you or rule over you in any way and neither do I want to be dominated or ruled by you in any way. I want to be ruled by my own people. With you lot, I want absolutely fuckall to do. The further you stay away from me the better. Fuckoff back to the trees of the equator where you lot climbed down from.
      Maybe it hasn’t sunken in by you yet. I don’t care what you think of us. We don’t care what you think of yourself. We don’t care if you are superior to us in basketball and 100m sprinting or whether we are better at maths and science. Fact is we want NOTHING to do with you.
      Maybe you don’t know what the difference between White supremacist and White SEPERATIST is. Also do not confuse white separatism with segregation. Segregation is what we had under Apartheid where people have separate amenities in daily life such as separate beaches, separate toilets, etc.
      Separatism means you have your own country where you rule yourself and we have our own country where we rule ourselves. In such a country there cannot be any racial discrimination. There cannot be any domination of one race by another. It is what I dubbed, “Axenic Apartheid”.
      Here, go educate yourself on what “Axenic” means.

  30. hahaha...with these blacks in charge, I put my money squarely on the sharks. I also think people should stop comparing blacks to baboons. Really people, it is insulting to the baboons. Baboons are proud and intelligent animals. Blacks can only be compared to blacks, because there is really nothing in nature as fucked-up as blacks.

    1. Anonymous4:44 am

      Right on mate!

    2. God created man in different colour of skin. Now if you despise blacks you surely are fighting the creator and He will surely pay in full. For He said before Him we are all equal, so, there is no President or King or even black or white. People are made what we don't like because of other people. They are made to behave in a manner we dislike because of the system.

    3. @Sello Puo...You are right. Dispising blacks is wrong, because they cannot help for what they are. We simply choose to have nothing to do with them.

    4. Anonymous5:00 am

      God create man in his image. *** Note image *** We know that Adam turned red when he blushed so he was white. What colour do blacks turn when they blush?

    5. Anonymous11:29 pm


      Blacks in the bible are referred to as beasts of the field.

      Who are the "beasts" who have hands and are associated with man in a different relationship than the four-footed domestic animals? These "beasts" were to put on sackcloth, petition God for mercy and turn from unrighteous practices. In other words, they were creatures who were morally responsible to God and could be judged or rewarded accordingly.



  31. I cant stop laughing at this one.


  32. This brings me back to the arsehole I referred to as Kaptein Caprivi reincarnated who had such a high opinion of the SANDF that he reckoned the SF & Para Bn's would give us a hard time. What's the doos have to say now, I wonder? How the fuck are the SANDF even arrive at the battle? They can't sail, they can't drive and they sure as shit can't fly. Ah, of course, like a kaffir they will be late! And when they do arrive it's our job to ensure they are really late; as in dead!

  33. Parkwood. Robbing store destroying owners BMW


  34. Anonymous6:09 am

    At least your naval Commander Bezuidenhout is allowed to SPEAK! In the US we discourage our Affirmative Action prodigies from public speaking until their criminal activities are surfaced by the media.

    Regards, Besoeker

  35. Port Elizabeth violence begins.


    1. I hope next time he carries a gun or at least a knife and fight back.

  36. SHAKA,SHAKA! You priceless prince of darkest Africa, where are you? Shit sakes! Boy! I suppose you're sitting on your arse behind the bush doing nothing again. I hev bein wettingg for you oll dey, why hev you diserted me.Come and get clever with the white bass and tell him the story of your sinking boats thet swim with the sharks.