22 February 2016

What does it take for the Boers to fight back?

By Mike Smith

23rd of February 2016

Since the start of 2016 we have seen a relentless anti-white campaign launched by the ANC and supported by their poletzno idiots and apparatchiks in the media and academic institutions.

Afrikaans must go at all Afrikaans universities and make space for the satanic descendants of Ham. Slogans such as “Fuck white people” and “Kill all whites” are spray-painted on walls and T-shirts all over campuses.

Blacks at the universities are openly admitting that an extreme hatred of whites are fuelling the protests and the Communist Minister of Higher Education is not only nowhere to be seen and his silence deafening, he is actively fanning the flames of racial hatred against whites.

For the most part, the white students haven’t done anything about it.

That was until last night at an intervarsity Rugby match between the Port Elizabeth Madibaz playing the Freestate Shimlas at the Bloemfontein Campus.

Eighteen minutes into the game, Black university workers, dressed in EFF attire, stormed onto the field to protest and attack the players. The players hit back and within seconds hundreds of University of the Freestate supporters, mostly whites, stormed onto the field kicked and punched the protesting black workers and sent them scrambling for dear life. Play could only resume 50 min later. Shimlas won 46-19.

What took the boertjies so long?

See...you can take the boer’s language away and kaferize all his universities. You can swear at a Boer and even call for his killing through slogans everywhere. You can scold him for being a “racist”, etc...He will do absolutely nothing...But, NEVER, EVER come between a Boer and his Rugby. Then you will have war.

People just don’t know what Rugby means to a Boer. So allow me to explain.

I am a Boer descendant. My great, great granduncle was Jopie Fourie. My one grandfather was named after a Boer general. I visit the Voortrekker monument, a temple the Boers erected to their God, regularly and even have pictures of it hanging in my living room. It is to me a constant reminder of the covenant my people made with their God on that fateful day of 16 December 1838.

As far as I know, only one other nation, Israel, ever made a covenant with God.

I also remember the heroic people, who when their countries were threatened by the overwhelming odds of the British Empire, never hesitated to take up arms and defend their birthright, because they knew their God was with them. That is one half of it and whenever I think about the Boers, that is what I think about.

But in 1995 I saw a different Boer. A Boer who sold out his God and his birthright for a new god...Rugby.

When the reincarnation of Pontius Pilate came in the form of F.W. de Klerk and put the Volk before a choice, “Do you want to exist as a Christian nation, or shall I free the murderer Mandela so you can play Rugby?”...The nation almost unanimously shouted out, “Crucify Christ and Free Mandela!”

As the country burned down around them, the Boers were sitting five o’clock in the morning, beer in the hand in front of the box, watching Kepler Wessels swinging his willow stick against the Aussies.

Came 1995 the Volk cheered and had tears in their eyes when their new hero Francois Pienaar climbed onto the podium with their murdering saint Mandela and raised the William Webb Ellis Cup above his head. Forgotten was their covenant with their God of 16 December...Now they worshipped at the feet of Rugby. The murderer Mandela and their enemies were their friends.

The Boers seem to have forgotten that seventy years after the crucifixion of Christ, Jerusalem was razed to the ground.

Today as their country is burning around them, their universities being destroyed, their history criminalised and their language banned, all you hear from the Boers is a wailing and gnashing of teeth. You almost feel sorry for them and almost want to join them in sackcloth and ashes as their women are being raped, their children killed and their elderly tortured, but weep for them not, for they still have their beers to sooth the pain and their god Rugby to worship.


  1. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Mike, the boers at a rugby gathering are "hardebaarde" while most academics at univarsities are softies. I agree with you that rugby means just about all to the boers but in this case i think they realy got gatvol.

    1. Gatvol? You call that "Gatvol"?

      I tell you what...The day I see 80,000 whites screaming in front of the Union Buildings instead of screaming for their team at Loftus is when I will believe the Boere are "Gatvol".

      Every time Praag or FN try to organise a protest in Jhb or Pta they are lucky if they get 800 together.

      Either they are doing something wrong or the people are just not "gatvol" enough.

    2. Ek stem saam, dink nie dit was 'n geval van vals god wat aangeval word nie, ek dink net die week se gebeure en nog meer die jaar se gebeure is besig om ons glase vol te maak en 'n glas wat vol is loop oor. In elk geval die feit dat ons begin saamstaan gaan verskeie oogwimpers lig, gisteraand was 'n vernedering vir die vyand en ek is van mening dat hul gaan terugslaan om wraak te neem. Daarom in die toekoms gaan hul verdryf word na die ewenaar.

    3. Anonymous12:21 am

      I believe the boers are gathering at Loftus as we speak. They have arranged to meet there everyday starting today at 9:30.

      I believe this was a spur of the moment announcement made yesterday by FN so lets see how many pitch.

    4. Anonymous1:14 am

      Mike, these days a 'big' crowd at Loftus is no more than a 1000 people. Nobody watches rugby anymore.

    5. Anonymous2:43 am

      Whites cannot just be bribed for a bag of groceries or cash to go and protest as they have bonds and bills to pay- they have to WORK not wek. That what you call usury (slavery) Responsibility and accountabilty are something that b!acks don't have. So that is why we don't march, because we have to work!

    6. Anonymous9:37 am

      Well boet for a few days let's all gather in hundreds of thousands and fuck paying bills getting groceries and fuck worrying about bonds a few days is all we need to start and show the evil weak kaffirs we mean business and are now fed up and gatvol. We always have excuses hey. And for now fuck rugby people. Or is it way way too late.

  2. Anonymous11:18 pm

    Last night the white folks and rugby players at a varsity rugby match in Bloemfontein physically put a band of black protesters to flight when they arrived and started their protest shit at the game. Now lectures have been suspended there for two days. On this morning’s ECR news the blacks are stoning cars in Spine road in Durban. Yes folks the mad communist Malema and his EFF scum are definitely increasing their efforts to create chaos and the ANC is just ignorantly looking on with blank eyes and too paralyzed to stop them. The only thing that puts any sense into a kaffirs ignorant skull is a hollow point between their eyes.

    1. Anonymous9:40 am

      Correct. Hollow point and go on the offence not defence. Again I say is it too late. Fuck rugby.

    2. Anonymous11:01 pm

      Wow.... Afrikaans people are the most bloodthirsty uncivilized barbarians who cant even speak English and who were and still are very much colonised by the Brits. YOU GUYS SUCK and you will be kicked out of this land FOREVER . All u do here is complain and cry ur white tears but there is this thing called KARMA

      and KARMA will have it that you all will have bullets between your eyes the same way you have put bullets in Black people.

      THE GOD OF THE UNIVERSE, who is the GOD OF THIS WORLD, WHO IS THE GOD OF ISAAC ABRAHAM AND JACOB whom u claim to worship - is watching. And avenges all. Hence black people don't need to even stampede and punch whites in the faces . Shame on u all. CANT U SEE u are a bunch of BLOODTHURSTY SATANISTS.


    3. Anonymous11:02 pm

      however I'm gathering all this information for a thesis I am doing. AND I WILL BE QUOTING U WORD FOR WORD and ALL UR RACIST STUPID GARBAGE will be exposed for the world to see.


    4. Jeez, you seem psycho. You need help. Quoting the Bible and all...Doesn't it say in the Bible you should love your enemies and turn the other cheek? Why don't you?

      But if you only have love for your own race
      Then you only leave space to discriminate
      And to discriminate only generates hate
      And when you hate then you're bound to get irate, yeah

      Madness is what you demonstrate
      And that's exactly how anger works and operates
      Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight
      Take control of your mind and meditate
      Let your soul gravitate to the love, y'all, y'all

      People killin', people dyin'
      Children hurt

  3. Anonymous11:29 pm

    True Mike only when something extreamly terrible happens will we come together and fight. But it looks as if that is fast approuching. Vaalpens

  4. I have long held the view that there are insurmountable differences between the balck and white races.. Unlike whites, coloured, Indians and other Asian races getting on just fine, the IQ and cultural gap is just too large between "them" and "us". There are people like my (distant, thank the Gods) namesake Gillian Schutte that have tried to prove me wrong...the reality is demonstrated all over the world in black on white hatered. We dont like them and they dont like us. I despise their inhumanity.

    1. I don't know why Gillian retained her Rhodesian father's surname seeing that he drank himself to death before he was fifty. The family then pulled in with their cousins in a caravan park in Wynberg where they played with coloureds regularly. That is where she picked up all her coloured swear words. She is nothing but white trash. Daddy once took the kids to the zoo and lit a cigarette which he then fed to a chimp. Poor chimp put the cigarette in his mouth the wrong way around and burned himself terribly. Needless to say the kids freaked out. Maybe that is why she hates white men today and loves chimps.

    2. If she was my daughter, I would have drank myself to death.

    3. I read some scientific news recently which says that Black people share more genes with the Benoba apes that they do with European race! Amazing!

    4. You know where Europe is right? This is Africa, the black man's land.You are just butthurt because we are taking back whats rightfully ours.

  5. Anonymous11:33 pm

    Never has such true words been spoken Mike. It is such a sad reality.We are a Godless and pittyful white nation.

    1. Anonymous11:43 pm

      Speak for yourself asshole.

    2. Anonymous12:07 am

      You dont think its true?Whites stand by as EVERYTHING is taken from them.We dont speak we dont voice our disgust...only on Ozzie,Mike Smith and a few others sites do some people have the courage.And I am an asshole..?

    3. Anonymous12:19 am

      "We are a Godless..." That qualifies as speak for yourself, what an asshole thing to say. That is the worst thing you can say.

    4. Hey!!!You are on the same side. Stop fighting each other. Focus on the enemy.

    5. Anonymous12:41 am

      Aye Mike!

    6. Anonymous4:12 am

      Ja, staan tog SAAM mense! Kom nou!

    7. Anonymous9:56 am

      What ever happened to week saam manne net soos een man. That's the problem with the whites always stabbing each other in the back. Fuck the liberals English and afrikaners but we with common vision and common sense please let's united and work as one. Damn it.

  6. Anonymous11:44 pm


    This is slightly off topic, but please read this article on the betrayal of South Africa and then think of the plane with the billions of rands on board that landed in South Africa. The places all fit...Germany.


  7. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Thank for all your insightful writing I enjoy all that you have to say.I wish more people would read your blog.
    Just for interest sake , When do you predict a full scale revolution/mass murder/ genocide call what you will take place? This year or the next.Your personal thoughts

    1. I don't see it lasting till next year? I reckon the local guvvermunt elections are going to be crunch-time.

  8. Here is another link.https://www.facebook.com/pieter.strauss/posts/1055007591209479?fref=nf

    The munt punches a girl in the face then runs away. Fucking cowards i tel you. This all happened at the gate before the fight on the field.

    1. He hit that girl twice with the fist. Why did they let him go? They should have kicked seven kinds of shit out of him.

    2. He needs to be put down. I am so gatvol of these cowards. Wish i could have been there.

      Now thy wont show this shit on sabc news but all the news sites are full of the poor protesters that got the shit kicked out of them by the bad white racists and the university condemning the assault on the protesters.

      The liberals running these universities are lower in my eyes than the munts who can not control themselves.

  9. Anonymous12:18 am

    I am very proud to see this uprise under the whites happening, VERY proud, it is about time. The tables are turning, I feel it within me, it is happening. It is war.

    1. Anonymous11:14 am

      They were fighting for their messiah. Rugby messiah..

  10. Varsity violence and others.


  11. Anonymous12:56 am

    Please excuse me for being off topic, but I do not know this and so I am asking for the future, if murder is sin according to the Bible (which I accept), what about killing your enemy in war (which we are headed to)? I want to be able to kill with a clear conscious.

    1. You can do whatever you want in life ..even kill as long as you do not break the 10 commandments then it becomes murder. It becomes dark something evil. You will know if your intention is dark.

      David was the creator's blue eyed boy and David killed more people with his own hands then most.

    2. You can kill with a clear concience my friend.

      As long as you are afraid of hurting someone you will be killed yourself. You go into 'beast mode' and you annihilate. You don't stop and you don't give the Mother Fuckers discount.

      They are a Godless people. You do not spare them.!

    3. There is somewhat of a difference between murder and war. You are defending your morals and values against an enemy that is threatening to destroy your culture and civilisation. Don't ever let it bother you, Bud, pull the trigger with a clear conscience and rejoice.

    4. When the Bible says, ”thou shalt not kill”, it is translated wrong. “Thou shalt not MURDER.”

      Killing in war is not murder. Even David killed tens of thousands in battle and was praised by God. It was only when he murdered Uriah, the husband of Bathsheba that he got into trouble with God.

      Jesus himself said in Mathew 10:34. “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

      And in Luke 22:36: “But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.”

    5. Anonymous3:06 am


      1st who are you killing?
      I said go look where these blacks come from, they are from Ham, a curse on earth.

      Canaanites, Phutites God told Israel which the Afrikaner nation are part of to wipe out these people!

      Why do you think we have these problems in this country.

      The aborigines in Aus come from Northern Africa, Cush mixed with Arabs - The Ozzies not knowing in my mind what they were doing were more obedient to the law than the Boere who was so into his bible.

    6. Anonymous3:47 am

      Anon 12.56
      use your Bible as your reference my friend not man's interpretation. There is no justifiable reason to kill someone. Our father sees/is in control of every sparrow that falls. Read the Words of our Messiah in Matthew 5. Read the chapter over and over with prayer until you get it. Remember when Y'Shua was captured and Peter took his sword and cut of the soldiers ear - what was Y'Shua's response? There is of course a deeper meaning to this verse ...for some other time.

      Theses thugs want to provoke a reaction from the whites. Then they will go all out. Don't fall for it. Do you really think that the Almighty is sitting on a couch somewhere just watching and waiting for us to react? Humble yourself and pray my friend - then He will heal the land.

      I am always amazed when so called believers remember select verses from the 'old testament' but seem to be blind to many others including 'remember the Sabbath' - keep it set-apart (holy).

      Faith Walker

    7. Anonymous4:21 am

      Thank you 1:39, 1:54, 2:00 and Mike. I am a white girl, busy arming myself.

    8. Anonymous5:01 am

      Sorry 3:47, only saw your message now, thank you, also noted.

    9. Dear White Girl, good for you, but do take proficiency lessons. Anon 3:47 - Faith Walker's is all good and well, but God gave us the intelligence and capability to defend ourselves. We can all sit and pray while the savages behead us and then ask God why He didn't prevent it. His answer will likely be, "How many more lifeboats did I need to send for you to help save yourself?"
      Misplaced faith is nothing but stupidity and ignorance. Ask the dead missionaries throughout Africa if prayers alone were enough.

    10. Faith walker.

      I have a lot of respect for what you stand for but that advice is not accurate mate.

      You telling me that us Christians must just sit back and be murdered and bless the kaffirs who are doing this.?

      Lets say you come to a situation where a women is being raped and her children murdered. Will you just stand there and quote scriptures to the kaffirs hoping they will stop.?

      Nee pel. Jy maak n groot fout.!!

      If thats the case tell Israel to lay down their weapons and accept Islam and stop protecting themselves.

    11. Anon 4:21. You go do that. And you pray that God protects you battle.

    12. The Bible is full of people who did what they had to do to save their people.
      Read Judges 4 and you will see how a housewife named Jael killed Sisera the cruel oppressor of the Israelites. Sisera oppressed them for 20 years. When they defeated his army and he fled to her tent, she made him comfortable and while he was asleep she knocked a tent peg through his temple killing him instantly. The prophetess Deborah sang a song to her praise and God blessed her and the Israelites with 40 years of peace.

      In the book of Judith in the Catholic Bible you can read about the beautiful widow Judith whose home town of Bethulia was about to be destroyed by the Assyrian General Holofernes. Judith put a short skirt, some make-up and high heels on (Ok not quite), and was allowed into his tent and made him drunk at a banquet. Once he passed out she decapitated him and took his head to the Israelites in a sack who chased the Assyrians away and plundered their camp for three months. God blessed her and she was honoured throughout the land and lived until she was 105. All her days, Israel had peace and was never terrorized again.

      Read Judges 3 and how the young left-handed Ehud called a private meeting with the fat king Eglon who oppressed the Israelites. When they were alone he drove a sword in the king’s belly and escaped through the window to slay another 10,000 Moabites with his army. God blessed them with 80 years of peace.

    13. Anonymous6:38 am

      Forgive me for quoting, but I can't say it better:

      "Even the most beautiful weapons are instruments of doom, not instruments for the noble. The noble man uses them only if there is no alternative. Calmness and peace are his highest values. He is victorious but he does not rejoice in victory. Whoever would rejoice in victory would rejoice in the murder of men. Lao Zi looked deeply into the anatomy of war. He knew that wars do not begin with the declaration of war, and nor do they end with a peace treaty. He also knew that wars should be avoided before they even begin—not by means of a frantic build-up of arms, but by the removal of the causes of a possible war. He knew that one must bear the consequences after the fighting has ended. For where soldiers have passed thorns and thistles grow. Where great armies have been, bad times are certain to come."

      — Richard Wilhelm

      "Fine weapons are ill-omened tools.
      They are hated.
      Therefore the old Dao ignores them.
      At home, honour the left.
      In war, honour the right.
      Good omens honour the left.
      Bad omens honour the right.
      The lieutenant on the left,
      The general on the right
      As in funeral ceremonies.

      Weapons are ill-omened,
      Not proper instruments.
      When their use can’t be avoided,
      Calm restraint is best.
      Don’t think they are beautiful.
      Those who think they are beautiful
      Rejoice in killing people.
      Those who rejoice in killing people
      Cannot achieve their purpose in this world.
      When many people are killed
      We feel sorrow and grief.
      A great victory
      Is a funeral ceremony."

      — Lao Zi

    14. "When we go to war, we don't take any books along"

      Mao Tse-tung

    15. Anonymous7:18 am

      Here is a good start:

      The reason why prayer does not seem to work is because religion/christianity lost it's way a long time ago. It drifted from the path and has structured it's own 'image' of how to serve the Creator.
      Jeremiah 6:16 says it all:
      'Thus saith the LORD, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein'

      I am a man and consider myself to be a warrior as well but the Word guides my path and shows me how to overcome this 'beast' sinful nature of ours. I long to live in a peaceful SA but violence is not the way. We are meant to be a light not a flame thrower. YHWH (God) is the One who appoints kings (Daniel 2:21, John 19:10), good or bad, for His purposes. The Israelite's were put into Babylonian captivity for the very same reason that this is happening to the 'Boers' today.
      These words are only for those who have an ear to hear. History shows that most people are not drawn to the light and reject Truth.
      The Old Testament is full of actual events that serve as parables for us today. Remember they did not have have the restored relationship with YHWH that we have today through the 'greater light' of Y'Shua. Things must be understood differently now through Y'Shua's teachings. Read my article on 'The Greater Light'.
      Carry on with your war talk but I am here to warn you.
      Faith Walker

    16. Anonymous8:00 am

      There is a disturbing similarity between the Chinese Communist Cultural Revolution and the destruction of artworks and the stated aim to destroy White/European culture, that is taking place at universities. (I think maybe that is what you are saying.)

      Mao Tse-tung made China the evil place it is today, which has no regard for life or nature whatsoever.

      Lao Zi was was the complete opposite of Mao Tse-tung. He was more like a higher type of Anarchist.

      Communism focuses on the mass. Lao Zi was an individual, who yet acknowledged that all life is interconnected. Communism is atheistic, Lao Zi was spiritual. Communism is the denial of life. Lao Zi was absolutely pro life.

    17. Anonymous12:23 pm

      People seem to have this misconception that you should be humble and be all peaceful etc. Those okes in the bible didn't take kak, they sorted out those who needed sorting.

      On a different note, this all seems pretty well orchestrated. I thought it went they started with the statues previously that it was only the beginning, now this. It seems it will only escalate.

    18. Anonymous2:47 pm

      Something worse than a darkie is the infestation of fcn Boere Taliban Israelites.
      Once they jump on their Yahamahah scooters....you can kiss your blog goodbye.

    19. Anon 2:47. You must be a kaffir albeit perhaps white. Is it a touch of the tar brush that addles the torr between your ears? You are the divisive enemy inside the gate. Why don't you just piss off you COMMIE KAFFIR.

  12. Anonymous12:59 am

    love your enemy - in your face:


  13. We need more and more of these kind of fights and retaliation (without white victims). Not just at Rugby matches or universities, anywhere and any time. We must always leave a few casualties and make our point - an eye for an eye. When we have gained enough confidence and unity, we take the fight to them!
    When the protests start in my town,I WILL protect what is mine and WILL inflict pain on whoever disrespects my rights

    1. Anonymous3:34 am


      A leader will rise in this country, so stern and with so much wrath against these heathens that there will be no heathen left here.

      We agreed to a truce before, NEVER AGAIN.

      After this we can never accept or work with the kaffir EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Never again, they had one chance - their chance is now up.

      No more, time to arm ourselves and unite.

      The black tribes here have more to worry about the black tribes fighting them than the whites.

      The whites need to take this more serious. We sit in a danger, dark danger. This is turning more violent by the day - the kaffir is now more brazen than ever.

      When he cannot beat us or get us down, he will take the arms which he has already been given by our old enemy to annihilate us.

      Everyone has a duty, unite your people.

      Unite and now no forgiveness.

      Never again, no more feeling sorry or any sympathy. We now unleash what the Israelites unleashed onto the Philistines and Rephaim.

      I submit as I had mentioned phase 4 be implemented - but for phase 4 we need the enemy to attack this nation before phase 4 can be implemented.

      Phase 1 = White mans arrival in SA.
      Phase 2 = Trying to make a life here + work with them.
      Phase 3 = Apartheid, continue to work with them but this failed.

      Leaving us with the only option left.

      Phase 4 - Phase 4 is what God commanded the Israelites to do and they did it in the new territories they found aka the new world, perhaps we should take note that all those nations still govern themselves - no heathens rule them.

      Phase 4 is the only way we can survive long term.

      Either phase 4 or start packing, there is no other way and there can be no other way - we have tried all other ways.

      Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

  14. Anonymous1:27 am

    Maybe if the protesters fuck 7de laan up we will get more white support.
    This isn't enough, we need more more more. D day is coming, we need unity. Fuck the tv, fuck sport, fuck Facebook, fuck your job, fuck eating out, fuck the Easter holidays, fuck fuck fuck it all. We are going to lose all of it anyway and we don't have time to be distracted by bullshit anymore.

    1. Anonymous3:27 am

      My thoughts as well...

    2. Exactly!!! Get used to fuckall. And, for a long time.

  15. Every white student should invest in a pick-axe handle.

    1. Anonymous12:17 pm

      Of n lekker sambok!

  16. Anonymous1:40 am

    Interesting article. I remember my grandmother, who was a Fourie, telling me how her parents hated Smuts for shooting her uncle like a dog. Within days of arresting him.

    Me thinks the brain drain started earlier.
    After Blood River the boers where on a high. A God fearing nation and nothing was going to stop them. Then late 1800 gold was discovered and the world (NWO)realized they cannot allow this strong nation to accumulate so much wealth. So the boer wars started and the Afrikaners where mentally over powered. My grandparents had 12 kids, giving each one an English name. Believing they will have a better future.
    There where more prominent leaders, like Vervoerd, but they where taken care of.
    What we have today, is just the outcome of something that was started 200 years ago.
    My 2c worth of conspiracy theory.
    Me, Mike.... family. Can't be.

    1. Small world isn't it? ;-)

  17. Anonymous2:01 am

    What took you so long to connect the dots... We can not discuss this country & our politics while shunning the spiritual/ religious side of the matter all the time. It is inevitable that you look at the cause & effect of what is happening around us.

    I would submit that:
    1. The Boers nation declared 16 December a day "as a Shabbat", therefore
    2. They must have kept the Shabbat as per the instructions given to Moses.
    3. They did not celebrate pagan rituals like X-mass and Ishtar.
    4. They did not eat the pig.
    5. They did not whore with Rugga on Shabbat.

    The Freemasons introduced:
    1. Playing sport on the Shabbat,
    2. Introduced the pagan rituals,
    3. Indoctrinated the X-tian priests to make the Volk believe the Commandments have been done away with, thus believing all sin is now OK - "as long as you have faith"/ "as long as you believe".

    The period of grace is up. The country has been taken away from the Volk because of the whoring with these pagan rituals & "gods".

    Eventually, only a small remnant will survive.

    1. Anonymous3:50 am

      Yip we need to go through the suiwering to rid us of traitors but be sure the ones that will come out in the end will be the diamonds.

  18. Anonymous2:09 am

    Just more proof than the ANC and EFF terrorists can do nothing without violence. If they are not planting bombs in restaurants and police buildings they are throwing stones and physically attacking people at varsities. This battle they are trying to saddle is a war they can never win. History and countless files are already on our side. We are justified in any and all means available to us now. The International community knows this. We are justified in our actions that are to follow from now on in. Thank you kaffirs and libs, you just killed yourselves.

  19. Anonymous3:03 am


    This will usher in what Siener spoke about, the great Port Elizabeth battle that will send many thousands of whites fleeing, this what you witnessed will result in much anarchy now in Port Elizabeth.

    May God be with this nation.

    1. Anonymous6:42 am

      They already burning tyres on the road between Uitenhage and Port Elizabeth. Since early this morning, and they still at it, on and off.
      Bob The Builder.

    2. Anonymous7:31 am

      @bob the builder - thanks mate

      “This big strike will ring in the ‘war’ on the East Rand, and the
      situation in the Eastern Cape will have deteriorated to such an extent that whites will flee from cities like Port Elizabeth and East London...”
      According to the vision, some of them will join the Communist
      Party and take up arms against the Boers.

      From Voice From a prophet - Siener Van Rensburg Predictions/visions

    3. Anonymous9:29 am

      Ninja tell me according to your knowledge of the siener prophecies will PE happen before Joburg? The timeline of events in the books are not easy to make out.

      I am from the eastern cape have lots of family and friends in PE but also in Joburg. Drive this road between Uitenhage and PE regularly for business. I stay somewhat closer to the WC now but this road to PE is my bread and butter.

      Also another observation was during the Christopher Panayiotou murder case when thousands of PE residence took to the streets in the first big white marches the country have ever seen after believing it was a black attack. So i know we have some fighters ready to stand their ground over there.

      Also according to some of Siener's writings he sees one boer "patronen" in the easterncape but then the entire easterncape becomes this "patronen" Is this arming or is it unity.

      Then also according to the prophecies the Boer leader will arise from the eastern cape and what i got so far is that he will bring a "new religion" to the people. He will be short in stature. He will have a full face like old minister of lands Piet Grobler.

      What are your views?

    4. Anonymous10:41 am

      @Anonymous9:29 AM

      Yes boet, I know what you mean.

      I think PE happens before JHB but I believe it will be country wide violence, fires erupting throughout the country, province by province and all orchestrated just in time for land invasions - where we will see mini civil wars in different parts of the country.

      I also believe this period we find ourselves in, even the white liberals are now lost for words. Truly I did not think this would happen so soon.

      The dream I had about 10 days back warned me it said "things now happen even faster than you thought" and we are seeing it.

      This is the start of the red pick axe falling over the nation he spoke about - at this stage all the whites will lose everything and include major job losses.

      This entire fiasco is to hide the fact that South Africa is bankrupt and the upcoming strikes which he mentioned that will cripple the country will be a combination of getting Zuma out and racism - at this stage nothing will be functioning including the trains.

      Also he said problems start in parliament - we heard last week how they said in PARLIAMENT that whites must be killed - so we see it is already in parliament.

      What we are seeing now in PE is the start of the conflict which will see the masses mobalize and destroy everything there.

      Already Jansen is saying that whites are the guilty party at this fight - always the whites. Now we can see what Siener mentioned that everything we say, do falls on deaf ears and now they will push their agenda even faster.

      Last year I said we enter the furnace, this year we will reach probably mid way and it will spill over into the new year where it reaches its climax - but that was my thinking again I was told " things happen even faster now"

      So perhaps its all this year - Remember this country has to be prepared for the millions of Christians fleeing Europe - right now the fighting between Ukraine + Russia flaring up again.

    5. Anonymous2:55 pm

      Boere Ninja,
      Die laaste fokken lot met wie ek hande vat is Siener prebehepte Yahweh befokte etter.
      Die slagveld vorentoe wil ek met nugterdenkendes aandurf.

    6. 2:55pm
      Your choice. Stuff off now white kaffir. You are a nit picking hate filled trouble maker stirring shit on Mikes blog.

  20. Anonymous3:47 am


    Whites barricade themselves in to not be attacked by blacks - not sure if you guys saw this one.


    Ja to think this is where we are at. It will not be long before there are gun battles. When they can not get us down any longer, they will resort to guns.

    Please I dont want dialogue after this, no more dialogue, the only negotiations is how many we allow to live after this.

    If I could be in a position to decide, I would not have one, not one left in this country. So God help them, I know there are many with the same thoughts.

    Not one parasite, complete, complete ushering in of phase 4 - we can now see what the kaffir is all about - He never wanted to be free, he wanted to be free to kill and destroy everything we built up in this country.

    He is only free and will only achieve his freedom if our freedom is taken away, our inheritance taken away, our future robbed and our blood shed.

    Not one single one left in this country - burn this into your hearts, minds and souls. Echo it, spread the word. Phase 4 is our only solution and salvation.

    Pray phase 4 comes into being and pray you have a leader who will do it - it will be done!

    There can be no peace among our nation while the heathen lives in our borders. It needs to be chases up, now we can no longer make excuses for them.

    This lot are educated, we cant use the education excuse any longer. I quite like it that they have education, when we give it to them they will see what they had and what they lost - their time is up.


  21. Boers ain't gonna do shit. You are a defeated people. Your only hope is going back to Holland or Australia.

    1. Shithead Shaka, you ain't seen nothing yet, Slope. Last night was just the beginning. I agree with Anon 4:33 below. You fuckheads have gone too far. Time's up, Zot!

    2. Shaka, do you really believe we are? I think you're right, I think we white South Africans are afraid of you and you hoarded of black mass that cheats its own and steals from itself and cannot maintain law and order and is so afraid of itself that it has to find a soft target Like the old and weak to prey on, I think we shiver at the sound of your mass of screeching and hollering voices because you all want to be heard at the same time. I think we are afraid that you might really one day rise up and carry out your threat of " fucking all whites" and throwing us back in the sea" and raping our woman and burning our children but I suggest you find out if we are afraid, I say, do what you threaten and see if you're right, maybe you are and all your desires are met on that day.

    3. Anonymous5:45 am

      And you aren't going to do shit either kaffir because you lazy blacks haven't got the brain power. Enjoy your next 6,000 years of evolutionary slumber and the final destruction of the continent of Africa is close at hand. Hope you make it through the night and don't turn your back to any other kaffir in the interim.

    4. Anonymous5:51 am

      You wish. The Boers has never backed down from superior enemy numbers once they have reached the gatvol threshold.

      Guess what? They are there.........

      What happens next is entirely due to your own ignorance of history.

    5. Anonymous6:07 am

      Aaah shaka was waiting for your kaffir shit spewing. You can go and fuck yourself.

    6. Anonymous6:09 am

      Old line. Nothing New?

    7. Anonymous7:00 am

      Shaka you are a dumb troll.Dont you have a garden to clean or maybe a shebeen to visit?That is what blacks do ain't it?

    8. Shitka, you and yours will fall. As surely and the sun rises and sets. Our sun is about to rise now/ and there will be no place for darkness.
      You see, we have the Almighty Father Yahweh, who works through us - his children, whilst you, worshipper of Dead ancestors, only have your spiritually dead father satan, you tokoloshi

    9. Shaka! You obviously are not the USHAKA of old, you're not the NKUNZI NYAMA, the NGOYAMA, the NKOSI NKULU the proud black Zulu from the house of SENZAGAKONA, the creator of a nation the second black to bring law, order and discipline to a bunch of vagabonds and misfit that did not even have a tribe. You are not the Shaka who welded and unified a people into the strongest force Africa South of the Equator at that time had ever experienced. No, you are not. You some little black boy who has been educated in a white school and only passed because the pass mark was lower, because you PDBs cannot grasp education and do not understand that a standard is there for a reason. Shaka my poor little black misfit, you need to go and learn to read and write again before you compete with us white folk, you need to comprehend that nothing is for nothing in this world and we whites have earned what we have and you blacks will never be able to do it. You see Shaka I have paid people in the EFF that spy for me and tell me what is next, I believe that when and if the EFF comes to power they are going to stop all this varsity for the majority and only select certain members for varsity and further education, EFF says that you menials in the streets and suburbs must rise up and drive out the whites and they will give you the farms and the houses, this is true. The only thing that you do not know is that there will be no services to your homes, no water and no electricity because they the EFF has already stated that they will not share power or work on Democracy because you people do not need it. A strong army will keep the population in check and the leaders in power. Sounds a bit like your brother in Zims? Or maybe the one in Sudan, North and South that is or maybe the one in Mozambique. What I tell you here sounds familiar, doesn't it? Well young and foolish Shaka it is true, you see my spies are trusted they have seen the poverty that prevails in Africa and they know that the only ruler in a black run country is the one that kills his own people so that he may stay on top. Are you the Shaka old, can you wear the Inkatha of a true leader, can you kill your brothers and sisters? SHAKA my little black man I do not have to fight you for you lot will be fighting each other. Please vote EFF because the ANC does far too much talking to you lot. Vote EEF and invite me to watch your flourishment within their ranks.

    10. Shaka was gay...Google it.

    11. So was Alexander the Great, Both were great soldiers, excellent leaders and true disciplinarians. Do you for one nano second think the Shaka of old would have bowed to the demands of the weak and whispy? Never in a millions years of Jacob Zuma's birthdays would a Zulu have attempted what they do today, never would they have stood by and let these others clans and tribes get away with what they do today. The House of Zulu was the finest house on this continent until some greedy little fat lazy weasel killed its creator, then then rot started. You see I have no problem with a black man if he behaves. I respect power, discipline, self respect and order. My problem is that not one of these blacks here have those qualities and sadly they will never have them. I will follow a man of integrity and honour. Skin colour matters not when true leaders rise. Unfortunately there are no true leaders left in this world. Do yourself a favour study the Spartans they were as bent as the Hex river mountains when it came to sexual orientation but put them on a battle field and just because of order and discipline they were impossible to beat, when you add the self respect and self discipline of their training routine to that they were unstoppable. Shaka could have done whatever he wanted with his dick, I look at he leadership, skill, training and discipline to judge the man. Never will a black rise from any part of the world and achieve what Shaka did, now this little black puke goes and calls himself Shaka. Disrespectful little boy.

    12. Anonymous11:32 am

      Alexander the Great wasnt gay. He got married and had 2 kids. Shaka was gay. He didnt have any children

    13. Is that the excuse that you use? " how can I be gay? I am married with two children"

    14. Anonymous1:33 am

      Shaka was gay...Google it.

      Now Google is the arbiter of truth ?
      Please provide some real first account primary source to back up your claim.

  22. Anonymous4:09 am

    Look i like rugby i wont argue the fact but i must say as of late it isnt as good as it used to be. I like boxing, mma, golf and "womans volly" too.

    I must agree on the point that the elder generation did vote yes because of rugby mostly. Being the best at something and not able or be allowed to proove it makes for some big motivation.

    It was a dumb sacrifice but we need to pick up the pieces now and we will come out better for it in the end.

  23. What a beautiful sight. Just imagine that with that power the Whites can simply retake the country. It seems the blacks will fold within hours if not minutes. I would really suggest to simply take over the Western Cape. I'm talking about the old Western Cape.

  24. Anonymous4:33 am

    Thank you kaffirs and libs, you just killed yourselves.

    I am afraid the -- co-opted MSM just killed all your joy
    You have lost the war of impressions
    The war of propaganda and interpretation.
    Have a look at all the MSM headlines
    The "enemy"is having a field day
    Let Mike try and explain it to you.

    1. Anonymous7:15 am

      I don't need you or anyone to tell me what to think, I don't need to believe MSM lies, I know what is real and what is not. Take you little lesson and shove it up your ass.

    2. Anonymous1:39 am

      So typical of the small minded locked in their own tiny little World !

      We are not talking about what YOU think.
      We are talking about the perceptions of the Millions of people in other countries

      Who may or may not decide to support your miserable little arse when push comes to shove.

      Why did the previous regime have an -- "Information Scandal" ?

      Perhaps because they understood how important PERCEPTIONS are ( in shaping peoples approaches and decisions )

      Sadly they lost that war as well !

    3. Anonymous5:28 am

      *Yawn* really anon 1:39? What are you telling us now?

  25. Well done guys! Awesome! You showed them, and we are Proud of you. I hope to see more of the same resistance to these beasts.

  26. Jopie Fourie, thats something, Ja not honoring The Day Of The Covenant was/Is a disaster.

  27. Anonymous7:08 am


    Part 1

    He also sees Parliament in session and it will be a long session,
    then added: When the first rains fall and the grass starts turning
    green, I look at Parliament, because trouble will start there...

    The merino sheep (not only Boer leaders any longer) sit with their
    heads together, talking and arguing about the many problems,
    strikes and violence in the country.

    At this stage, hostility from Indian ranks reaches a crisis over the
    Afrikaans language, and all efforts to maintain it have already
    failed, because Van Rensburg sees Afrikaans fading into the
    background: 24th April 1923:

    A yellow paper (Indian influence)

    appears in the Union with something written on it which fades
    (my writing) (the Language of the Boers—my writing and
    everything connected with it is now being denied and trampled

    All the protests of the Boer fall on deaf ears and he can only
    watch helplessly as the official status of his language ‘disappears’).

    Important news reports are deliberately and openly being witheld
    from the public, and there is total ignorance about events in the
    country, for news coverage on TV and radio is now in the hands of
    the enemy with strong Communist ties:

    There is a tunnel and the
    largest stream runs East (reports of unrest and bloodshed in
    Natal). A wide stream of blue water flows and in front it becomes
    a sickle (Violence in Germany becomes world news; the local
    media now in the hands of the Communists (the sickle).

  28. Anonymous7:09 am

    Wat dink julle. Is dit die moeite werd om by die kommanokorps aan te sluit? https://www.kommandokorps.org/

    1. Anonymous5:09 am

      Yes we should support every small effort to rise up against the anc/eff/da. Form as many small organisation working independently to the same goal is the best way forward, even go as far as declaring areas mini autonomous republics then herd the kaffir toward the cities creating further crisis for the regime. it has worked in Donetsk /Donbass and in Syria

  29. Anonymous7:09 am


    Part 2

    In another vision (11th July 1919) he foresaw more serious
    problems: (financial crisis and the collapse of public services) in
    store for the new government—A sieve lies on a floor in the
    northeast (the April 1994 election) and sorghum husks disappear,
    (state-controlled institutions collapse and money becomes very
    scarce—gold decreases in value and/or the Stock market
    collapses) then another sieve appears on the floor, (another
    election seems inevitable).

    It is at this point the three blue letters arrive in Parliament.
    According to Mr. Haasbroek, the Germans are now demanding
    their territory which we handed over to a black Government.
    When the last blue letter arrives, Van Rens- burg sees: A vehicle
    which looks like a flat-bottomed boat, landing (on the west coast).
    For some or other reason Van Rensburg once again asked Mr.
    Mussmann not to ‘tell the people everything; in particular do not
    say too much about the strong German force which is coming to
    assist the Boers’.

    Mr. Haasbroek said: “Shortly after this, ‘Oom’ Klasie saw the
    Government falling apart. It will not only be the NP, but also the
    Government that took over from them.
    “The Boer nation is still divided at this stage, and it is then ‘Oom’
    Klasie saw the red pickaxe go over it (the divided nation is
    suffering badly under the Communists, but unite under a spiritual
    leader). I think the Communists will initiate something...”
    Now nothing can prevent the bloody conflict ahead.
    Van Rensburg said he sees everyone who played a part in the
    surrender (whether they were actively involved, or approved of it)
    will be attacked by the Spectre of Terror he previously saw
    coming over the enemies of the Boer. He sees how these people
    —women in particular—fleeing from their homes, not even having
    time to shut doors or windows, because while they are running in
    terror, the curtains are blowing around in the open windows.

    But for those who knew that reform would only bring about harm
    and humiliation, there will be no fear, there will be no fear, for their salvation is at hand.
    This period will also ring in the start of WW3.

    Rivers of Blood In Eastern Europe
    Van Rensburg warned that things would go horribly wrong in
    Eastern Europe (Russia) and on our northern borders, for when
    the struggle in Russia is at its peak, he sees a pot with fire in the
    southwest (Angola), indicating that ethnic violence will start up in
    all its fury again.

  30. Anonymous7:27 am

    These blacks are excellent at playing the victim. Perhaps they would've been successful 10 years ago but we have seen their little tactics too many times now, their lies does not work anymore.

    Dear black people, the world does not believe your lies anymore. They have seen your lies in action on too many occasions. Try something new please, like owning up to your actions.

  31. Anonymous7:42 am

    I met a Brit woman last night "where are you from ?" I replied I'm from a South Africa she In turn told me "It's so terrible what's going on in South Africa , South Africans are such lovely people from her experience." I said yes welcome to our side ....and please spread the word. I mean few years back I would have justified my position on why I relocated. Times are changing and in our favour. So my people the world fucking knows! (And it's reaching the conscious) Thank goodness. Arrogant apes think they will get away with all the crimes they have committed against us? Over my dead bleeding body! Shoot to kill!

    1. Anonymous10:47 am

      @ Anon 7:42 AM
      I dont know where are you in UK but where I stay, every flipping time, I have to explain why I relocated here.. In my case it is mainly because of AA. Anyway, I try my best to spread the true South African reality to the locals. There are a few who know about whats going on but believe me the vast majority are still in love with Mandela and the liberation struggle bollocks.

  32. Anonymous7:55 am

    I see that the word 'kaffir' is used quite frequently on this blog.
    "Kaffir" is derived from the Arabic word (Arabic: كافر) that is usually translated into English as "non-believer"

    The term was also used by early Boer trek farmers to describe a person not converted to Christianity.

    So does this mean then that there could be some white 'kaffirs' posting on here as well?

    Saying that then not all Blacks are Kaffirs either - some are believers. Or with it's original meaning, from Arabic, it would refer to one being a non-muslim. Wow maybe more of us are 'Kaffirs' than we thought.

    No, I'm not a liberal - just sharing some trivia. Source Wikipedia:

    1. The Qurean chapter 9 verse 5.

      "Wherever you find a Kaffir, you kill him."


    2. Anonymous8:29 am

      I see there some Africa 'Kaffirs' alive an well in Sri Lanka and whoc call themselves Kaffirs. They seem to be an endangered species there.

    3. Anonymous11:56 am

      Whites are the true lost tribes of Israel. The Hebrews. The creator made Adam meaning ( to blush or flush the face with blood)

      He has a covenant with His people that He created in his image not with the animals or beasts of the field ( kaffirs, non believers, sub humans ).

      Yes Israel have lost their path many times throughout history but the Mighty one will always keep his side of the covenant eventhough His people might go astray.

      He gives them chance to redeem themselfs over and over again.

      He gives them this chance because they are from Adam and not kaffirs.

  33. Anonymous10:18 am

    Over just the past few months, evil has been increasing fast in the world. Maybe the purpose is to bring about mass-annihilation in the world.

    Now, given that evil manifests in the world through people, it is possible that we here on this blog may be instruments of that very evil that is sweeping through the world. Maybe we should mistrust our motives, considering?

    1. What if in the future humans invent a super computer that learns to calculate exponentially faster and faster so that it becomes far better than humans…an evil, godlike form of Artificial Intelligence that will punish those who did not do its bidding and help to create it? What if this AI created a simulation of those people who died already and who did not help to create it and are punishing those people today who are not helping it come into existence later? Perhaps you, right now, are in a simulation being run by this Artificial Intelligence and by reading this article you are guilty of not helping to create this evil Artificial Intelligence in the future and will be condemned for eternal punishment.

      Ever heard of “Roko’s Basilisk”?

    2. Anonymous11:20 am

      ~@Anonymous10:18 AM

      Maybe if we sing kumbaya and hold hands with our black brothers and allow them to steal, rape, destroy even more then eventually they will stop?

      Maybe the reason we have this violence today is because the entire "Rainbow nation dream" was just that, a dream!

      A dream turned into a nightmare and the only system which ends the nightmare was dismantled aka apartheid.

      We are witnessing why we had apartheid, all these stupid whites saying " we are not racists we just want our language" dont realize that being racist equals survival here.

      You cannot be these things equals, they will devour you one by one.

      Apartheid existed to prevent what we are seeing, what we are seeing was everyday occurrences before apartheid was introduced.

      No apartheid = no future for whites. You cant hope to be nice, smile, play nice with a bunch of people who write on their shirts " kill whites"

      Now when last has any white in this country written on their shirts " kill blacks"?

    3. @Mike

      Roko's Basilisk

      Nooooo, you have now implicated us by giving us unwanted knowledge of this AI, we will now be punished eternally for not creating it! ;)

      Interesting theory and idea though, thanks Mike

    4. Anonymous1:46 am

      I think you missed the MATRIX
      Snowden and Wikileaks

    5. Then I presume you guys don't know about the 'Beast' supercomputer. Not quite what you described Mike, but it's the next step in the NWO..

      The super computer "The Beast"

      This supercomputer is located at the headquarters of the European Commission, in Berlaymont Brussels Belgium, and covers 3 such building floors. This computer is responsible for registering every person in the world with a number of 18 where the initial figure digit of each number is 666, as a serious issue 666 502 852 011 342 117, first 3 digits, computer would allocation 666, other 3 digit country and so on, This supercomputer will have stored the information for each person, full name, work, occupation, etc..

      Described as being the brain-child of the European Common Market. It is said to be “self programming” and is intended to track the buying and selling activities of every person on earth. Additionally, the system is alleged to depend on invisible tattoos on the forehead or back of the hand of each person for identity purposes. Ominously, the tattoo will be of a unique, personalized number composed of three entries of three digits each.

      Almost everything you've ever done since the modern internet is stored by this Comper..

  34. Anonymous11:28 am

    I don't think the ANC are behind this. This is the EFF kaffirs at work. Stoodeeents and wekkaaas. EFF.

    1. The EFF was started so that Malema can be used as a proxy by the Xhosa faction against Zuma and his Zulu faction. Hopefully this internal faction fight will reduce their effectiveness once fighting starts in earnest.

  35. Anonymous11:41 am

    The message of the story is that a few whites scared off a hundred or more blacks who went running and screaming.

    Something to remember.

  36. Anonymous12:58 pm


    Cant believe no one has asked this question here, nor on the news sites or mentioned it on the news sites...

    Where is that fuck head puss FW De Klerk in regards to this black racism, destruction of our monuments, removal of our language?

    Where is he???????????

    Little doos, we will still hang him or tattoo on his forehead "traitor" in the coming months. That Dicklerk is dead silent like Mandela but we know where the other is but Dicklerk is no where to be seen nor heard fucking traitor.

    Sell out is one thing but silent is another - man has no spine nor balls.

    Laughing stock, he sold us out thinking this will be the end it is he who will be ended before our nation.

  37. Anonymous1:20 pm

    So you ignorant naive stupid dope. You think the ANC have nothing to do with this, really. The EFF started by the ANC. ALL the kaffirs are one and the same and they have always fought each other since time immemorial.

    1. Anonymous4:08 pm

      I agree, it's not only the ANC/EFF/DA monster but also their British/Hidden hand masters. Whole systems and economies trained at our destruction. That's gotta tell you something. What dastardly enemies we face?

  38. Anonymous3:30 pm

    You all have hatred in common...same shit different skin.

    1. Anonymous12:33 am

      Except the blacks are the one's continually attacking us.

      We just want to be left alone and mind our own business.

      But that is difficult when the government is constantly spewing threats towards you and the 'protesters' violence and hatred, while both groups having no problem to sing 'Kill the Boer'.

  39. Anonymous3:57 pm

    Just keep a watchful eye on Afriforum and their Mammon god, they like to spin things their way just like the blacks do. If we must pick up weapons, we will not be used as cannon fodder for the Afriforum agenda, it'll be to regain our Boer Republics under God. Let them live out their multi-culti whorehouse dream without us. It's us against the world.

  40. Bewyse van die komende Doringbos regering: africanagenda.net/south-african-agents-of-destabilization-color-revolution/ Hierdie artikel praat van die magte agter hierdie huidige klimaat. Die ANC gaan val, en binnekort.

  41. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Ek wil nou nie klink asof ek julle vuurtjie doodpiepie nie. Ek het die artikel en meeste van die kommentare gelees maar moet julle net waarsku dat die parlement besig is om wetgewing deur te stoomroller teen sogenaamde rassisme en haatspraak aanblaas. R1 500 boete of 2 jaar tronkstraf. Die ondersoeke geld vir alle sosiale media en dus gaan julle blog en kommentare ook ge-"trawl" word. Dit wat ek hier raak lees, gaan maak dat julle uit die prentjie gevat word voordat julle enigsins iets konstruktiefs kon doen. Dink daaraan om julle gesprekke so te verwoord dat daar geen vinger na julle gewys kan word nie. Ek wil net hiermee verklaar dat my waarskuwing nie gedoen word omdat ek noodwendig met julle gevoel saamstem nie maar omdat julle passievol is en dit 'n skande sal wees as julle terwille van julle passie uit die "equation" geneem word. Groete.

    1. Anonymous12:26 am

      The problem is that NIA agents will use language that will close these blogs, Mike should just moderate these thought laws, people will start to learn what is acceptable and not.

    2. This anonymous is fucking luny she not only ask the questions, she answers them, then questions them, then rejects them, then gives remedy.
      confused sympathiser.