05 February 2016

Veteran journalist upset about ANC friendly MSM

By Mike Smith

5th of February 2016

The other day, veteran journalisrt, Allister Sparks took the Mail & Guardian to task for their junk reporting that the DA leader Mumusi Maimane was taking leadership lessons from F.W. de Klerk. Both denied the allegations.

Can you believe what your read in the papers

This old liberal fart who used to be the editor of the Rand Daily Mail who brought down the Vorster government with the Info Scandal in the seventies, then lamented about how the Independent group of newspapers, formerly owned by Irish Billionaire Tony O’Reily, was sold to the ANC stooge, Dr. Iqbal Survé who had no background in journalism and also no money to buy the group, but was funded from the money the ANC took from the Government Employee’s Pension Fund.

Of course after Survé took over a purge of ANC critical editors and journalists started like the axing of Cape Times editor Alide Dasnois after she reported on how his Sekunjalo ompany was getting lucrative contracts from the ANC bypassing the tender process.

Next followed the appointment of ANC friendly, brown envelope journalists like Ashley Smith and Joe Aranes.

In the seventies Allister Sparks was worried about the Vorster Government who covertly transferred R64million from the Defence budget to the Department of Information to counter a worldwide propaganda campaign against South Africa by setting up The Citizen newspaper in SA and buying the Washington Star. Dr, Eschel Rhoodie was made the scapegoat for this project. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison, but won the appeal. He emigrated to the USA where he mysteriously died of a heart attack on a tennis court in 1993.

Today it is funny how these liberal journalists like Sparks seem to tolerate the BILLIONS, not millions, stolen by the ANC regime they wanted in power. An estimated R800 Billion has been stolen by the ANC since 1994.

I mean, we have been reporting on the media psyops and manipulation of reports by the MSM for years now. How is it possible that top journalists like Sparks only discover it now? Sparks fought his entire adult life against Apartheid and was elated when the ANC came to power. Useful idiot actually helped them to power.

These journalists are also fully aware of the media shutting down comments and thus further manipulating public opinion by shutting down dissent.
I am actually suprised that through all the lies and Manipulation People are waking up...mostly through Blogs like this one.


  1. Anonymous2:35 am


    Look at this white libtard trying to get white South Africans to hate themselves. Fuck that.

    Mike - I think this clown deserves an article.

    1. Anonymous5:42 am

      Thank you, for sure, the outstanding stupidity of this libtard deserves recognition. By the way, I have long been aware that libtards are in fact less intelligent than ethnic realists, if you consider their fields of study and work, e.g. arts, humanities and law vs engineering, natural sciences and medicine.

    2. Anonymous7:22 am

      stage 1 is to get whites to acknowledge their white privilege,
      stage 2 will be the legislation of a white privilege restitution tax.
      Don't fall into this trap. There is a global drive to make whites feel guilty and thus make them powerless. Whites can not even open their mouths anymore to oppose truth without being accused of antisemitism/racism/sexism etc etc.
      Billions of dollars pours into Israel on the back of white guilt. The ANC are using this same successful model - white guilt, shut up, and pay.

    3. Anonymous10:31 am

      I think he needs to be put on that list that we have with FW, Max and the likes on it. Or maybe not maybe we should just feel sad for this idiot trying to project his idiocy on to the public.

    4. Anonymous6:17 pm

      Anon 7:22 not for much longer...

    5. The fuckwit needs to be strung up from the nearest lamp post.

  2. Anonymous3:17 am

    Just imagine the psyops opportunities in SA for the larger international MSM bbc et al when this place finally blows. Oh the humanitarian crisis is going to be orgasmic for the sheeple around the world and the best part is they will all be so shocked about how "it just happened so unexpectedly". Fucking sheep!!

  3. Anonymous4:07 am

    Thank goodness for your blog! God Bless you for what you are doing Mike Smith!

    1. Anonymous4:55 am

      Yes, thank goodness, and please just keep going!

    2. Anonymous3:00 pm


      Thank goodness, which is why Mike should not be getting married! He needs time for this blog ;)

      What will we do without it?

    3. Anonymous1:11 am

      Marriage can motivate a man when it's done correctly with the right partner. Get Married Mike and give us even meatier articles, wake us up faster so we can stand together sooner. Get into the real scary stuff, the lunacy and the horror that awaits white South Africans. Congrats Mike, I am also getting married next month, and my wife to be is one huge motivator, on board, wide awake and fully supportive of my preparations. Go ahead Mike, it's time to scare the daylights out of anyone who reads this blog, we are running out of time.

  4. Anonymous6:05 am

    You needn't be amazed at why people are waking up Mike; it's very simple. The requirement for being a journalist in this country is that you need to have the brain capacity of a bed bug. You really don't need to put too much fact into an article and credible sources don't even need to exist. As you quoted George Orwell from his book 1984:"Ignorance is strength". As a journalist you must comply with the "Thought Police" first who are under the supervision of our dearly beloved Doctor Surve and once they are happy it's off to print.

    Most newspapers in our country are devoid of any meaningful content; it's all biased propaganda which basically uses highfalutin terminology to tell you absolutely fuck-all. Look at the news content on television. If you watch the evening news on SABC 3 or ENCA (E-TV) there is no content, no substance...it's all bull shit. In fact between ad breaks you probably get about 5 minutes of factual news. Yet if you watch the news on SABC 1 & SABC 2 (both in black languages), the content is huge with plenty of pro government propaganda that's spewed for a good 20 minutes between ad breaks. You really have to question that.

    I think that more people are starting to see through the facade and more people are becoming vocal. It's like watching a muppet show; you can predict what's going to happen next before it happens.

  5. Anonymous7:16 am

    The chickens are coming home to roost, slowly but surely. All these demented liberals are getting a good dose of their own medicine and they don't like it; unfortunately it will not cure them as modern liberalism is a terminal mental disease.

  6. Anonymous8:12 am


    Money is one thing, life cannot be bought!

    How many murders under the ANC?
    How many broken families?

    I maintain and pray to God that there will rise up a leader who views this site, who views these comments that when the day comes NOT ONE SINGLE LIBERAL nor his family will be spared.

    Let it be known that all these liberals, as God is my witness will pay. They will pay, they have blood on their hands both here and abroad.

    We will hunt them down even worse than the Israelis hunt down Nazis, we will hunt them down even if they decide to start speaking up.

    We will hunt them and their families as the families in this country have been hunted down, robbed, raped by criminals.

    Whoever speaks, spoke out about the National party, apartheid but refuses to speak out about this monster which is more vile, more backward, more corrupt, the worst of the worst needs to be put to death.

    Their refusal now to speak up makes them guilty, their speaking up against the NP which set about in motion that we have this monster controlling this country will be the rope around their necks.

    Honestly, I wish that these words be remembered in all the hearts and minds of those who have lost in this new South Africa, that a list of names be written out for those who brought this wicked government over the people who built up this country.

    I sincerely hope that you all have a list because that day is closer than many will believe.

    Please remember Allister and Zille, Schutte, De Preez, FW (FW can walk with the streets until his death in shame) you need to include a chapter in your book - liberals who spoke out....

    We need a list of names.

    100+ murders per day
    Every white person I know has now been attacked, raped, robbed or has a family member this has happened to.

    No! There will be justice in the end, this is just a brief pause in our history to weed out the shit. We will clean that shit up and then move on.

    Thank you as always.

    1. @ Boere_ Ninja
      I can understand your sentiment , yet " praying for the day " might not be the most effective method. The ANC Commies are in the pound seats not because they prayed for it but because they and their Western Masters did what was necessary to facilitate that result. Praying is simply the referral of duty to some other entity. Right now in Germany the " men " are paralysed while they witness their country being destroyed by decree from an Ex Stasi bitch. If nobody does anything drastic to remove her and her enablers the take over and destruction will be the logical outcome. The optimal time is long gone were left wing enablers should have been dealt with in South Africa. This time was before they contributed to the destruction whose results we witness on a daily basis.

    2. Anonymous5:19 am

      @ZIPF8:44 PM

      I agree, praying is but the beginning before the action.

      God helps those who help themselves. I have always encouraged everyone to pray and then go to the shooting range.

      Praying alone did not save those men at blood river, if they just prayed and sat on the embankment hoping God would do their work for them, well then they would have eaten 5,000 spears that morning / evening for dinner.

      God didnt help the Hebrews out of Egypt and move them on a magic carpet, they had to pick up their feet.

      Praying to the almighty is priority because without his hand, then we are nothing but expecting the almighty to do our work, make or solve our stuff ups when we never followed his rules is our biggest mistake.

      Pray for peace but be prepared for war. There are blacks in this country and from other countries I get on well with, in some cases better than whites but the fact remains that you have a few people like this Malema appealing to radicals.

      Twisting half lies, with half truths to get what they want.

      I agree, action is required but action without faith or the Lord behind you is also a mistake. They have to be done the right way.

      Praying is our ritual like the Japanese cut out the heart of a horse, so we pray as our ritual to prepare our minds and make sure we do things first in the name of our father.

      Without him, we would never have made it this far in this country.

      You 100% correct at some point the people have to get off their asses and stop praying for a miracle and realize miracles happen when you begin to do something to change your situation.

      Fully agree.

      Preach peace, ask for calm but if that fails nuke the bastards! Thats my solution.

    3. @ Anonymous 5:19
      As I am not a expert in praying I will not argue with your opinion. However , let me tell you how I see a lot of" our Whites ": over indebted,
      tattooed mindless lard buckets that have not the slightest inkling of reality. Many cannot even understand that their offspring is already stuffed , partly because they are parents that have no or very little life skills themselves , partly because the reverse Apartheid laws will intensify in future. I don't think that they ever spent a minute to determine where their absolute bottom line is. I don't think they are able to even work out plan A , never mind variations . Basically I think they are to lazy to determine and shape their future. Perhaps if one falls into this category hoping for some outside miracle is the only option left.

  7. Anonymous8:23 am


    Question for you Mike + Readers....

    Why no power cuts if there was an electricity crisis?

    Anyone who has brains, anyone who has traveled to developing nations knows when you have an electric crisis power cuts dont just vanish.

    See how fast the people forget about these power cuts, now you know what their plan was.

    Power cuts were just one tool for the coming night, that night we have been warned about. They were testing out + getting JHB into different Grids.

    All planned in the coming violence.

    Please look at the tensions between Russia + Turkey and know that night is not too far away. Dont be fooled.

    Its why the entire racial debate is happening now.

    1. Anonymous12:53 pm

      Ninja, I see Eskom now say that the power cuts will only continue in August, same time Mike has said ( July/August) when it will be paw-paw time.

    2. Anonymous6:24 pm

      Ninja, we are 1 9mm round, 1 ANC bomb, 1 artillery shell, 1 cruise missile away from chaos.

      There will be no TRC this time around...

    3. Anonymous5:10 am


      I mentioned to everyone's disbelief that when things kick off, it will be (to everyone's total surprise) the Zulu will reach out to the Afrikaner, I mentioned this to Family before the Zulu king said what he said about apartheid being better.

      There are African elements involved here, UK involvement, White elite in this country, US involvement, local factions, Asian influence, Marxist influence, local political issues and then the racial issues.

      I doubt there has been any country in recent history with such a complicated story.

      Well if the whites dont pull their heads out their asses and stop watching sports then we go the same was as all the colonies.

      We have the same odds in terms of numbers. All those colonies also once had strong armies, then they fell.

      This local election is going to bring or start the faction battle. The EFF are funded by a faction of the ANC who want the Zulu out. The Xhosa believe the Zulu sold them out by cutting their term or running of the country.

      1st power sharing deal was between white black - that went smooth.

      How many even think of the 1st term the ANC had in power as a multiracial black/white power sharing deal? Not many but it was.

      All brokered by the US, you know the US is involved when you have power sharing deals.

      2nd term - shared between Xhosa / Zulu
      3rd term was meant to be a Zulu but Mbeki over stayed & Zuma kicked him out.

      Now its Zuma but he wont let go of power and his king gets R50 million while the others scrape by on R1 mil. This has upset the balance.

      Do you think if the Pedi rule this country that the king will get R50 million per year? Believe it or not, the blacks mistrust each other more than the whites.

      When the whites were here, we were in the cross hairs but now, like the rest of Africa they know how they think and as a result they dont trust each other.

      The nationalization process will starve the Zulu & divide his kingdom - They will never let this happen.

      Just wait until the EFF try make in roads into KWZ this year and see it begin.

      We nearly had a situation here of biological/nuclear stuff going off, not too many people realize this - it was close which is why I believe the US were really preparing to move in, there were things going on in the background which our Afrikaners with their history of the Brits were not going to have repeated at any cost - watch the documentary men in white coats and realize how close we were - scary stuff.

      This time though, im not sure what will save us.

      We had that then but nothing now, the only thing will be this alliance.

      You are right, let one or two guys get killed in this and it will kick off. I have a very strong feeling Malema is going to get taken out and the whites will get blamed -Rwanda style.

      Prepare, unite is all I can say, work together. Be nice when you work with them, smile, play the part but know if they fuck with us there will be no going back EVER.

      They have had their chance and if they want peace its a two way street. I wish peace upon all of us, including for them but know from history that is just a pipe dream from their side.

      I listen to Malema & I see huge,huge dik swart clouds on the horizon for ALL people in this country, more so for blacks than for whites. We have brains and can plan, their survival relies on them being at peace with us.

  8. Anonymous8:27 am

    At least old Sparks is living his etopia commie dream not like old Donald Woods of the Daily Dispatch who ran away under Apartheid and then lived here for a few years under the ANC then ran away again to live in his beloved England,Bloody Patons wife and those Slovo children done the same thing f***king cowards.

  9. Hi Mike
    Yes indeed , your blog has been a beacon of truth.
    Good on you mate , thank you for holding the fort.

    And Mumusi would Do well to get leasons fron de Klerk,
    He must just also teach him the 'give-your-country-away'lesson.

  10. I always wonder what purpose people such as Alister Sparks and Max du Preez and the likes serve in this world, they can only be compared to mosquitoes or leeches, they really just "exist", ruining the lives of others and are meaningless. Just because Alister Sparks took a Liberal newspaper to task does not make him any different to me. When the time comes, his own praised ANC and it's followers will kill him.

    I cannot wait to see these traitors get what they deserve. The day is near

  11. Anonymous11:56 am


    @Heinrich Westphal9:32 AM

    All liberals in the coming years who spoke out against their people will be shot for treason, its that simple.

    you heard it and will see it
    Same will happen in Europe.

    1. Anonymous5:41 am

      Cut their heads off. Bullets are expensive.

    2. Anonymous8:34 am

      Anonymous5:41 AM
      No that's far too messy ... Where is that guy with his "Zotzapper"?

    3. Anonymous11:24 am

      Throw them all down disused mine shafts. Make it a museum afterwards.

  12. Anonymous7:42 pm

    That De Klerk, Mumusi rumour is the same kind of side show distraction as the Nkandla soap opera or sport. These sensationalist stories are to keep people bemused, confused and to distract their attention from the real news and events. There is a dictatorship that has completely taken over this land yet people will still live in disbelief or in a world of sport. Anyway Mumusi does not need De Klerk to train him he received all that whilst a member of the ANC youth.

    1. Anonymous8:28 am

      Right on and we can expect more of the ANC and EFF false propaganda crap as the election date draws closer.

  13. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Welcome back

  14. Anonymous2:39 am

    Hope de Klerk gets his dues bloody traitor.He looks so ugly,he looks like a F***king troll that lives under a bridge in the "Three Billy Goats Gruff".

    1. Anonymous8:18 am

      Anonymous2:39 AM
      Don't blame de Klerk because he voted as a single entity almost three million white voters voted for the so-called ANC democracy. Even though I did not appreciate the NP's drifting away from the original political agenda I still voted against the ANC democracy/hypocrisy. You (the white citizens) voted for a democracy and gave the ANC the political gap that they had been earnestly waiting for. So be brave enough to admit to your own fuck up and get on with rectifying the situation as best you can. Pointing fingers at one man won't solve the problem and world politics is bigger and more dirtier than what it shows above it's murky waters.

    2. Anonymous11:23 am

      Anon 08:18 You are right to a certain extent, but the NP sold us a horrible lie, they lied about everything. They knew what was going to happen, they sold us to the money masters in the City of London. Fw is the Figurehead of this abomination. He will be ripped apart limb by limb by the people, and if he somehow escapes justice on Earth he will be ripped apart limb by limb by the demons in hell....for eternity! He and his cronies has millions of people's blood on their hands.

    3. Anonymous3:21 am

      White people acted in good faith in the big referendum of 17th March 1992
      It is good that that happened because there can be no crying later about not giving people a chance , not giving them a break , not acting in the hopes of a better future.

      We did our bit
      The others never came to the party
      ( They implemented their Communist / Stalinist project )

  15. Anonymous3:07 am


    This guy is a nut job. He speaks sense but when I see those eyes hmmmmm

    I have seen this talk now in every African country.

    Hmmm this pekinin thinks he only has to worry about the ANC, he speaks about revolution hmmmm Zuma will have Zulu land behind him along with umkhonto

    I dont think people truly appreciate how far we are down this road, the minute the ANC feel like they might be out, you will see this thing quickly realize what he has been wishing for is a wet dream that turns into a nightmare.

    The writing is on the wall - it is during this event that the vacuum forms and in that vacuum of unrest, civil disobedience that the whites will face the greatest dangers.


  16. Anonymous3:49 am

    What is the future of South africa?

    Go to your history books...

    The 1804 Haiti massacre was a genocidal massacre carried out against the remaining white population of French Creoles (or Franco-Haitians) in Haiti by the black population on the order of Jean-Jacques Dessalines who had decreed that all those suspected of conspiring in the acts of the expelled army should be put to death.[1]

    The massacre, which took place in the entire territory of Haiti, was carried out from early February 1804 until 22 April 1804, and resulted in the deaths of between 3,000 to 5,000 people of all ages and genders.[2]

    Squads of soldiers moved from house to house, torturing and killing entire families.[3] Even whites who had been friendly and sympathetic to the black population were imprisoned and later killed.[4] A second wave of massacres targeted white women and children.[4]

    Women and children were generally killed last. White women were "often raped or pushed into forced marriages under threat of death".[19]

    Before his departure from a city, Dessalines would proclaim an amnesty for all the whites who had survived in hiding during the massacre. When these people left their hiding place, however, they were killed as well.[19] Many whites were, however, hidden and smuggled out by sea by foreigners.[19]

    South Africas future in a nutshell, nothing else. Listen to what the masses say in the media.

    Think it wont happen? How will it not happen when whites dont have an army or any weapons?

    This is inevitable

  17. Anonymous3:53 am

    Dessalines did not try to hide the massacre from the world. In an official proclamation of 8 April 1804, he stated, "We have given these true cannibals war for war, crime for crime, outrage for outrage. Yes, I have saved my country, I have avenged America".[11] He referred to the massacre as an act of national authority. Dessalines regarded the elimination of the white Haitians an act of political necessity, as they were regarded as a threat to the peace between the black and the colored.

    It was also regarded as a necessary act of vengeance.[20]

    At the time of the civil war, a major reason for southern whites, most of whom did not own slaves, to support slave-owners (and ultimately fight for the Confederacy) was fear of a genocide similar to the Haitian Massacre of 1804. This was explicitly referred to in Confederate discourse and propaganda.[27][28]

    The torture and massacre of whites in Haiti, normally known at the time as "the horrors of St. Domingo", was a constant and prominent theme in the discourse of southern political leaders and had influenced American public opinion since the events took place.

    Are they not torturing farmers now?

    History repeating - cycles

    1. Anonymous3:21 pm

      WHO introduced the slaves to the South ?
      WHO wanted to keep the slaves -- in the SOUTH
      WHY were they not ALL transported back to Africa ?

    2. Anonymous7:22 am

      WHY were they not ALL transported back to Africa? Good question but an offshore dumping in the sea would have been easier and cheaper

    3. Anonymous7:38 am

      Anonymous3:53 AM
      Black on white Genocide is at phase number 5 on the genocide scale and that was a few months back and included every white here. Not just the farmers. ANC are on the verge of moving up to phase 6.

  18. Anonymous9:38 am

    I wonder what the msm will do with this: http://www.spectator.co.uk/2014/01/the-mandela-files/

  19. Forget Haiti for the moment and see what happened in the 60s
    on our doorstep.Read the Fabric of Terror by Bernardo Teixiera .Mike sometimes I can not get on the site....it is said it is for invited members only.For weeks it is denying me access.Do you know about it ?

    1. Anonymous12:42 pm

      I've been having the same issue. Mike is blocking suspect racists...

    2. Anonymous12:56 pm

      Mike takes his site offline for a while now and then when he goes walkabout. Just check back occasionally when that happens. He always returns! Thanks, Mike.

    3. Anonymous3:34 pm

      Do you know about it ?

      It is Mr Smith himself who denies access ....
      All the better to see who reads his blog
      DO you not have a Google Account ?

    4. Anonymous7:12 am

      Shove it up your arse "ekse5"!

    5. Anonymous7:16 am

      Anonymous12:42 PM
      For what reason???

  20. Anonymous12:20 pm

    Some things to read:

    The color of crime. http://www.pdfarchive.info/pdf/T/Th/The_color_of_crime.pdf

    The White Race’s Apology to the Black Race. http://www.pdfarchive.info/pdf/T/Th/The_Creativity_Movement_-_The_White_Race_s_Apology_to_the_Black_Race.pdf

  21. Anonymous12:57 pm


  22. Anonymous4:20 pm

    this is very interesting - a must watch for all south africans. all of us globally are in the same boat with a common enemy. we can not win this battle, but God will destroy this resurrected Babylon (one world government/new world order) soon after it's completion.Read Revelation and have faith.
    Faith Walker


    1. Anonymous2:29 am

      so Reagan was against us? I am not impressed anymore

    2. Anonymous7:09 am

      Keep walking fella keep walking! It's good for the ticker. However when the time comes my little .38 snub nose special and my .44 magnum will do the real talking for God.

  23. Anonymous11:44 pm

    Mike, have you read Peter Hain's 'negative' comments about SA, sounds like he still has a serious axe to grind against whites.