29 February 2016

Über-liberal Athol Trollip gets his just deserts

Honestly...I am not a racist
By Mike Smith

29th of February 2016

What I always find so disturbing is how white liberals will go out of their way to trample on their fellow whites in order to kiss black ass. But every now and again, justice is served.

A few years ago I was a bit perturbed by the Da’s Athol Trollip who called Afrikaners "dumb Dutchmen" and “Nazis”

I mentioned how this utter liberal twat ignored that most of his party’s support came from Afrikaners. I also pointed out that these “Nazi” Afrikaners fought against Nazism in WWII, that they helped Israel develop nuclear weapons and helped Israel during the Yom Kipur war.

Trollip was unapologetic.

However, the wheel turned and Trollip got his just deserts.

You see, Trollip is a farm-boy from the Eastern Cape. He speaks three black languages including fluent Xhosa. He grew up on Mount Prospect farm near Bedford.

Now seven of his former workers who worked for Grand daddy Athol, daddy Douglas and baby Athol during Apartheid (1975 -2005 ) are saying that they were severely mistreated, called baboons and monkeys and paid far less than minimum wage.

Apparently Trollip used to frequently say to the blacks, “Wenze izinto zobumfene” (you acted like a baboon). They were also forced to address daddy Douglas Trollip as “Master”.

Apparently Trollip also paid a man (David Kota) that worked for him for 30 years and whom he called his “Righthand man” only R15,000 ($1000) as pension.

Workers accuse Athol Trollip of abuse and racism

Of course Trollip is denying everything and going to court.

Athol Trollip says it is all a smear campaign

Sure, I won’t be surprised if it is indeed a “dirty tricks” campaign of his ANC opponents.

However what struck me about this liberal twat was how upset he now is that the blacks are all stabbing him in the back.

“They are people I grew up with. They are people who loved me and who I loved. People who respected me and I respected them.”

Aaah…yes. Damascus moment, hey Trollip? Just tell me something…your lawyer…Is he Black or a “Dumb Dutchman”?


  1. Anonymous9:33 am

    Trollip is a liberal fuckwit to the core.Like Nicholas Van Hoogstraten a white man or half white man who funds Grace Mugabe and owns a farm in Zim,old St Nic(van hoogstraten) has gievances with paying his black farm workers from time to time.I hope oneday they take a Panga and kill this fucking low life who thinks he can buy his way into Zanu PF and rolls in the hay with the kaffir at the sametime just like old Trollip.

  2. Anonymous9:44 am

    Good question, maybe he will like Gareth Cliff be PC and use a black. Let's see!
    But I love it when these high and mighties get what is coming to them.

  3. Where can I send a bottle of Vaseline to useful Trollip ?

  4. Anonymous10:35 am

    I don't really have a problem with these guys having their Damascus moments. It is so obvious, it just has to happen some day.
    I have a problem with AA and BEE being forced onto us. And the excuse is fixing wrongs of the past. We have used blacks for financial gain.
    Geez, what more did we have to give. And what excuse does the rest of Africa have, seeing they all gone the same way?
    Anon 9.44, Gareth had a straight forward case. There was a contract, whether verbal or written. So no rocket scientist needed there.
    But what about our president. Could he not use a black advocate, and where is the Black Lawyers Association? Nothing from them?
    Athol, please put your money where your mouth is, and use Black Council.


  5. Anonymous10:59 am

    "Apparently Trollip also paid a man (David Kota) that worked for him for 30 years and whom he called his “Righthand man” only R15,000 ($1000) as pension."

    R15k is a lot of money for absolutely no obligation. You are not obliged by any law to pay your worker any kind of pension. They are supposed to lay by savings for that purpose themselves, just like we whites have to do it, or get by on a state pension. A state pension of R1,505 pm is plenty for a black person to live on.

    I have heard too many horror stories of maids terrorising their old white madams or masters for large sums of "pension" money. You only need pay retrenchment pay at the rate of one week per full year worked IF you retrench staff. But not if they retire, or reach age 60, and you want to retire (not retrench) them. Their pension pot (or not) has nothing to do with the employer. I stress: BY LAW IT IS NOT YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

    Don't fall for "pension" stories. Tell them to go to SASSA.

    I see nothing wrong with Athol Trollip's father insisting on being called "Master". It is perfectly acceptable to tell a black employee not to BEHAVE like a baboon, in the same way I would tell a white person not to BEHAVE like an idiot.

    Maar tja, Atholl Trollip was nog nooit smoorverlief op die Boere gewees nie. Nie almal sal vir julle smaak nie, maar laat dit julle nie hinder nie.

  6. Anonymous11:01 am

    Mike, that would be "just desserts". Dessert = nagereg. Desert = woestyn.

    1. I know, that is why I spelled it with one S.

      I just read it again. Twice I used "deserts" and with one S. So kindly point out to me where I used the double "S".

    2. Anonymous1:58 pm

      just desserts, as in:

      what is coming to them; what "they" deserve

      She ran over my cat, but got her just desserts when she was hit by a bus.

    3. Anonymous2:09 pm

      Oops, but I spelled Athol Trollip's name with two l's in the Athol up there. I know a family called Trollip in the area where I live - the biggest bunch of horse thieves and low life scum you never want to meet.

    4. Anonymous2:58 pm

      You think Barclays pulling out of South Africa is a big deal? All the banks, globally, are suffering from the effects of the oil glut and a bear market which has been in the background since May last year but has only recently begun making its presence felt, particularly when the Feds put up the interest rate by quarter of a percent in December. The markets went crazy because there is no more free money. "Where be da free shit? Give us back our free shit!" The assumption that the overpriced stock markets would maintain the status quo has been put to the test with painful results. Some investors have caught on and moved out of stocks entirely and into cash and bonds. A wise move as the Feds are not backing off and will put up US interest rates a lot more. (Check the worry in my eye: all our money's in high quality global bonds.)

      Do you think Pravin Gordhan is going to stick around as finmin? I have my doubts. By December latest, South Africa's stock and bond markets will be junk status. It could even be as early as June. The NEC are, with one or two rare exceptions, not going to back Pravin Gordhan in any fight with Jacob Zuma. Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma will be next president, make no mistake. The ANC's NEC is not worried about growth or helping the poor or educating children. They're tenderpreneurs with no interest other than keeping the status quo. If Zuma becomes even more brazen, we could be downgraded by June. The Guptas will like 200R:$ as they can buy up lots of ultra cheap assets with their American dollars. Like that Hoogenstraaten cunt in Zim.

    5. @Anonymous1:58 PM...Ah...OK I see what you mean. You think it should be "desserts" instead of "desert"...Sorry, English is only my third language, but in this case you are wrong. It is in fact "Just deserts" and not "just desserts". The single "s" is the correct form.

      The word ‘desert’ (pronounced Dezert)as in “to get what’s coming to you”, comes from the Latin word deservire, meaning “to serve well” or “to serve zealously”: “de-” (completely) + “servire” (to serve).

      The word means the same as "something that is deserved or merited" and not "pudding".

      Check here:

      Just deserts vs. just desserts
      Wiktionary: Just deserts

    6. ;-) hehehe. Benefits of an Apartheid education.

    7. Anonymous9:20 pm

      Actually you are quite right, it only occurred to me afterwards that it comes from the Latin root meaning to deserve from serving well. A round of applause is your just desert, don't you think?

    8. Anonymous10:53 pm

      Mike, either way we understood. In this crazy town we have achieved almost like a 6th sense to double speak, we are masters at untangling lies and white lies and small minded pricks and just pricks.

    9. No prob's. I don't mind being corrected if I am wrong. We want just the truth here. Nothing else. So when you admit that you were wrong you say in a humble way that you grew wiser.

      Nevertheless you had me there for a Minute. I had to go and double check myself ;-)

      Have a nice day.

    10. Anonymous3:03 am

      Humble pie is my just deserts ...

  7. Anonymous11:18 am

    I get so mad when these libs use the term "Dumb Dutcmen"...Hulle laat ons klink soos vuil en agterlike mense.So I would like to call them Liberal c@nts....It makes me feel a bit better.

    1. Anonymous2:05 pm

      "Liberal cunts" doesn't have the catchy alliteration of "dumb Dutchmen". But in any case, nobody can make you feel dirty or retarded unless you feel it might be true. So let it go, don't let it make you angry. Who gives a shit what people like Nadine Gordimer or Athol Trollip think. I certainly don't.

    2. That is why you must use libtards, it tells somewhat of the ills behind their attempts at thinking.

    3. Anonymous10:43 pm

      Ek stem saammet Anon 2:05, mens moenie bekommerd wees oor wat hulle ons noem nie. Alle volkere het 'pet'-names vir mekaar, ons Afrikaners is netnie so oorsensitief soos die ander lot nie.

    4. Anonymous11:45 pm

      Alliteration would be if 'dumb dutchman doos ' was used.

  8. Anonymous11:29 am

    This liberal system is eating itself. Negative Ouroboros if you will. Kry vir julle, julle moere!


  9. Anonymous11:45 am

    awww here i thought some libtard got butt raped tortured and murdered oh well it cant be xmas everyday "sad face "

    Hur Dur

  10. Anonymous12:08 pm

    Roep die wit baas wat vir Julias ge-defend het...


  11. Anonymous12:22 pm

    The DA & the EFF are both funded by anglo capital in London.
    The ANC has big plans for them.

  12. Anonymous2:31 pm


    He has just been added to my list.

    We will hang this bastard!

    1. Added to mine too ;)


    2. J-Man & Ninja, you guys must consolidate your lists.

  13. Was his mother a Trollop?

    1. Anonymous2:23 am

      En sy ma was vollop !!

  14. Anonymous5:29 pm

    The crux of the matter in these liberal racial incidents though is who do WE believe. Personally as a die hard "RESISTOR" I don't believe either of them. Again we are witnessing ANC propaganda at work. Trollip has been caught and securely bound by the ANC Racist Spider and the ANC government is going to make a meal of him. WHEN WILL THE WHITE LIBERALS EVER LEARN?

  15. trollop se gat, ek hoop sy links gesinde gat brand.

  16. Anonymous7:56 pm

    What a uber cunt!

  17. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Ja, Karma is a bitch hey.

  18. Marelise vd Merwe can learn from Trollip's situation

  19. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Mike, the problem with thinking that this is a Damascus Moment for Trollip, is that in fact it's not.

    Liberals like him, cannot have a moment of utter clarity, as theirs usually comes at the moment when they get killed by their beloved pets, and even then, there is denial that this can be happening to them.

    We have seen this time and again, story after story, of whites, who dedicate their lives to helping blacks, suffer immensely at the hands of these blacks, and still after this apologise for the savages behaviour, and blame the white man for the actions of black savages.

    1. Blacks only respect a person they see as stronger / more powerfull than them. (or at least the appearance of strength - for them appearance is everything.)

    2. Blacks only respect a person they see as stronger / more powerfull than them. (or at least the appearance of strength - for them appearance is everything.)

    3. Anonymous11:20 am

      Bingo Dawid. Now lets explain that to a liberal. The concept of the 'big man' in Africa is what makes it work in a way that they understand. They understand fear not reason.

  20. Anonymous10:19 pm

    Mandela was an ANC commie, murderer and a proven terrorist. White liberals are regarded merely as dispensable puppets in their racist black minds and hands.

  21. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Greg Nicolson (Daily Maverick) had a lot to say today about black UFS protesters today Mike. Check it out because he definitely writes in favour of the kaffirs. It looks like he to hasn't learnt his lesson yet and his liberal stance is clearly visible in his false portrayal of the poor forever excluded and discarded kaffir. Its worth a read as he has also quoted the reasons, words and the names of the specific poor kaffirs directly concerned with the chaos on the UFS campus.

    1. I scanned through this article quickly.It is purely from the Kaffirs' perspective [of course!] and they are all innocents trapped between the peacefully demonstrating contract workers and the violent and racist white students.
      I only have one question. Who sets buildings alight, vandalises statues and artworks, wears T-shirts proclaiming Fuck all Whites" and sprays "Kill all Whites" on buildings? The "racist" White students? I think not.
      I rest my case.

    2. Anonymous5:28 am

      Daily Maverick is an uber Libtard site and should be treated with the contempt it deserves. That shit will make you sick I swear.

  22. The other day someone was urging Boere Ninja that commented to report matters to the authorities [SAPD]. Here's a reply for him:
    Good luck, mate.