22 February 2016

Tuks demonstration turns violent

By Mike Smith
22 of February 2016

Lesson learned...Never turn your back to a Kaffir. Cowardly bastards.

Watch: Black “Student” strikes white security guard from behind



  1. Anonymous5:03 am

    We're just waiting for a black/white confrontation in these protests. A group of whites defending against a group of blacks and pop will go the weasel. Not long now.

    1. Anonymous9:25 pm

      It will come watch this space someone will do something stupid and it will be a munt.

    2. Anonymous1:02 am

      UFS Varsity rugby clash... jy mors nie met 'n Boereun en sy Shimlas nie... Helizna.

  2. Anonymous5:26 am

    There have been a few comments on this blog about the immigrants coming to europe. Well enough is enough and it seems that the Brits have been following Mike's articles and are taking action and launched 'BRITAIN FIRST'

    here are a few clips:


  3. Anonymous5:41 am

    Fucking cowards the lot of them thats why these things attack the elderly and woman and children. Vaalpens

  4. What are these things doing in varsities, anyway?

  5. Anonymous6:34 am

    you know it has been proven time and again that they are only brave in packs. but even a pack will run if you confront the loudest one, beat him silly and make him take a dirtnap.

    all this needs is a few guys who are willing to take a few knocks, and charge these wankers, because i promise you they will run.

    1. Anonymous8:01 pm

      Did you see what happened at freestate university.

  6. Anonymous6:51 am

    F Coward just like the rest of them , attack from behind or hit and run or attack 10 to one , thats what they excel in. Traitors and Cowards go hand in hand.

  7. Anonymous7:07 am

    After the strike from behind he krimps in to a coward trying to protect his head from injury. The munts are kak scared bastereds. They will only attack in cowardly ways. Be it from behind, in groups or from behind an AK 47 or some children.

    I have seen a few clips now with these savages spitting, hitting and slapping whites without any retaliation.

    Soon whites will forget about this guilt trip and then you are going to see some serious shit go down. The scariest dudes i now arnt black they are white.

    You will see if there are two aposing groups of more or less the same size and the whites decide enough is enough blacks are going to lie all over the place.

    That being said i dont think students are the kind of candidates to take to such a brawl. They are to young to remember where they come from and i have seen their highschool history books full of lies. It will take some convincing for these guys and maybe a few pandorabox lessons to come around.

    But sure as hell things are starting to heat up at the moment. Not long before this anti-white agenda spills over to high schools, factories and work places.

    1. Anonymous10:36 am

      See what happened in Nylstroom to confirm your point. http://praag.co.za/?p=36687

  8. Anonymous7:24 am

    Lets follow your logic

    The stupid coward attacks the brave intelligent white guard

    Can anyone notice anything wrong with this synopsis of events ?

    The brave intelligent white guard is so intelligent he out intelligences himself and allows the stupid coward to ambush him

    Are we starting to get the picture now ?

    White guard who is claimed to be intelligent is actually -- based on what actually happened rather STUPID !
    How did the intelligent white allow the stupid black to suprise and attack him ? ( who here is meant to have the superior intelligence ? )

    Outflanked no cover in depth
    Send him back to the depot for more training.

    Instead of thinking about what SHOULD have happened
    Think about what ACTUALLY happened

    1. Anonymous8:08 am

      Anonymous7:24 AM

      Ja great mate way to go...always blame the victim...I see the guy was all on his own with how many of them...??

    2. Anon 7.24 your obviously one of them , and blacks are skilled in murder rape assault yes,you efin kaffirs Do evil naturely that us white people can't even think.

      See that , I couldn't even sware in thatt sentence.

      But carry on with your kaffir-logic,its clear we deffinitly are very diffrent,and boy am I glad.
      We are not afraid of you flappies,what can you do?
      Kill us? ...okay and then? ....

      I am not afraid of the man that can kill my body.
      I am afraid of the Man that can throw me into eternal damnation after my body has died.

      Oh sure make fun of this because its foolishness to you yes,but so it is supposed to be , because you are one of those 'in the world'.

    3. Anonymous12:45 pm

      Perhaps we should blame the "victim" IF the result was because of his own stupidity ?

      All on his own ?
      Please look at the footage again.
      Count how many WHITE students are standing there doing nothing !

      Not afraid , Not Afraid , Not Afraid

      So where were you to lend your support to the poor white victims at TUKS ( UP ) ?

      I keep on hearing this refrain -- and yet -- the "flappies" seem to just carry on.

      Where are all these brave -- we are not afraid ?

    4. Anonymous1:44 pm

      The bloody race card is the only card the Anc have left to play. They are brainwashing the masses to hate,mistrust,attack the so called evil white enemy. Whites are being pulled off bikes,robbed and beaten,hi jacked etc etc. Just be weary now, they seem to go savage and are becoming more public and vocal about it. The blacks hatred runs deep and the Anc is creating a diversion by pointing all blame for everything that is wrong with SA on whites.this plan is blowing up in their faces a bit as anyone with half a brain is starting to see their failings and blunders have nothing to do with the whites. The blacks will always feel inferior, especially as they have failed to run this country.Many of them would feel better if they were left to rob,rape,murder,steal and plunder the country into a land of rotten corruption,without the whites around,also they don't want any trace or memory of our history and vast accomplishments in the past in comparison to the new South Africa in decline.To all whites out there: Beware and be ready, these ANC bastards want to take over completely and are slowly getting there.video clips like these are signs of things worsening...

    5. Anonymous2:57 pm

      They are waiting for their time my boy, not long now. They stand back and seem like they won't do anything, but when they do you are going to kak. Just wait for it... You WILL be afraid.

    6. Anonymous11:45 pm

      Anonymous2:57 PM
      You got a huge problem kaffir with a mouth bigger than your little brain cell and you will soon see that it is you who should be afraid of your own kid and self destruction. You won't need to kak because the stinking kaffir shit will be automatically flowing freely from your arseholes.

    7. Anonymous8:04 pm

      Anonymous2:57 PM
      Get an education first kaffir then come and talk to us here. I hope there will be a good enough school left for you to do so. I am sure your children will also be glad to sweep the potholed streets and collect the garbage in the future. That is if there are still such jobs available to them.

  9. Anonymous7:31 am

    Playing with their dicks!

  10. Anonymous9:07 am

    Anonymous5:26 AM
    Too late for repairs now my mate. The kaffir loving Pommies allowed them and the other illegal immigrants to trickle in and now the crack in the wall has widened and the flood has begun. This is what their liberal government calls transformation and diversity.

  11. Anonymous9:09 am

    Somebody really needs to have a word with those two nafs standing around with their arms folded. They made no attempt to apprehend the thug. It could have been much worse and they just stood and watched. This is the naffy white youth of today.

  12. Anonymous9:14 am

    They have absolutely lost all respect for whitey, because we just roll over all the time. We have no bark and no bite either.What are they putting in our boerewors that is making us so slapgat? We were a walk over in 94 and to this day we just accept all that they throw our way. At this rate we will end up in the sea as they believe.

  13. Anonymous9:21 am

    I am heading for a heart attack if I keep reading this stuff. My blood pressure is off the chaart.

    1. Anonymous10:38 am

      Hey man! Vat 'n chill pil!

  14. Anonymous10:30 am

    Die wit baas sit vir Sipho op sy plek...: http://praag.co.za/?p=36687

  15. Hi Mike

    Brother , my hart is in skerwe , how is this even possible.
    My prayers go out to that man. Can you imagine how that feels,
    Lord please heal him .

    Mike you know there is someone else seeing this , and if I that am a normal man have this much hurt and anger stirred,I can only imagine the Magnitude of His wrath.

    The world might have swopped the labels , but we know them by their fruits , these evil fruits come from a evil tree , which started with a evil seed ,....makes sence now doesn't it.

    Atleast we know they can't jump the fence to Paradise
    No b.e.e. in Paradise,No demoncracy in Paradise
    Oh boy , allready sounds like heaven.

  16. We dont need no education
    We dont need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teachers leave them alone
    Hey! Theachers! Leave the kids alone
    All in all youre just another brick in the wall...

    This song comes to my mind of Pink Floyd
    We cant educate them, its the way they are...

  17. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Please take a look at the video clip on Facebook Bloemfontein Courant, gets me fn excited to do the same!

  18. Anonymous12:36 pm

    Some sweet fucking payback during tonight's varsity cup game http://www.netwerk24.com/Nuus/Algemeen/kyk-betogers-toeskouers-bots-by-varsitybeker-20160222

  19. Anonymous12:49 pm

    See Bloemfontein Courant Facebook.
    EEF disrupts Free State Varsity Cup game and boertjies gets gatvol and EEF supporters gets bliksemed and sorted out!
    Whites standing up
    W Etdo

    1. Anonymous10:26 pm

      They will not stand up for education
      Touch the Holy Grail ( ruggerbee )
      All hell is let loose

      There you go guys now you know the secret formula !

  20. Spontane protes aksie: Afrikaans sal bly: Tuks

    Share \ versprei dringend

    Hiermee doen ek as leier van Front Nasionaal Pretoria 'n beroep op alle Volksgenote om more oggend om 09:30 voor Loftus bymekaar te kom .Ons sal vandaar beweeg na die Universiteit van Pretoria Kampus .

    Hierdie aksie sal ons daagliks hou tot ons, ons sin kry, Afrikaans sal bly. Weg met die EFF en Anti- Afrikaanse anarchiste!!!

    Front Nasionaal Pretoria het genoeg gehad dat Afrikaans en ons kinders op kampus geboelie word deur 'n klomp anarchiste.

    Hierdie is n spontane aksie en selfbeskerming is nodig.

    Genoeg is genoeg, nou is dit 'n oog vir 'n oog en 'n tand vir 'n tand.. Ons steun enige instansie wat nes ons veg vir ons taal en regte.

    Die Polisie het getoon dat hulle nie in staat is om ons kinders te beskerm nie.
    Die tyd het aangebreek liewe Volksgenoot dat jy nou jou woorde in dade kan kom doen.

    Front Nasionaal Pretoria versoek alle Afrikaanse ouers en gemeenskappe om in solidariteit hulle kinders uit die skool te hou in weersin van die anti Afrikaanse veldtog wat tans teen ons gevoer word. . Ons versoek ook alle besighede om die aksie te steun.

    Die anarchiste gaan nie stop by Universiteite nie, hulle sal nie rus tot elke liewe Afrikaanse instelling verdwyn het nie. Ons skole is volgende.

    Nou sal ons sien wie is mans en wie is muise?

    Wessel Basson

    Front Nasionaal Pretoria

    1. Anonymous9:16 pm

      Wens ek was daar om julle te ondersteun.

    2. Anonymous10:00 pm

      Die tyd vir protes-uitstappies is lankal verbei en 'n mors van tyd.

    3. Anonymous10:04 pm

      Please let us know how many turn out for your spontaneous demonstration of solidarity ? ( under the auspices of a political party )

      I would guess a handful

      People have to go to work and the madams have to make tea for their maids.

      You are ALREADY ALL part of the system
      Resistance is futile

      You have the new ID book -- gave a full set of fingerprints , have the new drivers license ( HANIS / NATIS ) complied with RICA and FICA , renewed your firearms licenses -- in short YOU are now part of the system.

      YOU have been assimilated !

  21. Anonymous1:04 pm

    The white guy in this vid is apparently a Lecturer at Tukkies

  22. Anonymous1:17 pm

    Someone here used to own this blog. Could they please put it back online as it was a really good read. Even if they change the name a bit as you cant get the original back once deleted I believe.

    sienervanrensburgpredictions.wordpress.com is no longer available.

    The authors have deleted this site.

    1. Anonymous1:07 am

      Yes Please!!! Helizna.

  23. Anonymous3:04 pm


    People must REMAIN calm! Be calm, group, unite, arm and prepare.

    Siener said that we will lose everything BUT everything, including our language. Remain calm!

    Dont be despondent, I know easier said than done.

    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

    When the storm clouds gather you dont shout at the sky and start putting up your umbrellas. Instead use this time to motivate you, gather our brothers/sisters in these times and unite.

    This is the furnace period, we are not even half way through it which is why we will still lose everything but everything. Total but total reform has to happen.

    So store your anger, save your frustration for that day when we are ALL united as one and are up against the enemy. This is election time, they need to make the most noise to gather the votes.

    During this period many of these hyenas are going to turn on each other and much distrust will be caused among them. Prepare, unite, arm and train - work as one.

    Frustration, anger are good things when channeled in the right direction. Channel these feelings now into preparing, waking up our people and uniting us.

    We dont have much time left. You need to wake up as many people as possible now, things now happen faster than I even thought.

    And dont get down, like a dog that senses weakness & then goes on the bite - so this lot when they sense panic, discord and worry will attack you - see they are cowards.

    Pull those hats back over your head, stand up and be strong. You must unite, you must all stay strong.

    Put your faith in God but realize that you will have to fight this battle in the end with our Lord behind us. If we expect God to come down & fight for us - that will be the end of this nation.

    David had to swing that slingshot - The Afrikaner will eventually have to pull the trigger but there is a time for everything, use this time wisely & unite.

    Prepare, arm, unite & train.

    Become one nation now. They dont care whether you speak English or Afrikaans. We, You must put any of that shit behind us, they dont want anything with a white skin walking around here - they dont say fuck Afrikaners - they say fuck whites!

    If you are white, you must unite.

    1. Anonymous1:27 am

      When you say "We don't have much time" do you think weeks, months or years?

    2. Anonymous3:16 am


      Few months max.
      But this year will not pass before a lot of blood is shed.

      You see the Rugby match & how the blacks were so brazen to run on a field and try stop a white rugby match - well from here it spills over from kicks, punches slowly but surely into gun battles.

      The enemy already have their weapons stored in and around JHB - they are waiting, they are stirring.

      Again our nation do not know their enemy and think that this soon to will pass but it wont.


    3. Anonymous4:58 am

      Thank you, I agree that this will not pass. It's so difficult trying to get family members and friends to wake up! I feel all alone. Please consider re-opening your blog.

  24. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Who are those white slapgatte standing there with their hands in their pockets not assisting or getting the guys back, no wonder we are doomed, may God help us!

    1. Anonymous9:59 am

      Anon 6:03

      I also wondered about exactly what you are saying! Slapgatte!