11 February 2016

Racism and Political Correctnes gone mad at our universities

By Mike Smith
11th of February 2016

Further to my post the other day about the racist double standards at our universities we have received some additional photos of the slogans on the Oliver Schreiner law building that the media would not show the public. Fortunately we have readers on the ground at Wits who sent us some more pics.

Read Wits condemns, removes offensive campus graffiti

You can clearly see how the university authorities are downplaying this incident and how the media is playing along and manipulating the news.

The media just mentioned in its headline that it was “offensive graffiti” “written at the entrance” of the building.

The fact that it was hateful, Anti White, racist graffiti is not mentioned at all and the perception is created that only one slogan was spraypainted.

Although the university authorities know who the culprit is, nobody has been arrested or even suspended. To add insult to injury, the university came up with this bollocks:

Wits said:

"We have been advised that legally, the statements may not be a violation of our country's Constitution, which provides for freedom of expression, unless it constitutes incitement to cause harm. In this instance, while the messages are certainly hurtful, we have been advised that they may not directly incite harm."

Meanwhile at the pathetic Stellenbosch University with its spineless Vice Chancellor, Wim “Jellyfish” de Villiers, two girls painted themselves like purple aliens and sprinkled some glitter on the paint, donned antennae made out of silver foil on their heads, and were snapped at an space alien theme party by someone with a shit camera and made out to be “white racists” (tautology seeing that only whites can be racists) who painted themselves black.

It created a shitstorm in the media the two girls were immediately suspended and forced to apologize for being “racists” although their body paint had absolutely nothing to do with racism.

This was blatant bullying by a cowardly media and university council. They tethered these two girls to a racial pillory and publicly whipped them, without a shred of proof.

You would think that an enlightened learning institution like Stellenbosch would be in the 21st century instead of the inquisitional dark ages, but alas…

When the truth eventually came out, the toatal fuckheads who call themselves “Open Stellenbosch” first apologized to the two girls, but then, idiots that they are, retracted the apology saying that Purpleface is still Blackface

Flip Buys from Solidarity called it “An era of social blackmailing” and chastised those “who descended on the two girls like hungry dogs”. He also warned of a “nationalization of thought”.

Of course Buys is right. Political Correctness is Intellectual Communism. It is tyranny disguised as manners.

The most ridiculous of it all is that these jellyfish libtards at Stellenbosch, who can only attack young girls, have created a special investigative unit called the “Equality Unit”, a representative multi-racial thought police or hit squad if you want, that will investigate such incidents and to crown it all…a crisis counsel centre where those who feel hurt by such offensive incidents can call for psychological counseling.

I kid you not. They have gone mad!

Makes you wonder who are the racially obsessed arseholes here. They should all go for counseling themselves!! Or better…These Afrikaner Boeotians and wannabee philosophers should rather drink a cup of poisonous hemlock like Socrates and rid this planet of their useless carcasses.

No seriously, this fuckwit Vice Chancellor of Stellenbosch University, Prof. Wim de Villiers, is the one who told white Afrikaans students that they should not exercise their constitutional rights to their language, because it might offend black students, because to this self hating addlehead, only blacks have constitutional rights, whites don’t. Whites have no rights whatsoever. Blacks are free to exercise their constitutional rights and write “Fuck white people” all over a Law building, but whites can't even dress up for a party.

Makes me sick to think that I might share the same collective DNA as this spineless doos.

Meanwhile the REAL RACISMS at our universities, namely the racial quotas for university entry and the racist Affirmative Action appointment of lecturers that discriminate against the minority whites in this country are all none issues. Not even discussed. Not debated and of course All Justified.

Wants to make me puke.


  1. Anonymous3:18 am

    Mike this PC(political correctness) is fucking retarded. This country and its thought police will try and break us whites with this kind off bullshit but alas i think the straw that broke the camels back is fast approaching. Vaalpens

  2. Anonymous3:36 am

    How is this for hate speech against whites, and guess what, sweet blue fuckall will happen.

  3. Anonymous4:06 am

    Why don't the whites consolidate large tracts of farmland in the Western Cape somewhere and create a settlement where those who want peace and self determination can live in harmony. At least if we have an 'Oranje' let it be somewhere decent and in an attractive location. We are few in number and need to consolidate somewhere. This was allowed for the blacks with their homelands. We will not win back control or even influence governance in SA and before we all go stark raving berserk let's move together and start a micro sub-economy. All this commentary and complaining about the decay and demise of the once brilliant country is getting us whites nowhere. Look at all the unused land between Knysna and Mossel Bay - lets go. Leave all big business in Gauteng. It's owned by foreigners anyway. Stop being their slaves.

    1. As long as that large tract of land remains under the Republic of South Africa, it means whoever resides there are subject to the laws of this country.(Basicly meaning that if we do better for ourselves they'll tax us to death or simply claim it via BEE or forcefully) This is why the process of Self-Determination is pursued by organizations such as Front National SA, and others. Interrestingly, Orania is not a Country or Republic, it is a business. In the end, if we are not granted Self-Determination, we may need to follow an Orania like model, leave our lives behind, jobs, securities and fight and pray for our protection wherever we settle

    2. Anonymous6:26 am

      ANC will never allow it. They are scared that should we have our own independence we will embarrass them with skill and competency. They hate us. We might just excel with military might and chase them back to the Congo.

      They also do not want us to pull our wealth out of their dirty claws. They are already making alarms about all the rich white monopoly moving their assets out of Joburg and in to the western cape. The broederbonders are positioning themselves in the western cape. I believe should any civil unrest between the ANC, EFF or any other party happen, as influenced and fueled by the liberal media and institutions, they the( Broederbond, DA, Soliform, Doringbosregering) will call on the UN for Independence with the DA or soliform as inter-term government and form a new state or try a national coup.

      This has happened in many countries all over the world. I read somewhere that the broederbond in the 1970's had a meeting where they discussed and planned for a black government take-over long before 1990 but that it was only to last for about 30 years, thereafter they will take back the helms of SA.
      Remember taking the western cape means taking everything from police, military and security assets. Taxing the white monopoly that resides in their territory even the ones with business ventures abroad and all over SA thus dispossessing the ANC of all or most of their income.

      This sounds like a good option for us whiteys but remember they are the ones who sold us out just to spread their businesses across international borders. To hand the wealth of the country over to their foreign bankster masters while dumping many whites in to squatter-camps and in to poverty. Van Rensburg predicted our last war would not be against blacks but against our own white doringbos government. Whether you believe in his predictions or not it is actually starting to look like the game might just play out that way.

    3. And what are you going to grow there to eat, on "all that unused land between Knysna & Mossel Bay"? Sweet fuckall [except Port Jackson willows grow in sea sand and they're not very tasty of nutritious. And, am sure that land belongs to someone. Are you suggesting we now go the kaffir route and just expropriate the land. Why reinvent the heel. Expand from Orania, and move southwards and take back our land, as suggested by Mike in a previous blog, The Republic of the Cape of Good Hope. That is everything south of the Orange and Fish Rivers where a kaffir had never set foot before the white man had.

    4. Anonymous10:15 am

      Listen carefully: Don't worry about the source, listen to the message


      Faith Walker

  4. As I have mentioned before; as Harry Truman said. Political Correctness - the notion preached by the misguided mainstream media that it is entirely possible to pick up a piece of shit by the clean end.
    I rest my case.

  5. Anonymous4:25 am

    Britain is funding the EFF nicely to get rid of Jacob Zuma, whites & the french influence in the ANC.

  6. entirely agree. Also received the white t-shirt slogan on whatsup. If this is not hate speech then I don't know what is. This is what they are all thinking. Probably nothing will be done about it. We are farting against thunder here. Clear as day who the racists are. Yes, lest move to the WC - I've been wanting to for a year - De Rust is great, near the mountains, water and I saw 1 black face when I was there. Almost heaven.

  7. YES you are right Mr Mike...My grandfather had also something to say to these F@CKHEADS: Their good and pure HALF run down their fathers Left LEG. I also call them Wanna-bee`s in life oxygen thief's, half breed moers-konners. Mothers pure period BABY with-out a brain. They cannot even BLUSH you have to be human to be able to do that.

  8. Anonymous4:41 am

    Ja nee kyk siener het gepraat van rassespanning wat gaan opbou teen ons.

    my een vriend se seun was nou die dag by universiteit toe hou hulle n debat oor ons moet almal dieslefde wees nie verskillend nie. Hy het toe besluit om te begin deur te se mense hou daarvan om uniek aan n kultuur te behoort.Hy het genoem dat party mense is xhosa,zulu en hy is boer.Toe hy die woord boer se toe is daai hele klas naar vir hom. Hy was later gevra om te gaan sit deur die onderwyser daarvoor omdat sy vir hom se sy sien waantoe hy oppad is.
    Jy sal nie glo nie dat net asgevolg van die woord boer (wat so n unieke geskiedenis dra veral gelofte dag dis waarom ek self so geheg is daaraan om n boer te wees). Hy vertel my dat sy hom gevra het om vir haar te vertel wat n boer is, want sy is wit en sy is n italiaans. Nou wat het dit nou uitewaai daarmee dat hy n boer is. Dis wie hy is hy is trots daarop. Hy se die ander het ook daarop gehammer deur te se hulle voel bedryg deur die woord. Dit is vir my absolute snert. So hy kan nou nie n boer wees nie omdat ander mense kamstig bedruig voel daaroor.
    elke keer as ek die woord zulu en xhosa hoor dink ek terug aan jou boek mike van pandora's box. Daai deel toe ons in die zulu's se kraal gaan slaap, toe hulle ons uitgeroei het, of die keer van die xhosas wat ons vrouens en kinders gaan verkrag en dood maak het. So beteken dit nou dat ek ook geregtig gaan word om te se ek voel bedryg deur die woord zulu of xhosa.

    1. Anon 4:41 AM
      Dis reg hulle moet aanhou bang wees vir die Boer, as mens eers sielkundige oorwinning het maak dit die pad vorentoe soveel makliker

    2. Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.

  9. Anonymous4:52 am

    Isnt it just so Pathetic of this Yellow Professor , one set of rules for Whites and one set for Black . Aparheid for sure. Then its getting even better ,
    the Coal Black crap is wearing a WHITE T-shirt nogal. Wonder what subject this excrement is excelling at ? probably just there , what do they do positively for SA ?

  10. Anonymous4:57 am

    Someone should spray paint "Fuck Black People" next to the "Fuck White People". Should be interesting!

    1. Anonymous6:39 am

      They should just put and "I" in front, then it's not offensive, just gross!!!

  11. Anonymous5:09 am

    Oh well, freedom of speech is dead here on ol Mike.
    I sent about 5-6 comments & only one was published.
    This site is getting as bad as Daily Maverick & IOL, first they censor comments & then rule them out completely.
    Everybody from the left to the right claim to support freedom of expression & then cannot handle somebody else's version of the truth.

    Most of these sites realize that the mere appearance of certain comments cannot be published for the fear they may instill or the fact that they are well reasoned & factual.


    1. Cheers mate...They have been missing you over at Stormfront.

    2. I doubt he is a Stormfront reader,
      I do know we whites are "orphans in a storm".

      Whites must not complain, they voted for change under their baas de klerk & england.
      In 1992 & 1994, so they have themselves to blame for black majority rule.
      PW Botha said openly that he was not prepared to hand SA over to black majority rule because he said that SA would regress into chaos, strife, poverty & faction fighting.

      How right he was & how wrong the liberal whites were both local & abroad.

      He died vindicated &
      May his soul rest in peace

  12. Mike, it's up to you if you want to publish this link. I just thought it rather pertinent.

  13. Anonymous6:18 am

    Its only a matter of time until these exhortations to "Kill White People" and "Fuck White People" start catching on with the moronic masses and they start to put them into practical application. The physical manifestation of this won't necessarily start at universities either but randomly on the street. So if you have a weapon please carry the fucking thing. It does no good locked in a safe if you are set upon by thugs intent on "Killing White People". Be responsible, don't rise to race baiting or react to taunting or feints, but be ready to defend yourself when the time comes. This applies doubly so if you have dependents you have a DUTY to protect them.

  14. Anonymous6:39 am

    Testing one, two, three. Are we allowed to say "Zionist" in relation to primary causes of anti-white hostility? Mike are you ignorant or just scared of our Zionist masters? You pretend to be a tough guy in pursuit of [partial] "truth", but you display remarkable fear about addressing deeper truths. Mike whose your paymaster? Come on Mike, you can tell me. Most of your meathead worshippers wouldn't understand anyway. With the limited integrity of people like yourself, and the naivete of your followers, no wonder white South Africans were so easily defeated by their enemies. Yes, take the cowardly option and bin my comment as you continue your pretence of publishing 'truth'. Pretenders like you are the ultimate betrayors of white people, even worse than the libtards you like to despise. As you have failed to blog with integrity, in the interests of (real) truth its best for everyone if you retreat from blogging into the safety of domesticity as you promised.

    1. What and whom would I be scared of? I have said many times on this blog that I FULLY support Israel. It will be a cold day in hell that I will support the terrorist organisations like Hamas who control the Palestinians. Neither will I ever support Neo-Nutzis, Wannabee Nutzis, National Socialists, Skinheads, KKK wankers, etc.

      The name of the party was; National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, NSDAP)

      It is a leftist ideology. What part of "Socialist" and "Worker's Party" do you not understand?

      National Socialism (Nazism) is the opposame of International Socialism (Communism.

      You can even see it in their policies such as striving for a "People's Community" or (Volksgemeinschaft)

      Hey? It is Communism through and through. In fact read Mein Kampf and see how Hitler visited all the Communist gatherings before he settled for National Socialism.

      His so called superficial "Anti-Communism" was just there to eradicate the opposition. He believed in Germany’s right to territorial expansion. Carried to its logical conclusion, world domination. So once he ruled the world...you are back to International Socialism.

      Use your two brain cells, forget about your "Zio-conspiracies" and think these things through to its conclusion. Go educate yourself, before you come talk KAK here on my site. Aufwiedersehen.

    2. Anonymous10:41 am

      6:39 Anon the big dickhead that you are , tell us what is the real deeper truth ? , is it that you too yellow to give us an opinion so we can see what goes on in your little mind ? or maybe best you keep going.

    3. Anonymous9:04 pm


    4. Anonymous9:15 pm


    5. Thanks for those videos. Excellent. Anybody with half a brain should have come to the same conclusion by now.

      People simply do not know the difference between Nationalism and National Socialism.

  15. Anonymous6:51 am

    Are you sure this wasn't done by whites? I mean the spelling is correct and the handwriting is good!

  16. A favourite chirp of mine:
    I offend you?
    What does it feel like to be so weak that mere words hurt you?

  17. Anonymous7:05 am

    Holy crap I can not fathom how the sheep all around me can not see that this will not end well. That rainbow nation drug was strong Jong!

    1. Anonymous10:28 am

      It's poison.

    2. Anonymous1:22 pm

      it's the fluoride int he toothpaste

  18. Whites should just go back to where they came from. We've won South Africa already.

    1. Mr Mister2:17 am

      If that's the case then why can't your brothers and sisters shut the fuck up about racism and get on with their own stupid miserable lives ? Take personal responsibility and stop blaming the white man for your own failures.

      If we are to go back to where we came from, then I suggest you return all the money the white man pumped into the homelands, bantu education and universities. I also suggest that you also take the border fences down because we created SA and you didn't.

    2. Anonymous10:57 am

      Hi Mr Mister long time no see, how are things? Since we haven't seen you in a while I'll bring you up to speed. We don't feed this shkaka troll anymore. This stinking lib is useless and irrelevant. See you on the fields of glory my bro, keep up the good fight.

    3. Anonymous12:17 pm

      Shaka,you are a troll,and you are not black, cause your spelling is too good.

  19. And that is why the left continues to win. The right throws their skirmishers under the bus. The left simply says, well we understand why they feel that way. SA whites are facing a very real threat of genocide and yet whites continue to police and condemn the views of those on their side?? Being reasonable is what got you people an inch from not existing. Africa for Africans. Asia for Asians. White countries for everyone. Diversity is a code word for white genocide.

    1. Anonymous10:28 am

      That's right my man. Libs cannot understand this simple fact.

  20. Anonymous7:24 am



    Imagine if this was a white who wrote this on a T-shirt?

    This is just going to get much worse - sorry guys, now way out of this one, only via the barrel of a gun!

    1. Anonymous1:25 pm

      And the white guy just stands there in a daze

  21. I am deeply disappointed in the University's method of handling these 2 girls' case and frankly heartbroken for their sake. If it were my children i would definitely have taken legal action against the University. Thanks to Afriforum who are doing something about it and thanks for the article Mike

  22. Anonymous7:45 am

    Kill all whites’ T-shirt at University of Cape Town. Photo included

  23. We understand from residents of Heemstede that members of the EFF and or Open Stellenbosch on Friday during professors Schoonwinkel and Koopman's visit, they forced their way into Heemstede, with no positive contribution rendered to the discussion, and at the same time tried to disrupt and then sang "Kill the Boer" in Heemstede's square.

    1. Anonymous10:48 am

      They are the Terrorists with nothing positive to contribute but Chaos. They like the shit that Mugarbage uses to terrorize Farmers off their Land in Zim . I repeat same useless unemployable SHIT . (and there are plenty in SA)

  24. Anonymous9:09 am

    Who is the nice girl in pic 5, right of the picture ?
    She is lovely.

    1. First of all...Congratulations. You have passed the gay test.

      Second of all...join the queue. It starts about ten km back.

    2. Mr Mister1:36 am

      The girl in picture 4 is also lovely.

    3. Anonymous4:50 am

      The one to the right is a korrel kop.

  25. Anonymous7:43 pm

    Hi Mike, no need to publish this comment and I don't want to waste more of your precious time. I just want to sincerely apologize for my unreasonable criticism of you (6:39 am above) when I lapsed into troll mode about your avoidance of the Zionist (globalist elite, NWO, etc) issues. I do understand your rationale for keeping the discussion focused on S.A. As you have clearly explained before, its best to leave the rest to Stormfront & Co! Mike thanks very much for your remarkable dedication to telling these truths and for doing so with an obviously formidable intellect. Sorry for wasting your time. Best regards, Tom

  26. Anonymous3:39 pm

    The primary reason why this is a moronic case is because aversion to blackface only really relates to Americans and American culture- blackface was part of American Minstrel shows in the late 1800s and early 1900s in which whites would paint their faces and "play" an exaggerated, generally unflattering stereotype of black Americans at the time.

    The South African equivalent might be whites dressing up in grass skirts and chanting Zulu war songs. Black Americans have nothing to do with South African blacks.

  27. Anonymous8:09 pm

    An inordinate number of troubling and outrageous race- and religion-related things are happening in Europe, America and now here. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I think it’s all part of the same thing. And I strongly suspect it has a higher purpose. Whether it’s the Hand of Satanaël, God, or Nature, I would not presume to know. But if I am right, the problem would need to be reassessed and a different sort of solution sought.

    The things happening all over are so obviously outrageous, it makes me wonder if people are being deliberately baited. You know like when something is too good to be true? Like that feeling you get when you’re being conned or lied to. (And have you noticed, by the way, how much lying is at the centre of these current World problems?)

    In our present situation, hating these unreasonable, black-clad characters at Wits is taking the bait, and it robs you of Light. You need to back out of it. What William Blake said: “The glory of Christianity is to conquer by forgiveness.” “For all eternity, I forgive you and you forgive me.” Snap out of the automatic reaction, and penetrate with insight.

  28. Anonymous8:07 am

    I made the above comment. But today I had a nasty experience that made me wake up a bit. It made me realise that — under the present, evil circumstances — my recommendation to forgive, I think, is actually irresponsible. I say it is irresponsible because, in the face of the current callousness and unreasonableness of a growing number of Blacks, forgiveness and brotherly love could turn us Whites, including our women and children into EASY PREY. Like the ongoing molestation that is being tolerated in Germany — unfortunately as a result of Christian brotherly love, it would seem.

    The problem is that we Europeans have become too domesticated — too domesticated to know what it takes to SURVIVE. Life has become “too good”: we have not needed to really struggle to survive for many generations. And so WE HAVE LOST TOUCH WITH OUR SURVIVAL INSTINCT.

    At this time, I say to Christians, and all good and decent folk: Treat all people with respect, but don’t be too nice — callous and unreasonable people will interpret your niceness as WEAKNESS. It’s wiser, under the present circumstances, for your SAFETY, to be aloof: avoid engaging blacks in any way, unless you have to. Because those with a bad attitude may take you up the wrong way. (Don’t underestimate the malice of current anti-White sentiments.)

    Lastly, observe animals. Get in touch with your animal instincts. And keep your animal instincts in reserve in case you need to fight fire with fire (God forbid).