10 February 2016

Nokuthula Simelane: Digging up the ghosts of the TRC farce

Defaced statue of Nokuthula Simelane, Bethal

By Mike Smith

10th of February 2016

In November 2011, I wrote an article congratulating Corné van Tonder and his friend from Bethal, Mpumalanga for pulling down the statue of ANC struggle queen and martyr Nokuthula Simelane with their bakkie (pick-up truck). Well done boys

In the end he had to pay a R15,000 fine and pay for the repairs of the statue...R214,000.

Now, more than 33 year after her supposed death the ANC has found some cops they want to try for her “murder”.

Cops in dock for Apartheid era murder

Look at how “Independent Online” (ANC cronies) call Simelane “an ANC undercover operative” and “an ANC activist”…as if she was just innocently protesting Apartheid.

Truth is, she was trained as an ANC MK terrorist and acted as courier to smuggle limpid mines and hand grenades that came from Mozambique to Swaziland and then over the SA/Swazi border into South Africa. These weapons would then be used by the cowardly terrorist scum to bomb civilians, mostly white women and children, in shopping centres, restaurants and bars in South Africa.

Incidentily Nokuthula Simelane was the cousin of Barney Molokoane an ANC terrorist who was part of the unit responsible for the SASOL 1 and 2 bombings in 1985 and died in a shootout with the police in Sasolburg. Simelane was instrumental in arranging accommodation for Barney to stay with her family in Mzinoni when his unit was in South Africa to fulfill their underground missions.

In September 1983, a few days before her 24th birthday she traveled to Johannesburg under the pretext of buying graduation attire for her graduation in a BA (Admin) from the University of Swaziland.

In fact she was on a terrorist mission to Johannesburg to murder more civilians.

She was called to a meeting on September 10, 1983 arranged in the underground parking of the Carlton Centre in Central Johannesburg. She was to meet an undercover Special Branch police officer whose real name was Norman Khoza but commonly known as 'Scotch'.

By this time, Scotch had infiltrated MK and was sent on a mission to kidnap Nokuthula. On 8 September, allegedly the security police abducted her from the Carlton Centre. She was held initially at the Norwood Police flats.

Till this day nobody knows what exactly happened to her. She could still be alive, but the NPA apparently has “evidence that she was indeed murdered.

Story goes that she was tortured and forced to reveal the nature of her relationship with the ANC including the work she was doing for the ANC and key figures of ANC operatives in Swaziland. She was later moved to a farm believed to be in Vlakplaas in the Northern district of the North West Province where she was tortured by numerous police operatives until she died.

In 1985, after 2 years of tiresome searching for her or her remains, her family approached the media in search of their daughter. Her 'missing case' was re-opened under the Investigating Officer, Neville Toms. The case was investigated exhaustively; however, nothing came out of the case as Nokuthula's remains were never found.

Note that they have never found her body, and the cop (Willem “Timol” Coetzee) who applied for TRC amnesty, applied for amnesty only for her kidnapping. The cops said in affidavits that she was still alive and they managed to “turn” her and had her redeployed to Swaziland as a spy.

However, that evidence was contested by testimony made by one of the alleged murderers (Veyi), who said she had been “tortured and brutally murdered and buried around the Rustenburg area”.

So let us see what comes out of this new investigation.

I am always glad when the NPA come up with such cases. Let the truth come out about who and what Nokuthula Simelane really was. If she was indeed “turned” and used as a spy against the ANC then some ghost diggers are going to have some egg on their faces.

I won’t be surprised if she was caught out by the ANC and killed by them. Maybe she married a Swazi man and is today living happily in a hut in the Ezulwini Valley.

The rest of the NPA’s case is just hearsay and circumstantial bollocks. Won’t stand up in a court of law.

However, whether they find her or not, this will probably turn into another ANC show trial or “Trial by media” case that will be milked for all its propaganda value by the ANC in their election year.

You know the story by now...Evil, monsterous, White policemen torturing innocent black ANC “activists” for their innocent political beliefs in racial equality, freedom, blah, blah...

See? The TRC was a farce. There was no “truth” and no “reconciliation”. All it was, was an anti-white witch hunt to be used to stir up the masses’ in hatred of whites whenever it was needed. Most of the ANC’s terrorist atrocities have been swept under the carpet at the TRC (aka the “Des and Alex show”).

Never try to tell the truth about the ANC. Never deviate from the ANC’s line that they were heroic and angelic “freedom fighters”.

The Afrikaner lobby group AfriForum’s film-to-be-released, Tainted Heroes, portrays the ANC as a violent organisation that wanted to stamp out all other black groups fighting apartheid.

Of course the ANC’s armed struggle was more a struggle against black rival organisations than against the apartheid system. The ANC murdered thousands of people by the necklace method.

Also read “People’s War” by Dr. Anthea Jeffrey.

The ANC scoffed at it and made the film off as propaganda They also called AfriForum “White Supremacists” similar to the KKK.

The ANC can never and will never bury Apartheid. They love Apartheid. The ANC do not want “reconciliation”...they want racial divide. They constantly need a scapegoat to hide their misrule and corruption. If Apartheid was ever buried the ANC would have no reason to exist, let alone govern.


  1. Anonymous5:45 am

    Keep on pressing that truth button Mike the tide is turning. Perhaps not fast enough but it is definitely turning. Trump for president in America and we will see a whole new different America. It might not be for the best but at least he knows exactly what's going on here in S.A. and it will be a start to worldwide realization of the blacks intentions to dominate the world. God forbid!

    1. Anonymous7:33 am


      I agree 100%, I honestly wish he wins. He sees things the way they are and says it the way it is.

      I really hope he wins, did you see what he said yesterday about Europe and it being the end?


  2. Anonymous6:11 am

    World war three is on the horizon and the blacks are cunningly arranging it and while the super powers are at play the blacks will plant the hay. When the dust has finally settled the blacks will toss the hay and live to stack it some other day. The power of mankind is in the mind and not in the size or power of the weapons.

  3. Anonymous6:18 am

    But never will a savage pay for damages to one of our statues. Makes one sick to the stomach. Vaalpens

    1. Anon 6:18

      Exactly, note how Corné van Tonder and his friend had to pay for the repairs to the tune of R229,000.00 while I have not seen any of such with an EFF or other black breaking and burning.Yes sick to the stomach and the blood boiling!

    2. Anonymous10:56 pm

      They were stupid enough to get caught
      NO sympathy for stupid people
      Instead of being sick with blood boiling rather learn from those who do NOT get caught.
      The scalpel instead of the sledge hammer !
      VERY hard for the people here -- I know

  4. Anonymous6:25 am

    Apartheid to the anc is like the 220 volt ac that drives a fan, fuel to a engine, they need it to run.

  5. Indeed, Vaalpens, whoever pays for the damage to our statues. They don't even get arrested for malicious damage or vandalism. Probably because they are simply malicious vandals. The SAPS just stand by idly and watch [see the Uitenhage incident]. But, let two White guys fuck up a Kaffir statue and all hell is loose. Nee wat, fuck these Kaffirs and their country!

    1. Anonymous9:43 am

      Fuck them and fuck their disgusting version of their country in our country! Filthy things.

  6. Mike Miller8:44 am

    Racial division is good if there is a national border between them.

  7. Anonymous9:56 am

    Tomcat my mate these black ANC and EFF bastards don't even get arrested for genocide murders let alone for the destruction of our precious statues. They are doing everything they can do to destroy all signs of the white man's existence upon this planet. It's a full blown black on white genocide and nothing will stop them until we pay them back with interest

    1. Anonymous11:27 am

      These non-whites and Negroids in particular have no idea with what they are fucking with. We have been masters of war long before these blacks even invented a single-use wooden spear. They want genocide, they will get it all right. When the time comes in the not too distant future we will wage total untold warfare and wrath on these apes all the way and send them back into the stone age, where they belong. Let them feel what it feels like what we have had to endure ever since we allowed these animals into our Civilization. We are taking notes kaffirs, we will not forget. Bank on it...

    2. Anonymous12:39 pm

      Anonymous9:56 AM
      Hope you meant pay back tit for tat mate because as far as I am concerned we owe them FA financially but they have definitely hit the jackpot.

    3. Anon 9:56, not tit-for-tat, but with interest at an exorbitant rate as well - total extermination. The number of posts I am posting on Mike's blog is indicative of just how my moer-in and gatvol levels are rising. And, I am way out in the sticks where we don't have any shit like guys in the higher population density areas. We just hear about all the shit going down, but that is enough to make my blood boil.

  8. Hi Mike
    Surely we life in a time where good is called evil and evil is called good , as a young man (reading THE BIBLE) i could never understand how this could come about,now its the reality we live in every day.

    Surely its easy to tell who's batting for which side in this country,
    I don't need to spell it out for you guys,but let That serve as a reminder to all who's waiting for justice , I'm no doom-preacher and that's not my beef , I'm just making a straight forward honnest observation realising who we are and what de-hek is actually going on here.

  9. Anonymous12:28 pm

    Whites are finished in SA, they are doing sweet nothing in the fight back campaign.
    More than half the whites are pathetic DA's & they cannot outvote the ANC shit.
    If they get rid of Zuma, there is another & another & another retarded baboon to take his place.
    Whites must just leave SA, even the blacks want us gone, whites who stay behind will ultimately come to ruin & probably be killed by kaffirs.

    1. Anonymous4:19 pm

      Leave and go where my friend? The black cockroaches are infesting and contaminating the world and the majority of countries are now locking their gates to us ... So go where do we go. Secondly under such circumstances to flee without a fight would be surrendering to the racist desires of the kaffir. If we are eventually forced to go then we should leave something of remembrance behind that they will never ever forget.

    2. Anonymous9:14 pm

      The sooner we get a brave worthy leader the better. The blacks only understand one thing for sure and that is a bullet between the eyes.

    3. Anonymous9:34 pm

      Anonymous12:28 PM
      Well mate if the whites go then it will be so much easier to nuke these kaffirs. They think they are invincible due to their great numbers but nukes won't be necessary because due to their unlawfulness and sheer ignorance they will be going down the drain just like the rest of Africa. Old Mugabe next door made the same mistake and is now regretting it. Mozambique on the other hand is moving forward and the ex Rhodesian farmers who moved there are helping the Mozambicans to do it.

    4. Anon 4:19. I agree with you 12:28 is living in Lalaland. Where does he think he's going to go? Let him try. See the Germans letting in the sand-kaffir rabble, but refusing asylum to decent Ukrainians Caucasians. Evil rules and our kaffirs and the sand-kaffirs are the very epitome of evil. I could probably get British citizenship, but I am not a Brit. I am a South African and I am fucked if I will let this rabble drive me out of the country we whites built. I was prepared to die for SA before and if I have to do so again, so be it. Fuck 'em. The shit is fast approaching and the Suidlanders membership is growing at a tremendous rate. Whites are starting to wake up to the realities. I suggest 12:28 checks out the Suidlanders and starts preparing for what is indubitably coming instead of whingeing like a baby.

    5. Anonymous1:13 am

      Anonymous12:28 PM You sound defeated already mate. Find some inspiration. David did not run before Goliath. The true warriors, the righteous with the biggest harts are the ones that will survive the onslaught. The liberal DA supporters will fall first because they will not be prepared. They will do us a favor by being a buffer when the onslaught starts because it will give us even more time to regroup. They need to go anyways because i do not want my DNA to mix with their liberal DNA. They are to blame for this mess we are in more so than the enemy that is lusting after our blood.

      Anonymous9:14 PM Leaders arise when circumstances give them the platform to do so. The leader is with us already, living, breathing, seeing and reading every day what is going on. So feel assured he must be here and has become of age because the time is nigh. We need to stop calling for him because he will arise when God wants him to arise not when mortal man wants him to arise. We will not follow any leader until God has taught us how to follow a leader. At the moment every whitey is calling for a leader but every whitey wants to be a leader and is insulting every other whitey who inspires to be a leader. We need to learn to love our brothers and to bend the knee before God only then will he trust us enough not to bend the knee before a man( our leader) but to know he is only leading us because it is through God that we will gain victory and not through mortal man alone.

    6. Anon 1:13 - Amen to that, Brother.

  10. The Freemasons/Illuminati have an expression: "Ignorance is BLISS", so white, black, coloured and indian. We are sheeple (IDIOT PUPPET PION Groups) in there EYE (NWO-EYE). Who will stop this, I quest no one at this stage will. The SHIT MUST first hit the FAN, before anything will happen drastic-ly or Heroic Remedy, ANC and EFF war between them now, maybe tonight even with parliament opening SONA, before moving towards us (Whites/LIBTARDS). Why? Because we as whities are the problem, we are the sore in the eyes of the masses. We must not be caught of guard (but it will happen because we are living with hope that comes from Dark places). Good luck to every-one here on the blog, all that I can say start preparing yourself for very very dark-times to come (ESKOM/Civil WAR/Economical shut down across the world/Illegal Aliens or Xenophobia attacks soon on all whites). SHARP let it be.

    1. Anonymous1:29 am

      Pieter-Jan12:22 AM
      Hello there! ... are you still with us ... take two disprins and a hefty slug of pure clear water and you will be ok.

    2. Anonymous3:07 am

      @Anonymous1:29 AM

      Take a hefty slug of trillpille and go jump in the lake!!

      What kind of asshole are you, the tipe that usually tells other shit like this above now. Then when everything start changing you come and want to play again because nobody knows who you really are. You are the PARALAKS that we afrikaans speaking people will call you. That is a kind of person who stand in between two groups not knowing were you belong and what side to take. You are like the worst kind of PARASITE in the world, not even VIGS/HIV can hold a candle next to you. Because you are there to give BALANCE in life to divide the People and stay on the undecided team.Your mother was suppose to roll over you while you were still a baby. But decided to turn on the light to look what is under her ass just after you were.... Why must people like me always need to chill when the truth is al around us. It is like the Intellectual people (Pure white Race). Sometimes people dont want to hear the truth because they dont want their Illusions Destroyed. You are the GHOIM as the Jews will call your kind the kind that cant think for themselves, "ROBOT PEOPLE". So injoy your last life battery in this God forsaken Country, with-out preparing and see who will and want to help you.

  11. My problem is not with the blacks or indians at this stage, but my own people who we dont know (can not identify them from BAD/Traitors as they are called example FW, PW, Genl Viljoen, Sonder Broek van Schalkwyk, Hardop/Hard-up Muller... ext or Good)if they are against or with our enemy. So this will be difficult times we stare up to.

  12. You will still find an IDIOT LIBTARD whity that will think our peace forces (Police/Military/UN) will help us whites during the Night of the LONG KNIFES. All I can say now we are alone in this up-coming shitters. They want us dead, like yesterday already. Zuma did not do as he promised his SHEEPLE/BLACKS/People and FAILED in the eye (NWO) of his beholder (the ELITE/JEWS/Illuminate/Jesuits/Broederbonders/Freemasons)so who will be the hero of the blacks/elite now (Malemma or the ANC youth league leader). Let us see, who will be the winners of our time.

  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VABAHPUMNUc

  14. At present we only have one hope for an avenue of suppost and that is Vladimir Putin; the only MAN standing today who has the balls to oppose the NWO. I strongly suggest we try and enlist his assistance. How, I doon't know, but Luderitzbucht has been dredged deep enough to take big ships now and the railway line has also been upgraded and renovated. All as Siener predicted? I just think he got a bit geographically confused as I don't see any aid coming our way from that Commie bitch in Germany.

    1. Anonymous6:59 am

      Much can happen. The conservatives in Germany are rising in numbers. Merkel can be overthrown in an eye blink.

  15. Anonymous4:41 am

    All the commentators above accuse me of giving up already & being a general bullshitter.

    To understand SA you need to understand whites outside the country.

    Whites in Europe, Brussels, germany, France & the UK are bribing the ANC but also funding the DA.

    Whites are being killed daily not only in farm murders, who is funding it ?
    Its not blacks it is whites in these countries I mentioned earlier.

    Why do you think the uN & ICC are not interested ?

    Mocambique & the rest of africa is in the dustbin because that is all kaffirs are good for.

    You people talk about fighting back, what kak ?
    Where, when, How ?
    The blacks will get rid of you like they did in the rest of africa, remember the Portuguese were in africa for more than 500 years, where are they today ?

    The Porros fought a civil war against these baboons & were forced to depart.

    SA is now run by blacks, not whites, not the DA or AWB.
    Accept that whites could not hold onto SA & its downhill all the way now, de klerk & uk, france etc wanted black rule in SA, they know what will happen under kaffir rule, they had the rest of africa as their yardstick.

    How many whites in SA vs blacks, stop deluding yourselves.

    Within SA, already "black areas" are ungovernable & their territory is spreading.

    The only option is to stop making threats, stop voting DA, stop being racist "land thieves" & take your expert skills elsewhere, also whites need to organize on a national basis (political party) to be accepted as refugees in other majority white countries.
    One or two whites applying is not good enough, & it needs international coverage which is what a registered party will achieve.

    1. Anonymous7:41 am

      Like I said before you have already given up mate. We haven't. Yes you are correct the genocide is funded globally and if you haven't noticed the genocide is also global against the white race so WHERE DO YOU INTEND TO RUN TO???? It is your own prerogative to follow your own advice and to have your own opinions. I can see clearly you are not prepared or have any affiliation to groups in training and preparation nor do you have any knowledge of these groups because your fear is boiling out of your ears. Nobody is begging you to stay or to agree with our opinions. Dont come here and look for maaitjies to support you opinions and fears. They called it the Anglo Boer War but only a small percentage of Boers actually did the fighting. My ancestors fought valiantly against the biggest superpower the world has known which was Britain and they were embarrassed badly and shaken to the core by the wild white men of southern Africa. We could have defeated them but you know what.. only a hand full of courageous Boers fought them the other yellowbellies turned on their own people or either hid and ran from the war out of fear and i can see this fear in you. Take your fear and piss off. We are not the Poros. You might have some poro blood i do not. I know my ancestors. They called the Hebrews wild people, they called the vikings wild people. They called the Germanics wild people and they also called the Boers wild people for indeed we will be wild and fearless once again and rather sooner than later.

    2. Anonymous9:16 am

      Ok, know it all, the kaffirs are coming for you, dont cry when they chase you away with the cloths on your back.
      Things can still get far worse, you will see when the shit hits the fan.
      The Portuguese are the ones I mentioned because they were in africa the longest.
      We can always talk about the rest of africa, french or british rule in the rest of africa how does german east africa suit you ?
      Should go down well with your germanic / yiddish blood but you are probably too young to know about German east africa ,ne ?
      Stop lying to yourself, the kaffirs will make this country totally ungovernable & you will either die here or run for your life like every other white colonial power who ever occupied africa, be it italian, french, british, israeli, portuguese.
      Learn from history dont try to sweep facts under the carpoet.
      Yes, I am armed & yes I belong to a few self defense groups & what about you ?

  16. We have plans, don't you fear. The Rhodesians fled southwards, here. We can go no further south than Cape Agulhas. That's our Land's End.

  17. Anonymous7:30 am


    I want to see the EFF & ANC struggle - that will make for some great popcorn.

    I want to see how they play that one out.

    This country is on fire from all angles.

  18. And here come sona lol got my popcorn. Sory yes and my gun.