27 February 2016

Marelise van der Merwe wants to shoot whites in the head with her AK47

Marelise wants to kill white people with her AK47

By Mike Smith
27th of February 2016

There is something I have in common with LWB Marelise van der Merwe of the Daily Maverick. We are both angry that Table Bay Boulevard was renamed to “F.W. de Klerk Boulevard”. She is angry, because she sees him as a “racist” who was part of the National Party Apartheid regime, I am angry because I see him as a traitor to his people.

Daily Maveric: Op-Ed: A storm in a Boulevard

However that is where the commonality ends, because when you read her foaming-at-the-mouth diatribe, you can see how her liberal, tolerant, mask drops to reveal her hate filled white hating soul.

Dr Jamie Glasov describes her condition very well in his book, “United in hate: The Left’s romance with tyranny and terror”.

Deep inside of them they hate themselves and believe the world hates them too. They want to destroy themselves, kill themselves, but first they want to kill everyone else and destroy the world. It is a sick mental condition for which there is no cure, except a bullet to the brain. Problem is that they are too cowardly to blow their own brains out and we are too good to relieve them of their misery. So, unfortunately we are doomed, because before these cowards can do us a favour an relieve the world of their presence, we have to put up with their periodic petulant tantrums, verbal vomit and anti-white hatred.

LWB Marelise van der Merwe
Take a look at this video of Marelise van der Merwe busy poisoning the minds of young students.

I mean we could all be a bit thinner or prettier, but look at her ugly sweaty mug, her overweight frame, her unkempt dirty hair tied in a bun…It is not difficult to see why she hates herself.

Unfortunately she wants to spread her poison further, she is apparently busy writing a children’s novel. BWAHAHA...Seriously…I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

However, the ultra leftist Daily Maverick loves her and the more anti-white bile she kotches out the more they love her.

Nevertheless, Marelise van der Merwe is upset, because whites want to put De Klerk on a pedestal by naming a street after him, “so that we don’t feel so bad that we had to start sharing our toys”.

Look how she uses the “WE” as if she wants to include others into her sick mental state. And when people don’t want to listen to her, “WE need to stroke them a bit”.

See? Aggressive cow, nê? Wants to beat up people who don’t agree with her. So much for liberal “tolerance”, I suppose.

She carries on.

“Whites need to start growing up a little.”

“Whites were crazy”

“Whites were big bullies”

“Whites didn’t do enough”

“Whites didn’t feel sorry enough”

“Blah, blah, blah, Liberal rubbish, blah, blah, Fucking blah.”

But then she changes her tune from “WE” to “YOU” and starts spitting in our faces and prodding our chests with her fat index finger.

“Here’s a thought for you: you are damn lucky that land you’re sitting on wasn’t taken from you by force, the way it was taken from people of colour before you. You are damn lucky that the systemic violence of Apartheid didn't become an onslaught of indiscriminate violence in its aftermath. You are damn lucky that that brown person next to you smiled at you this morning, waved at you, spoke to you. You are damn lucky that an angry black person hasn’t just walked up to you and shot you in the head because they’ve had to read one more ignorant, racist comment on News24 and it just made them snap and do something crazy.”

Personally I think blacks were “Damn lucky” that we never chased them out of the country when we had the strongest army on the continent. They are also “Damn lucky” we never dropped nuclear bombs on Soweto and Khayalitsha.

Nevertheless, it is clear that somebody lit the fuse to Marelise’s tampon, because in her blinding rage she shows us what really goes on in her floskoppie:

“Because you know what? If the shoe were on the other foot, and it were me, I might have been angry enough to go crazy. I might have gone out there with my AK-47.”

See? She hates whites so much that she wants to shoot them in the head with an AK47’s.

Marelise van der Merwe and tree-hugging friend
THAT dear people is the true face of the white liberal tree-huggers. Always pretending to be these tolerant, morally superior to us beings, but in fact want to kill everyone who does not agree with their bullshit.

So blinded is she by her hatred of whites that she brushes off the thousands of whites killed by blacks and saying that the majority of (black) people are good, peaceful people.

To this LWB, the utter corruption. theft and mismanagemnt of the ANC government are just “Misdemeanors”… Rather we should thank them for not killing us…”it’s a damn privilege to live in the (relative) peace that we do, and you should thank those who forgive you for the grace they have given you.”

Dankie pappa ANC. Ingos’ kakulu. Ngyabonga uANC.

Thank you that you don’t torture me to death. Thank you that I am allowed to pay you my taxes. Thank you that you allow me to kiss your feet. I am so privileged that you allow me to be your slave.

Marelise van der Merwe ignores the fact that the majority white South Africans voted in a referendum in 1983 to allow Coloureds and Indians to share power instead of choosing the Deir Yassin option. She also ignores that the majority white South Africans voted in a referendum in 1992 to have peaceful negotiations to share power with blacks instead of simply annihilating them.

No, unless you were a white terrorist indiscriminately killing innocent people with bombs and necklaces during the struggle…”YOU did squat” to get rid of Apartheid. “Most of us sat on our bums getting manna from heaven for decades", says Marelise.

So now, says Marelise, it is time you start doing something…”We should be on our effing knees saying sorry. Not saying sorry – doing sorry. Making it better. Doing volunteer work. Raising a kid who needs a home. Putting someone through school and university who doesn’t have the funds for it because we benefited (are still benefiting) from the system that made their parents earn minimum wage.”

Unless you are willing to kiss the ANC's and EFF's butt as Madam Marelise instructs … “you’ll be lying in a bed of your own making when revolution comes.”

Actually it is a pity that “bangat” Looney Leftists at The Daily Maverick closed its online comments section but here you can let rip.


  1. Anonymous1:55 am

    I wish she could end up like Michael Lapsley nasty fucking shit happened to that man.Today he has one eye and claws for hands.

  2. Anonymous1:56 am

    Sjame, poor dumb white girl.

    And so our necklace-list grows: FW de Klerk, Max du Preez, Laura Shortridge, Marelise van der Merwe, 'Shaka', Sello Puo, Eusebius McKaizer, Andile Mngxitama... the list will definately go on and on.

    1. Please add this shithead to the list. http://voices.news24.com/pieter-bosch-botha/2016/02/when-afrikaans-imploded/

    2. Please add this shithead to the list. http://voices.news24.com/pieter-bosch-botha/2016/02/when-afrikaans-imploded/

  3. Mr Mister2:04 am

    She is damn lucky that an angry right wing person hasn’t just walked up to her and shot her brains out because he or she has had to read about one more piece of left wing tripe that comes of her head and it just made him or her snap and do something crazy.

    1. Anonymous5:21 am

      a double barrel shot gun has two purposes 1 shooting ducks 2 shooting traitors in each knee.

  4. Anonymous2:10 am


  5. Banger vir my eie "volk" as vir die vyand.

    1. Anonymous5:19 am

      Very true that I will likewise confess,

    2. Anonymous2:11 pm

      @Anarchy ReBeL2:43 AM

      Banger vir my eie "volk" as vir die vyand.

      Im telling you!!!!
      Im more bang of the whites, we have a white problem in this country.

      If the whites tomorrow said ok do whatever - this would be a different party.

      Look at zille, Du preeze, Schutte, this thing, there are many of these assholes.

      But the clock is ticking and their time is running out.

      But I agree 1,000% the whites here have always been sell outs.

  6. Anonymous3:36 am

    It amazes me that Liberals never mention how the Whites and Indians empowered themselves by building schools and educating themselves. They forget the number of schools and institutions that blacks have destroyed and burnt to the ground. Education is essential for Nation building, peace and prosperity. The ANC have effectively stolen this from the youth of today resulting in yet another generation of uneducated leeches to humanity. BUT this is exactly what the ANC wants... a perpetual supply of dumb-ass voters.

    Much has been said about the inferiority complex that blacks have so they feel empowered when they destroy something they cannot achieve or build or invent.
    When South Africa has nothing left to steal or destroy what then? Is it too much to understand where this destructive path is headed? Suicidal to be sure.

    Mother Africa is being raped by greedy, corrupt and dishonest "black leaders". The people need to wake up and stop this holocaust threatening their future and well being. And you don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand this.

    So, to all you idiotic, dumb-ass liberals out there... wake the f... up! Your messages are desructive. You are not doing your beloved blacks any favours. Everyone needs to earn a living. The past is the past. The youth of today don't remember apartheid except for the fact that you idiots keep reminding them to use it to justify their destructive, lazy, good for nothing attitudes. They have had the same opportunities as everyone else for over 20 f...ing years. Look around you and see who are driving BMW's and Mercs. Ag shame... poor blacks!... such nice hard-working, honest people hey!

    Is it too much to ask that everyone simply be responsible, honest, ambitious, hard-working etc. How nice this would be for everyone. And all you "teachers" out there... especially you!
    Yes, I am angry for this beautiful land - South Africa.

    1. Anonymous1:09 pm

      Anonymous3:36 AM
      Right on the button mate ... RIGHT ON THE BUTTON!

  7. Anonymous3:57 am

    She is a fucking ugly cow that I bet no man wants to touch!!The poor children whose paths cross with this fucking bitch will never be the same again.Can one human being be so full of hate for her own skin colour?!Mike and you are spot on when you say she is oily and ugly.It is always the case withe LWB's...their looks mirror their mwntal state!

  8. Anonymous4:49 am

    just another name .... soon to be another hole in the ground
    Hur Dur

  9. Anonymous5:09 am

    Who bitch this is?

  10. Anonymous5:31 am

    Eeeeuw! Mike I applaud you for your perseverance, and for your generosity in sharing your precious time disseminating, and condensing this load of sick rubbish, so that we are warned of yet another LWB, contaminating our society. I only managed to read some, and then gave up. It made me feel sick and bored. I got put off my lunch reading her vomit.

    1. I know, mate. I felt the same when I read through it. That is why I condensed it for my readers. Dirty job, but somebody has got to do it.

  11. Anonymous5:55 am

    She will be a real looker in the ANC. A beauty contest between her, Naledi Pandor, Tina Jou Meit Peterson and a few of those other fat ass bitches...... I just puked in my mouth.

    1. Anonymous3:47 pm

      In the second photo, where she's dressed in white next to the tree, she looks like a double door refrigerator. Too many snacks at night.

  12. Anonymous6:35 am

    Duiwe hok toe met haar.Klink of sy reeds n Ak het.Wonder of sy n spieel het?

  13. Mike firstly thank you for all your lessons I call them lessons as I have learned much from your writings your wit , intelligence and straight out honesty is extremely refreshing . Do you have a web site and is there anyway I can contact you? To all the others who comment here bower ninja etc I thank u too

    1. Thanks Clint. You're welcome.


  14. Anonymous7:46 am

    You are damn lucky that that brown person next to you smiled at you this morning, waved at you, spoke to you......and said, kyk hier my bra. Wanneer gaan julle die kaffers terug land toe stuur? Ons het nou genoeg gehad. Hulle kom lê net hier op ons. Julle kan nie net sulke kak maak nie.

    FW was ok. Sy seun was lief vir ons vroumense. Dit is OK. Maak die Wes-Kaap 'n bruin tuisland en FW die president. Jy kan al die wit liberale in die Wes-Kaap sit omdat ons is baie lief vir wit liberale vroumense. Jy weet mos wat hulle sê - "Its makes the Coloureds whiter and brighter" amper soos Omo. Die wit konserwatiewes kan 'n groter Orania maak en die liberale sal nie bekommerd wees nie want hulle het hulle eie multikulturalisme in die Kaap. Kyk hulle sal uitsterf maar in die Kleurling genepoel. Wat dink julle? Its a win-win.

  15. Anonymous8:28 am

    Hi Mike , you know I think this VD Merwe is scared shitless , and is exuberating her Guilt like she slept with an unclean animal, her filth is a sign of deeply disturbed depression like that fat delusional schutte , in the same class , like they either have been threatened or they are trying to please somebody else. Its like a child in trouble, " it wasnt me it was him " , They seemed to fall in the same category , trying to betray their own nation to save their own skin. BTW , like to get my Galil and shoot back at her in the act, as for the Trasher Blacks of SA , I still want an apology for wasting my time trying to INSTILL some knowledge into them and them replacing it with their common self destructive methods. Their curse will carry on with them forever.

  16. Pleks sy eerder op n dieet gaan voor sy vrek aan n hartaanval.

    1. Anonymous10:08 am

      Plaas die vetgat liberal bitch eerder vrek van 'n hart-aanval- sy sal almal 'n guns doen die common fokken teef.

    2. Anonymous12:17 pm

      When she changes her tune from "We" to "You":

      Here she shows that she has a black identity. The opposite of a coconut.

      She also, in the same paragraph with her lying words, knowing full well that she is incites more violence against ALL whites - except herself of course.
      She delivers an insidious, and veiled threat against freedom of speech in her reference to bloggers who disagree with her. Aka. Bring me my machine gun.....

      Her diatribe is Pure Evil imo.

    3. Anonymous12:26 pm

      I wonder if she follows her own advice?
      She should lead those of her ilk by example.
      Methinks she won't.
      Let her waste her own time but she mustn't expect the rest of us to join her.
      She should give us a life long demonstration of her demands on us whites, and put her money where her gob is.
      It may make a good "I told you so" kind of comedy.

  17. Anonymous11:40 am

    This thing seems to be part of, or representing some kind of movement, TEDx. Seems like it is spreading worldwide, and me thinks it could be something like scientology.
    Either way, this kind of thinking is the end of (white) mankind.
    The kind of (financial) support these people get, is unbelievable.
    According this this report:
    about 1% of the world's population own half the worlds wealth.
    So I presume money to sponsor these movements is never ending.
    So yes, as some above have said, may she vrek. But, like the dic(k)tators of Africa, there is always another one who is waiting his turn.
    And the problem never goes away, it just escalates.
    I think the safest option is to build a wall on the Limpopo River.
    They can live in Kumbaya on the North, and we live happily every after in the South.
    It can only be a win-win situation. They don't like us, we think they trash. So why not just separate the left thinkers from the right?
    Ecclesiastes 10:2
    New International Version
    The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.


    1. Anonymous1:30 pm

      To Anonymous11:40 AM. (Noddy).
      Rather annihilate the bastards and we will remove the problem forever. Walls can be scaled and tunnels can be dug but there is no chance of that after their total annihilation.

  18. Anonymous12:57 pm

    Oh come on, you can't take her seriously. Lots of fat white chicks want to go out and mow down white guys with an AK47, especially when they have PMS. Like the brown guy says, the Cape coloured knows how to give her the sausage instead of the middle finger.

    1. Anonymous4:06 am

      Anonymous12:57 PM
      Don't underestimate her mate you might just be unfortunate enough to receive her first bullet. If she was dumb enough to verbally betray her own kind then she is also dumb enough to pull the trigger!

  19. Anonymous1:16 pm

    Not a sane white person for sure and definitely not attractive to the eye. She got white loser written all over her ugly mug and she is now trying to score some glory on the "darker" side of life. These are the people that are the most dangerous to our cause. Blacks in white skins are a definite cause for concern and must be removed permanently from being amongst us as speedily and as efficiently as possible.

  20. There is absolutely nothing as miserable, delusional and hateful as a liberal. Damn, I would rather deal with Umkontho terrs that that land whale. Pity the people that actually know her.
    Seriously, every black man, woman and child in South Africa, should go and their hands and knees ad thank God as well as whites for Apartheid. It changed their lives forever. Who built the schools, hospitals and houses? Apartheid did! WTF did they have before Apartheid? Absolutely nothing!How much of the above did the ANC build for them , flipping nothing.
    If it wasn't for Apartheid dragging them into the 21 century they would still be running round in grass skirts and fu@#ng eating each other.

  21. Mr Mister4:44 pm

    If she strongly believes that whites solely benefited, and are still benefiting from the "system", why does she not quit her job at the Daily Maverick so that a black person, preferably a real journalist, can have a job ?
    These brain dead liberals are always telling us what to do what they say BUT not as they do.

    1. Anonymous5:04 am

      Get this video to her.

      D'Souza illustrating the hypocrisy of liberals.

    2. Mr Mister5:29 am

      Sending her a link wouldn't help since the silly old cow is bereft of functioning brain cells.
      Her linked article is full of cliches and colloquialisms, not to mention some swearing. Is that what passes for journalism in SA these days ? I wouldn't be surprised if the only reason she has her job is due the privilege of female Affirmative Action. Her anti-white rhetoric is so vile that she sure knows how to suck the sweat off her beloved dead terrorist's testicles with the utter nonsense that she writes.

  22. Anonymous5:37 pm

    She should move to Soweto, fuckng stupid bitch.

    1. Anonymous10:48 pm

      That is always the best to me, and funny enough, I picked this up from a very young age growing up, my father always said the liberals want to give them everything, but they do not want to eat at the same table with them, nor do they want to sleep and live where they live.

  23. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Unrelated, sort of:

    After one week in Israel, Frans Cronje gets it WRONG again.


    Regards, Besoeker

    1. Thanks for the link, Besoeker.

      The terrorist ANC is in love with the terrorist Hamas.

      Israel should learn from us whites in SA and NEVER, EVER give up, because if the negotiate with terrorists and give power away to the Palestinians, Israel will go the same way as South Africa.

      Israel had high diplomatic relations with Apartheid SA and sold us 25% of their yearly weapons production when the whole world had sanctions against us and wouldn't give us a knife to defend ourselves. Israeli military officers trained together with us. Israel helped us develop nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and satellites.

      But then we whites voted 70% to give power away to terrorists in 1992.

      Should Israel have relations again with the whites in SA? Who then? Who represents the whites of SA? If I was Israel I wouldn't trust any of these white libtards in SA.

      In my opinion there is only one solution for Israel and that is to go it alone. Israel should do what we should have done a long time ago. The Deir Yassin option. Gaza should be moved to Egypt, and the West Bank to Jordan. Then and only then they will have peace.

    2. Here tog Mike jy kan maar lekker kak praat om jou BOSS te beskerm...


    3. Read "The Unspoken Alliance: Israel's Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa" by Sasha Polakow-Suransky.

    4. Anonymous12:52 am

      Hegelian dialect. Control both sides.

    5. Anonymous5:00 am

      Israel was pretending to be our friend, because they needed our uranium (yellow cake) that we were supplying to them.

    6. Oh really Mike if it's kak then why is Isreal still trading with the ANC-regime?

    7. Anonymous2:09 pm


      I agree - As whites we trusted the west and our traitor leaders who sold us out.

      But in the long run it will work in our favour - it is already if you watch + can see the signs.

      Israel though now has Russia on their doorstep, Iran back in business and wars all around them.

      Im not sure they will survive the next 20 years.

      Why the hell didnt this country just do what the North Koreans did and say fuck you! We dont need you, we do it our way and every now and again let of nukes or threaten.

      But we were to subordinate, we wanted to be seen as "civilized whites" which has resulted in south Africa going backward and no investments coming into the country.

      So either way we are stuffed but me thinks in the coming months more and more of our people will unite, while we see many black factions form + tribal issues start + more overseas whites looking our way

      Time will tell.

      I wonder though if those stats are true, or did they just say whites voted and it came to 70%?

      Could it not be that FW was forced into doing this?

      See I dont mind what he did, its done but I do mind that he now keeps silent while everything is happening - that is a traitor.

    8. Anonymous7:07 pm

      Anarchy Rebel 9:15 AM
      Prove it!

    9. Anonymous4:07 am

      I read the article Arnachy ReBel. Thanks for that. A very interesting article indeed!

  24. Anonymous10:54 pm

    The Yanks have a name for these whales. "Mudsharks" "Coalburners"

  25. Anonymous10:57 pm

    Wat 'n #Poepol

  26. Anonymous12:00 am

    And in the real world, Germany got bombed flat in WW2, rebuilt everything in about 15 years. Bear in mind in the 1940 - 1950 era life wasn't that easy. Compare what the Germans achieved in that era to today 2016. Our black government has had cell phones, internet, email, Skype etc... All of these things are supposed to make our government more efficient yet we are in actual fact regressing. I have a feeling liberals and blacks have a vocabulary problem whereby they have replaced the word realist with racist. The funny thing is when the shit hits the fan the liberals are on the first plane out of here.

    1. Anonymous2:37 am

      ....plus another huge obstacle the Germans had against their favour. The massive amounts of war reparations divided Germany had to pay back over all these years.

    2. Anonymous2:04 pm


      @Anonymous12:00 AM

      But its apartheid's fault, its colonialism's fault, its imperialism's fault, it will be their fault until they cant read and write anymore and becomes a myth like their river gods.

      But name me one thing these blacks cant do when it comes to crime, they can manage to figure out how to break into the most sophisticated car alarm systems, get past razor wire, electric fencing, lift gates of their rails, they can use their brain really efficiently when it comes to doing evil, corruption and anything their father Satan commands them to do.

      They invent ways to get past security systems - now seriously how evil do you have to be that the only time your brain functions is when you are about to do evil.

      But remember its apartheid's fault.

  27. Anonymous1:41 am

    Brain contaminated from swallowing black cock.

    1. Anonymous3:44 am

      Anonymous1:41 AM
      Yes mate and don't forget about them also licking each others black arseholes as well.

    2. Anonymous3:48 pm

      You two have a disgusting imagination.

  28. Anonymous3:38 am

    Anonymous12:00 AM
    Very true comment indeed mate. I fully agree!

  29. Anonymous6:04 am


    Natie Kirsch donating millions to Juliass... man, I'm so disappointed in this white man ... used to look up to him for his achievements...

    1. Anybody with half a brain will know that it is a fake banknote.

      At the bottom of this article you can see that “Kirsch has since indicated that the document was indeed a fake and that he does not bank with Absa and has not donated to the EFF.”

      Is an eccentric billionaire funding the EFF? We'll never know

      So please let your Nutzi mate at “White Nation” know the truth lest his otherwise good article be discredited. Next time check your facts first.

    2. Anonymous11:26 am

      Mike, now why is White Nation Network your enemy? My FUCK,we are fighting against each other while the enemy is busy consuming us! .....or are YOU the enemy? JA RIGH, TELL ME TO fuck off too!!

    3. There is no such thing as a “white nation” There is the Afrikaner Nation, a Scottish nation a Zulu Nation, but where is your “White Nation”? What culture do they have? What language do they speak? What religion do they have?
      White Nationalism is in the end the same as Communism.
      Here, educate yourself:
      Thy myth of white nationalism

    4. Anonymous6:07 am

      There is a white race. We should not be splitting hairs.

    5. Anonymous7:28 am

      Anonymous6:07 AM
      I agree with you, there is a white race. We originally came from the same place, Europe. It is about genes and it is the people that can blush!

  30. @Boere-Ninja...Although I share your sentiments, those last two comments of yours were a bit too extreme mate. Couldn't let it go through.

    1. Anonymous8:17 am

      I don't see any comment from here from Boere- Ninja?

    2. Simple answer really . How many billions did the auditor general find lost to corruption (unauthorised expenditure) last year and how much did the new minister need to raise in taxes in his recent address . You will find there is a close resemblance . The majority of the recently primitives dont have a fucking clue and continue to reproduce at the price of a paw paw .

    3. Anonymous1:56 pm

      @Mike Smith7:21 AM

      LOL I know, Im extreme I know :(

      Even that little man with the mustache would run & hide.

      LOL - Its safer you dont publish that.

      No probs.

      But in the final days, in the coming end days they will not be that extreme.

      What I say will be necessary for survival here.

      You know its true though.

      Anyway here`s one to lighten the load...

      Marelise van der Merwes husband (or wife we dont know kinda looked like a man but had breasts as well) was watching a rugby test against the British Lions at Loftus Versfeld stadium in Pretoria. In the packed stadium, there was only one empty seat - next to Van der Merwe.

      "Who does that seat belong to?" asked his neighbour.

      "It's for my wife Marelise."

      "But why isn't she here?"

      "She died."

      "So why didn't you give the ticket to one of your friends?"

      "They've all gone to the funeral."

    4. Anonymous6:55 pm

      Anonymous8:17 AM
      Read Mike's comment again and keep on looking mate. I am sure its got to be here somewhere!

  31. This LWB will not last . Just as soon as she has outlasted her usefulness to the Retardus Velcrocapitus and cousins Retardus negrensis and ittitatus cuntis , and the commies leading the species by the nose , trust me she will be chewed up and spat out , possibly be raped and killed . What was she thinking

  32. well....it may be that she has developed this self hate because her folks gave her a full length mirror...and you cant cure fugly.

  33. Detroit Refugee2:45 pm

    Why did god make fat ugly white women?
    For the Negroe of course!

  34. I hope she remembers her words the day she becomes a victim of black on white crime

  35. This slut is beneath contempt and comment. I didn't even bother checking out the link. My sympathies, Mike. It's as you said, a dirty job and someone has to do it. Sorry, but thanks mate. JP, add the bitch to The List, Brother. I'm sure you have already.

    1. Added ;)


  36. Anonymous2:44 am

    I just want to know if she has burglar bars infront of her windows as well as security gates infront of her doors?does she leave her doors unlocked?car keys in the car?does she walk to the store alone at night without a bother?Does she clench her handbag as tight as possible when going to a shopping centre?? I don't think so.Why??Because even with the filth dripping from her heart,mouth and soul I bet you this butch bitch is just as scared as any NORMAL White woman..She is a stupid c@nt....and one day when a kaffir comes into her house uninvited,she will be scared and beg for mercy and there will be none as her skin stays white!!

    1. Anonymous6:11 am

      Good questions anon 2:44am