19 February 2016

Major military invasion exercise in Port Elizabeth

The invasion of King's Beach, Port Elizabeth

By Mike Smith

19th of February 2016

Why have military invasions on (traditionally) white beaches, through (traditionally) white residential suburbs and business areas in Port Elizabeth complete with massive traffic jams and battles over parking spaces?

People who watched it were not impressed saying, ““If this is as good as it gets, we can only be grateful that Lesotho and Swaziland don’t have navies.”

“SNEAKY ambushes, skirmishes and even battles over parking spaces dwarfed the spectacle of the National Defence Force’s underwhelming display of military might at Kings Beach in Port Elizabeth last night.”

“Billed as a “spectacular all-arms night of shooting capability demonstration”, the Armed Forces Day event failed to impress many of the thousands of people who battled massive traffic logjams and a lack of parking to attend.”

“The armed forces demonstrations will culminate in the main event on Sunday, when Marine Drive will be temporarily closed while President Jacob Zuma and cabinet ministers watch demonstrations.”

Thousands watch Mini war in PE


  1. Ground control to .308.! Ground control to .308.!

    The Whiskey is ready and the powder is dry. See you on Kings Beach Sunday morning and let's show these Monkeys what 2 Boerkies can do with a .308 and a bottle of fire water.!

    Uit die blou van onse hemel, uit die diepte van PE se see.. Kom daar n houtkop soldaat aan geswem wat uit die chopper gebliksem het..

    1. Anonymous4:15 am

      The WISKEY is the problem. It will cloud your ability to think, plan and reason.

    2. Where were you when FW needed a bullet through his head ?

    3. Anon 4:15 - it's whiskey ouboet, not wiskey.. I think you've had too much Brandy n Coke, you must watch out it screws with your spelling and your ability to think, plan and reason..

      Where was I when FW needed a bullet.? I don't remember, probably drinking WISKEY...

    4. Anonymous8:42 am

      Roger Wilco, Mafia. I can see you from my vantage point, taking a wind reading and tagging more targets, I got your six buddy, over.

      I wanted to tell you that little collection you showed me was impressive and will be the tools used by our first battalion to chase the monkeys from parliament. We take back what is ours. Cheers Bra!

    5. Anonymous5:39 am

      Anon 7:34 , for some it becomes "Withkey" HIC ! for most its the key for wisdom. LOL !

  2. Anonymous1:07 am

    A nation of "peace", demonstrating war...how ironic

  3. Anonymous1:32 am

    I hope that the world super powers will realise that this government is a very efficient no nonsense black government with great political power and military might from now on. They will be no match for a military confrontation with the new black SA defence farce. This exercise of black ANC military might is just a reminder for them all and to keep them fully aware of that fact. They are all mighty nations perhaps but the ANC is an almighty one so from now on they better beware of the outstanding capabilities of SA's great new black power onslaught. The SA taxpayers and citizens are also faithfully and financially baking them so they must also be applauded for that. Enjoy the show! SA is in very capable black political and military hands. Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee! Hee!

  4. Anonymous2:24 am

    In a sub-standard country, with sub-standard services, run by sub-sub-standard government, even a sub-standard army wil impress sub-standard citizens.

    Thank God I have never served in the SANDF, but in the SADF.

    1. Anonymous9:10 am

      SANDF ...SA NATIONAL "DEFENSLESS" FORCE!YES and even then they are still a huge failure. To be a failure beyond that of being worthless/useless is only a thing that the blacks in Africa have managed to do!

  5. Anonymous2:57 am

    Wrong drop site and wrong day, should have dropped in on UCT during the protest

    1. Why? Don't be crazy! The protesters would have probably won the day.

    2. Anonymous8:54 am

      So right so true!

  6. The farkers are probably trying to intimidate us, but like everything they do they failed.

  7. What a bunch of fucking retards. They were never worth anything and never will be. There forte is planting bombs in public places and blowing up innocent and defenseless people, but when it comes to fighting an armed foe the inherent coward comes to the fore. They're a fucking joke!

  8. Anonymous6:27 am

    Pikers! Really not an up to scratch demo unless the appropriate demographics are depicted, along with uniformed wet nursing female 'Special Operations' personnel, and swishey swart sergeant majors.

    Sadly, we're now the best among the worst here in the U.S.

    Regards, Besoeker

  9. Anonymous6:47 am

    Who is actually flying those choppers I wonder? A BEE apointee perhaps? AA Pilots maybe? Captain Coco?

  10. Anonymous12:00 pm

    Norton told me that the link had a virus or something. Called "Nuclear exploit kit redirect 4"


  11. Mike, they are properbly reading the comments and saying, "Eish Jacob, they were not scared".
    BoereLaCosanostra- houtkop, soldaat en swem, iets maak nie sin nie?

  12. Anonymous9:23 pm

    SANDF ... SA NATIONAL "DEFENSLESS" FORCE! YES and even then they are still a huge failure. To be a failure beyond that of being worthless is an item/thing that only the blacks in Africa have successfully achieved in doing. The rest of their time is taken up by trying to emulate the white people in every aspect of their lives. Unfortunately for them their envy has developed into hate and their hate and their lack of brain power has paved the path to their self destruction and extinction. Their lies, false racist accusations and more ferocious genocide attacks against the whites were predicted by Mike in the launching of our “RESISTANCE” a good way back in time. With elections on the horizon the ANC is hopefully aiming to put on this little show at the taxpayers’ expense so as keep the black vote and protect their easy access to the country’s wealth. However at the rate that the ANC “give a munt” officials are stealing it that won’t be there for much longer either.

  13. Anonymous10:58 pm

    I have a friend in the navy and according to her they are very good,organised and disciplined soldiers...Needless to say I spilled my tea and started laughing which she didn't appreciate.

    1. I have many friends in the navy. Your friend doesn't know what she is talking about. Believe me.

    2. Anonymous8:09 am

      Well with three nuclear submarine's just parking worthlessly in the dry dock how organised and disciplined does a black ignoramus have to be? Old Midas turned everything he touched to gold and eventually discovered that it was not such a hunky dory gift after all. The air forces "Gripen" fighter planes are all in wraps and in moth balls and the nuclear subs spend their time mostly in dry dock. The SAN defence "farce" is a mockery and so very outdated. So like I said before how organised and disciplined does a black ignoramus have to be?

    3. Nuclear submarines? Let's not get carried away now. These are 209 class subs from Germany with MTU diesels in them. But you are right, the Subs are more in drydock than operational. Same with the Meko class frigates. They simply do not have any engineers and technicians to run them all anymore. It takes about ten years to train a Navy Chief Engineer then along comes industry and swallow them all up. Who cares? Certainly not the ANC. They already got their money from the arms deal. Who mans the floating pieces of steal while it idly rots away is to them of no importance.

    4. Anonymous9:34 am

      Thanks for the correction but then what happened to the nuclear powered submarines that the ANC were supposed to be buying from France?

    5. Anonymous9:45 am

      Well the ANC has managed so far with only one qualified pathologist in the entire SAPS. So I am sure they can perform another miracle or two here and there along the way.

    6. Anonymous11:08 am

      If only we had some SSN's!!!

      Although very quiet underwater, Los Angeles's and Akula's and will eat these blacks for breakfast, when the blacks have breakfast and someone drops a food tray. :P

  14. Anonymous8:17 am

    I was at an airshow a while back. They dropped some coons from an Oryx chopper to show how they would attack a suspect vehicle.
    Oh fuck it was funny.
    The things just cant do it. They are cowards and oxygen thieves.

    1. Anonymous1:58 pm

      Ja they can never progress further than what the white man teaches them, 24 years ago we were training them to fast rope and in a good parrot fashion they do it very mediocre. What they will never grasp is the application of the fast rope, HA HA HA just look at those stupid apes why on earth would any officer make his troops fast rope onto a beach in the face of an enemy, its used to insert a stopper group behind enemy lines or urban rooftops etc not in front of sand dunes, dom etters

  15. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Are you people really incredibly so incredibly so STUPID ?
    You just listen to ramblings of some madman that quotes another madman ( Siener )
    Then you look at the immediately obvious in front of your eyes and think that THAT is the reality ?
    Then you have some gung-ho braggarts talking about ".308's " and whiskey ?

    I despair I give up hope !

    Operation Joint Accord -- perhaps you have forgotten or never heard of it ?





    Now WHY Port Elizabeth and the Cape East Coast -- WHY ?

    Perhaps you need to go and ask BOSS Mike about INCHON ...

  16. Thanks Mate.

    Looks like you're convinced we're just a bunch of whiskey drinking, .308 shooting cowboys, well done.

    What does your plans look like.? Have you got any.?? Let met guess.. you think we just sit on our arses the whole day and watch Super Rugby and don't know about things like the Shared accord exercises and Amani Africa training exercises.? Well then thanks for the compliment cause that's exactly what I want you to think of me.

    My comment you read there is what we call a 'joke'.. Something to get us laughing a bit. Maybe you must pull the stick out your arse and write us a joke..?

    If the shit hits the fan NOW.? What will you do.??...

    I know what I will do..

    Good luck, hope you gave as much attention to your preparation as what you did to decipher my comment.

  17. Anonymous2:04 pm

    Looks like you're convinced we're just a bunch of whiskey drinking, .308 shooting cowboys, well done.

    I am convinced -- you have convinced me ..

    IF you had mentioned .338 Lapua Magnum I might have missed being convinced !

    .308 ( 7.62 ) is only good for machine guns.

    IF you do know about all these different exercise then perhaps you can answer the question ...

    WHY PE , WHY the Cape East Coast ?

    Why not Richards Bay / Saldanha Bay / XXXXX

    How many ports with nice sandy beaches are there that connect to a handy air / road / rail terminus / infrastructure ?
    With an accessible hinterland ?

    In any case your -- "I know what I will do" sounds even more convincing.
    WHAT will you do for others ?

    1. Seems like you've got all the answers then.?

      Why PE you ask.? I don't know mate.. If it's so important why don't you tell us.? Now you're probably going to perform again and tell me how ignorant I am for not knowing everything you know....

      What will I do for others.? You like to interpret what you read to fit in your 1 dimensional box. Your a shit judge of character Pal. If it's about doing for others why don't you share your info wise guy.

      Tell me. Why don't you come and stand in the firing line of my .308 and we can see if it works properly.? What's your point here.? A .338 does the same job when needed but if you want to play who's got the 'bigger dick' game then please don't let me spoil your fun. Yours is bigger.

      I'm not your enemy dick head. Please read my comment again. It's a JOKE.! Bend over and please pull the stick out of your ass.

    2. Anonymous1:01 pm

      I am waiting for BOSS Mike to tell us about INCHON

      Firing line -- I prefer to adopt the methods of the "Boer" -- NEVER present a target !

  18. Anonymous11:23 pm

    Mafia, obviously these guys are not privy to our inside joke of fat arse malema getting dropped while you and I sip whiskey in celebration of a another demon meeting his father. Fair enough. Obviously these guys think we are really planning an execution of a public figure on a public forum, now you tell me Mafia, who are the real poepholle now? Asseblief moenie durf om 'n grap weer te maak om die mood bietjie te lig nie, generaal Petraeus en sy manne hou alle strategieë fyn dop op die interwebs. Ek wonder wie die regte Rambo's nou eintlik is. Anyway cheers my china.

    1. Thanks Pel.

      Sal mar van nou af droe-bek stok in die hol kommentaar lewer om ouboet hier bo gelukkig te hou.

      Cheers Kwagga.

  19. Anonymous7:32 am

    generaal Petraeus en sy manne hou alle strategieë fyn dop op die interwebs. Ek wonder wie die regte Rambo's nou eintlik is. Anyway cheers my china.

    Oh please
    All of this stuff is openly discussed in military journals and international symposiums you can even download the dissertations from West Point.

    I suppose you think that after hundreds of years of conflict military doctrine is suddenly a magical black box ?

    In any case if the achievements of "American Generals is anything to go by THEY have more to worry about than us
    Do you need the long list of failures starting with Westmoreland ?
    I guess completely wasted on you guys.
    I wonder if you ever made officer and what your security clearance was ?

    1. Anonymous10:41 am

      If the shoe fits, wear it dickhead. I have no more fucks to give you buddy.

      Mafia, lyk of hierdie ou 'n probleem het om te differensieer tussen letterlik en figuurlik. Houtkop miskien? Hy bly konsepte omruil wat geen sin maak nie. In elk geval, ek los dit daar.

    2. Los hom. Ons het nie sulke ouens nodig in ons kamp nie.

      Lees sy ander kommentaar en jy sal sien hy lok almal uit met sy ' ek weet meer as jy houding'.

      Sulke ouens kan ons nie vertrou nie, hy sal jou verraai vir 30 stukke silver. Ons het n job om te doen en hy kan op sy eie aan bliksem. Hy saai net divusie tussen ons + hy't n probleem met Afrikaners..



    3. Anonymous4:44 am

      Hy saai net divusie tussen ons + hy't n probleem met Afrikaners..

      Die Afrikaners is nou een eenheid ?
      Jy praat vie hulle almal ?

      Ek het net 'n probleem met die wat dom is

  20. Anonymous10:08 pm

    Front Nationaal needs you guys in PTA today !

    Nou sal ons sien wie is mans en wie is muise?
    Wessel Basson
    Front Nasionaal Pretoria