11 February 2016

IOL launches anti white campaign

By Mike Smith
11th of February 2016

IOL has launched what they call their Racism stops with me campaign “to counter the scourge of racism, both in its structural and personal dynamics.”

They even launched a personal website called Stop Racism which is of course full of rubbish such as White Privilege and where we came from, namely Apartheid.

Apparently, according to these idiots, “Apartheid” was the only racism this country ever saw.

Conveniently they sweep the Bloukrans Massacre, the British Colonialism and war against the Boers, the recent Xenophobic attacks of blacks on foreign blacks, the thousands of white farmers killed by blacks, etc under their selective racist carpet.

The focus is white on black “racism”.

Dr Iqbal Survé
Now you might or might not know, but IOL is owned by a medical doctor, a Muslim and ANC crony, Dr. Iqbal Survé.

Survé was born in 1963 and claims to have grown up in poverty due to Apartheid, yet his “poor” family was able to send him to an Apartheid university during this oppressive Apartheid where he got some of the best medical training in the world.

I wonder what Dr Survé would say today about his Apartheid education and degrees…is it inferior to that of whites? Seems to have been good enough to be Nelson Mandela’s personal doctor and the personal doctor of the national soccer team, Bafana-Bafana. Sounds like Dr. Iqbal Survé was a beneficiary of Apartheid.

Of course Dr. Survé, an outspoken opponent of Apartheid and a campaigner against racism and for gender parity, will do well in his racist witch-hunt if only he goes down to his local masjied (mosque) for the Friday Jumu'ah prayer and see how his friends and family practice severe gender Apartheid where women are not allowed to sit with men during prayer. Normally the women sit upstairs and the men downstairs…in South Africa…in other countries the women are not even allowed in the mosque at all.

Maybe if this “gender parity” hypocrite goes on a pilgrimage to Mecca he will see that in Saudi Arabia it is actually ten times worse. There women are not allowed to have passports or drive cars.

And of course the Arabic Muslims, like Dr. Survé’s ancestors, owned black slaves and gave us the word “Kaffir” coming from the Quran 9:5 that teaches that wherever you find a Kaffir you should kill them

If Dr. Survé is a devout muslim, he believes this. So is Gadeeja Abbas, his female Muslim journalist who wrote that IOL is taking a stand against racism in SA ...So maybe he should start the racist witch-hunt with himself and his staff.

In fact IOL is so politically biased that liberal idiot Max du Preez resigned after the executive editor Karima Brown (another muslim) and editor of opinion and analysis Vukani Mde's, wore ANC colours at an ANC rally.

Of course Dr. Survé didn’t have the €150 million (R2 billion) to buy IOL from Nelson Mandela’s other friend Tony O’Reilly so the ANC lent him the money from the Government Employee Pension Fund. The very same fund that was built up by those whites civil servants during Apartheid.

In 2013 he fired Cape Times editor Alide Dasnois, and journalist Melanie Gosling for running a front page story on the Public Protector's report highlighting irregularities in the awarding of the his Sekunjalo Marine Services Consortium R800 million tender.

Now this stinking rich corrupt Überkapitalist is on a Jihad to wipe out racist capitalism and corruption everywhere, because according to IOL, “racism is synonymous with capitalism, and vice versa”.

But it is clear that this “Racism” is a one way street.

Basically it goes like this. According to IOL racism did not end in 1994. Despite Blacks choosing the path of reconciliation (like hell they did) there is a “small minority” (whites) who persists with “racist attitudes”.

Obviously that minority are the whites seeing that they are the “prominent beneficiaries of apartheid” and practice “deplorable denialism and victim-blaming” and they are “silent on the violence, the dispossession, and the land theft that the colonial conquest of South Africa relied upon.”

IOL says, “We must identify and isolate those who harbour attitudes - and take actions - that threaten SA's ability to deal with apartheid's legacy.”

“We must no longer allow businesses to get away with a lax attitude to black economic empowerment, employment equity, gender parity, and other policies aimed at redress.”

In other words anybody who resists black on white racism (AA, BEE, etc) is a “racist” and should be killed.

Whites are the only beneficiaries of Apartheid and therefore all racists. Blacks are not whites and never benefitted from Apartheid. Therefore blacks cannot be racists.

The fact that black numbers increased from 2 million in 1900 to 50 million today and white numbers only increased from 2 million to 5 million seems to go over their heads. Then there was the clean water, the electricity, the roads, the airports, the harbours, the schools the hospitals and of course the universities where Dr Iqbal Survé studied…That never benefitted blacks.

Sorry, but this IOL anti-racism campaign is just another “Piel-whitey” propaganda campaign orchestrated by the ANC and its cronies to sweep up the emotions of blacks to vote for the ANC.


  1. Anonymous8:05 am

    What he and the other(s) of his ilk forget, is that soon as the blacks are done with the whites, they will come for the not-so-blacks next...

  2. Anonymous8:48 am



    More fuck white people, now marching with fuck white people placards.

    Imagine if white people walked around saying fuck black people.

    Well I say nothing, I say dont shoot, dont bomb, fucking wipe them out with some kaffir virus.

    I want all kaffirs gone, for now from the Cape to the Namibian, Zimbabwean, Mozambiquen borders and then we can move from there.

    The writing is now everywhere.

    Where are the leaders?

    Its all timed with Europe - First we go through it and then Europe. Flipping hell if people dont prepare now, they will be lost in the storm.

    1. Boere_Ninja

      With all the tension in this place lately, people who have not yet prepared are either blind or ignorant. What we need is a plan of action, to now what we must do when the uprisings against us whites start. Some guidlines like, if there are assaults/murders on whites in your area, a group of whites in that area should retaliate with an attack/assault right back on a black. It's only fair. Obviously the white attackers must not be caught and this action must happen nationwide and in such numbers that it is impossible for SAPS to investigate them all. Eventually the message will be clear to them. An eye for an eye.

      Ofcourse the white resistance groups should be armed, have communication and inside intel into the SAPS if possible.

      Score if we can disarm some officers for weapons, but that's a totally different plan and tactic.

      Personally i am letting as many white people know about this blog and pleading for them to get weapons or build weapons of some sort. I am also trying to form squads with some of the people in my town, by talking to them about these issues and telling them that when the tome comes where we must meet and I have also identified some safe areas and offensive positions in my town.

      It all sounds ridicilous and paranoid but, I'd rather be prepared and have a bit of a plan than screwed when they descend upon us.

      Suidlanders have an emergency plan, so if there is no personal plan at all, it is best to contact them and at least get some info about your area

    2. Anonymous10:48 am


      Are you joking? SAPS sells weapons to these thugs on the streets.

      You can plead but the deaf will never hear. There is blind and then there is spiritually blind - the whites in this country have both and a deafness, they are mutes.

      Nee loss them! They wont believe even up until the point they witness the massacre.

      We cant stop what is coming, its not in our hands.

      I even have family who wont listen, they have been attacked - they wont listen. Thats blind, deaf and what we call "DUMB"

      Sorry no hope for them. Save yourselves, join Suidlanders. I never believed in them and still dont know if we can either BUT atleast they are making a plan.

      How do you survive a Tsunami? Ride it.
      You will have to be out of JHB to survive what is coming - its here.

      Talk time is over - notice in this SONA - Zuma mentioned confront the racist demons aka whites, then he was interrupted by the EFF, where did he start his speach again even though he moved on when he was interrupted?

      He started back at the racial issues - if whites cant see this, then I dont know what.

      This fuck whites is going to go to - kill whites and then before we know it they will be doing it using Social media - less than 10 months

    3. Anonymous10:07 pm

      Boer ninja our time will come. Ever person can take only so many shit.

  3. Anonymous9:04 am


    Lets also connect the dots...

    Mandla Mandela is also now a Muslim convert.

    Welcome in the start of the civil war in South Africa -

    I mentioned this a few days back, when this happens things now move fast, especially in anticipation of the municipal elections - Extreme violence will be upon us.

    Siener warned that it will be the Indians inciting violence here, we can see it now.

    They have been planning this massacre for years.

    In true communist style plus dont forget, Muslims hate Christians - the Muslims here have been wanting to do this for YEARS

    Well when things change, all non christian temples will be broken down - our promise.

    We cant have our God and their gods in the same country and hope for salvation or protection.

    1. "We cant have our God and their gods in the same country".

      Hmmm...isn't the Christian God in heaven? Or is he omnipresent and in everyone's heart?

    2. Anonymous10:43 am


      Thats a liberal ideology - everyone.

      The Christian God is not for every race. That is what the church preach, but aint a fact.

      We can have other gods in our lands but then we cant complain when we look at the state of the former white Christian world.

      No political solution will solve our issues, we must go back and see what we did/have when things functioned.

      Iqbal is using his religion, beliefs to wipe out the Christians to implement and have a Muslim state, they already converted a Mandela.

      Their aim is world domination.

    3. Mike , yes He is in our hearts but He is a gentleman and will not kick the door down.and yes He is heaven and yes He is omnipresent ....the trinity remember

    4. Anonymous2:05 pm

      You're all fighting to see who has the biggest imaginary god.

    5. Anonymous2:15 pm

      And you 2:05 because ME ME ME me me mimimimimimimimimimimimimimimimi little man. You are just jealous because you don't have One. :D

    6. Anonymous2:34 pm

      anon 2.05
      bold words brave man. Every knee shall bow, every mouth shall confess. I pray that you discover the truth before it's too late. The witness of His glory is all around you - nature testifies of His majesty.

  4. Hi Mike

    Yes , this whole 'racism' thing is clearly an attack on whites.
    The libs ,camel-jockys and flappies are all the same .
    as you said Mike , they are the worst racist,muderous,god-less bunch of hypocrits on earth,but conveniantly forget to mention That about themselfs..

    Plus from the start they are set out against us , there's no way that any of these white-haters were brought-up loving us white people , and now that white-bashing is trending , they are all set alight like a moffie coming out the closet now that's its okay to show their real intent.

    Also if you were to look at their roots vs our roots , its clear to see who's children they are and who's decendants we are.
    Do you know any whites That have taken on the black-religioun?
    no ! .( just johny cleg)
    has any flappies taken on the white-religion (christianity) Yes !

    Oh there are so many black church goers , so then why if this white man is so evil is all his attributes so good...
    Love the white cars , love the white food and clothes and also amazing God this white man serves , beats the hell out of sitting in a smelly hut throwing chicken bones around hey?

    So let the chicken bones then fall where it will for this lott.
    Mike , rest asurred you my friend will be the president one day , or at least a close advisory.

    1. Anonymous11:09 am

      Spot on mate! Let's hope those daggers of truth penetrates their ignorant thick skinned racial hypocrisy.

  5. Anonymous10:17 am

    Mike, thanks for sifting through all the PC bullshit and hitting home hard with facts. I wish I could buy you a couple of beers one day. Thanks mate.

  6. Anonymous10:59 am

    No need to go one word further about it Mike. You have done your homework for sure again and now the almighty black god called Jacob Zuma will continue with their ANC propaganda and genocide with an ANC propaganda speech on the state of the nation. As always it will be full of ANC political propaganda, lies, deceit and designed to further to further segregate the nation. "BLACK APARTHEID RUES SO It's OK"!

    1. Black Apartheid indeed, or Swartgat Segregation. Personally I am all in favour of that because I want nothing to do with a kaffir, but then they can't have my money [tax] either.

  7. Anonymous2:28 pm

    that t shirt has crossed the line - gone too far. I would not have been able to restrain myself.

    1. That's what I commented on yesterdays blog, "why don't the Whiteys just beat seven kinds of shit out of them, like in the good ol' days?" The kids of today have become too soft. There is nothing that a kaffir understands better than a snotklap. That is the only language the savages understand and appreciate. They get confused by the libtards being nice to them and actually start believing they might be human. Their actions, however, belie that fact. Never consider the fact that they might be human. They are not.

    2. Anonymous1:37 am

      TT 11:48 "The kids of today have become too soft". What do you expect ? The Peers have paved the way for them and the Government is more on the Blacks side than the Whites, and they are hopelessly outnumbered. The Whites are under siege from Criminals murdering the Whites, so have they also become soft ? Stupid statement I must say.

  8. It's definately SHTF time. Feeling a sense of urgency to get the hell out of "Dodge" but circumstances prevents. We do need to band together as mentioned. Must not be sitting ducks. This whole racist propaganda makes me sick to my stomach. And pple just sucking it up. At least we have God on our side. But we have to be pro-active.

    1. Jamie, are you taking shooting lessons yet?

  9. Anonymous10:05 pm

    Boycott their media, after comments were shut off I don't visit IOL or News24.

    1. Anonymous11:55 pm

      It works.

      Cape Town – JSE-listed Moneyweb will likely report a decrease of between 675% and 696% in headline earnings per share for the six month period ended 31 December 2015, it announced on Wednesday.

      Johannesburg - Moneyweb [JSE:MNY] has reported a net loss of R3m for the financial year which ended June 30 2015.

      The previous financial year it reported a net loss of R2.6m.

      In the 2015 financial year there was a basic and diluted headline loss per share 2.83 cents, compared to the basic and diluted headline loss per share of 2.47c in the previous financial year.

    2. Anonymous12:56 am

      Second that, and any self respecting white person should boycott those fucked-up news papers and their continuous anti-white kak. Fuck all of them straight to hell!!!!

  10. Anonymous10:57 pm

    And then you have a white doos in the background,...I don't have words for that....It boggles the mind. WTF!
    W Etdo

    1. Anonymous8:22 am

      Anon 10:57 , I think best pretend it doesnt mean Zip . If he pissed off about it , the Black Bonehead would be in glee and would rally all his Brothers against the Guy. So often a single bonehead makes a comment to rial one and when you say something back he calls all his buddies around to rally. One bonehead wouldnt say anything on his own . Cowards the lot of them. When they attack frail OLD Folk isolated , its in numbers , The other thing is when you drop the first bonehead guaranteed the others scatter.

  11. Anonymous12:13 am

    Great thanks Mike, I'm sure readers of this blog are privy to the race game underway. Perhaps you could consider an article on where this is heading, what are the consequences and how things are likely to play out. There does not seem to be much time left and an article of that nature written by you will be very welcome by all of us. I believe now is the time to lay it down hard, the way only you can do. We need you on this one, I'm sure every one of your readers will agree. What do you say Mike?

    1. Agreed, i too think that most of us are in the dark about what's going to go down or what we can expect to happen soon

  12. http://whiteresister.com/index.php/12-stories/96-another-fourteen-year-old-gang-raped-by-africans-in-norway

    1. Anonymous1:12 am

      site is blocked in the uk - can you believe that

  13. Anonymous12:55 am

    Surve like the Guptas, Malema says should get fuck out of Africa.Who owns most of the wealth in Durban,not the whites but the Indians.Go have a look how the Guptas live in Saxonwold JHB.Amin had the right idea give the asians 90 days to get out.Every time one has car accident with an Indian, whitey must take the blame.They should tare down the statue of ghandi in front of the Wellington train station in NZ no Moari statues in Wellington to be seen.Ghandi was very racist but they honour this piece of shit.The Indian tenants in the UK never ever pay their rent on time but no one must ever say anything bad about this scum.Australia in the 1800s never wanted this scum to cut the sugar cane at least they had the right idea back then.

  14. Guys , , , and girls, this planet is fucked. All we can do is arise and save our small piece of it and fuck the rest of the world; a Christian homeland with morals and values and respect for each other; a la Orania.

    1. Anonymous9:57 am

      you watch the Alex jones show and you will see that we are better off here. We see whites in America conducting muti murders by using abortion clinics as a smoke screen where they chop up baby body parts and perform these weird rituals. WHITE people.

      You are right. We need to carve out a safe haven

    2. Detroit Refugee2:47 am

      The abortion clinics here in the States, are the hard won temples of good for the libtards, freaks, and anti God cultists. They marched, bled, fought & campaigned to keep theses houses of horrors open.
      I will say this though; Planned Parenthood has removed at least 40million plus negroes from circulation over the last 3 or 4 decades.
      Every ghetto in America should have PPH between liquor store & KFC!

  15. Anonymous5:21 am

    The question is why is he still alive?
    Him and Max and .....

  16. Anonymous1:09 pm

    WHAT A JOKE - I O L having an anti racism campaign.
    They need to look at themselves before doing a campaign like this. IOL departments are all anti white.
    Let SA join forces and not be anti any human.