25 February 2016

Destruction of our once proud Air Force. The sad case of our missing planes and pilots

By Mike Smith

26th of February 2016

Living in South Africa can be very amusing sometimes when one has to deal with blacks. For instance their flatout denial of theft or stupidity whenever they are caught out having stolen or broken something. It is never them. The thing broke itself or a fairy Tokoloshe stole it, etc.

Take our illustrious Minister of Defence (and military Veterans) , Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, for instance. When asked in parliament why our pilots are being trained at huge costs in Russia and Cuba, she said that we have no planes for training, because The white pilots who were phased out due to Affirmative Action stole the planes and sold them to museums

See? You couldn’t make this shit up even if you tried.

When EFF member, Leigh-Ann Mathys, urged her to go and get the planes back, and even offered to help get them back, she suddenly did not know which museums have the planes.

So where are our planes?

In December 2010 Denel Aviation, Armscor and the South African Air Force (SAAF) jointly sold 12 Cheetahs to Ecuador for US$78.4 million

These Cheetah’s (still in excellent condition) were modified French Mirage III’s and based on the Israeli Kfir fighters. The modernisation by Denel (with Israeli assistance) consisted of a complete renovation of the airframe, implementation of fixed canards, two new weapon points on the wings, a new in-flight refuelling intake, new ejection seats and a more powerful engine. It also included more sophisticated avionics, radar and self protection. The SAAF started the withdrawal of the Cheetah aircraft in the late 1990’s.

What replaced them?

SA bought 26 Gripen fighter jets (17 single-seat Gripen Cs and nine two-seat Gripen Ds) from Sweden at a cost of R19 Billion. Three years ago Minister Mapisa-Nqakula announced that 12 Gripens were mothballed and in long term storage apparently due to a lack of money.

So where is the money?

Stolen of course. In the pockets of the ANC.

And the pilots?

A report in the Raport Newspaper says that four of only the handful of jet fighter pilots in the SAAF have resigned leaving the force with three times as many Gripens as qualified pilots for them. Another two test pilots based at AFB Overberg, home of the Test Flight and Development Centre (TFDC), have not had their contracts renewed. The report also has it that about 10 pilots from 2 Squadron at AFB Makhado have been selected for further training in Russia. Four pilots are already undergoing training in Cuba Pilots training in Russia and Cuba

In its 2010/2011 report, the Department of Defence said that due to underfunding, the number of flight hours per Gripen aircrew member was reduced from 224 to 110 per year. At present the SAAF can only muster six qualified Gripen pilots who only have 150 flying hours available across the whole Gripen squadron. The annual target for fighter flying hours was 250.

Defence analyst Helmoed-Römer Heitman noted the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) requires fighter pilots to log at least 20 flight hours per month (240 flight hours per year per fighter pilot) to remain qualified.

And the training planes in the Museums?

According to Captain Phil Parsons in an open letter quoted on "defenceWeb 25th of February 2016... See this link:


Before the Gripens, SA pilots trained on 1950 Harvards. A fleet of brand new Pilatus PC-7 Mk II trainers were introduced in the 90's and all the old Harvards were put up for auction. Most were bought by the Americans with only a few remaining in SA in the hands of private owners. If it wasn't for the Harvard Club attached to the SAAF museum “stealing” the aircraft, almost every last one would be in Florida or California.

Simply put, the second oldest Air Force in the world, once the pride of the South African nation, has been run into the ground.


  1. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Ja a couple of years ago my brother showed me Waterkloof Air base housing complex for the staff just outside the base it was in a shocking state and still is,its across the road from the officers mess.I once worked at that mess during my nation service in the early 1980s.Today its a total fucking mess.I remember Pik Botha having dinner there with VIP guests that was prestige in those days by.Just a pity that piece of shit I served dinner to soid us out to the commies.He was a paid up life member for the ANc at one time.

    1. terence11:56 pm

      As an ex-SAAF member (Air Force Gymnasium 1964) I am numb with indifference to what has happened to this excellent military unit. Like the demise of famous regiments in the UK, history marches on, but not necessarily the once-proud armies....

  2. Anonymous10:58 pm

    No Mike whitey stole the planes and parked it in his garage next to his ford cortina. And is mostly used on sundays as petrol is expensive for them hahaha SA is a joke. Vaalpens

  3. Anonymous11:03 pm

    Welcome to the new reality TV show its called CSA (Comedy South Africa) Its live right now and we are all stars in it. Just open any newspaper or every time a politician opens its mouth...complete and utter bullshit flows from it...you couldn't dream up this shit. Obviously the racist white pilots that stole the planes simply loaded the plane onto their expensive BMW roof racks and drove around SA looking for a museum to buy them. I never went to the army however despite having a complete lack of military training I am positive I could do the defence minister job and the shark chasing Navy submariners job part time and you would see about 1000% increase in efficiency. Really guys perhaps it is time for qualified and experienced people to have these tasks. A bit like Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance, when the appy fucks everything up.

    1. Anonymous7:08 am

      Let it go...the enemy is getting weaker by the hour..

  4. Anonymous11:13 pm

    What happened to all the BAE HAWK fighters / trainers that were bought at the same time as the Gripens?

    We never see or hear about them.

    Bob the Builder

  5. Anonymous11:39 pm

    I wanted to protest against these black racist rapist thieving destroyers so I went out to look for something to burn which the black man created. I couldn't find anything...

    1. Anonymous12:08 am

      There is one thing his children.

    2. Anonymous2:21 am

      Anonymous11:39 PM
      And you never will ... OOOOH gosh sorry kaffiiiiiiirs ... how about the grass skirt mate? Its a wonderful world class invention and keeps the black "willies" and the black "fannies" warm. Just don't "gyrate" to close to the fire though but other than that it really is a first class invention and deserves a place in Guinness book of records.

    3. Anonymous2:50 am

      Anonymous12:08 AM
      Wrong! Mother Nature was responsible for that

    4. FredBarbarossa3:41 am

      They already look burnt!

  6. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Things are getting so ridiculous now, you just can't make this chit up. I mean, stolen. Really??
    Check this one out:
    The article ends with :
    Three of the accused had received amnesty from the TRC after they admitted to abducting Simelane and would only face murder charges. The fourth faced both murder and abduction charges as he had never applied for amnesty.
    Damn good thing 3 applied for amnesty. At least they don't face abduction charges. Only murder. Pity on that poor soul who now never applied for amnesty. Damn. He now has murder AND abduction charges.
    How much more pathetic can this circus get. It's not even funny anymore.
    Aeroplanes stolen. WTF
    Every day I think it can't get worse than this, but hey, come tomorrow and they surprise me yet again.
    Reminds me of a pic that was circulating social media some time ago of Mr Bean. With the caption: should I drink today, or should I drink today and tomorrow!!!
    Give me hope, Johanna

    1. Anonymous6:53 pm

      ANC cannot survive without apartheid, it is like an addiction to them, as mike said they love apartheid since they cannot function without it.

  7. Anonymous12:22 am

    Caveman + aircraft = NON COMPATIBLE!!!

  8. Anonymous12:53 am

    Sad part is, 60% + of this country's people will believe wholeheartedly the lies coming from her mouth.

  9. Naah, these fucking things are so dim they don't even realise that every time they open their mouths they make complete arsehole's of themselves. I mean, shag my ol' kaffirdog, from using subs for shark-protection to stealing and selling aeroplanes to museums, to Doos van Rooyen being the most qualified 'fir for the job as finance minister when he couldn't even run a municipality. What next!!! May God have mercy on us.

  10. Bad enough that our beloved and honest president seems often to have a need to have somebody looking for (and bring )his ( lost ? ) machine gun. Now we have a defence ministress that seems to have lost her air force planes? Can you imagine the roars of laughter in political and economic circles around the globe ? South Africa : Alive with possibilities !

  11. FFS, read this guys and . . .
    My jaw drops into my lap!

  12. Anonymous6:04 am


    Off topic


    Why are they going after these policemen 22 years later in the new SA?

    So we are back at 1993 levels but this time its blacks in charge of this white witch hunt?

    Not a single ANC person has been brought to justice for bombings, no one on the black side has ever had charges brought against them.

    This is fucking ridiculous seriously.

    Opening up old wounds - this is how they want to turn this country before they are forced to hand it back over.

  13. Anonymous6:06 am


    You can can tell how far you have gone in a black country by the statements that get made - zero accountability, they talk out their ass holes.

    This is when you know the end is in sight, when these bastards can say anything without them being brought to task regarding their statements.

    SA now is just another kaffir country now. 22 years is all it took, 22 years. 2 years longer than Zimbabwe.

    1. Anonymous7:36 am


      I want YOU as our President and I mean that!!
      Thanks for all the time and effort you are putting into this!
      Personally, I think anyone that hasn't gotten out by now could not.

  14. Anonymous7:02 am


    Not sure if this guy is a crack pot, not sure who he is, never heard of him but I can attest to what he says.

    I have seen something similar - not the airport though guess I could be a nut job but I dont think you have to be a preacher to see where this is going.

    But I can believe it. Our people will be very very vulnerable and they will be picking us off in large numbers.


    Really the time is not that far away now. You can see it creeping closer and closer and eventually it will be in the white areas.

    There is no way to escape this.

  15. Anonymous8:25 am

    Dog got his first batch spot on,why Oh why did he cook another batch burn it and give us this very disappointing race.
    "Afrikaans for Africans" simple is it not.

  16. Anonymous8:41 am

    It’s only been about fifty years since the Communist Soviet Union and the Communist Chinese (with their little Imp Cuba) were involved in a full blown proxy war / guerrilla war to destroy white run Rhodesia and South Africa. The Soviet Union is gone (replaced by Putin's Russian Federation) but Russia is still more than ever engaged in its New Great Game to conquer Africa, all the way from the Mediterranean to the Cape of Good Hope as you can see from the fact they’ve tiptoed right up the edge of a nuclear WW III in Syria, and China is still fully engaged in expansion into and conquest of South East Asia as you can see from their island building in the South China Sea. Their dreams of world conquest live on. Their plans for conquest of Southern Africa have not gone away. They were too smart to carry out a frontal assault on a white Rhodesia or a white South Africa but they knew that they could vilify the whites throughout Africa, get the rest of the not-yet-Communist world to turn Africa over to the blacks out of a sense of racial guilt and pathological altruism. Let the blacks remove the last remnants of white power from Africa, let a black Southern Africa sink back into a black run stone age cesspool, then the Chinese and Russians would face no opposition from the rest of the world when they went in to take over a black run Southern Africa. In fact they’d probably be applauded as saviors by a Communist UN for restoring order in what will probably become a black on black genocidal hell hole.

    The accelerated decrepitude of the South African Air Force is just one of the last lights to be tuned out before the last white leaves SA, before SA goes completely black, before the Russians or Chinese (having let the blacks do the work of genociding the whites for them) come and take SA in a walkover.

    1. Anonymous7:05 pm

      Yes but they do have competion from the west and its allies who also want it even if both sides are to fight each other and whoever wins, gets the prize.

    2. Anonymous11:27 pm

      Anonymous8:41 AM
      I agree but the irony/incongruity of the fact is that neither communist Russia or China are black nations and the ignorant kaffirs just turn a blind eye to it. Therefore based on this fact there is no doubt that the blacks are being used as mere communist puppets and that they are in reality just a temporary and expendable political commodity.

  17. Did you see this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=29vrvKsKXPI ? Would love a Different perspective, I know you know all these people.

  18. Anonymous3:19 pm

    Anyone who doubts that the Chinese Communists are moving in for the kill in South Africa should google “Chinese naval base at Walvis Bay” or read this link.

    China Looks at Walvis Bay Naval Base, Namibian Reports

    China's Next Move: A Naval Base in the South Atlantic?

    As much of a problem as the baby Communists of the ANC are for the whites of South Africa, you should really consider the intentions of the international Communists of China or the Great Game imperialists of modern day Russia.

    Anyone who doubts that China has already moved in and taken over much of what used to be white ruled Africa should read this:

    PETER HITCHENS: How China has created a new slave empire in Africa

    The Communists were able to evict the European powers from Africa by using the black Africans as their proxy forces, but their intention was never the so called “Liberation” of Africa but the creation of a new Gulag Archipelago, a Gulag that may someday include South Africa itself.

  19. What would be very entertaining if the instructors currently attempting to train the South African pilots in Russia and Cuba, could give some detailed feedback. From the start of the training 22 years ago to the current phase of moving out of the flight simulator and getting strapped into the pilots seat. Suppose the only Russian the South Africans have mastered is they have by now is "Nyet"!!

  20. Here's the answer to the shortage of pilots:


  21. Anonymous4:46 am

    Good news men that means they are no match for our Micro lights, mini drones, crop sprays, caravans, or a few home brewed katyushas.

  22. Anonymous11:04 pm

    Be aware guys. They want us to start threatening so they can convince the populous that we are about to take over again. No joke one of my black colleague's even told me this. Don't fall into this bullshit anc trap.it's not the people, it's the government. Take every opportunity to reassure your black colleagues so that we can weaken this government which is willing to destroy the country rather than give up power.

  23. Anonymous5:25 am


    Mike I would love it if you could make a post about this videoa and the hypocrisy of liberals.

  24. Californian1:32 am

    I happened to read Dick Lord's "FROM FLEDGLING TO EAGLE" about the SA Air Force during the Border War. It's an incredible account of a small number of SAAF pilots up against the odds over Angola. And mostly winning. As usual for the Cold War, it was a two front war, having to deal with betrayal from the left & liberals in Europe and DC.

    Anyway, the SAAF came out of the war with a good reputation. But it looks like two decades of ANC rule has done what Cuban MiGs never did, which is bring it crashing down.

  25. What a crap country SA has become, heading the same way as Rhodesia, ooops Zimbabwe. Run by a bunch of incompetent lunatics, the ANC. Does it stand for African Nut Cases?

  26. Phil Parsons11:50 am

    Mike, why did you so blatantly copy my post from FlyAfrica and Facebook ? The very least you could have done is contact me to ask my permission. Very poor form for a so called journalist.

    "Mrs Minister, we can only assume you are talking about the Harvard Club aircraft which are attached to the SAAF Museum. After being decommissioned, due to the efforts of a handful of enthusiasts, a few of these magnificent aircraft were kept in flying condition. This following decades of service at Central Flying School Dunnottar.
    A fleet of brand new Pilatus PC7 Mk11' trainers were introduced in the 90's and all the old Harvards were put up for auction. Most were bought by the Americans with only a few remaining in SA in the hands of private owners. If it wasn't for the museum 'stealing' the aircraft, almost every last one would be in Florida or California.

    Mrs Minister, the exit from service of a fleet of 1950's trainers, and the subsequent efforts by a handful of enthusiast to save a few of them for austerity, has no effect on the SANDF's ability to train new pilots. The reasons, believe it or not, are very similar to the demise of most other government departments. Simply put, the second oldest Air Force in the world, once the pride of the nation, has been run into the ground.

    1. Dear Phil. First of all I am not a "so called journalist". Socondly, the name of my blog is "MS political commentary". In other words, commentary on articles with political or current affairs themes. The reason for my "commentary" is basically, because of the fact that leftist Main Stream Media like News24, IOL, Daily Maverick etc. closed down their comments sections or moderate out all opposing views to their sick leftist political correct views.

      Further, I have more than 1600 articles on this blog. If you read them you will notice that I usually go to great lengths to quote all my sources. I also get lots of emails from my readers pointing me to articles or giving me information about something they read online and asking me for my comment. Personally I am not on FaceCrook so I was not aware of what you wrote on there. The part I wrote similar to your article was sent to me by a reader. However, for you to claim that my entire article was "blatantly stolen" from you is a tad rich don't you think? Seeing that I was actually quoting from an article written on DefenceWeb.co.za titled "Mapisa-Nqakula slammed for “stolen” aircraft response in NCOP" and the author stated as "Written by defenceWeb, Thursday, 25 February 2016". In that article they make reference to your OPEN letter, but mentions you only as "one poster" and do not mention the name of the author. Here is the link:


      So for clarity:

      As far as I can see it seems as if you wrote an OPEN letter to the minister and set it on the OPEN internet. It was taken up in an article on "defenceWeb". My last two paragraphs (seven lines) make reference to that article in which a section of your OPEN letter was quoted.

      However I appreciate it that you brought it to my attention who the original author was. I have added the following line to the top of that section: "According to Captain Phil Parsons in an open letter quoted on "defenceWeb 25th of February 2016"....

      I also added the link to the "defenceWeb" article.

      I hope this suffices. If not kindly let me know how you would like to be referenced.

  27. Anonymous1:37 am

    Even Mugabe will think S-Africa is ripe for take over.. viva the ruling intelligencia... amandla!! THIS PROVES TO THE WHOLE WORLD HOW WONDERFUL THE COLLECTIVE IQ OF THE ANC FUNCTIONS!! AMANDLA!!.. THE BETTER FUTURE HAS ARRIVED..

  28. Excellent comment! I also suspect that our leaders fear that the "local" boys/pilots would trash whatever equipment they were allowed to operate so, why not simply sell the jets and pocket the money?