16 February 2016

"Cause and effect"...the concept blacks don't get

By Mike Smith

16th of February 2016

The #RhodesMustFall brainless turd-tossers and inerudite poo-pitchers went on a rampage at UCT again.

This time they were upset about a lack of accommodation for students so erected a corrugated iron shack and porterloo at the campus whilst holding a braai and welcoming people to “Shackville”.

”Shackville” highlights UCT housing issue

A group of simian bi-peds, led by student activist Masoxole Mlandu cordoned off the area with red and white danger tape, with handmade signs warning, "Beware of Monkeys" and "This is the state of the nation".

Like Homo Naledi troglodytes the “students” sang and thumped on the shack to draw attention to their protest and then, in typical monkey fashion, scaled the walls to deface the statues of statesman, field marshal Jan Smuts as well as Auntie Fuller, one of the founding tannies of UCT and the first female student there ever.

“Students” tied some danger tape around Fuller's neck and connected it to a pillar to look like a noose. Mlandu said they could not live with the symbols of white colonial repression anymore.

I use the term “student” loosely, because a student is at university to LEARN. These Zaralleli bastard offspring of their satanic tree god who raped the four titted Ma, are definitely not at UCT to LEARN.

Allow me to explain.

According to university spokesman Elijah Moholola, An estimated 700 beds which are normally freed up in January, could not be released this year due to deferred exams.

Why were the exams deferred?

Because these same bastards, protested and went on a rampage at the university last year flinging turds at inanimate statues.

See? The first thing they should learn, and maybe UCT should teach them, is the elementary principle of “Cause and Effect”, because they don’t seem to grasp it.

It is the same with trains. They burn the trains down and then complain that the trains are late. They burn the schools down and then complain that they can’t get a job. They want to chase the farmers of the land and then complain that food prices are high. They want to shag indiscriminately and then complain about HIV/AIDS. They spend all their money on alcohol, dagga and useless bling and then complain that they are poor.

They vote for the criminally corrupt ANC terrorists to rule over them and then complain about high crime, corruption and unemployment.

On and on, I can go.

Doesn't understand why whites think he is stupid


  1. Instead of schools for scholars we now have learns for learners, who unlike scholars can never become students of the finer arts and sciences. Learner, or "lanners" can only become workers, or "wakkers", but the problem is the useless parasite is too lazy and inept to work. They fuck up whatever they touch.

  2. Anonymous1:41 am

    Mike these apes always set the bar lower. Vaalpens

  3. Anonymous2:03 am

    Brilliant piece of writing!

    1. Anonymous7:00 am

      Yes, to the heart of the matter, saying in a few sentences what others fail to say in a book.

  4. In the "good old days" these brainless turd-tossers would have been sjamboked back to the stone age.

    Bring back those days!

    1. Adrem3:44 am

      Exactly. Except that in the "good old days" such behavior would not have existed, to start off with...

      Which brings us back to the concept of 'cause and effect'.

    2. Anonymous7:38 am


      I wish we could that day is coming.

      This time Shackles.

    3. Anonymous3:31 am

      Dream on stupid dreamers. You will never see those brutal days again, you nincompoops....

  5. Anonymous2:48 am

    UCT can't teach them because UCT needs to be taught the same lesson. You don't entertain poo flinging and then complain about the consequences of entertaining poo flinging.
    Cause... Effect!

  6. Anonymous4:27 am

    Say all of the University personnel just decide to pack their bags and leave. What will these munts do? Will they get their own lecturers or will they break down the University and burn it?.

    I believe that eventually all the universities will go empty, its just a question of time. I wouldn't want my daughter to be among these munts. I'd be scared to death for her safety. Actually I wouldn't allow it. I know how important education "real education" is but we are not even being properly recognized internationally anymore.

    Things must go down hill and at pace too for the anticipation is killing me. I want to get it over and done with so that we can start building that new dream of ours, that dream that extends to the equator. I hate standing in lines and I hate this slow tactic of genocide on our people.

    1. Anonymous6:56 am

      Anonymous4:27 AM

      I Totally agree with you!

  7. Anonymous4:27 am

    Mike well said explained to the tee. Wonder if the white trash libbys get it. Blood is boiling. Hate hate.

  8. Anonymous4:48 am

    You know i live and work in an area with a lot of blacks(farming community town) you know the older black who you can see have used the term "BAAS" many times in their lives. I work with them and what boggles the mind is that i would at least have had a little very tiny understanding if they were the ones defacing the statues but instead it is these so called "bornfrees"

    These guys braaiing boere worse, wearing expensive clothing, having nice surround sound and bigscreen tv's riding in VW golfs yes these munts that get in to universities when i couldn't even afford it myself and had to work many years to get in. Well they cant preach Apartheid suffering but they are the ones showing the most hatred towards us.

    I guess the inferiority complex is even worse with this bunch. Their parents at least had an excuse for their inferiority towards whites. It is simple they just blamed Apartheid. Now these privileged bornfrees are starting to realize that in fact the problem is skindeep and deeper and not Apartheid but what can they do? The answer is in the mirror but this is not an easy concept to recognize so what do they do? They go back to blaming Apartheid.

    1. They still cant make wors or anything else for that matter when a whitey is not standing behind them. Leave them for a couple of decades alone then they will be braaing there muti flesh on sticks again. Just give the pots and pans enough time to rust through.

    2. Anonymous12:03 pm

      Yeah and the reason it is the will dressed bling generation has got nothing to do with "grass roots" dissatisfaction and everything to do with our friends who are pulling the strings.

      Go visit JPs blog he put up some great illustrative videos.

    3. Anonymous3:57 am

      Give us your blog's URL please.

    4. Anonymous4:34 am

      Why if anyone joins a varsity that have a main language Afrikaans with statues of whoever( Freedom of choice) as there is a lot of varsities main language Xhosa /Zulu etc with different statues, then afterwards complain it is Afrikaans or complain about statues . They had a choice before they joined, They had a chice ?????

    5. Pieter-Jan3:10 pm

      You must always remember this is typical of cafir mentality, Re-event the wheel and call it like only a cafir can say it the e-wheêl. Take that idea and fuck it-up completely. It reminds me of what my father always said: A chappie and a black POES they will never ever destroy, not even under influence

  9. I have yet to see a more disorganised method of braaing wors.
    I recommend to him, a barbeque.... for a bloody haircut!

    1. Ouman, what do you expect? Dis 'n Houtkop. Wat weet die bliksemse ding van wors? Like the wheel they couldn't even make wors???

  10. Anonymous5:00 am

    The effect photo should speak a thousand words to homonaledi and it is coming to near you soon they just dont know it yet, but reading and understanding is two different things. I thought all of this UFO and alien talk was just conspiracy theories but i see you at long last found some photographic evidence hey Mike.

    This is what happens when you have that nasty trait called instant gratification. You see the chicken. You kill the chicken quickly and eat it before someone else gets the chance(animal behavior) instead of taking care of the chicken so that you can have a couple of eggs everyday and probably even more chickens.

    You can take it out of the bush but you.... know how the story goes.

  11. Anonymous5:37 am


    I have no sympathy for this university, they were behind the ANC coming to power & a new SA. Anyone who didnt agree with their version of reality was branded a racist.

    Let it burn.

    I would not send my children or great grand children there. Its a lost cause on a lost barbaric backward people.

    I hope they destroy it, the sooner the liberals wake up the better.

    Or will they ever wake up?

    1. Anonymous3:05 pm

      It's going to boil down to us having a good old fashioned war against these libs in this country. Full on war baby, good vs evil.

  12. Anonymous7:36 am


    I love the new SA.

    The more time goes on, the more we can see why we had apartheid. I said, give them Rhodes they will want something else.

    They will want, want, want - what they want they cant have, a white skin.

    They want a white skin so badly but they can never have it. Their happiness will only come if they get the white man out this country and can continue in their sinful ways.

    There will be no end to this, all these things can do is break and destroy. What they really wish for is that the university is broken and no longer functions.

    Then when nobody will employ this lot, they will resort to violence. Thats why violence is inevitable now in this country.

    They dont want whites here, or his monuments/buildings - sure the cars, radios, TVS, roads, hospitals, farms - ah leave that to the white man but continually blame him and accuse him of stealing land.

    Na - unite people.

    1. The more time goes on the more you can see.... the more they can see how backwards they really are and it is driving them mad. Not metaphorically i mean literally. They are totally aping it at the moment and i am intrigued to see how much worse it can actually get.

      They had an equal chance. They were actually a very lucky bunch. They did not get a third world African country. They got a first world country. They actually just had to sit back and drive slowly and the rainbow abortion could have looked like a success or semi-success.

      Now 30 years down the line the mirror is involuntarily brought up to their faces by their own backwardness and they cant take it, that revolting black face staring back showing the incompetence and barbaric animalistic behavior. They are starting to see that ugly black fat nose the thick lips the disgusting hair that they ducked away from every time they crossed a mirror.

      It is all showing up now and they are hating big time. They dont want to see it. They hate it just as much as we do. The problem is that whites are in fact the mirrors. They will not blame what they see inside the mirror they will blame the mirror.

      This is really going to be a story that will go down in history where they will talk about the war of men against the beasts. You can make movies about this shit that is going to go down.

      Unite prepare and dont forget to guide and help.

  13. I dont know if that will pass for boerewors. That yellow shit looks like cow lung and bees poepol!

  14. Anonymous11:56 am

    Hahaha!! Kort net n paar chicken runners en pap en derms!So fyn opgevoed...

  15. hahaha Mike, liked your reference to Zaralleli and his Bjaauni ape beasts...quite apt in the current "protestations" and excercise of nigrus horribalus's "free-dom" of speech. They are their own worst enemy really, constantly trying to "fit in" where they just cannot.

  16. Anonymous3:28 pm

    Stuff moffie Rhodes & the k4's.

  17. Anonymous2:05 pm

    As a white South African, I found the above comments, whilst fuelled by fear, absolutely abhorrent. Talking about black skin and ugly black faces, is truly disgusting and I feel sorry for any black person reading the hate filled garbage written by some white people who clearly think they are superior, which clearly they are not. There are good black people and bad ones, equally good and bad whites. What hope, when people's birth colour are referred to in such a disgusting manner?It is not your colour or circumstance that makes you a worthy soul, but the good you do with whatever circumstance,colour or body you were given.
    PLEASE, think of the effect such hateful comments against other people's colour has on their attitude towards you as a white person. Your comments DO NOT represent all white South Africans, thank God. So please grow some true wisdom and improve your depraved outlook.Written by Debra Ince

  18. @Debra...You say "PLEASE, think of the effect such hateful comments against other people's colour has on their attitude towards you as a white person."

    Will do. As soon as you start thinking what hateful murder, rape and torturing of thousands of whites (especially farmers) by blacks have on the attitude towards blacks.

    Or what? Do just want whites to die quietly?

    BTW, 90% of blacks in SA voted for the criminally corrupt ANC. Are they the "Good Blacks" you are talking about? What do you suggest whites do? Pat them on their backs? Congratulate them for their cleverness?

  19. Here we go again. Debra cant see the wood for the trees. Libtards always ignore the facts and shoot the messenger. I notice you have not condemned the "Kill all Whites" (this statement includes you too btw), black hate graffiti. Blacks don't restrain each other from chimping out - they positively support and encourage it.
    If you like them so much why don't you go and live amongst them. I am sure it will open your eyes. Depends whether you not are raped, murdered, or used for muti before your eyes are opened. If of course that is at all possible.