03 February 2016

Blacks and liberals and their nostalgia for Apartheid

By Mike Smith

3rd of February 2016

As the ANC’s misrule, theft and corruption increases on a daily basis, so the Nostalgia for Apartheid is rising exponentially.

I see the MSM regurgitated an article about Emeritus Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu who scolded and warned the ANC a year ago and told them that the ANC was worse than the Apartheid government.

Desmond Tutu says Jacob Zuma and the ANC worse than Apartheid government

Of course this is nothing new. From 1995 to 2013 the amount of blacks saying Apartheid was better doubled - a result which analysts attributed to crime and unemployment.

In 2013 a study was conducted by Afrobarometer in September and October on behalf of the Institute for Democracy in South Africa, Ghana's Centre for Democratic Development and Michigan State University, which found that one in five blacks gave the Apartheid government the thumbs up. In 1995 only one in ten blacks approved of the Apartheid government.

More SA Blacks Are Saying Apartheid Life Was Better

Experts like Professor Bob Mattes of Afrobarometer are talking about “a large minority of blacks who felt abandoned” and says the state should be worried at a growing "de-linkage" between ruler and ruled.

"They are not looking to go back to apartheid, but as time passes you tend to forget the negative things and emphasise the things that you had then and don't have now, such as law and order and jobs. Apartheid was a harsh, repressive, but seemingly efficient government which made the trains run on time."

Further…In 2013 the leading black academic Prof. Rabelani Dagada, PhD shocked attendees at a debate at Wits University when he declared ” It (Apartheid education) was far better in terms of quality than the education that our kids are receiving nowadays”

Of course he would know seeing that he got his education during the Apartheid era and none of the black academics and professionals in SA who got their degrees under Apartheid Education will admit that their education was “inferior”. Quite the contrary. They are extremely proud of their qualifications.

But it is not just the opposition to the ANC that says Apartheid education was better. The ANC themselves admitted it.

In a candid affidavit during a court case in 2013, the head of the Eastern Cape education department (Mthunywa Ngonzo) has admitted his department is an utter failure, with no decision-making capability, poor leadership and no financial controls.

Nothing works – Eastern Cape head of education

Due to the ANC’s rubbish racists policies of Affirmative Action, which Prof. Rabelani Dagada calls “Anti-white racism”, there were more than 7000 teacher vacancies in the Eastern Cape, of which about 2000 were filled with temporary teachers, some of whom were not paid last year.

But it is not just the recent critics of President (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma who says that Apartheid was better.

The liberal twat and Polezno Idiot extrodinaire, Helen Suzman, said in 2004, when Dear Thabo was Prez, that democracy was better under Apartheid than under the ANC

Said Black Sash Helen…”This government spends 'like a drunken sailor'. Instead of investing in projects to give people jobs, they spend millions buying weapons and private jets, and sending gifts to Haiti."

Fortunately for her she never saw Zuma at the helm, because she died on New Year’s Day 2009. Zuma took office in May of that year. I wonder what she would have said today.

And then who can forget the illustrious ANC puppet Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini who said two months ago that Blacks are destroying South Africa

King praises Apartheid regime

“The National Party, he said, had built a powerful government with the strongest economy and army on the continent, but then came “this so-called democracy” in which black people started destroying the gains of the past.”


  1. Ah! again - welcome back Mike! Always lots of food for thought, and always spot on. With all this info out there - in fact, in your face - it's amazing how the populace just turns a blind eye - "There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know". Sad. Sheeple ad nauseum. And poor Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini - at the time when I read that, I though: "oh boy, you are in for a lambasting!" and he was. The truth hurts hey? But then again, I've always said, even way back, we are a dictatorship and not a democracy. Just gets worse by the day.

  2. Anonymous1:42 am

    100% correct as usual Mike. We are in for a terrible 2016 and the years ahead. They now are laying charges on pienk Frikkie. Haa haa see if I care. Will be interesting. Frik you doos.Mike what's your opion on the matter.????

  3. Anonymous1:57 am

    The Institute's recent survey nevertheless found that 79% of all South Africans said they experienced no racism. This is a blunt repudiation by ordinary people of all those middle-class "opinion-leaders" in the media and politics who are trying to whip up a frenzy about anti-black racism.
    * John Kane-Berman is a policy fellow at the South African Institute of Race Relations.
    No thanks to some of the blog posts by Mr Reductionist Mike Smith who embellishes the other side of the same racist coin.
    So then
    Pray enlighten us as to WHO are the ones stoking the racist fires in SA ?
    We know the MSM
    WHO is instructing them ?

    1. You asked, "WHO is instructing them ?"

      The IOL group formerly the Argus group, (English Newspapers such as The Cape Argus, Cape Times, Daily Sun, Pretoria News and the Mercury)is owned by Dr Iqbal Survé (a Muslim)and his Sekunjalo Company. Sekunjalo Independent Media owns 55% of the company, the Public Investment Corporation of South Africa owns 25%, and two Chinese State Owned Enterprises (China International Television Corporation and the China Africa Development Fund) own the remaining 20% of the newspaper.

      The other MSM group is Media24 (Naspers)with newspapers such as Rapport, Die Burger, Beeld, Citizen, etc. Former CEO Koos Bekker (who also owns MNET) current CEO is Bob van Dijk. All Afrikaners

      Then there is Times Media. Sunday Times, The Times, Sowetan, Daily Dispatch, EC Herald, etc....Owner is Tokyo Sexwale (a black), CEO is Prakash Desai (an Indian).

      The Mail& Guardian is owned by Trevor Ncube, a Zimbabwean businessman.

      Your point is?

    2. Anonymous12:13 pm


      Dont be fooled, the Muslims here hate the white/infidel just as much as anywhere in the world.

      He wants his own kingdom and uses this doff thing as his pet but the only person standing in the way of all is whitee.

      British want the Gold - their country is stuffed, no more empire.

      The Afrikaner traitors mentioned above will work with all 3 for a piece of Gold.

      All traitors + their families will be put to death in the new republics. They must know it is not their lives they are risking but their ENTIRE families lives.

      That is the message that needs to be conveyed, you sell out your people best you go hide far, far , far away, we will hunt you & your family.

      So we know who is first.

      For Me Zille + Schutte are the first to go before a firing squad.

    3. Anonymous12:17 pm

      SO much blood and death and destruction
      SO many "wet-dreams"
      Still searching out those "National-Scouts"
      Do you people not have something constructive to keep yourselves busy with ?

      THE point
      All very well rattling off an MSM "Who owns Whom"
      Still does not answer the question.
      WHO is behind the MSM "racist-frenzy" ????
      Surely the intelligent well read Mr Smith knows ?

    4. Anonymous3:30 pm


      Anonymous12:17 PM

      WTF are you doing here, dont you have something better to do.

      The facts are mentioned above, facts no opinions.

      Bye now, go comment on iol or news24 or play in the traffic.

  4. Thats news to me. I didn't know those people spoke for the country's native majority.

    1. Who was your grandfather in 1702 and where did he stay. I can tell you mine. You are not native just stuped in to believing you are native. You from the Congo

    2. Anonymous6:09 pm

      I guess everything is news to you non-monkey-ape-boy!

    3. Shaka , the native people are the San or Khoi San ( Bushmen) who are a minority in South Africa . Not blacks , they are NOT native to Southern Africa . Get educated !

  5. Anonymous2:41 am

    Trying times ahead gentleman.. vaalpens

  6. "Mr Reductionist Mike Smith"? I had to look up the meaning of reductionist first. It is quite plain and simple, the kaffirs have fucked up this country beyond repair. A complete rebuild is required.

  7. Anonymous4:15 am

    Hey mike i havr been following yout blogs sins last year. My eyes have really opened sins. I always thaught that the boers the nation Israel, would never do something in evils name. There was a reason for it i thank you.

    i always want to tell you something. My best friends son is now in unevirsity. He studies education. You wont believe that there first subject is al about how wrong we are and that apartheid is the reason why so manny of them are not on the same level of education then us. He says to me he just keeps his mouth shut he is afraid of speaking, because he says he may be in tommorrow news paper right in the front. (Sorry for some spelling not much english)

    1. So what language do you speak then?


    2. Anonymous 4:15 AM, tik maar in Afrikaans, skat, Mike verstaan baie tale.

    3. Helizna, hoekom is jy so still, lately? Hoe's daai vir Boerespeak?

  8. Anonymous6:25 am

    Welcome back, I've sincerely missed you.

  9. Anonymous6:38 am

    Hi Mike
    Yet again , the naked truth we all know but are not allowed to say . As I said before and you know this,

    Democracy (doctrine of demons)makes the majorities level
    of everything (iq-respect-decency-compassion-truth and so on) the new normal. if theres enough people who don't have these qualities , then that becomes the law , the new normal.

    Every law that's been put in place is purely because theres enough 'votas' who sees that as normal.

    is it normal that someone without a clue is a president ?
    in this country yes
    is it normal to burn and destroy infrastructure ? in this country yes
    is it normal to have 7 wives and bastard kids ? in this country yes
    is it normal to act like pre-neaderthals ? in this country yes. you see everything we dispise is the new normal in this country.

    that's how we also know they (votas) are the devils seed.
    because everything THE WORD tells us is wrong , they say is their culture.
    Bring back the BOERE ,bring back DIGNITY ,bring back GOD.

    1. I agree.

      Democracy is a 'show'. A very well thought of and planned system and as you said, 'the doctrines of demons'. Look at it closer and you'll realize that it's something that if stoked more and more it becomes this twisted, completely baffled and fucked up system where everything is turned upside down and nothing makes sense anymore...

      Example. In the US their changing public toilets to all sex, all race, transvestites, you name it. All in the name of not to 'offend' people.??? In some States they are removing He / She from dictionaries and toilet doors not to offend transsexuals.

      Democracy is 100% Mob Rule. People think it's the anwser to failed Communist rule and the oh-so saving grace of Humans. Funny.

      My people perish because of a lack of knowledge.

    2. Anonymous12:33 pm

      I know who you are! And I love you!
      B v R

    3. Anonymous8:55 am

      Democracy in it's original format was a very good policy but as always the liberals were allowed to have a say so and they turned it into a hypocrisy. When these liberals are allowed to command and demand as they please they fuck up everything that the majority of the normal sane population upholds and stands for. Shoot the misfit maniacs on sight is the best solution. A True Democracy doesn't need them!

  10. Anonymous7:56 am

    more race anger:


  11. Anonymous11:41 am


    Mike to everyone's amazement, in the coming months just before violence breaks out the Zulu will reach out to the Afrikaner.

    Watch and see.

    The Zulu knows, as they all know that without the white man this country will not last and that their kingdom will be taken over under disguise of democracy.

    In the most twisted of fates, the Zulu will reach out their hand via their king to the Afrikaners/whites.

    We will see this happen in the coming months as Zuma gets squeezed out. I maintain that what we had in SA was a power sharing deal with the US.

    1st - Afrikaners + blacks share the country. But the world didnt/doesnt know there are no blacks, only black tribes.

    2nd power sharing deal - Zulu + Xhosa will get a chance to rule together - in the sake of peace & how they were annihilating each other.

    But during the 2nd power sharing deal the Xhosa believe they were sold out. They believe the Zulus now control South Africa.

    A 2nd party of the ANC, the EFF were backed+funded by them to get Zuma out. The Zulus wont trust nor trust the "democratic process" as we saw.

    Just as they are about to battle with us, the Zulu will step in for their sake & the Afrikaners sake + fate.

    I saw the violence erupt out of no where in this country around election time, so fast and so violent that it will stun everyone but it will be black on black violence mainly that erupts.

    Another thing which most people dont know is that the enemy already has the latest, state of the art weapons in this country. So modern they are not being used on the battle field anywhere right now.

    What looks like a modern Uzzie, so new we have not seen them in battle before. There are no armies at present who use them and they are being stored in and around suburbs, in under ground parking lots near what is either shopping malls or abandoned flats/townhouses with underground parking.

    The crates they sit in are roughly 1 meter wide by 1.5 metres high, the interior is covered with what looks like hay or hay like paper for protection.

    They are so new that if you touch them, you can see the diff between the grease/thin oil on them and the bare metal.

    They are also very very light, you can pick them up in one hand and move them about like they are a toy gun. The writing on these wooden crates they are stored in is in black writing, its not English but neither Asian languages.

    Looks either Hebrew or some form of Arabic.

    But they are stored throughout JHB, in + around suburbs / Townhouses.

    Dont ask me how I know but I will put the info on this site. No point in starting a blog since you have the visitors.

  12. Anonymous11:41 am


    This is for those out there keeping an eye on things and looking for confirmation.

    When they look for these parking places, tell them to look for ones that are either being built or standing pretty much empty. The one I saw is only one storey deep, with someone who watches/guards them.

    Saw a lot of leeking pipes, not massive but just lots of pipes in this underground parking lot dripping. If you exit the underground parking lot, the road is on the left hand side as you pull out - the road is a cul-de sac, not far off from a main road/busy road.

    Also foreign African involvement in this country, Foreign blacks will be supporting an uprising among the foreigners here and the EFF will tap into those lot for fire power.

    Their promise is citizenship + place in SA.

    Hence the reason the Zulu will step in, he feels his kingdom is under threat.

    Believe me when I tell you, the weapons are already here and stored throughout JHB in SUBURBS not townships, SUBURBS!

    People must not expect them to come from Townships, those who attack will not be the very poor but more like the new middle class black that speak pretty good English.

    The blacks living in and among the white suburbs pose the greatest threat and they know whites think of them as upper class but it is this group that will be initiating this and coordinating this via social media.

    I leave this info here for those looking for signs. I have posted here on this site for a long time, no need for me to speak shit.

    I have known for about 2-3 weeks.

    Those that need confirmation - here it is.

    I have nothing to gain from this and actually wish I didnt know this shit because it bugs the living day lights out of me, torments me.

    I cant reveal source but as I say, I have nothing to gain mentioning this.

    1. Anonymous12:24 pm

      ALL BS
      Just like the Suidlanders ( and their phony prophecies )

      WHAT will you do when nothing happens ?
      Just say -- Oh well sorry ?
      People that spread sh!t meed to eat their sh!t !

    2. Anonymous3:29 pm


      Yup all phony.

      I mentioned it not for you but others who are looking for confirmation and want to know where they will be stored.

      They are here! Plain and simple.

      Im not debating it, nor getting into it. THEY ARE HERE!

    3. Anonymous2:26 am

      You have knowledge of large caches of illegal firearms / weapons / munitions
      That you fear may be used for illegal activities
      WHY have you not reported this to the necessary authorities ( media )
      In essence IF you have knowledge of potential illegal activities and do not report it then you are criminally liable ( possibly civilly as well )
      By mentioning it here you also make Mike Smith ( and any and all readers ) "co-conspirators"
      I wonder if -- in the midst of your Wally Mitty excursions of un-reality you have thought about this ?
      IF you are worried about the SA government what about the Israeli Embassy ( Mike Smiths buddies ) or the American Embassy ( who are worried about the "War on Terror" )
      Stop acting like a chop and go and DO something SENSIBLE about it !

    4. Anonymous6:58 am

      Anonymous2:26 AM
      Like what you tell me "ARSEHOLE"???

    5. Anonymous7:44 am

      Maybe an ANC genocide surprise party for the whites or an EFF surprise party for the ANC. For God sake don't implicate yourself mate and report anything before you know exactly who is going to throw the party. You have already put yourself and even your family in danger so try to make sure of the facts before you flap your jaw any further. Only fools tread where wise men have already fallen. "The sensible guy" who told you to rush off and report it without you having all of the true facts at hand is an idiot and appears to be a "RESISTANCE" traitor. MAKE SURE BEFORE YOU ACT!

    6. Anonymous 2:26 - are you really such a dimwitted arsehole? What are the "authorities"? When last did you, with your white skin, try and report anything at a police station? Catch a wake-up DOOS!

  13. Anonymous8:25 am

    It depends on what you mean by "ILLEGAL ARMS" and "ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES" mate. Nothing is illegal for/to the ANC blacks and they have no boundaries or restrictions The illegal side of the law only comes into play when any opposition to the ANC is involved but as far as the ANC and the rule of law is concerned ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING GOES!

  14. Anonymous8:45 am


    Which authorities?
    Which media?

    Both work for the government!

    I mention it here to warn them. They are here.

    Those who are preparing can now do so knowing what they are doing/preparing is justified.

    Chop - go fuck yourself!

    If you dont like the message fuck off.

    Its the truth, if you are so NAIVE to think the media + authorities that work against our people, who themselves have and are preparing for this will do anything? They are behind it and know FULL Well.

    Then you show us who the chop is.

    Besides, what will I say...

    Hey they have these weapons...

    They will ask me to describe a weapon which is not even in use, please use your brain.

    And for those who read it, you can judge yourselves and look at my previous comments to see whether this is something I will make up.

    I have one word for those that will lead in this battle- think NUCLEAR.

    You will not end the coming war without nuclear.

    If you they will not think nuclear, they will lose and no point preparing.

    Nuclear + raising an army - preach to the Southern states, Europeans they will join us. There will be MANY, MANY that join us here from the South States that battle - so many people will be shocked.

    That is what we will be up against.

    Nuclear or go back to Europe.

    That will be the last mention - IF you dont believe it, so be it. Its a message, dont shoot the messenger!

    1. Anonymous11:12 am

      Definitely shoot the messenger -- IF he talks the kind of crap you do !
      Why not try and work out what Ho Chi Minh said to the Americans ?


      Having seen many cities that had been devastated by the war (Tokyo really worse than any of them), Hiroshima was quite an unusual sight. Because you could see that whatever had happened to Hiroshima happened instantly. All of the destruction was in one direction. The wind blew one way. The bomb burst and phum!, the whole city just burst outwards like that. Much of it looked like powder-grey; everything was burned and broken, and steel buildings were bent over.

      I flew very low over the area and had a good look at it. It was something that we had to learn a lot about. Because a lot of people have no concept really of what this thing called an atom bomb, or hydrogen bomb, can do to a target. And one bomb wiped it out, totally.


      WHAT are you planning on wiping out ?
      Johannesburg ?

      I do not think you have ANY idea about "Nuclear"

    2. Anonymous11:19 am

      They will ask me to describe a weapon which is not even in use, please use your brain.
      YOU know this how ?
      Are you now suddenly an experienced -- ARMOURER ?
      That knows about weapons that no-one else knows about ?
      WHAT army goes into battle with a new untested weapon ???
      In any case guns need BULLETS
      WHERE are they hiding these ???

      I AM using my brain ......
      ( I am not sure about you ? )

  15. Anonymous8:16 am

    Then keep it under wraps until we might need it. But using nukes is definitely not the answer. This is a hand to hand and room to room war and wisdom and courage will be the foremost efficient weapons to start with.

    1. Anonymous3:18 pm

      Minister Kasukuwere said preliminary indications are that the food insecure population has risen to 2 444 000, or 26% of the population.


      Now also imagine that in SA the "food-insecure" population rises to 50%
      ALL foreign aid is cut off

      Starvation and pestilence will kill off far more people than any "Nuclear" !

  16. you do know the technology exists to fabricate dreams and visions.