03 February 2016

Black boys say black girls stink; prefer white girls

By Mike Smith

3rd of February 2016

Here is a question:

If you smell a beautiful rose and make a statement from your observation such as, “Oh that rose smells nice”…Did someone teach you that it smells nice or is it a natural reaction?

Or how about sniffing a turd? Did someone teach you that it smells horrible or is it a natural revulsion?

Why then is this teenage black girl so shocked that four black boys in a posh private school said that black girls stink and that they would rather go out with white girls?

Who taught you to say black girls stink

Milli Bongela
See…she believes that the boys were told and taught in racist white elite schools, which she refers to as “the sausage factory of white supremacy”, that black girls stink. It is not just a natural observation. Evil whitey taught them to hate their own black girls.

Instead of this black girl and her friends going under the shower and washing themselves (using soap not muti) so they don’t stink, they condemns the education system. The very education system her black ANC brought in 1995. In her white hating haste and urgency she completely forgets that the parents are the primary educators of the children. Maybe she should start there looking for reasons.

Now she wants new schools. Schools where they can be taught “the value of communal history” and where “a black child can be taught about his or her history, language and exceptional intelligence”….

See? Right there…there where she said “exceptional intelligence”… THAT is where I stopped reading, barfed my coffee, hosed myself and tried to pull down that “BULLSHIT” sign that drifted past my brain.


  1. Anonymous8:02 am

    Someone should teach these white girls that black boys stink.

    1. Anonymous9:29 am

      Agreed well said

    2. Anonymous10:18 am

      White girls should be taught not to practice beastiality.

    3. or to date outside their species.....

    4. Anonymous10:04 am

      And keep it thorough Bred.

    5. Anonymous10:07 am

      One can also see those White sluts that date primates , have flaring Nostrils, like something doesnt smell so good.

  2. Anonymous10:17 am

    Blacks have an average IQ of 76, thus borderline retard. Sorry to spoil your fun darkies, but you are fucking stupid by all developed standards. As to why they stink, it is their natural odour, no matter where you go, you can always smell a kaffir a mile away. They can use soap, perfume or whatnot, they all still stink like bush savages. Finsih and klaar!!!

    1. Anonymous6:13 am

      Please, educate yourself, the average IQ is 67!

    2. Anonymous8:06 am

      I humbly apologize for my dyslexic error. (LOL)

    3. Anonymous2:39 am

      The natural odour ofthe k4 is nature's way of keeping white people away from them. It's a natural selection thing, to prevent contamination of the white species by inter-breeding. Too many white idiots choose to ignore natures message.

  3. Hi Mi
    She's wrong,our white-supremacy-training starts at home allready
    as soon as we can walk and talk we are trained ,and we learn
    Wonderfull things , like higene ,and putting the horse in front of the cart.
    We dint wait for school to teach us That.

    And if she's anoid at the fact That their DNA is diffrent from ours,
    that's why the diffrence in everything from behavior to hair and body odor,she's in for a life of missery,caus they can drive our cars eat our foods and wear our clothes but can't buy white-supremacy.....we didn't buy it either,its a GOD-GIVEN-talent.

    Ha-he-he these heathens.

    1. Stephen, I beg to differ. I basically grew up in a liberal family. Not just the immediate family, but my entire extended family. These were people who went to church every Sunday, took us to the beach and helped the blacks and coloureds with jobs, clothes, money, etc.
      The school I was in was also liberal. Basically I was conditioned not to be political at all and to believe this junk that we are all one, we are all the same, hold hands, sing Kumbaya, blah, blah, bullshit.
      Well, what did all that "goodness" towards blacks bring my family? Half of them are now overseas. Driven out of the country by Affirmative Action and Land Reform policies of the blacks.
      It took me 13 years of traveling around the world including extensive travel through Africa, learning all cultures, reading many books, speaking to thousands of people and doing a lot of self reflection to realise that we are NOT all the same. Culture is NOT relative and that I am in my heart NOT a liberal. I was just brainwashed from childhood by my parents, teachers and dominees to believe that I was.
      Today I resent the whole lot. It is nothing but child abuse. Liberals should not be allowed near children let alone be allowed to have some.

      You know who I thank today? THE ANC.

      That is right. It was when the ANC started with the TRC circus(that was nothing but an anti-white witch hunt), Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, quotas in sport and University entry and their refusal to remove "race" from the law books and from official government forms that my awakening started. I was already in my thirties. THAT is how bad I was.

      It is complete rubbish what the ANC and liberals peddle that society is "racist". It is completely liberal out there. Look at the media, look at churches with their ecumenical bullshit, look at the political correctness and the multi cultural crap peddled by governments all over the world. Everything is FULLY LIBERAL. Yet they will tell you "No, society is racist"....Bullshit man!

      To the Looney Left, War is peace, freedom is called slavery and ignorance is strength. They turn everything upside down.
      That is why you sometime have to turn people on their heads in order to see the world the way it really is. Hence this controversial blog.

      Like I said, the ANC was responsible for my political awakening. The ANC caused this blog. The ANC made me hate people I would normally not have hated...and with that I don't mean blacks, because Blacks cannot help for what they are. Liberals however have a choice.

    2. Adrem2:50 am

      I can identify 100% with your political legacy Mike, surely many of your readers can, too. An extra commendation is in order for your matter-of-fact and rational presentation of facts as they relate to topics which are of concern to all who have South Africa close to their hearts.

    3. Anonymous5:28 am

      Hi Mike

      your correct , I see , the things that your parents was good-hearted enough to teach you , like we are all the same -kumbaja and all that,
      is in fact not so , you now know that.

      There are some of us that was brought up without that twist , so we didn't haveto un-learn those lies.
      so what I meant by saying we got our white-supremacy-training at home before school , I meant
      that our very upbringing in the truth is what gives us that 'white-supremacy' , not to say any person growing up liberally is wrong , but they will
      grow up and realise things for themselves , which others didn't get indoctrinated with.

      And as you said Mike , you were never against them , its their own actions and behaviour that has caused a burning for righteousness in your heart , you were quite prepared to be regarded as their equal , till you heard and saw the things that convinced you otherwise . good on you mate.


    4. Mike it's like you are describing my own experience and life choices/awakening.

    5. Anonymous4:47 pm

      That's quite a journey of discovery Mike, but I think it is unfortunate that your pastor could not stay faithful to the Christian Gospel as preached by the Calvinist Reformers of Jan van Riebeeck's day, but rather facilitated the miasma of humanism to infect the congregation which would eventually lead to its own apostasy. I myself had a somewhat different upbringing to yourself, I was not raised in a Christian household but by 1st Gen immigrant parents who had escaped Europe (the sick man of the world) in the 60s to make a new life for themselves in Verwoerd South Africa. In my teenage years school holidays were spent on construction sites with my father where the only smells were that of kaffirs and cement. But it was there that I learned that a kaffir does not understand the concept of respect only fear and reward motivates him. my father worked his blacks harder and paid them better than any Englishman contractor but he also kept a pick handle in his Buckie and a home made knuckle duster in his pocket which he was not afraid to use. those were days when men had strong minds, nerves and backs.

  4. Anonymous12:58 pm

    In general they all fucking stink bloody kaffirs.You can not go near them with this heat wave we are having.

  5. In truth white women suck dick better and are more whorish so I don't blame the boys for liking them more.

    1. Yes...in your dreams.

    2. Anonymous2:42 am

      Actually you are wrong Shaka. Black men are the best at it. You just have to overcome that funny tyre smell.

  6. Mr Mister11:37 pm

    I wouldn't know if that black female stinks but I know for sure her attitude does.

  7. Anonymous1:44 am

    It just again proven with scientific facts that we are different.
    It is in the acid that we as whites excrete in the sweat and what these blacks excrete.
    Muriatic and oximuriatic acid.There are enough experiments done as to the reaction of both skins when exposed to the opposite acid.
    Muriatic acid is what causes that stink. A Stench that is repulsive for the white race!
    Oximuriatic acid is what make "whites that do not practice good cleaning skills" smell like bad milk!
    Again nature proves that we are not the same!
    W Etdo

  8. Exceptional intelligence??? I had to read that several times. One just have to look around you in the whole of South Africa to see the "exceptional intelligence" of blacks. This would be funny if it wasn't so sad. It seems that most blacks think they have an exceptional intelligence. So when they do something and it turn out a big flop, they blame Whites, or the world economy or anything else. They don't even think maybe they did something wrong, because they believe they have exceptional intelligence...South Africans are really doomed with blacks ruling the land...

    1. Anonymous10:34 am

      Blacks suffer from Dunning/Kruger:

      "The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which relatively unskilled persons suffer illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than it really is. Dunning and Kruger attributed this bias to a metacognitive inability of the unskilled to recognize their own ineptitude and evaluate their own ability accurately."

  9. This is all kak. Both black girls and boys stink. Kaffirs stink. Now the question is; the white chicks that will hang out with kaffir boys, can't the smell? In my book; if you've gone black, you're not welcome back.
    As for the "exceptional intelligence" bullshit; they are exceptionally adept at fucking everything up, stealing, shirking, murdering, breeding beyond their capacity to provide for, etc, etc, etc. Maybe that is the "intelligence" the dimwitted bitch was referring to?

    1. Anonymous6:27 am

      Tomkat, have to agree with you. That stink is called nigger-funk. They all smell like that even if they take a bath. If a white bitch does a kaffir, she is damaged goods and no decent white guy will ever touch her again. As for white males that like a bit of black punani, they should all get a bullet in the head . Show me an intelligent kaffir, and I will show you that the moon is made from cheese!

    2. Anonymous10:12 am

      Its once you go Black we dont want you back , EVER ! Forever !

  10. Anonymous12:11 pm

    As for white males that like a bit of black punani, they should all get a bullet in the head .
    I see you know very little of your forefathers history

    Remind me again of the names of all the coloureds in the fairest KAAP de Goede Hoop

    You are going to have to shoot out half the "Boer" nation

    1. Anonymous11:35 pm

      Don't be stupid. Go by dna tests. A name says nothing.

    2. Anonymous11:45 pm

      Then so be it, no place on earth for people that practice beastiality.. so now please just fuck off....

    3. Anonymous2:05 am

      12:11...you obviously dont know the history concerning surnames of Coloured people you twat!

    4. Anonymous2:08 am

      DNA (and blood tests) are only going to confuse you more.
      May even turn up a few surprises
      Are you ready ?

    5. Anonymous4:15 am

      More like soort soek soort , Malay with Hottentot .

    6. Anonymous5:33 am

      Another thing is one can only imagine the Spawn running around in Brazil with the Fuck fest going on there , No THOROUGH BREDS just Mongrels .

    7. Anonymous10:10 am

      The Settlers at the Cape imported slaves from Indonesia and Malaysia, because when the whites landed at the Cape there were no Bantus around.

      First contact between the bantu and the white man happened 130 years after the whites landed at the Cape and 1,200 km to the NE of the Cape.

      The origin of the cape coloureds are not a black and white mix, but a mix of these slaves that were imported with whites.

    8. Anonymous11:18 am

      I suppose no slaves came from


      You never fail to amaze me with your half baked history
      YES there WERE BLACK slaves at the Cape in the days of the Dutch !

    9. So what? There were other animals in the Cape too. Chickens, cows, sheep etc etc.

    10. In the 18th century there was a Brief Experiment with West African slaves at the Cape, but they were found to be so lazy and stupid that it was abandoned. It was better and cheaper to import indentured labourers from Indonesia, Malaysia and China.

      As for the Dutch sounding surnames of the coloureds...It is very far from White Afrikaans surnames.

      Coloureds have surnames like Plaatjies, Toontjies, or the month of the year they were registered in Cape Town such as October, September, April, etc. They also have a lot of English surnames like Adams, Jacobs, Williams, etc.

      White Afrikaners have Dutch, German or French surnames like, Van der Merwe, Le Roux, Labuschagne, Van Dijk, Fourie, Fouché, Müller, Schmidt, Engelbrecht, etc.

      It was sometimes the practice of the coloureds to take the surname of the farmer they worked for. That is why some of them do have Afrikaner surnames, but they are in the minority.

  11. Anonymous2:36 pm

    Mike this is gonna sound controversial , it is the White that taught the Black to wash properly , before his arrival they must have thought it quite normal to except his woman as stinky. At the Border the Ovambo females used to use grass to stem the menstrual flow , and when they got infections they suffered. As a medic we used to often have problems where the Black would come and need treatment on his head and body because he used to scratch himself and the shit under his fingernails were the cause. Many times when they came in with violently infected wounds , it was caused by unhygienic or sangoma added shit to the wounds. Many Black men came in with Drippy Dick where siff would leak out of his Umtondo. So the White did keep instilling cleanliness.
    They probably got the White Women are cleaner because they probably got a taste of the White Woman in her perverse state of mind or even Force. Everything the Black knows is what the White Taught him. He didnt have soap because it came with the White Brain.

  12. Mr Mister2:25 pm

    BLACK boys taught in racist WHITE elite schools "the sausage factory of white supremacy” ? - does that make any sense at all ? the girl is bereft of brain cells.

    Now she wants new schools ? What happened to the schools built for them during Apartheid ? What what they done with them ? So much for exceptional intelligence.

  13. PreatorianXVI10:02 pm

    They should all read Credu Matuwa books, explains their creation story and the vile smell they carry with them. No mystery here.

  14. Anonymous10:17 am

    They stink so blind people can hate them, too.

  15. Detroit Refugee1:33 am

    Bumper sticker on a vehicle in the US.
    " Once You Go Black, You Wind Up A Single Parent"!

  16. Anonymous4:03 pm

    Live and learn ! Blacks stink but we have to love them and to deal with them on a spiritual level not physicaly's

    1. Nah...I prefer to have nothing to do with them.