20 February 2016

Beware the Communists hijacking of the revolution

Who are these people who are not even students
spreading racial hatred on campus?
By Mike Smith

20th of February 2016

Last year on the 10th of August I kicked off the “resistANCe” campaign with an article titled, How do we want South Africa to be after the ANC is gone?

Over the next two months I followed it up with various articles pointing people to the writings of Gene Sharp, Srđa Popović and Colonel Robert "Bob" Helvey of how to start and organize a successful revolution. The links to the CANVAS website and all their material can be seen in the right hand margin of my website.

It didn’t take long, about a month, before we saw those exact methods implemented by white and black students together on the university campuses with #FeesMustFall and on the streets of Cape Town, Pretoria and Johannesburg with people calling for #ZumaMustFall and #ANCMustFall.

For the first time since the ANC came to power 22 years ago they saw a real threat to their misrule, theft and corruption regime in SA. For the first time…The ANC was scared. Really scared.

However the ANC should not be underestimated. They are after all Marxist revolutionaries themselves. As soon as the ANC were faced with a real threat to their rule and a very real revolution it was time for them to return to basics and deliberate amongst themselves. Their intelligence machine kicked in. The ANC seems to be aware of Clandestine meetings promoting regime change in South Africa being held regularly at the United States embassy in Pretoria

Gwede Mantashe, currently Secretary general of the ANC and former Chairman of the SA Communist Party said, “Those meetings in the American embassy are about nothing else other than mobilisation for regime change. We’re aware of a programme that takes young people to the United States for six weeks, bring them back and plant them everywhere in the campuses and everywhere.”

He said “regime change elements” which gripped countries like Libya and Egypt have crept into South Africa.

It was time for a counter attack.

Suddenly the ANC made R6.9bn [around $430m] available to students between October and January.

Since the start of this year they have launched a counter attack in the form of a ”Fight Racism” campaign

Seeing that they openly say that blacks cannot be racists, we all know who they are fighting against in their antiracist campaign. In fact anybody who is against the ANC is a “racist”.

The race card has always worked for them, so why abandon it now? It brought them to power and held them in power for 22 years. So obviously they were going to play it to get the masses behind them.

Also suddenly we started seeing the focus of the student revolutionaries at university change. Suddenly they were not against Zuma and the ANC anymore, but against whites and as always in the past, against Afrikaans.

Clearly the ANC is digging deep to stir up all those racial emotions amongst blacks about Sharpeville 1960 and the 1976 anti-Afrikaans riots. Blacks, who are not even students, are openly wearing T-shirts shouting “Fuck white people”, “Kill all whites” and spray painting “Kill all white people” and “Fuck white people” all over campuses.

What happened to#FeesMustFall??

Just three months since the first protests began, the movement has already fractured, with ideological divides and political factionalism leading to feelings of abandonment and betrayal of trust within the student group.

What now for #FeesMustFall?

The “Fallists” believe the SRC (student representative council) chose to stop protesting after caving in to pressure from their mother body, the ruling ANC.

Who are these blacks who are not even students stirring up racial hatred and trying to hijack the revolution? It is obvious that he ANC’s agents provocateur have infiltrated the student movements, bought them over and turned them against the whites.

On the one hand the ANC tells their supporters that Food security cannot be left in the hands of racist white farmers and the Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) is “a racist farmers organisation”.

However when Grain South Africa warned MP’s in parliament that, because of the drought, Riots could start over expensive food and expensive maize will have to be imported, the Government suddenly made a Billion Rand package available to these very same “racist white farmers”

The Afrikaans journalist Charles Smith wrote a scathing attack against the Communists in “Beeld” of 18 February 2016, A revolution against Whites and Afrikaners exploded

As the campuses of the Universities of Cape Town and Pretoria burns and hatred against whites is boiling over , the Minister of Higher Education and General Secretary of the South African Communist Party, Blade Nzimande, is nowhere to be seen. Charles Smith reckons Blunt Blade is probably hiding in the boot of his Mercedes. I beg to differ. Blade is hard at work trying to hijack the revolution against the ANC and turning it against the whites.

At the same time, what are the academics at the burning universities doing? These cowardly Communist Apparatchiks and Poletzno idiots like Prof Wim de Villiers, Mathew Smorenburg and the Über-doose of Open Stellenbosch are attacking white Afrikaner girls.

To me it is clear that the ANC is not just going to accept the revolution against them and their president lying down. They are hard at work behind the scenes to counter the revolution. It is clear that they have some extremely skilled people on their side. People well versed and skilled in revolutionary strategy and tactics. They are damming and levying for all they are worth to steer the revolution in the direction they want it to go. Like skilled political Ju Jitsuka, they are using the force and energy of the revolution against the very revolutionaries to smash them.

We are just going to have to work harder to ground and pound them.


  1. Anonymous2:08 am

    Excellent assessment Mike.

    Any ideas on who could be orchestrating 'regime change' and who they would want in power? EFF, DA, ANC 'moderates' or some other group?

    1. All this talk and chatter is great, it makes for a good meat fry around the fire while you boys drink your b&c and get all emotional and worked up. Then at some point during your meat cook I can imagine that you stand to attention clasp your left tit which you think is a chest and start belting out, wait for it, wait, wait! Ah! Die Stem. I have a suggestion for you white, presently disadvantaged, unhappy, motor mouths. Why don't you leave the talking and start the doing? It looks as if you actively speaking white activist would like to talk the government to death and solve all the countries problems by verbal abuse and chit chatter in cyber space. I have a question for all you energetic talkers and squawkers, are you actually going to do anything physical to take your country back? My thoughts of you lot are that you find it easier to talk than to act and you think that insulting your enemy will dispose of him. A free piece of information, it will not. Let me enlighten you, " evil will only prevail when good men standby and try talk it to death. Let's look at your enemy, they actively carry their battle out to you, they riot and burn and paint statues and chant anti white slogans in the faces of white people and then they also attack old people that cannot defend themselves and kill them in the most brutal way. This is what warfare is about, it is the psychology of fear and intimidation. They know that they are achieving their goals when they see how the whites buckle and want to negotiate every time they launch one of their little outbursts. You bunch of talkers only give them more ammo to use by trying to talk them to death on these blogs. Come now you great and mighty soldiers of freedom and wisdom standing around your braai or sitting behind your blog reply, the time has come for you to be counted , stand up and show us what you are worth. I challenge you to be the man you want to be and not the one you believe you are. You so promote, this battle and that victory of your forefathers but I do not see you dropping you b& c for the sweat regime of a true soldier or packing away your voice box in exchange for a course on counter propaganda and terrorism. So in a nutshell, I would not rely on you lot to defend me when the time arrives because me thinks that you would try talk the antagonist to death. Simple put I have listened to you WSARM,s for so long now that your bs just doesn't impress. Give it up rather and say not a word for all your splabbing just gives true men and soldiers a bad name.

    2. OK LTMA...Why don't you lead and we will follow. Come, put your money where your mouth is and show us what to do. You want us to stand together. I have no problem with that. Show us where we should stand and I will be the first one there.

    3. Anonymous6:08 am

      LTMA, they are *not* achieving their goals with most white people including the liberals.

      These acts are just making people even more vocal against the ANC and their supporters. The only one's 'buckling' were already ANC supporters such as those in charge of the universities.

      These acts are only having the reverse effect, go back ten years and listen to white South Africans talk about the government, SACP etc. They're now far more educated and realise the racist anti-white and hateful intentions of the ANC, EFF and other similar groups.

    4. A lot of truth there LTMA. Were all guilty of this to some degree. Some of us less, and some more, but don't put everyone in the same box... There's guys here who are not scared of a fight..

      Were holding back for the same reason you are. That is, if you go out now and pull something big and get caught, you're ass will be grilled back to 1954 by the black police and the judiciary.

      Have you ever been charged with assault on a black and locked up for it.? I've been.. Me and my Boet got into a fight of self defence with a group of 11 Indians and Blacks. The fight was interesting, needless to say I got charged as the agressor and all 11 of them seen as the complainants, victims. Spend a night alone in a Kaffir jail and made 4 court appearances. It was Shit.

      My point is. This 'little war' these kaffers are fighting is your and my biggest frustration now. It's a coward war of picking us off 1 by 1 and were powerless, tied up by these kaffir laws protecting them and screwing us, look at what happened to me..

      Fighting the same war back won't be succesfull.

      We are waiting for the air raid sirens to go off and get into business, but when, I also don't know. This is all part of their Communist strategy to wear us out.

      Mate, like you I'm also really fucking angry. I'm not saying hold back.. Most of us are also asking what now.???

      Until there's no full scale war we are subject to these racist, kaffir protecting laws.

      For now as frustrating as it might be this 'little war' is being played very well by the Communist kaffers and they've nailed us there...

      You've obviously give this some thought, so what do you suggest.?

    5. Anonymous2:15 pm

      LTMA you speak with great authority, maybe you got to much blood on your hands, better go take your pills before your PTSD turn you all bossies

  2. Anonymous2:22 am

    So, are we to take it that these niggers are not as dumb as we've been made to believe they are? Interesting.

    1. Anonymous6:15 am

      They are that dumb but you do get a few smart ones just like you get Einstein and Newtons amongst us. It is not so much clever blacks behind it but clever comunists and believe me if you get down to the core of marxists they are very clever indeed.

    2. Anonymous6:47 am

      Anonymous2:22 AM

      They are taking orders from a few places and leading others into believing what they want them to believe.

      Remember they have to juggle quite a few balls, tribal, international, monetary, white / black thing - lots of balls, we know these circus lot cant manage one ball let alone 3-4

    3. Anonymous6:54 am

      Not clever. Cunning.

    4. Anonymous1:47 pm


      Anonymous6:54 AM
      Not clever. Cunning.

      That is the word! spot on devious, cunning, satanic, liars - Like their father the devil.

    5. Anonymous5:35 am

      Its cunning liberals....

  3. Anonymous2:48 am


    Mike, readers on one blog I ran I mentioned a vision I had about America being involved in SA, May 2015


    I mentioned this last year around May.

    I saw it clearly in this country, their aim is SA along with Zimbabwe complete but complete regime change.

    It is also what Siener saw. He said there will be British behind the blacks and the yanks will step in, that is it in a nutshell.

    There is intervention in SA from about 5 different places.

    India - India has been trying hard to convert the west and slowly move them to Hinduism - you can see it through their peaceful Yoga movement.

    China - we know China.
    Russia - We know the communists.
    America - they need to protect their fiat currency.
    Britain - who think this is South Britain.

    The Indians here believe they + the coloureds will replace the whites and be seated higher up on the economic food chain. They will help the blacks.

    What they fail to realize is all their plans will fail and not only that, they will lose everything in SA and not even have a future here. They will be sent packing.

    The main dream:
    In that dream I had about the US, I saw a convention but I am not sure what the convention is all about but it was an important one. I could hear something being discussed loudly on the speakers and it involved Africa + blacks, SA blacks were the focal point but we as a nation are excluded from this.

    Nigeria it seemed was the odd one out in throughout this including Somalia - again I dont know why. But Nigeria + Somalia were not part of their agenda and were opposed to it and were seen as sell outs.

  4. Anonymous2:49 am


    Part 2 continued...

    We as a nation were on our way to getting our own stake of freedom here when we are suddenly halted mid way. There is some big commotion going on in the United nations and it involves South Africa but we are left in the dark regarding what is being discussed and the discussions seem violent, ruthless with lots of threats.

    We are being stalled along the way and realize that everything including the power cuts and everything in the economy is actually orchestrated by the blacks - none of it was as it seems but was purposely done.

    I then saw 2 black choppers flying towards Zimbabwe. At this stage the enemy here is so scared they dont know what to do, they are in a state of confusion & panic that terrifies them about America involved here - they are so scared they even leave government, I cant explain but I see them working outside the union buildings - not being involved in there or doing their work from the union buildings.

    Then I saw fast but a bad regime change in Zimbabwe. I saw it change fast but that it was not in the hands of the blacks any longer, they were running the show but it was now America controlling them, calling the shots from behind the scene.

    America will control from the skies over SA + Zimbabwe. I heard at this time, our freedom is not too far off and the republics would soon be with us.

    The whites in this country all of a sudden seem like they have an invisible hand and begin getting the upper hand. They are more confident than before and a new spirit is with the nation, they seem more determined than ever - they ALL wake up realizing the past 22 years has been a farce, they have been robbed - they fight in spirit now.

    I had this feeling that the yanks know what these lot are planning and make it known that they know. There is no communication between the two - the Americans just do here in SA - no debating, no talking and make this lot shit in their pants.

    They run around in this superstitious state like they are being watched all the time.

    Then I saw groups of whites, about 8-16 in groups, mobilizing working like a super efficient white force but in civilian clothes to prevent a black insurgency within Suburbs.

    The murderers that attack whites will be in government uniforms ie municipality workers, working for government ie providing services, police, refuge collection - this is how they get into the suburbs unseen.

    These groups were ultra efficient with new weapons. They moved fast but if you saw them you would not know they were a force. They operate throughout the white suburbs.

    The two black choppers flying on their way to Zimbabwe, they flew side by side, in perfect alignment but they were stealth choppers even their windows were black - like some stealth chopper on a mission, this also caused this present government to panic.

    They were silent but moved across this country at a rate I have not seen any choppers move.

    When I awoke from this dream it was like I had the most intense sleep ever, I woke up and mentioned it straight away.

    I mentioned we will have a strong US presence here but it will not be felt as in the past, it will be from the skies.

    This dream I was told was for a future leader in this country who will be looking for signs - I mentioned this in the post back then and still have the full post of it.

    I mention it here as it is now happening. On that blog I also mentioned that these things I see typically happen 6-8 months from the time I see them and low and behold it is not too far off that mark.

    Sorry sounds like Im on drugs but I have to let it out now that the time is right.

    1. Anonymous8:18 am

      Ninja open up your old site please. It made for some good reading.

      I was very dissapointed when you closed it. I did not even know that it was yours but i can see the style in your commenting..... Just allow for comentating.

      Your site was premotimg our cause along with Mike's site JP' s and others.

      I know it is hard work in keeping a site open with regular articles but your's was a breath of freash air.

      Just remember the new legaslatiom that was signed in for next moth against freedom of speach pertaining to internet rsgulation.

      We meed to flood the web with sites premoting our cause to make it as difficult as posible for the ANC to run us down.

      Considder but no presure. I will be following shortly.

    2. Anonymous2:29 pm


      I will put it up, attempted twice already but later deleted - What I saw in Dec/Jan literally took me to my knees.

      I should have it up in the next week - keep an eye out on it.

      I closed it from what I saw, I was very despondent in December VERY despondent. I believe this is the year of sorrow for this nation.

      What I saw though In Dec/Jan ever how scary has given me more faith though but it was scary and I cant go into details I really believe that if the enemy here see what I saw they will try their best to change events - What I saw involves a great sacrifice still to come which is what scares me and which I have not fully accepted.

      And I find it quite difficult to see what is happening and then not mention it.

      What I was shown crystal, crystal clear as an eye witness were the final days of this chaos under ANC & black rule as we know it AMEN!

      The only way I describe it, is like when you watch a kung fu movie and all the attackers circle the 1 lone opponent and they all rush in only to bump their own heads and hurt themselves while the hero gets away without a scratch.

      Like Hyenas after the last meat on a bone, they turn on each other so viscously because they all back stab each other - none and I mean none of these black tribes, political parties trust each other NONE.

      They know without the white man here they will annihilate each other and will be poor - THEY KNOW THIS.

      What you ask for confirms what I saw after deleting it.

      Let me give it some thought - Its a great sacrifice but one which I cant get out of, I just have to get comfortable with what is required.

    3. Anonymous1:26 am

      indeed you realy need to look at starting at up again

    4. Anonymous2:07 pm

      What is JP's blog address,please?

    5. Anonymous2:30 pm

      BN You have no idea how much hope you give me and people like me, even if only 1% comes to pass (We are in for some serious sh!t in this world, all of us) its all good mate, hope! Our people needs hope and hope and a cause. These blogs give us all hope.

      Ninja, you have no idea how much we need Hope. (Perhaps you do) :))

      Brothers and Sisters, be kind to one another, build each other up, give each other hope, listen to your Brothers and Sisters with a kind and soft ear, help each other, we need each other now more than ever. Be like Brothers and Sisters before we let that devil mandela out of prison. Help each other!

    6. Anonymous10:20 pm

      Please, please, please re-open your blog!!!

    7. Anonymous4:39 am

      I concur! I miss your blog, BN. Please either re-open or make available transcripts of the old posts. Your visions provide more hope than you think. Helizna.

    8. Anonymous5:17 am

      Ja BN asb. Ons tyd is min, voor al die kerse van inligting dood geblaas word, moet ons deel. Veral die bo natuurlike boodskappe. Dit is uiters belangrik dat die tydlyn nou bekend gemaak moet word. Stippel die ligte uit in die donker vir ons om te volg. Mike, dankie dat jy volhou!

    9. Anonymous8:26 am

      Anon 2.07 PM,

      JP'S address, houseofisrael@myvigo.com
      I hope this will help.

  5. Anonymous2:58 am

    Just part of the ongoing genocide against whites, that's all.

  6. Anonymous3:00 am

    The problem here is that blacks are inherently communist. The ANC, EFF, SACP and Cosatu are all communist, parties with Marxist leanings received 69% of the vote in the last election- blacks are 78% of the population, meaning 90% of blacks voted for Marxist parties.

    Ultimately the blacks and whites have different goals in opposing the ANC. For the bulk of the blacks the ANC is bad because they don't act harshly enough to the whites.

  7. Anonymous4:03 am

    I love the way whites & DA complain today about the ANC being marxists , thieves, killers etc etc yet when PW Botha warned them about the ANC they ignored him & called him a racist.

    Margeret "Iron Lady" Thatcher even urged Botha to release Mandela while the anc were Head Quartered in London.

    Today if any party tries to remove the anc from power via the ballot box or otherwise then the anc will revert to terrorism, look at the WC burning.
    Can anybody imagine how the entire country would burn if the anc ever lost more than one province ?

    Who would stop the terrorism, the DA, THE anc'S, sap ?

  8. St miki

    I have information from a source within the anc that the xenophobic attacks started last year was by a mk terrorists ,this is all a chess game "the student protests" "the eff disruptions" they are trying to take away our attention from something else and it's a big else can't put my finger on what big else yet

    1. Anonymous6:46 am


      Jaqueline Neves5:09 AM

      100% right.

      Something monumental is happening in the background to take our eyes off the ball.

      I believe it goes hand in hand with what I mentioned with the UN. There is something much bigger in the pipeline, I get the feeling the ANC trying to pull away from the west and the west know their plans.

      There is something going on in the background - also cant put my finger on it but whats the bet it involves the gold?

      Its always about the gold.

    2. Anonymous1:50 pm

      WHAT do you think happens when private ownership of gold is illegal ( as it was in AMERICA )
      There is no longer any "cash"

      Will "gold" still be important ?
      IF so -- WHY ?

    3. Anonymous10:53 am

      BN, maybe the visit to Iran by nr1 is a clue? The under cover excuse for the visit is to obtain oil for Mosgas.However, keep this in mind : "Last December North Korea conducted a successful submarine missile test, and is known to have worked with Iran on missile and nuclear technology" See Newsmax.com, Larry Bell's article. This is breaking news, America is no friend of Iran or N Korea, why is Nr1 going to Iran? In line with what Mike wrote here, there is a fox in the hen pen!

  9. Anonymous6:44 am

    Does anyone know what happened at Munsiville location to the poor whites that live there? I heard something about being attacked by blacks during the night?

    1. Anonymous10:18 am

      Anonymous6:44 AM

      Apparently nothing much. A bit of strife over electricity with the zots. SL Westrand went there and all was quiet but some children were apparently moved to safety. According to the SLWR media group.

    2. No it was more that nothing much. I would love your child at the age of three to walk through the fields in the dark to get away from these people. I would love your daughter get attacked to such and extend she might be paralyzed. Love you to be in that situation at that time. Find out the truth before you say nothing much. Do your research

    3. Anonymous4:46 am

      As long as the children are safe. The grown-ups choose to live in a squatter camp. Kleinfontein is available but only if drugs and alcohol is given up and the grownup is willing to work. I think we need to take the white children out of the squatter camps permanently. They are our future but is being put in danger by their parents' choices. As a former shelter inhabitant, I know it's hard when you are poor and a mom, but one should always do what is best for the child. Helizna.

  10. Anonymous7:25 am

    We told you Mike last year that we should stand on the side lines on this revolution. You said:

    *** Who would have thought white students (along with blacks and coloureds) along with white lecturers would storm the gates of parliament, occupy parliament and be bundled into police vans? Only me? Watch it here.***

    Ja boet, the 'revolution' is not one where the blacks and whites rise up. Its the whites who get booted in the end. Nothing for us to support.

  11. SA whites are slowly starting to see why there are no Portuguese left in Mozambique.

    Most Portuguese left the country before the hand over to black majority rule except here in SA, the whites were reassured by their leader, de Klerk that their rights would be respected by the ANC who he sold out to.

    Where is de Klerk today ?
    He is a mosquito in the back ground while farm murders rage on alongside AA/ BEE & white genocide.

    The only thing america, france, Israel, germany, britain & canada care about is regime change for SA. forgetting what the masses want which is a return of the land & economy into black hands.

    1. Anonymous12:14 am

      The difference is that most whites in SA had nowhere to go, even if they wanted to.

      Also, Mozambique had much less whites and the country was far less developed.

  12. Anonymous8:13 am

    Fucken idiots. Spray painting anti white slogans whilst surrounded by your fellow cowards does not make you a hero. These little pikanins dont realise who they are fucking with. You cant go to war with them. As soon as the first meit comes on heat, they will get pissed and start shooting each other.
    I recently had a conversation with a decorated SANDF veteran. He is still very involved in the SANDF. He says that we can take the army bases without firing a shot.
    Hit the bases at 4 am.
    The first one to wake up you moer as hard as you can against the ear.
    His tor must take two weeks to climb back onto his cork.
    The rest you tell dat die wit baas nou gepraat het en hy is erg die moerin.
    So vat julle kak en fokkof terug na jou kaya toe. I agree with him.
    If these little flappies do not realise who they are fucking with. The wit baas is reaching the point where action will happen.

    1. Anonymous2:33 pm

      Oooh look! an Internet Rambo...

    2. Anonymous8:44 am

      Anon 2:33 PM No, a gatvol white trying so survive against all odds.

  13. Anonymous8:27 am

    Blacks are not to blame for the country being in a mess. It is White Communists who told Blacks they could run the country who are responsible for the ruin of the country.

    I surmise that Blacks initially accepted (unhappily) that they had been dominated by a stronger animal, Whites. They didn’t see it as racism, but simply as domination, the natural order of life.

    Then Communism came and painted an insidious picture: Whites are morally bad, evil even! And you Blacks who are a majority should be running the country — because we who are good and righteous say so. And what’s more: you Blacks are FULLY CAPABLE of running the country. So, the Blacks believed the “good” White Communist rebel who was helping them, thinking, “Yes, we must try to overthrow the strong White dominator. I think, because they say he is ‘bad’? And White. Ai, but we like domination, we have always worked like that. So actually it means there is a problem because he is WHITE. So, it means the dominator should be BLACK, not White.”

    Then the Communist connived with his well-meaning White friends overseas to bully us “evil” Whites into capitulating. And so, connivers with good intentions started paving the way to a future South African hell.

    A MAJORITY OF WHITES then voted YES to Black liberation. And the country was handed over. The Blacks then tried to do it. They tried their best and they tried their worst (some slept, some stole). But they tried and tried. And, yet, in the end, sadly, they just FAILED — horrendously. It wasn’t all their fault. They were a few centuries behind, and simply not ready. Deluded White rebels had put the reins in their hands, only to see them fail.

    Despite such failure, the luxury that could be had — or grabbed — was just too fine to give up. So Black “leaders” conspired to divert attention away from their failure. They spouted the White Commie’s clever lies: domination is evil, the White man is evil! — “all of our problems began when Jan van Riebeeck came to this country”! “We know it’s irresponsible,” they schemed, ”but this smokescreen works every time!”

    Disastrously, this wile of Blame-it-on-Apartheid has now been pushed so far, to such a crazy extreme, that the “good” Blacks now fully intend to KILL the “evil” Whites.

    And behind the scenes, the country’s major institutions are collapsing into a pile of rubble. But never mind that: just kill the fucking White shite, and it will be all right.

    One of the last great Europeans said: “You have been a poor observer of life if you have not also seen the hand that with kindness — kills.”

    COMMUNISM is that hand.

    It, with its LIES THAT OPPOSE LIFE, is killing: SOUTH AFRICA.

    And it is not killing “White” South Africa or “Black” South Africa, the whole country is going under. Whites and Blacks — even Black Chinese, Black Indians, and Black Coloureds — will all lose. We will ALL — LOSE.

    At the referendum to liberate Blacks in the early 90’s, I WAS ONE of the majority of White South Africans who voted YES. I said YES to Black liberation — it is the RIGHT and DECENT thing to do. Now a find a knife in my back! You SNAKES. Blacks are now voting NO against me and my White culture: “YOU DON’T BELONG HERE, YOU MUST BE KILLED”.

    Echoes of “Kill the Boer, the farmer” said by a nasty little man who died from AIDS.

    And the TRUE EVIL is that BLACKS ARE ARE KILLING WHITE FARMERS, BY THE THOUSAND. And as at the universities, the Establishment says, “Go ahead puppets, get on with it.”

    Now I see that pleas for liberation are nothing more than an insidious ploy to DOMINATE. LIARS.

    1. Anonymous12:36 pm

      My mate you are a genius!

    2. Anonymous6:16 am

      Thanks mate! Much appreciated.

  14. Anonymous9:21 am

    I rember in the good old days when the veiligheidspolisie use to have officers taking out the instigators during a riot, identify and eleminate trouble makers and the rest should be easy.

    1. Anonymous2:32 pm

      Ja during COIN urban training we repetitiously removed the "man in die rooi hemp" which carried over to opps. so if anyone was wearing a red Tshirt got singled out. If the eff were back then they would soon lose the red Tshirt.

  15. Anonymous9:46 am


    The history of planet earth in a nutshell. Watch till the end to find out who is behind the OneWorldOrder. None other than the Luciferian race who entered here uninvited.

    1. Anonymous12:38 pm

      Just as long as you don't call " them" by name on this blog!

  16. Anonymous10:42 am

    Turns out that its all Bollocks . Anc has to blame somebody for the Mess they have created, the so called students black ones cannot focus to study so its the whites fault , so F the whites , F the whites for pressurizing the bleak students to help contribute towards the country rather be Fucking something . All the Countries demands were solved by the F whites and sorted now that the F whites have been replaced with low retards , nothing is functioning and K has to now take the burden and sort it. Damn how stressful when the culture dictates and k would watch all his women do the work and he drink K beer demand pap and gall with chilly.
    Everyone blaming Zums with his profound math of R eleventeen seventyteen one and thousandtwentyteen million. Anc tell him what to do all day long , so we know where the Ideas are emanating. Who else is going to be blamed ? All these 22 years F whites have been complaining , cursing and correcting what these are doing wrong and hilighting the corruption , but they pushed aside as racists , now that all is falling apart and disfunctioning , gotta blame somebody ELSE !

  17. Anonymous11:37 am

    I want to do something, please tell me what to do! Just do not tell me to sit back! Can I spraypaint something? Give me an order please!

    1. Anonymous2:51 am

      Use your spare money to travel and stash clothes, long term food and whatever other legal-to-own supplies in caches around the country. If the SHTF then at least you can use these resources to help your neighbour out who has nothing

      And you are not doing anything illegal, so their is no risk to you.

    2. @ Anon 11:37 AM...You see that "ResistANCe" sign on the main page? Draw it on a piece of cardboard and cut it out as a stencil and then go around with orange white and blue spray cans and spray-paint it all over town.

    3. Anonymous5:43 am

      Do what Mike says and spraypaint " Fuck the kaffirs"

    4. Anonymous9:31 am

      @ Anon 2:51, thank you, already busy with that. Thank you Mike, I have got the sign! Regards 11:37

  18. Anonymous1:17 pm

    I have NO idea why you think that the "Americans" are coming to help ?
    Mantashe is following the deception ticket excellently

    WHERE do you think "Open Stellenbosch gets it's orders from ? ( and all the unknown people with -- American accents" )

    Mark my words the "Americans" are training the people that are stoking the fires.

    WHO are the experts in "regime-change" = the "Americans"
    WHAT happens after every "regime-change" = CHAOS

    The CIA has long been co-opted by the Zionists.

    I cannot believe that you are all so blind when the evidence is all around you.

    As for the ninja dude
    I am pretty sure that if a psychiatrist read your ramblings you would be detained for observation of paranoid schizophrenia

    NOT the ANC coming to get you -- but men in white jackets

    1. Anonymous2:48 am

      We aren't all asleep. We see what the NWO and the bilderbergers are doing.

      We see their agenda.

    2. "The CIA has long been co-opted by the Zionists"...

      Lizards. Don't forget the shapeshifting lizards.

    3. Anonymous12:17 pm

      I agree with most of what you say mate, but aren't you somewhat of a doos with old Ninja?! He is just fighting for his people you know! No need to be unkind!

    4. Anonymous1:47 pm

      I am not trying to be unkind -- just realistic
      His -- "fighting for his people" is going to do the opposite of what he intends.

      Gone are the days when one waited for the "sangoma" to doctor you with the special muti.

      Apart from a proper carefully prepared and structured plan of action one also needs REAL and accurate intelligence -- not disconnected ramblings.

    5. Anonymous3:11 pm

      FFS Mike, I somewhat enjoy your blog but you are obviously a bit stupid. With all of you supposed insight you never asked yourself how a people with less than 2% representation within the US population wield inordinate authority and influence in US politics and business? The veritable army that surrounds the Us President made up of these. I suppose they are just incredibly industrious right.

      Now your standard response is to attack people for their views with "Lizards and Shape Shifting reptiles."

      You talk like you're going to be a one man army "running towards the fighting" let me ask you have you ever served and faced gunfire or do you think training in a dojo qualifies you as a warrior? Because all the talk in the world is cheap. Just because your readers have taken to praising you and calling you "Guru" and f... knows what else does not actually make you one.

      I suppose I'll get keyboard warrior onslaught for this if it even gets published but as a real warrior I'm reasonably sure I'll survive.

      I'll refrain from saying what I really would like to because I reserve that for facing people directly.

    6. They call me "Guru"? Where?

      "let me ask you have you ever served and faced gunfire or do you think training in a dojo qualifies you as a warrior?"

      Gun fire? Me? Never. I am a "keyboard warrior" remember. Funny, now that you mention it, I haven't even faced gunfire in a PC game like Medal of Honor. I prefer boring games like chess.

      Nevertheless, that is of minor importance. Let me rephrase your question and ask you something similar. I don't want to know if you ever faced gunfire. We have all done our National Service. What is important to me is WHEN LAST did you face gunfire. How recent are your skills, mate?

      I train in the dojo, because it keeps my mind thinking about fighting all the time. Apart from keeping one fit it teaches one principles of leverage, cunning, surprise, etc. It brings and keeps all my accumulative skills from my entire life to the surface. It is like getting a military briefing and training every day.

      Everything Sun Tzu or Von Clausewitz wrote about can be applied in Ju Jitsu. You should try it. That is why Vladimir Putin trains in the dojo too.

    7. Anonymous10:38 pm

      WHO is Bernie Fanaroff ?
      What tribe does he belong to ?
      What is he doing involved with -- "gun-control"
      Maybe he is one of these -- "alien-lizards" ?

      I was involved in 2000 with the National Crime Prevention Strat and was directly involved with the start of the project to redraft the old Firearms Act. The project leader was one Dr Bernie Fanaroff an Astrophysicist by profession. He told me that the purpose behind the act was to reduce to number of firearms in civilian read white hands, as the ANC govt was convinced that the right wingers and indeed the white pop would use their guns to revolt against the black govt. They copied the Canadian Firearms act as the common misconception was that the Canadian act was stricter than the RSA one. Sadly not so. Remember in those days the access to an AK and ammo was easily gained with a couple of hundred Rands. Today it is more expensive.
      What has been realised since then is that as many if not more blacks owned guns than whites. They were actually being prevented from acquiring guns because of their living conditions ie shacks have no real walls to attach safes to!


    8. Anonymous11:37 pm

      Oh the "Guru" name has been applied several times. Believe you me thinking that not having faced gunfire yourself is of minor importance tells me what I need to know. Having done National Service can mean a lot of things. Being in HQ company or the catering core or even on of the support combat units such as artillery etc means to me that talk of advancing to contact like I hear over the net time and time again sounds like the fantastical fantasy of those that regret never have being a real soldier.

      Trust me I have also trained in a dojo and come from a family of siblings who all hold high dans in martial arts like Jiujitsu, Judo etc. Training in a Dojo in no way is like "receiving a military briefing everyday". Even "receiving a militarily briefing everyday" does not qualify you or anyone else to instruct in the execution of strategy and tactics. Do you know how much training a fighting unit has to do in order to even begin to have a chance at proficiency on the battlefield? How much hardship and rehearsal it takes to merely impart the ability of a unit to not fall apart the moment the gunfire starts and the first people start falling? Why units like mine rehearse and rehearse and rehearse and train and continue to train even in an operational area? There is nothing martial about "martial arts" they are sports mate.

      As for my training fitness and battle? They never lapsed. I merely understand that there can be no crossover of skill unless there is actually something to crossover to. I also understand that someone who cannot see the advantage of a defensive strategy that incorporates offensive minor tactics is one that has quite possibly read Tzun Tsu Clausewitz and the like yet failed to grasp all of their doctrine.

      History is littered with those that failed because of a single track approach. We see it in this country with at least one notable soldier from a sister unit that got nipped in the bud, as well as lots of clueless who thought they could but ended up being guests of the regime.

    9. Anonymous11:44 pm

      Another thing: For those of you that think that the members of those certain units are sitting around on their hands today. In spite of the disparity in discipline that is found presently you can be sure that coming up against most units let alone the Para Bn or SF will take the fight out of 99% of the wannabe warriors.

    10. ”There is nothing martial about "martial arts" they are sports mate.”
      So why are the US Rangers using Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and why did the Americans rewrite their entire Combatants Field Manual to include Jiu Jitsu? Just a sport?
      Hahahaha...really showing your ignorance. Yes, I agree, if you practice martial arts as a sport then it will always be a sport to you. However, that is not what it was intended for or how I train for it.
      Ju Jitsu techniques were tested and refined in thousands of battles. Bullshit that doesn’t work has been cut out. Judo is the sport version of Ju Jitsu. Jigoro Kano wanted to bring in a method of training Ju Jitsu safely. For every Judo throw or technique there is a Ju Jitsu equivalent, the original where it comes from. The main difference comes in the DRIVE. Judo aims to unbalance and throw an opponent on a mat (Tatami) and score an Ipon. Ju Jitsu aims to throw the opponent through the tarmac of the street, put him in a lock or choke him out. The ground facet is all about positioning and taking the opponent out of his comfort zone to an area where you can dominate.
      This column is too small to teach you all the principles of Ju Jitsu. I still want to write a book about The Art of War, On War and other classic writings and its application in Ju Jitsu and vice versa.
      Nevertheless, good luck with your training. I just hope you are training realistically for the right type of fight. Just as a 100meter sprinter cannot train for 100m sprints by simply jogging around the track, you can also be busy training for the wrong fight. If you think our next fight is going to be like the bush war in Angola, you are making a big mistake. First of all nobody will be wearing uniforms, so you won’t know which unit is which. Secondly, without uniforms there is no war, there are no soldiers so the Geneva Convention does not apply. There will be no rules of engagement. It will be no-holds-barred warfare.
      Sure past techniques and tactics are not forgotten. I can still read a map, a compass and do a route march in the night. I can still read a compass under water in zero visibility in a murky harbour. I can still do a TB in the bush and do, L-shaped ambushes. However I know that I have to adapt to the modern way of warfare and prepare myself properly for what is to come. Just relying on past training and experiences…sorry mate, you are going to come short.

  19. Anonymous2:46 pm

    The West is in bed with the NWO, I would not trust the fucking yank cunts.

    1. You won't trust the "Fucking yank cunts"? Oh yeah? How about the white right Afrikaners? Would you trust any of them? Just look at how the HNP split from the NP (in 1969, over Maori Rugby players)and then the CP split from the NP (1983) and then the CP and the NP both tried to destroy the HNP. Ironically the HNP still exists whereas the NP and the CP are both dead.
      The white right who should have negotiated a Volkstaat for the Afrikaners abandoned the Volkstaat completely and jumped into bed with the ANC. Pieter Mulder was Deputy Minister of Agriculture 2009-2014. Zuma was his boss.

      Do yourself a favour and read Albert Blake's book, "Boereverraaier" and you will see how this nation has been riddled with traitors. Towards the end of the Anglo Boer War more Boers were fighting on the side of the British than on the side of the Boers.

    2. Anonymous4:56 am


      Yes its very sad Mike. Its very true that this nation is riddled with traitors and goes way back.

      Sell outs.

      I think all nations have their sell outs though. Even during the American revolution, American war of independence.

      Man will sell his soul for silver & gold. The worst part of a traitor is that when others see them get rich, soon you have many sellouts.

      Jan Smuts was one of the worst - He did not need to jump in bed like he did with the British and you see, they all lose out eventually - no more Jan Smuts airport, in the future he will not be remembered like other heroes, leaders that never sold out.

      Mike do you not think that even if we negotiated a Volkstaat that we would have rockets flying over our borders like in Israel - Ive thought about it often and I bet we would have had an Israeli type situation.

    3. Anonymous5:24 am

      Albert Blake's book, "Boereverraaier"

      Now there is a book I never expected you to read.

      More "Boers" were killed by firing squad by other "Boers" than by the English "enemey"
      Gideon Scheepers and Johan Lotter are huge heros
      Talk about a twisted history !

    4. Anonymous5:43 am

      A seperate state should have been formed when the Nats were in still in power , the had their Homelands why couldnt we have the same. Maybe it would have become like a N S Korea. One thing is for sure the blacks would have been banging on the Gates to get in , once all their side was consumed.

    5. Anonymous10:13 pm

      Johannesburg - US ambassador to South Africa, Patrick Gaspard, took a tongue-in-cheek approach in his response to allegations that his embassy was trying to influence regime change in the country.

      Gaspard said Mantashe should know of the programme since he had invited the ANC leader to recommend young ANC leaders for it.

      "Well, he should be "aware" of this program since I personally invited him to recommend young ANC leaders for it..."


  20. Anonymous12:16 am

    The question is: if Western countries are attempting regime change, WHO do they want in power..?

    1. Anonymous4:47 am


      Someone that follows orders.
      Someone who doesnt sell gold to their enemies
      Someone who arrests those opposed to their plans ie bashir.
      Someone other than white.

  21. Anonymous1:08 am

    The EFF & ultimately the british are behind the revolution at universities in a vain hope of riding the country of the anc.

    1. Anonymous4:49 am

      @Anonymous1:08 AM

      Just look back to Terrblanches murder. Malema was out the country sitting with the other British black lapdog Mugabe.

      Malema was in the UK 3 months back meeting with big business.

    2. Anonymous2:36 pm

      Are the eff the new red coats

  22. Hi Mike

    Jus I gotta keep pinchin myself to check , seems like were living in a zombie-apocolapse. Truely it has all the makings .

    When I was a laaitie I used to think everything happens 'overseas'
    Thought we were just some forgotten south point.

    Seeing how all this is playing out and things escelating toward that 'apocoliptic' point , I realize That we are not so insignificant.

    Your right Mike , there is a agenda behind this that's why its gone from rhodes to fees to whites must fall , and its a evil agenda yes just like the age old good vs evil story, its real life and we are the caracters in the book.

    Not saying the rest of the world won't have apocolapse ,
    Just That we have most of the Zumbies here.

  23. Anonymous8:41 am

    #Boeings with millions and billions must fall! Mass murderers must fall!

    1. Anonymous9:48 am

      Explain yourself mate or lay off from the booze and drugs before you put your fingers to the keyboard.

    2. Anonymous11:29 am

      What you say hey. not unnerstand.

    3. Anonymous10:16 pm

      Anonymous8:41 AM
      #Boeings with millions and billions must fall! What the hell are you talking about here mate? What have Boeings got to do with the subject at hand and since when did Boeings have millions/billions? Exactly what are you getting at?

    4. I think what he wanted to say was "Boeings worth billions must fall", refering to Zuma and Mbeki's private planes bought with taxpayer money worth billions.

    5. Anonymous3:49 am

      Thanks Mike! I thought as much but with so many nut cases around these days one can never be too sure.

  24. Anonymous10:47 am

    Looking at that kaffir writing on the blackboard, made by a white man, with the chalk, again, made by a white man. How I wish I had the opportunity to face that zot and say: You know what kaffir - fuck you! But then, we know these wogs are as thick as pigshit. We know that even in their protests, their fancy words, their collective resistance - they cant do it without a white brain, albeit a libtard one, helping them. When it all goes down, I and people like me will hunt down and expunge these liberals first, and THEN, we will deal with the rest. Bring on OUR revolution. These kaffirs have seen nothing yet.

  25. Anonymous11:43 am


  26. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Hi Mike. Friend from USA here. Glad to be able to get to your blog again--for two months when I clicked on it blogger showed the message "Access to this blog is by invitation only. Contact the author." But it didn't give an address to find ya.

    Anyway, glad you're still well and cranking out excellent commentary and analysis. Seems to me that events have clearly gone downhill in the last 3 months with the spray-painting of buildings at UCT and Wits and the appearance of blacks wearing shirts with the slogan "Fuck white people."

    Here in the States blacks are killing white cops all over, while our corrupt black Attorney General sits on her fat ass and doesn't lift a finger. We're only a few years behind SA.

    May God give you--and us--the strength and courage to prevail.

    1. Hi, Friend from USA, Mike shuts the blog down when he's away as a safety measure. Not to worry when that message comes up. I had the same concern but my other mate JP Viljoen advised me of Mike's modus operandi. Indeed, even you guys are getting flak. It seems to me Putin is the only honourable man left standing?

    2. When I don't have time to blog I close it to reduce the spam. Otherwise when I come back I have 10,000 comments to sift through of which 2500 might be normal comments and the rest spam. Blogger is a free platform.

    3. Anonymous3:44 am

      At last the truth is revealed and is quite understandable now but please Mike let us know before hand so that we don't sit here worrying about you when your blog is in lockdown mode in the future. We would really appreciate about knowing such things before hand and also that you are still safe and sound. Thanks!

  27. Mike, you are so right again. People really thought that they can walk around with Bring Zuma down and Zumpie must fall etc with no consequences.

    The ANC is, was and will always be a terrorist organisation. If you did not join them then they will put a tire around your body, and burn you to death. If you did not support their boycott of white owned stores then you will eat and drink everything you bought from them, including washing powder and paraffin. Now, the libs who live on fairy dust and unicorn droppings actually believed that they can prance around like that with their little placards (maids in tow) and believe that Zuma and his cronies are going to just give up. LOL
    I really wish the whole white, indian and coloured population of SA will read your blog to understand whats going on.

  28. Up above here we have the reincarnation of fucking Kaptein Caprivi, trying to hand out military and martial arts instruction. Fight or fuck off! It's as simple as that.

  29. Anonymous7:25 am

    You first pal you first. Lots of talk yet you'll be cowering when the shit hits the fan.

    I don't see you anywhere getting your shit together tossbox.