16 February 2016

Apology Blacks? You go first. Remembering the Bloukrans Massacre 16-17th of February 1838

By Mike Smith

17th of February 2016

I hope you slept well. I didn’t. Last night I woke up at 23h50. Ten to midnight. I don’t know why, but suddenly I just couldn’t sleep anymore. I decided to read a book, but the book that I wanted I could not find in my bookshelf. As I searched, a small Afrikans book that I got as a gift about four years ago, but that I have never read, fell out of the shelf.

The little book is called, “Teen die hele wêreld vry…” by Francois Richter.

The title, literally meaning, “Against the whole world free…”, obviously comes from the forth verse of the former national anthem of the Republic of South Africa “Die Stem van Suid Afrika” (The voice of SA) , a poem by C.J. Langenhoven about the beauty of South Africa and the history of our people who tamed it. The forth verse is a prayer asking God to help us to remember our heritage and teach it to our children. It ends with a promise that if we do that, it will be well with SA, because God reigns.

What is so peculiar is that the book fell open on page 104,105 and when I picked it up, I recognised the sub title on page 105, “Bloukrans” and the first sentence that starts with, “In the unholy night of 16 February 1838….”

I was stunned. Although I was at the Voortrekker monument six weeks ago with one of our readers, J.P. Viljoen and we looked at the relief works, I forgot about the Massacre at Bloukrans…

Did God wake me up ten to midnight, to remind me of what happened at Bloukrans, to tell me to remind others in South Africa that it might be ten to midnight for them and the same fate is about to befall them?

It certainly was a strange, strange case, that I cannot explain. I mean I am not actually religious.

Nevertheless, you can read the entire bitter and sad history of The unholy night of 17 February 1838 at Bloukrans here:

When you remember how well you slept last night, also remember what those pioneer Voortrekkers went through that night. Among the Voortrekkers, 41 men, 56 women and 185 children were killed. In addition another 250 coloured and Sotho servants that accompanied the Voortrekkers were brutally killed, bringing the casualties to about 534.

It was just horendous. Pregnant women gang raped and their wombs cut open, little babies taken by their feet and their heads smashed against the sides of the wagon wheels, the twelve year old Joanna van der Merwe was stabbed 21 times with an assegai, but survived.…On top of it 25,000 heads of cattle and hundreds of sheep were stolen.

Afterwards the Voortrekkers founded the town of “Weenen” (meaning weeping) there. The Afrikaans poet D.F. Malherbe wrote a poem called "Middernag" about it.

Today we and our children are told by the descendants of these Satanic and murderous blacks about supposed Apartheid atrocities and massacres, despite not a single mass grave that could ever be found. We are told that we stole the wealth of the blacks. Some even have the audacity to demand apologies and reparations!

Yet the truth is there for anyone to see and read history. Blacks are the ones who cowardly over and over massacred whites, not the other way around. They are the ones who stole our cattle and our wealth, not the other way around.

List of massacres in South Africa

They want any apology? They go first. Without that, there can never be any reconciliation. We will NEVER forget Bloukrans. In fact we are preparing so that it never happens to us again. We are preparing for the next Blood River.

Middernag - D.F. Malherbe

Dis donker, donker middernag:
nader kruip die Zoeloemag,
kruip swart adders om die laer,
opgeblaas al deur die gras;
en geen windjie wek die slapers-
slaap is soet na arbeidslas:
droombeeld laat ’n kindjie lag,
moederarms omhels dit sag.
Rondom, geklem in Kafferhand,
smag duisend assegaaie, want
hulle het al nege lange dae
in somerhitte dors gely.
O, is die Dood ook so innig-bly
as op warm lyf hy lê sy hande?
Aan haar hart druk moeder sag
haar kindjie en slaap – dis middernag!


  1. Anonymous11:05 pm

    Cocked,locked and ready to rock Mike. If these savages want it they must come and try take it. For the gates of hell will open for them should they try. Vaalpens

  2. Chilling but so true Mike. Thanks for this

    1. Adrem1:30 am

      I add my name to it.

    2. The last time I went to “Bloukrans” the graves were being destroyed by the local blacks. Not far from there My Granddad fought against the British on the train where they Blew up the train bridge during the Boer war. He took us to all Battle fields in Natal and explained what took place. He was only 15 years old at the time. Being my Great Grandfathers eldest son he fought with Him. It is a real disgrace how they destroy every thing they touch. It is as the Bible said the Beasts of the field will come into our cities and take everything without payment. Just as things have taken place here in the SA. But we will be led back into victory by the Lord Jesus soon. Amen.

  3. Anonymous11:52 pm

    My hart huil!!! God help us! Give us the discernment that we need, to do the right thing when the trouble does come! Protect our nation and open their eyes! Mike I think you had an appointment with our Lord to remind us of what these savages are capable of.

    1. Anonymous1:08 am

      My heart cries out as well. But God's people remain the stiff-necked, heard-hearted and arrogant people that they have always been - there is nothing new under the sun. When will all realise that it is GOD that has orchestrated this whole scenario to humble HIS people. Read all the aggressive comments of hatred and revenge - this is not the heart of GOD. And yet these people somehow believe that GOD will come to their aid and support their cause. Repent and be humble - revenge is mine alone says GOD.
      I am also very distressed at what is happening in SA and I live as an unhappy refugee in another country desperate to return. We must just seek GOD's heart and HIS plan will unfold. Time is closing in - we are in the deepest/darkest time of the night. We must recognise this time and interpret the season. There is still much to happen before the dawn. It is time to stay awake now as for some the bridegroom will come as a thief in the night. The bride will be taken and the masses of GOD's unprepared people will be left.

      2 Chronicles 7:14 "if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land."
      Faith Walker

    2. Anonymous1:53 am

      Please read this document referring to "god"...: https://app.box.com/s/7qquoqynuo6scervi68n

    3. Anonymous3:23 am

      @ Anonymous1:08 AM: Seeing that you are quoting from Scriptures, kindly get specific. Referring to your quote of 2 Chronicles 7:14 - can you then also answer the question posed in Proverbs 30:4 regarding His Name? Hint: He is most definitely not called Iesous.

      "Pro 30:4 Who has gone up to the heavens and come down? Who has gathered the wind in His fists? Who has bound the waters in a garment? Who established all the ends of the earth? What is His Name, And what is His Son’s Name, If you know it?"

      Who knows... you might just be praying to a different "god"...

    4. That is why I am not going to church. What if I joined the wrong church and every time I go to church I just make God angrier and angrier?

    5. Anonymous5:08 am

      Just because you do not attend a brick and mortar church does not mean you don't go to church. At 11:50pm last night you were in church Mike.

    6. Anon 1:08

      YAWHE helps those that help themselves. At bloodriver the boers did not sit back and lit their pipes waiting on bread after the prayed to YAWHE to save them from the Zulus. They prepared and then they faught like lions.

      I also dont like this thing whereby people that are not staying in SA pretend that they are fearing for their lifes from the african savage all the same while sitting accross the ocean sipping on tea. Then they want to come and preach to us about not having the right relgious attitude and about being aggresive.

      Come back and face the shit with us them maybe i will take some of your advice but for now focus on your own migrant problems because it is going to get worse than our problem in SA.

    7. Anonymous5:25 am

      Anon 3.23
      When I make a post on this blog I do not use names and terminology that I believe would just confuse/anger most readers. My purpose is to convey basic Biblical messages be awaken those seeking understanding in these difficult times. I also do not want to push my luck with Mike allowing me to use his blog as my own platform and teaching forum. But for the purpose of addressing your post about my use of improper names I refer you to my teaching site where you will find my position on christianity/religion and proper names etc
      Be blessed
      Faith Walker (Chris)

    8. Anonymous6:16 am

      My 2 cents on religion.

      We used to do a little experiment back in primary school. It was called tellefoontjie. The entire class had to stand in a line. Then the guy in the front must whisper a story to the next guy and so the line must continue til the last guy. The result.. You end up with a completely different story in the end from the one that you started of with.

      If you start with the foundation of the bible you cant go wrong.

      Just remember that the bible and the the stories have been whispered for about 6000 years with billions of people making up the tellefoontjie line. Thus you are sitting with different religions, different churches and different teachings. It has been watered down so much that it is only the wise that can read it and understand it. But the bible teaches you that she(wisdom) stands and she whispers and if you seeck her like for gold and precious stones you will find her. Just go back to the basics.

    9. Anonymous7:07 am

      Anon 5.10 Donycero
      thats right. run down the people living overseas as if they are deserters. You don't know their circumstances. I for one experienced so much crime, including three car thefts, that eventually I had to leave to protect my wife and daughters. does not change my feelings for SA though. Don't build a wall and divide whites living in SA and those abroad. There are few enough of us as is.

    10. Anonymous12:10 pm

      Anonymous7:07 and Anonymous1:08 AM


      Not at all mate. Dont get me wrong. If i came across as insulting or unappreciative of legal immigrants then please except my apologies and the same for the initiator of the argument. I am not here to make enemies but friends, for the real enemy is upon us and the enemy is Gamora and Gilgamesh and is mighty in stature.

      We need all the foreign support we can get and if i had an opportunity to send my lovely , stunning, beautiful , blue-eyed-arian daughter to some foreign safe haven I certainly would. I truly and utterly recognize your prerogative. I Personal dont believe there is another safe haven out there.. maybe temporarily but not for long. In fact I now believe that SA will become the safest place for any white in the world after what is about to occur internationally In the near but not to distant future.

      (AMTV,…… David Duke .. House of Israel South Africa …..and many other sites)

      I only intended to wake the initiator(of the argument) up to the fact that one can not sit back and expect YAHWEH to do everything by just being a nice person 24/7. He works through us, with us, by us and yes sometimes He needs us to be lions instead of rabbits. We can ask to be rabbits in His war or we can ask to be tigers, lions or even bears. Which do you think would suffice?....... Certainly not a rabbit for for David killed the bear with his bare hands as a teenager before Samuel anointed him with oil as king many years before he faced Goliath. He had the the eye of the tiger for the spirit of YAHWEH was in him before man could conceive the concept. Open yourself up to the worrier which is the DNA of the tribe of Abraham the tribe of Israel the tribe of YAHWEH who created us in is image.

      I can see in your approach you are a brother indeed but please understand that we have been betrayed by yellow-bellies since the first Boer War and even time immemorial , and we do not need the soft liberal people preaching peace when the monster’s saliva is dripping over your faces and bodies ready to consume us in the most horrible and horrific fashion. We need Vikings, lions and tigers otherwise we are doomed.
      I send my uttermost condolences to a brother. Please do except an apology if i was misunderstood and as for the peace preach initiator , but please understand this is not the time of turning the cheek for it was intended for brother against brother and these creatures are not our brothers but the spawn of the devil..
      Prepare, Unite an be as one.

    11. Anonymous3:09 pm

      anon 12.10
      thanks for your reply - point understood although my interpretation of Scripture would generate interesting discussion - for another time maybe.
      Faith Walker

    12. Faith Walker

      Noted and friendly regards


  4. Anonymous11:54 pm

    All I know is PAYBACK IS A BITCH!

  5. Anonymous11:57 pm

    BOSS Mike
    You go to the Voortrekker monument ( which is a clone of another building in Europe )
    When was the last time you went to BLOUKRANS ?
    To see the desolate wreck of heritage there
    Afrikaners only visit TWO places vis. BLOOD RIVER monument and MAJUBA ( because these were Boer victories )

    The Trekkers that were killed at Bloukrans were warned that they had moved too far into Natal , that they were too spread out , that Piet Retief had not yet concluded any agreement
    Die Boer is mos hardkoppig so they never LISTENED

    Sad as it is the trekkers that were killed only have themselves to blame.
    You cannot blame a Zulu warrior for being what he is -- sent on orders from his king to kill -- "the enemy"
    In any case I am not convinced about all those lurid atrocity stories

    You also leave out the number of non-whites that were part of the trekker parties that were also killed by the Zulu.

    So yes there are lessons -- perhaps not the ones you tend to emphasis.

    GO to bloukrans and all the other trekker and Zulu heritage sites in KZN and then attempt a fuller understanding.
    ( More lurid atrocity stories at Isandlwana -- the Zulu made no distinction between English or Afrikaner )

    1. Anonymous12:20 am

      Hey fuckface Autism Powers, Mike did mention the non-whites that were killed you sack of shit! The subject of this matter is Bloukrans you imbecile. Reading is not your strong suit is it? What part of pioneers do you not understand? You dumb shit.

      (waiting for a "low IQ" attack from a fuckface that clearly lack some of his own)

    2. @Anon 11:57

      I think you are missing the point to this article, it is not a "lurid atrocity story" as you claim, it really happened amd is part of the white history. You seem to miss the point of the article that it is a comparison of what many whites are experiencing in the present times. Whites are being massacred, it cannot be denied and this article shows how far back these massacres go. Also, 250 coloured and Sotho's were are killed...so there were non-white casualties, but the aim of this massacre was to murder whites.

    3. @ Anon. 11:57PM who said: "You also leave out the number of non-whites that were part of the trekker parties that were also killed by the Zulu."

      No I didn't. Read again. I mentioned the 250 coloured and Sotho servants that were also killed.

      When was my last time I was at Bloukrans? About 3 years ago. Last time at the Women's Monument in Bloemfontein? A year ago. Last time at Bloodriver? Three years ago. what is your point?

      So you blame the Voortrekkers for their own stupidity to get killed. It is called "Victim Blaming".

      So let me guess, when blacks come into your house and rape you and kill you, it is your own stupidity for still being in SA, right?

      You must be an utter retard.

    4. Anonymous11:57 PM. Your entire argument is biased. You attack the article and Mike but you did not read it properly or your level of understanding is at a very premature stage.

      You try and discredit the Voortrekker Monument by saying it is a clone. So what if it is. It is the meaning behind its construction that we value.

      This along with your futile attempted attack on the Boer mentality tells me you are here on this site for the wrong reasons.

      If you want to look down on somebody to make yourself feel better go do it with your family but my guess is that they are putting you in your place and that is why you are trolling around here.

    5. Anonymous1:43 am

      Mr. Powers is so intent on belittling and ridiculing he completely misses the point. It's not the first time this guy has showed his filthy stinking hand either. What a BOSS loser.

    6. Anonymous7:26 am

      You are correct Mike does mention the non-whites killed. Perhaps I should read more carefully -- and make copies ?

      I wonder if their names were entered on the memorial at Bloukrans or at the holy sepulchre ( Voortrekker monument )
      Mike has visited both these places o perhaps he can tell us ?
      These guys
      In February 1838 Alexander's youngest son of 18 years, George, was 120 miles (190 km) inland at the Blaauwekrans camp of the Voortrekkers. When news reached Port Natal that the Zulus had exterminated Piet Retief's delegation, Alexander sent Dick King to warn George and others at the Voortrekker camps. Dick King departed immediately on foot, accompanied by some natives. Despite covering the distance in four days by walking day and night, they arrived just after the Rensburg voortrekker camp was attacked. They reached the vicinity of the next camp, near present day Estcourt, just as the attack on it started on 17 February 1838. Though cut off from Gerrit Maritz's laager, Dick King participated in its defence, but was unable to prevent the death of George, who was further inland


      Anyway perhaps you can tell me what happened on the 27th December 1838 ?

      I do not need to feel better -- I just need to introduce some reality and some balance to the one dimensional diatribe here that passes for history !

    7. Anonymous8:37 am

      @Anonymous7:26 AM

      Interesting views on historical diatribes. The Day of the Vow as we know it today was written from the diary of the Voortrekker secretary, Jan Bantjies (a Coloured) as it was never fully written down. We never hear of these things either way. History is there to sell a narrative. The Boers should be lucky that the Zulu never turned them into lampshades.

    8. "Lampshades"??? therefore you would first need a lamp. Like the Zulu's had lamps...

    9. Anonymous1:09 pm

      The diary of Jan Bantjies is available -- I have a copy.
      But to get back to the day of the vow and the Voortrekker church
      Perhaps Mike could tell us about it's long checkered history ( and what the building was used for down the ages ??? )
      Afrikaner history is there to sell a narrative ( a manufactured one )
      What is interesting is that the Zulu attack was not made at the normal time for this type of action. I wonder if there is any other record of a Zulu attack at night ?
      I rather suspect there is something to this ?
      Seems they did not need "lamps" .....

    10. Anonymous10:52 am

      There was no need for lamps as the weather was bad. There was thick mist with no moon light and the Zulu had to cross the Ncome river to get to the battlefield. Chief Ndlela was originally going to attack at night but they got lost in the mist. Had he attacked at night the Voortrekkers would have died as their gun powder became wet from the mist.

      Apparently the Zulu sent in a small amount of warriors to cross the river to see the strength of the Boers. As they got closer the Boers saw them and fired shots. The Zulus further away started throwing their spears and the Boers opened fire all round the camp. The Zulu ran away but they thought that they could retreat over the river and start again. Unfortunately for them, Andries Pretorius sent in horseback riders after them which they did not expect and they nailed them all.

      The narrative is sold for political reasons being that the fight was on a Sunday but history shows it was pure luck.

  6. Anonymous12:07 am

    Chilling stuff, Mike. Coincidence, or providence?

    It would be foolish to simply shrug it off, wouldn't it? What would the odds be, of the sequence of events you have just described, just happening by pure chance or at random?

    The chances would be virtually non-existent. I reckon I'd rather play it safe and sleep with one eye open, and with my artillery close at hand.

    Rather safe, than sorry, would be my motto for the foreseable future. That is far too explicit a sign to simply dismiss as merely being pure coincidence.

    1. Better safe than sorry yes. Lock and loaded sleeping with one eye open.

      My wife and I are already sleeping in shifts and to tell you the truth i have become accustomed to it. If nothing happens for a year then... well i am still alive and thankful for it. If something happens well then I am prepared.

      I have one dog running outside. I call him the barker. Then I have another huge aggressive trained one chained up close to the backdoor, but she can break loose if must. She saved my life already once when i was attacked. I do this in case one gets poisoned. I also have another one indoors.

      My weapons are also strategically spread through out the home hidden from sight. Just to give you one example. I have a blade fixed to every sitting chair in case of getting tied up.

      Call me paranoid but i would rather entertain this hobby instead of collecting bottle caps.

    2. Anonymous4:39 am

      you are a fucking doos. You shouldn't own dogs you prick. One outside one chained up at the door. If I knew where you are I would chain you to the door and shove poison down your throat. Hate you enemy but love your best friend a dog and he will protect you. The dog saved your life. She should have got you rather around your throat you prick. You are lucky I don't know where you live cunt. I worked with dogs on the border. Ex recce. I hate people like you that I'll treat dogs like yourself. You think you are so bloody mucho hey. DOOF.

  7. Anonymous12:46 am

    Somehow Mike I get the feeling that you did not write this

    1. Why? Whatever gave you that idea? If I don't write something I put it in quotation marks.

  8. Anonymous1:13 am

    Mike,God had an appointment with you last night my friend.Thank you for the post.So much White blood has flown over this country.We cannot abandon the fact.We have an obligation to our forefathers,ourselves and our children to fight and protect what is ours.This was such a sad but good read today.

  9. Anonymous1:23 am

    Alles goed en wel about not being "religious" Mike, but you are going see more & more things happening for which you will not have a clear physical or "reality check" explanation. There is an increase also in people having dreams & visions...

    You don't have to be religious to see that this battle has a much darker, spiritual side.

    In referring to the Creator of the Universe, please don't call Him "god" - dis presies waar die X-tians die pot mis sit: https://app.box.com/s/7qquoqynuo6scervi68n


    1. Anonymous5:25 am

      Yip Zues, Thor, Odin,Osirus, Isis were gods. The mighty One is above gods. Do not refer to Him as god or God or lord for He is not that. Let his wrath not turn upon you for belittling Him in such a manner.

      Find His true name or try because it has been hidden and from us. Finding His written name is not difficult but pronouncing it has almost been completely lost. I wont help you because i dont want it on me when or if you should take His name in vane. You can search it for your self.

    2. Anonymous11:27 am

      JP, lets agree on one thing. We as whites have a common enemy. Whether we English or Afrikaans, the blacks only see us as whites.
      So to you and Anon 5:25 I want to say this. Stop always finding ways to divide us. I call The Creator God. Because it is the same God that listened to the Voortrekkers at Blood River, and helped them out.
      So lets not differ on what you call your Creator. He is listening and helping us.
      Rather lets accept our differences, and find a solution to get all of us under one umbrella.
      It is because of this division we have Suidlanders, Vryheidsfront Minus, Traag, etc. Each one claiming his own throne. Cant we all come together as one..??

      Also. This is a political blog, not a religious one.
      And JP, I told you yesterday on your blog, my religion is non negotiable. I don't change the way I believe in God.
      So does that mean I am lost to the Boere and the Eternity?
      I think not mate.
      Lets embrace each other, and accept we all are different, but fighting for the same cause.
      Then we might get somewhere.


    3. Anonymous1:51 pm

      Noddy. I speak for myself. JP is more than fit to do his own bidding.

      The advice is not intended to devide but to inform.

      Whether you want to take it personaly, disregard it or use it as a teaching is totally up to you. No presure intended.

      We are fighting the same battle yes, so if you disagree with an argument by all means emphasize your position but dont label your brothers as deviders.

      We are figting everyday relentlesly to unite as many of our people as posible and to drive them in to our camp.

      Follow your own advice and lets form unity insteadbof division.


  10. Anonymous2:00 am

    OK so who is preparing? How and where? Joined the SL but things seem a tad slow on that front and too much infighting. Can't wait until the SHTF propper before getting in gear.

    1. Anonymous4:31 am

      Ya, whats up with the SL? Serious lack of leadership there. If they're our only hope then I think we're screwed!

    2. Anonymous5:35 am

      Sit tight. The time is upon us. Just make sure you are prepared at home and help in awakening more of us. We need the numbers to have any significant impact and we are running out of time.

      Suidlanders is the best we have at the moment. Their group is large enough to atleast make a stand and to provide logistics. We will not survive in small clubs alone.

      Use you energy to get more people in to our camp regardless of how difficult it is.

      Get people to read Mike's Pandora's box. People out there dont even know the true history of SA.

      They need to get educated and quickely. Just keep on trying because it is our job as brothers to save each other.

  11. I posted this on mt FB with a caption; "Read this my friends, lest we forget what we are dealing with." Of late I have been getting a little outspoken on FB. I wonder how long it will be before they ban me.

    1. Anonymous4:41 am

      I must say that I have also become more vocal on FB but I also think that no one reads or takes notice of anything I share. So, either they're too scared of the possible consequences (eg. being called a racist) or they're too far-gone.

    2. Anonymous5:56 am

      You must understand that some of us have businesses and certain jobs and it is difficult to reply to or comment on fb posts. We read it never the less.

      Get yourself fake fb accounts. See who has been commenting on JP'articles. Friend them and build your new friends group from there.

      Then go back to your original friends and see who you can friend to your new alias. Also join fb groups such as praag, boikot absa, boerekrisis aksie etc. Let your amagination run wild there are many groups taking a stand. You will make many new friends.

      Dont out do yourself. FB will block you profile. Be vocal but work strategicly in building a base and in commenting on liberal sites.

      I will form a closed fb group soon with missions. Need about 30 strong web surfers with free time and enough data to launch conversion campaigns and libberal clamp downs.

      I will find you but get started so long.

    3. Anonymous7:02 am

      Ok, will do. Let's make a change!

    4. Anonymous6:50 am

      Anonymous 5:56 AM this sounds like a great plan. JP has some insightful articles, and even though I get a little scared by him and BN sometimes, I feel I should be involved in stuff. However getting a fake FB account is how the traitors also market themselves. Be very careful. And remember there is also #shadowbanning, which can cause you to post like mad and no one sees it... Helizna.

  12. Hi Mike

    Would love to read your comments on this Applying-Selective-History Piece


    1. Here it is: "Bullshit!"

    2. Anonymous4:46 am

      Haha, Ozzie Saffa wrote a great response to her diatribe. The bitch got so offended. But in typical liberal fashion, she couldn't refute any points/facts Ozzie Saffa made. Just flew off the handle because someone called her out on her BS.

  13. Anonymous5:03 am

    We owe ZILTCH to these black kaffirs because the Koisan had lived here for 20 thousand years before the Matabele blacks moved down from central Africa seeking fresh grazing for their cattle. The Koisan ended up in the dessert and these black abortions took over their land. Check it up mates ... the facts are all there.

    1. Anonymous7:18 am

      Anon5:03 As a matter of FACT they the Black owe us . They should apologize to us for using up so much of our time trying to instill some kind of knowledge into their OX heads . Then they should apologize for wasting that time and reverting back to their dumbass ways .

    2. Anonymous10:48 am


  14. Anonymous7:26 am

    Baie betekenis vol. Beslis tien voor twaalf vir ons. Ek dink die keer gaan ons nie weer barmhartig en vrede liewend wees nie. Dankie vir die waarskuwing Mike. Die wat dink dit is twak gaan weer 'n Bloukrans oomblik sien, maar ek, ek sien 'n Bloedrivier.

  15. Ja - ek is ook nie eintlik religieus nie maar soos 'n ou vriend van my (oorlede dr Piet Liebenberg) eendag vir my gese het: Ons is gelowige mense. As hulle vandag vir ons se "die wêreld vergaan more" dan plant ons vandag nóg 'n ry vrugtebome...

  16. Hi Mîke

    Your right and its still like That , the flappies still murder and steal from us,I don't know of any whites robbing blacks and raping female monkeys.

    Mike I am so glad you had That moment at the bookshelf ,you might say your not so religious but so did Moses.:-)

    Thank you for listening to His voice.

  17. Exterminate the boer! South Africa is ours we've won it demographically.

    1. Shaka so you recon because there's more kaffirs than whites here , that's the reason all whites must be murdered?....hahajehe you've just placed another burning coal on your own head but don't realise it..heeee

      Carry on flappie pile it on,your only realise what I'm saying when its way too late,you see us whities know THE WORD ,
      And there's only one place waiting for you,and its not nkangla...
      Stupid efin heathen...haha...thanks for your sentimentbut infact it is you lot That will be exterminated ...thrown into the lake of fire .....yeh its just a story book for whites donr worry carry on

    2. Anonymous11:10 am

      LOL troll skaka

    3. Anonymous11:16 am

      Demographically you have only won that piece of land around your mud hut, as you moved across Africa.
      But I think you meant democratically, and that is only because any parasite overbreeds when it finds a suitable host.
      The problem with a parasite (like we have seen throughout Africa) is that it eventually devours its host. Then begs for food from the Whites.
      Watching the SONA debate on TV for an hour or 2 after work today, I realized that we are closer to sending this parasite back to central Africa, than I thought.
      Enjoy the privileges of a modern culture, while you still have it.


    4. Anonymous11:17 am

      Just try and see what happens.

      You are forgetting some very obvious things about the 'demographics' but you clearly haven't been smart enough to figure it out.

    5. Anonymous11:24 am

      Your feelings of inferiority lead to your constant hatred towards whites. You hate yourself and transfer these feeling towards whites.

      But having no whites will not erase the problem, you will still be what you are and the rest of the world will still view you the same.

    6. Anonymous12:36 pm

      Shaka 10:31 AM
      Is it ou? Nou maar dan moet my maar net bewys wie is die wie wat dit dan nou so demografies gewen het! BRING DIE BEWYSE!!!
      Tot volgende keer jou fokken kansvatter van n etter!!
      Nou lees nou hier ETTER...EXTERMINATE THE KAFFIR!!!


    7. Anonymous1:00 pm

      Fuck you are a super kak troll. I would love to moer you in your ugly fucking face. Fucken coward.

  18. As per my other Mate who posted this 1st...

    "Sorry bud, my .308 says otherwise.." Best Regards

    1. Anonymous3:01 pm

      Mafia, I have been able to acquire another 300 rounds since our last chat. Don't forget the whiskey, I'll bring the rounds. The target list is growing by the day.

    2. We'll go for a Glenmorangie 18 year single malt if that's OK..

      Must say my arsenal has also grown substantially 'ol chap'. Please have a look..


      Rather fight than live on your knees begging, go out guns blazing boys.!!

  19. Anonymous11:21 am

    Looks like nothing has changed.

  20. Anonymous11:39 am

    I truly believe in what my dad said.
    And that the Afrikaner (Boer) will never govern himself, until he loses everything. And like I said in an earlier response, we have too many organizations.
    At this stage in time, we still have too much to loose. We have homes, jobs and families. Who need food, clothes and education. We need to pay bonds, cars and Dstv.
    So, once we loose all that, like the whites in Zimbabwe, maybe then we can come together and form one Alliance.
    Maybe too early, but lets start thinking of a collective name.
    I like B.O.E.R.
    And it could stand for Blanke Organisasie vir Eerlikheid en Reverdigheid.
    Any other suggestions???


    1. Anonymous1:26 pm

      Very good

    2. @Anon 11:39 PM
      Yes, this is true. Many white people will not stand together for a common cause because of the fear of having to relinquish ownership of luxuries and their jobs. This is a normal response as we are all used to a certain way and standard of living. I have mentioned the exact same thing on a previous post on a previous article. The problem lies not with loyalty toward our brothers, the problem lies with the fear of leaving your job and for example cashing your pension and moving to a safer area, we are scared of change...I sit with that problem because I don't know when the violence will happen nationally on all whites. This leaves me with a choice, do I stay where I stay and work up until the day I hear that the town I live in was rampaged and my girlfriend cannot contact me and I can not go home (we work 90km apart and are seperated by many informal settlements), or do I risk it, leave the job and stay somewhere on a farm with some others that hopefully did the same as I, only to later regret doing that because there is no more money and maybe, just maybe D-day never comes. See, it's the money that is holding a lot of white people back and all the luxuries we now enjoy. Black people dont't have this problem because most of them are poor and have no attachments to anything, making it a lot easier for them to unite and leave possesions behind.

      In closing, we have to lose everything before we will rule ourselves, because at the moment jealousy and our belongings are our rulers. I speak for myself and a few others I know of, but if the shoe fits...

    3. Thank you for your openness around your situation. I often asked myself the question as to why some Afrikaners (Boers) and English people are so quite about this topic. It is as if they just disappear in thin air when you start moving to this subject. Now I fully understand. Please keep in mind it is because we care about all white people in this country. Make a point in joining the groups no matter which one at the end we will run around a little but we will all stand together for a common course. All of these groups must know how many people they have to work out logistics, security withdrawing etc. and that is the reason why it is important for every white person in this country to belong to a group. Believe you me the moment trouble starts these groups will withdraw and fighting in return will happen. WE NEED THE PEOPLE TO BE TOGETHER

  21. Anonymous12:30 pm

    I do not want to comment under the munt but just for the newcomers to the site.. the following advice. Do not talk to or try to reason with the species. It comes down to nothing... like Solomon said "it is for the wind"

    If his IQ is lower than 80 he wont understand this. Just ignore. If his iq is lower than 70 just ignore he wont have a clue and if he is really retarded like under 60 what is the use because i think under 80 you really arnt to well of anyways to begin with. I mean just burn some paintings throw shit at statues and dance around burning tyres.

    The war is already won guys. All we need is unity. We just need to go through the motions. No ways retards can win a war No Ways!!!!!

    1. Anonymous7:56 am

      @Anonymous12:30 PM

      Wise words -dont argue, dont get upset. detach, let things run their course.

      Simply prepare.

      I feel sorry for them, see them for what they are - the product of the white man.

      The white man chose to let them live alongside him, now he has a thorn in his side.

      That thorn will eventually be pulled out for good in the coming years.

      It will happen, mark my words.

      The world will see what this thing is like.

      Just smile, be friendly but most importantly prepare and wake up our nation to the dangers we face.

      Im done feeling annoyed by them or with them, they will derail this country and hand it back to us - watch and see.

  22. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Thanks for this great reminder of how inhumane the Zulu Impis were towards white settlers and fellow South Africans. This is very relevant to current affairs. Whites should never feel that they don't belong in this country as too much blood has been spilled fighting for the right to remain.To those want to get rid of the farmers:you clearly struggle with the concept of cause and effect: most commercial farmers that were in Sa are already welcome and producing in other parts of Africa and the world.The Anc and other communist, evil corrupt regimes have destroyed what was the breadbasket of Africa and the world. They are starving their own people to get kickbacks from global corporations.The country has in decline ever since the CANCERS took over and one would think they would at least have a little pride and ability to attempt to properly run the country but there's boatloads of evidence to dis-prove this. There has been many wars in this country and on this continent. At times it seems there's a definite war like situation here especially when you see the stats.God help the last few million whites survive for the land we fought and sacrificed for and down with the satanic and corrupt savages of this land who are destroying what could have been the wealthiest and best country in the Southern hemisphere.

  23. Anonymous10:55 pm

    Whew Mike, a real heavy. Reading your article made me want to write and share a dream I had on the early hours of the 16th.
    I dream't that I was on top of a bus of sorts, that was packed to the brim with blacks. Due to the height of being on top of the vehicle I had a good view of what was going on below around me. As far as I could see there were thousands of blacks running amok looting shops and burning what they could in their path. I was holding onto the bus for dear life as I did not want to fall into this frenzied crowd. The amazing thing was that nobody seemed to notice me although I was gripped by fear and felt that they may turn on me at any moment. Eventually I started losing my grip and slowly slid down the vehicle eventually ending up on the ground. My first thought was to start moving away from this wild crowd and started moving into a less dense area hoping to finally move away from them completely. As the crowds grew less and less I could finally see the ground below me. What I then immediately noticed was that there was blood on the ground. The more dispersed the crowds became the more visible was the blood on the ground. Blood everywhere and it was then that I realized that there had been a bloodbath of sorts and that many people had died here in their thousands.
    I was truly horrified as I could virtually feel and smell the blood that was everywhere on the ground.
    Eventually I moved into a clear area with none of the frenzied crowds in sight. In the distance I saw a lone figure of a man walking towards me and my first reaction was to rush and speak to him about what I had just seen and experienced. But as I drew closer to this person it was as if I heard the Lord warning me not to say anything to this person and that I was not to talk to strangers as there were many informers and traitors amongst us.
    It was then that I awoke very startled and shared the dream with my wife. The dream I must add had left me rather rattled and concerned for most of the day as it was very real and perhaps a warning of things to come in South Africa. By the way on ending, the area which this all took place in was Gauteng.....

    1. Please join fb add Afrikaans people as friends you will learn a lot. We have English speaking people amongst us . From there on you will know what to do

  24. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Thanks for this great reminder of how inhumane the Zulu Impis were towards white settlers.

    The Zulu Impi's were fighting to defend the land they occupied and considered their domain.
    The same way the Boers in the ZAR fought for an area they considered their own.
    A Zulu Impi (amabutho ) was in any case a military organisation


    Read -- Through the Zulu country; its battlefields and its people
    by Mitford, Bertram, 1855-1914


    For a more nuanced / balanced view

    1. "Soldiers", "Warriors"?

      Fuckin' brave they were killing sleeping women and children and smashing baby's heads against wagon wheels.

      "Mighty Zulu Empire"..."Brave Zulu Impis" my fucking arse, mate...

      Tell you what. Go look at that opening scene of the movie "Gladiator" where Maximus tells the Roman legions, "At my signal, unleash hell".

      Then look at the discipline of that Roman army annihilating the barbarians with flaming arrows, catapults and ballistae...Then come back and tell me how long you think the "Mighty Zulu Empire" would have lasted against the Romans of 2000 years ago.


    2. Anonymous12:18 am

      Sadly -- yet again you lose the plot

      Just to remain within the ambit of the movie ( a MOVIE ) please explain what happens to "Maximus"

      Please tell me HOW the incredible fabulous ROMAN EMPIRE came to an end ?

      Hint : Perhaps it was those self same Goths , Visgoths , Huns , Barbarians.
      The corruption within that destroyed the soul of the empire.

      What happened in the Teutoburg Forest to the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth legions

      The name of the Teutoburg Forest in Germany will forever be connected to one of the most famous battles from ancient history, the clades Variana, the defeat of the Roman general Varus. In September 9 CE, a coalition of Germanic tribes, led by a nobleman named Arminius, defeated the Seventeenth, Eighteenth, and Nineteenth legions and forced their commander Publius Quintilius Varus to commit suicide. The result of the battle was that Germania remained independent and was never included in the Roman empire


      The "mighty Zulu army" gave the empire of their day a bit of a bloody nose !

      "War-Games" only take you so far
      Better to study the moves of the hidden masters !

    3. Again you cannot read. I was not talking about the Romans at the end of their empire (when you could hardly refer to them as "Romans" anymore), I was talking about the Romans 2000 years ago.

      When you talk about a great boxer, do you judge him about his greatest time or last fight he lost before he retired?

      What killed the Roman Empire was sloth, corruption, multiculturalism and of course the reliance on mercenaries. At the end the Romans weren't even Romans anymore. All mixed. Everyone in the empire was a so called "Roman".

      As for your beloved Zulutjies and their gay king Shaka. Don't brag about one battle the Zulu's won namely Isandlwana, basically due to White stupidity. Where is Rorke's drift? Come, don't be selective with facts now. Where is the Battle of Gingindlovu 1879? Where Lord Chelmsford destroyed a Zulu army on his route to defeating the Zulu nation at Ulundi. These Zulu's didn't just have spears, they had thousands of rifles too and outnumbered the British 2:1.They were slaughtered.

      But you are right. Ultimately the Zulu's won. Look at who is in charge of SA today. One of those brilliant Zulus.

    4. Anonymous8:19 am

      "Soldiers", "Warriors"?

      Fuckin' brave they were killing sleeping women and children and smashing baby's heads against wagon wheels.

      *** Mike that sounds like the Russians in WWII raping an killing German woman and children. Barbarity is not the exclusive domain of the blacks. You complain about Robert McBride and his killing of innocent civilians at a restaurant yet in the same line forget about the Israel Vision and the killing of 2 children and a woman and injuring 50 in the Worcester bombing in 1996.

      Where is the balance?

    5. Anonymous2:17 pm

      Where is the Battle of Gingindlovu 1879? Where Lord Chelmsford destroyed a Zulu army on his route to defeating the Zulu nation at Ulundi

      BTW ;
      I am afraid he never "destroyed" a Zulu army -- he inflicted casualties !
      What happened after Eshowe was relieved ?
      That battle had not much to do with Ondini
      ( which was approached from inland and not along the coastal route )
      But perhaps you can tell us why Chelmsford used the standard British square at Ondini ?

  25. Anonymous4:41 am


    Yes there is going to be a massacre, so large scale the world will be left in shock.

    But the shock will not be from the massacre, it will be what happens after the massacre.

    We often say satanic but do you/we actually know who these people are?

    Let me tell you - if you trace them back you can find these same people in the land of Canaan and Phut. The Bantu tribes literally come from the Congo region.

    From where or how did they arrive in the Congo?

    They made their way to the Congo region from Libya, Somalia, others followed directly via Kenya, Tanzania - If you read your bible, see what it says about the canaanites and it tells us that Phut will attack Israel.

    Those who know that Israel, the 10 tribes are in the west including here in South Africa will know then what happens when Israel in the bible intermingled with these people.

    This is history repeating itself.

    These people should have been done away with, they are satanic, it is in their blood. Just do research on the bantu tribes, it took me less than 2 hrs with the internet (thank the Lord) to put the puzzle together.

    We are living with the descendants from Canaan and Phut right here.

    "I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There
    is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and
    know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the
    intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally
    with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life
    to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but
    I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and
    they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as
    their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will
    destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who
    would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this
    status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would
    help or teach. Never fraternize with them as equals. Never accept them as
    your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you."

    Deuteronomy 7:2
    When the LORD your God brings you into the land where you are entering to possess it, and clears away many nations before you, the Hittites and the Girgashites and the Amorites and the Canaanites and the Perizzites and the Hivites and the Jebusites, seven nations greater and stronger than you, 2and when the LORD your God delivers them before you and you defeat them, then you shall utterly destroy them. You shall make no covenant with them and show no favor to them. 3"Furthermore, you shall not intermarry with them; you shall not give your daughters to their sons, nor shall you take their daughters for your sons.…




  26. Anonymous4:50 am


    Either follow your bible and wipe them out or get on a ship and say bye bye and meet more of these satanic beasts in Europe.

    They can never be saved - they are from the devil himself - a servant among servants and we agreed with a servant and wonder why we have problems?

    No African country will work - it is Gods commandment, not mine or anyone else`s.

    Also Kham. Literal meanings are hot, burnt or dark (father of the Mongoloid and Negroid races - Hamites). He was the progenitor of:

    (1) Canaan "down low" (sons were Zidon1, Heth, Amori, Gergashi, Hivi, Arkee, Seni, Arodi, Zimodi and Chamothi) - also Canaanites, Cana, Chna, Chanani, Chanana, Canaana, Kana, Kenaanah, Kena'ani, Kena'an, Kn'nw, Kyn'nw, Kinnahu, Kinahhi, Kinahni, Kinahna, Kinahne (Mongols, Chinese, Japanese, Asians, Malayasians, AmerIndians2, Eskimos, Polynesians, Pacific Islanders, related groups3);

    (2) Cush "black" (sons were Seba, Havilah, Sabta, Raama and Satecha) - also Chus, Kush, Kosh (Nubians, Ethiopians, Sudanese, Ghanaians, Africans4, Bushmen, Pygmies, Australian Aborignies, New Guineans, other related groups);

    (3) Mizraim "double straits" (sons were Lud, Anom, Pathros, Chasloth and Chaphtor) - also Misraim, Mitzraim, Mizraite, Mitsrayim (Egyptians, Copts);

    (4) Phut "a bow" (sons were Gebul, Hadan, Benah and Adan) - also Putaya, Putiya, Punt, Puta, Put, Libia, Libya (Libyans, Cyrenacians, Tunisians, Berbers, Somalians, North Africans, other related groups).

    Tribes in other parts of Africa, Arabia and Asia, aboriginal groups in Australia, native Pacific Islanders, American Indians and Eskimos were birthed from descendants of Canaan, Cush, Mizraim, and Phut.

  27. Anonymous6:14 am


    Part 1

    Over the last 12-14 months I had 3 scary things which I saw at the oddest of times.

    One at a gym, one while washing up (nope I dont employ those ones, do all myself) & another while working out but not in a gym.

    Ive never had them before but I had been praying, my heart was failing me but what I saw was so frightening yet so liberating.

    The December + January one literally brought me to my knees and took my breath away.

    The way these things happen is the most bizarre thing I have ever experienced. There are no words to describe it, the event lasts like (im guessing) 1-2 seconds but so much is seen in that 1-2 seconds, that I could talk about it for HOURS, they happen like a movie being sped up, like you see in a film when someones life flashes before their eyes - like that fast.

    It sounds stranger than fiction but its like I will be in this trance doing something ie washing up, working out when it happens, thinking of something completely different and a flash of light happens in front of me at about the 12 oclock position - the position that the flash happens at about a 45 degree angle.

    The flash of light kinda looks like a shimmering star, very bright but not in a star shape - however weird that sounds. Its almost like in the cartoons when you see a portal open and in that portal it shimmers and moves.

    The closest description come to think of it, is like when you watch a sci-fi film and their ship goes into hyper driver and zooms forward - that after effect of where the ship was - the flash it leaves behind is the same but color being white.

    I had one last December just before the new year, I had one earlier this January and I had a previous one which I shared with a family member in an email to have a witness 2014 December.

    It feels like I am transported in spirit - that is the only way, to events in the past, present and future all in 1-2 seconds - if that I dont know how long these things last but it feels like my entire body gilts - I have never had a seizure but it feels like my body shakes like that - NO im not nuts - thats the craziest thing.

    In all those visions, I was told sternly that the promise made at blood river is an EVER LASTING covenant and that this nation will never be thrown under the bus or will EVER be destroyed.

    1. Dankie dit is gerusstellend

  28. Anonymous6:15 am


    Part 2

    I saw so much in such a short period of time that If I had to tell people, I would be put in a white jacket and sent to the mental asylum.

    These things I saw happened in full waking hours. I had seen one about 14 years ago but in a dream but these were while I was awake.

    Each time I was comforted and told that there is a future here for our people and to not be concerned because the Lord has made an ever lasting promise to his nation.

    The Dec 2014 I was shown that what happens in South Africa is actually the salvation of western Christianity and that it will be through this nation that all former Christian nations will turn back and go back to their Christian roots - it will end this liberal period we know of today - it will bring all nations back.

    People will be phoning each other from different parts of the white world speaking about the Miracle, it will be big news in Australia and for some reason it scared the English/British - I saw them fearful about this like in a superstitious way.

    For some reason I saw the Welsh, Scots, Irish rejoice.

    The exact event or what causes this miracle or why this miracle happens, I dont know. All I know Is I saw hundreds of thousands of people calling each other on the phone, from the US to Aus saying/speaking about what has happened is a miracle.

    It baffles them and many of them look up at us for they see their paths as a nation are wrong.

    That is the one I saw December 2014. What happens here is going to be so monumental that it will feel like the world stops spinning - all news stops and all attention will be on South Africa for months and years it will be spoken about - nothing has happened like what will happen here in thousands of years.

    Again, I have no idea what happens for this miracle to be so widespread but it will be a testament and in full view of the world to see the Lords work here.

    It was during this vision that the reference was made to the vow at blood river - that it was an ever lasting promise, for all eternity.

    That is one vision I share here, first time shared since 2014 with that family member, I share it here for these times.

    The last one I was told to not tell anyone, I mentioned bits/pieces to family members but was told explicitly not to delve into them and what would happen - It sounds crazy, some will take the piss but I can say is that things go very very wrong here for them that try their luck - the exact details I am not to speak about

    Nov/Dec 2014 mentioned above
    Dec 2015 mentioned bits/pieces in other comments
    Jan 2016 one cannot speak about - Involves important key figures in this country.


    1. Anonymous12:29 am

      The acid test with ALL these things

      Seeing as you love to quote the bible -- please tell us the penalty for false prophets.

      You need to tell us the exact time and details of a future event ( so that it can be carefully transcribed )

      We then all wait for the exact time and place of the events portrayed in the prophecy

      When nothing happens -- well then we just STONE YOU TO DEATH

      A nice little warning for people that spout off about "visions"

      IF you want to go that road then be prepared for the consequences ! ( as instructed in the same bible you ( and others here ) are so fond of quoting )

    2. You throw the first stone

    3. Anonymous5:20 am

      @Anonymous12:29 AM

      Not once did I call myself a prophet.

      I can only say what I saw and I am never told at 12:15 pm on July 18 when Hayleys comet is South Of Jupiter, when the moon is full, when the tide is out and the sun goes down this will happen.

      I mentioned now on Mikes most recent article that Typically, Typically over my life (these things when I look back have been happening since I was a child) I have seen them come to pass around the 6-8 months AFTER I see it, MOST not all the time MOST of the time.

      9 days ago I was shown in a dream and in that dream I was told as clear as someone says something to you, events will now happen faster than you think in Europe.

      In my sister in-laws case it was 10 years but I was spot on - trust me if you find it annoying, you must then know how annoying and tormenting it is for me to live with things I see.

      I say to my wife on a regular basis, sometimes I wish I never see them because some of what I see haunts me like a nightmare that just plays over and over.

      Im not telling anyone to listen to me, Im not asking for a place in our history books, monuments erected to me, my name in the stars - I say this as a warning, the warnings I get - I have never even contacted Mike in person ie email like some members - its best that way - anonymous.

      I have only prayed that If I can warn our nation, so shall I mention what I see.

      I am not the person to make up shit, my family know me from telling them things I see on a personal family side and they ALWAYS happen as I say. Not sometimes, all the time but if you want me to come tell you at 18:50:33 on July 15 2017 at an exact time - Sorry I have never said or seen anything like this before.

      That is just saying what I see.

      Apologies if you or anyone find them offensive or annoying - in that case please ignore.

      Again I do not consider myself wise, holier than anyone, or a prophet - God only knows I am a sinner.

      Again sorry if it has annoyed you but it what I have seen.

    4. Anonymous2:03 pm

      I am not annoyed
      Whatever I feel or think is neither here not there

      The problem comes in when people start to think you ARE a "prophet'
      The "Boer" seems to have a predilection for grasping at "prophets" and "prophecies" instead of proper rational thinking and planning.

      To spout out a whole lot of unsubstantiated and unverifiable waffle does no-one any favours

      To be useful whatever it is that you see or experience must have redeemable veracity and accuracy.

      Otherwise it is just like -- non-actionable "intelligence"

  29. And they refuse to think further. I can also say this and that would happen and it is the end of the story but to help each other it is a big no no from these guys

  30. How do you recognize shadowbanning

  31. "Did God wake me up ten to midnight, to remind me of what happened at Bloukrans, to tell me to remind others in South Africa that it might be ten to midnight for them and the same fate is about to befall them?"

    Interesante gedagte Mike. Dit herinner my aan Johana Brandt se visioen oor Johannesburg waar sy ook 'n vergelyking met Bloukrans gestel het.