03 February 2016

ANC's racist witch hunts is all about emotions

By Mike Smith

3rd of February 2016

There appeared a very good article by Sydney Kaye on Politicsweb the other dayThe ANC’s old racist trick

Basically he said that the party uses the word for its emotional resonance, while making it mean whatever it wants it to mean.

Of course Kaye is right. To date I have never heard a satisfactory single definition of what a “racist” is or what the word means. Everyone seems to make up their own definition as it suits them. Especially the ANC.

The word is used purely for its EMOTIONAL response and when emotions take over rationality goes out the porthole. It is like the Salem witch hunts.

In Germany calling someone a “Nazi” causes extreme emotional distress. Don’t even think about calling a German person a “Nazi”. In fact the left-wing in the Bundestag calls everything to the right “Rechtsextrimisten” (Rightwing Extremists) to keep them in their place.

Likewise, as Kaye mentions, never tell Israelis that they are driving an Apartheid agenda against Palestinians or that they are guilty of a holocaust, because these are very strong and emotional words.

In South Africa, being found guilty of “Racism” by the mob (not a court of law) causes such strong emotions that it can see your career finished and you deserving the death penalty.

As Kaye says, “Similarly the ANC calls any political opponent or critic a "racist", because that word resonates in SA. Its use alone has the desired effect, which is not to debate but to delegitimise and demonise.”

But Kaye mentions a “new game in town”, where the liberal useful idiots in the media play along with the ANC and jumped on the “racist” bandwagon, like Liz Cowan I mentioned the other day whose definition of a racist is: "any person who is white".

Further… What is also clear is that the DA, other opposition parties, large corporations (Standard Bank and M-Net for instance) and the authorities are being led by the nose and reacting to the agenda set by the ANC, instead of confronting its irrationality when appropriate. Just because the ANC says that Chris Hart or Gareth Cliff's comments were racist doesn't mean they necessarily are, and shouldn’t mean those corporations are obliged to do acrobats to accommodate ANC opportunism.

That of course makes things much easier for the ANC, because any comment from a white person, deemed unacceptable, is automatically classified as racist by virtue of the colour of that person's skin, without having to waste time substantiating the accusation.

At the same time any comment (even clearly racist or blatantly hate-speech) made by a black person would automatically not be racist. That is because premises one: "white persons are racist" and premise two: "black persons are not white persons" lead to the conclusion: "black persons are not racist".

Kaye also mentioned the 20 000 mainly black opponents of the ANC who marched in Johannesburg. Presumably they cannot be racist for the reason set out above so perhaps "sell out" , another word with dreadful connotations, will have to do.

Yes…we all know what the ANC did to their “sell-outs”…Burned them to death with tires around their necks.

The rule of law becomes suspended once the word “racist” (or sell-out) is uttered.


  1. Anonymous10:20 am

    That photo, is it the darkies version of a township bring and braai? (LOL)

    1. Anonymous12:11 pm

      What a racist comment

    2. Anonymous11:30 pm

      Calling me racist is like water rolling of a ducks back. Truth hurts!. It is savages doing it to their own kind, now tell me what other race does this to its own kind?.. Please wake the fuck up liberal.

    3. Anonymous11:44 pm

      @ 12:11


    4. Anonymous10:09 am

      fell for the bait - hook line and sinker. Read the article again and laugh man.

  2. Anonymous11:25 am

    Nope,he is just tired,

  3. Anonymous11:45 am

    Mike kan jy dalk vir my verduidelik die definisie van apartheid??

  4. Anonymous11:45 am

    Ag askies rassisme??

    1. Anonymous3:01 am

      Just go to the new group Anti Rasicm Action Forum website and you will get a good african definition.

  5. Anonymous12:50 pm

    The " word " racist was coined by Leon Trotsky in the 1930 something to shut down ALL NON CONFORMISTS. Think about it, you do not want to do what I want you to do and now I call you names! NAMES THAT STICKS AND HURTS OVER THE YEARS! Names that have cost people their jobs and good names etc.at times and have created much pain for now they have been isolated! Think about it we have been conditioned to be wanting to be accepted! Well,I do not care what " they" say I am a racist and PROUD thereof! Why?... not only because I am SICK of this CRAP, but because MY RACE COMES FIRST!! GET IT? YES MY RACE COMES FIRST AND I AM ARYAN!!! PROUD TO BE WHITE!!!!!!!

    1. A friend from the UK came here to work (in the 70's) - very soon learnt the ways of the indigenous people. He used to say:- "I'm not racist -- but i'm willing to learn." --- AND "I have nothing against black people, I think every white person should own at least one...."

  6. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Lees die klomp Stront.
    There whole ideological premise is based on LIES!!!
    And they get away with it.
    They STEAL
    They LIE
    They MURDER
    They are the children of SATAN
    We should start Prying to change that fact

    1. Anonymous11:46 pm

      @ 2:08

      Prying? To the magic man in the sky?

    2. Anonymous12:31 am


      You shall know them by their deeds. The first settlers being God fearing people did not want to harm a soul. Until the Rosetta stone was unearthed virtually no one knew who was who in the zoo.

      Some had ideas but it is only through the discovery of this + the cuneiform form texts in the British Museum that we can now 110% accurately trace Israels footsteps out of Europe, Through Georgia, into Europe.

      Now that we know that the Bantu tribes are from Phut & Canaan we can rightfully go back to the bible and see what the Lord said to do to these people.

      They all go back to Ham. Ham we know was to be a servant among servants. The laws of the prophets were not to be abolished as Yashua/Jesus said.

      This lot need to be done away with, how can you plant seed among thorns? All they do is snare and snag us all the time - all our good deeds become punished. No matter how much you help, uplift, they hate you, in fact they hate you more the more you uplift them.

      2 Choices -
      Carry on doing what has been done for 360+ years
      Or time to follow in the footsteps of those nations that still control their lands i.e US, Canada, Aus, NZ -

      It says that Phut, Cush, Libya, Ethiopia will come against the children of Israel. We know the white man of the west who taught Christianity to the world fulfills every single verse/prophecy.

      We must then expect them in the latter days to attack the literal physical Israel, ie those scattered among the nations.

      We Whites/Afrikaners can expect that in these days since the Fig tree has come up, that that prophecy of Phut/Cushites attacking not just Europe as we see but also us, as is happening now.

      The Dravidian Indian, the darkest south most Indians are a mix between Cushites + arabs & how accurate was Siener when he said they would be stirring up....

      You will know them by their deeds. The seed of Satan among us, do your research you will quickly see.

      People dont just vanish from Earth, The bantu tribes migrated initially from North Africa through to Central Africa, then down to South Africa. They are Cushites, those from the land of Phut - check it up.

    3. Anonymous11:17 pm

      Anon 11:46 leave the man to pray to the wizard in the sky, I'm sure he won't shoot you down for praying to your newly acquired ar-15 aimpoint god.

  7. Anonymous3:26 pm


    @anonymous 10:20 - LOL lol Freddie Kruger come Jason Goes to hell


    See Indians + Blacks inciting violence

    Siener mentioned - the violence/genocide would be orchestrated by British, Indians + Blacks.

  8. Whatever.... Cavemen Neanderthals should go back to the Caucus mountains where they came from.

    1. Anonymous2:29 am

      Yes and tomorrow I will still be white and proud of it, and you still a black self hating kaffir with one huge inferiority complex too boot!

    2. And where the fuck do you come from Savage???? You don't know? Ha, thought so because you have fuckall idea and had no way to record your history until the white man come along and taught you some basic skills [most of which you still manage to fuck up]. Crawl back into you whole, Parasite.

    3. Anonymous4:20 am

      Then you should find an arsehole and crawl up it.

    4. Anonymous5:37 am

      Every other race has up to 5% Neanderthal DNA...except blacks.

      And judging by their civilizations and development over time from hunter-gatherers its something to be proud of.

    5. Anon 4:20 I erroneously used whole instead of hole in my post at 2:55, but maybe, subconsciously, I meant he should actually crawl back into his own being [whole] via his own arsehole??? heeheehee. Fuck 'em all.

    6. I come from Africa the black man's land which you are squatting on. Long may the farm murders continue.

    7. Anonymous11:15 am


      You and so many people leave out one tiny but crucial bit of info when mentioning evolution and these Neanderthals....

      the word is theory....

      Do you want to know the definition of what theory means? Unproven facts.

      If we all sat around in a room smoked some good ganja, we could come up with hundreds if not thousands of theories.

      There was once this famed hedge fund that ran back in the lat 90s/early 2000s, they had this theory about the financial markets.

      Their theory looked good on paper until they had to get bailed out of the US with a 2.2 billion government backing.

      They are working on their next theory but thankfully not able to participate in the financial markets.

      History is what makes it possible to trace facts.

      Evolution is a myth! Animals cannot afford to improve slowly, they will get eaten. Anyone who has ever hunted animals or seen a dead animal in the veld will tell you this.

      1 week it stinks.
      2nd week it really starts to decompose
      by the 8th week it is virtually all gone.

      Bones dont sink into the ground perfectly like you see archaeologists digging up fossils. The only time that can happen when you have something perfectly preserved with all its bones in one place, would occur IF it was buried by mud, sand through some catastrophic event.

      Geologists say the last one was about 5,000-6,000 years ago - our Bible says the same thing.

      All digs/finds of these things around the world confirm that whatever happened happened fast and surprise surprise they are always buried under mud which turns to rock.

      This world is not nearly as old as these Scientists make out. Each year they have aged the world by an extra 2-3 billion years, the more they think they have figured out "earth" the more stupid they look.

      My theory of these neaderthals can be found in the book of Jasher and Enoch. Enochs book is important, as it tells you what was happening in the days of Noah.

      Our Lord said, look it will be like the days of Noah. Noah was the last pure white person, look it up - it says so. It says in Enoch + Jasher that the Nephalim were mixing bloods, all flesh was corrupted, the world was full of violence.

      I believe the answer to these things they are finding is a corruption of flesh mentioned in those books + mixing of bloods.

      These neanderthals are deformed things, look at ancient greece and mythology - half man, half beast, today they are doing the same thing its called splicing.

      As in the days of Noah, they are now mixing animals, humans and beasts. As in the days of Noah, splicing + DNA mixing.

      We can make those things today, we can make anything now playing god as back then.

      Neanderthals, evolution are theories for scientists to make them feel like gods and not make them look stupid in class when someone asks them something. It is purely Ego - man will deny God in the end.

      The answer to those theories lies in the book of Enoch, Jasher, the Summerian texts + Egyptian hieroglyphics which confirms Summerian text + Enoch + Jasher.

    8. Anonymous8:31 pm

      lol at one of the discussions on one of these Neanderthal pages, a white guy asks this ape what did blacks ever invent and this monkey turns around and says blacks invented fire! bwhahahahahaha! Useless apes!

    9. Anonymous11:05 pm

      The Neanderthals were already above hunter-gatherer status meaning they were actually more intelligent than the darker species of humans down south.

    10. Well said Ninja. Some should really enlighten themselves and read those books you mention. They are easy enough to get hold of...but ag, like the ostrich libturds, some are too afraid to find out the real truth, as with knowlege comes responsibility.

  9. Mike, re: your following paragraph:-
    “At the same time any comment (even clearly racist or blatantly hate-speech) made by a black person would automatically not be racist. That is because premises one: "white persons are racist" and premise two: "black persons are not white persons" lead to the conclusion: "black persons are not racist".”

    Instantly brought something to mind – the Witch scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail (hands up anyone who has seen it)
    Isn’t it scary that the mind-set and reasoning of certain people in this country resemble a Monty Python sketch? It would be funny if it was satire, but it's not.
    -----The Witch Scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail----- (abridged)

    “…..B: Quiet, quiet, quiet, QUIET. There are ways of *telling* whether she
    is a witch!
    Villagers: Are there? What? Tell us, then! Tell us!
    B: Tell me. What do you do with witches?
    V: BUUUURN!!!!! BUUUUUURRRRNN!!!!! You BURN them!!!! BURN!!
    B: And what do you burn apart from witches?
    Villager: More Witches!
    Other Villager: Wood.
    B: So. Why do witches burn?
    (long silence)
    (shuffling of feet by the villagers)
    Villager: (tentatively) Because they're made of.....wood?
    B: Goooood!
    Other Villagers: oh yeah... oh....
    B: So. How do we tell whether she is made of wood?
    One Villager: Build a bridge out of 'er!
    B: Aah. But can you not also make bridges out of stone?
    Villagers: oh yeah. oh. umm...
    B: Does wood sink in water?
    One Villager: No! No, no, it floats!
    Other Villager: Throw her into the pond!
    Villagers: yaaaaaa!
    (when order is restored)
    B: What also floats in water?
    Villager: Bread!
    Another Villager: Apples!
    Another Villager: Uh...very small rocks!
    Another Villager: Cider!
    Another Villager: Uh...great gravy!
    Another Villager: Cherries!
    Another Villager: Mud!
    Another Villager: Churches! Churches!
    Another Villager: Lead! Lead!
    King Arthur: A Duck!
    Villagers: (in amazement) ooooooh!
    B: exACTly!
    B: (to a villager) So, *logically*...
    Villager: (very slowly, with pauses between each word)
    If...she...weighs the same as a duck......she's made of wood.
    B: and therefore... (pause)
    Villager: A Witch!
    All Villagers: A WITCH!
    (etc etc)
    Check out the vid on youtube – (oh, I have to look at this movie again to cheer me up with all this gloom and doom in this country)
    Love Monty Python.

  10. Have a look at the new group Anti Rasicm Action forum for a complete definition of racism in Africa. That should make you understand their way of thinking(If that is in anyway possible).

    1. Yeah, ARA are laying charges against Vlok & de Klerk for "crimes" committed against Kaffirs. Personally I don't care who lays charges against the two traitors or how many Zots they despatched, but I venture to suggest it is us Whites who should be laying charges of treason against them.

  11. @Anonymous 11:30 PM
    All races do this to their own kind, need I remind you of the inquisitions? What about WW1&2 when whites butchered each other, bolshevik revolution?, Dresden? Need i go on?

    1. Moloto, you are right. The race that is responsible for the greatest civilisations and best technological advances this world has ever seen, is also capable of and responsible for the biggest destructions. It is a reality and a truth whites have to live with. Maybe it says something about them. Maybe they are simply the best at whatever they do.

      You might not be aware of it, but the greatest advances in technology and in civilisation in general, happen during the time of war. War is a propellant, an accelerant that pushes us forward.

      That is why the century that saw the biggest advances the world has ever seen also saw the two biggest wars. We went from horse drawn carriages in 1900 to landing on the moon 69 years later.

      Now tell me...after all your tribal wars, the Defecane of Shaka, the genocides in Rwanda and Nigeria, The necklace murders between the IFP and the ANC, etc, etc...where has Africa advanced to? What technological leaps forward has Africa made? How closer to civilisation has the African become?

    2. Still mud huts, Mike, mud huts and nothing more. There is no hope for them, ever.

    3. Yeah your race is the greatest... Now would you please sail back to Europe and leave the savage black man to his own devices. Africa is the black man's land.

    4. Anonymous8:56 am

      No reply negro?

    5. Anonymous11:11 am

      Mike when settlers came here in 1600 and whatever(1652 the dutch) these cunts didnt even have a fucking wheel yet! They have contributed nothing to anyone, a parasite of a species. Vaalpens

    6. Anonymous11:21 am

      Well the black man learned to leech off the whites. Gotta give them credit for that.

    7. Hehe...Just imagine what will happen if all white people leave Africa, return to Europe and then seal Europe. (Off course after killing or kicking out all the islamists now in Europe) No trade with Africa, no handouts - fuckall. Plus they can't come to Europe or to the USA. Gad, it will be chaos in Africa. The blacks will die in their millions from hunger, disease and ethnic fighting. All this while they have of the most fertile land on the planet, minerals galore, ocean all around and basically anything that a human could desire to lead a productive live. But the blacks simply won't be able to do anything with all that natural wealth around them...hehe...The after ten years the whites can simply return, beat the few skeleton like blacks still alive over the head with a baseball bat and then develop Africa back to what it was in the early 1900's.

    8. Anonymous3:02 pm


      Hey whitee pretending to be blackie.

      We aint ever going back to Europe.

      Here is my response to that.

      We will go but when we go we WILL MAKE SURE to make sure that this land is left in the same way we found it.

      Uninhabitable! We will nuke this place if we have to.

      We had nukes before, we will buy them again.

      If we go, it goes up in a nice Mushroom cloud along with all the little kaffirs in it! You will watch from the boats as their faces peel off.

      Im serious, If we leave everyone leaves.

      No compromise, If I have to get infected with Ebola or Zikka myself to take down these MTFS I will, but we will not leave without taking the rest of us.

      Brain power vs the masses!
      Brain power will always work.
      They have fire power in the form of bullets.
      We have viruses that can do more damage in a faster time span.

      Time for the men in white coats to put their heads together, find the DNA strand of this satanic beast and unleash it on it.

      We will NEVER go without sending them to hell!

    9. Anonymous11:08 pm

      Ninja, I think (right before we leave, if ever) this place should burn. Burn everything in sight, burn everything the ANC terrorists has corrupted with their filthy stealing bomb planting paws. Burn all banks, all media houses, all Engen BEE and AA garages, burn all the crops, all skyscrapers, all malls, all fire stations and police stations. Burn this evil country down, let nothing be left standing. Then once we have left (if ever) we see how these blacks get back on their hind legs and move forward. Nuke all cell towers, nuke all electricity plants all the water plants. We built it, we will destroy it. The only way to get rid of a parasite is to burn it after all. I hear petrol gelatin bombs are a cheap way to destroy terrorists and their headquarters. Once (if) the final boarding call comes for us to return to Europe, a well coordinated national fire and shit storm will hit this failed rainbow abortion and turn it into ashes... Then our mission to burn these apes out of Europe starts.

      Shaka the white agent for the evil terrorists pretending to be a black voice. How pathetic! I wonder if Shaka is a son of FW or is he just a lol-troll NIA visitor agent destined for eternal damnation.

    10. Ninja, the newest plaything is fuel-air bombs. Easy enough to make for yourself, and no radiation ...

    11. Anon 11:08
      Basically what you are saying is :
      "Let's destroy South-Africa and save Europe."
      Shaka is just a dumb troll...
      YOU sound like the real NIA agent to me

    12. Anonymous8:18 am


      @Anonymous11:08 PM

      Yes they want it, they attack us, we send them a nice Mushroom cloud.

      Plain and simple, these kaffirs will kick us out and no sooner will we be on the high seas and you will see dug out kaffir canoes with them trying to get on board and follow us.

      No we nuke it or better yet think along Zikka Ebola! Zikka ebola! Sounds like a qwaito song, they can all dance till they have puss coming out their eyes and noses and drop dead.

      We are not leaving, we are here to stay.

      Im serious, there are 5,000+ nukes on Earth. Willing buyer, willing seller.

      If we have to all chip in, so be it but either we stay or it goes up in a mushroom cloud along with the liberals.

      Burn this place to the ground!

    13. Anonymous11:38 am

      @Dawid van Coller

      Ive seen those, they are good but wouldnt you like to see a bantu come out with 4 arms, 3 heads? Thats the fun thing about playing with nuclear, its like a lucky packet - you just never know what that thing will do to this lot.

      If we come back after that, you might find your maid has 4 arms, or gardeners 4 arms, 3 legs - you get more for less!

      Or they steal twice as much.

      Zikka Ebola will do just fine. If I had time I Would start collecting those tiny blood suckers in Brazil & bring them back here.

      Maybe we can do an international postal or something

  12. Mike if that is the case you can keep your civilization forged in brutality and war, same with filthy eastern progress, they can't even breath in China, no, Your civilization boils down to money nothing else, not genes not the shape of your skulls or pre-frontal cortex, none of that, its cash! that's why broke eastern european states can't use their superior whiteness to help themselves, why do you think your leaders are importing millions of "non-whites"? Its labour not "white genocide" cause being white means absolutely nothing if you don't have access to stolen loot, plus you're the laziest race to boot,as soon we get access to our money, which you have, you will see progress.

    1. Anonymous8:11 pm

      You are delusional.

    2. Anonymous11:01 pm

      And what was Shaka doing....?

      Massacring entire villages, taking slaves and cattle. This was their version of money.

      Tribal warfare exists for the same reason: resources.

      And let's look at current black behaviour, the extreme savageness of their murders on victims, torture, rape of victims in front of families, etc.

      Black Africans, instead of having a victim/blame mentality should look themselves and their leaders, and try and change these things to what has worked for other successful nations.

      Look at Japan and other Asian countries, how they developed from poverty in 20-50 years. This was due to recognising that they could learn from other nations in order to improve.

      The same can be applied to current Western nations, the successful one's learn from others, the unsuccessful ones stay in their corrupt or inefficient ways.

    3. Anonymous11:10 pm

      Just like we have seen your "progress" the past 20 years with over 800 billion rands missing? Dream on negro, dream on.

    4. Anonymous11:40 pm

      Seriously you are totally fucked up in the head. Black parasites aka KAFFIRS are the vermin of the world. Next time you drink your pills to keep your AIDS infected ass alive remember it is a WHITE MANS invention , just like everything else on this planet. Kaffirs don't invent or create, they loot, break , steel and breed - that is all. Sub human piece of shit!!!!

    5. Anonymous12:39 am

      The ruling party has access to all the funds in the whole country. They make the rules, remember. What have they done will all this money? Fed themselves FAT while the people starve. Build the BOSS a compound with underground bunker. He must be shit scared of "Something"!
      I don't see ANY Progress. Please explain that.
      Oh, I know it must be that RACIST Jan Van Riebeck's fault. After all, NOTHING is EVER "YOUR" fault.

      Bob the Builder

  13. Anonymous7:31 am

    Is this racism ploy just a distraction again...what is the cANCer trying to hide.

    1. Anonymous3:05 pm


      Yes it is, it so they can steal more just before this country falls through its ass.

      Then they will blame whites for that as well.

      Heed the signs Siener said when Russia attack Turkey, it will be the worst time for us here during the furnace period.

      See Russia is expecting Turkey to go into Syria while NATO is stepping up operations in Eastern Europe.

    2. Anonymous3:49 am

      It's scary! But do not fear what man can do to your body..fear the one that can do something to your soul! The "Fast Forward Button" has been pushed Boere_Ninja and yet so many are still so naive!

  14. Hi Mike
    The only leap they have made is leaping over the white mans fence to steal and kill.

    And as for the reason why Chris and Gareths words were said to be racist (even thou we all know its not) is the same reason why Stephen's words cut them and they felt compelled to stone him to death.

    I bet they are asking....who'se Stephen

  15. Anonymous10:44 am


    Can you believe the nerve of these white assholes


    Pwoooooooo what I can I say.

    Please bring on the massacre, we can throw this lot before the masses, we really do not need guys like Bruce

    1. Anonymous1:21 am

      An opportunity to repent of your white privilege. And then once this is acknowledged you will be forced to share your benefit with the disadvantaged. White wealth tax coming soon.

    2. Anonymous3:13 am

      Hahahaha how about we give you half of nothing? Vaalpens

    3. Anonymous11:51 pm

      Dream on kaffir! Dream on! Before that ever takes place you kaffirs got a huge nasty surprise coming and it will be of your own making! He who laughs last laughs best. I believe the chaos and the financial state of the country is way beyond you and you should get some knowledge in that peanut sized brain before you send your next comment in. The ANC government and their officials are bleeding the country dry and also making a loan from the world bank of several billion Rand. Who do you think is going to pay the money back? The jobless whites and/or the victims of the black on white genocide? Think about it you idiot and I hope you all suffer the consequences of your greed and ignorance. You blacks have dug your own grave!

    4. Anonymous12:15 am

      @ Anon 1:21

      A white tax coming soon?


      What I see coming when you implement your white tax, is a massive tax boikot that will bring the ANC to its knees within one month.

      It is called striking and the whites have never done this. When they do, they will realize the massive power that they have, because face it
      BEE and AA guys cannot do the work. They are just there because of black priviledge.

    5. Anonymous6:23 am

      Yes like our black nigger friend said whites are squatting on the blacks land so let us show these idiots how to really do some squatting. But going according to what they received its amazing at what all the squatting whites achieved with their squatting. A first world country and a thriving economy. What have the blacks achieved? Nothing but a dead and wasted continent with a worthless and bankrupt economy!

  16. Anonymous11:56 am

    Except that the Bolshevik Revolution was not conducted by whites now was it?

    As for the Spanish Inquisition: I think a detailed study might show that greatly exaggerated rumours started to be spread (that eventually got written into history) directly after a mass expulsion of the same cultural group that was responsible for the Bolshevik Revolution.

  17. Anonymous2:58 pm


    @Anonymous11:56 AM

    Thank God for the Spanish - how savage and backward those natives were, even worse than this lot here.

    Now If only the Spanish came here to Africa, I think they would have removed this black plague.

    1. Anonymous1:39 am

      Liquidation of the 'national' postal service - whatever next? Will anything survive?


  18. Ek lees al jare jou blad Mike, al wat ek kan sê is... Uitstekend soos altyd. Jy is van die min wat hul uitspreek sonder om polities korrek te wees en alewig gat te kruip. Rasse sal en kan nooit meng nie en die strafgerig sal voortduur tot die volk weer hul Skepper soek en in Sy Wette wandel, maar oorlog kom. Vrede vir jou en hou voort met die goeie werk.

    1. Anonymous11:27 am

      Hoor hoor!