18 February 2016

ANC running scared. Parliament turned into virtual prison

By Mike Smith

18th of February 2016

How do you know you are living in a democracy?

Answer: Government fears the People; Not the other way around.

This is how it should be. I have said it many times. Stuff the ANC!! Who the hell do these terrorist scumbags and corrupt gangsters think they are to come and steal our tax money, break down our country and expect us to just STFU?

Why do we have to put up with their incompetence, their misrule, their cronyism and corruption?

Why did it take people 22 years to overcome their fear of these oxygen thieves? Why? I completely rejected them in 1996. After two years of misrule I could see straight through their thieving agenda. Sweep up racial hatred between whites and blacks so they tackle each other and never see who is carrying away the loot.

These thieving bastards have run amok, stole our country into bankruptcy and delivered absolutely nothing. Actually all they did in 21 years was stealing our precious oxygen.

Now for the first time in two decades our people are starting to show some backbone and going onto the streets. Now they are starting to demonstrate outside of parliament. The ANC is starting to KAK itself. Look at how they are barricading Parliament in Cape Town. Police everywhere and even soldiers!

If they aren't scared, then why all the razor wire?
Hey? Who gave the orders for that? Only the President is allowed to deploy the army.

Zuma turning parliament into Polsmoor Prison

Hey? This looks like a scene from those revolutionary third world countries and banana republics.

I love every moment of it. For years I have dreamt of this. I can hardly contain my excitement. Personally I want to see the ANC chased out of parliament like rabid dogs and kicked to death in the stinking pavement gutters they created. Every one of them. Their rotting corpses should be dragged through Adderley Street like that of Mussolini. The ones lucky to escape should be banned from SA forever or even better…hunted down in all four corners of the globe and put out of their misery.

In my opinion, the only thing that can still save them is if they start governing properly. A government that governs properly does not have to fear the people. However I am afraid it is about 22 years too late for that. They had their chance. People are simply sick and tired of them. Sick and tired of reading daily about their corruption, theft and misrule. Sick and tired of crime and cronyism. Sick and tired of the goddamn Zuptas.

So let Zuma build those razor wire barricades higher. Let him see how high the walls of parliament can go and if it can keep the people out. Let him get to feel the fear the rest of us had to live with the last 22 years. Soon not even his goons in the police and army will want to back him. They are not going to club and shoot their own family, their own mothers, sisters and daughters.

The time has come to show the ANC who REALLY rules this country...We The People.


  1. Anonymous8:23 am

    This is going to get bloody ugly in 3...2....1....

  2. Hi Mike

    You called it mate , isnt it just re-assuring to see how these things come to pass just as you've predicted ( we all knew this would happen , but you were the only one courages enough to call it like it is)
    Hats-off to you.

  3. Anonymous9:20 am

    A good writing, but I don't see this happening. The ANC are here to stay.
    Like Zanu-PF, nothing is going to stop them. For now.
    You got the west backing the EFF with a Pedi leader, and the DA with a Xhosa leader. Hoping to divide the ANC.
    Then you have the east (BRICS) backing the ANC (Zulu).
    All wanting the minerals, while we (BOERS) fight only for survival.
    So if the West wins, (no change whatsoever, but just imagine), we get a new president. Nothing gets better, the looting continues. Same pudding just another bowl.
    Nope, I still say we still have a common enemy. No matter what (black) party is ruling the country.
    It will always be: F*ck White People: F*ck Black Exclusion.
    Better to chase the whole lot back to the Equator and rebuild this country.
    My 2c worth.


    1. Anonymous11:28 am

      Noddy, stop torturing yourself. SA for whites is a thing of the past. Get the family together and reminisce over the photo album. The good old days are in the past.

    2. Anonymous11:32 am

      I must be missing something. All this talk on here about driving the indigenous back to the equator. What a ridiculous illusion. There's no medication for such mental illness either.

    3. Anonymous1:10 pm

      @Anonymous9:20 AM

      Very true!
      Dont forget the gold.
      Without the gold, the system stops.

      I keep on saying - think worse case scenario, think that they will beat us, destroy us - then what? How will you fight and with what?

      When outnumbered, outgunned, out manned .... Then what?

      For me its simple, pull back and NUKE em... without radiation.

      Notice how EVERY BRIC nation is in someway effected

      Brazil - hit with Zikka
      China - Economy in Shambles
      India - huge bank defaults
      Russia - hit with sanctions.
      South Africa - well.... you can mos see.

      BRIC em all,

  4. Anonymous9:25 am

    listen, particularly to part 3 'WHAT INFLUENCED MANDELA'S ECONOMIC DEALS'

  5. Anonymous11:25 am

    After the revolution then what? The final failure of all the black counties in/on the continent of Africa. Next step ... "Hello communist China!

  6. Anonymous12:54 pm

    Here is a little something for the bible punchers.
    SATAN /Lucifer.

    How you have fallen from heaven,
    morning star, son of the dawn!
    You have been cast down to the earth,
    you who once laid low the nations!
    You said in your heart,
    “I will ascend to the heavens;
    I will raise my throne
    above the stars of God;
    I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly,
    on the utmost heights of the North.
    I will ascend above the tops of the clouds;
    I will make myself like the Most High.”

    (Isaiah 14:12-14)

    You were in Eden, the garden of God.
    … I ordained and anointed you
    as the mighty angelic guardian.
    You had access to the holy mountain of God
    and walked among the stones of fire.
    “You were blameless in all you did
    from the day you were created
    until the day evil was found in you.
    … And you sinned.
    So I banished you in disgrace
    from the mountain of God.
    I expelled you, O mighty guardian,
    from your place among the stones of fire.
    Your heart was filled with pride
    because of all your beauty.
    Your wisdom was corrupted
    by your love of splendour.
    So I threw you to the ground.

    (Ezekiel 28:13-17).

    And Zuma said “THE ANC WILL RULE AFRICA”!


    1. Anonymous10:26 pm

      Here is a little something for the satanists.
      The problem you guys have is you just can't live your own life. You always have to find ways to attach us, especially with the Word of God.
      Now when you read a book, you don't only read the chapter in the centre, and then make up your own ending. Any book, prepares you for the final chapter, and keeps you guessing. And the Bible is no different.
      Read the whole Book.
      And Malema said “THE BLACKS WILL RULE THE WORLD”.
      He is right. They will. For a total of 7 years. Go read it in Revelations.
      And Zuma said “THE ANC WILL RULE AFRICA”!
      He is right. They will. But with just as little success as they have in South Africa.
      Now please, go back to the hole you came from. This is a political blog, not a religious one.
      And I am sure the only reason Mike allows your comment, is to show all your stupidity.


    2. Anonymous1:24 am

      Noddy, this may be a political blog but it is also very much associated with white afrikaaner/boer origins - which was based on a firm Biblical relationship with the Creator. One can not have meaningful discussion about the future of white afrikaanerdom by removing THE WORD from the discussion. We are supposed to be HIS flock. Or this is why we are in this predicament in the first place - because we have strayed from the narrow path and whored with worldliness. Seek YHWH and His righteousness first (Matthew 6.33). Don't mute the watchman.
      Faith Walker

    3. Anonymous2:41 am

      @ Noddy

      Whether or not people choose to involve religion in their comments is actually irrelevant, as long as they're fighting and believing in the same cause. If it's a problem reading through comments involving religious views, just skip over them.

      Please don't divide white people more than they already are

  7. Anonymous1:02 pm



    Things are going to happen so fast now that people will be shocked.

    Turkeys bombings, Russia, Immigrants - everything oom Siener saw all happening. These are his final visions - prepare mense!

    1. Anonymous4:07 am

      Boere_Ninja...I read your comment "They're not fighting against us, they fighting against Him who sent us!" Thank you for that hope!

  8. Mike, you abandoned the ANC in 1996? For the life of me I could never understand how any white person could ever think that the outcome would be any different to what we have been experiencing for the past 22 years. To destroy what have been built up over centuries, is in their genes.

    1. @ Dries. I did not say "I abandoned them". That would imply that I once belonged to them. What I said was, "I completely rejected them". Big difference.

      Basically I was a liberal back then. What can I say? Young and dumb I went through the NP's liberal brainwashing mill at school and varsity. We could not choose our setwork books. It was prescribed for us. "Fiela se kind", "To kill a mockingbird" and other "whites-are-evil-blacks-are-angels" works. On TV were programs such as "The Cosby's" and "Fresh prince of "Bel Air". Afrikaans newspapers like "Die Burger" and "Rapport" with Dr. Izak de Villiers was constantly bombarding the people with liberal crap.

      So I am sorry if I was not so "clairvoyant" and brilliantly intelligent as you in 1996. I was just not much interested in politics back then. The only time I ever voted was in 1994. I voted NP. I still believed in "We can work together and build SA together".

      Remember that in 1996 the ANC was not governing alone. They were in a "Government of unity with the NP".

      But it was when they introduced the TRC, BEE and Affirmative Action that I could see through their agenda and I became more and more political to where I am today.

      Some people have a sudden Damascus moment. My conversion from Saul to Paul came more gradually. Others like you are born clairvoyant. We humble ourselves in your allmighty presence. (Falling to knees and bowing forward): "We are not worthy...We are not worthy...!"

    2. Anonymous11:56 pm

      I still believed in "We can work together and build SA together".

      There are many South Africans ( of ALL colours ) for whom this is still a reality.

      Your problem Mr Smith is that the pendulum has swung too far the other way.

      Now all you see and take note of are the events that re-inforce your interpretations.

      I my personal experience ( and I go to many places and see many people ) my observations are somewhat the opposite of your analysis.

      Criminals and stupid people are all over.
      You take a special case of the idiot politicians and their hangers on and then make that the general template -- for the WHOLE COUNTRY !
      The error of reductionism.

      Why not expand on your idea of some sort of a devolved federal system ?

      Tell us what sort of constitutional dispensation was on the table and was agreed to ( or not )at -- die ou STERREWEG

      NOW you are doing something positive !

    3. @Anon 11:56 PM

      In working together and building SA you replied:
      "There are many South Africans ( of ALL colours ) for whom this is still a reality."

      Sigh. No one should dictate what others must believe but, it's really plain and simple for all to see, multicultural societies don't work. It has been proven even before '94 and 22 years later on. If they who believe it can work would only for a minute open their eyes and consider wgat has been going on in this country for the past 22 years, they will see that different races have not mixed the way it was and there is no "rainbow nation". Sure there are many who mix at work and at schools and universities, but looking at the broader picture, it is failing.

      The truth is there for anyone to see, these people are openly shouting and stating "kill all whites" yet there are still people who think we can work and build SA together. Whites have given, apologized, handed over hard earned jobs and careers. Whites have paid with the blood of their families.

      I don't think it is unreasonable to feel that we cannot work and build SA together.

    4. Anonymous2:49 am

      @Mike Smith9:46 PM

      We forgive you.

      Your blog is your repentance.

      You`ve more than made up for it.

      Its better to stray far off the path, when you come back you realize beyond a shadow of a doubt, it gives one a much stronger sense of faith.

      Also when I had a black girlfriend, I though the makeup, the skin toners, the deodorant would make it white but the smell was too much.

      And then I woke up and realized it was all a nightmare.

      Lol - NEVER!

    5. @ Boere Ninja. You don't have to forgive me mate. I didn't ask for any forgiveness. I am not sorry about anything I ever did in my life. It formed me and made me what I am today. If it wasn't for that, I probably would not have been what I am today. I might have been completely different.

      I never voted "Yes". I was not in the country at the time, but if I was I probably would have voted "yes". At the time I had extreme liberal views that probably influenced a lot of people in their views and behaviours. For the last ten years I have been blogging and trying to reverse my liberal ways and views I shared with others once. I wrote more than 2000 articles and a book (still to be published). Maybe it is not enough, but at least it is something.

      At least I am not like those hypocritical "I-was-born-rightwing-and-always-were-rightwing" kinda guys...You know the ones who all voted "No".

      Funny, back then in 1992 the results showed that 70% of whites voted "Yes"...

      Where are they today? Go ask anybody today if he voted "Yes" and he will deny it. Today all you will find are "NO" voters.

      I know them well. They trawl this website regularly. They come and brag about how they voted "No" and how stupid everyone else are/were. Today they are the biggest critics. Fucking bunch of Conservative Party moderates and hypocrites and liars who all voted "Yes" and now want to deny it.

      When Dr Connie Mulder helped to form the Conservative Party in 1982 and broke with the NP, he was asked if he was not concerned about it, his answer was, "No, now we are going to destroy the HNP".

      Hey? Why did the CP consider the HNP brothers as their true enemy and not the NP or the DP?

      Today these clowns are still here. Attacking guys like me who are truly fighting the Communist scourge of the ANC. If after 2000 articles people are still not convinced they never will be...then I must honestly say they might have a different agenda.

    6. Anonymous6:03 am

      @Boere Ninja
      Vok ou, ek het amper a kat geskiet...

    7. Anonymous10:06 am

      Geez I was a liberal, a big one! Believed in all the rainbow nation shit. Until about 5/6 years ago? My mom sent me an e-mail with one of Mike's pandora articles in it. It opened my eyes. Between him and Lime Lite my stupid liberal days are faaaaar behind me.

      JP is trying to get the whites to fight back. Mike is informing them. LL is bashing her head against her desk reading all the liberal BS. Majority of whites in SA are completely oblivious. Those that aren't are trying to get out...anyway they can.

      This country has gone to shit. When the fight starts I'll support you guys but I've had it. Anyway, how ever, first chance I get I'm out of here. If the shit hits the fan before then...I know how to shoot, I can make a fire and I'm of child bearing age for when the struggle is over lol.

      Keep safe guys


    8. Anonymous1:40 pm

      @Heinrich Westphal1:00 AM
      Sigh. No one should dictate what others must believe but, it's really plain and simple for all to see, multicultural societies don't work. It has been proven
      Pray tell us about SINGAPORE ... ( as just ONE example )

  9. Exciting stuff happening so far this year, surely there's a lot more to come! So many people are opening up tgeir eyes, waking up and smelling the rotten ANC coffee! Even liberals are out of sorries to give!

    Here's to good times and a prosperous new revolution!

  10. Boys [& girls], all this talk is good and well, but we must start preparing for the revolution. It is not going to be bloodless and while organisations like Suidlanders have a strategy for evacuation we need to defend ourselves against the savages because they will come after us. Without us they have nothing so the parasite will want what we have deprived them of by withdrawing. We need to enlist and co-ordinate a national civil defense unit. Note: solely for defensive purposes, not offensive. Let us not cast the first stone, but let us be ready to cast the stone back, with interest? Now, how do we do this? Boere Ninja, my mate, any suggestions?

    1. Where do I sign up?
      When do we start?

    2. Anonymous1:30 am

      Why am I left with the feeling that you and Boere-ninja are a two man army - or maybe three. There does not appear to be anybody else. Have you guys got some secret gifting or weapon?

    3. Heinrich, that is exactly my question. There must be someone out there?

    4. @Tomkat
      Ja, problem is finding the others that are willing to take up arms, give up their jobs, leave the family behind, risk their lives and maybe get caught committing a "terror" attack...ending up in jail

      No, we must be clever about this, if there are people like us, we cannot afford these risks. An offensive must be launched under the radar by many small groups of people in different areas/towns with proper communication between each other, guerilla style, but nationwide. Power in numbers

      To accomplish this (and to find out who is willing to do these deeds) one would need a broad based platform or organisation to send a message to all its members but in a cloaked manner. Such organisations already exist, Suidlanders, afriforum etc, but they do not stand for such a cause. Alternatively the internet can be utilized and blogs such as these can be used to arrange and make plans and groups, set up meetings and all the logistics but I don't think Mike will appreciate people hijacking his blog, after all it is a political blog. Also it won't last long before someone flags it and it gets shut down.

      Also the timing of such an offensive must be right, it can start only after there is national chaos and the SAPS is inundated with crime all over the country. Take advantage of anarchy when the spotlight is not on you...

      So I leave you with two suggestions, either convince Suidlanders or whoever to change their "plan" and objective a bit, or take a risk on the internet by openly inviting people to join an armed offensive.

      BTW, this may sound rude and bad but I think for new recruits, homeless and are the perfect to start with. They have nothing to lose and if they can be supplied with some gear, it would mean they won't sleep hungry. Sounds easier than it is said though

      In the end, in my opinion, Suidlanders or at least a lot of their members will take an offensive stance when everything goes bad. Things must just not happen in slo-mo, when a revolution or war or attack on whites happen, it must happen so quick that everyone can see what's going on. At the moment, everything is happening too slow and there are not enough people taking an offensive seriously. All the attacks and protests are seen as "isolated" events and very few people speed up the film and see that it has the same effect as a normal war that lasts 2 to 3 years and is shown in the media.

      Anyway, all I have said is my opinion and I am in no way inciting violence. It is whoever reads this comments own choice to act on my opinion.

    5. Anonymous6:27 am

      The Little War” - The current situation in South Africa

      The word “Guerrilla” is Spanish for “Little War”.

      This is exactly what is happening with so-called “crime” in South Africa. Home invasions and farm attacks where people are brutally tortured, raped and killed are attacks by gangs or cells of insurgents carrying out “The War of the Flea”.

      These whites feel powerless. There is no real “Big War”, no real enemy they can see or defend themselves against. They swallow the lies of the very insurgents masquerading as a legitimate government that it is just “ordinary crime”.

      Unless they realize the type of war being waged against them and study the tactics of the insurgents, they will succumb and die just like the dog in Robert Taber’s theory

      Quoting Mike from Jan '15
      Please read the full article "Counter crime insurgency in South Africa"


    6. Anonymous6:18 am

      the only kak with us going into the offensive, amongst our own kind....who's gonna be friend or foe? vandag jou boetie, more steek hy jou in die rug

  11. FFS people check this out!!! Mike, you too please. I know you don't go there, but check this.
    Things are attaining frightening proportions.

    1. Problem with the Suidlander plan I have is that it is based on defence and that is also the only reason why it is in the open. Basically running away and hiding. If you want to win any fight you have to go on the offensive. You have to take the initiative. Attack is the best form of defence. Problem is such plans cannot be discussed on an open forum like this or theirs. It would be stupid to announce your strategy to everyone and besides it can be considered as sedition.

      All I can say is that when others are running away, I will be running towards. I also have a plan. It might not be so wonderful and elaborate as the Suidlander plan, but it is a good plan. It is based on offence. It is based on the Ju Jitsu principle of minimum effort for maximum results. To me, I don't worry about plans of one guy taking out ten with a .308. I leave that to the "Rambo's". I am too old for that shit of running over dunes and through bushes anyway. I am not a De la Rey or a Rambo. I am more of a "McGyver". I think about one guy taking out ten thousand at a time.

      Look, I have nothing against the Suidlanders. Everyone must do what they feel is right. There is a place for their plan, but there is also a place for mine. We will see which one works the best.

    2. Anonymous3:38 am

      McGyver heh. I should have recognised your writing style. I used to love the program. Makes me think though...is Tomkat 'Die Man van Staal'?

    3. Mike that is what I was trying to say in my earlier post. We can't just run and hide. That's fine for the women and children, but the manne will have to make a stand.
      And, Anon 3:38 - no I am not "Die Man van Staal". I just believe " 'n Man moet 'n plan he". It doesn't help we sit on our butts without a plan. See my post at 12:24.

    4. Anonymous4:48 am

      Mike, both yours and the SL plans are symbiotic in nature. Man without woman will go extinct and vice versa. I have found that every single person that criticized my plan never had a plan of their own. All the wankers that come here criticizing those of us who are making plans to survive what is clearly inevitable, either have no plan or are still trying cpr on the rainbow nation plan even though rigamortis has clearly set in.

    5. @Anonymous 3:38AM…So apart from some occasional smart arse comment do you actually have anything of value to contribute?

      See, people like you are a dime a dozen. Your own stupidity, ignorance and lack of vision makes you shoot down other people’s plans and ideas the whole time without having any of your own or even just listening other people out. No. It is always. “Nahh…that won’t work! Ag forget it…”, etc. I have given up trying to convince idiots like you. Pearls before the swine.

      Fortunately there were people like Newton, Galileo, Da Vinci, Einstein, etc. who ignored idiots like you and changed the world.

      Now I don't class myself as the equal of such great men, but I can maybe start to explain to you how a Stochastic filter can be used to track the path of an intercontinental ballistic missile via satellite and a ground station, but in order to do so, you need to at least be able to understand the basics of integral and differential calculus. Frankly, I think your head is too flat for that.

      Or how about solving the Collatz conjecture and tell me about its impact in philosophy or war? You know, in the end it always comes down to ONE.

      That is why I cannot even start to tell you how to make a plan or solve your problem in South Africa, because you do not have the core, elementals or fundamental background and/or mental capacity to grasp that you even have a problem in the first place. I know I cannot convince you, you simply need to be told what to do.

      So let me explain to you how life in times of crisis works, Sparky. In a time of war, people like me make the plans and tell people like you what to do. That is it.

      When the time comes, that is what will happen. I won’t ask nicely. I won’t have a discussion, debate or a vote about it. When the bullets start flying and the shit hits the fan, people like me shout at people like you and people like you STFU, run and do.

      I have seen your kind many times in my life. Always big mouth, always a smart arse. But when push comes to shove and the shit hits the fan, they stand there like deer staring into the headlights of a truck or they curl up in a bundle and start crying for their mommies.

      Just hope and pray that the day those machete wielding blacks enter your home and your plan of hiding behind a curtain does not work, that there is a person like me with a REAL plan near to you, because I can bet you, you will cling to his leg quicker than somebody can say "Panga".

    6. Anonymous12:49 pm

      HAHAHA! Mike that is the best reply I have read to an idiotic poster in a long long time.

      I think all these 1 trick pony posters who shoots down everything and tries to demoralize everyone are agents of the dark. They dare not think what will happen once we succeed. Nobody will stop this coming tide and the terrible tempest we all have a destiny with. NO ONE! Choose your destinies people, those that stand neutral will be devoured by both sides.

    7. Anonymous2:03 pm

      There you go again "The self-proclaimed strategists" preaching from the pulpit, whilst you continue to deny the fact that you lot were handed your arses by your beloved "Chosenites"
      Maybe if you allowed debate on your site instead of implementing censorship like in the old days of South Africa, the people of South Africa would come to realize who the real enemy is and be able to combat the scourge that threatens whites the world over. It is the only way that the White Race is going to survive.
      To win any battle, know your enemy, not your perceived one. In no way am I denying that the kaffer is not part of the problem.

    8. Fuck off you stupid Nutzi!

    9. Anonymous5:36 am

      @Mike Smith2:46 AM

      Mike, readers my thoughts.

      Mike I am on the same wave length of thought BUT I now see no one else making plans and in this case I have to support them and mention them.

      There is no one out there who is planning an offence if we are attacked. If they have a solid defence plan against an enemy who cant even run a shabeen then I think its worth looking in to.

      At least one can find out whats really happening. I have suggested family check them out, if there was an alternative I would say yes go to it but on the other hand do we want to seem the aggressors and attack them?

      The best way IMO is gather in as larger a number as possible. Once we are 2 million + then things can begin to move.

      I agree with this lot you have to be on the offence but there are none out there and then I have to ask, so what else is out there and they seem to be the ONLY group making a plan and speaking out about whats happening besides your blog.

      Perhaps maybe worthwhile you give them a chance, hear them out, see their plans and then see. I had a family member that went there and was very impressed with what they saw.

      I dont say trust any organisation blindly but some plan is better than no plan or being blind with no plan.

      Just my opinion.

    10. Anonymous6:22 am

      Like Pavlov's dog your "Chosenites" have you well trained pushing their agenda. Typically when your type are confronted with the truth you squeal Nazi.

    11. Anonymous3:43 am

      Suidlanders only tell their defensive strategy online. Their offensive one is kept for meetings, etc. Helizna.

  12. Anonymous2:44 am


    When will these things happen?

    When the ice begins to melt.

    “We’re way down, we’re at a record low for this time of year right now,” says Serreze. When it comes to the rest of 2016 and the coming summer and fall season when ice melts across the Arctic and reaches its lowest extent, he says, “we are starting out in a deep hole.”


    Boys and girls.

    The other night I was told, things are going to happen much faster than we thought.

    If you are not prepared right now, then you are too late.

  13. Hi Mike

    What you and boere ninja are saying is abselutely correct , over and above that there is another 'greater' reality.

    Don't get me wrong , I'm all for being prepared ( so reg soos n roer ) even more so because I am completely convinced that we
    are the very people of the book.

    So be super prepared yes , and also know that God will perfect that which concerns us.

    Staan sterk manne.