28 February 2016

A new wave of divestment could spell civil war in SA

By Mike Smith
29th of February 2016

Followers of this blog will know that this country is balancing on a knife’s edge. Watching the violence spread on our university campuses shows us that the ultimate tipping point is near.

Over the weekend, The ANC youth league and its alliance partners, the EFF and Afriforum had a meeting to stop the violence, however it resulted in more veiled threats, with some openly calling for a war in South Africa and the ANCYL saying Calls for war in SA are shortsighted

"I don't think we want to be in a situation where we turn the country into a bloodbath, and that is starting to come out, one way or another," the youth league's deputy chairperson in Gauteng, Vuyo Mhaga, said.

"There's beginning to be a serious tension in South Africa. It might be easier for people who might not have engaged in war, to actually say that."

"You remember there was an Arab Spring [in Egypt], and the reality of the matter is that that Arab Spring remains in a winter. There is still chaos.”

"So it's easier to say, 'let's go in flames'. The reality of the matter is that when South Africa is in flames, we are not sure how long it will take us to basically come back."

If you want to know how close we are to a full blown civil war, always follow the money and watch what the banks are doing.

Last time we saw Barclays disinvest from South Africa is when they sold their interests in SA to Anglo American Corporation in 1986 creating First National Bank. It kicked off a series of interesting events.

The Rand fell and exchange control was instituted.

At the time South Africa was in a State of Emergency with a bloody racial civil war a strong possibility.

The British government (MI6) and the Rand Lords of Anglo American-De Beers, Consolidated Goldfields, et al intervened and started organizing a series of meetings between the ANC and so called “Afrikaner Academics” in Dakar, Switzerland and near Somerset in England.

A palace revolution in the National Party saw President P.W. Botha ousted by the more liberal elements of his party and the traitor F.W. de Klerk replacing him.

Shortly afterwards, Mandela was freed along with thousands of other terrorists. South Africa erupted into chaos with a Civil War between Inkatha and the ANC.

Then suddenly in 1994 the war stopped. Investment came back. South Africa won the Rugby World Cup in 1995 and Barclays came back. Ten years ago they invested into ABSA…however, now that the ANC is again stuffing up the country and the Rand is falling, Barclays is pulling out again.

Experts are fearing that it could kick off another series of divestments from other companies. This will lead to massive job losses. Could this be the tipping point to civil war?

Exactly 30 years after Barclays’ last divestment, Barclays is set to announce a R120bn divestment from SA on tomorrow, Tuesday 1st of March 2016

Falling rand means Barclays to lose £400m on decade-long Absa investment


  1. Very interesting in light of the current unrest. JP Viljoen said September, but some of my acquaintances predicted problems worsening during the upcoming local elections.

    "May you live in interesting times"

    1. Dawid, I tend to agree with you, but when are these elections actually going to happen.

    2. Anonymous2:59 am

      These people are playing a very dangerous game. They are almost all in. What if this thing runs away from them? What if they cannot contain the monster? It'll be very sad for them to lose the country to chaos if they cannot put it back in the box for another 2 years. Needless to say, even this little "racist" tactic of theirs is wearing a little thin now. People are seeing through their lies more and more.

  2. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Lesings sal na verwagting vandag by die Universiteit van Pretoria hervat word.

    Blade Nzimande, die minister van Hoër Onderwys, het intussen gewaarsku oor ‘n moontlike rassekonfrontasie by universiteite indien die gebruik van Afrikaans as onderrigtaal voortgaan.

    Nzimande het die media na ‘n vergadering met die bestuur van die instelling toegespreek.

    Tydens ‘n vergadering die naweek tussen Nzimande, die visekanselier van UP, Cheryl de la Rey en studenteleiers is ooreengekom dat akademiese bedrywighede hervat moet word.

    Die geweld, wat vermoedelik deur die EFF gelei word, het verlede week daartoe gelei dat dié party byna ‘n oorname van tersiêre instellings bewerkstellig het, omdat die ANC en SAKP hul optrede uit rassesolidariteit gesteun het.

    Praag het ‘n onderhoud met ‘n lid van die ANC gevoer by UP waarin hy die EFF-optrede goedpraat.

    Die ANC se sekretaris in Gauteng, Hope Papo sê egter die heropening van die universiteit word deur die alliansie steun.

    Hulle het ook ‘n beroep op die universiteitsbestuur gedoen om hulle pligte uit te voer en menselewens en eiendom te beskerm.

    praag.co.za vanoggend...

  3. some more liberal denial when faced with reality . . .


  4. Anonymous1:46 am

    Could this be the tipping point towards civil war? I think one would need to be blind not to see that civil war is all but guaranteed by now. Barclays pulling out is just another rat jumping ship. The rats are jumping ship at an unprecedented rate. Mike, go there. Get into this civil war topic with some teeth. I think people need to hear it, we all know it's almost here.

    1. Anonymous5:06 am

      No. This is only the start of a planned collapse. There is nothing random about the screws being turned. It will take a few more years.

    2. Anonymous7:49 am

      Sure it will. The blacks still have plenty disposable income to soak up a credit rating downgrade. It's not like they're burning down universities or anything yet. No worries here.

  5. Anonymous2:08 am

    We are all being played by the same people again. These evil money masters are just itching for chaos so they can consolidate more power in the end.

    So basically these blacks and their masters wants to brew a civil war on the back of the 3rd most spoken language in South Africa namely Afrikaans as being "racist"? It just shows us that these people are again busy with what they do best and that is creating chaos and strife where ever they lay their dirty paws on, all under false pretenses.

    A whole nation of whites are nothing more than toys to these monsters. The blacks are not the problem they are merely the instruments in the sowing of death and destruction. Mind you, these evil things are also offering their own European citizens on the altar of Satan and Mammon, using blacks and Muslims as the instruments there. This has clearly gone beyond riches and worldly power, that is not enough to them anymore - they will stop at nothing until the total destruction of the white race worldwide are complete. What a nice bunch of people eh? And what is worse is that their little black instruments are being bought with little more than some maize meal and t-shirts and empty promises of a rich and prosperous future while these blacks cannot even see the bigger set of chains being installed onto their ankles.

    1. Anonymous3:26 am

      Agree with you totally. To most denial is far easier to accept than the truth.

    2. Anonymous7:41 am

      Anonymous2:08 AM

      Very well put, thank you!

  6. Anonymous2:14 am

    The student view in this video is a test for all who read this blog.
    As a white I find no fault with what he is saying (other than his denial of any benefit from previous white investment capital in SA). If you disagree and/or angered by his argument then you must either be a biggot or just intolerant of change and other races. The Afrikaans language can no longer take precedent in this country.
    I wish he would straighten his cap though. It makes him look thick.


    I wonder how many will just call me a liberal twat - which I am not. I am just someone battling to understand and come to terms with some of the arguments and changes put forward by the black population. And another thing - we as whites should also rejoice in the destruction of the Rhodes memorial etc...if you know the history that is. There is no doubt a higher communist agenda in SA but we must not become foolish and default to resisting all change.

    1. Anonymous3:02 am

      Deny my children their mother tongue right? Sure there's the answer. Tomorrow they'll come with another thing to demand to be destroyed. You still don't get it? It's not about language...

    2. Anonymous3:29 am

      Why does'nt he register at an all English univarsity like Wits or the nowadays communist UCT

    3. Anonymous3:31 am

      If you arnt a liberal then you are consumed by white guilt or fucking stupid. Then again liberals do seem to call people who will appose their view in advance as biggots as to give them authority and power or higher ground in the argument, so you must be a liberal then.

      If you cant see that it is not about the afrikaans language but the white skin then ag just forget it.

      You are trying to come to terms with the argument blacks are putting forward. "Whites must fall" Kill all whites" "Only whites can be racist" Kill all racists.... Blacks cant be racist. The land is fucking burning, people are pulling their money out http://www.fin24.com/Economy/super-rich-ditching-sa-report-20160229

      Political groups calling for war.

      Water infrastructure at breaking point.

      No harvest due to droughts. ((Food prices)) 2017 .

      The rand lost a third of its value in 2015 alone and JSE 27%

      Can you fucking understand their argument now! Liberal twat. Go speak to them there in the location go find out what their argument is. I am sure they will spell it out for you.

    4. Anonymous3:33 am

      "you must either be a biggot or just intolerant of change and other races."

      So what? What are you doing here? Go comment under his video.

    5. Anonymous4:23 am

      He is thick and so are you.

      Not worth the watch. He is talking about Afrikaans culture and language being forced on to them. When you walk in to something that is already there is anyone forcing you?. Is he not forcing?

      He is affiliated with the young communist party. Catch a wake-up

    6. Anonymous5:39 am

      *** The Afrikaans language can no longer take precedent in this country. ***

      Fine and fair however the Western Cape is still 65% Afrikaans native speakers. How is that going to work then? That offer of the "Bruin Tuisland" is still an idea.

    7. Anonymous5:39 am

      Anonymous4:23 AM
      Quite so mate and a fool doesn't need forcing anyway they just automatically react without thinking.

    8. No one will resist change for the better , black misrule worldwide is extremely bad and not good change.

    9. Anonymous6:28 am

      You are a confused person

    10. Anonymous10:26 am

      So if 1 University out of 1000 has Afrikaans, that is "taking precendence"

      Are you mad?!??!

    11. I think its time to build a University in Orania. Universteit Orania, Alle fakke in Afrikaans, al studeer jy Engels is die taal van onderig in Afrikaans. It would add even more growth the that booming town.

  7. Anonymous2:17 am

    It feels as if I cannot contain myself any longer, today is yet the second day I boiled over at a munt begging from me at a robot. I told him I will not help them anymore, they are murdering the whites at a staggering rate, I told him there will be nothing left of this country. He just stared at me. Yesterday I boiled over at another one begging from me, I shouted so hard at him he staggered back, cowards!

    1. Anon 2:17 - Just ignore them totally. Don't let them get to you and give them the satisfaction of seeing you getting the moer-in. Make as if they're not even there, but keep a surreptitious eye on the swine, just in case. Never turn your back on them completely.

    2. Anonymous3:14 am

      Would you rather him be stripping your house or begging at the robot? If we allowed the poor enough money to live on the masses would probably be satisfied and live quite content. How must the un-employed eat. In Europe there is a minimum wage and welfare for the poor/incapable. This keeps them mostly out of crime. They have enough money to eat, drink and sniff whatever they want. At least my house is safe.

    3. Anonymous3:22 am


      Dont emotionalize, smile, be nice - I know its hard but that emotion into uniting our people, arming, training, preparing.

    4. @Anon 3:14 AM. The more Money you give them the more alcohol and dagga they buy. So you basically pay him off. Extortion. Bribing him to leave you alone. Negotiating with terrorists. Why? Because you think it is somehow morally correct for somebody to commit a crime to eat, sniff,drink or smoke.

      How about that person comes and offers his labour in exchange for money, like normal people do?

      What you are doing is making the situation worse, not better. You are just as responsible for the crime as the perpetrators.

      You cannot hit an old lady over the head with a brick and say it is because you are hungry. You don't rape and torture People for hours and say it is because you had a shit upbringing.

      I certainly hope you sleep at night.

    5. Anonymous3:40 am

      Dont explain yourself to them. And if you are a softy at the mall tell them you want your vehicle stolen for insurance perposes. Let the liberals give them money at the robots and parking spaces. I dont hate them for begging i hate these liberals who pulled them to every corner and parking space.

      I have done an experiment. You give them nothing or you give them a five or a 10 cent coin. You will never ever give them money again afterwards. Try it and see gratitude. There is no gratitude it is a parasite.

    6. Anonymous3:53 am

      Mike, the jobs are simply not there- non existent. Ignoring this situation and suggesting moral behaviour is fine in a perfect world.This is a time bomb. Every living soul has a right to food and shelter. What should we do with the poverty stricken masses who do not work - extermination? At least provide them with some of the money that is printed out of thin air. At least they will become part of the consumer market.

    7. Anonymous3:14 AM

      You are letting fear determine your destination. Get some balls. It is easy to get balls. Just push through the fear until it becomes habit.

    8. Anonymous4:00 am

      How about that person comes and offers his labour in exchange for money, like normal people do?

      In Europe the minimum wage is about R120/hour. Let the people (mostly whites) who use 'cheap' labour e.g. maids, gardeners, painters etc. pay this type of money instead of exploiting the desperate.

    9. Anonymous4:39 am

      anon 4:00 have you seen the exchange rate?

    10. Anonymous4:39 am

      @ Anon 4:00. Will you be able to afford a labourer at R120/hour because I sure cannot?! And do you really think the decreasing number of whites in this country can sustain that growing black cancer? Yes, we used to do it pretty damn well a few years ago when we were still in control of this beautiful country.

      Are you out of your mind? Some graduates do not even earn that!

    11. You have to compare apples with apples. You cannot expect European minimum wage in a South African market. The cost of living is much higher in Europe than in SA.
      Minimum wage is a damn Communist invention. So is maximum working hours. It is a brake on economy. If you want to know how good Communist economics are then simply look at how Marx died. Marx the great economist died poor and deep in debt. Then show me ONE Communist country that is an economic success.
      It is very simple to create wealth. You tax people less, create a Laissez-faire economy. The further the state stays away from the economy the better. The economy looks after itself through the “trader principle”. The trader principle is the principle of attaining value from other people through mutually beneficial trade rather than force, fraud, or parasitism.
      Read Adam Smith’s book “The wealth of nations”.
      The only morally correct economic and political system is Capitalism, because it is based on the protection of individual rights. Communism destroys those rights, by taking away your right to life.
      If the spear you hunt with is not allowed to be your spear, but belongs to the community, you will starve. If your hut or home is not yours anymore, but belongs to the community you will freeze to death. If you are not allowed to keep the fruits of your labour but are forced to share with others, you might starve, become sick and die.
      Communism killed 100 million people in the last century. Communism is the bloodiest form of government ever conceived. It enslaves the entire population, and rules through fear. Since the population gets an equal share of the wealth produced, there is virtually no incentive to produce, since one's effort is of negligible benefit. To compensate for this, the government must intimidate and force the people into working hard.
      Capitalism should be defended vigorously on a moral basis, not an economic or utilitarian basis.

    12. Capitalism, yes, Corporatism, no.

    13. Helizna, Corporatism comes from government interference with Business. Succesful Business People and corrupt government officials getting greedy and making laws to prevent the small man starting a business and being succesful too. They want a monopoly.

      I reiterate. Government should stay as far away from Business as possible. Their only job is to protect the individual rights of the citizens.

    14. Anonymous8:02 am

      Anon 3:53. Why must whites always be the one to GIVE them employment??? Do you think its our duty or what?

      SA is a black ruled country 22 years down the line. The blacks have had all the advantages.

      Ask yourself why blacks didn't create their own thriving economy in the homelands? Especially with the added benefit of all our white taxpayer money.

      Gibs me gibs me gibs me...

      We already gave so much more than the finger and now the whole arm is gone.

  8. Anonymous3:10 am

    @ Anon 2:14: Liberal, dumb and extremenly shortsighted you are definately.

  9. Anonymous3:31 am


    I said they have weapons, I mentioned this what about 3 weeks back?

    I heard in that dream, it said " things now happen faster than you think"

    I believe it will kick off around election time.

    Was speaking to my father yesterday and I said to him, in that vision I saw in Dec/Jan - never happened where I saw the exact thing twice.

    I saw them attack each other in JHB Alex or Soweto, the road is a long road at about 20 degree angle. The road was packed with rioting blacks when they were attacked by another black group which would ring in the civil war.

    It first started with them attacking whites but then when this other black tribe sees it, they jump in and it is horrific, barbaric, I saw blood flowing down the middle of a road like someone draining a swimming pool.

    The weapons are here, their plans are now in the pipeline and all we need is a spark. Divestment, racial tension, tribal tension.

    Also what are the chances they stop allowing tourists into the country with all their new laws just one year before hand? ALL, ALL perfectly orchestrated, again now power outages starting in JHB.

    The whites need to wake the fuck up in this country.

    Its not long - we just need a spark for this thing to go off, the EFF is a flame to all this. But again, if we are this close then ask how close is the world to world war 3

    Russia is now on the borders of Turkey. Brothers/Sisters times will be dark here but soon the light will shine so bright on this nation, that flag yes will be dipped in blood but we will regain our freedom.

    I sincerely hope to meet you all on that day when our weapons arrive. I have no doubt now we can see his final visions now happening right in front of our eyes.

    Mike thanks for all your posts!!

    1. Anonymous4:53 am

      Ninja, how will we find you and Mike, Tom, Don, Krok, and all the other countless good souls that comment here? Hahaha! I'm sure we will all see JP fucking shit up somewhere with big a old smile on his face as he is fighting the good fight.

      Something bothers me though. We all want this hell to end, the only way to end it is to go through the crucible, but all of these people ruining our lives may drag this hell out for another 10 years. No one wants war but its like skydiving, the quicker you jump out of the plane the quicker you can relax and drink a beer with your mates on the ground. Let's hope things happen in such a way worldwide that we may enter the crucible as quick as possible and not endure this disgusting way of life another 10 years.

    2. Anonymous7:04 am


      You will find me on the field you will see me.
      My mother used to call me a white kaffir. Im already making plans - As sure as I message here, you will know me out there as the radical Ninja - I with our peoples permission will not take any prisoners and am not afraid to lose this battle - its lost already - I fight for white Chrisendom.

      The lights are going out in this world, if SA falls, then it will be Europe, the US will be the last place, Aus/NZ will fall if Europe falls.

      We stand here in this country without being melodramatic like the Spartans, separating Civilization from the dark forces

      I think people can see it in my comments. Im an extreme radical but gentle at the same time - I love this nation, our people, our language, our customs.

      I can only take so much. I have made peace, Im ready to pay the ultimate price but I pray for the enemy that he turns before Gods wrath is unleashed on him as it was on the Rephaim and Philistines.

      I decided I will start that blog again, our people are fast asleep. Blogging comes with responsibility which is why I did not want it up as well.

      Nope this will not last 10 years. What we go through is to make safe passage for the millions of Europeans fleeing Europe who need a safe, Christian country to live - Then we will moer them back in line.

      These parasites THINK they are strong, they might outnumber us, they might have good financing but like I say no one is brave or mighty before the Lord.

      One stone sent the Philistines fleeing. When this party starts, boy am I going to jol.

      Ey, I tell you. Now I seem radical, it will be normal in a few months.

      But people must still remain calm, prepare, unite, smile dont let them get to you. Dont let them get you hot under the collar - easier said than done.

      N Boer maak n plan! Make your plans! Unite.

      We must think smart, work smart, pray hard, unite fast and think BIG.

      I will never sit down and negotiate with a parasite. As far as Im concerned after all is said and done, the only vestiges of a parasite will be in a museum, footage, rock art - thats it - showing those other countries what happens when the parasite out breeds you and you feel sorry for it.

      Hopefully we can even send some boys to the Southern states to help irradiate their parasites, since it is them who incite these parasites and also have funded them.

      Phase 4 is my goal, I hope others will join me, NO in fact it seems radical now but wait until this nation sees the savagery of the parasite.

      Then they will beg for it, like they did for the native tribes in North America to be brought to justice, only with me I will never have a reservation or accept one in my back yard and this backyard is going to be moerse groot.

      From the Cape to the Equitor, As God is my witness if they do what I have seen they do then they must pray someone such as myself does not stand up.

      Im dead serious, I will not end until the goal is complete. If it takes me 50 years so be it, but for every one of our people so far murdered in cold blood there will be millions that perish for this.

      Im not worried about them, the enemy overseas, im worried about the liberal traitor, soft dick whites in this country who want what they want but dont want to pay the price.

      Either you fuck off and leave South Africa or you fucking do something about it - the parasite must fall.

    3. Anonymous9:35 am

      Boere_Ninja (7:04), ek staan heelhartig saammet jou, jy maak my hart baie warm.

      Dis ook hoogtyd dat mense besluit; of jy's Links, of jy's Regs, die tyd vir op die draad sit en filisofeer oor die arme Kaffer se behoeftes en aanhoudende demands is lankal verby en uiters oninteressant.

    4. Anonymous10:34 am

      This is how the Beast is playing you. A con game. The Anti Christ will be seen as a saviour by whites, blacks and others. This is how he will dupe you. Satan is creating the problem and he will provide the "solution" which will send all of mankind into the crapper. We wont laugh, because we will be sharing hell with these blacks for all eternity. Dont go there. Disengage and look at Biblical truths for guidance on what to do. And not Adrian Sleezyman's false interpretations of Siener. I mean the Bible.

    5. Anonymous2:16 pm

      And sit here like good little people while they rape and kill us? I'm almost sure the old Israelites fought back against the Philistines and Egypt. Take your insults somewhere else of our people, they are not welcome here. Tell you what, why don't you just sit there passively and hope you get the protection and leave those that want to resist these evil beings alone. Ok? You are on the wrong page.

    6. Anonymous2:52 am


      @Anonymous10:34 AM
      Everyone finds what they want to find in the bible which is why we have 200+ different churches + Christian denominations.

      The whites here are going to be offered as a sacrifice for "anti Christ" but they wont be sacrificed because of a age old covenant.

      If you look too long in your bible, you might find a panga stuck in your head!

      Dont know why people keep searching their bibles as if God is going to pop out and say "hey here is the solution"

      The solution is provided in the old testament which Christ said he did NOT come to abolish.

      Wipe out the Canaanites - Here we sit with them and want God to do our work?

      Plz!! Perhaps if we did his work we would not be in this situation - ever wonder why Aus, NZ, the US, Canada dont have this problem?

      When they arrived they to were also outnumbered but they did what needed to be done including South America, here our loyal, faithful whites tried to preach the gospel to the satans children and then wonders why he is being persecuted.

      Why does everyone think Christ preached peace when in fact he preached the opposite?

      2Suppose ye that I am come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division:"

      Go back to your bible, go look at where the nations of the world originate from and then find their names in the bible and see what God said to do to those nations.

      Somehow those other white nations did just that, except us who continually read the bible and over think instruction.

  10. Anonymous4:07 am

    Oh for heavans sake, why the sudden influx of Liberals on this site? Ek kan regtig nie wag dat die kaf hierdie keer ordentlik van die koring geskei gaan word nie!

    Anon 3:14: Out of our small family of a husband, wife and child, we give work, daily (!) to four black workers. We also have a domestic worker we have kept alive for 16 years! I think this is pretty well done for us. Please bear in mind that we do not live in luxury, we júst get by! You cannot help all of them! I must help my poor white ass myself, but they just cannot do anything for themselves! Who do I get to ask for help? Regarding the minimum wage you propose for every one of them, are you out of your mind? 45 million of them and counting? Breeding like rats! My husband and I could only afford one child, so we only hád one child! My domestic workers' daughter wrote matric for the second time last year, there is already a bun in the oven! They also contribute to their circumstances of no hope for their future. Can you not see what is happening in Europe? Those immigrants are going to make every single one of those countries poor as hell. If you want to give with such an open heart, go give all your money and belongings to the poor blacks, they will still come back and ask for more. And another thing, our houses have been stripped for years by them and it will continue until the Boer strikes the fan.

    @Tomkat's T's, thank you for the advice, will try my best. Already in combat mode but I know I must first stay put.

    1. Anonymous5:34 am

      ... we give work, daily (!) to four black workers
      ... a domestic worker we have kept alive for 16 years

      Ouch. All this while whites sit in squatter camps. Careful who you call a liberal.

    2. Anonymous7:03 am

      Yes, and they hate you anyway for exploiting them as cheap labour. they will sell you out for nothing.

    3. Anonymous7:17 am

      @ Anon 5:34: Ok, so are you saying every Boer in this country giving THEM work are Liberal? This is an example how good we are to them as well! My domestic worker does have the bug, so if she passes on, I have decided not to get another one in any case, because I do not want them in my house anymore. Yes, I will employ my own nation.

  11. Anonymous4:07 am

    Mike, ek stem saam met jou dat ons op n mespunt is. Hulle is eintlik besig om ons uit te nooi en uit te daag om die wapen op te tel, maar hoe baklei jy n oorlog sonder selfs n handgeweer. Wat nog te se van grofgeskut.Ek onthou Witwolf Barend het op n stadium in die verlede gese dat dit maklik sou wees om militere basisse binne te val en sodoende wapens en ammunisie te bekom maar hulle het tog sekuriteit om dit te beskerm. Ek is een van die ou garde met goeie militere opleiding maar ek voorsien steil opdraende. Ek sit defenitief nie in sak en as nie en is glad nie op moedverloor se vlakte nie maar moet realiteite in berekening hou.

    1. Dit sal nie moeilik wees nie, moenie worry nie.

    2. Hulle het al die wapens, ens, maar nie die vernuf nie. Dit sal redelik maklik wees vir 'n "few good men" en ek praat uit die monde van plaaslike kenners aangaande die plaaslike militere basis.

    3. I feel constrained to reply guys and this is directed to anonymous and his comment above in respect of action against military bases and the feasibility thereof .

      How about having such chats via email,telegram or some other form of secure communication since it really is putting Mike on the spot from a legal point of view by posting it here . To any overly sensitive reader I am not limiting your freedom of speech or anything like that but if this continues unabated and Mike responds to it a case could be made for conspiracy to commit treason depending on the posts here(content,length,depth ,etc etc) so lets avoid unpleasantness. I am sure there is a shitload of lurkers on this site and not all are supporters.

      Thats my 2c

    4. Anonymous12:30 pm

      You must be new here, we never talk real tactics on this blog. What do you take us for? All of these potential scenarios are just that hypothetical scenarios, things to consider. Okay?

  12. Interesting topic. Its self evident that when the bubble bursts and be sure it will burst the conflict will be between the haves and the have nots . The dispossessed and the middle to upper classes. It should be noted that this will have less to do with race and a lot more with class .

    The black and coloured middle classes have grown exponentially due to work opportunities and advancement but this is juxtaposed against waste,misuse and depletion of state resources to enrich the few under the banner of BEE.

    That is the only reason why the EFF ,which is at best a populist party, has so much support which is a clear sign that the masses are less concerned with elaborate policies and more with bread and butter issues such as do I have water etc.

    When this happens it will change the political landscape forever

    1. Care to define "The dispossessed"...Surely you must mean the Whites dispossessed from an education through racial quotas at University. Surely you mean the Whites dispossessed of their farms. Surely you mean the Whites dispossessed of their jobs through racist Affirmative Action, BEE, etc. Surely you mean the White sportsmen and women dispossessed of a future through racial quotas in sports. Surely you mean the 800,000 Whites living in squater camps.

      Come Arthur...tell us who are the REAL "Haves" and Have nots" here.

    2. I doubt very much they will turn on their own "haves" No, they will turn on the Whites, whether we are "haves" or "have nots". What we have is a white skin and straight hair which they so dearly want, but know they can never have and for that they despise themselves and that hate manifests that in destroying everything we have created. Every time IT looks in a mirror IT is reminded of just what a "misoes" IT is. All the Gucci & Armani finery, BM's & Merc's can never change that. So, IT's solution is to remove all Whites; the constant reminder of IT's gross shortcomings. Simple arithmetic, really.

    3. Hi Mike , dispossessed would be anyone who regards themselves as unjustly deprived of a fair shake in life .Bearing in mind that will always be a subjective determination.

      Less to do with race for them and more to do with having a common enemy . Also definitely not an ideological war since as we all know communism and its supposedly benign cousin socialism is dead in the water,with possibly the exception of NZ where a hybrid social democratic state is thriving .(which has more to do with numbers than ideology in any event)

    4. Anonymous12:27 pm

      Bear, you are so desperately trying to make the troubles in SA a non-racial thing. You are trying your best to convince people that the problems worldwide is not about race. You fail spectacularly, everyone knows its about race. Even them Yanks and Europeans are seeing it now. It is nothing but about the races. And guess what? You can never convince good thinking people otherwise. It's just nature man, make peace with it, let it go. Long live the different races of the world!

  13. Anonymous4:55 am

    Anonymous4:07 AM

    Meneer jy is reg oor die optraande, maar eerder optraande as `n vertikale rots. Dit is nog nie te laat vir jou om n pistool te kry nie. As jy in die regte groepe beweeg sal jy sien dat party ouens tot 6 en meer gewere het.( ek glo nie hy kan al 6 in sy twee hande vas hou as die vyand op hom af storm nie)

    Ons het ook die grootste sekuriteits sektor in die wereld en baie van die eienaars sit met aanvalsgewere in hul maatskapy kluise. Baie van hulle is ons goedgesind.

    Ek wil ook nie te veel weg gee nie maar n` internasionale man wat wapens op groot skaal verkoop gaan jou dalk vra vir `n goudmyn of twee as die stof gaan le het.

    Waar daar `n behoefte is vir wapens sal daar wees. Was nog altyd so en kan steeds gesien word reg oor die wereld.

    Die belanrikste op die oomblik is om by groepe aan te sluit en rondom jou huis, kinders se skool en werkplek strategies te beplan. Kry kaarte en roetes identifiseer aanvals en wegkruip plekke. Plant versteekte prep-resouces( water petrol, tools en kos op die plekke.

    Baie van ons wat voorbereid is gaan moet omsien na ander ook en in so `n situasie gaan jy die enigste lyflyn wees maar onthou jy gaan slegs ander kan help as jy jouself kan help. En as ons nie mekaar hlp nie gaan ons nie oorleef nie.

    Sien ook op fb is daar oud vetaren military groepe van SA. Vind jou groep of stig `n nuwe een en soek jou ou makkers op so maak jy kontak met al jou ou weermagsvriende. Van daar kan ons maklik weer `n "shadow-army" stig wat vinnig weer op die voet gebring word wanner benodig en vir al die nuwe en jong aansluitelinge direksie kan gee.

    Bemagtig jouself

    1. Anonymous12:52 pm

      Goeie uitleg asook goeie advies. Dankie. 4.07

    2. Anonymous4:09 pm

      4:55 It gives me confidence to know there are likeminded people out there. I am preparing as much as possible.

    3. Anonymous8:36 pm

      @Anon 4:55 AM
      Dit gee mens darem n bietjie hoop as mens die dinge lees wat ky skryf. Lekker om te weet so baie mense van ons mense staan darem saam.

    4. Anonymous4:15 am

      Hoe kom jy by sulke mense uit?

  14. Listen to this guy on our bad list shouting at students. I would kick his head in if he shouted at my daughter like this. He left little room for students to present their own views.

    UJ lecturer Piet Croucamp debates on the existence of God
    A lecturer at the University of Johannesburg, Piet Croucamp, "proves" that God does not exist by lacing his talk with four-letter words.


  15. I posted my previous comment forgetting to add something important; what about those Whites in the squatter camps when the SHTF? They are sitting ducks for the savage.

    1. Anonymous7:58 am

      Tomkat's Tribulations5:54 AM
      I agree with you, I feel for those poor people, they are sitting ducks. I have seen pictures of children in those camps and the one in Munsieville is on a rubbish/landfill dump. I have been giving donations to Boervrouliga and MSVS, but why don't they rather get them away from there?

    2. Anonymous8:40 pm


      I agree, at the very least they should be taught how to build weapons to defend themselves.

  16. Anonymous6:15 am


    @Anonymous3:14 AM

    They are black, they will always be poor - its how they were when we found them, its how they are when they kick the last whites out.

    From Haiti, Zimbabwe, Mozabique, Angola, Zambia - They are great at evil scheming but when it comes to productivity they are the most useless fucking parasite in the world.

    I would rather get rid of all the parasites - in due time.

    1. Anonymous4:16 am

      Do you have a group/blog?

  17. Anonymous6:18 am

    Super rich ditching SA - report

  18. Anonymous6:26 am

    Over 8 000 millionaires have left SA since 2000

    The gravy train is leaving park station.


  19. Anonymous6:28 am

    The EFF’s Pretoria youth leader shared details on how to make petrol bombs on Facebook:


    1. Diesel + Sunlight liquid = Napalm.

      Put it in a pressure vessel and mildly pressurise with a diving cylinder through a simple nozzle and ignitor and you have a flame thrower.

      You can learn a lot more here:
      Anarchist cookbook


    2. Anonymous7:40 am

      And the Citizen news paper runs the story to spread the message even further...

      Take note people.
      This is a glimpse of what is in store for us.

      Bob the Builder

    3. Anonymous12:19 pm

      Mike! Thanks a bunch for that link bro.

    4. Anonymous4:19 pm

      Ja that book reminds me a lot of man I once knew, Sadly he was murdered in 1994

  20. Anonymous6:34 am


    have you seen this person in your neighborhood?


    1. Anonymous7:58 am

      Anonymous6:34 AM
      Ja, quite a few actually.

  21. Anonymous7:52 am

    They are now seriously fucked. Want to sell state assets to pay salaries.


  22. Anonymous9:15 am

    When a major world renowned bank such as Barclay’s pulls out and is quite prepared to cut a loss of 4 million pounds without any further question and hesitation then one has to accept the fact that the country is now financially fucked. Thanks to the black criminal idiots who are in power and the black criminal idiots who want to remove and replace them in power this country is going to become another worthless Zimbabwe. The ANC’s mass plundering days are finally going to be over and EFF are definitely aiming to scrape the last dregs of loot from the bottom of the barrel. “Die the beloved country Die“. The fantasized black dream of the ignorant black kaffir is just about to become another full blown financial chaos and another political disaster upon the continent of Africa.

    1. Anonymous11:50 am


      @Anonymous9:15 AM

      Nationalization coming to a home near you.

      If I had a house in SA, I would re-finance the thing, then when they nationalize everything you get your house for free.

      Then when the government is bombed, kicked out - then you have your house!

      No I will never pay off my house in this country.

      Not until the ANC are gone - cant trust the bastards.

      Its coming mark my words - a few months.

    2. Anonymous4:32 pm

      The Rothschild's banking cabal was behind the collapse of South Africa from the beginning. to cut their loss they will simply create more money out of thin air.

  23. Hi Mike

    Yip , I'm sure its going to caus huge dis-investment from big investors , I mean I'm not even a small a small-investor but I'm taking my last penny out tomorrow .

    Again in my humble little opinion , next year September seems more and more like that fatal horrifc milestone , I know lots of us will say , yes but what's happening now is horrific allready ..yes

    But work it out backwards from that date and you will soon
    understand why things are happening at this rate, its only Feb going into March but seems like we've had a years shit allready.

    All I can say is , ' mense maak was julle gordels en trek styf julle bra-straps......die pad is in sy moer! .

  24. Anonymous11:53 am

    Four hundred million British pounds my mate and if you multiply that with the present high rand to pound exchange rate you will see exactly how much they are prepared to sacrifice in their endeavour to abandon SA's sinking financial ship.

  25. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Stuff the british.
    They were supporting the ANC for years.

  26. Anonymous12:17 pm

    These blacks have failed, they have gloriously failed in their mission to be us. I can die a happy man knowing that these Negroids have made life only worse for themselves and their future generations.

  27. Anonymous1:05 pm

    Please explain this to me, the British are pulling out financially, but support Malema in his endeavours?

    1. Anonymous1:51 am

      Running with the hares and hunting with the hounds.

  28. Anonymous4:42 pm

    Civil war in SA is 22 years overdue, And I personally don't have much to lose so the prospect of dying by AK or panga in a civil war/genocide compared to death by hi jack/ home invasion or death by poverty induced illness because private hospital will be unaffordable, or death in a car crash caused by a drunk kaffir without a driving licence, or death by homelessness and starvation after greedy banks call in their loans in a desperate attempt to recoup as much capital before they cut their losses and run, or death in a dirty prison because I could not restrain my tongue and called a kaffir a kaffir. Ja the tipping point has also arrived for me.

    1. Anonymous10:47 pm

      I hear you brother, I hear ya and agree fully. Everything you said is the truth. Just wish more guys would face reality and grow some nuts. We have major scores to settle, and this time we don't stop. Rage!!!

  29. Mike, I really believe that you are correct, wrt the implosion is imminent and the kak is going to strike the fan. You have been correct with everything else.
    No one in his right mind wants a civil war, as you and my fellow border boeties know, war is ugly and not as romantic as hollywood portrays it.
    My concern is the media, being leftist controlled. Us folks who have buggered off out of the African Utopia still have family and close friends living there. (As well as we still give a shit for our fellow white man) . How are we going to know, that this is it. The media will be all smoke and mirrors and blame the AWB or KKK or something totally irrelevant. Point is, a lot of us will come over but need some form of ground communication. I tried to establish something with the Suidlanders but they are obviously concerned with people inside SA. What would you or your fellow readers suggest?

  30. Anonymous10:13 pm

    Four hundred million British pounds my mate and if you multiply that with the present high Rand to Pound exchange rate you will see exactly how much they are prepared to sacrifice in their endeavour to abandon SA's sinking financial ship. My calculation works this out to be a cool R5, 600, 000, 000. Furthermore if the EFF manages to grab the power Malema will further financially annihilate this country. He has already stated that the EFF will seize all of the banks and everything else he can lay his thieving black hands upon as a possession of the state. We all know exactly what he truly means by that statement and who the major beneficiary of the so-called state possessions will be.

  31. Anonymous1:49 am

    Zuma got away with it and so will Malema! If you have got anything to say about it then you are practicing/implementing class segregation and are a blatant racist.

  32. Anonymous4:24 am

    This is a long time coming. What do we do? Who is capable of actually running this country? Who do you back when you cannot leave and who do you join in order to protect yourself and your loved one's?

    1. Anonymous7:09 am

      Start by buying/making/stealing any weapon you can think of. Study bush survival guides. Study offensive and defensive strategies, especially those that help you in a situation where you are outnumbered. You practise making traps and whatever you studied in the bush guide and then join a reputable group such as Suidlanders. Finally, wait for d-day, then you get to put your skills and weapons to test. Good luck and may your bullets find the enemy

  33. @ Boere-Ninja,

    BN, in your visions, did you ever see any scenes where white and black fought one another with weapons from antiquity ?

    What I mean is this - the whites are in disciplined ranks with swords,shields and spears, and the blacks are coming against them with their pangas, assegais and knobkieries.

    Many thanks for your response.


  34. Anonymous3:40 pm

    The real problem is the pathetic citizens. Everyone in South African for the last 22 years (yes! that's all races) are too busy waiting and seeing, whilst doing absolutely nothing - and will continue to do nothing for the next 22 years...