13 January 2016

Why do whites despise blacks?

By Mike Smith

13th of January 2016

The other day, South African Nobel Laureate for Woodwork, Julias Malema, asked an interesting question.

Why do white people despise blacks?

Said the great learned gentleman, “Why do white people despise blacks? Why is it that they find it easy to look at us with disgust and undermine our humanity?”

He tried to answer his own question…”The explanation lies in the structural organization and material condition of black lives and in white privilege, he says. White people are brought up with the notion that blacks’ role is to work for whites.”

Even the libtard Max du Preez agreed with Malema

Notice the utter generalization…all whites despise all blacks.

I don’t think that is the case. I know lots of whites who absolutely love blacks…like Max du Preez for instance, but it shows you what goes on in the simplistic mind of Julius Malema.

However, I will not deny that some whites indeed do despise all blacks, but I also know a lot of blacks who utterly despise all whites…like Julius Malema for instance. To him the fact that “F.W. de Klerk took his oath as second deputy president to Nelson Mandela in Afrikaans showed that he is not apologetic. It was a sign of arrogance shown to the nation that he was not remorseful of white supremacy and its legacy.”

So let us assume that some whites do despise some blacks and let me then try to answer Malema about WHY, seeing that he asked.

Maybe it is because of their abominable practices under the excuse of “It’s my kultcha”, that is the cause. Practices such as Lobola (buying multiple wives with cows) or uKuthwala (old men raping young girls to make them their wives) or Ulwaluko (circumcision of boys with dirty blunt knives causing gangrene and their penises to rot off) or Ukweshwama (a bull being tortured and killed with bare hands by boys to prove they are men) or maybe it is Muti killings (human organs, genitals, fingers, tongues cut out of living children and sold for medicine) that causes the despising.

Maybe it is superstitious beliefs like the Tokoloshe or forefather worship animism

Or maybe it is simply the way they react at a party (especially when there is a buffet) or on the beach.

Or maybe it is just their utter slowness, lazyness and incompetence observed daily at work and especially at government institutions such as the Department of Home Affairs.

Maybe it is just the observations you make when you stand in the queue at an ATM or in the queue at a Pick & Pay.

Maybe it is like Malema says…because they prefer to live like rats amongst their own garbage and filth that one notices when driving past a township. It could even be that they smell funny.

Maybe it is their violent nature or their entitlement culture, their victim mentality and always blaming whites for their failures. Maybe it is their corrupt and thieving nature and their propensity to destroy and ruin everything including a once prosperous first world country.

There are many reasons, all rectifiable, but whatever the reasons are that whites despise blacks…You will notice that not once did I mention it is because of the colour of their skin.


  1. Anonymous1:36 am

    ...and not once did I hear that whites sang "kill the Boer" or committed farm murders...or stealing copper pipes so that whitey can maar pay more and more for electricty...if there is any...

  2. Anonymous1:52 am

    Glad to see you back Mr Smith
    After -- "sparrow-fart" the blogosphere is not the same
    I am sure should your "reality" hit the stage we call the MSM you will also be faced with "death-threats"

    "Black" is merely the effect not the cause
    Merely an indentifier.
    "Black" does also of course [historically] have many negative connotations in English langauge useage
    I wonder why that is ?

  3. Anonymous2:00 am

    Its not the cultural practices that gets people angry. Many of those practices are also practiced by other cultures. Bride kidnapping is not unique to blacks but also practiced by other cultures around the world. The same goes for labola which is still widely practiced in Asian cultures. Circumcision is still practiced by Jews and they not only remove the foreskin of the baby but the Rabbi also has to suck the penis of the baby. How many kids have not died or been infected with herpes or hepatitis from that practice. Its not the culture.

    The issue with blacks is summed up in your last 3 paragraphs. They are lazy, violent and incompetent. Blacks cannot and will never be able to perform to an acceptable Western level of development without a white person or as it is changing a Chinese person standing over them demanding action.

    The solution is simple. If you left blacks to themselves Mother Nature will take over and all the problems will end. Until such time that you can get the liberals off and out of the media nothing will change. This is the reason why blacks are confused. The television tells them that everyone is the same, but when he looks around him and into his own mind he is confused as it is a lie. He likes the lie but does not know how to turn the lie into a reality.

    1. Anon 2:00AM. I agree with you wholeheartedly. "Eish, I am the same as the bwana!" then he looks in the mirror and says, "But why I look like da baboon?" Same thing you're saying. They are just incapable.

    2. Anonymous4:18 am

      Now look at this fallout and you see that the blacks are a problem to one and all.

      Cape Town - Allegations of racism, victimisation, vandalism and threats of violence were rife as Cape learners prepare to start the new school year on Wednesday.

      “We have a situation where more black children are allowed to attend and travel to the school in taxis and bakkies,” Lionel says angrily.


  4. Ag shame...Malema is so wrong, it is not only whites....Chinese, Indians, Portugeuse...if Red Indians, the Lycans from that "Underworld" movie, Lassy and Nemo the Fish.

  5. Anonymous3:19 am

    Or maybe it’s because they have financially and politically f****d up the vast once rich and thriving continent of Africa? They have proved themselves to be master destroyers of all the good and valuable assets upon this continent. They are worthless trash who aiming to eventually destroy the whole planet with their barbaric inbred ignorance and continual burning lust for other hard working peoples/countries material possessions. Somebody with good savvy should contact their hallowed black ancestors (wherever they might be) and arrange an “indaba” before the lawless ignorant blacks accomplish the total destruction of mankind. Don’t take my words lightly my friends because as we have already seen “nothing upon this planet is Kaffir Proof”.

  6. Anonymous3:21 am

    Inderdaad ek is mal oor swart, my motor en meeste van my klere is swart, mal oor donker hare op dames, maar nie so mal oor die kulturele vandalisme, urineer in publiek, en onoselheid van daardie nasie nie...... Niks met swart te make nie. Ek kan mos nie help dat hulle nie my gelyke is nie, net hulle kan dit verander deur beskaafd te raak.

  7. Anonymous3:26 am

    You didn't have to Mike their ignorant beliefs and actions speak for them and it's not hard to see in which direction the finger of guilt is pointing.

  8. Anonymous4:59 am

    Nog iemand wat blykbaar MAL is oor hulle is oud minister Adriaan Vlok....Die arme ou ding het werr getjank oor sy aandeel in Apartheid.kKan hy nie maar net groet en gaan nie!?

    1. Amen. Ek het die ou doos op die radio hoor preuwel en neul en amper my oggend koffie weer uitgekots.

    2. In support of what you've just said, checkout this link:

  9. Malema is simply a puppet of anglo capital based in London, people like "Lord" Robin Renwick from BHP fame.

    The english are stirring a racial pot in SA that will soon explode if they are not careful.

    1. Anonymous9:23 am

      They all are and you can see them selling the idea in the media as we speak. Some of the financial websites are already talking about an IMF loan and how the DA and EFF will have to hold hands to get South Africa out of the mess.

      There is a change of government coming but it will be led from London. Recall who funded Ramphele and also the DA? I dont think Ramphele wanted to be a puppet. So out pops the EFF in full steam.

      Notice also that Citibank has now cut off the credit lines of SAA. Recall who cut the financial lines from the NP government? Same players.....

      Just one problem is Siener Van Rensburg. A powerful black man has to die when the present government comes to an end. I am going to take it that Malema is going to want to do a 180 degree turn from his masters in the end.

      BTW do you know why the Siener blog on Wordpress was deleted?

    2. Anonymous4:23 pm

      Anglo American is broke, liabilities more than assets, therefore they do want malema to nationalise the mines, in a classic Rothschild banking style they will shift all of Anglo's global debt onto the SA operations book so that when that dumb malema nationalises the mines he will be nationalising billions of $ of debt with it, after a few months of real hardship when the country is completely broke along comes the IMF with bail out money with lots of strings attached. I think these banking elites call it good book bad book, Nationalise private debt then privatise public assets.

  10. Anonymous7:14 am

    Ek het nie `n probleem met die woord "swart" as sulks nie, maar met die kaffirs as "mense". Die feit dat hulle "swart" genoem word is hulle eie toedoen. Dit is per slot van sake hulself wat besluit het niemand mag hulle kaffirs noem nie en hulle het self aangedring op die woord "swart". Daar is `n rede hoekom `n kaffir se hande en voete aan die onderkant wit is, dis die enigste gedeeltes wat nog so bietjie werk...hehehe!

  11. Anonymous8:34 am

    Dit is omdat hulle almal psigopate is. Hulle voel niks vir n lewe nie of dit mens of dier is, maak nie saak nie. Hulle sal martel en genot daaruit put omdat hul geen emosie het nie.

  12. South African Nobel Laureate for Woodwork, Julias Malema - Mike, you are killing me. Thanks I need to laugh out loud.

  13. Anonymous9:11 am

    Or maybe it's because they stand and piss on the side of the road without making the slightest effort to conceal themselves.

    Or maybe it's because they insist on starting to drive and hoot at 5am in a once peacefull and quiet neighbourhood. God alone knows why hooting will somehow miraculously get more customers.

    Or maybe it's because they insist on walking in the middle of the road when there are adequate pavements and sidewalks provided.

    Or maybe ..... Oh fuck it, the list is too long and I've got some chops and wors that needs braaing.

    Mike, like you said, it's not because the skin is black. It's because of the lack of decency and consideration for anyone else that I hate and despise kaffirs.

    We should compile an "or maybe" list and send it to the woodworker.

    Somehow though I don't think he will understand.