23 January 2016

To liberals, savagery in South Africa is the fault of whites

By Mike Smith

23rd of January 2016

It never stops to amaze me how liberals can ignore the savage behavior of blacks in SA. They turn a complete blind eye to the daily reports of Muti murders, black babies thrown away by their mothers on garbage dumps and in pit toilets. Brutal farm murders and so called “exorcisms”.

Sinithemba Dlamini was 14 years old in 2012 when she became a little withdrawn. Her aunts and cousins accused her of being possessed by demons and worshipping the Devil. So they planned an exorcism.

Now it might be true that some Christian denominations also practice exorcisms, but they use holy water and a cross. Below you can read how it is done in a South African township.

They first hit the girl with a broom, then tortured her for three days in a bizarre ritual before she died after her intestines were pulled out through her vagina.

And then they still ask us why we had Apartheid? Liberals see it differently. It was Because of Apartheid that the blacks behave like this.

“The four women convicted for killing their 14-year-old relative by pulling her intestines through her vagina are not remorseful for their actions, the Durban High Court heard yesterday.”

Four Exorcism ritual killers unrepentant

You can read here how this bizarre ritual was conducted, to confuse and drive out the Devil.

Girl’s gruesome murder shock

Girl dies after exorcism attempt

This is also not an isolated incident.

He pulled my vagina from his pocket and licked it

Mapula Malemone, 29,told Pretoria News about her ordeal with her ex boyfriend:

She said the attack happened while she was asleep. Their three children – a boy, 8, and two girls aged 6 and 4 – were asleep next to her.

“I don’t know how or why he did this to me. I just woke up to hear my children and neighbours screaming out loud. I couldn’t even speak or move,” she told the Pretoria News.

“The next thing, he came back and pulled out my vagina from his pocket and told me he now had my ‘nice thing’ with him and then he licked it.

“Thereafter, he put it back in his pocket and went on to boil water, telling me he was going to kill me,” recalled Malemone.

An then there was Johannes Kana and the Anene Booysen murder

The victim was disemboweled with a blunt object, possibly by hand, leaving over a metre of her small intestines protruding from her vagina and anus.

These cases were all what they have done to their own people. Imagine what they would do to us when they get the chance. But liberals believe the other way around. They believe that WE are responsible for this kind of behaviour in blacks. If we don't call them "savages"they will somehow stop behaving like savages.


  1. Anonymous7:14 am

    But the usual Psyops will happen now. Watch how the world's media will push out a story of some white inbreed in Finland impregnating his daughter. The same liberals will push it non stop in the media. The same liberals who keep quiet about what you wrote about.

    Deny Deny Deny and counter accuse. That is their MO

  2. Normal people can't even imagine something this evil , its sickening even reading about it ,yet another tell-tale-sign
    That satans seed is actually a very real thing just like us eves seed,what was That they said about us being like the jews,well geuss the were right , and does thr zumanoids who claim to be christians not know That God loves israel , no tney don't caus they don't know God they just use the name of the Lord to gain votes

  3. Anonymous8:31 am


    They should make a new song - dont let your dogs out...


  4. Anonymous8:42 am

    Mike I have said this on your blog many many times before. If a time came that we had to fight these barbaric savages and we were organized and armed, I would FIRST hunt down these White fucken Liberals male/female and remove them hastily from this planet earth. Those two faced lying hypocritical whites should be shot for high treason and an enemy of the white human race. I know many on your blog would agree. When I see those liberals and they open their mouths I see RED. I cannot describe in words the hatred and loathing I have for them.

    1. Anonymous5:26 pm

      Not `if` but when the time comes, I'm going to enjoy tracking down and hunting these traitors. We will probably have a whole division dedicated to the extermination of these liberals and their associates. Most of the role players and names are well known to us, but that warm and fuzzy feeling will come when we successfully tracked down a particularly slimy liberal or one of these mainstream media types and he/she is dispatched from this plane with no fucks given and no tears cried, maybe a few tears of joy.

      For future reference everything is stored nicely in cyberspace and servers throughout the world.

      My ultimate personal joy will be seeing old pienk Frikkie croak slowly and pathetically from a small single scalpel incision just underneath the right side of his rib cage. He should feel what it feels like to bleed to death slowly, like we have been bleeding in this country since he and his cronies let all these black demons loose.

      When we get hold of those NASPERS criminals we should declare a public holiday and roll out the old guillotine and let the whole world ooh and aah in delight as these ultimate criminals and their heads are separated from their bodies. Oh wait, let's give them the same treatment our brave and precious farmers got from the ANC/DA/EFF-mechanism sponsored farm killing squads.

    2. Anonymous12:30 am

      Liberals are Communists useful idiots.

  5. Normal people can't even imagine something this evil , it must be because we are racists I'm sure , deffintly my friends there is a big seperation between Eves seed and satans seed , that's why inheritly they can't stand you , but consider it pure joy my brothers when you face these various trails , knowing it produces endurance untill you are made perfect lacking nothing. Now That they really can't understand , caus they'll always be lacking..in all ways

  6. Anonymous8:50 am

    Mike I read your article a minute ago and was the first to comment and then decided to go into news24 and what do we see.

    Sex with dog. Damn you KAFFIRS. FUCK You Kaffir. When is this shit nightmare going to stop, and fuck you Liberals.

    1. Anonymous11:50 am

      Bestiality and homo sexuality are seen as equally vile in the Bible. There will come a time where the bestiality types will toyi toyi and demand their rights. CLaiming that like homosexuals, they are being discriminated against. Bestiality laws will be declared unconstitutional.

    2. Anonymous12:27 pm

      Fucken Animals!!!

    3. Anonymous12:19 pm

      Anon 11:50 hate is also vile in the bible

    4. Anonymous12:50 pm

      11:50 AM
      Don't forget eating shellfish too!

      The ancient Greeks openly practiced homosexuality but usually with younger males. So did the Macedonians and Spartans. The Romans also had no problems with it.

      The Athenians used to have a bronze statue of two men, Harmodius and Aristogeiton, who were lovers who had killed a tyrant of their city and helped bring about democracy.

      Alexander the Great not only had a male lover, but also a Persian eunuch and no one batted an eye-lid in those days.

      However, 'gay' culture is a new thing.

    5. Anonymous1:13 pm

      Get stuffed you Pharisee 12:19PM - Psalm 97:10

    6. Anonymous3:55 pm

      Anon 12:19 Ye that love the LORD, hate evil: he preserveth the souls of his saints; he delivereth them out of the hand of the wicked.

  7. Anonymous9:39 am

    Say no more...

  8. Anonymous9:39 am

    Mike these libturds will only change their tune whilst they are being disembowled. Vaalpens

  9. Anonymous10:15 am

    Read Dan Roodt's new article:

    'South Africa belongs to its founders, the indigenous white nation, the Afrikaners'.

    It's time to take a stand.


  10. Anonymous10:46 am

    I think that everyone here should listen to Gustav's (suidlander) sermon - after all a true Afrikaaner is a man of faith. Quite long and Afrikaans is not my first lanuage but very, very good. What is really sad is that the Suidlanders have over 800k membership but only 430 views of this. Shows how people are lovers of darkness and hate the 'light'.

    1. Anonymous1:33 pm

      @ 10:46 It is good to see at least one group of people preparing for the inevitable. My problem is with the "plan" itself. Maybe for a few individual families where fleeing from their households to save their lives might be the only option I personally can not see the logic behind a plan where on the receipt of a sms or WhatsApp the suidlander then goes about packing the bakkie full of gear and along with family abandon house to go link up with a convoy of other suidlanders then proceed to some safe place in the veld to camp out till all the blacks have rioted, looted, destroyed, murdered, and starved themselves to death. In 1948 Israel declared independence the Palestinians living in the land were told by their Arab neighbours Syria, Jordan, Egypt to flee from their homes to save themselves from harm when the Arab armies come over the borders to drive the Israelis into the sea. The Arabs were defeated and to this day the Palestinian who abandoned their homes live in refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and elsewhere. I believe real chaos and violence will be here soon but I also believe that a well stocked and defended home will be the safest place to hold out.

    2. Anonymous2:43 am

      the link is not a video about their plan. It's a message about repentance. Clearly you did not watch.
      Faith Walker

  11. Anonymous11:16 am

    I find it very interesting that all over the world people gravitate to their own people, their own culture.

    I have Indian friends and even though they have us whiteys as friends, the majority of their friends and the people they spend time with are Indian!!! Yet nobody is calling them racist for preferring to be among their own people!

    So while I know different races can be friends, and find common ground we all still prefer to be surrounded by our own people the majority of the time. Is this really a race thing? Or is race just the most obvious indicator of who shares your values. If you look at Russians in the US, yeah sure they have white Americans as friends BUT the majority of their friends will be Russian American.

    I normally won't post other blogs on here but this one is all about facts and seriously you can't refute the evidence of why white countries work better than black ones:



  12. Anonymous12:21 pm

    It’s quite unbelievable really but these white liberals here and around the world have actually crawled so far up the kaffirs arsehole that they will never be able to get back to normal reality and sanity. No matter how many evil and ghastly atrocities the blacks commit upon this planet they just can’t/won’t see or smell anything beyond the colour “BLACK”.

  13. Anonymous3:55 pm


    Very interesting, a very important video for us today.
    Watch, take notes and listen.

    A war is on the horizon, take heed.

  14. Yip and they found him fast asleep with the condom still on and the dog on his bed next to him dead. This is somehow my fault. I dont know how but apparently it is

    1. Anonymous10:13 am

      They should have SHOT the excrement , Dammit !

  15. Anonymous7:48 pm


    Mike why all of a sudden and from where do they get this over confidence in this country regarding this entire race card thing? Its louder and louder per day now, almost deafening.

    Just because we are used to it, dont take it for granted how the other side feel, they want blood still. We are just tired of them bitching about it.

    To me this smells of external forces. It also tells me they are prepared, well prepared.

    I saw Nigerians/foreigners attacking police or brazen enough to do so, this is the state of JHB. This image depicts how outnumbered whites really are in JHB when you look at the figures - probably one in twenty now.


    These foreign nationals are another problem. This is how wars happen in Africa, when these things start over taking and leaders supply them with weapons to fight for mineral power in foreign nations.

    Mugabe didnt need to worry about this but here, the economy WAS big enough to handle more immigration BUT...

    This is what concerns me, these guys have ALL been through previous genocides, wars up North. They can fire weapons, they are used to anarchy.

    These guys will be assisting the EFF! They will provide the Muscle, they are more trained than ours here who have never seen action.

    If they can fire back at police and not be scared should give us a sense how many there are.

    This place is a keg waiting to explode. They will assist the EFF you can be sure. Probably offered citizenship since the government is not doing so.

    A tragedy is going to happen here before the whites finally wake up and its going to happen so fast, people will wonder how it happened so fast....social media.

    when this racism hits a huge high in the news, they will down their tools in this country because of the continual propaganda of whites being racist.

    Its coming.

    When this begins happening, this will mean that, that night is near.

    Those who are not prepared for this will meet their fates.

    Months away now, not years anymore.

    You know it, someone needs to sound the alarm or it will be to late.

  16. PreatorianXVI8:01 pm

    "But there are the good ones, we have to try and save them"

    I get this from my own family, defending this kind of savage behaviour and then calling me racist, honestly don't know how we could have grown-up in the same South Africa, amongst these savage demons.

    Maybe because I did not get infected with the BS from the 3 sister churches, liberalism and flatly denounced their apology over apartheid as being a bunch of C*nts who pander to Politics and their own purse. How can you preach from one Holy book for years on end and then suddenly turn around and say that it was wrong and then still use the same Holy book to peddle more BS.

    The majority of European South African's still have a lot of waking-up to do, until then it will be more of the same and more farm murders of people who just don't get it.

    If you get it, you know what to do, if you don't keep your head down in the sand like an Ostrich and your arse wide open, because there is a lot more coming for you.

  17. Anonymous9:13 pm


    Thought you guys would like to hear the case of a liberal, doesnt matter where you find them - they are sick puppies.

    "The assaults in Cologne, which police have blamed on young men from North Africa and other Arab countries, have ignited a fierce debate over Chancellor Angela Merkel's policy of welcoming refugees to Germany which received one million asylum seekers in 2015.

    On Saturday, Aydan Ozoguz, who handles integration issues for the government, told the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that the New Year's assaults had "poisoned" the atmosphere in Germany.

    "Several hundred criminals do not represent a million refugees," she said."---- The denial is strong in this one!

    How much longer before we see a white revolution sweep Europe?


  18. Anonymous9:29 pm


    Listen carefully to this fat kaffir - baboon cant even speak properly.

    Every white is a racist! All whites then must be banished.

    now you can see where they are going with their racist this/that in the media.

    You can now clearly see its all orchestrated to bring in a day when they can kill the whites.

    But this kaffir and his other pork kaffir chop malema can make signs, "whites days are numbered" They can say kill the farmers, kill the whites, take back what is yours and this isnt racist??

    Time to start fighting back -

    1. Anonymous7:05 am

      Anonymous9:29 PM

      "Time to start fighting back -" So what took you so long?

  19. Anonymous9:34 pm

    Listen carefully boys and girls

    From the hor/asses mouth


    Julius Malema wants a revolution to take out Zuma. Who is financing Malema?

    Follow the money.

    Zulu / Xhosa battles in the background using their little pedal, I mean pedi boy being used on a zulu. Very strange times we live in.

  20. Will post here a comment I left on Ozzie Saffa's blog. (Apt to this article, so same comment will do).

    The Blacks, plus some other Darkies, and the mentally unstable Whites go on about White privilege and how Whites in general, but SA Whites especially, have a racist sense of superiority over other races. You Whites have a superiority complex, is the charge. However, the real issue is the Blacks major inferiority complex. Fact. That's the issue.

    I don't know of Whites walking around giving each other a nod and a wink, and saying "Heh, heh, we're superior." White people, except for the mentally-ill Leftists, are simply comfortable with who they are and their shared history, legacy and culture. Specifically, what they don't have is an inferiority complex - but the Blacks do.

    Actually, the Blacks have an inferiority complex regarding other races as well, not just compared to the Whites. Hence a great deal of hostility towards South Africa's Indian population, as the latter have been successful, even during Apartheid.

    Sorry Black people, this is something you're gonna have to sort out on your own.

    On a more sinister and serious note is the way "racism" is being defined in the wondrous Rainbow nation. According to some (mostly dark-skinned) intalexshuals, only Whites can be racist. Other races might be guilty of saying some naughty things, but they are not racist. However, we need legislation in SA to sort out the racists! So, if a Black person says "kill all the Whites, murder their children, bludgeon to death their elderly", well, this is not quite on. Somewhat impolite. Still, if it wasn't for the racists (and we know who they are), these comments would never be heard. But should Whitey say something like: "these strikers looting shops and stoning cars are a bunch of hooligans!" well this is clearly evil racism, and needs to be eradicated! By law!

  21. Anonymous1:51 am

    It’s quite unbelievable really but these white liberals here in the RSA and around the world have actually crawled so far up the kaffirs arsehole that they will never be able to get back to the normal reality and sanity of the human race again. No matter how many evil and ghastly atrocities the blacks commit upon this planet they just can’t/won’t see or hear anything further than the colour of “BLACK” or the true evil intent of their “BLACK MASTERS”.

  22. Anonymous1:52 am

    Life for a white liberal must be a real bastard. Imagine living and even giving one’s life away to the protection, benefit and comfort of the worthless dumb kaffirs. The question is why but even they can’t give any straight forward answers. They definitely have no shame, pain or gain for their betrayal and the true consequences of their thoughtless and immoral actions. A full blown black on white genocide is now prevailing here and the majority of the white liberals have all conveniently moved from the forefront into the background shadows. This is the eventual place of safety and camouflage for all Libtards cowards and criminals.

  23. Anonymous4:01 am

    There will be no peace in SA until the whites hand all they have over as restitution for apartheid:

    listen to Andile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH6_lr9gvj8

    They now want it all....

    1. Anonymous9:18 am


      When I watch this video, I know we are at the fucking end.

      There is a war coming. It is going to boil over

      Where are the white leaders?
      Where are the white trainers?
      All this in our face and we cant do anything.

    2. Anonymous9:38 am


      Listen here Mike and readers.

      See what he says, we are prepared to deal with you white people in this country.


      they have been planning, their plans now are coming right.

      where the fuck are the white people preparing for the coming events?

    3. Anonymous11:59 am

      Have watched the video and it is shocking. I have so much respect for Ernst Roets sitting there on our behalf, I would have lost it, I would have killed them. No use arguing with a dumb Kaffir, they will never come to our standards, NEVER.

    4. Anonymous1:53 pm

      The problem is insoluble, the sad thing is they are all trying to dance on the head of a pin. These black gentlemen with all their fancy words and philosophies fail to see that white people are not trying to emulate blacks, the reverse is true. So why is that? Simple aspiration, the inferior is aspiring to improve itself, poor Mr Roets is stuck between a rock and a hard place trying to placate, educate and inform all at the same time.

      The discussion is not about racism, its about achievement and potential to achieve.The Bell curve showing white IQ predisposes whites to success whilst the likely-hood of black success diminishes commensurate with their lower potential. It would appear, that just as its impossible for a black to be racist, it would be also be impossible for "it" to admit its own inferiority, and so we perceive the Dunning–Kruger effect, a cognitive bias in which relatively unskilled persons suffer illusory superiority, mistakenly assessing their ability to be much higher than it really is.

      Its the main reason so many of us left South Africa, there is only one solution, but its still going to take a while for people to realize that the logical conclusion is the extermination of one group, whether it be black or white is irrelevant.

      Unfortunately for whites in SA the likelihood of our success is fading with every passing day as the brain drain robs us of the intellectual and financial capital required to win. The only solution is a "final" one and it needs to be done quickly like a "blitzkrieg", there can be no long drawn out war of attrition or "resistANC". It needs to be short, sharp, brutal and above all FINAL.

    5. Anonymous5:49 pm

      They received a first world country with a thriving firs world economy. What more would a wise hard working nation need or want? However a kaffir is the exception and being very short of wisdom and energy they have buggered up the country and still don't really know what they want.

    6. Anon 11:59 I have to agree with you about "short, sharp, brutal and above all FINAL". We need to mobilise, but will we and how? And to Anon 5:49, they do know what they want. They want everything. What they don't know is that that too will come to an end once they've fucked it up and what then, when there is nothing left? They are not capable of building up anything so where do they turn then? No, I am afraid it has come to the point of kill or be killed. I'm not young anymore but I definitely have no plans of departing this life at the hands of some savage fucking heathen.

    7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    8. Anonymous6:18 am

      Anon401 , There will never be peace until they hand all the have.... Rubbish , there will never be peace with the Blackman in SA ever, even if the Whites all left they would attack each other.

    9. Anonymous10:40 am

      they will die trying to get it all

  24. Anonymous11:55 am

    4 Love is patient, love is kind, it is not envious. Love does not brag, it is not puffed up. 5 It is not rude, it is not self-serving, it is not easily angered or resentful. 6 It is not glad about injustice, but rejoices in the truth. 7 It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.
    1 Cor 13:4-7

    1. Anonymous5:32 pm

      You might as well shove your holy ideas about love up your arse preacher! We are talking about and dealing with raw ignorant and arrogant greedy kaffirs here and they don't know what the hell you and your kind are talking about. If God created the boneheaded kaffir then he sure made one mighty huge "FUCK UP"! Personally I believe that old "horn head" downstairs is their creator. Preach and teach your holy words of wisdom to them first because they need it but be careful ... WATCH YOUR BACK!

    2. Anonymous6:18 pm


      Verses were wasted on this savage which is why they still live in this country.

      You should be posting these verses on the EFF site or Twitter where they call for us to be murdered.

      Do not throw pearls before swines least they turn and rend you - you should look up that verse.

    3. Yeah, Ninja, my mate, it's these fucking holier-than-thou do-good missionaries who fucked up Africa by convincing the savages they were human. Check in all the wars in Africa, who kaks first, always these dimwitted twats with their brotherly love bullshit. In Angola our section was sent to rescue 9 Irish nuns who had been abducted by the savages. I can assure you by the time we liberated them I'm sure they had no more love for the kaffir.If they did, they they were dumber than dogshit.

    4. Anonymous7:35 am

      EXACTLY! The Holy JOE'S played a huge part in supporting and protecting the ANC. The guy up front gave you some good advice ... SHOVE YOUR BIBLE VERSES UP YOUR ARSE!

    5. Anonymous8:43 am

      Re Anon 11:55

      Nou klaar gebid. Gaan nou my kettie olie.


    6. Anonymous12:16 pm

      Anon 7:35
      Where do these bible verses come from?
      I am positive that these bible verses have also been conjured up by the Illuminati that are ruling the world like the rest of our education. Besides, it is written in code words and is open to a lot of interpretation.
      People that are throwing the bible around have just not thought it through.

    7. Anonymous8:02 pm

      And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.

      Matthew 10:22

      Words from Christ.

    8. Anonymous8:38 am

      Anonymous8:02 PM
      I thought as much he even sounds like you! Goodness gracious me he sure is also a five star ventriloquist! Well I never would have believed it.

  25. Anonymous11:29 pm

    @Boere_Ninja et al...

    There ARE whites that are preparing for this. They are called the SUIDLANDERS. While thier plan to extract as many of our people as possible out of high density target areas may not be acceptable to the "stay and protect my house and family" crowd. It is intellectually, spiritually and militarily the ONLY plan I have seen that has the remotest possibility of working.

    Join up now and slot into 800K likeminded people.

    In a nutshell the plan is:
    1. Get out of the cities.
    2. Regroup in a more remote area.
    3. Defend and protect.
    4. Consider our options.

    This is a spiritually and militarily sound doctrine. We have our faith and our "voorlaiers". They have their numbers and control of vastly superior weapons. I doubt anyone really believes that one man with a pistol and one woman with a shotgun can "defend" thier home from hundreds or thousands of starving or racist masses for more than a couple of hours or minutes. Your house will be gone after the first person gets close enough to fire-bomb it.

    Remember Bloukraans... The ONLY families that survived are the ones who had enough time to laager together. The individuals who stayed alone and tried to only protect themselves ALL perished.

    The concentration of force is extremely well known. This is what the Suidlander plan is about. Extract from high risk areas. Concentrate what must be defended. Concentrate the means to defend/attack. Consider your options. It is also the most Biblical option.

    1. Anonymous6:05 am

      '...the most Biblical option.' Saying something like that could also put a lot of people off.

      Otherwise, I generally agree with the points you've made.

    2. Ninja, my bru, I have started packing my evacuation rugsack and joined Suidlanders. As you say, they offer the only viable option for the coming slaughter. I feel sorry for those people in the high density areas who won't heed the advice and are to blind to see the writing on the wall, but there is nothing one can do for them.

    3. Anonymous11:04 am


      Glad you and others are seeing the light.

      I say go for it.

      I was not a suidlander fan but what alternative do we have?

      I believe their numbers grow by the day, if their numbers exceed 2 million which I believe they could exceed soon, then we will have a chance, a shot at a referendum.

      If we have 2 mill supporting this, the other 2.5 mill will soon join us.

      I believe now they are the only alternative.

      I believe others should consider them, Im not saying jump in without doing your homework. I have zero affiliation to them and they dont know me from Adam.

      We need to start spreading Mikes word the truth now in different languages in Europe.

      We can simply take his posts and use Google translate and put them up in all European languages.

      Mike I hope you dont mind but Im going to take your articles and translate them into Swedish and hope others on here as well join me and do them for all the European languages.

      Use google translate, not the best but better than nothing.

  26. Anonymous2:33 am

    It's as simple as this:

    2 Chronicles 7:14

    if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

    The Afrikaaner(boer) nation has rejected their first love - their Creator. And pursued the god of mammon and self interest. God punished the Israelites for not keeping His Word and sent them into Babylonian captivity - read Leviticus 25&26. Solomon said that there is nothing new under the sun, what has been will be Ecclesiastes 1:9.

    God is chastising His people to bring them back to Him through desperation and persecution . He wants His people to return to Him and His ways. It is not punishment.

    I put this link to Gustav's (Suidlander) message for all to listen carefully. It's in your mother tongue:


    Drop the hatred and seek God. He is in control and He appointed Zuma the same as Nebuchanezzar. He is using the ungodly to bring His people back to Him. Time is short, the end of the age is near and things are only going to get worse. You can not fight what God has ordained for your overall benefit, with hatred and self interest. Repent and return to the old path - Jeremiah 6:16

    Unfortunately, when I read the Scriptures what I see is that His people do not repent and remain the stiff-necked and hard hearted people that we have always been - a rebellious/ adulterous bride.

    Narrow is the way and few there are who find it. To those who have an ear let them hear what the Word says.
    Faith Walker

    1. Anonymous10:14 am

      drink red cool aid much ?

    2. Anonymous11:01 am

      I smell a rat and all of these bible quotations were actually sent in by demented liberals and or ignorant kaffirs stealing a gap to try and scramble our minds. If so then “VOETSAK YOU SNAKES FROM HELL” for your day of reckoning is also recorded and is forthcoming! .

    3. Anonymous11:06 am

      When you “Bible Freaks” look for help and solutions for your natural problems from an object of fantasy in the sky then don’t be at all surprised if a little bird drops a gift wrapped parcel of shit precisely in your eye! The black on white genocide is a reality and not a fantasy and the kind loving words quoted from scripture never ever won a single “natural” war. Deeds are the necessary need and the bigger and mightier the deed performed against the black enemy here the sooner the whites will win the evil black on white genocide war.

    4. Anonymous3:17 pm

      if your faith is in your own might then good luck. The Scripture is for those with an ear to hear. Being accused of being a bible freak is the best compliment anyone could pay me. Thank you.
      Faith Walker

  27. Anonymous8:35 am

    @ anon 2:33 that's very interesting... Thank you

  28. Anonymous8:38 am

    16 Live in harmony with one another; do not be haughty but associate with the lowly. Do not be conceited. 17 Do not repay anyone evil for evil; consider what is good before all people. 18 If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all people. 19 Do not avenge yourselves, dear friends, but give place to God's wrath, for it is written, " Vengeance is mine , I will repay ," says the Lord. 20 Rather, if your enemy is hungry , feed him; if he is thirsty, give him a drink; for in doing this you will be heaping burning coals on his head . 21 Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.
    Rom 12:16-21.

    1. PreatorianXVI6:44 pm

      And how is that working with the local kaffirs for you?

    2. Anonymous11:07 pm

      To Anonymous 8:38 AM
      Good words mate but they have come to the wrong people’s blog and come too late when the kaffirs are launching a full blown genocide against them. Try putting this crap on a black blog and see how far you can get with it. Pretorian XVI 6:44 PM posted a very good question: "And how is that working with the local kaffirs for you"? Let us hear your answer mate and if you can't answer it truthfully then you can shove your words of religious wisdom right up your “azzi” where the sun don't shine

    3. Anonymous6:29 am

      Funny why you talk of evil so much.

    4. God is talking about doing good things for PEOPLE anon 8:38,... NOT the Beast of the Field.

    5. Anonymous12:41 pm

      The problem is I always do good things for PEOPLE but God has shown more favour to the beast in the field and the monkey in the tree. Looks like God somehow got His wires crossed along the line somewhere. So God better do the right thing now and do what needs to be done. This is not a mere game of cards He is playing against the Devil. It's a reality and a tragedy when the good God above has to lose against the evil devil down below. Too much fantasy in your good book fella and not enough reality.

    6. Anonymous11:55 pm

      No God did not get his wires crossed he is very specific about it you just need to understand the context and be able to interpret it. Why do you think he mentioned people and the "beasts of the field"? This does not refer to the four legged animals.

  29. Anonymous9:22 am


  30. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Welcome back! What happened Mike?

    1. Preoccupied with personal stuff and wedding plans :-) Blogging takes a second now. Sorry.

    2. Anonymous11:43 am


      Mike common - please dont make this a second now, common you know you cant.Does your Mrs to be know that your life is blogging and south Africa?

      Glad to have you bek!

  31. Numbers 33:55 (NIV)"55 “‘But if you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land, those you allow to remain will become barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides. They will give you trouble in the land where you will live. 56 And then I will do to you what I plan to do to them.’”

    1. Anonymous11:47 am


      Amen Jamie

      Now we should as the children of Jacob, all go back to scripture and realize that the only reason we sit where we are sitting is refusing to do what the old testament said...

      Remember our Lord Christ said I have not come for peace but with a sword and then goes on to say in the same book of Mathew that Christ has not come to remove the law of the prophets BUT TO ADD TO THEM.

      Today the world calls Gods law Genocide but I would rather have the world rebuke me than the Lord, they have always hated Gods law, it is the UN who is the great Satan on Earth with the filth and multitude of satanic seedlines which at every opportunity try to destroy the white man.

    2. I agree Jamie and Ninja.
      The churches twisted God's Word for their own ends.
      God's Word is the plumb line. It neatly separate's satans seed from Gods children.

      So....for those who are Christ haters, you know where you belong then, and you have chosen on which side of the line you wish to be...and that will unfortunately be with the seed of satan by default.
      Why one may ask?
      It is because with God it is either black or white. Pun intended.

      Such a shame for those whites who choose their lot with the seed of Satan. Those who are deaf and blind and have no understanding.

      Christ came only for the white man. He is the Shepard.
      Christ said, "My sheep will hear my voice". Christ said; "I am only sent for the lost sheep of the House of Israel". He showed us the way. He showed us God's generous nature and "face".
      White peoples culture, good morals, and laws have been formed on this Rock. The Rock being Christ's sound teachings and not the disciple Peter.

    3. Absolutely!!! We are suffering the results today.

  32. Anonymous12:50 am

    Hey Mike
    there's something you need to see but can't post the link on here as it involves you personally...
    how do I send it to you?

    1. Don't worry, I saw that bullshit. Some old ex girlfriend who cannot get over me dumping her psycho ass and her newly found SA friend. Two old ladies in their sixties with fuck all better to do than spread lies and bullshit on the internet. Don't worry it has been taken care of.

  33. Anonymous2:04 am

    god has not been nice to me for the last week or so,he blocked me getting into the blog!
    I am sorry if it was something I said about your burnt black mistakes, I will be good from now on,promise (not).

  34. Anonymous5:51 am

    2 Feb
    Ah - at last - welcome back to the land of the living.

  35. Anonymous7:34 am

    Back online again Mike. I was worried. Great you are back.

  36. Adrem9:48 am

    Certainly, personal matters always take priority. Just imagine, if in addition to what happens daily in the decaying SA under Black Marxist rule, ones individual life would be unbearable, how could anyone keep his sanity and survive?

    Best wishes, Mike!

  37. Anonymous11:06 am

    Here is the latest anti-white forum (nice of them to leave their contact details as well):


    1. ARAF......which means "slow" in welsh. Indeed they are.

  38. Phew, was worried you upset some feint hearted snow flakes again and the powers that be, shut you down.
    Its a very disturbing article, that is beyond comprehension for normal people. How do you get excited by a dog? Then again the "people " thats doing it, no explanation needed. A friend of mine, years ago, who owned a petrol station, came across one of his workers, pomping a tele quack. It was a yellow fluffy toy that he sold at his garage... so dogs must be a step up. As you regularly say, Thats why we had Apartheid.

    1. for sure, they are NOT the same. My ma always said: "Hulle is 'n ander Nasie"

  39. Phew! welcome back Oh great Guru Mike! I think I speak for all, we were having withdrawal symptoms!! I for one really need my Daily Dose of Mike to get me through the day / rat-race. Even have my boyfriend addicted to your site! As long as you are OK, all is well. We will be patient and await your Words of Wisdom- at your convenience of course. :-) (Please don't just disappear again, give us fair warning so we know all is well)

    1. Anonymous1:01 am

      Yeah and I nearly had a heart attack as well. If Mike intends to disappear for some reason or other then we certainly can understand that. But to be locked out behind a Google advert without a comment such as "I am ok and will be back shortly/later" message does give folks with a passionate devotion to Mike's blog a slight amount of "peace of mind". However to be locked out and the blog suddenly disappearing without a trace is a very nasty shock indeed.

    2. Anonymous1:17 am

      Big difference between the former white Apartheid and the present full blown black on white GENOCIDE! It's hard to understand that there are still people in the world that still can't/won't see it.

  40. Anonymous12:43 am


    I hate this kaffir with a passion


    And yes I am racist - I hate the seed of Satan.

    past and present living conditions for the majority.

    Its the whites fault that these kaffirs have stolen hundreds of billions or rands, probably trillions.

    Sure go eat my shit you kaffir dog.

    The church has always been behind every massacre in the world, all the genocides including Germany.

    This country, the talk is heading for war. The signs are everywhere.

    Poor old dick klerk

    Fuck head looks like the syth from Star wars.


    I just hope they also then get rid of BEE - these kaffirs make me sick, only whites can be racist. BEE/AA is perfectly fine.

    Nah this place is over. I think I should just pack my bag. Even if we survive an attack, there will be whites who want kaffirs around.

    I dont want to see one again, any suggestions of a final resting place? Iceland maybe?

    1. I read somewhere (must have the article somewhere) - they reckon the racism against blacks is in white's DNA.... what a load of bollocks. (or is it?)

  41. My brother always said he is going to print a pic of a black on a t-shirt, and travel the world. If he lands in a place where someone points to it and says: "What is that?" - that is where he will dig in his roots. Can't imagine where one could go though...South pole??

    1. Anonymous11:08 am


      When your brother finds that place, please contact me.

      I have a feeling Poland & Russia...

      And some nice looking women there as well.

  42. Liberalism is a uncurable disease much worse than HIV or Zika. It can only be cured by eliminating the host.

    1. Anonymous3:22 pm



      Why or how come Ebola nor Zikka made it to South Africa yet?

      When will it arrive?

      Cant we sponsor someone to fetch a fresh batch from Brazil or some bodies from up north? With their highly sanitized hospitals in this country, im sure they could cope with Zikka Ebola sounds like some qwaito rappers name - Zikka Ebola wetu - .

      Also notice how all these viruses only appear in 1. Either oil rich regions or 2. Part of the Brics banks or 3 Both Brics + oil rich countries.

      I wonder why?