17 January 2016

Those crazy things blacks do: Mubobobo muti and Bluetooth sex

By Mike Smith

18 of January 2016

Amongst the Shona people of Zimbabwe, a woman is not allowed to have sexual dreams, sexual fantasies or heaven forbid, wet dreams. If she notices a strong vaginal discharge in the morning then it was due to some evil man or wizard using Muti (black magic voodoo crap made from herbs and human organs harvested from children whilst still alive) to remotely fiddle with her or rape her in her sleep.

When she is awake she can then often identify the culprit who used “Bluetooth sex” on her.

Problem is that the poor men would be totally innocent and a lot of them have grown tired of these false accusations of remote rape and buggering over the years.

Man Caught Using Mubobobo In Church

65 yo man accused by 36yo daughter of using mubobobo on her

This led them to believe that a lot of these women are actually sexually starved and are using mubobobo Muti themselves to invite the men into their dreams so they can have sex with any man they like and how many they like.
Their believes have now been proven to be true:

Shock as married Zvishavane woman busted using mubobobo on men

Oh the horror!!! Imagine discovering you were the sexual fantasy of one sexually unsatisfied Esther Moyo in the picture below. EEUUWWWHHH

I bet you a gazillion Zim dollars that Grace Mugabe is using Mubobobo Muti as well.


  1. sheeez, you cant make this up....then again, I find all bonobo females unattractive to the point where the mere thought of copulation or any social interaction brings me to the point of spewing...

    1. Anonymous8:44 am

      Hey Anton I find all darkies disgusting and ugly. You only find all bonobo monkeys unattractive? Shame.

  2. Right up there with the flying spaghetti monster and Islam. I am not even shocked or surprised any more when I hear these things, you have to take it from who it's coming from.

  3. Anonymous12:00 am

    Bluetooth is a white mans' invention, so just another example of the upright simians finding their own special inimitable use of western technology.also note the Witchcraft suppression act of 2006!!!!!????

  4. Anonymous1:00 am

    This will carry forth into the next Century too. So bazaar how these Primates think, usually the Ugliest of the Ugly is pregnant , no problem. In SA there are also some other weird beliefs , in Zimpopo when Lightning strikes in a village , it is made to believe that some individual is responsible and is then with his Lot burnt alive within his Hut. In Zooloo land there is also a belief that when the male , before he goes to Jozi to Loaf he puts some muti on his wives so the next male gets stuck while rutting, and can only be released when a Family member or the Prime male is present.

    1. Anonymous1:13 am

      Just read the daily sun, plenty of kak beliefs in there lol

  5. These are ignorant villagers, Civilized whites who built great cities invented ZooPorn, having sex with animals, on camera, let's not forget childporn, must be your superior intelligence.

    1. They didn't invent it. They just filmed you lot screwing your goats and pigs and showed it to the rest of the world for entertainment. And whilst beasteality or zoophilia is the exception amongst civilised societies, it is the norm amongst you shitskins.

    2. Sorry Moloto but the Zooporn and Child porn folks even if they are White are nothing of me, to us they are just another bunch of White Kaffirs..

      You look suprised that I said that. Yes mate, White Kaffirs.! You see we don't have a problem rooting out the Kak Sleg Whites and telling them where to get off.

      My question to you is... When are you Blacks gonna get rid of the Kaffirs in your society who are raping infant babies and 80 year old women, torturing families and making the kids look while their Mother is being raped and the Father executed.. ( please bring me the white people who do this and I will make sure they have a horrible death that awaits them )

      When are you arrogant idiots going to stand up, admit your mistakes and shortcomings and stop using us Whites as your Scapegoats.?. What the Fuck are you trying to protect.? Wake up Doos..IDIOTS.!!!!


    3. Sometimes I wonder if it is even worth replying to these so called civilised zots. As Mike had pointed out, they are the inventors of these despicable acts and Boere LaCosaNostra quite rightly informed the shithead that you also get White Kaffirs, but that we ostracise them from civilised society while they tolerate theirs. No, there is only one solution and that is the total annihilation of the savage from our country. And reading all the comments on the new year's posts it would seem that more and more people are beginning to wake up to that fact. I just hope it's not too little too late because the kak is definitely about to hit the fan. As Mike quite rightly points out about the Zuma Must Fall banner thing, the cANCer are starting to panic and they are doomed if they do and doomed if they don't. Just one thing Boere LaCosa, you cannot teach the savage skills, they are bearers of water and hewers of wood. I believe The Bible.

    4. Oh no, Mohau discovered internet...now the garden is not being cleaned.

  6. Replies
    1. I just found this in the link to 198 Methods of non-violent action; Lysistratic nonaction - withholding sex as a means of forcing someone to do something. Yeah, the whole country should all stop allowing Showerhead to continue fucking us all?

  7. Adrem7:45 am

    Pathetic would be an understatement. There are things that are just beyond comprehension and hell, not in a million years, as the great Ian Smith used to say.

    On the lighter side, I propose 'Bluetooth Sex' to be made the word of the year!

  8. Anonymous9:35 am

    Well it is the 21st century you know and technology is moving forward all of the time. We already have unrestricted phone "sex for sale" on the go and easily available on a cell phone. So the black witch doctors have just grabbed the opportunity to ride upon the "sex for sale band wagon". "BLUETOOTH' is an excellent description/name for it Mike and a little bit of blue colour added to it can and will make the witch doctor's bullshit speech and robbery so much more easier for a black idiot to believe in the future.

  9. Anonymous9:30 pm


    Im told that gogo has some sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet breath, like a breath of fresh air! One lekka kiss from toothless wonder and you will never be the same!

    The day you find out that this thing is having wet dreams about you RUN.........

    You forgot to mention the vampires of Zimbabwe Mike

    Apparently she likes to plough a lot

  10. Anonymous12:43 pm

    Mubobobo...? I was thinking Maria Elisa Antonelli. Is there an app for that ?

    Regards, Besoeker