16 January 2016

The return of Apartheid…In Germany

What's the difference?

Sign during Apartheid in South Africa 1986

Germany 2016

By Mike Smith

16th of January 2016

August 2015 will go down in history as the time when everything changed in Germany. It was the month that hundreds of thousands of so called “refugees” invaded the country under the blessing of their Communist chancellor Angela Merkel.

Young Merkel in her Communist Youth (FDJ) uniform

Back then, as Germans flocked and fell over their feet to go and help the Islamist scum into their country, I had some concerns which I wrote in an article. Mike Smith: Ten concerns about the Muslim invasion of Europe aka "The Refugee Crisis"

Ironically and funny enough…In 2010 Merkel said that Multiculturalism utterly failed . Also see, Merkel said German multicultural society has failed

But then…On the 5th of September 2015 as the hundreds of thousands of Islamists arrived in München Merkel declared: Wir schaffen das which means something like: „We will do this, we will make it. We can handle it”.

Now as the refugee crisis is spiraling out of control she again said: Multi-culturalism is a sham

She doesn’t seem to know what she wants. What she says in the morning differs from what she says in the evening. How can anybody take her seriously?

On New Year’s Eve, in the cities of Köln and Hamburg, these Islamist scum, once in the country and secured, went on the attack. In typical cowardly fashion they mass attacked hundreds of white German women. Hit them, groped them, robbed and raped them.

The German people were shocked. I wasn’t. To me it was just a matter of time before it would happen.

I have even predicted a bloody race war in Europe about this. It is coming.

Self-defence schools are flooded in Germany. Gun shops are sold out. On the television news the one shop owner said he used to previously sell about 60 Pepper Spray’s a year. Now he doesn’t sell less than a hundred per day.

In the mean time the Right-wing populist party, the AfD, (Alternative for Germany) is growing stronger day by day. Demonstrations and attacks agains refugee camps are the order of the day. In Bavaria the Germans have just re-released the once banned book, Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”, in a critical edition, the first time since WWII.

The Germans are not so keen on Merkel and darling refugees anymore. In recent polls by ARD 52% of Germans are worried about the future of their country and 48% are against a further term for Merkel.

In Bornheim, near the former West German capital of Bonn, these Islamist scumbags have been banned from public swimming pools after groping of women.

German town bans male asylum seekers from pools "over the sexually offensive behaviour of some migrant men at the pool".

Banned for Refugees: Taboo zone swimming pool

Apparently the refugees get free passes to the pools to help integrate them into society. That is how they recognize them.

It is not the only city though. München is trying with posters in Arabic, Somali, Dari, Paschtu, English, French and pictures for “Analphabeten” (Illiterates) to teach this scum to respect women regardless what clothes they wear and not to swim with Burkas. They also don’t listen to female personel.

Information material reads:

Swimming rules
"No verbal or physical sexual harassment against women in any clothing!"

"No everyday clothes in the pool. Swimming trousers, swimsuits or bikinis must be made from swimming material."

"No matter what swimming clothes a woman wears, she is to be valued and respected."

"The instructions of the bath staff must be obeyed, whether man or woman."

"Be considerate. Especially to children and the elderly."

In South Africa, we know this kind of behaviour only too well. It is why we had Apartheid. It is why people say they behave like monkeys on the beach. But when we had separate swimming pools and beaches they called us “racists”.

All over Europe they are building walls and fences to keep the Non-European scum out. Putting posters up to educate these savages.

How many times have I said it before? The time will still come where these Europeans will beg us to show them how to introduce Apartheid, because once the scumbags are in…how do you get them out?

The mind boggles how any sane person could think that Islam will ever be compatible to European society and that one can integrate them.

In Christianity the central theme is a loving and forgiving God and respect and love towards others.

Central to Islam is the hatred of women, especially their sexuality. They are obsessed with it. They define women by their sexuality.

That is why they cover their women up in sheets and tent dresses. That is why women are not allowed to have passports, drive cars or leave the house without a male family member to watch her every day.

Mention this to Muslim men and they will say, they do it out of love and to protect their women.

Bullshit! The only thing they want to protect is their fucked-up, childish, fragile male ego. They are scared their women might leave them for the bigger better deal.

Ooh and don’t let a woman not be a virgin, then she is a whore. A Muslim man will lie to others that his wife was a virgin when he married her otherwise other men will think he is a loser who couldn’t get anything better and had to settle for damaged goods…in other words, a whore. A woman is not even allowed to enjoy sex with her husband, because if she does, she is a whore.

To them European women who wear skimpy dresses, bikinis and make-up are all whores and free game. They are asking to be molested and raped so why do they complain? Besides they eat pork and drink alcohol…They are there to be used and abused and be thrown away.

Problem is that when these sand niggers become the majority, they are going to insist on their Sharia laws. It is how democracy works. We have seen it all in South Africa. Thanks to democracy we now have a Marxist terrorist organization running our once beautiful country, destroying it and stealing it into bankruptcy.

Tja…to Europeans, Apartheid will start to look more and more attractive every day.

When we had Apartheid they called us “racists” and “backwards”. They said we were thirty years behind the rest of the world. Now they can see we were not thirty years behind. We were thirty years AHEAD. We were visionaries.


  1. Anonymous4:35 am

    What can you expect from Uncle,I mean Aunty Merkel the bitch grew up in the GDR just a pity Eric Honecker should have been her father,F***king commies see the dark skins as their equals . Old Eric could not face the music when the Berlin wall fell so he ran off to Chile.shows you what cowards these commies are.Merkel was in love with Mbeki,well it looked that way each time she saw him.Kaffir loving bitch

  2. Adrem5:34 am

    You are again spot on. Taking into account the speed with which these sand niggers multiply, democracy is digging it's own grave - except of course, something is done about it.
    On verra, ons sal seen.

  3. Aaaaaaah ... what a beautiful sight, libtards experiencing the consequences of years of stone throwing whilst living in the biggest glass houses!

    My popcorn even tastes better when reading this!

  4. Anonymous8:44 am

    Fuck them, they actually deserve everything coming their way.
    Anybody who opposed, boycotted & sanctioned SA during apartheid have got whats coming to them.
    No sympathies from my end.

  5. Anonymous8:46 am

    It could not have happened to a more deserving bunch of zionist lovers (France & Germany), they have been controlling the world including africa for decades, time the kaffirs & arabs show them who is boss & The UK should also not be spared.

    1. So if I understand you correctly you stand for the destruction of Europe by blacks and Muslims. Whose side are you on?

    2. Lol Mike I agree with the bruh above.
      Why are you pretending that Europe is our best maaitjie all of a sudden?
      You think these people would not bomb our children in to oblivion if we tried getting rid of their ANC puppets
      "Whose side are you on?" You ask him.
      Well any sane white saffer would sure as hell not be on the side of Europe.

    3. I am not "pretending that Europe is our best maatjie". I will never forget how the liberal Dutch, the liberal Danes and the socialist Swedes supported the terrorist ANC against us.

      I just want to know...are you now going to be just as kak-sleg and support the kaffirs and the sand niggers against all European whites? Remember, not all Europeans are liberal.

    4. Anonymous10:51 am

      The ANC were HQ'd in London for years, let the arabs & kaffirs wipe them out

    5. Anonymous1:23 pm

      Mike you should either redefine your readership target market or censor comments to avoid dumb comments like laager mentality Anarchy Rebel who most likely still has an axe to grind with the UK over the Boer War. A lot of Afrikaners are inbred and mildly to moderately retarded because of founder bottleneck.

    6. Anonymous1:17 am

      @ Anonymous 1:23
      Ffffucck you very very much!!!!

    7. Anon 1:23
      Lol how so you cheeky cunt?
      Considering you souties in SA have a even smaller gene pool.

    8. Anonymous6:48 am

      And here we go again...can't stand together hey! Rather get smoked by the heathens than standing together ever!
      Anon 1:23 it is people like you that are rotten to the core and hopefully you and your type will also perish in the next while or so!

    9. Anonymous7:39 pm

      Anon 1:23 - is that your best shot, you ignorant, small-chinned doosmoesie. You hated and despised Apartheid SA, now you are complaining (and reading this blog and want to make kak suggestions as to whom to censor) about the messed-up "New" SA again. Really, please go back to the UK with your British passport and just fok weg - DOOS! Go read comments on BBC or whatever - Wanker!

  6. Anonymous9:12 am

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    Down the path along side the lake
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    1. ...beautifully recited recently during a Republican convention by 'The Donald' Trump.

  7. Anonymous10:26 am

    As you say Mike, South Africa represents the future of the Western world. This is what it will be like for them, but maybe even worse with the Muslims.

  8. Anonymous11:24 am

    if any of these germans flee to SA as per Siener, we should enact an Apartheid denialist type of law where we put them under the guillotine if they ever oppose us again like they did 40 years ago and deny the horrors of the ANC terrorism.

  9. Anonymous11:41 am

    The Germans will have to turn to new Leadership like Men like this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCW2hxux3Ro

  10. Anonymous3:39 pm

    Anonymous11:41 AM The scary thing is that video was uploaded in 2011. Shows how what we are seeing is years and years of silent invasion already.

  11. FredBarbarossa6:06 pm

    Merkel is 'caught between a rock and a hard place'. She knows that multiculturalism is a failed policy, yet continues down that path of destruction.
    It's obvious that she is doing the bidding of some higher authority for fear of losing her position.
    No real change comes about without resorting to violence.... She and her handlers will have to be 'shot out of power'.

  12. The Germans have been mind phucked for 2 generations. Commie and green teachers and professors at every level of education. Corrupt politics , courts and unions. Add to this the gender bullshit, the falsified history and it is logical that the vast majority of males has lost their spines and cannot recognise looming danger, never mind organising and acting against it. They are paralysed by media that bullshits them 24/7 and have been manipulated to work and not to question. A modern day slave.

  13. Anonymous3:01 am

    It is obvious that this invasion has been coordinated and that Merkel was ordered to encourage this latest wave of assault, because it was obvious where it would lead. There is now ample evidence (http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/634815/Cologne-attacks-fury-migrant-sex-cover-up-refugee-event-groping-Germany) that the police, politicians and the media have been covering up rapes, assaults and sexual molestations for months, and that the exposure of this cover up this is the reason this pool is being closed for rapefugees now.

    So this coordinated assault transcends borders, governments, and forms of media. There is clearly an extremely malevolent force at work, and to say that the blacks and arabs are pulling this off on their own is absurd.

    There is an infamous book that prophecized exactly what is happening across the white christian west, and it is called "the protocols of the learned elders of zion".

    1. Protocols = Bad , bad , bad forgery... Just amazing that just about everything that's planned in it has already happened or is unfolding right in front of our eyes.. sheer coincidence off course.

    2. Anonymous10:14 am

      "bad, bad, bad forgery" implies that there was an "good, good, good" original work that was forged, could you point us to the original? If not, then how can you call it a forgery?

      It was clearly written by someone who knew what the tribe was up to, and as you say it explains everything that has happened in so many different dimensions and it explains so logically what is being done to us on an ongoing basis today, then I would have to say that it is a "good, good, good" forgery of a "bad, bad, bad" tribe's creed.

    3. Yes such amazing coincidences.... timorously unfolding before our very eyes.... Each rotten event in perfect sync with the written word of this "forgery".
      What are the statistical chances of such a raft of "coincidences"...? Unfolding in such a "random" orchestrated fashion worldwide...?
      The chances of the moon being made of cheese are greater.

      Lying destroyers run do the evil works of their father, Satan. As per the book.
      In opposition to these are the children who are blessed with a decent creative culture. They do the works of their Father, the Great I Am. As it is written in the genes, so is it written indelibly in the spirit/soul/life force/energy, and cannot be changed.

  14. Anonymous3:39 am

    Apartheid is niks in vergelyking met rasseuitwissing (genocide) nie. En dit is presies wat besig is om te gebeur in SA. Ek voel ons moet ophou om ons te bekommer en te verlustig in ander lande se teespoed, maar eerder onsself te skaad by die probleme in ons eie land.

    Raasemoord, korrupsie, haartpraak teen wittes, die daaglike aanslag teen die minderheid in SA, die dubbele standaarde wat geld in SA, die ewige stygings in lewenskostes en basiese dienste, ens. is alles dinge wat ons en ons kinders se lewens op `n daaglike basis beinvloed. Ek voel persoonlik niks vir wat met Europa en elders gebeur nie, ek vrees vir my kind en die ander miljoende blanke kinders in HIERDIE land. Watse toekoms lê vir hulle voor as ons nie NOU iets daaraan doen nie.

    En hou op om alles te glo wat julle lees. Die kaffirs is besig met `n sielkundige oorlog deur valse propaganda te versprei en rassehaat aan te hits. Hou op om die stories op die nuus te glo, die berigte in die koerante, die stories op sosiale media, ens. Die kaffirs is kak bang vir die wittes, en hoe meer ons daarop sinspeel, hoe vinniger sal die ware rasis sy kop uitsteek en dan sal alle hel losbars in SA. Dis die dag wat ons wittes, afrikaans, engels, duits, frans, almal moet saamstaan teen die kaffirs.

    En dan moet ons geen genade toon nie. Totdat al die kaffirs uit ons land is, of dood is, mag ons geen genade toon nie. Die kaffirs moet totaal en al uitgewis word, anders het ons niks bereik nie. Eers dan sal ons kan begin herbou aan ons pragtige land. Aan `n nasie met kennis, deernis en wysheid soos dit vroer was, vir ons kinders, vir ons nageslag.

  15. Anonymous7:46 pm

    The major German political parties just succeeded on banning the AfD from the upcoming televised election debates. They banded together and told the broadcasters that they would boycott any debate the AfD was allowed to participate in. That's some "democracy" they've got themselves there.