20 January 2016

The Grand Apartheid comeback in Europe

By Mike Smith
20th of January 2016

Sometimes prison is a good thing for people making mistakes…because once they come out of prison they normally have a far better understanding of their wives’ needs, because they will know exactly how it feels to be a woman and shafted like a bitch.

That is how I sometimes feel about Europe and their “refugee crisis”. It is their prison bitch experience. If they come through this, they will have a much better understanding of what we went through in South Africa when the whole world had sanctions against us and shafted us.

Sometimes I have to remain focused that these are our kith and kin and not expel a cry of Schadenfreude when I see how these Europeans are scattering around like chickens with their heads chopped off trying to deal with these sand niggers invading their countries. Sometimes I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. Amusing it definitely is.

Just the other day I mentioned how Apartheid was making a comeback and how the Germans are putting up signs and preventing raghead “refugees” from entering swimming halls.

Mike Smith: The return of Apartheid in Germany

Latest is Denmark who is introducing a language policy into their bars and nightclubs. If you cannot speak Danish, German or English you are not welcome. Their excuse is…”If you have a group of guests that comes in and displays threatening behavior, then it presents some security-related challenges if you cannot enter into a dialogue.”

Danish nightspots bar migrants by introducing ‘language controls’

See? They still think they can “enter into dialogue” with these camel jockeys and talk reason to them.

This comes after…“Women in the Danish cities of Thisted, Sonderborg and Haderslev reported they were groped and approached with inappropriate offers from foreign men.”

What is the difference to the South African situation?

Come, let us be honest for a change…In South Africa we tried to keep the kaffirs out of Stellenbosch University with an Afrikaans language policy and they called us “racists”. Now what are they going to call the Danes trying to keep the sand niggers out with a language policy?

The Danes are far worse than we ever were during Apartheid.

At the end of last year Denmark started tightening the screws on migrants. It aims to strip refugees of valuables, including cash and jewelry, to cover the costs the country bears in connection with housing them. The recently introduced bill would allow Danish authorities to claim individual items whose combined value exceeds 10,000 kroner (€1,340, $1,450).

Hey? All we did was ask them to carry a pass. For that we were called “racists”.

These are the same Danes who supported the ANC and Swapo's PLAN terrorists against us during the Apartheid years and the Border war. I remember getting hold of a PLAN ratpack once. They had better food than us! All courtesy of Denmark.

There was a reason why we had segregated busses
But coming back to Germany… In the Southern German town of Regensburg they want to introduce women only zones in busses and women only taxis with women drivers

You can read the English translation here

However…Yesterday the city council rejected the idea of women zones

Gender Apartheid? Isn’t that what they have in Muslim countries under Sharia Law? It is exactly what these Muslims want. Separate sections for women.

Nevertheless, we also had no-go buss zones for blacks. They had to sit in the back or on the second storey. For that we were called “racists”.

Now that Germany wants to introduce no-go zones for desert dwellers and whites on busses what are they going to call that?

Like my former SA Sucks colleague Grumbleguts said to me yesterday. “Mike, anytime now your phone is going to ring for help about how to introduce Apartheid in Europe”.

Green countries were the only ones
who signed Apartheid as a crime
Laugh…its coming. In 1973 when the UN declared Apartheid a “Crime against Humanity” it was only the Communist Countries in Asia, the Eastern Bloc, Africa and Latin America that voted for it. The Western democracies like the USA, Canada, the whole of Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand, never acknowledged, neither signed nor ratified the ICSPCA that Apartheid was “a Crime against humanity”.

Why not? Simple. They wanted to keep a back door open. They knew that one day they might be in the same boat as we were in and might have to introduce those exact same policies we introduced and they were so hypocritically against. We whites in South Africa should have patented Apartheid. In the future it is going to be in huge demand and we could have received royalties from it.

Look, Europe is the mother continent of us whites, so I don’t particularly want it destroyed by Jihadi terrorists, but the problem I have with Europeans (and Canadians and Australians, etc. ) is that back in the days when we had Apartheid, they actively demonstrated en masse against us, boycotted our sports and proudly boycotted our exported fruit and wine, but now when you mention the racist BEE, Affirmative Action, racist sports quotas and …brutal Farm Murders, they just shrug their shoulders and change the subject. They are not interested in the plight or genocide of white South Africans at all.

So it becomes very hard for us to have solidarity and sympathy with them during this “refugee crisis”.

I have always maintained that the reason why I inform Europeans and the rest of the world about the plight of the White South Africans is not to get any support or money for them. I just want the world to take note of it now, because in the near future a massive race war will break out in South Africa and nature will take its course. It won’t be pretty.

The rightful owners of South Africa will take their country back and chase the Noble Savages and the pet monkeys of the Europeans all the way back to the equator. Then the Europeans mustn’t ask “why?”

So maybe it is a good thing that Europe is experiencing their prison moment with the sand niggers now so that they have more understanding for us when our big moment comes. What I mean is this...When that race war comes, they must just stay the fuck out of our way, because we need to clean house and settle the score. We stop at the equator.


  1. ...and we can ask mr Trump about that wall idea...

  2. Anonymous9:47 am


    Mike I love your blog! You know I do, we all do.

    The reason being its the truth.

    Hear me when I say this, I mean FUCK all these white countries. You know I have had 2 family members murdered in this country by kaffirs, all family, close family hijacked ALL BY KAFFIRS!!!

    One family member has had 11 incidents! 11 incidents all by kaffirs - this would not be the case, was not the case when we had segregation.

    Let the Lord have vengeance.

    Anyone been to Europe knows the average European is so fucking doff, its scary. The years of inbreeding between them has resulted in pampoen koppe!

    90% of the babies I saw in prams pushed by mothers on benefits and even those in higher societies have pampoen koppe.

    If you have been to the UK or are going in there, take a peep next time, the heads the size of bodies.

    In-breeding, backstabbing mother F&£* I hope, and I mean it - I hope they get what they deserve. I have no time for liberal, backward, doff people who have zero logic.

    See the first people to cause this problem are those who fed these wild beasts with charity+ aid, all those bleeding hearts giving cash for these things sitting with flies on their mouths, crying, pot bellies - the sympathy crowed fooled them.

    They can all go to hell. Im bitter, Im angry, Im the moering, I want vengeance.

    How many of our farmers been tortured, killed, raped? Would never have happened if we were not forced into this bullshit we have now.

    I hope more of these same news stories expose their apartheid systems.


    Im sorry - All I can hope for is another 2-10 million rag tags heading for Europe, these rag tag towel sand kaffirs must do to them what our nation has had to endure for the past 22 years.

    Job losses, rapes, murders, victimization, continually calling + singing songs to murder us....

    Where have these Europeans been the last 22 years?
    What have they said?
    Who have they continued to support?

    When I see these things, I know there is a God in heaven. I really do.

    Can anyone just imagine that if it is like this right now, how will the situation be within 10 years time?

    Belgium already has 15% Muslim population! 15%! And those rag tag niggers have 3-4 wives with 3-5 kids each.

    Au revoir.

    Sipping my klippies, huge smile on my face. Nah when I read this shit, its like I have just dopped a mampur and get that warm feeling inside...

    I see a time when our future SADF troops will be called in to advise on how to liberate Europe.

    You say patent it - these fuckers are going to PAY US whether they like it or not, in some way, shape or form for what they did to this nation, they better!

    Each victim is owed compensation by the nations who forced us into this.

    Pay us for enforcing the new South Africa on the white population where we are 2nd class citizens and still accused of everything going wrong.

    1. Anonymous12:55 pm

      YES, Ninja and still paying the TAXES,FUCK CAN YOU BELIEVE!?!

    2. Anonymous11:32 pm

      Ja hulle gaan k@k. Die witmens het sleg geword. As 70% uitsterf,interbreed sal die handjie vol wat oorbly slegs deur geloof mekaar kan vertrou, dan eers sal dinge regkom. Maar ek stem saam jou, f0k al die westerse lande wat so teen ons was.

    3. Anonymous1:14 am

      don't' be so small minded to blame other nationalities for what has happened in SA. The real perpetrators are not patriotic to any one country. They are globalists who stand behind and use any 'flag' and the sheeple under that flag to front their dirty work. Whether British/American/ French or whatever, the common people have been used to implement their agenda of global domination and governance. Stop blaming other nationailites. We are all ill-informed and brainwashed individuals.
      Search Ken OKeefe who is a leading global activist against this tyranny.
      The common man across the world has been out-witted by these power hungry elite. The sooner we stop blaming our fellow humans from other countries and unite our effort the better.

    4. Anonymous9:32 pm

      Jy is n veraaier, vertel ons van die manne by Mangaung en die geld wat jy gekry het.

  3. Anonymous9:59 am


    Now this is a question which you might like to answer.

    1. What will the ANC/Blacks do here when Apartheid comes to Europe in full swing?

    2. What will the whites here do when Apartheid is in full swing in Europe. Will the liberals like that bitch Gillian Schutte still write racist articles for iol?

    2 important questions which will determine the fate of this nation.

    What will happen here?

    What I suggest is we send a kumbaya party to Europe preaching how multiculturalism can work, we should do the opposite and fuck them all over....

    It works, check us in SA - we all are so happy living together.

    Allow more gimme grants into Europe... another 3 million for each European country please and this will solve your problems.

    It will solve my problem - I want to see Europe black and fucked - like my country I have to wake up to each day to backward policies, discrimination, high crime, political leaders who walk around calling whites racist but sing songs about killing them.

    Also dont forget Rhodesia, Mozambique, Angola, Congo...

    1. Anonymous1:24 pm

      Boere_Ninja, I have a theory, which could be right.
      If we look at Genesis, chapter 1, we read God creating earth. Important, after every creation God saw IT WAS GOOD.
      Now on the 6th day God created man and told them to cover the earth.
      Verse 31: And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.
      Then Chapter 2.
      The 7th day God rested. So, as I understand it, on the 8th day God created a man from dust and blew air in his nostrils and this man came to life. Verse 7.
      And verse 8 says God planted a garden for man to live in, and created a woman for him.
      So, there where different people created. Some living on earth created on day 6, and 2 living in Eden created on day 8.
      BUT, the people on earth where GOOD, that chapter one tells us. God saw they where good.
      So, we somewhere get a creation from Satan. A parasite waiting in the dark woods of Africa for a host.
      But that is not written in the Bible.
      Back to the Bible. We all know the story of the snake (Satan). Cut a long story short. Adam and Eve have to leave Eden, and get placed on earth.
      And that is the beginning of the war against MAN. The man God created from dust. A white man, who now is in the process of being destroyed by the black man.
      Then, fast forward 4000 years to when Revelations was written, and if you study that, you will see that all these things have to take place for the final battle of Armageddon.
      The only way you ever going to get a one world government, is to destroy white culture, outbreed them, out vote them in their own countries, label them as evil racists, and murder them.
      In my opinion, this world could end within the next 100 years. The blacks need about 3 generations to out vote any white in any country world wide.
      And now, the invasion has begun and USA, UK and Europe will be taken over by this parasite.

    2. Anonymous10:46 pm

      If God created Adam by "breathing dust into his nostrils", then why on earth did he send an angel to rape and impregnate Mary to produce his "son?"

    3. Anonymous12:38 am

      And the book of Revelation confirms that the globalists have their way with their 'one world government' - for a short while that is.
      Big Ears

    4. Anonymous12:47 am

      "rape and impregnate Mary to produce his "son?"
      Were do you get this sick and twisted idea from.
      If you are sick dont put words were it does not belong!

    5. Anonymous1:22 am

      you are living proof that a little knowledge is dangerous. Stop reading crap on the web and do your own research into what the Scriptures state - with a humble mind and on your knees first. Then you will not make such arshole statements like this.

    6. @ Anon 12:47 AM

      Read the book "Jesus the man" by the Australian biblical scholar and theologian Barbara Thiering.

      She makes the case that Jesus was from the Esene comunity. Their priests were named after the Archangels like Michael and Gabriel. They had a practice where a virgin would be impregnated by one of these priests and then married off to an older man. Hence the angel Gabriel visiting Mary and telling her she was going to have a son, etc.

      See this link:


    7. Anonymous6:36 am

      Try reading the Bible Mike.That way you won't need to show desperation by refering to the dysfunctional thinking of an Australian (who you claim you don't like) feminist advocating androgyny.

    8. Anonymous10:17 pm

      You're playing with fire misinterpreting scripture like that. Who are you to put words in the mouth of God? Do you think somehow the color of your skin entitles you to misinterpret the bible. From someone who claims to know the bible that is a very foolish thing to do.

  4. We stop at the equator ? I think you have underscored the size of turf, Mike as well as the money and trained people needed , notwithstanding the huge population between here and there . Another thing is that we do not have 250 000 well trained soldiers and 300 000 on standby . And with the shitty equipment in the army at present we wont even reach past the border. Resources like fuel and ratpacks and amunition etc will be gone . It will have to be a completely different strategy . Maybe you know of one but I dont . We are so wide spread now .
    And they have doubled their population . We are also not unified enough . Most have no training and dont know a thing about guns while the majority who once had have handed them in . Maybe boer maak plan maybe it will work , but if it doesnt it death to all .

    1. Anonymous3:08 pm

      Michael. I served PF in the old SADF when my career there came to an end because of a stubborn RTC attitude, I did not stop being a soldier. I took all that I could into civy street where it has benefited me greatly especially the ability to persevere through tough moments, But I have also continued in my private capacity to study military doctrine I have read thousands of hours of battle accounts of armies who should have had an easy win lost because of the most stupid reasons very often the personal pride of the commander to refuse advice from lower ranks, and on the other hand where small military forces who should have been easily decimated in a day at the end of a month have sent their greater enemy forces disarrayed into full retreat. I have also tried to understand why after the Bophuthatswana viljoen incident there has been no large scale show of militia force amongst whites. I think our basic training and military unit structure we inherited from the british could be a reason Where we were so drilled into a rigid command from the top that we have lost our ability to think independent instead we wait for the leader to tell us what to do. and if he does not then we sit and wait. Where as when Yugoslavia broke apart in the 90s men immediately formed militias and started action why? because their fathers who joined the partisans to fight against the Germans during WW2 told their sons if you want to defend and protect yourselves and families band together in militias like we did. So forget about 250 000 men for the moment and think 25 and square of an area 50km by 50km, control that area creating a no go zone. for enemy forces at the same time develop a humanitarian crisis on their hands by driving the local pop out and into one of the major cities. seize, clear, hold

    2. Anonymous10:08 pm

      In the old days in the SADF one was told ...
      It will only take us a month before we are in Cairo

      Sadly it took MUCH longer than a month to never get past Cuito-Cuanavale -- after THREE attempts

      Guns bullets etc etc and the bravado of MR Smith will NOT do the trick.

      THINK ; the end of the supermarket, think the end of Western "AID" -- think mass starvation and pestilence

      The "Black-death" killed off two-thirds of Europe's population -- and led to the end of the feudal system !

    3. Anonymous12:30 am

      Anon 3:08 is right. Small squads that deny movement, small guerrilla strikes against weak points. Keep moving and hit them hard, melt away once the enemy is mustered. Slowly eat their resources and will power. Destroy their infrastructure small chunks at a time. The biggest error these black terrorists make is to think that superior numbers on a modern battlefield is the key to success.

      Anon 10:08 I like the way you think, no water and no food and electricity will dump these terrorists back into the stone age. So many options, yet so little awakened minds to help with the task at hand.

    4. Anonymous1:44 am

      And in the meantime the whites continue to fund their enemy with their taxes. The white minority pay most of the taxes. If the tax stream were to stop for a few months the ANC would fall to pieces. This is your biggest weapon.

    5. Anonymous2:02 am

      I am afraid your first interpretation is incorrect
      "They" are NOT thinking -- modern or battlefield or anything else -- just pure basic animal survival
      There is NO place to hide ( initially )
      The numbers are just too overwhelming as well as EVERYWHERE. All "they" need are sticks and stones.
      How fast can you shoot and how much ammo do you have ?
      The ONLY way is a concentration in a defensible place ( in the middle of an area that has NO natural resources.
      "They" starve and die of thirst BEFORE they get anywhere near you.
      Have you really thought about the end of the "supply-chain" as we know it ?
      NO food ( no supermarket) , NO water , NO power , NO fuel , NO outside help
      How many are going to survive ?
      Not very many in the big cities -- think ZOMBIE movies.
      Do you know the statistics of rounds expanded to anyone killed ?
      In any case well used artillery is THE killing machine
      How many do YOU have ?

    6. Anon 10:08 You're way of target. We didn't want to get past Cuito Cuanvale. We were fighting a defensive action, not an offensive one. The aim was to stop the Cubans increasing the size of the foothold they had established in the area. And, I think, we succeeded admirably with a handfull of men. Get your facts straight before you come on here and sprout kak. And we achieved even after the Air Force had fucked it up by getting the scale of the aerial recce photos wrong which resulted in the paras being dropped on the wrong side of the river. In '75 we were on the outskirts of Luanda in a matter of weeks with a limited force until the Yanks pulled the plug on us. So, yes Cairo in a month was not all that far-fetched if we'd gone full force.

    7. Don't know if this has been posted here, but it's clear that we will have an outsider who's going to join the party.. Uninvited guest maybe.? How many vehicles do you count.??

      Sorry Mike don't think their going to respect our wishes to stay out of this, unless I've got it mixed up.? Doubt it though.


    8. Then when you're done, watch the 'You are Animals' video in the suggestion box.

      This Man is welcome to become SA's next president..

    9. Anonymous10:45 am

      Just ask Colonel Breytenbach whose forces were so far north in Angola he had to stand on a crate to reach it with his pointer to the shock of the brass he was briefing.

      Any Paratrooper will tell you that if we had 6000 as opposed to a couple of hundred and got the go ahead, we'd have taken most of Africa rapidly even without massive logistics lines. In contrast to a Western Coalition army of several hundred thousand that couldn't even secure one paltry middle eastern country whose army had been destroyed and dismantled.

    10. Any paratrooper will tell you he was just an infantry soldier that could jump out of a plane. Nothing special. Elke bok kop is 'n fok-op. Wings or not bra.

    11. Anonymous3:31 pm

      Well Mike it must have been special to be one after all there was such a high failure rate. what about you did you ever push yourself to the limit so that you could have that privilege of jumping out of a perfectly functioning aircraft with a static line pumpkin parachute.

    12. Well personally I do not think jumping out of a perfectly functioning airplane is heroic. It is stupid. But to take up your challenge...I will jump out of the plane with you if you come under the water with me.

    13. Anonymous11:44 am

      I see there is still lots of misinformed propaganda about Angola
      Fact is there were THREE attempts on the Tumpo Triangle
      NONE were successful in fact THREE Olifant tanks were lost to the Cuban forces ( minefield)
      What happened to the mine clearing rollers ?
      What did the Cuban / Russian anti-aircraft and missile defenses look like ?
      Could any SAAF aircraft operate in Southern Angola ?
      What happened at Calueque ?

      Around 1pm, twelve Cuban MiG-23's based at Lubango and Cahama, flew at tree height to Ruacana, were spotted by SADF units but were unable to signal an air attack fast enough as the planes turned and headed to attack the hydroelectric dam at Calueque.[3]:245[4]:165 Two bombed the bridge over the Cunene river and destroyed it, damaged the sluice gates while another two bombed the power plant and engine rooms. A fifth plane bombed the water irrigation pipeline to Ovambo, destroying it.[3]:245 One of those bombs from the fifth plane exploded between a Buffel and Eland 90 killing eleven SADF soldiers on ammunition escort duty.[4]:165 Two Cuban planes were hit by 20 mm AA guns and one crashed on its way back to its base in Angola.[3]:245

      The South African soldiers retreated back towards the SWA/Namibian border, crossing in the late afternoon.[3]:244[5]:453 As described above, the air attack part of the Cuban operation went ahead but their ground forces retreated back to Techipa after the clash.


      This was fighting CUBANS -- not the Russians or Germans or British or North Vietnamese
      Even with 50,000 SA soldiers the outcome would have been the same !
      Yes I have jumped out of perfectly good aircraft , been in one that crashed , and been under the water !

    14. Anonymous3:30 pm

      Mike apologies for late reply "work" I am 3:31 don't know what 11:44 is on about & why Angola always have to come up with everything. Anyway I was not meaning to challenge you to jump out of an aeroplane, but rather curious to know whether during your national service did you ever attempt the bat selection? One thing is for sure wearing a bok kop, yster hoender or a compass rose will not save us from mess we are in because those symbols without the institution of the old SADF mean absolutely nothing and they did not save us then so how can we rely on them to save us now, we should rather adopt new strategies that have worked for other minority groups. By the way Mike I really don't feel like doing a jackstay obstacle dive in the dark minus mask and fins and having to buddy breath with you on your dv, because I cant afford all that diving gear.

    15. @3:30. No I never attempted a bat selection. Not that I was scared, I just had other interests. BTW, I have two sets of gear so you don't have to buddy breath with me on my DV, besides that is what the octo is for ;-)

      11:44 is an idiot.

    16. Anonymous2:13 pm

      11:44 is accurate and truthful
      Why not try and dispute the facts rather than insult the messanger.
      Perhaps you cannot ?
      I begin to lose any faith in the "opposition" --Probably going to suffer the same fate as those okes in BOP
      Tell us what happened there -- Mr Smith ...

    17. Anonymous3:36 pm

      Mike, about the equator. What makes you think the Russians will not step in considering the blacks and the Ruskies have been in bed for generations?

  5. "because we need to clean house and settle the score. We stop at the equator."

    Well written Mike.

  6. Anonymous10:51 am

    Ja nee, no comment.

  7. Mike Miller10:52 am

    Bold steps begin with bold words such as these.

    Carry on.

    1. Which Mike Miller are you, my mate Bulldog?

    2. Mike Miller8:16 am

      The former Marine in the snowy hills of Tennessee...

  8. Anonymous11:03 am

    Equator? fuck off with that noise. We stop at the artic circle.

  9. Anonymous11:18 am

    I will carve a path alongside you gentlemen when the time comes. Vaalpens

  10. Anonymous11:54 am

    So basically most of the civilised, non-communist, non-shithole countries didn't sign.

    Even Asian countries would have agreed with us to a certain extent such as Japan, South Korea and Thailand. They're capitalist, nationalist, hate communists, don't like blacks and developed their countries from poverty by hard work and learning from others.

  11. This article is so inaccurate I will recuse myself from comment to avoid any embarrassment on the blog owners name.

    Of course if anybody wants to challenge me, they are welcome especially on the part where the western world were supporting us.

    1. Are you also the same person as Anon 4:51PM below?

      Just coming on here and saying "the article is inaccurate" without pointing out what is inaccurate is the same as shitting on someone's porch and running away.

      If you spot any inaccuracies, kindly feel free to point them out and we can discuss or debate them.

    2. Anonymous1:16 am

      Mike did not suggest that the western world supported us, by not being a signatory does not mean a supporter by default. Besides, the nitty gritty details at this point in time are only important to those that will fulfill future leadership roles, for now the main point is that people need to catch a wake up because there is a race war busy erupting. Time is critical, people need to prepare, fuck the details. I couldn't give a damn who knows what about apartheid, right now I do give a damn about who is ready to face the onslaught by these savages. I can't feed and protect everyone around me, if they just caught a wake up they could feed and protect themselves. FFS man, now is not the time to allow details to divide us. If captain retard next to me thinks green aliens are responsible for apartheid I don't give a toss, as long as captain retard is pointing his gun in the right direction and our woman and children are behind us then I'm smiling. We need more captain retards who know fuck all as long as they are prepared with us than one man army rambos with a klippies and cola in one hand and a 9mm in the other sowing division right now.

    3. Anonymous8:20 am

      Thats the right attitude!

  12. Anonymous12:40 pm

    It is important to distinguish between the wishes of the people and the decrees of Europe's totalitarian governments. Note that Merkel et al have never held a referendum on 3rd world / non-White / Muslim immigration into Europe.

    It is clear that at least some people in Europe do not want the "refugees" and are implementing their own "Apartheid". However, traitors such as Merkel are implementing a Grand Apartheid - one without Whites in Europe which is why White, Ukrainian refugees fleeing the civil war in Ukraine are not allowed into Germany. IF a White Genocide through population replacement implemented by Europe's leaders is difficult to believe then check it out for yourself - http://www.fr-online.de/flucht-und-zuwanderung/migration-ukrainern-droht-die-abschiebung,24931854,33550918.html

  13. Anonymous12:45 pm


    Mr Mike Smith Here Is Something For You

    Let me tell you how they will consult with you...

    Someone is going to take your material "Opening Pandoras Box" and make a documentary to sell Europe on apartheid as the only solution.

    Maybe you should sell a kindle version called Apartheid - Europes only solution - now that would sell, then translate it into every European language.

    Simply change the intro for every country, their statistics and paint a picture of their future then lead into the rest of your book...

    Let me tell you Mike you will have a best seller in EVERY European language, it will become the Mein Kampf of Europe but without the mess and gas chambers...

    You might have a statue in every country in western Europe for waking them up.

    Think about it, you have a chance to change the future and fast - but then again....hmmm I like seeing these fuckers suffer

    Money or revenge?

    I guess its for the truth.

    Mark my words.

    You heard it form Boere_Ninja first

    It wont be long either.

    Then its going to be like a Ferrari going down the highway at 250 miles per hour, when the whites here realize they have been rioting, feeling guilty with the floppies for 22 years - ALL FOR NOTHING!!!

    Go For It Mike - Ride the wave like the Immigrants are riding the waves to get to Europe - take advantage of the situation + its the truth!

    1. That's a very good idea. make a You Tube presentation of 'Pandora's Box'. It would be very helpful to have an 'accessible' way for others to learn what you have to teach.

  14. Anonymous12:54 pm

    I think that it would be more helpful have less "we'll show you how to implement apartheid" and maybe more "here are the lessons we learned when we trusted our leaders that this would all end well - Europe take note and learn from us and save yourselves and your children from a terrible fate - a 1-way ticket to the 6th Century, ISlam-style.".

    There are many parallels between the transfer of White minority rule in SA and the transfer of the majority of Europe's population to a Non-White Muslim majority by 2050. For example, Sweden will become a 3rd world country in the next 20 years.

    I feel that articles warning the Europeans about how we trusted our leaders that this would all end well, how most Whites were lulled into thinking the Blacks would just want to peacefully coexist with us and share the country and sit round the same fire singing Kumbaya...

    European leaders and media are telling the Europeans that Multiculturalism (Rainbow Nation) and immigration (Transfer of White Rule to Non-White rule) are good and necessary.

    Of course we as South Africans can see now that our leaders were traitors and that nothing we ever do for the Blacks will ever be good enough. No matter what we do for them, no matter much we give them, no matter how many times we say we are sorry, none of it will ever be enough or good enough for them - they will always want and demand more. The same goes for these Muslim immigrants into Europe.

    The reality of Europeans is that they will become a minority in their own country. Their leaders have betrayed them. Nothing they will be able to do for these Muslim immigrants and their descendants will ever be enough.

    When you feed a wild animal and it is used to food, the day there is none, it will attack. And if there are more of them than there are of you, you have a big, big problem.

    1. Anonymous1:35 am

      The ANC/EFF will not stop until they have stripped whitey of everything. They have waited patiently for 21 years until they have established themselves in all the strategic positions - government/police/military and whitey with past experience in these areas are old and tired. Also a new 'liberal' Afrikaaner has emerged. The time is now right to further the plan and take back what they believe is rightfully theirs. The food shortage in SA is no coincidence nor is it just due to the drought. They have intentionally embarked on reclaiming farmland in order to create a food shortage. This way they can control the masses and use the starving desperate indigenous to drive the revolution. Coming soon to a town near you. This type of chaos is being pursued and implemented in most traditionally 'white ruled'
      countries as well for the greater plan - 'order out of chaos' - the new One World Order.

    2. Anonymous3:14 pm

      Correct 1:35 the anc have slowly swallowed up the state and now there is no diff, the state is anc and anc is the state. Is this something new The presidency or have they just not used it the past when making statements.

  15. Anonymous4:51 pm

    And what about the "Comprehensive anti apartheid act of 1986", passed by US Congress & its implications for Europe & others ?

    Then there is the London HQ of the ANC from 1978 - 1994.

    This article above is deliberately distorting facts to serve narrow minded or ill informed opinion & objectives & its author does not have the courage or backbone to research outside the scope of propaganda contained on many sites.

    Has the author of this story ever worked in an intelligence capacity or department of the former NP ?

    I doubt it.

    There is more to the story than merely this.

    1. It is clear you have not read my "Opening Pandora's Apartheid Box" series. The CAAA is dealt with in Part 27. I have also mentioned it in many other articles.

      The rest of your ignorant, insulting bollocks above you can shove up your arse.

    2. Anonymous10:03 pm

      Perhaps he has worked for MOSSAD ?
      One dare not say ANYTHING ill of the scheming jews.

    3. Anonymous3:08 am

      When you have worked in the old NIA, security branch for the NP, then I might take your word for it.

    4. Anonymous6:23 am

      Ja the national party, what a bunch of clowns when it came to facing the anc, codesa sorry codeadsa. Flush out your head gear, we were handed over to the wolves by the idiots of the np.

  16. Agree. Mike always spot on. When we all said it would never work (rainbow nation) we were called negative. We knew what and who we were dealing with. A leopard does NOT change its spots. Its true that to predict the future one has to look at past history. Blood river et al. How is it all going to end? Talk is cheap. What is our nation doing to mobilize itself? Too many are unfit, unarmed, untrained and uninformed. A good option would be to get involved with the Suidlanders. They at least have a plan.

    1. I agree, however the Suidlanders organization is an Emergency response plan in case of disaster. I read on their website that they do not have an offensive strategy, so it is imperative for every white person who is serious about his/her and their children's survival in this country, to educate themselves with basic fire-arm handling and military strategies. I have never participated in war and never wish to do so, but here in South Africa, all the signs point toward it. We should all learn and prepare while we can

    2. Anonymous2:11 am

      would the Suidlanders really display a military type strategy on their 'Home' page. Really

    3. We all know for a fact that we are not going to take up arms or at least not before the shit hits the fan. Yes i know that some people are preparing in secret but even they wont take up arms because they do not wish to become another boeremag example.
      The Suidlanders organisation is the only organised (Afrikaner white ) group that have the logistics to do anything when the shit starts and having excess to it is vital for anyone who wants to survive the coming war. They have leaders and under-leaders and even lower level group leaders in every town and province with an estimated membership of about 800 000 individuals. They are even building a foreign based support group with other nations who share the same values as the Boer and Afrikaner volk. Now that is an army you can start to work with because less than that and you will find it tough surviving the onslaught of millions not only from SA but the entire African Union' and their military( Which by the way are already doing practice runs in SA www.sanews.gov.za/africa/largest-au-military-exercise-kicks) .
      They have different departments ie communication, defense, finance etc and it is starting to look like a mini cabinet of a country, so whether you join them or not its better than defending your family at your home where it will take me less than 20 minutes before making a hole through your ceiling and in to your house. They say they do not have an offensive strategy but their silent partner groups do. If they did not take the root of promoting themselves as reactive instead of offensive they wouldn't exist today.
      Check out their website and click on the suidlander logo at the top for english( not as up to date as the afrikaans site) but loads of info on survival gear and tactics and also the list of towns and leaders. I truly believe that should the war start their members will be the first to get and spread the correct info. Rather safe than sorry right?

    4. Donycero, thanks mate. I have just joined them. You're right about them being organised. This is the first I'd heard about them???? Spread the word and join people. It is our only hope when the shit hits the fan shortly to let as many people as possible know about them and join. 800 000 members is indeed heartening!

    5. Anon 2:11am, valid point. They won't display sensitive info...but I still believe that arming, educating and preparing yourself must be the first step. If you are prepared and can fight, it would make a small but necessary difference difference to the Suidlanders. Imagine if every white was fit and ready for war armed with knowledge and strategies.
      Anyway, I am going to contact the person in my area for the Suidlander group.

    6. Anonymous1:46 pm


      I have mixed feelings about Suidlanders.

      I think their heart is in the right place, they probably have a plan if something happened.

      But what we need now is an emergency support team like Suidlanders for evacuation but BUT BUT we need to start assembling quietly but aggressively a white army.

      The British are stoking the flames here, Malema was more than likely told how easy it is to defeat the Afrikaaners and told how easily the British did it.

      They have in all likeliness convinced them with the right fire power that they can do it no problem.

      Hence why they are now so brave and why so much anti white sentiment so early on in the year.

      Interesting times my people, interesting times.

      But it is time someone with balls started gathering this nation and training the youth - is there no one who can see the signs?

      I hope it doesnt come to that but living on a hope is like waiting, reactive. We cant be reactive when we are outnumbered 30 to 1.

      Time for training camp!

      Basic firearm training and some technical skills can be taught over 2 days, the basics but important basics. We need a drive to start training the whites here, these lot must not think we will go down without a fight.

      Here is my motto....

      If we cant have it, neither can they. We make sure its a nagasaki situation if it comes down to it... We send them some sun to peel off those skins. They will soon get the message.

    7. Anonymous9:36 pm

      hit stirrer Ninja, trying to sell out Suidlanders, like in the past....money must burn your arse!!

    8. Anonymous9:37 pm

      Jy is n veraaier hier gaan jy alweer, breek ander af, wat het jy al gedoen, behalwe stook op FB en ense veraai vir geld?????
      Jy is n groot bullshitter

    9. Anonymous1:43 am

      Suidlanders .....
      Are these the guys that told everyone to go into hiding when Mandela passed ?
      Then later emerged sheepishly when nothing happened !
      They have called "WOLF" so many times now one can hardly believe a thing they say.
      Intelligence ?
      That must be what it says on the box ..... !

  17. Mike, I wonder if you really understand just how badly the Afrikaners were portrayed here in Canada. You weren't just said to be racists, you were made out to be the scum-of-the-earth. There was actually a semester-long course of 'The History of South Africa' at my college, primarily to malign you. I was thrown out of university in 1989 for supporting Apartheid, of course they didn't come right out and say that that was the reason I was being forced out.
    I wish the students could have read your 'Pandora's Box' series, not that it would have made any difference, at least not back then, but with what they will soon be facing it would have made for a good I-told-you-so.

    1. Anonymous1:38 pm


      And the result?

      God has vengeance.

      Today Canada is being excluded from talks because their head who happens to be an Indian doesnt agree with France, the US, UK, other European countries on IS.

      All these countries will be gone within 30-40 years - The Afrikaner will still be here!

      Racial profiling is the only way to survive, without your race you are nothing.

      Canada so much to say, Aus so much to say, NZ, so much to say but mind you dont forget it was these same people who came to fight during the Boer war and they got their asses kicked.

      And what did they do their indigenous populations?

      Im still waiting to see a native Indian govern Canada, Maori in NZ, Abbo in Oz - when that day comes, then we can chat about equal rights until then, they should continue shagging their sisters.

      Close to 1 million fought our people.

      So I would also still be pissed off, if 75,000 untrained soldiers gave close to a million a run for their money....

      Mustangs brought from the US in their thousands to assist the troops put an end to the rebellion in SA.

      There is a God in heaven, just wait and see. His vengeance is mighty, he laughs at nations that try destroy his nation.

      Europes problems today are because of what they did to us. Read the book of Esther about racial mixing.

      It is forbidden. Today, the world full of violence, full of racial mixing is a sign of the times, including the Church and its homosexual stance - without delving into the bible too far.

      Their love of Gold blinded them.

    2. Anonymous2:28 pm

      We have "THE CHOSEN ONES" to thank for the racial mixing and the promotion of all forms of perversion in our society.

    3. Anonymous12:48 am


  18. Anonymous11:49 pm

    Pete, did your semester-long coarse not include all the atrocities brought to South Africans by virtue of 1) bombing of innocent women, children and babies 2)burning people alive by putting tires around their necks and setting them alight 3) terrorist attacks in public areas by the ANC, PLAN 4) relentless onslaught on the South African education system with the ANC slogan "liberation before education".

    All the above were brought to you by the then loved-by-everyone-not-south-african ANC, PLAN, APLA and die-konte-wil-sweets-hê.

    Funny how everyone outside of SA were criticizing not apartheid, but the white man in SA. Not ever thinking that the Marxist communists were playing everyone and spreading false propaganda (like they are doing today still) but forgot that the kaffirs never wanted democracy in the first place. Kaffirs know only one thing, and that is the law of nature. And their law stipulates that only the strongest will survive, not the fittest, not the smartest and definitely not the hardest working. That is all they understand.

    Now, anyone who does not understand the nature of the kaffirs, are by virtue of the law of nature, redundant in the eyes of the kaffirs, and you WILL be dealt with accordingly. That is it, finish-en-klaar.

    That said, there is only one way to deal with all kaffirs and that is with absolute brute force and brutality. That is it, finish-en-klaar!

    1. Anonymous12:16 am

      Agree, you either dominate these savages or you get dominated by an inferior ape-like creature. Destroy.

  19. Anonymous1:18 am

    Readers here really need to see the bigger picture and stop believing that other nationalities are the enemy. We are all being used by the global elite to further their agenda of global control. We are all their ill-informed and brainwashed sheeple. What is happening in SA is taking place across the world - multiculturalism and white genocide. We all have a common enemy and we must unite to fight this attack. Look up Ken O Keefe - he is an ex marine and now activist who has awoke to the deceit and is well informed.

    1. Anonymous2:35 pm

      Anon 1:18, if you are a South African, I want to congratulate you on being one of few that have figured things out.

  20. Anonymous1:37 am

    This is the new generation of Afrikaaner - the apologetic liberal.


  21. Anonymous2:01 am

    The method being used by the ANC in SA to destroy whites is crime. Crime will continue to increase with more and more murders of whites. Of course blacks will die as well but the blame will be put on spiralling crime due to depsarate, jobless and starving, black masses. No one will see that this is a planned elimination and no one will be able to pin the blame on the government.

    1. Anonymous4:13 am

      But they will be brought to book. That you can be sure of.

  22. On one of the building sites here in the UK, one of the WHITE labourers (maybe 20yo) asked me if it was true that during the time of Apartheid, the White population were allowed to shoot any Black on sight. I replied that it was true. He asked me if I had shot any Blacks. Yip, I said, I had shot hundreds as had other Whites. I added that there was a quiet time on Sundays, though, as the old people slept between 2pm and 4pm, and no shooting was allowed during those hours. Odd thing was that he believed me. And they called us Whites in SA dumb!!!

    1. Brilliant Man. In all this seriousness I managed to have a good laugh just now.

      Just imagine...

      " Oupa kan ek n houtkop gan skiet asb?"

      " Nee jou klein Kak. Ek en Ouma gaan nou slaap, na 4 kan jy gan. Vat my .303 as jy gan, die .38 Special se bullets is klaar van jou en jou broer se geskiet van gister."

      Those were the days.

      Sorry guys didn't mean to intrude on your debate here, please carry on.

    2. HEHEHE Grumbles...When you show foreigners pics of your home town, tell them that if they look closely they will see the elephants and lions in the people's back yards...then watch how they strain their eyes to actually see them. Priceless.

    3. @L Cloete
      en jy gee nie weer die haelgeweer vir jou sussie nie. Tannie Hettie sal nog 'n hele maand in die hospitaal moet le. Die dokters soek nog aanmekaar om die haelskoot uit haar hol te kry.

    4. And don't forget that the male Zebras are black with white stripes and the females are white with black stripes.

    5. Anonymous8:31 am

      That's some funny shit rat thar!

      Its true that they really do believe it and you cannot blame them really. Remember this is the shit they were fed via official channels and the media for years. The thing is that the ANC with their mates the Soviets and Chinese were absolute masters at media manipulation and they played the victim to a level that deserves multiple Oscars (the little statue Oscar that is) I had an American guy tell me that he too would have taken up arms if his peoples women and girls had been kidnapped and sold en mass to rich white families as sex slaves! Go figure. I then informed him of the "Immorality Act" one of the evil pillars of Apartheid but they were never told about that because it would've derailed their narrative. You can't blame the poor dooses for being ignorant.

    6. Anonymous12:59 pm

      Anon 8.31
      It seems you are as ill-informed as the yank. I suggest that you look into who created Communism both in Russia and China. The very same cabal run Hollywood and control most of the world's media.

  23. Anonymous2:55 am

    Hallo Mike
    Het jy statestieke van hoeveel kaffirs daar was vs Blankes in SA vanaf n 100 of so jaar terug, of waar sal ek dit kan kry. Die rede hoekom ek dit soek is om vir n dom oningeligte Fokker te wys dat die kaffirs meer geraak het toe Blankes regeer het. Ek het ook erens gelees hoe die houtkoppe voordeel getrek het uit apartheid en ons belasting vir hulle ontwikkeling gegaan het, waar kan ek die artiekes kry.
    Hoor graag van jou.

    1. Anonymous4:42 am

      Anonymous2:55 AM


  24. 3.08am is that you pompies

    1. Anonymous6:25 am

      No. But here I am.

  25. Anonymous6:20 am

    Who could live like this. Shoot out in Cape Town.


  26. The reason your Canadian Australian and European friends and relatives shrug and change the subject when you mention Quotas BEE and Farm murders is because they are White SAn fatigued, just admit apartheid was a crime against humanity and move on, for almost 20 years you've been sending them emails about impeding white genocide, and other ones about your new Full house Bakkie with the full after market Kit, and the upcoming holiday in plett, this may come as a surprise but other people besides South African whites have problems,no one cares.

    1. Anonymous11:21 am

      Actually, it's the opposite. It's different now. People overseas are now telling ME how bad Zuma and the ANC are and shake their head at the current state of SA and the level of crime.

      It's only in SA where the ANC is defended in the media, in the UK they are scathing and aren't pulling any punches anymore. It's the same in the US too.

      The current regime is making everyone worse off in the long-run. Unemployment is far higher, Rand is at its worst in history, corruption is highest, crime etc.

    2. Anonymous1:29 pm


      A crime against humanity which gave blacks $280 billion, in todays money close to $1 trillion, in order to uplift them from the bush /stone age and bring them into the 20th century.

      Fuck off kaffir dog!

    3. Anonymous6:28 pm

      I smell filthy negroid odor. Your little primitive black brain does not even know what genocide means. I don't blame you, you were born retarded. Wear your cursed black shitskin with pride my boy. Eat while you can, the party is just about to start worldwide and you and your kind are the main attraction. Now, GTFOH!!! you stink.

    4. Anonymous6:54 pm

      Oh, BTW, crimes against humanity? I guess it is a crime that the negroid population in South-Africa jumped to over 900% since we had the misfortune of laying eyes on you lot - let that sink in (if your tiny little mind can comprehend that) You primitive blacks have not even considered the wheel or chairs or tables or metalworking or shipbuilding when we found you. Your little brains were not ready for our advanced systems, it still isn't. Evidence can be seen in the streets, the school system, the health system, the workplace, everywhere we look, we can see that you blacks are still not ready to rule over anything or anyone for that matter. It'll take about another 500 years before you blacks are on the level whites are now. We are worlds apart, you can never catch up now. Face it, you blacks broke everything, you stole everything, you killed everything. Once this dust has settled, you will never be allowed close to us again. You destroyers of life stay the fuck away from us. You bring only death, disease and misery to anyone you meet.

      Everything is well documented and written up, history will forever portray you lot as the most evil race of people this world has ever seen. I can only thank God that we are almost rid of you blacks one way or the other. Crimes against humanity? You negroid people are the crime against humanity. The joke's on you bud, and you don't even know it. LOL!

    5. Not even in 500 years....they can never catch up. Its written in the genes.

  27. Anonymous8:32 am

    The Biznews website just got shut down by 'the Presidency' for reporting 'lies' about Zuma leaving before the start of a debate...not a good sign as the site owner Alec Hogg have been very critical of Zuma and the ANC.

    First the comments on news sites, then theanti-ANC websites..

    They must feel like they are really stating to lose control

  28. "...because we need to clean house and settle the score. We stop at the equator." Well said! Love it!

  29. Anonymous1:27 pm


    Can you believe this bullshit article?


    Blacks forgive whites?

    Really, blacks must forgive whites? When whitee pays for everything.

    Is it the white mans fault that when he arrived they had no form of money or any brains?

    Im so sick of this bullshit in this country mentioning the race card.

    See they want to brainwash the people in this country, hence why they stopped allowing comments on their news sites.

  30. Anonymous6:16 pm

    I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all the blacks and liberals of ZA. You just killed the Rainbow Nation South Africa. And for that, we are eternally grateful that this little experiment is truly dead now. Rigor mortis will start setting in soon and all the spilled blood will be on your hands and conscious. Thank you very much you black and liberal scum, you deserve everything that is coming your way. May the rest of the western world soon follow suit. Requiem for the dead!

  31. Anonymous11:13 pm

    Many people are talking of war and civil war and genocide and "skiet die kaffer in sy moer". I will certainly join in but how are we going to get this fight started. The kaffir won't at this stage even think of it, not while we are paying him taxes.

    1. The fight is already on. Look at all the farm murders.

    2. Anonymous12:20 am

      Join Suidlanders. There are already actions plans in place in all regions. They have also issued an emergency notice yesterday that all the division heads have been put on 24hr notice for the implementation of the national emergency plan.

      I feel something is brewing with all the heads of state out of town and the unions starting their "negotiations for a minimum pay" (read massive strikes in all sectors of the economy) and the minister of trade and industry warning that there will be dire consequences for all "racists", effectively making excuses for a full scale genocide.

      People, be vigilant, be very very very vigilant. SOMETHING IS GOING ON...!!!

    3. Anonymous12:32 am

      "The kaffir won't at this stage even think of it, not while we are paying him taxes."

      Kaffirs have been made to believe that we (whites) are withholding our "wealth" and not giving everything we have, thus they (kaffirs) need to go out and take what rightfully belongs to them. Remember, kaffirs want everything we whites have, not just our taxes, which the average kaffir apparently do not benefit from as far as they are concerned, but EVERYTHING!

      With poverty and unemployment rates as they are, I believe that the kaffirs are on the verge of publicly declaring war and going over to action. Government has nothing more to give to the kaffirs, so they will be instructed to go and take it from the whites. So, start prepping and get ready, the shit is about to hit the fan!

    4. Anonymous12:47 am

      Yes, and crime - the ANC's secret weapon

    5. They have been and are still fighting a Covert war for the past 22+ years. They are to shit scared for a face to face war, and too Kak sleg.

      This means that because they are in charge and control the laws they can murder and rape with little to no consequences because they hide behind the laws they create, somewhat like an immunity to protect the Kaffir. Also they will always play the racist card which has been their Ace of Spades for all these years. By that I mean Whites are always guilty and the Kaffirs always the victims

      This is the reason why we are in a way 'losing' for now cause we don't really have members in government to protect our rights and our people. How easy are the farm murders to pull off when you own the Police and Judges who are suppose to arrest and prosecute the people.

      Now. If I go out and start shooting they will grill my arse back to 1965 and will make a Huge example of me cause I'm white. As all you well know this has been the case over and over since 94' when some one tries something, example Boeremag. This plan has been working beautifully for them to keep them 'exempt' from prosecution and grill us for the smallest mistakes.

      Can you imagine the whites call for war now, the whole world will go back to their old stance towards us. For now they are slowly beginning to support us, the more they see the true Communist ANC.

      But be patient.. When full scale war starts many laws become null and void, thus giving us the opportunity to kill back with no consequences. This has been their plan and they fucked us for 22 years like this..

      I'm not expecting everyone to agree with my point here, but rather add where I missed something. Yes it is unfair and yes they are killing us off 1 by one and it makes me want to Flip out and go shoot them all Fucked up, but it won't work. We need a way forward.

    6. Anonymous4:44 am

      Whites don`t need to declare war, we just need to fight back. Everybody knows that the kaffirs are the aggressors by now. But fighting a force 40 times stronger than yours poses a huge challenge. And that challenge in itself prevents us whites from openly going to action. And don`t think that the kaffirs won`t import more kaffir-buddies to come and help them in their "struggle"!

      We need to come up with a solution or a partner/partners.

    7. Anonymous10:11 am

      The western world is now quite clearly against the ANC, at least all their top media publications are. This was almost unthinkable 10 years ago.

      I really wonder what is going on behind the scenes with their intelligence agencies...

  32. Anonymous9:38 am

    When our glorious leader wins later this year the tide will turn! With or without his support we will prevail.

    1. Anonymous1:20 pm

      Which 'glorious leader'.....??

    2. Anonymous10:51 pm

      Mal-doos-emmer? My 308 says otherwise.

    3. Gotta love it.!

      "My .308 says otherwise." 180 point right there brother.!

    4. Typo, 180 point's'. Oh and give that man a Bells please.

    5. Anonymous12:47 am

      Mafia, you are more than welcome to enjoy this wizzars with me while we line up the perfect shot on this fat pig. Cheers!

  33. Californian11:31 pm

    When that race war comes, they must just stay the fuck out of our way, because we need to clean house and settle the score.

    Amen, Mike, Amen!

  34. Anonymous12:19 pm

    Hi Mike
    Firstly I think we should all get a medal for putting up with these flappies for so long.
    Judging by the way europe is pannicking ,they should try 22 years of non stop invasion,

    its by Gods grace That we are still sain , ha yes , and as much as it pains me to see a flappie
    In a slick merc,I'm lagging my gat of caus he's stopping to pick up a black fat street hore,and I'm
    going home to my lovely white wive whose just too eager to give me for free what he can't even pay for

    Guys I know its hard to ignore these heathens , it is a reality , I'm also anoyed That evry single moment since mandelas release has been all about them , evry day evry where its just consantly about the flappies but there's a greater reality for us , they'll never etain to our God given traits and they'll never eat from the tree of live which is in paradise and God will allow us who endure'...have faith brothers ,trust God