12 January 2016

Stereotyping tourists in South Africa

By Mike Smith

12th of January 2016

You know…I fully agree and accept that two people can go on the same holiday and experience the same things, but afterwards have two completely different stories to tell, but sometimes one of them might have an already prejudiced and biased mindset that might cloud those experiences and cause hallucinations.

Take this self-hating LWB with the piss pot hairstyle Helen Walne for instance. Apparently she is an “award winning author”, but judging from the white-hating drivel she spews, she sounds more like a high school essayist who has read too many “Towards more picturesque speech” columns in the Reader’s Digest.

She recently wrote a vitriolic piece of verbal vomit about white tourist with euros, pounds and dollars crowding Her city and Her beaches.

You can read this pathetic piece of diatribe this wannabe hippy puked out over here. Dear tourists, I love you I really do

It never stops to amaze me how LWB’s like Helen Walne, who wear Havaiana sandals and eat muesli and yogurt for breakfast, never let a moment go by to stereotype whites and take a swipe at them, but are then quick to tell others not to stereotype blacks.

When you read her bollocks you can see how she stereotypes the Dutch tourist with the camper van and anyone with a Gauteng registration number is automatically a stupid, low-class white from Brakpan.

Wrote this clown…, “when you arrive, with your euros, pounds, dollars and whatever currency they have in Brakpan, we can’t even squeeze into the local KFC, let alone get a booking for Le Major Ouef-Rip de Cabo.”

And further…,”Then there are the beaches. After a three-day hike across the city’s most challenging mountain terrain (to avoid the cars), I arrived at Muizenberg to find every patch of sand taken up by small children wearing underpants and women romantically squeezing blackheads from man-backs.”

Now let me show you a picture I took in December of the KFC at the Cape Town V&A Waterfront and show you the REAL reason nobody can get in…it certainly is not your pound, euro or dollar-bringing white tourist, is it?

Stereotyping or the truth?
Then let me show you a picture I took at the Harmony Park beach (usualy a coloured beach) in the Strand.

As can be seen rows and rows of Golden Arrow busses with CA registrations bringing beachgoers from Khayelitsha. The Strand’s registration is CEY.

Monwabisi resort
Funny enough, when I drove down Baden Powell road on my way to Muizenberg, I saw that Monwabisi, and Strandfontein Pavilion, the Black beach parks next to Khayelitsha with full and excellent picnic facilities, ablutions and a tidal pool built courtesy of the former white Apartheid government for blacks…was completely empty. I was wondering why?

Why would blacks choose to go to the Strand and crowd the white and coloured beaches 30km away instead of going to their own beaches that are within walking distance of them? Is it because they know how their fellow blacks behave on the beaches? There was after all a reason why we had separate beaches during Apartheid. If we were really all the same and behaved all the same there would never have been a rationale for Apartheid at all.

Fortunately in the Strand the police and Law Enforcement officers were out in full force. Despite the many signs saying that no alcohol was allowed on the beaches, right in front of my eyes they confiscated cases of beer and bottles of whisky from black groups crowding the beach. Then they wonder why two people drowned at Melkbaai beach on that day.

Amazing to me was how these „poor blacks“ always seem to have money for expensive alcohol. The police was carrying away bottles of Glenfiddich whisky and Hennessy Cognac.

On my way to go and visit one of our regular readers in Fish Hoek, it took me three hours to get from Muizenberg to Fish Hoek. A distance of about 10km. Again…bus loads full of Khayelitsha visitors…I did not see a single white pound, euro, dollar-bringing tourist.

So I don't know which holiday period or area Helen Walne is talking about. Must be where she lives...in Cloud-Cukoo Land.

All I can say is thank God I grew up in the old South Africa in the era when we had those red and black signs that read, “Strand and see, slegs blankes”.

Fond memories. Those days you could still go to the beach and feel safe. You didn’t have to worry about your belongings being stolen whilst in the water. The beaches were clean. Now we have the New (improved) South Africa. Now it is all so much better, isn't it Helen?


  1. Stupid LWB! The sad thing is the bitch actually believes the crap she expounds. Beyond stupid because they cannot interpret what is plain for all to see. The country is beyond redemption as the value of the Rand proves. The Showerhead Honch takes care of that every time it opens its trap.

    1. Adrem4:26 am

      Well said TT, my point of view exactly. One consolation, with the value of the Rand going nowhere but South, the Glenfiddichs and the Hennessys will soon disappear and even Klippies will become unaffordable.....

    2. Adrem, they are too stupid to understand that, they pay for the Glenfiddich etc., in Rands, what has the price of the Dollar got to do with. No fucking hope at all!

  2. Anonymous1:54 am

    Mikey if you would roughly estimate,how many Liberals do you think we have amongst our white population?

    1. Not many anymore.

    2. Except this guy.....Max du Preez http://www.news24.com/Columnists/MaxduPreez/we-have-allowed-the-cancer-of-racism-to-grow-20160112 He is at it again, someone get the shotgun, please put him out of his halucination

    3. Sy fingers afkap sodat hy ophou kak tik

  3. Don't know if you've seen this, but Daily Maverick also pulled their comments section. http://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2016-01-11-editorial-we-tried.-we-really-really-did./#.VpT6o8vUjMo

    1. Yes, Helizna showed us that already. Great stuff. The country is waking up fast now.

  4. My dad always tells me those stories of the glorious 60's and 70's and even the 80's to an extent and the good old yellow cop vans that used to make kaffirs scatter like cockroaches when it came flying round the corner.

    Even told me a story how when he came home one night with his mate - he lived in Hilbrow - the good old boere cops caught some kaffir taking chances by breaking curfew. They threw him from about two metres through the air into the van and you heard him moer the mesh just behind the two front seats of the van.

    Then they set the dog on him - satan was the dogs name haha. My dad was about 18 and said he had never heard a kaffir scream like that. The cops then proceeded to have a casual smoke.

    That's why whites always slept well at night....and those were the days the munts knew their place. Why they still took chances breaking curfew shows how stupid they are and that they deserve every doe of punishment they receive!

    1. Anonymous1:35 am

      So much hatred...what's up?

  5. Anonymous7:42 am

    All comments are now a thing of the past.Too many trolls they say. Maybe but freedom of speech is not going to happen in a communist country. They also don't like all the negative comments about the ANC the No1 and all the shit going down on a daily basis. they used the tweets from whites as an excuse,all the news sites don't have comments open anymore. I knew it would spread to all liberal PC news sites. Please hope they don't close our buddy Mike down. I wonder if they can. Oh by the way whites can soon go to jail for hate speech. Kaffir might give you 25 years in sa kaffir jail. Monkey 15 years, idiot 10 years. Maybe if you say to a black you are lazy or silly etc the kaffir reports you as been racist, off the jail whitey. Blacks can call us all the things and names under the sun, nothing will happen to blacks, why, because blacks cannot be racist. I wonder how many whites will be prosecuted and put in jail for their definition of racist comments. Mike please give us your opinion on this new law that they want to pass.

    1. Anonymous10:46 pm

      But news24 opened the comments yesterday on old Max's article, interesting.

    2. Yes I saw that. Maybe they think some people still take him seriously.

    3. Anonymous1:58 am

      hahaha, poor max, he remains a doos. He should really think about pulling a boetman on himself.

  6. Anonymous8:17 am

    So how do we comment and copy those pics on her drivel page. I really want to call her a lying LWB on her public forum.

  7. Anonymous3:57 pm

    How many can they imprison. All these moves will merely hasten the kickoff function. They will try to make a few examples to intimidate the rest. Stay resolute. Roll on chaos!

    Aluta Continua, Vitoria e Certa!