14 January 2016

Signs of the times

By Mike Smith

12th of January 2016

Here you can see the ANC’s total disregard for the law.

Afriforum given until Friday to remove old street names in Pretoria

The City of Tshwane has given AfriForum until noon on Friday to remove the old street names from signs around the capital or face the consequences.

The civil rights organisation says its members placed the old names on roads in the capital because the city refused to comply with a court order to reinstate the old names.

The city has condemned AfriForum for its actions.

Spokesperson Blessing Manale said, “We are writing a letter to AfriForum, giving them until Friday midday to remove the old street names. Otherwise we are going to remove the old street names ourselves and actually submit a cost to AfriForum. We will also be mobilising our other supporters and NGOs.”

AAHHH yes…Mobilising our other supporters and NGOs. Going on the rampage when you don’t get your way. Fucking typical!!

I think Afriforum should leave the signs just like they are…and add some more…like that cardboard sign I saw in Kalk Bay during December tied with a string to a lamppost …”All I want for Christmas is a new president”.

Funny enough…nobody ever removed it. It hung there for weeks until - I think - the wind blew it off.

Here are some other signs I snapped around suburbs in Cape Town. I like the last one. Sent in by a female reader who photographed it in two women’s toilets in Somerset Mall near Somerset West. Won’t it be beautiful if the whole of Pretoria were full of these signs? Not to mention the other cities.




  1. It is OBVIOUS that Afriforum should leave the signs up, let the ANC-led Council remove them, then get a contempt of court ruling against the council.
    Oh and let the council try bill them - they've got a court order to back up their actions.
    Afriforum would lose ALL credibility as a resistance organisation if they folded to these empty sack threats...

    1. I agree. How can the fucking kaffirs disregard a court order, probably because they are too stupid and don't really know what it means, but they want to ru[i]n the city and the country!!! I just don't know anymore??? There is no hope until they are totally gone . . . weg!

    2. Willem Wikkelspies12:18 pm

      Partially educated kaffirs , who are in the majority amoungst the recently primitive retardus velcrocapitus species , regard law as something for the white folk

  2. Anonymous2:03 am

    Ek het self al `n paar straatname in my eie dorpie gaan verander, en raai wat, die ANC mislikipaliteit het dit nog nie eens agtergekom nie! Die kaffirs is te besig om KFC te vreet en wittes se geld te steel. As hy lê dan teel hy en as hy staan dan steel hy...

  3. Anonymous2:21 am

    Note how the communist media would never run a story titled: "ANC run city of Tswane shows contempt for the courts and for the law by not complying with a court order to display both names on the streets."

    The ResistANCe should run a concerted anti propaganda campaign against the media in South Africa.

    1. We do not need to resort to propaganda. The truth is enough.

    2. Anonymous11:49 am

      anti propaganda. The truth will only set you free when it is recognised and acknowledged as the truth.

      Right now the "truth" is whatever the ANC and their Baas the global banker hegemony wish it to be. Anti Propaganda is to challange each and every falsehood publicly and vigorously.

  4. Anonymous5:12 am

    Fuck the ANC & Fuck the DA.

    1. Anonymous6:00 am

      Anonymous 5:12 AM

      Well said man!!

  5. Mr Mister1:56 pm

    When I was 15 we had 'STOP FW (De Klerk)' signs.

  6. Anonymous1:31 am

    This is getting boring, you guys never talk about anything new. Its always the same thing..."kaffir this kaffir that, we are better than the kaffir, kaffir is a monkey". This is getting lame. This is childish and immature. When are you gonna realize that the political situation in our country is not about skin color? I don't see any progress in spending the whole day talking about how the white man is better than the black man or how stupid black people are. Such topics are not productive.