22 January 2016

Sick of "Racism” yet? Expect a lot more before the elections

By Mike Smith

22nd of January 2016

Three weeks into the New Year and I bet you are just like me “gatvol” of hearing “racism this”; “Racism that”, blah, blah, blah…Racism bollocks!

It started with Penny Sparrow (who incidentally does not exist) calling black beach goers monkeys, then the F.W. de Klerk foundation calling blacks worse racists than whites, then the ANC calling Zuma critics, “racists”, the DA saying there is no place for racists in their party and they do not need racist voters, DJ’s and TV personalities getting fired, DA and ANC laying charges of crimen injuria and racism against each other, ad nauseam, ad infinitum….And the sensationalist leftist liberal media fanning the flames of “racism”, because it is emotional and sells papers.

According to the ANC’s paid praise singers and brown envelope journalists

Only whites can be racists

Blacks have never been and can never be racists

Problem is…None of these idiots can even define “racism” . They simply do not know what it is, but There is racism under every rock

That was why I was so glad when I heard that the ANC are taking four people to court for alleged “racism”.

Finally we will know what the court says “racism” is, but first they will have to tell us what “Race” is, because these exact lefties who see racism everywhere claim that race does not exist and is just a social construct. In other words “race” only depends on where you grew up.

Then when they are finished defining race and racism they will have to spell out the criteria they will use to judge if someone is a “racist” or not. Which of the say 25 criteria must you fulfill to be classed as a “racist”. All? 60%? Half?

Then they will have to decide if “racism” is a crime or a mental condition. Should you be punished for being a “racist” or treated?

In my opinion, “Racism” is anything a white person says that a black person does not like.

But we know that the aim of the ANC is not to eradicate racism. They love it. It is what brought them to power and has kept them in power. The ANC can never let go of racism, because it is the only way they can get anybody to vote for them. Play on emotional fears of racial oppression so they can win the next election.

Nobody in his right mind can vote for such a corrupt, thieving, lying bunch of incompetent Kleptocrats such as the ANC. They cannot govern, they cannot even run a bath, let alone a country, but race cards they can play. They are experts in that.

Who do they think they are fooling? Only the White Liberal Twats whom they want to join them in their fight against “Racism”.

The racist blacks in the ANC with their rubbish they call, the “National Democratic Revolution”, “Second Transition”, “National Development Plan”…It is all just masked racism and revolution against Whites same like their Let’s declare war on racism nonsense.

Seeing that only whites can be racists in their eyes, it is a declaration of war against whites.

It is not the first time the ANC and their troika members declared war on whites...

Ronald Lamola, deputy president of the ANC Youth League, in a speech at the Durban University of Technology called for the expropriation of white land without compensation.

“We need an act as forceful as war to bring it back to the Africans,” Lomola said.

After two black female farmworkers falsely accused four white farmers of gang rape Cosatu boss Tony Ehrenreich, declared war on whites and urged black people to beat them up and smash them…The SAHRC found him not guilty of hate speech.

In an obvious reference to the Communist leader of China, Mao Zedong and his “Great Leap Forward” (in which 70 million people were cold-bloodedly, murdered)…Zuma called for a “Giant Leap Forward”…in order to snatch the economy from white owned hands.

Zuma calls for Giant Leap

This is the president of the country who continuously sings his song, “Umshimi Whami” (bring me my machine gun) an Dubula Ibhunu (Kill the Boers).

Where are all these white liberal journalists condemning this kind of hate speech and racism towards whites? Why do they not call the rape, torture and brutal murders of whites by blacks “Racism”? No, calling someone a monkey…that is “racism”. That is sensationalist. That is blown out of proportion.

I cannot stand these White Liberals Twats like Max du Preez, Gillian Schutte, Liz Cowan and that “I-wish-I-had-fought-Apartheid-but-I-didn’t” idiot Caryn Gootkin with their little invalidations...you know the types...The ones who say, “You whites are all racists, but not me. I am the only white person who is not a racist.”

'I wish I had fought apartheid' — a white South African's big regret

White SA has to wake up fast

Liz Cowan says: “Most whites in South Africa are racist. Even those who profess not to be racist are racist. Unless it is especially blatant most do not even recognize racism – especially in themselves.”

Followed by their “Validation CV”... "Look at all the work I've done for blacks. I fought Apartheid!, I wrote a thousand articles against racism. I met Mandela. I voted for Obama. I married a black person. My family died in the Holocaust, Blah, blah, blah...I'm one of the good ones! I can never be a racist".

Ja…Invalidation by Racial Denial. They all suffer from Amy Biehl Syndrome. “I am a liberal white. Blacks won’t do anything to me. They will just kill the racist whites. And it is good when they do.”

Idiots are so dof they don’t realise that the blacks are not interested in their bullshit, political beliefs. They are white, therefore they are racists. All whites are racists. Racists carry an automatic death sentence. They all deserve to die. Hatred is wrong, but justified in only one case, hating “racists” is always good. Lynch them. Burn them at the stake.

The only time a liberal supports guns is when a “racist” needs to be killed and a “racist” is anybody who disagrees with them…but they preach tolerance and open-mindedness.

Further, these hypocritical white liberals NEVER have any racist thoughts. When they drive down the road and a black taxi cuts them off they just say, “Oh you naughty black man.”

And on the odd occasion that they might catch themselves harnessing a slight racist thought, then they have to share it with the whole world and confess it in an article where they pull their intestines out about how bad and racist the system is, how bad and racist the world is that made them like this.

Yes it is never them…If you ask them where they get all this “racism” from, then apparently, it is “imbedded in our society”.

Liz Cowan reckons: “Racism is in our psyche and in our blood. Centuries of conditioning have genetically engineered us to be racist: to genuinely believe that we whites are superior.”

It never occurred to her that whites could have become racists from observing the inferior, the savage and primitive behavior of blacks. No the blacks are never to be blamed. They are all good. It is the evil whites who think they are superior that is the problem.

Like the "root kit" on a computer, racism is hidden and operating without our knowledge. But it is there...hiding...waiting to just jump on us and attack us around every corner. Funny how they are the only ones who can see all this “racism” under every bush and live in constant fear of it. It is also called Racial Paranoia.

But you can never engage them in intelligent debate or discussion, because then you have that “shut-down-and-blank-stare” when confronted with facts. It is called Racial-Narcolepsy. All liberal fruit loops suffer from it.

But who are the ones who REALLY think they are superior? Especially superior to the “racist” whites who think they are superior to the Noble savages?

See...Liberalism works like this: Only liberals are credible sources of information. A steadfast refusal to let facts get in the way of their presuppositions seems to be in the DNA of liberals, yet they think they are brighter than anyone else. No matter how plausible what you say may be, it will be ignored if you're not a liberal and agreeing with liberal views. All one needs to do to be wise, intelligent, compassionate, open minded, and sensitive is to be liberal.

I once discussed this with a LWB who called me “stupid”.

I told her that if she believes that I believe that I am superior to blacks, and she believes she is superior to me, then surely she must see herself as FAR superior to blacks.

She said she doesn’t. She sees blacks and me as equals.

But I said, well if you still see yourself as superior to me and I am equal to a black then you still see yourself as superior to blacks.

She said, “No stupid!! We are AAALLLL Equallllll…..”

So I said, well if we are all equal, then you must be stupid too, just like me.

Racial Narcoleptic stare again…Don’t confuse a lefty with facts and logic. They will bitterly resent you for it.

At the same time that these liberal fucktards see themselves as superior to everyone else, they also hate themselves.

These self hating white liberal idiots believe the world unfairly advantaged them. All whites (another generalization) in Western societies enjoy advantages that non-whites do not experience, as "an invisible package of unearned assets".

In their minds no white person ever became successful without exploiting some black person.

Says Liz Cowan: “We have to accept that our superior economic freedoms today (ie our superior access to resources) have come at the expense of our black compatriots and continue to do so.”

And they feel guilty…Oh my goodness, do they feel guilty. So they want you to feel guilty as well. They want you to flog yourself, confess and wash feet ala Vlok style.

It is called collective “White guilt” and collective “White privilege.”

Where does it all come from?

It comes from an American Marxist feminist who thankfully croaked last year, Peggy McIntosh. She wrote an essay in 1988 called “Unpacking the invisible knapsack”.

After studying and investigating “unacknowledged male privilege”, McIntosh came up with some bollocks that males should feel guilty for being able to stand and pee.

But she did not stop there. Suddenly she saw privilege everywhere. McIntosh described white privilege as “an invisible weightless knapsack of assurances, tools, maps, guides, codebooks, passports, visas, clothes, compass, emergency gear, and blank checks”.

After this rubbish she came up with, “advantage systems” in society, including heterosexual privilege, age advantage, and ethnic advantage.

Now that they feel guilty for being born white and privileged they want everyone else to feel guilty as well. So they incessantly pull out their intestines in article after article. Stinging society like an annoying Gadfly. And if you disagree with them or do not feel their guilt, then you are an insensitive “racist”.

Shelbey Steele, a conservative black writer said that “White Guilt” is the same as “Black Power”. Of course he is right, but I have another view.

Whenever you hear “Collective” as in “Collective white guilt” then you can be sure it has a Marxist origin. It comes from, Critical Race Theory and offshoot of Marxist Critical theory that comes from the Marxist Frankfurt School.

See? That is all the word “Racism” is. It is a tool used by Marxists to hammer any opposition into submission so they can push their agenda without opposition. It is the last card they can play when loosing the argument.

A person who feels guilty does not fight back. He accepts his punishment. And a nation who feels collective white guilt, will collectively not fight back and accept their punishment.

All forms of Socialism/Marxism must have a victim class and an exploiter class in order to grow and organize. If the ANC does get everyone equal and does away with “racism” then they won’t have these two classes anymore and will be voted out.


  1. Anonymous4:04 am

    “It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.” - Ronald Reagan

  2. Anonymous4:12 am


    Mike, my fellow brothers/sisters in our land and those who are overseas.

    Let us make an oath today that every white traitor journalist in this land who denies the truth regarding white, should be hung for treason.

    As their is a Lord in heaven, I swear it that when the day comes, no liberal, left wing journalist in the future republic will walk among his or her people here or any where in the world.

    They will be hung for their treachery. Those who deny the murder of our people, those who justify BEE/AA, those who gat krapers, those who continually choose to deny this, big business/small business...

    If they go against their people, if they refuse to speak for their people then they should be hung for treason.

    Those who speak out, those who bring and shine the spotlight will be rewarded.

    Me personally, when the day comes I want to pull the leaver on Gillian Shit - I want her jungle bunny husband and child to see her hang. That bitch has incited more hatred, more racism against her own people than many blacks.

    The white traitors will be put to death, this has to be mentioned going forward. They are either for or against us - if they are against us, they should start hiding now.

    Good post Mike

    Please can we also discuss in court the hiring/firing based on the colour of your skin.

    If this is a democratic South Africa, then how come we have BEE/AA - they say apartheid is still alive, sure it is and it will remain until they remove quotas from everything.

    Racism for them, like you say is a one way street with only white signs pointing us in the direction of genocide. We need to start planning....Time is running out.

  3. Anonymous4:17 am


    Connect the dots everyone.

    It is since Malema returned from the UK that we have this wave of "racism" in the news papers.

    Siener said the British will work with the enemy, inciting the Jingoes, Coloureds and blacks to murder our people.


    Here is another article.

    So we can see now daily, they are inciting the masses with their propaganda and the world will sit back and say "those racists deserve it" or will they?


    1. Anonymous4:58 am

      That little telly tubby has been rather quiet, and I know when little kids go quiet they are up to something.

    2. Anonymous12:22 pm


      Both Malema + Winnie Mandela are silent but trust me in the background there will always be violence with those two.

      Where is that Winnie Mandela these days?

  4. Anonymous4:21 am

    I am not a white racist but I just simply hate and despise the black kaffirs. Show an intelligent person one thing that they have said or ever done that was not riddled with crime, deceit and completely worthless to this world. Just take a good look at Africa today or what's left of it and you won't need to search for an answer to the world's greatest disaster.

    1. Anonymous10:36 pm

      I'm not 'racist'either but I have never believed they should have been allowed to rule South Africa.

      They are incapable of ruling a country.

    2. "Like" button pressed

  5. Anonymous4:22 am

    This does really seem like a precursor to an all out assault on the whites (ie genocide). The govern munt is all out of money to throw to its munts. The libtards are surely costing too much to keep happy. The infrastructure in all aspects is literally fucked and so is the economy. No matter how far down the tunnel we look, there is simply no solutions to avoid the complete collapse of this country. What are the black fucks waiting for, there is literally nothing left in this game? Mike what is your estimate as to how long we have until the shit really and truly hits the fan?

    1. Anonymous4:56 am

      Thanks Mike, I have the same estimate, with a small notion of all bets being off depending on the action around the SONA and budget speech. Whatever happens between now and then KEEP THIS BLOG ALIVE, it has helped me open many peoples eyes, this blog is not only spreading truth it is actually saving lives. I owe you big time Mike, thanks.

    2. Anonymous10:10 pm


      I agree fully.

      July onward`s is going to be hell here.

      Compare last year, last year we started off bashing whites and Jan Van Riebek and so the entire year was a rampage about monuments, statues, language, the year mirrored what was mentioned in Jan.

      This year we start with white racism, this will be the theme for the year, attack whitee but whitee is now gatvol about being blamed for everything wrong the last 22 years - It will not work like it used to.

      Expect the EFF to have a physical clash in KZN - there is something going on among the traditional leaders in this country, Mike have you picked up on it?

      Some issues with the royals from all the tribes, seems they are pissed that the Zulus get R50 million per year while they only get R1.5 million per year for doing nothing.

      This is known as Zulu privilege, Zulu apartheid where the Zulus have too much control of KWZ.

      I just pick up something reading bits/pieces about the various royals and feel some spat arising, you can read between the lines.


      Another one - See its spreading throughout Europe.

      I dont know why no one translates this blog into different European languages. Set them up and simply use Google Translate to spread the message to all these European nations.

      We must put a spanner in all their works, they must know if they are going to fuck with us here, then they are going to feel the might of 200+ million whites in Europe.

      Time to go on the assault online. Spread it like a wild fire -

      Im concerned though, this year I have a bad feeling, a year of sorrow not just in SA but the world.

      Somehow I think our events will not be as bad as in Europe.

      Time really now to go on the offense online, not in SA but in Europe. The internet spreads things fast, comment on videos, Facebook - use the translate tool in Google for the different languages.

      Imagine 100+ million Europeans looking our way, seeing our situation, shouting, making a noise, supporting us - not governments but the people on the streets like this group in the url.

      Mike get some translate tool for this site.

    3. Yes this blog is vital. I share with people overseas. And local. Mike you are always spot on and observations true and of great value. For many the truth is very painful. I have it on good authority that the army is now on 24hr standby. So are Suidlanders. Time to ensure grab bags are packed.

    4. I am a bit more pessimistic (or is it optimistic?) about the time we have. Our local elections is the pointer for me. I believe that the polarisation between EFF and ANC is either going to have the elections indefinitely suspended, or a full scale war being entered. So I am of opinion that our troubles?? are going to start somewheres between April and June.

  6. Anonymous4:36 am

    There is at least one k4 who understands!

    This is a must-watch!


  7. Anonymous4:38 am

    On a objective level, this blog is starting to get boring. The lack of diversity in the topics introduced in this blog is rendering it futile. Aren't there better and constructive topics to discuss other than how white people are better than black people, how black people are kaffirs and monkeys and how undereducated they are. There can never be real progress if we're always doing and saying the same thing.

    1. Anonymous10:15 am

      So don't read it.....
      Start your own blog and write what you think is a better way to describe these feeble mindset people and what's going on....
      Me think you can not.....because a apple or a monkey by any ather name is still an apple or a monkey!
      W Etdo

    2. Anonymous3:46 pm

      I don't understand what you're trying to say...your sentence construction is very poor. Try and rephrase your paragraph so I can give an appropriate response. @anonymous 10:15

    3. Anonymous5:06 pm

      Anon 4:38 - "There can never be real progress if we're always doing and saying the same thing" - so then what the F are YOU doing about it? Why don't you tell us then, you Doos! If you yourself cannot share with us YOUR brilliant ideas, then please take your kak comments an go and kak en kla somewhere else. Suurstofdief De Lux - gaan net weg, sommer vêr weg

    4. Anonymous12:04 am

      5:06 Don't feed the kaffir troll. This monkey is sKAKa from last year. Give this ape a wide berth, it's totally brain dead.

    5. Anonymous8:19 am


      Bye dont come back, you wont be missed. Go start your own blog - I think you are in denial....

    6. Anonymous8:21 am

      Anon 14:38

      Special message from the NW province just for you.

      "FUCK OFF"

    7. Anonymous11:59 am

      What's with the foul language... Why so much anger. I'm almost ashamed of being white. White is a color of purity. The things you talk about here is anything but pure. All people are the same, no one is bigger than the other.

    8. Anonymous1:58 am

      Of late the blogs here have been the opposite side of the coin to the EFF / ANC / SACP
      In a sense stirring up white hatred ( for black South Africans )
      Sure we know most of the stuff is correct at some level -- why the need to exaggerate all the bad stuff ?
      Answer = to stir up the opposite and equivalent "racism"
      I have said before that Mike Smith is a reductionist ( takes some isolated incidents / examples and generalizes them
      Is exactly what he accuses the "enemy" of
      I often wonder at the REAL agenda of "Mike Smith" ???
      He certainly has a choir he preaches to -- who are more conversant with foul language and sub-intelligence that reality !

    9. We can discuss rugby, sex, motor cars, ...... then we return to the topics that will rule our life in the foreseeable future. That is what this blog is. If you cannot grasp that, and this is distasteful to you, good!
      Vacate this site, go have a braai, watch the cricket on TV, have a dink, read your "objective" newspapers and TV news, just be gone!

  8. White Kaffirs, that's what they are..

    I agree with Ninja. They must be erradicated•destroy completely, as if down to the roots.

    Like you said Mike, the centre of Hell is kept for all the traitors.

    My brother always use to say, " boet relax. Die Kaffirs het net 1 doel. Hulle is die Swart Steenkool wat die Hel se vuur gaan warm hou vir die veraaiers."

  9. Anonymous5:26 am

    Fantastic piece there Mike , exactly as it is to the BOOK. Imagine it was up to the Blacks since Shaka Times and before on how to LIVE , the word Racism wouldnt exist , but the Practice and Warring would be in full force. The Dominant Tribe would rule and be Criticizing the weaker Tribes not using the word Racism or Apartheid but Practicing IT. And as punishment the Lesser tribes would be Impaled and their Women taken as Booty and all the Evil with it. Not a written Word will go out.

  10. Anonymous5:47 am

    Hello there Mike.
    You wrote a four part
    "how to fight back" series about
    South-Africa one year ago.
    It was very interesting to say the least.
    I was just wondering if you ever planned on publishing a follow up with more detailed information?
    Thank you and keep em coming.

  11. Great article yet again, and so very true. Just want to add, for me it is impossible to be a racist when pointing out the obvious or truth. So 90% of all racism claims are unjust due to it being a confirmation of the truth. The Bible explicitly commands all of us to always state the truth no matter what. So they should sue and take the Bible to court.

    Always state the truth and never shy from it. To the evil, the truth hurts.

  12. Anonymous6:04 am

    Boere Ninja Why did you close your blog?

  13. Anonymous10:01 am

    Anonymous 4.38 why not start your own blog? I'm sure Mr MS dedicates a lot of valuable time contributing to our cause. It's easy to complain .....go jump with your objectives!

    1. Anonymous3:33 pm

      You're missing the point, how long have you been singing the song that whites will again rule SA? If you understand the true meaning of democracy do you really see white people who are bend on annihilating the blacks ever again being elected to power? Even if you try revolution do you see any success in that course? These are the questions you should be asking yourselves? Discussing how better one race is over other races is a useless topic that will amount to nothing...it is as good as a bedtime story that's based on fiction and not reality. You can call me all the names you want I don't give a damn, but talking about the same thing all the time is really lame and stupid.

    2. Anonymous3:37 pm

      By the way anonymous 10:01, the word is 'course' and not 'cause'. Check your dictionary before posting anything. Just a friendly advice

    3. Anonymous12:02 am

      Hey fucktard kaffir 3:33 and 3:37, the word IS "cause", are you that simple? No one wants to destroy the black race. We don't want revolution, we just want to live our lives in peace without any black or libs changing our age old traditions or take away our mother tongue languages. Can you not get that through your thick wooden skull? Why don't you fuck off back to shitsowetan24.com and read the shit there and leave us alone to talk about the same old stuff we want to talk about over and over.

      The white race is clearly superior to the black race, we can boast about it all we want without someone like you telling us what we can or cannot talk about. Make your own black blog and fuck off you dictator. You are pissing into the wind here.

      Democracy? Where the 8% minority have their way of life stolen away by 80% of the people who have nothing in common with the minority! You fucking daft prick. Whites cannot work in SA, we cannot own a business anymore, our children cannot go to varsity anymore in their mother tongue. How fair is that you piece of slime?

      Before you kaffir, give advice about syntax make sure YOU understand the concept and make sure YOU use it properly, fucking dumb kaffir, fuck off! We will never be alike. You will always be a fucking dumb monkey! Just "a" friendly advice.

    4. Anonymous12:25 am

      'SA'....maybe some of us don't want to be part of this artificial mess and would rather secede and declare independence.

      This sentiment is strong in the Western Cape, not only with whites but Coloureds too.

    5. Anonymous6:04 am

      Dude Whatever!! @ anon 12:02

    6. Anonymous8:18 am


      @Anonymous3:33 PM

      Well when the massacre the whites or attack the whites, the whites will have to resort to something.

      Democracy hasnt worked.
      You cant have a democracy where you promise people who vote for you that they will have a place in heaven.

      You cant have a democracy or preach a democracy where the minority who built up this country are excluded and vilified by blacks on a daily basis.

    7. Anonymous8:26 am

      Anon 3:37

      You had me pissing with laughter. (course, muaahahahaha) Shit man you're a classical Dunning Ktuger case.

      Typical ANC, fixing something that is not broken and in the process breaking it.

    8. Anonymous9:04 pm

      Anon 08:26 I know right? What a fucking cunt! HAHAHA

  14. Anonymous11:25 am

    Another excellent comment and straight from the shoulder again Mike. Keep it up mate. Your good hard work is not in vain and in the end your example, perseverance and wisdom will take us to victory and we can overcome this huge chaotic mess that the black kaffirs have enveloped this country in.

  15. There's nothing worse to an organization or to a nation than a traitor. A country can withstand wars and attacks but never deceit and treachery from within.

  16. Anonymous11:46 am


  17. Anonymous12:35 pm

    "Dlamini was held down while Faku used a knife and her hands to remove Dlamini’s intestines and internal organs through her vaginal cavity. Dlamini died on the scene." And they got the right to vote.

  18. Anonymous9:37 pm

    What I can't understand is why these kaffers hate the past. But they love to dress up in the old colonial regalia. Its the same with the Muslim A-Holes, the hate the West. They love to dress up in Westernized clothing and drive their cars.

  19. Anonymous10:19 pm


    How they murder our people and want to call us racist?


    How they torture whites...

    This is going to intensify now.

    1. Anonymous1:34 am

      Ninja, they are savages with low IQ and nothing we do can change that. What I see is that our people are not ready to handle this insurgence. Why was the previous attack on this couple not a wake up call? Why are we still arguing with each other( even on this site) about petty stuff? We are staring death in the face but are still wanting to live our lives as if it is still the old South Africa.
      Our country has changed in the last 21 years and is now very much a Communist regime more dangerous than Communist Russia in 1917 or the Ukrainian Holomodor in 1932 or the Kosovo war in 1998.
      This war effecting us is not a declared war, but a very silent war perpetrated by our own government while we are funding our own destruction by the taxes we pay. I see no plan in place!

    2. Anonymous3:32 am


    3. Anonymous6:11 am

      Anonymous1:34 AM
      I hear you,and I also do not see any real white resistance going on. I am also ready to do something but have no idea what.

    4. Anonymous8:27 am

      The war of the cowards.

    5. Anonymous4:15 am

      @Anonymous6:11 AM
      Cut the power and the water First

  20. Anonymous2:54 am

    I declare that I am ready for a revolution. I am not paying tax nor will I pay tax in future, but what else can I do from my side?? I am utterly frustrated by the begging black vagrants in our neighbourhoods! Why don't they fucken go and beg among their own people! They just want and want and want! At every fucken robot you stop they ask for work and money! I am busy loosing it. Although I am a female I am ready to report for duty. Enough is enough!

    1. Anonymous9:00 am

      You can start by getting other females to avoid the granny trap of Gun Free South Africa. You HAVE to convince other women not to support gun control. It is one part of the war that men cannot win without a woman's help. Refrain from violence. Rather convince the female herd to avoid gun control and to rebel against it.

      Your contribution in that regard is far more valuable than anything other contribution. In the battle of the blood river, the women loaded the guns. Dont be a LWB bitch type who screeches for gun control. Just saying.

    2. Anonymous12:50 pm

      Gun control? NO WAYS!! I am the one charging my man folk to get guns! Just in time too one year ago and they just did. It takes a year now to get a gun if you are lucky!
      What an inept police force " we" have, YIKES!

    3. There once was a very nice lady in a very nice neighberhood who made the nicest muffens. She made the chocolate flavour for friends family and neighbors but she also made a strawberry batch that she only gave to strangers and beggers.She gave it away freely too but it did not cost her to much because strangely the beggers started to dissapear. Nobody susspected her because everyone in her street was still alive and well and enjoying her muffens and ofcause enjoying the peace and quiet of a having a streat free of strangers and savages. And all the children in the street played happily ever after.

    4. Anonymous4:01 am

      @Anonymous 9:00 12:50 & 8:23, thank you very much for the advice, I will take everything to hart. I know that I am a bit off topic, but I sense that there has been a change in myself. I am longing for conversation with my own people and I want to play a positive part in the future for my own people. I want our whites to return from where ever. I will welcome them with open arms and leave everything be to partake in the upliftment of our nation, and this time, hear me well, it will really be hell to play for the Kaffirs. We must not help them, we must only help our own nation, at all cost. I feel very, very serious about this.

    5. Anonymous4:20 am

      ^^The change is happining
      Can the Ex liberals please share there story? What and how did there eyes open? What was the trigger?
      That should be a good read

  21. Anonymous1:32 pm

    Over the last two days we've been having incredibly slow internet. The official new states that it is because of the Seacom cable in Egypt giving problems.

    South Africa is connected to the outside world with many cables, not just the Seacom one.

    What is actually happening is that the SA intelligence services is installing the Chinese firewalls. They will soon be able to filter and monitor all internet traffic in South Africa.

    The whole game plan is for the elite ANC to sell of SA to China. Its got nothing to do with the whites or blacks in general. Its a business deal where the top ANC cadres make billions from selling SA to China.

  22. We must also stoo paying tv licence. I think i will start a tv licence must fall fb account to have a bigger impact. Sabc is the propaganda tool of the people who are waging a silent war on us and we are paying for it all even their sabc. I meen who watches the shit on their anyways. Even the little bit of white or european shows is just liberal shit anyhows. They brainwashing us our kids with all this Mandela is god and race mixing shit. I do not have one friend or family or even family of friends who is in a mixed race relationship. We paying these people to kill us. We must stop.

    1. Anonymous11:47 am

      Holy crap! there are still people paying for that licence?

  23. Anonymous6:04 am

    Hi Mike
    Your posts allways says exactly what we hope evryone will see , thanks for your unwavering faith.
    The fundemental flaw in our country is actually as clear as daylight....Democracy is a doctrine of demons.

    We all know how the evil around us has increased since the dawn of this 'deomoncracy' . From abortian to gays to adultry to witchcraft the list is endless , all abominations to God , all protected by 'demoncracy'..

    But libs don't grasps this,that's why God gave them over to all kinds of perversion,because they loved not the truth
    I suppose in a perfect world well have a THEOCRACY where God comes first , untill then we've got people like Mike
    to remind us.thanks bud

  24. Anonymous5:55 am

    Hi, Mike.
    This is my first time commenting on your blog. I found it last year while researching for Apartheid.(Not for a paper or anything just out of curiosity)
    I read some of the facts you stated and decides to share them with my class.
    My best friend joined in with me and all of a sudden our teacher said we were pessimistic and should be optimistic.
    I asked her to elaborate and she said we should ignore what is happening in South Africa and be thankfull for being alive.
    Well I got pretty angry at that point since I was in armed robbery at the age of 14 and all the robbers were black.

    Almost my entire class turned on my friend and I.
    I thought to myself "Wow, I am in a class with liberals."

    Anyway the thing is my school is part of the BCVO(Beweging vir Christlike Volkseie Onderwys) meaning that we are a white-only school.

    Now why would noble-savage lovers be in such a school?

    People just surpised me everyday.

    I see you keep closing the blog and then I can't read your blog. Is there a specific reason or what?

  25. Anonymous3:05 am

    This site is saying what needs to be said. The Problem I see is there is plenty of resistance in all areas, what here isn't is a cohesive point of collaboration so that resistance becomes a more directed process. This can still be an anonymous process for now but a more coordinated effort will bring this whole house of cards down much faster.

    There also needs to be a coming together of white as a race and getting the whole English and Afrikaner thing out of the way, that distrust has been there for 300 years and it is time to put it to bed.

    Your blog and the readers of the blog may be able to come of with a way to try and address this, as in Rugby if the Scrum is working as a unit there is no stopping it. We as white resistance need to get those connections in place that give us the strength we need.

    For the first time in 20 years there seems to be a chance that we might come out of this thing and end this BS oppression, get this country back on its feet, get business working again, and most importantly get rid of this whole majority rule crap. If majority is the problem it can be fixed by reducing numbers to the level they are no longer majority.

    The point is change is coming where do I line up to help when the time comes.

    Waiting for freedom
    And burn that flag, bring back the old one.