18 January 2016

Scandals prove main stream sports are just opium for the masses.

By Mike Smith

18th of January 2016

Ah man, in the wake of the one sport scandal after the other I am so glad I don’t watch it anymore.

Match-fixing claims rock tennis

Apparently 16 top-50 players in the past decade, including Grand Slam champions, had been repeatedly suspected of fixing matches for betting syndicates.

Anyway, I stopped watching tennis for the sport back in the days of Björn Borg and John McEnroe. After that they enlarged the balls to make them heavier and the game slowed down so people could see longer volleys. Boring. The only reason to watch tennis after that was because of Russian sweeties like Anna Kournikova and Maria Sharapova.

I stopped watching cricket when Hansie Cronje was involved in match-fixing. Never watched a single game after that.

Now…The Weekend Argus in Cape Town revealed that four Proteas – players who have represented South Africa in one format or another – and four other domestic players were offered sums of up to R800,000 (£33,400) for one spot-fix.

South African cricket braces itself for more match-fixing revelations

As if that is not all Proteas spinner Aaron Phangiso was almost locked up in Dubai for being drunk and chimping out, fully clad in Proteas kit, on a flight from Mumbai to Johannesburg via Dubai. He insulted flight personel and other passengers and it was only the intervention of cricket bosses from SA who pleaded with Emirates that prevented the bastard from being locked up.

This is reportedly not the first time the Highveld Lions spinner has been involved in an alcohol-related incident. He was arrested for allegedly drunk driving in Soshanguve in April last year. Another Protea shock

Hey? What kind of role-model is this quota player for the youth? Amazing how they behave like monkeys and then complain about being called one.

No, stuff these mainstream sports. Tennis, cricket, football, boxing, Rugby...all corrupt.

I reiterate…the only sport worth watching nowadays is female beach volleyball. There you don’t have to worry if the match is fixed or not. You don’t care who wins or loses. In fact you fantasize about creating a scandal…

And if you were wondering who the lady in the pictures are…She is Maria Elisa Antonelli from Brazil.


  1. Anonymous2:54 am

    1995 Rugby world cup ring any bells?

  2. Anonymous3:39 am

    If the Brazilian is not 100% pure white, please take down and replace the photo.

    1. You must be fucking gay.

      BTW...They reckon Afrikaaners are 6% coloured. Still less than the French who are 9% mixed. Do you know how much mixed blood you have?

    2. Anonymous8:43 am

      Yes, that's the liberal part that (nie kan saamstaan nie). I can trace my ancestors til thei arrived in the late 1700's. Jammer om te hoor mike het n oog vir n mooi meid.

    3. I once had a Brazilian girlfriend from Maceio for eight months. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. Call her what you like, she was Gorgeous. Eat your heart out mate;-)

      Don't get me started on Venezuela and Costa Rica...

  3. Anonymous3:46 am

    Off topic Mike but I think we should take up the ANC's declaration of war on racism:

    'The African National Congress calls on all South Africans to declare war on racism'

    Let's start with BEE, affirmative action, employment equity etc.


    1. Anonymous6:24 am

      War on racism, actually they mean war on whites.

    2. Anonymous6:24 am

      Well the way I see it they declared war against us ...
      Why you ask.Look at it this way they say war on racism well we know who the racists are according to them so soon they will step it up a notch and change it to ANC declares war on racists Ie.whites and anyone who doesn't support their ideals you can already see this in the way they are polarizeing the masses like the penny thing and how they drew anyone who wanted to say something so yeah call me paranoid but I'm calling this one like I see it

  4. Anonymous4:02 am

    You can still see the dedication in volley ball.😉

  5. Anonymous4:09 am

    En golf, in besonder die Dames Liga. Daar word tot vandag toe geen weddenskappe in golf toegelaat nie. Google net bietjie Sandra Gal, Michelle Wie, Natalie Gulbis en julle sal sien waarvan ek praat.

  6. Anonymous12:04 pm

    Now that's a sport worth watching! I'm sure she is waxed Brazilian style too. Thanks for sharing... Its sad but true, the proud sporting traditions are now rotten with corruption, I'm nearly convinced that the Japanese victory against the springboks was fixed. The odds were extremely good for whoever placed bets on Japan! Long live female beach volleyball and down with the cancer quotas wrecking proud traditions and talent...

  7. Anonymous9:28 pm

    Declaration of war? That's just an eye blind to bullshit the world that there is no black on white genocide taking place. They declared war on the whites in 1994 and are cunningly trying to make out that there is no war on the go at present. Seventy thousand plus whites murdered by blacks so far and if that's not a war then I will eat my Sunday hat! It's an eye blind mate we are fighting it daily right here on this blog!

  8. Anonymous5:41 am

    Anonymous 9:28 PM
    Personally I believe that the black on white genocide was started at the inception of the ANC in the early part of the 20th century but it could only be fully implemented by them since 1994. The remainder of your comment is one hundred 100 per cent correct. The declaration of war while they are actually perpetrating a war is a cunning political ploy and plot to support their false denials of a genocide war that they are waging under the cover of the false pretences of creating a new "rainbow nation". So far the colours of the rainbow have only been black, yellow and green.