19 January 2016

Media Manipulation and Psyops in Sowetan. Farmer tortures man to death

By Mike Smith

19 of January 2016

Here is an example from last year brought to ma attention about how Black newspapers fan the flames of hate towards whites with their psyops, but then two pages further talk about how whites do not do enough for reconciliation.

So if you see this heading on the front of a Black newspaper Farmer tortures man to death What do you think? What Mental Model is created in your brain?

Of course you will immediately form a Mental Model of an evil racist white “Boer” who tortured his innocent black worker to death.

However when you read the story (which appeared on page sixteen) you will see that the farmer was black (his name is Tigwinita Luwantu)and that this is a black on black incident…a fact conveniently omitted from the heading on the front page of the Sowetan. How many buy the newspaper and read the main story inside and how many only read the headline?

Those who do buy the paper for the story are probably expecting to read about their expected and already formed mental model only to discover they have been fooled, conned by the Sowetan into buying a newspaper for a sensationalized piece of bullshit story.

But this is how Psyops work. They want to constantly create these mental models of white racists torturing innocent blacks so they can sell their fish and chips wrappers to the masses for more sensationalized bullshit. On top of it…it sows racial divide and tension playing into the hands of their ANC masters.

The truth is this:

The black farmer, his black wife and their black friends, caught three men gathering wood and accused them of stealing a sheep. They locked them up in a cold room for 12 hours and systematically tortured them, beating them with knobkerries and a car fan belt and pouring boiling water on their private parts. When the black police arrived on the scene they joined in on the assault. One man later died from his injuries.


  1. Anonymous7:58 am

    Off topic but here is a new slogan for dem WC cANCer: Rape the Cape back into Ape Shape - Vote ANC.

    Lekker cheesy nê...?

  2. Anonymous8:01 am

    I am so sick and tired of hearing the words 'racist'and'racism' which always refer to the actions or words from whites. We must destroy this stronghold by 'overuse' of the words ourselves i.e. we must use the words whenever possible, even for trivial actions/statements. This will make everybody so sick and tired of hearing the words and will make the user look stupid. We will take the sting out of the words and ridicule the use.

    1. Anonymous9:06 am

      A media instilled buzzword used by non-whites against whites to get what they want at any given opportunity

      The artful application of the 'divide and conquer' theory which is successful because it convinces the protagonists to blame each other for perceived crimes - thereby obscuring the actual guilty party or parties.

      Racism is a tool of the power elite to deprive the common man of Liberty and property by blaming a small, powerless minority for all problems in society.

    2. Anonymous11:22 am

      That is so racist.

    3. Anonymous9:59 pm

      Farting against the wind my friend. Accept your lot, or move.

    4. Back when N24 was still taking comments i used to say that everyone that votes ANC is racist. I said it over and over. My explanation was simple. Why would you vote for a party that is incompetent on all levels.... Np answer. The answer is simple. You are not voting for competency but instead you are voting because of the color. You can have absolutely no other reason for voting ANC thus making the 60 percenters all racists.

      If you want to see a naledi rattled use it. They dont have an answer because the only answer is making them the biggest racists.

    5. Or even better yet you give them a choice for voting ANC. Either they are racist or thieves or they are retarded with low IQ. The introspection is very damaging to the inferiority complex.

    6. Anonymous12:02 am

      Anon 9:59 'accept your lot'
      Spoken like a true beta loser.

    7. Anonymous8:40 am


      I have said it before, the faster we can get everyone to cry racist, racism the sooner we will all become desensitized by it. When the white man is not effected by this stupid word, then he can begin taking back his kingdom.

      You are all racists on here!
      Im a racist, you`re a racist.

      I think though, whites are the only ones which have admitted to being racist or accused of it. Wait until this lot go on their rampage and kill whites.

      The world will never be the same and in fact, I can promise you that there is going to be a time on earth and it is not going to be long before racism is accepted as survival of ones race and the ONLY way for peace on Earth.

      It will become mandatory.

      Sounds hard to believe, just wait - a few more rag tag towel heads blowing up, chopping off or raping`s in Europe and we will see it become as natural as breathing.

      Go back, look at any point in time. If you make a nation or group of people feel guilty long enough, they will eventually rebel.

      This is why Catholicism never took off and we have different religions. When you remove or try strip away anything natural to man - man being with a women and then force men to be priests or only accept them if they are priests because sex is wrong or whatever you have a backlash.

      In the Churches example it was paedophilia, we saw the same thing happen in Afghanistan with Bacha bazi, same thing with racism. You cant make people feel shit all the time through control and not expect them to rebel.

      Racism is self preservation.

      Viva racism viva

  3. Anonymous9:16 am

    How about he\she is my "prime mate" ??

  4. Anonymous9:47 am

    I have to admit. I saw the headline and immediately thought that it was a white farmer who had killed his pikanin. And that was exactly what the newspapwr intended on doing.

  5. Anonymous11:27 am

    When I approached the BCCSA about a radio news story run under the heading: "Afriforum Faces Legal Action" over the streetname issue because the actual story showed that their was in fact no possibility of legal action being entertained this was the pencil dick response I got:

    We have noted your complaint and would like to advise that the Commission previously found that it is not required of headlines at the commencement of the news report to provide a full picture. All news items must be judged in context. Should you wish to pursue your complaint before the Commission we require that your provide details of what was stated when the item was reported on during the news. This information will enable the Commission to verify the content and our rules provide that when a complaint is lodged the Complainant must make out a prima facie case in terms of the Code.

    Your complaint will be forwarded to the broadcaster for their information.

    So actually it is a paper tiger just like the NCA and these other toothless watchdog organisations like the Independant Police Investigative Directorate. A PR excercise to waste taxpayer's money. That is why newspapers publish this BS.

    1. Anonymous8:27 am


      Why I believe the bible says in the end days there will be rumours of war...

      The newspapers are the rumours and they create it.

      I read something about a women in California who tried to sue her newspaper/magazine/publisher over a story she wrote. It was a complicated case but bottom line was that she lost the case because...

      In fine print this publisher lets readers know that all stories reported on should be construed as fictional rather than fact.

      So basically the papers know they have sales to make, they have listed companies on the stock exchanges which attract investors. You can only attract investors if your sales are going up.

      Controlling the masses also gives you control over the broader economy. You say we are being invaded by green aliens and watch the stock markets fall.

      Each paper now is trying its best to attract the most eye balls in order to sell ad space.

      It is for this reason I use an adblocker when I visit all news sites and boycott those who refuse to allow comments.

  6. Anonymous1:24 pm

    So ultra sick of this BS!

  7. Anonymous2:42 pm

    Wonder how long the monkeys will take to remove this one.

    1. Their flag, not mine. Fuck 'em! I sue whoever put that shit up if I was the owner of the building.

  8. Anonymous2:54 pm

    How can one not be RACIST when one sees the way some that share this planet with us just cannot conduct and control themselves in a dignified manner ? There has to be Apartness otherwise Racism will never Die. Besides the Blacks and the Whites , whites groupes are also racist toward one another , you know why?, because they are....DIFFERENT. The Blacks shout Racism the whole time because they wanna act like they want without a white Criticizing them to act in a manner to what he is .
    Those degenerates with their backward culture groping of Females in Germany , only allowed themselves that because its tolerated and the Host is bound by its Laws to keep from being racist otherwise there would have been a blood bath .

    1. Racism is part of all DNA. All living creatures have instincts. Animals have it so do humans. For example a mother produces milk when she needs to. We are all born with survival instincts. You will favor the protection of your close family before you take care of your close community and the people or groups you are not familiar with. This can even meen distrusting those that you do not know. It is normal and has been a trusted survival mechanism for millenia. You will take care of your close community before you take care or protect the rest of your nation and so you will do the same when it come to your nation against foreigners. You will even see it portrayed in Hollywood movies when they make contact with et beings It is a natural survival instinct and has been with us for thousand of years. We tend to group together with those that similar to us. There is however a difference between hating, murdering and being conservative.

  9. Anonymous4:18 pm

    Vile little creatures, aren't they? I can't wait till their little enablers lose what little power they have left and the masses rise up against these evil beings. I know Ima gonna get me some payback. Evil black fucks, worldwide.

  10. "The Blacks shout Racism the whole time because they wanna act like they want without a white Criticizing them to act in a manner to what he is."

  11. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Another "robbery gone wrong"...

  12. Anonymous12:07 am

    To round this nasty bit off, there is a picture of a white man next to the masthead of the Sowetan, directly above the report. Masterful.

    1. Yip, saw that as well.

      The 1st thing you see is the big headline, then your eyes will move and the 2nd thing you'll see is the face of that white guy. Your brain will then subconciously perceive it as a white farmer...

      Old Skool mass media indoctrination, to accept a set of beliefs without questioning them.

  13. What about separatist rather than racist, i.e. we want fuckall to do with kaffirs be they white, coloured or black? We know which group holds the majority.

    1. Anonymous1:09 am

      That is the thing Tom, they want to push us all into a little "racist" box, all tied up neatly. We could care a fuck about what blacks kill and burn down, what papsak the coloureds drink, what rectum to fuck and black and muslim ass to kiss as the libs do. Leave us out of it. Give us the space to prosper without these proven drawbacks of what the blacks, coloureds and libs offer. Deny us that and we will have a good scrap, which could have been avoided.

      Guys get fit, run a little, pump some iron and prepare, keep old coke bottles and fill it up with maize meal etc. and get ready. The coming storm is unavoidable now. Fuck if I'm gonna sit back and get slaughtered by black and white degenerates. It's on like donkey kong mo'fos.

      Hey, DA and ANC and EFF and Broederbonders, fuck all of you!


  14. Anonymous1:02 am

    Look, everybody on this blog know what the kaffirs are up to and anticipate with fair accuracy what, where and whom they are/will be targeting. Thing is, we need to let the "other" mainstream media players know that we know as well. Maybe going more public in our fight against the kaffirs. Because, let`s face it, the only way forward for us whites is the total annihilation/segregation of the kaffir species. This dilly dallying around with useless/stupid/arrogant little kaffirs are now working on my tits. And I don`t like my tits being worked on...

    1. Anonymous8:22 am


      Amen! First pray that the heathen is delivered to us in our hand and then follow the Lords commandments of not one single one left...

      That is where we went wrong.

      Now we know.

      Talking, being nice, sharing does not work with this lot.

  15. Anonymous4:02 am


  16. Anonymous7:31 am

    Read this - whites are going to pay:

    Blacks are owed racism reparations by Whites and these are due and payable and can be afforded.

    rest of the article here:

  17. Anonymous8:21 am


    Thought you guys might like this...


    These bastards had so much to say about us.

    They will still see their gats just wait and see!

  18. Out of most articles I've read and on a scale of 10, and 10 being full retard, this article scores a 9.5

    I think Mike also mentioned him last time round. Top class idiot, BEE tenderpreneur and bigshot racist. What a tool ...