10 January 2016

In the New (improved) South Africa, standing up for your constitutional rights is a revolutionary act

By Mike Smith

10th of January 2016

I am back from the beach with a nice sun tan. Hope you didn't miss me too much ;-)

You have to laugh at the racial over-sensitivity of leftist South Africans, blacks and whites alike. Take the current petty tantrum over a LWB calling black beachgoers in Durban “monkeys” for making a mess on New Years Day. Penny Sparrow called black beachgoers making a mess “monkeys”

Sparrow said it is just the facts and she said it the way she felt it

Her problem is that she said: 'I work with blacks and I am kind to them'.

She said that she was born in East Africa and "raised by blacks, that's just how it was" and hence had no reason to have anything against a black person.

Sparrow said that her two phones had been crippled by messages and hate mail, after it emerged that she had sought the help of the police as she feared for her life.

I am sure Penny just meant well. She just wanted to educate them and wanted these blacks to behave a bit more civilized and not make a mess.

Sparrow now faces criminal charges and will also have to answer to the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC). Tja…Another wake-up call for a stupid liberal.

Penny, take some advice from Uncle Mike…Don’t help blacks. Don’t hold up a mirror to them. They hate it and will hate you for it. When you want to help them you are saying to them that they are inferior and unable to help themselves. Rather have nothing to do with them.

Of course, this time she was right. Just go to the Kruger Park and leave your groceries outside, unattended for a moment and see what the monkeys do. Just ask anybody living in Glen Cairn in Simons Town what mess baboons make when they enter your home. Just ask anybody who lives in Durban what happens on New Year’s Day when blacks come to take their yearly bath in the sea…You will find that Penny Sparrow’s comparison was 100% correct.

Personally I don’t care a rat’s ass what race you are, but if you behave like a monkey and being called one, don’t get all sensitive and cry “racism”. In German there is a better word than “Messing Monkey” for people like that. Look up “Drecksau”. You behave like a filthy swine; you deserve to be called one. It has bugger all to do with race; it has to do with the filth you make.

Nevertheless, her comment was followed by a black man, Velaphi Khumalo who called for black South Africans to do to white people what "Hitler did to the Jews" , that “the country to be cleansed of white people” and that “he hated all white people”.

Sorry mate that you feel so upset about members of your race being called “monkeys” for behaving like them, but why call for the genocide of the messenger? You are not going to cure the problem. The mess on the beach is not going to go away, just the person holding up the mirror to you is. Why not rather call on your fellow blacks to NOT behave like filthy monkeys when they go to the beach and behave civilized and keep it clean? Then they WON’T be called monkeys. Won’t that be a better solution than genocide of all whites?

Nevertheless, Radio and TV celebrity Gareth Cliff was fired from Idols after his comments on the whole storm in a teacup

Gareth Cliff said: "People really don't understand free speech at all."

That is it. All he said. Just championing for free speech as in the Constitution of South Africa…but in the New (improved) South Africa standing up for your constitutional rights is a revolutionary act.

I am not normally a Gareth Cliff fan, but I fully agree with him. Don’t silence whites like Penny Sparrow. Let her speak and say what liberals think of blacks… Same with blacks like Velaphi Khumalo. Let him speak. Let us hear what is REALLY on the minds of black South Africans and what they REALLY want to do to whites. Then we can all see who the real “racists” are around here.

Nevertheless, there I was driving in my car listening to that idiot on the breakfast show of Jacaranda FM, the Rian van Heerden commenting on the whole shpiel.

Rian, because he is gay, feels he is indemnified and can say what he wants like calling for people to get fired, locked up and the keys thrown away for exercising their constitution rights. Yet he wants HIS constitutional right to sexual orientation respected. A bit selective don’t you think?

You should have heard the hatred drip from his microphone to all so called “racists” and “hate speakers” that should be fired…Yet he feels nothing to make fun of black people whenever HE feels like it. Rian van Heerden’s interview with Julius Malema

However, if he wants to “fire racists”, why worry about small fry like Penny Sparrow, Velaphi Khumalo or Gareth Cliff? Why not start with the Über Racist and Ultra homophobe, Number One, Msholozi Shower Head?

Jacob Zuma sings “Kill the Whites with machine guns” at ANC rally

Jacob Zuma provokes ire of homosexuals

According to President (yours not mine) Jacob Zuma… "When I was growing up an ungqingili (a gay) would not have stood in front of me. I would knock him out."

Yet you don’t hear the gay radio host Rian van Heerden saying anything about that Hate Speech, do you? Why? Is he scared he might be fired by his SABC bosses who are all Zuma cronies?

They are all worried about some liberal white woman calling messy black beachgoers “monkeys” and then want to pull their intestines out over “racism”, yet none of them ever mention the genocide of 4000 white farmers at the hands of blacks in South Africa on the watch of the ANC. Nowhere will you hear how elderly whites are raped, horrifically tortured for hours and brutally murdered on their farms at the hands of black attackers…No, calling somebody a “monkey”…THAT is racism.

ANC will probe Bhekinkosi Mvelase, an ANC councillor of Msinga municipality KZN, “Kill the Boer” post

The time when we had clean beaches in South Africa


  1. Anonymous2:45 am

    You have to understand that "they" have a constant need to prove that they are alpha males. If you diminish their feeling of being an alpha male, they go on the offensive. This is the real reason why they don't speak out against 4000 farm murders. Because the murders represent their manhood. That they are more powerful than the white man.

    This is why they go on the offensive in cases like this but not real issues that affect us like farm murders.

    It also explains things like correct rape where they rape black lesbian women. The lesbian black woman diminishes the black man's feeling of being masculine and lashes out and tries to punish the woman for treating him like a reject.

    This is also why the POESKLAP in the old days was effective. You were the alpha male and he knew his place and we all got along nicely. We worked and they worked and in those days I saw the impossible. I saw black men putting in a hard days work and being productive.

    The solution is to rain down holy hell fire on the bastards if you ever get the green light to do so in a criminal act of self defence.

    When the bastard sees stars and hears bells and goes "eish! Hau!" Then you know you have solved the problem. At least temporarily.

    GO on, tell me I wrong...

    1. Adrem4:45 am

      Of course you are not wrong, it's the only way to go as we have proven in the good old days under the logic of Apartheid, way back then...

  2. Welkom terug! Die Ja-stemmers kry nou wat hulle nooit wou glo met hulle sal gebeur nie. Penny, Cliff en Hart was beslis onder diegene wat daardie EGBOK snert vir soetkoek opgevreet het.

  3. "I am back from the beach with a nice sun tan. Hope you didn't miss me too much ;-)"

    Ek is ook terug van die see en dit voel of my suurstof afgesluit was. Jy is 'n vars bries van redelikheid in al die nonsens wat mens daagliks moet opvreet.

    BTW, calling someone ho mees the beaches like this a monkey, or even pig, is wrong. It is an insult to all good monkeys and pigs.

  4. Anonymous4:42 am

    Ok... so who out there can see straight through all this smoke and mirror racism activity? We end off 2015 with 'Zumamustfall' with wide support across SA. Then 2016 starts off with the race card to bring the ANC support back again - with 'zumamustfall' all forgotten. The ANC media scouts must have been on full alert looking desperately for the 'joker' card - Penny provided the much needed 'zuma get out of kak' card. Now the ANC is back on track and 'zumamustfall' is history since the people of colour are all united against the 'apartheid/racism' bogy man.

    1. Yip. Smoke and mirrors, bread and circus...and Zuma survives again. Oh when will this nation wake up?

  5. Adrem4:55 am

    Nice to see you back, my withdrawal symptoms are already vanishing...

  6. Anonymous12:09 pm

    Yes, welcome back Mike. There is no substitute for the courage and intellect with which you expose the truth about S.A. Wishing you good health and another productive year. Trevor

  7. Hi Mike, hope 2016 is good for you.
    I have asked this question over and over but can't get a straight answer. Even many years ago, when I asked black co-workers , it was usually met with a- "Hi Wena "! Why do blacks get so upset if you call them monkeys/apes/baboons etc? Seriously . If you call a white a monkey, they would generally just shrug their shoulders and look at you in a strange way. However call a black a monkey and its the end of the world. They take it so personally , like you found out that they are nailing their cousin or something. I understand that black culture is vastly different to white culture and thats why the rainbow stuff up or new South Africa will never work in a million years. Apart from that it has really fascinated me, why they get so upset. Maybe you or one of your readers could enlighten me.
    Really glad you are back.

    1. Thanks Dingo. I don't know why they get all upset when called monkeys. At school I was called a babboon by my teachers almost on a daily basis. Did me good. Maybe they get upset, because you get too close to the truth. Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth.

  8. Hi Mike,
    Welcome back and all the best wishes for 2016 for you and yours. really missed your blog!

    1. Hi neighbour. Thanks and the same that side.

  9. Missed your beach post and thought you were whacked by the powers that be... glad you're back!

    1. It is what happens when you don't log on every day. ;-)

  10. Anonymous8:23 am

    Welcome back Mike. I heard/read this Penny story is a false flag incident. Anybody else also picked it up?


  11. Yes, as you say" truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth"
    And boy, do the hate truth!

  12. what is going on behind the scenes with the houtkoppe while this storm in a teacup plays out