14 January 2016

Houtkop education. 26 and still in Grade 11

By Mike Smith

14th of January 2016

Take a look at the state of our black schools.

This guy says he is repeating std 9 for the fifth time, has a beard and some grey hairs already.

22 and still in grade 11

However he is only the second oldest in his class. The oldest guy is 26.

Parents want the Department of Education to intervene at Homevale Secondary School in Kimberley to address the high failure rate.

One parent, Jacqueline Mathobi, said that her child had spent the past three years in Grade 10.

“The school never informed us that our children were not attending classes. How were we supposed to know what was going on?

“Now they are telling us that they have attitude problems, and are being kept back. We are fed up of buying the same school books and uniforms every year. The school offers extra classes and yet they still fail. The school is refusing to remark the examination papers.”

Our children are falling pregnant or turn to drugs and gangs because they are frustrated at remaining in the same grade for years.”

Maybe somebody should tell these munt parents that the primary educator of a child is the parent.


  1. Jan van Riebeeck's fault

    1. Anonymous1:10 am

      Sadly many (liberal) whites are actually convinced that it is the white man's fault (who else) that these savages are so dumb. I hear all the time that apartheid (what else) deliberately kept them dumb, and this coming from some 'enlightened' whites.
      But I often ask myself, how is it possible that these noble (savage) creatures have yet to show the world how 'clevah' they are? I mean, after a couple of centuries, they should have been able to prove their worth? So either they are incredibly useless or the white man is incredibly cunning in keeping them so dumb. But then again, with all the help (and I mean ALL the help) they had from the bleeding heart (liberal) whites they should be a shining example of integrity, competence, ingenuity, harmony...NOT!

    2. Anonymous12:06 pm

      Black Lives Matter protest at Dartmouth:


      This is the créme de la créme of US blacks who have been promoted into the elite US universities despite blacks inability to come anywhere near the SAT scores of white or asian students. They cannot keep up, let alone compete, so all they can do is destroy.

  2. Anonymous8:29 pm

    The less a kaffir learns the more he thinks he knows. We saw the proof of this fact in the brilliant deductions made recently by an ANC government official about the water level in the dams. Not hard to believe it because when a huge rich continent such as Africa is now floating belly up in their kaffir hands and the proof of their ignorance and incapability of it is clearly visible.

  3. That is why liberals love them - thy are truly the unwashed and unthinking masses.

  4. A few more years and he will be sharing a class with his own children

  5. Anonymous10:46 pm

    definite proof that the average IQ of blacks is 67 (at a push). The attitude of the parents speaks volumes, they naturally blame the school.The system is out to fuck them over. The useless fuckers should be repairing roads and digging ditches,if you are 26 in grade 11 the universe is telling you that you are not a scholar's(sorry learner) arsehole.The scary fact is that any of these simian retards has more education than the Prez JZ.

    1. Anonymous1:13 am

      It was the very same question that I asked myself when I read it. The very same worthless and useless fucked up article even got a knighthood which was originally put forward and supported by the mad liberal English government as well. The Poms also mistakenly gave old "showerhead the order of the bath". Makes an intelligent and sane person really think doesn’t it?

  6. Anonymous11:05 pm

    I just wish adults would start taking responsibility. These parents taught the kids to behave in such a manner. I hope one day we will have a country where people take responsibility for their own actions. If he is 26 in std 9 its due to his own actions not the educational system.

  7. Anonymous11:30 pm

    Oh fuck it. More Malemas and Zumas in the making.

    1. Anonymous1:24 am

      You aint seen nothing from these dumb monkeys yet They still actually believe that they can one day also rule the world.

  8. Maybe the 26 year old one is preparing his carrier as future president of South Africa ?

    1. Anonymous5:29 am

      @ZIPF Its career and not 'carrier'

  9. Well it's simple really.

    When I was a kid my parents gave me all kinds of puzzles and small challenges to develop my cognitive abilities and stimulate my senses. Therefore at age 3 I was already able to ride a bike, built a Lego set and take a dump on the potty.

    Going to the blacks we see the child beign 'dropped' in a patch of sand outside the kaya, given a stick to play with if his lucky, and that's it.. Then you might say that they don't have money for Lego sets or bikes, then I'll say stop drinking, switch off your DSTV and problem solved..

    The most important time for development for any child is from 6 months to 5 years of age, and if that doesn't happen you end up with a dumb adult not beign able to grasp and do the most basic of tasks. This is where the Houties are clueless and wonda why Sipho is not veri cleva.???

    But hey, blame it on Jan Van Riebeeck and Verwoerd and all whites in general.. In 1976 they went against the very thing that would have worked for them, Banto education was the Saving Grace for a dumb nation that to this day have very limited vocabulary and uses the 'White Man's' alphabet and words to communicate.

    We must understand that they will NEVER admit that they fucked up every good thing that was ever given to them, and should that thing self destruct because of incompetence just look for the 1st white man and shift the blame. They are blinded by their arrogant pride and will keep on paying the price till the end of this age. A shamefull embarrasing lot of people. Pride will be their downfall.!

    L. Cloete

    1. Poor? No money? Just drive on the N2 past Khayalitsha and take a look at those shacks...just about all of them have DSTV satellite dishes. Is it free?

    2. Yip. Full DSTV bouquet is about R800 p/m. That gives you R9600 a year, enough for plenty of lego sets for Sipho which will only last 2 days max then it's brokan..

      If you can't distinguish between priority you must pay the price. We weren't rich growing up but priority always came first and today I'm not paying the price but rather reaping the fruits of my Parents efforts.

      My Dad was a Tradesman and Electrician and he gave me years of knowledge and wisdom. My Mom a teacher and she gave me the same. I was completely self sufficient by age 22 and this houtkop is still in Std 9 with a Government that holds his hand and changes his nappy on a daily basis..
      I was 8 years old when Mandela got released from prison, so for the last 25 odd years the Black Government did fuck all for me. I can say with a lot of gratitude and humbleness that today I run 2 businesses with no help whatsoever from the ANC and I'm still growing.

      What's your excuse Mr Black man after 25 years of BBBBBEEEBBEEEEEBBBEEEE, don't know if I got the spelling right I'm sure there's another B somewhere.


    3. I was five when I went to schooland finished Matric at 17 only turned 18 the next year. By 23 I bought my first house. I worked three jobs to pay my own studies. These fuckers don't even have to do two years National Service like we did. And then they tell me I am "White privileged".

    4. Anonymous8:43 am

      It has also come out that Black Kids aged 2,3 or even 4 were registered as 1 years old to have advantage. The other think is that the majority thinks that if Zuma goat herder can become President of the whole of beautiful SA with STD 3 then why the fuck study. Just get a false Qualification like the Prasa Engineer and order Trains that dont fit, or become an Ambassador or even a Farmer and let all that existed ROT away. Its happened so many times now , how much can SA endure ?

    5. I was thinking about those same words earlier 'white privileged'.

      The only reason that word even exists is that Mr Malema knows very well that the white folks of SA are a resilient, persistent and driven group, that will given a FAIR chance take control of this whole place very quickly.

      There has always and will always be a strong jealousy toward the Whites and especially us Boere for our passions and achievements.There's something Julius can never take from me and you, it's Human Capital.. It's the very thing him and his followers are after but fail to understand and attain. That's why the Houties are so confused and frustrated.. They cannot understand this 'way' the white man lives, they want it so bad but fail to grasp even the basics of life.. For them it's achieved on the shallow basis of money and stuff, all tangable things such as new 'Fe-ni-tur' from from Ellerines.

      Have you ever asked yourself this.? Rome wasn't built in a day,,,, but WHY.? Want die Boere het hom nie gebou nie. Dis hoekom.

    6. Anonymous11:13 am

      It also helps that white families only have 2, 3 or max 4 children. When the family income is R12k per month split 3 or 4 ways, each kid get a decent sum towards his/her development. But when a zot family's income is only R3k for Sipho who mows the lawn for the witbaas, and he has 12 kids - then the spend per capita is somewhat lower.

  10. Anonymous6:14 am

    Hi Mike, you miss-read Mr. Cloete...he said if Some-one say they don't have money, he will say stop drinking and let go off the DSTV....
    W Etdo

    1. Ja Mike jy moet mooi lees asb..lol.! Thanks W Etdo

  11. Anonymous2:47 pm

    "our children are becoming pregnant because they're in the same grade for years"

    Or maybe it's because they're 20 years old and still in highschool?