15 January 2016

Have we all been had by the Penny Sparrow saga?

By Mike Smith

15th of January 2016

Does “Penny Sparrow” really exist? Front National doesn’t think so. This is what they say:

FNSA disputes Penny Sparrow’s identity – challenges DA, regional newspaper to reveal what they know

Front National on FB

• All available phone numbers, including Penny Sparrow’s cell phone number, work number and home number, were created on 30 November 2015 – exactly one month before the incident.

• There is no record of Penny Sparrow with SARS before 2011.

• The ID Number , 4712300016082 belonging to Penny Sparrow leads to a person employed by the South Coast Herald. “Penny Sparrow” herself claimed to work for South Coast Herald in 2008 and we found evidence that she was involved with this newspaper, as well as another, as far back as 2006.

Front National is asking for anybody who knows Penny Sparrow or knows if her estate agency in Scottborough really exists to come forward or send information

According to the Daily Mail Penny Sparrow was forced to go into hiding

That's it. She is gone. Disappeared. Nobody can get hold of her.

Mrs Sparrow identified Jawitz Properties as her employer on her Facebook profile, but the boss of the company denied she was still on the payroll. Was she ever? Or is this just a concocted story?

If she doesn’t exist, then who was the voice that appeared on Metro FM with DJ Phat Joe? Who was the voice interviewed on television? Funny that it was not a personal appearance, just a voice on the phone.

You can listen to her interview with eNCA here

She appears to be a natural English speaker, yet her apology she posted online (see below) is full of spelling and grammar mistakes and definitely not the same person who wrote the original "monkey" post. Not even Afrikaans speakers make so many mistakes. It typically appears as if it was written by a black person.

According to News24 she has a daughter called Charmaine Cowrie who fears for her mother’s life. Apparently Penny Sparrow is a diabetic and the incident made her very sick.

Business Day added no proof that Penny Sparrow actually exists, just saying that those who question her existence are conspiracy theorists BD: A Penny for your conspiracy thoughts

There are several questions from this:

Pictures of Durban beach front overrun by blacks on New Year’s day are nothing new and have been appearing online for at least ten years. Why suddenly the outcry of “racism” when it is election year and the useless ANC stands a good chance of losing?

Why did the Penny Sparrow “racism” saga come up right at the time when President Zuma came under fire for sacking the finance minister and causing the collapse of the Rand? Coincidence?

Penny Sparrow has been connected to the DA and Herschel Jawitz, a successful Jewish business man and capitalist from Johannesburg who won the entrepreneur of the year award. We know that there is no love lost between the Marxist ANC and Israel. The ANC hates capitalists and the DA (which they also believe is a Jewish creation and run by Jewish business people). Hitting several birds with one propaganda stone?

So far the DA could only state that, “they intend to suspend Penny Sparrow”. What is taking them so long? Is it because they couldn’t find such a person on their membership records?

The ultimate question is of course: “Is the Penny Sparrow saga an ANC propaganda creation to sow racial discontent prior to the local elections later this year?”

I wouldn’t be surprised. Even if it turns out to be a fictitious character and an ANC hoax, the damage has been done. It is how propaganda works. You throw heeps of mud in the hope that some will stick. What the ANC want people to believe is that whites, the DA the Jews...are all “Racist capitalists” who want to bring Apartheid back. This racial scaremongering is how they have come to power and managed to stay in power for so long.

Update: There is no (female) Sparrow registered with the Estate Agency Affairs Board. www.eaab.org.za

The original post.

The Apology


  1. Anonymous2:10 am

    Hi Mike , tell me this aint a Monkey at the wheel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VF6YgdPbMEI

    1. And watch the fucker sneaking off, fucking animal!!!!

  2. Anonymous2:47 am

    Het dit geweet!!
    Ek wou se dit klink verdag. EN ons wil nog volgens die reels speel

  3. Anonymous3:52 am

    Just thinking. Can be wrong, I believe that there is a facial recognition program available, (Google???something or it can be nonsense).One of your more informed readers can shed some light on said software and apply it on the "Penny Sparrow" face.
    I believe it uses a lot of diff features and match it to other available photos on the net!if possible it will identify who'spic they used for the profile!
    I'm a to old toppy to understand this or apply it.
    But reading what is said about this racist claim, it does smell more and more fishy!
    W Etdo

    1. Anonymous11:06 pm

      It's not hard to do "old toppy". So even if one is only equipped with the most basic MS Art program and well acquainted in the handling of it they can place Satan in heaven and God into hell. Amazing as it may sound/seem it is not hard to do and very true indeed. A person I know who works with images as a hobby told me that he only used photo shop when it was absolutely necessary. Other than that he preferred to utilize his three MS Art programs. He later gave me a personal demonstration on my own dilapidated out of date pc and believe you me it was amazing. If one knows the "tricks of the trade" it can definitely be done and of that I can assure you.

  4. Anonymous3:58 am

    Right on the money Mike. Had this exact same thought. Seems like some psyops bullshit the anc created.

  5. Anonymous4:19 am

    Yes, I suspected from the outset that this was a 'race card' to be used to defuse the 'zuma must fall campaign' and reunite the comrades loyalty to the ANC. Also to remind them of the eternal battle against the threat of apartheid. Even if Penny is a real person and this was a real incident makes no difference to how they are using it. They have used this to introduce new laws affecting free speech.
    Penny sounded very English as well - unlike someone with southern african roots.
    What has happened to the 'zumamustfall'? That anger has been strategically redirected towards die wit gevaar.

  6. Anonymous4:25 am

    Strange how Penny mentioned in her facebook post how she was 'amongst the revellers' and then refuted that and said that she was not there because she was aware of the potential numbers that would turn up. Almost as though one person wrote the message and the 'Penny interviewee' recounted the event - with amnesia.

    1. Anonymous11:59 am

      Exactly, and we all know how many liberal whites were "among the revelers" don't we.

      Precisely f#ck all.

    2. Willem Wikkelspies12:09 pm

      spot the white and win a Mercedez Benz

  7. There's no business like Monkey business...

    Thinking about it now, maybe if only Neil Barnard took a Bucket of KFC to the Codesa talks we could have saved the country. Shit man.!

  8. Anonymous2:20 pm

    If you see how black people tend to write on facebook; the grammar they use, that looks quite suspect. I'd bet it was written by a black person.

  9. Anonymous6:03 pm

    Kul jou hier, kul jou daar en siedaar!

  10. As the ANC has absolutely no morals it won't surprise me at all. I just hope it gets investigated thoroughly to the end. If its proven that it was a hoax, it will only highlight how naive DeKlerk en Kie actually was.

  11. Anonymous4:19 am

    There is one absolute truth in this whole saga,it is that the kaffirs have made total shit of that once beautiful city of Durban. I read somewhere in the news that the beachfront paddling pools have to be drained and the pumps, pipes and filters need specialist cleaning because of E Coli contamination.

    1. Willem Wikkelspies12:12 pm

      Kaffirs are melting

  12. Anonymous9:22 am


    Do you not find it ironic that Malema returns from the UK in December and in early Jan this smear campaign starts?

    all part of the plan...

    Get the masses going, rile the masses.

    Honestly 2016 scares me. We are going to see first hand what happened in former colonial countries happen right under our noses.

    Dont be surprised if you see a massacre this year.

  13. Anonymous9:33 am

    Further to the above. The cellular telephone number supplied was that of some innocent guy who has never heard of Penny Sparrow before.

  14. Anonymous11:16 pm

    Now Mr Smith
    Do you still deny the TRUTH

    The obscure references elucidated here ( especially the biblical to do with the "Boere" ) tell me straight away that this is the work of the jews -- that section you call the "Sabbateans"

    Go research a bit and tell me I am talking nonsense
    WHO controls the MSM ??? ( who are all singing from the same "Hymn-Sheet" )


    THE Front National conspiracy theory about Penny Sparrow’s seemingly obscure past — investigators found no trace of her in tax records before 2011, that her phone numbers were mysteriously created as recently as November, and she went to ground after defending her racist views in just one radio interview with Metro FM — remains unproven. But her name invokes another unlikely coincidence linked to SA’s infernal history.

    After the second Anglo-Boer War, the Afrikaner women who survived abhorrent conditions, beatings, starvation and typhus in British concentration camps were immortalised as the sparrows on SA’s farthing penny, which was first minted in 1923 after they petitioned then prime minister Jan Smuts for recognition.

    The Sparrows were inspired by a verse in Matthew 10, which reads: "Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs on your head are numbered. So don’t be afraid, you are worth more than many sparrows."


    1. Interesting coincidence.

      You asked, "WHO controls the MSM ??? "

      The IOL group formerly the Argus group, (English Newspapers such as The Cape Argus, Cape Times, Daily Sun, Pretoria News and the Mercury)is owned by Dr Iqbal Survé (a Muslim)and his Sekunjalo Company. Sekunjalo Independent Media owns 55% of the company, the Public Investment Corporation of South Africa owns 25%, and two Chinese State Owned Enterprises (China International Television Corporation and the China Africa Development Fund) own the remaining 20% of the newspaper.

      The other MSM group is Media24 (Naspers)with newspapers such as Rapport, Die Burger, Beeld, Citizen, etc. Former CEO Koos Bekker (who also owns MNET) current CEO is Bob van Dijk. All Afrikaners

      Then there is Times Media. Sunday Times, The Times, Sowetan, Daily Dispatch, EC Herald, etc....Owner is Tokyo Sexwale (a black), CEO is Prakash Desai (an Indian).

      The Mail& Guardian is owned by Trevor Ncube, a Zimbabwean businessman.

      Your point is?

  15. Anonymous1:49 am

    The point Mr Smith
    It is not who "owns" but WHO sets the editorial line ?
    How is it that they ALL speak with one voice ?
    Tell us about "syndicated-news" .........

    In any case what is the REAL financial position of these "news-groups" ?
    WHO put up the money
    How much do they still owe ?
    To whom are these monies owed ?
    Who started "Naspers" ?

  16. He who owns the NEWS, owns the MEDIA.

  17. If you search for Penny Sparrow on dates before 1 January, you won't find any info on her. No pictures, nothing. Only the picture of Penny Sparrow, estate agent in US. If you search on dates from January and later, all you see are pictures and screenshots of her. Strange isn't it?