18 January 2016

Further evidence that race is biological and NOT a social construct

By Mike Smith

18th of January 2016

One of my pet hates is hearing a deluded liberal twat utter the phrase ”Race is a social concept; not a scientific one”

I cringe every time I hear that. Electric shocks travel from my arsehole to my brain and back when I have to listen to bollocks like “there is only one human race and we are all brothers and sisters”.

Problem is, no amount of evidence can convince these liberal idiots, because they have a cognitive bias. Their minds are made up already. They only believe what they want to believe, ignore all evidence to the contrary and vilify anybody who believes differently to them, equating such people as flat-earthers, narrow-minded, etc.

They are so stupid that their own intolerance to other ideas makes THEM the narrow-minded hypocrites they are, but they cannot see it.

Basis for their belief is that the DNA of two humans chosen at random generally varies by less than 0.1 percent so can be ignored. This is less genetic variation than other types of hominids (such as chimpanzees and orangutans), leading some scientists to describe all humans as belong to the same race — the human race.

In other words we are all the same at birth. If there are differences between ethnic behaviour or achievement, then it must be the social environment they grew up in and surrounds them.

This is flawed, because people create their environment not the other way around. This 0.1% difference is the difference between civilised Europe and uncivilised Africa. How can anybody simply ignore it?

The DNA of dogs and wolves differ even less than that of humans and they can also interbreed, but nobody will argue that they are the same breed (race) or even the same species. There are marked differences in behaviour, none of it due to environment. For instance dogs are human friendly and wolves are human shy and will avoid eye contact with humans. This is even the same for wolves bred in captivity and used to humans. Wolves are also virtually un-trainable.

Of course this nurture theory is rubbish in humans as The Bell Curve for instance shows. The 25 years of research the authors put into the book is either ignored or rubbished by the liberal Social Science fraternity…who isn’t even real scientists, yet always seem to know better.

Same with books like IQ and the wealth of nations and A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History by Nicholas Wade, which appeared in 2014, that proves that race is indeed biological. It is backed up by the Human Genome Project.

However, Wade’s book is criticized by liberal reviewers, who state that “Wade goes beyond scientific consensus”. In other words, “Who is Wade to dare to think differently and come up with another theory than the establishment?”

If the consensus is that "Race does not exist" it does not exist. Argument closed.

You are not allowed to think out of the box or have a different idea than the consensus even if you are right and the consensus is wrong. Political Correctness is Intellectual Communism.

I kid you not. Sounds like the Inquisition who tried Galileo for saying the earth was not the centre of the solar system, the sun was. The earth is just another planet revolving around the sun. He was almost burned at the stake for proving something different to the consensus.

Any physical anthropologist can point out at a mere glance the biological difference between a white and a black person’s skeleton. Sickle Cell disease are only found in people with black genes. The heart pill BiDill only works in black people and has no effect whatsoever on whites. In September last year it has been discovered that White and black people have distinctive differences in fingerprints

Yet, try to get it in the thick skulls of race denying liberals that there are different species of humans…Good luck with that.


  1. That's my favourite one, the fact that only 0.1% of our genes are different so therefore we are all the same. But when you consider there are billions of genes, 0.1 of billions of genes means quite a few million very real genetic differences!!

    Send this vid to any liberal doos:


    1. Anonymous12:18 am

      Actually, no. There are 20 - 25 000 genes in the human genome, which would mean 0.1% equates to a difference of 25 genes. Just saying.

    2. J=Man, you're confusing genes with cells, Bud.

    3. whoops!! shot for that! my bad

    4. Anonymous12:43 pm

      The 0.1% genetic difference is a lie that is still being promoted by the controlled main stream media, even though the latest genetic research has disproved it.

      Look at this scientific study.

      Look at the huge number of scientists and institutions that took part in this scientific study.

      Here is an extract from the study above:

      "We have constructed a first-generation CNV map of the human genome through the study of 270 individuals from FOUR POPULATIONS with ANCESTRY in EUROPE, AFRICA and ASIA (the HAPMAP collection). DNA from these individuals was screened for CNV using two complementary technologies: single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) genotyping arrays, and clone-based comparative genomic hybridization. A total of 1,447 copy number VARIABLE REGIONS (CNVRs), which can encompass overlapping or adjacent gains or losses, covering 360 megabases (12% OF THE GENOME) were identified in these populations."

      Thus CNV (copy number variation) difference is 12%

      MODERN GENETICS have proved that we are all very much less alike than the Human genome project initially thought back in the year 2001. The HGP never even looked at COPY NUMBER VARIATIONS (CNV) because back then it did not even know that CNV's existed.

      Here is an easy example of the error the human genome project made.

      If one man has an apple and another man has 10 apples, then the HGP claimed that the apples between them were 99.9% identical. This was the logic of the human genome project, when it concluded that all humans are 99.9% identical.

      BUT one man has more apples than the other.
      This is a single "Copy number variation" (CNV)
      As you can see CNV differences are very important.

      Now modern science tells us that 12% CNV exists between the races.

      Here it is presented in graphical form.

      Then look at this scientific study.
      Go to the Hapmap here...

      Then click on the publication entitled:
      "A SECOND GENERATION HUMAN HAPMAP with over 3.1mil SNP's"

      Look at the huge number of genetic research institutions that took part (72) All the major genetic institutions from all over the world.

      AND HERE are their findings:

      "We describe the Phase II HapMap, which characterizes over 3.1 million human single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) genotyped in 270 individuals from four geographically diverse populations and includes 25–35% of common SNP variation in the populations surveyed."

      So we know that
      1) CNV differences between the races are 12%
      2) SNP differences between the races are 25-35%.

      Note that this is a second generation Hapmap study. The first generation study was of course the "human genome project."
      The human genome project concluded that all humans are 99.9% identical based on SNP analysis.

      How they did this considering that they only had the genome of one person is beyond me. This one genome was also spliced together from multiple donors, so effectively it could not be used for any science apart to say that they had mapped the first human genome.

      The second generation study as linked above proved that the real SNP difference is 25-35%. HUGE....

      If the human genome is likened to a book, then a single SNP difference is a single word spelt wrong and a single CNV is a whole page that is different.

      Genetici have proved huge genetic differences between the races, but the controlled main stream media ignores the science, because it does not tie in with their agenda of cultural Marxism.

      This is SCIENCE fact.

      What you have to ask yourself, is why liberals struggle to accept these scientific facts.

      Don't liberals always claim that we have to celebrate our diversity.



  2. Just heard such a brilliant commentary by Pat Condell who happily offends a million muslims (and it probably holds the same for kaffirs) - Mike, I think you'll also enjoy this, because it DOES apply to all the zots here too, especially "Numbawan" who lives in his own world of delusion: "...single brain-cell organisms masquerading as human beings. To call them moronic and deranged would be excessively polite and tantamount to flattery..."

  3. I have always believed that we are incorrectly classified as "the human race"..when in fact we are the human "species"...with many races. Each race has its strengths and weaknesses, with some having a higher position on the bell curve, whist others have greater endurance in sport. I also believe that IQ and the ability to express humanity and kindness are related, and so make my choice of association based on those that display humanity and kindness. Unfortunately the actions and behavior of the majority usually dictates the response to the collective, thus I avoid social contact with the black race. Every now and then I have reason to paint some of my own white race with the same tar brush, usually found occupying the wrong end of the bell curve.

  4. Anonymous3:47 pm

    just a coincidently I have been reading from the Book of Genesis ( for all those liberal atheists out there its the 1st Book of the Holy Bible) anyway Abraham forbad his son Isaac to take of the local Canaanites to wife Gen 24, then Isaac forbad his son Jacob from doing the very same Gen 28. There is more than just the mixing of the flesh at stake but when whites intermingle with kaffirs they go soft in the head with all sorts of crazy liberal Ideas, just look at the mess our land is in, It all started with some form of intermingling like taking a fondness to their music, liking black actors or sports people, ethnic art or fashion. all lead to liberalising of the mind. Now I have often worked with and managed large teams of blacks often having to work shoulder to shoulder, but always kept my mental distance, that's probably why I know how they scheme and operate they are all murdering thieving liars always waiting for an opportunity to do the evil deed

  5. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Mike do you believe in evolution or creation?

    1. Both...God created man, then he looked at man and thought..."I can do better"...So he created women. They evolved into female Volleyball players. The most superior specimen of the human evolution.

  6. Anonymous9:05 pm

    It is indeed, 0.1% is a massive difference when comparing humans. The complexity and variety of genes are on such a scale that this percentage of variation has significant outcomes. In my opinion, the 0.1% has advantages and disadvantages - Blacks are more immune to certain diseases and have (in some cases) a physical advantage over whites..like in athletics. However they lack in other areas as can be seen through their reasoning and decision-making abilities. I do want to add that this percentage, favoured White people as these books have mentioned, however, the biggest advantage of that 0.1% gene difference is that black people procreate extensively and do not have that need or feeling that quality is better than quantity. This to me, will mean the eventual destruction of a pure white 0.1% difference. In future their numbers, because of this genetic difference to "not care about offspring", will far exceed ours and race mixing will happen a lot faster. Their exponential growth in numbers has been seen over the last 6 decades in South Africa, and it is our 0.1% disadvantage for feeling compassion, that prevented us from controlling the numbers

  7. Anonymous10:26 pm

    I tend to believe in that saying: "A monkey in silk...is a monkey no less". And boy do we witness this every single day in our country.

  8. Anonymous10:57 pm

    What difference is there then when comparing whites with say, colored people? And is there also a difference then between blacks and coloreds. Also, what is the difference then between a black and a baboon or a monkey. Can it be that blacks more closely resemble apes than humans? If so, then we have a valid case and reason not to associate with blacks. You don`t see whites living along with gorillas or baboons in their natural habitat, but kaffirs and some coloured races seem to get along quite well with the ape species???

  9. That 0.1% difference was between the genes that were identified as having a specific function. The greater part of genes were said to be noise. As our understanding grows, there are more and more differences between blacks and all other members of the human species. The blacks do not have the Neanderthal gene group, which the rest of the humans have. They are actually the single most distinct race of all the human races.


  10. Anonymous12:23 am

    In the interests of scientifc accuracy, please be aware that the human genome has been sequenced and generally contains 20 -25 000 genes, not the "millions" that some commenter(s) are maintaining. Also, wolves and dogs are indeed the same species, Canis lupus, the dog being a subspecies of the wolf (the two species were recently reclassified as one.)

    1. Anonymous7:51 am


    2. So if i told you that the sky is actually not blue but a purple hue.. Does that make it truth?

      Ive heard this crap about speciation and that all humans come from adam n eve... How did two whites give birth to kaffirs? How if adam n eve were kaffirs give birth to us whites?? I mean be realistic.. Cat and Lion are both feline but not even close to being from the same original parents.. What happened.. Come show me your scientific bullcrap excuse..

  11. Anonymous 7:51 AM

    And? The whole premise of this article is debunked.

    1. You were saying?

      Looks like you have been owned... Anonymous12:43 PM's comments just blew you out of the water.

  12. Anonymous11:55 pm

    Go read anon 12:43PM. With references and then sit back and peel another banana.

  13. Question - i have had endless discussions, debates and arguments with my friends, i tell them that the kaffirs are not actually human bit are a beast.. Look at every aspect of their society, rape, murder and filth for starters is a norm, i mean also their intellect is basically zero, when van riebeeck landed here he came on a ship, from a city quite well advanced and the kaffirs at that time had not even invented the wheel yet... I mean even thereafter i have asked people to show me even one thing a kaffir invented... I love your writings mike, they so spot on.. Kaffir is a beast the Bible kind of explains it, the Bible told us to subdue the beast of the field... So the reason we in shit street is because the beasts now rule ober us, have subdued us... I lost a few dumb white friends because they dont like my supposed racist stance... Anyway i will answer to Jesus for my understanding of scripture.. But so will they.. There is alot of evidence in the Bible to point out the difference.. What beast has a hand and can wear sackcloth or has a foot? Bible mentions these things in its own revealing manner but it also says the those who are deaf will not hear and the blind will not see and God will harden their hearts.. Thr End