12 January 2016

Farmer attacked in Parys. Two savages taken out by 40 farmers

Loedie vd Westhuizen shows his injuries.

By Mike Smith

12th of January 2016

Last Wednesday, two black men, Samuel Tjexa, 35 and Seun Tangasha [believed to be] 28 or 29 years old trespassed on the farm “Biesiesbult” of Loedie van der Westhuizen (72) a white widower who lives alone. They put a gun against the back of his head and demanded R20,000 from him. Apparently they had information about a large sum of money in a safe on the farm. Apparently Tjexa used to work for Loedie’s son and knew the old man.

He started to wrestle with one attacker, but was pistol whipped against the temple. Blood streamed from the wound. Fortunately he managed to press the panic button in the hallway and between 40 and 60 farmers in the district came to his rescue. The two attackers fled through the wheat fields where the farmers caught up with them and assaulted them.

When the police took the two bastards away, they were still alive, but later died in hospital.

The police arrested four farmers, including Loedie’s own son Gert “Boeta” van der Westhuizen and charged them with murder.

Afrikaans news: 40 farmers hit two attackers

Parys farmers arrested. Charged for murder

A family member said that the farmers in the area live in constant fear of their lives.

Several farmers and their loved ones have been brutally murdered in the area. In 2013, Annatjie van Rooyen (76) was locked in her refrigerator where she suffocated to death. Her husband Ernst (77), was also murdered.

In 2010 the 40 year old farmer, Johan Strydom was killed with an iron bar and towed behind his own Mazda pickup truck.

The irony here is how the ANC’s mouthpiece, the New Age newspaper, owned by Zuma’s friends the Guptas, are portraying the two bastards as innocent farm workers killed by racist white farmers and trying to link it to racist comments on social media.

Two farmworkers killed: Incident is thought to be racially motivated following social media comments

The fact that it was a racist attack by two blacks on a white farmer is not mentioned. Of course not. According to the SA media farm attacks by blacks on whites are NEVER racially motivated. It is just ordinary crime.

But let those farmers just defend themselves or each other, then it is a racist attack on innocent blacks.

Personally I am not one for vigilantism, but you do have the right to defend yourself and your loved ones and in the absence of police action to curb the spate of farm attacks and the government’s ongoing refusal to do something about it, I fully support these farmers who went on the offensive and dealt with these two bastards “op die boere manier” .

I am sorry, but if you put a gun against an innocent person’s head, you should not complain when you get the shit kicked out of you by his son and his mates.

I have always maintained...There is only one way to stop farm murders. Fight back!! These guys did the right thing. I salute each and every one who came to the help of Loedie van der Westhuizen and took out these two bastards. The world is a better place today.

I am glad they all got bail. There is no evidence against them. When the police arrived, most of the farmers drove away. The ones arrested were the ones who stayed. There is nothing that link them to the attack on the bastards.

At the bail hearing the police had their hands full to keep the farmers, the EFF and the ANC apart. A black guy threw a bottle and hit a white woman in her face. The farmers started throwing back and sang the old National anthem “Die Stem” and waved the flag of the Boer Republic of the ZAR, the Vierkleur.

Well done, manne. Staan saam . Fight back. Put the fear of God into these savages. Only then will you have peace.

Parys attack. Four farmers get bail


  1. Anonymous8:52 am

    Mooi so manne! Al die onreg en leuens van die EFF, ANC, Gupta koerante en ander bose magte het nie gewerk nie, mag God met julle wees!!
    Is dit nie n bespotting nie, hulle sing " kill the Boer" , hulle kill ook die Boer en die gemors wil die ritteltits kry oor Die Stem gesing word?
    Did werklik maar n onderstebo plek die!

    1. Anonymous10:56 am

      Verskoon my taal gebruik maar die werf etters is fucked up. Hul gemors mag moor,steel en verkrag maar laat hulle hul verdiende loon ontvang dan bars die hel los. Ek hoop die is net die begin. Alle mense moet begin terug druk teen die gevaar wat ons in die gesig staar.

  2. Chickensoup for my soul. Criminal vermin must be dealt with in a manner that is understood by it.

  3. Anonymous10:17 am

    Goed so manne but do not call the police next time.
    3)Shut up.

    1. Oom siener se ons moet mauzer in een hand he en die bybel in die ander. Moet net moor as ons lewens daarvan afhang,so tyd is ryp dat ons wys vir baas wie is klaas en maak baas weer klaas. Hulle skrou mos soos tefies as n man hul mos gryp.

    2. Oom siener se mos ons boere moet nooit ooit ons wapens ingee nie en moet met mauzer in een hand loop en bybel in ander hand loop. Ons word gedwing om sulke goed te doen,die moordenaars is staats agente. Ons afrikaners mag mos nie onsself beskerm nie anders is ons rassiste.ANC is vandag nog op wereld se terroriste lyste.

  4. Anonymous10:39 am

    Well done people. Nothing wrong with self defence!! Keep protecting your families! May the lord be with you and keep you safe. Sing that stem with pride!!

    1. Anonymous2:06 am

      With all due respect, how do 40 men defend themselves against two men who were clearly retreating? NB: I don't condone the attack on Mr. Westhuizen or on any other person for that matter.

    2. In the absence of justice, when the government does nothing and actually condone the murder of 4000 farmers, going on the attack and kicking the shit out of these would be murderers, is the only way to stop the violence.

    3. Anonymous11:30 am

      To anonymous, its not about 40 defending against 2. Its about innocent elderly farmers ambushed and brutally killed by guess who? Yes always black savages, mostly from Zim. People will retalliate against this, have you seen footage of Buffalo getting hold of a Lion. There's a lot of mob justice elsewhere but you don't seem to be bothered? If more of these perps get killed, maybe then they'l get the message to stop, nothing else seems to work and these killings(BRUTAL) cannot continue!!

  5. Hoe kan hulle in die eerste plek aangekla gewees het as daar geen getuienis is nie. Maak die staat betaal manne!!

  6. Anonymous11:24 am

    People more clever than me keep on mentioning the idea of an alpha male in their mind set, and I tend to agree with it. Keep on hurting the alpha male, and maybe we have an answer.


  7. Anonymous11:44 am

    These days I keep most of my thoughts to myself, as I don't really know who is on who's side anymore.
    Just too much mind games.
    After all the racist attacks because of people posting the truth on websites such as facebook, I see today Pam Golding distances themselves from someone who left the company in 2008, because of a similar incident.
    Surely this has nothing to do with racism; it is a very good advertising tool to get your name in every newspaper and on every website. Not to mention the hits on google.
    Next in line will be PicknPay, Checkers, etc.
    Now I read this story of these boere. The zots where alive when taken away. Yet later died in hospital.
    Hey, if you desperate to prove a point, and need votes, you need to deliver, right...!!
    So who says the police never beat these guys up a bit as well, just to make sure they vrek in hospital.
    It is election time, and the ANC need votes. And they need a reason why they haven't achieved anything in the past 20 years. So this story will probably be broadcast on TV, like Oscar, to make the whitey look like a criminal.
    Really, this whole MSM thing, is becoming pathetic.

    1. Anonymous1:24 am

      Anon 11:44
      Another point to ponder on:
      Even if you go into Pelonomi hospital healthy you won't get out of there alive.

  8. Anonymous3:35 pm

    We must all fight back. This cowering and begging for our lives must be a thing of the past. When I read about someone who died on his or her knees begging for their lives it makes me mad. If someone comes into my house to do me or mine harm I only want to be forewarned so that I can make them pay dearly for any harm they wish to perpetrate.

    Fight back, never concede, do not die on your knees. They must know that taking us on is a risky and dangerous crime to commit.

    1. "I only want to be forwarned..."

      Exactly. It is the only reason to have a small dog inside the house, an alarm or burglar bars. It won't stop the dedicated bastard to invade your home, but it will give you a few seconds to wake up, aim and blow his brains out.

  9. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Look at how the ANC Youth League and the EFF showed up to support the two dead would be murderers. Proof positive with photo evidence of their support for genocidal criminals.

    This should be used at every opportunity and shoved in their faces. It is time to go on the propaganda offensive.

  10. I am sure these farm attacks are pre-planned and instructions are given from somewhere in the ANC government.

    1. Anonymous12:11 am

      Ou Rooies
      Exactly my thoughts Heinrich, there was an agenda. These savages knew too much, remember the dead cannot talk. They died in custody what's the ods ???? 'n Dooie hond kannie blaf nie.

      Ps. Welcome back Uncle Mike !!!!

    2. Ja, eerstens, dis regtig baie "toevalig" dat hulle net weier om die problem te erken en tweedens, dit werk so mooi uit vir die ANC en hulle beleid om grondhervorming en distribusie te verspoedig. Die oorlog is werklik kla aan die gang, die boere moet net met meer mag begin deelneem.

    3. Anonymous3:45 am

      Also makes you wonder where the ANC is getting its orders from.

    4. ANCYL en SACP is agter die plaasmoorde..Gewaarborg 100%

    5. Anonymous7:48 am

      Although I am not a supporter of the ANC, the idea that the ANC has anything to do with the farm attacks is ludicrous. If the ANC has been ordering these heinous attacks,which is illegal, then why didn't they adopt a policy which would make it lawful to attack the white farmers as the apartheid government did against the blacks during apartheid. Why didn't they adopt their their own form of 'apartheid'.

    6. Mate you need to get a reality check of what's going on in SA. I can see from your comment that the ANC propoganda bullshit really worked well for you.

      You can anwser all your questions just by doing some reading.

  11. Anonymous12:22 am

    Exactly. Why call the white hating ANC police. Now that's stupid manner.

    1. Anonymous7:59 am

      Does the ANC have a police force?

  12. Anonymous12:38 am

    Time to take a stand and fight back, protect ourselves and our families...Full support for each other...Stand together...make a stand together..

  13. Yes, it was gratifying to see the Boere turning up in support of their brothers. The time is coming and the Boere are starting to unite. Die manne raak gatvol en die kak gaan kom! Be warned Showerhead & Cronies, julle gaan weer kak.

  14. They should buy lime & dig a hole,
    Why call the police afterwards ?

  15. Anonymous6:38 am

    Why did 40 people not just capture them and hand them over to police?
    This was retribution (which I may also have felt like meting out) but it is illegal and will now cause untold problems for the accused and their families. The old SA had a massive well trained fit young professional army and this was not enough so I don't see how an aging white population who are outnumbered will be able to deal with the obvious problems that exist and that to a lesser extent also applies to urban areas where we live with armed response, walls, dogs,etc. Somehow efficient policing, courts etc have to be put in place.It is not unfortunately a good idea for the aged to live alone.

    1. Anonymous10:03 am

      I see that you were there? Why are you on the blog and not in court testifying?

    2. Anonymous3:19 pm

      Have you not seen the successes of the IRA?

    3. They got the numbers because food was cheap and readily available? Take it away. How long will they have that numbers?

  16. Anonymous1:52 pm

    There's only one good zot, and that's a dead one

  17. Anonymous8:25 am

    According to the author about 40 or 60 farmers in the district were involved in the assault of the "bastards" but only 4 men stand accused and face a possible jail sentence. What a show of solidarity by the rest of the 40 or 60 men.

    1. Good gentlemen, I'd strongly disabuse you from retaliating the way these guys did. They are headed for prison after harming our brothers. i also want to remind you that you completely out-numbered and out-gunned.It will be very paiful for you if do this again...

    2. Very painfull.? Are you stupid doos.? Always outnumbered, never outgunned. Don't forget that...

      A man that pukes out a threat like that is not to be taken seriously. Your probably some middle class snot nose houtkop hiding behind your keyboard and screen.

      Good luck, if I don't get you one of my Mates will.

    3. Anonymous12:43 pm

      Kaala let me ask you a question. Do you know the most dangerous man in the world? It is he who has nothing left to lose. And we are quickly aproaching just that. You will eat your words and entrails when that happens.

  18. Anonymous2:44 am

    Was the brutal attack on Mr. Westhuizen racially motivated or was it simply about money. I believe that the ANC, EFF and the Farmers who were protesting outside court are blowing this whole thing out of proportion by making it to be a racially motivated attack. At the end of the day this is about the 4 men accused of murder(which is surprising because about 40 men were involved in the assault and only 4 stand accused) and the two deceased. As a victim of crime at one stage in my life and after reading the crime statistics in South Africa I have learned that criminals don't care if you're black, white, colored or Indian. After all, how does singing 'Kill the boere' or the old National anthem and holding the old flag help four accused and the deceased? This whole thing is just childish and stupid.

  19. Anonymous10:56 am

    The lesson to be learned here is that in a situation like this you don't leave the k4 alive. Either handle it 'in house' - properly - or let the authorities deal with it. Not both.

  20. We don't know if the farmers were the cause of these black locusts vrekking. After all, they popped their clogs in the jail cell. Why weren't they taken to hospital at the time for "5* treatment"? One shouldn't believe anything one is fed in the ms media.