16 January 2016

ANC monkeys rip ZUMA MUST FALL poster to pieces

By Mike Smith

16th of January 2016

The ZUMA MUST FALL sign in Cape Town has been ripped apart by ANC supporters whilst chanting like stone age savages in monkey chatter: “Zuma,Zuma, Zuma, Zuma, Zuma…”

Video below.

Mission accomplished: Zuma must fall poster torn apart by ANC

Yesterday Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry Mzwandile Masina Called those who erected the sign “racists undermining democracy”…(what else?).

He said that the ANC’s patience was running out and that the anger of South Africans is building up to boiling point. ANC issues stern warning to “racists” in Cape Town over Zuma must fall sign

My message to him is this: "So let it…Let your anger reach boiling point, mate. Let your patience run out. Then you will see our patience run out and our anger reach boiling point. Then we can see whose patience run out the fastest and whose anger reaches boiling point the quickest. Come you useless fuck! Go for it. Make my day."

ANC MP Bongani Mkongi (Appointed to their Ethics Committee …what a joke) called for ANC supporters to burn the sign down together with the building and the people who live in it and who had nothing to do with the sign.

Said this foaming at the mouth ape, “They must burn to death as it is life for them to keep it that way."

DA takes ANC MP to task for statement on ZUMA MUST FALL billboard

This sign is what I mentioned last year about creating a dilemma for the dictatorship of the ANC. If they leave it they will be made more fun of. If they take it down, they show their insecurities and weakness and will be made even more fun of. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. They played straight into the hands of the ResistANCe.

Now they are just going to get the piss pulled out of them ten times worse. People have lost all fear of these simian bi-peds. They are useless, lazy and as can be seen from the video…stupid. They can take one big sign down. Imagine ten thousand small signs all over Cape Town. All it takes is a hundred people to each put up a hundred stickers. How are they going to scramble to take all of that down? They will be scrubbing from morning till night and still not make headway…and look totally silly doing it.

Update: Look at these savage apes!


  1. And where were the police? Were they not called out to attend to a charge of malicious damage to property? Oh yeah, they weren't supposed to interfere with this little bit of political theatre...

    I think we might have been played again - if Penny Sparrow could have been a hoax, then so could this, so they could show their supporters how racist the DA is, and corral again some of their nouveau middle-class Gauteng-based tribesmen who've been disillusioned with the non-stop zuma graft and have been considering jumping ship to the now-black led DA in the upcoming elections...
    Don't we have any REAL investigative journalists left in this country who can ferret out who was really behind this campaign?

    1. Anonymous2:41 am

      Sorry pal ever since these worthless black criminal bastards took over there is absolutely nothing that was good in the past that is still left.

  2. Anonymous11:41 am

    I cant understand how that is racist like realy?
    Does this behavior stem from the monkey science they learn in school?or is it genetic.
    i feel dumber just trying to understand it ...
    I think its time they get put down ... before we get blamed by the spca for letting then suffer like this and letting them walk the streets without being licenced

  3. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Monkeys can hardly destroy like this. Don't get them confused with monkeys.

    1. Anonymous9:47 am

      Agreed ... monkeys normally run away from fire but the ANC and EFF Freaks of nature think they can play with it. That's why they are using communism and can't see that they are eventually going to get burnt.

  4. Anonymous2:24 pm


    Im ready, I have reached beyond boiling point. My boiling point as reached empty. Im just waiting for an arms shipment for our nation now.

    To be honest If I could put our nation on a few ships and nuke these MFs I would. But I love the beauty of this country so it will have to be biological.

    Cant wait for the day when 200,000+ whites go fetch weapons to take back what is theirs. That day will come, its going to be sooner than many people think - we are 16 days into the new year, give it 3 months...

    3 months the rand loses more value another 10-12% of its value, food shortages, water sanitation issues, job losses and then the masses will be looking for a scapegoat as they always are.

    Kaffirs, what do you expect. Empty promises but Mike they will attack first like usual and these kaffir dogs were never fought/attacked by SADF soldiers here which is good, this way they underestimate us.

    one bomb and you always see kaffirs run in every direction.

    The only thing that worries me is that after all these events are we still going to allow these things to live in the country?

    Personally I wish we could pound every location of their like the Russians pound IS.

    Im waiting, we just need weapons now.

    Mike you need to warn the readers here, the signs are now so evident. I spoke to a family member today and they say they just ignore the EFF and all this shit.

    Big, Big Big mistake. That is what they want us to do. They want us to think / get used to their threats and like true criminal scum they will attack us when we least expect it.

    South Africans will see 2016 is the year. The year of build up and racial tension like we have never ever seen before.

    What confuses me is that we dont have whites preparing and training right now???

    1. Anonymous9:08 pm

      We are preparing and training, just far too few of us. We need more, much more. Its astounding how people can watch the news and not realize wtf is coming.

    2. Anonymous12:25 am

      "The only thing that worries me is that after all these events are we still going to allow these things to live in the country?"

      That question I asked before with no response in Mike's writing called "Our vision of tomorrow" in the sidebar.

    3. Anonymous1:13 pm

      If you want weapons, break into a military magazine on a dark and stormy night with a few of your friends.

      All you need is the will to do so.

    4. Anonymous3:45 pm

      what do you think the African Nazi Congress is going to do when govt bonds are downgraded to junk, they wont be able to borrow money to pay for salaries, grants, the Zulu king, bankrupt municipalities, SAA, Eskom, Postnet, free student fees. SA is heading for a hard landing, so people stock up on loo role while it is still available because in a few months there will be massive problems. Argentina went through a similar downgrade after defaulting on its foreign debt, ok they did somewhat bounce back but we are no Argentina. On top of a economic crisis we have racial mudslinging which will only get worse, adding to already very high crime, within the coming year there will certainly be food shortage leading to price inflation caused by drought and Rand depreciation. We can survive if we avoid the party politics deigned to divide a people, and start by rebuilding strong family unity it is a fact the hardest nations to conquer are the ones made up with strong family units, just look back at our own history at what made the Trek Boers achieve those mighty feats, they were Families united together through there common faith in Sovereign Gods purpose for their lives.

  5. Anonymous2:49 pm

    Mike said: "They will be scrubbing from morning till night.."

    LOL that will make a change!

  6. Anonymous3:57 pm

    More comments on Bongani Mkongi's FB:

    Bongani Mkongi: Craig Arense, what is the race of people in that building? If I can ask. Are those people white? If I can ask again!

    Bongani Mkongi: Where is racism if we don't even know who is there. Black people stay there. Where is racism?

    Given Bornside: Black people don't know racism, we were tought by our white falks how to be selfish and racist

    1. Anonymous1:28 am

      Never mind racism, Bongani is a Savage uncontrolled animal heathen! I suspect there are more of those where Bongani the bobbejaan comes from.

  7. Anonymous9:31 pm

    I must tell you...thete us nothing more irritating than a meid screaming!!It touches my nerves directly.ek soek net n sambok, n geel polisievan en n camo pakkie.That will shut them up very quickly!

    1. Yes. 1 van daai ou Geel Toyota Hilux Cheese-Vans.


  8. just sent the link to my conservative family relative , born and bred Yankee with his own radio station . "coming to the US"

  9. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Will Bongani be prosecuted for inciting murder and damage of property....?

    Either way, for them to react like this means they're scared. The tide is turning and they know it.

    1. Anonymous6:41 am

      Well believe it or not Bongani is a member of Parliament..thugs and criminals reign!

    2. Anonymous12:12 am

      Such double-standards! Imagine if a white person incited murder by calling on a building pull of blacks to be burned!!

      But it's ok for a black who is in PARLIAMENT....???

  10. Anonymous11:10 pm

    Notice how globally, anyone going against the narrative of "we are all equal, Saudi Arabia is for Saudis but Europe is for everyone" is denounced as a nazi and a fascidt and a racist.

    Here in South Africa, Communist doctrine in the ANC used to denounce anyone who was against the ANC as a "counter-revolutionary" but this term has now.been substituted for "racist".

    In fact anyone who is not parroting the Global Satanic New World Order Kumbaya "we are all one and equal but Whites still owe a debt to non-Whites that can never be repaid" is labelled a racist, fascist or nazi. Just look at the labels applied to two White leadrs who have done the most for the national interests of tbeir people: Viktor Orban of Hungary and Vladimir Putin of Russia.

    Unfortunately it looks like the ANC is only part of a global White Genocide. I know it sounds crazy but when you put the pieces of the puzzle together, this is the picture. Someone please convince me I am wrong so that I can sleep better at night.

    1. Anonymous1:04 am

      Anon 11:10
      You are right, the time has come to watch and pray!

    2. The time has come to make sure the powder is dry. Iacta alea est...

    3. Your not wrong Mate.

      The white genocide is just a piece of the bigger puzzle and the whole puzzle put together will be a picture of total war for all nations. We won't stop what's coming. What we see going on in SA and not just the racial issues but everything from bad roads to top level corruption is going on in 80% of the rest of the world.. Most people are affected and feeling this.

      We live in one big lie people, created by this world and their ruler. A bit far fetched.? Not at all.. You're beign indotrinated by mass media everyday to accept the New World Order.

      As much as I would like to say that I hoped this would have never happened in our lifetime I can't. The coming events must unfortunately occur. What was wrong 50 years ago is seen today as right. What was right 50 years ago is today seen as wrong..

      When your attacked for speaking the truth, you must know you're at the right place.

      It's a tough but epic time to be alive. Rather die fighting than live on your knees begging. Go out guns blazing.!

      "When you go out to war against your enemies, and see horses and chariots and an army larger than your own, you shall not be afraid of them, for the LORD your God is with you, who brought you up out of the land of Egypt." Deuteronomy 20:1

    4. @ Willempie...alea iacta est

    5. Anonymous1:17 pm

      Fuck praying! Get up off your knees and start DOING!

    6. Anonymous4:55 pm

      To: Anonymous 1:17 PM
      I AGREE WHOLE HEARTEDLY MATE! After all said and done the leaders and believers of a pie in the sky god had a huge hand in the demand and fight for the release of Mandela the ANC head honcho and his bunch of banned murdering terrorists from prison in the first place. The black on white genocide is a real war and with seventy thousand plus whites already furtively murdered those horses and chariots and an army larger than our own is nothing more than religious propaganda and pure religious fantasy. A supposed almighty god with an army of horses and chariots fighting in a 21st century war is a dickhead god and not the god for me. My 9 mill is well oiled, ready and waiting. It is by far a better protector than a pie in the sky fantasy could ever be.

    7. No prob man. I'll keep on praying to my God and you can pray to your 9mm.

    8. Anonymous8:56 am

      Whatever blows your hair back mate but remember that a prayer is worthless without the dead! Look it up in the New Testament. Much more sold Spiritual Reality can be found in there.

  11. Anonymous12:50 pm

    Social media killing machines & how the masses will massacre the whites using Social media

    Mike the genocide against whites is going to happen faster in SA than any other country EVER - in the history of humanity.

    For the first time blacks are using social media to organize these protests. What took months of co-ordination in former African countries will now take place in a matter of minutes with the speed of communication.

    When they come to slaughter the whites, they will do so in such force, in such a short time span, it will be through the co-coordinating via social media that the masses attack the whites.

    Unless social media is monitored in this country, it is going to be a killing machine in their hands.

    For every 1 white on Facebook or social media there are 5-6 blacks - these are extremist blacks with even more extreme views than those in poverty stricken areas.

    These blacks follow Malemas every word and will co-ordinate with taxis + township boys/girls when it comes to the genocide.

    What took the Hutus 3-4 weeks to accomplish through word of mouth + using radio/walkie talkies these guys will do in a matter of hours.

    Remember Malema went from talking about destroying statues, to destroying them 5-6 months later.

    Today they are speaking about "racist" whites, attacking the whites, liberation, revolution, freedom - the night attack is now not too far off.

    They will use social media, they will store weapons in townhouse complex, duplex in white suburbs now - the whites are so blind they cannot see.

    They will use those water tankers to hide, storm and transport their weapons into townships - watch + see.

    When is one white organisation going to come forward? Without a voice, mark my words thousands, tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of whites will be massacred in such a short period of time in the coming year/years (no more than 18 months - 18 months being very kind) that it will shock the world.

    It will even go down in history as a world record for the most casualties in the shortest span of time, all thanks to social media and the mobilizing of the masses.

    The whites have no chance at preparing for what is coming. The enemy now are united with one common goal, unless whites start making a HUGE noise, we are going to witness a huge tragedy here in South Africa.

    Twitter/Facebook in the masses hand, is the perfect genocidal campaign tool. It is what they have lacked since we arrived.

    All we have to do is connect the dots...

    They are using it right now for student protests, Zuma must fall, EFF marches, EFF rallies - then we must know it is already being planned for a massacre.

    Anyone who thinks different doesnt know the enemy and doesnt know their history.

    The whites have been warned now - spread the word, keep a look out things are happening in and around you, under your nose but if you just go along being blind thinking this rainbow bullshit nation of blacks tolerating whites for much longer is going to last, then there is something wrong with the people.

  12. Anonymous2:00 pm

    I will rather not throw the dice but make sure that things happened in the way it should guys! The only way is
    Faciam istud. MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

  13. the natural instinct of the destructive nigrus horribalus in full cry...if we could only turn their useless carcasses into fertilizer or shit

  14. What happened to sienervanrensburgpredictionswordpress.

  15. Anonymous5:15 pm

    @Saxon : the blogger deleted his..blog..lol