28 May 2015

The Communist semantics of stealing your property

By Mike Smith

28th of May 2015

Let me show you an example of how the Communist mind works and how they will use any weapon to get around any obstacle and through any loophole.

It works like this:

“Expropriation” is such a bad word. It sounds a lot like “theft” and besides when you “expropriate” land or property you take “ownership”, but you have to compensate the previous owner. So instead of “expropriating” it you just take “custodianship”.

“Custodianship” sounds a lot nicer. It means the Communist State will just look after it; control it; tell you how to use it, but they won’t take over full “ownership” and therefore do not have to compensate you.

It effectively means that you immediately loose all your rights to the property (movable or not) and Daddy State now has all the rights as the “custodian”.

Dr. Anthea Jeffrey: State ‘custodianship’ and control over all agricultural land

Don’t think this is just about agricultural land. The state has already taken “custodianship” of all mines and minerals way back in 2002 when they passed the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act (MPRDA), under which all mineral resources have effectively been expropriated without compensation.

There is a key clause in the MPRDA which says that ‘mineral resources are the common heritage of all the people of South Africa and the State is the custodian thereof for the benefit of all South Africans’.

Now they want to pass the “Preservation and Development of Agricultural Land Framework Bill” of 2015 which says, “Agricultural land is the common heritage of all the people of South Africa and the Department [of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries] is the custodian thereof for the benefit of all South Africans.”

When I say “They” then I actually mean the author of the Bill, Senzeni Zokwana, who is both the current agriculture minister and the chairman of the South African Communist Party.

So it is quite clear who sits behind this legislated theft of your property.

Nevertheless, this has mainly passed by the average South African simply, because the media paid no attention to it and people do not know how to object to it. The Bill was gazetted in mid-March this year for public comment by 30th May. After it appears in the Government Gazette it is normally put up at the local magistrate office of your town and you have to go there, read it and object to it if you so feel. If not, it will go through.

How long do you have? Well until the 30th of May 2015. In other words, you’ve got two days.

The World Cup of Corruption

By Mike Smith

28th of May 2015

In 2009, before the soccer world cup, I said I won’t watch it and I didn’t. It’s a sissy game, played by drama queen actors and the best is, it is fully corrupt.

What Mike said about the 2010 World Cup

I stopped watching soccer when Bruce Grobbelaar (then goalie for Liverpool) was caught out rigging games.

You must have rocks for brains if you watch any soccer game, ever. How can you tell if the game is for real? It’s worse than WWE for crying out loud. The same can be said for cricket after Hansie Cronje was caught rigging matches. He was the reason why I stopped watching cricket and of course the racial quotas and the fact that they changed their name and logo from the Springboks to the Pansies.

Nevertheless, the bomb went off in the Soccer world after the arrests of several FIVA bosses and sponsors are calling for the head of Sepp Blatter to roll.

Time for Blatter to go

”US authorities said nine football officials were among 14 people facing up to 20 years in jail if found guilty in the long-running corruption case involving more than $150 million in bribes.”

What also came out was that South African officials paid $10million in bribes to host the 2010 World Cup. Some bribes were handed over in briefcases stuffed with $10,000 bundles of cash in Paris. FIFA vice president (Black) Jack Warner diverted a substantial amount for his own personal use.

Warner took 2010 SWC bribes

The South African ANC government dismissed the claims as baseless and demanded proof of the allegations.

Aah yes, they would never be involved in corruption. Nêvva! Just look at that innocent face of Zuma. Would a man like that ever be found guilty of corruption? Nêvva!

People should just boycott that stupid game. It’s rubbish. Be like me and watch the REAL “Most beautiful game”…Female beach volleyball.

I tell you…after 20 years of watching it, I still don’t know the rules. It doesn’t matter. It is not important and besides who cares if the officials are corrupt? I don’t.

27 May 2015

How black leaders in SA polarize the Rainbow Nation

By Mike Smith

27th of May 2015

Readers of this blog will know that I don’t have much time for that corrupt idiot president (yours not mine) of South Africa Jacob Zuma.

He is functionally illiterate and known for his absurd statements like he would prevent HIV by taking a shower after sex, punch gays if they stand in front of him, kill the Boers, Jan van Riebeeck was the start of all black’s problems in SA, etc, etc.

Now he has gone further in an address on the occasion of the Africa Day Celebrations, University of Pretoria, Mamelodi on the weekend, by saying that, “Africans lived in peace with each other and had fun, but then came the others (that he does not want to name)”.

Zuma warned over alleged racist remarks

His statement is so absurd that nobody takes him seriously.

Were there really no conflicts before the whites?

He also urged people to sing the AU anthem (a song glorifying the liberation of Africa from white colonial rule) as “part of celebrating and reclaiming the African identity of our country and people, which had been suppressed by the racist minority regime of the apartheid era”.

At the same time the radical EFF said that Die Stem is a direct assault on African unity and want that section removed from South Africa’s national anthem so that only Nkosi Sikelel iAfrika (God bless Africa) be sung.

Yes, why not. In fact I have NEVER included their “Kosie soek ‘n lêplek in Afrika” rubbish in the first place. I have never sung it, don’t know the words and couldn’t be bothered to ever learn it. They can keep their anthem and I will keep mine. Two years after the 1994 election, my eyes were opened widely when the ANC came with the TRC, AA, BEE, land restitution, etc. I could see back then already that the ANC was not interested in reconciliation and building a united SA. So I gave up too.

The Constitution specifies in Section 83 what the tasks of the President are:

a) He is Head of State, b) must uphold the Constitution and I quote: c) “promotes the unity of the nation”.

You see? He is not doing his job, but then again, has he ever?

Nevertheless, Zuma has with these utterings and politics of polarization proved once and for all that he is not the president of all the people of South Africa only of the ANC. He is creating an “us” and “them” scenario polarizing the whole of SA, scape-goating the whites for all the problems he and his useless corrupt party cannot solve.

Anyone with half a brain can see that the liberal multi-culti SA is a failure. It doesn’t work; it has never worked and will never work. Why live in denial? The sooner we as South Africans of all races reject the Rainbow nation nonsense, the sooner we can find a solution and live in peace with each other, because I tell you, if this kind of polarization by black leaders from the ANC and the EFF continue, it will eventually culminate in a bloody racial, civil war in which they might just lose. Like I always say…This time around we stop at the equator.

Petition: Allow the Bantu tribes of South Africa the right to return to their ancestral mother countries

By Mike Smith

27th of May 2015

I see that Rodrigo de Campos, a Brazilian, is behind a campaign and petition to get the EU to allow white South Africans (and Namibians and Rhodesians) to return to Europe.

Brazilian begs EU to take in SA whites

So I have decided to start a petition as well. I am petitioning the governments of Nigeria, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda with the following message:

"The Bantu tribes of South Africa originally migrated from the area where Nigeria is today to the Great Lakes region and from there South to where South Africa is today. The South African president Jacob Zuma has repeatedly said that all their troubles started when they met white people in 1770 at the Great Kei River. These whites who have been in South Africa since 1652 systematically oppressed the Bantu tribes to the extent that they are still suffering tremendously today and will probably never recover. Today the white people of South Africa make up only 9% of the population, but according to the ANC Bantu government are still oppressing the blacks after 21 years of the ANC being in charge. In order to escape this vicious oppression by whites, the Central African countries of Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda and Nigeria are therefore petitioned to come to the rescue of these oppressed Bantus and allow them the right to return to their ancestral mother countries."

Now when we are finished with that then we will petition the Indian government to allow the Indians to return and the Malaysian government to allow the Cape Malays to return and the Chinese to let the Chinese return. Then we will petition England to allow all the Australians and New Zealanders to return and then the rest of the north and central African governments to allow the Africans from Europe and the USA to return and all the Arab countries to allow the Arab speaking people from Europe to return…and so on and so forth.

Please sign my petition here:

Allow the Bantu tribes of South Africa the right to return to their ancestral mother countries

26 May 2015

Let’s play “Slap the white granny”

By Mike Smith

26th of May 2015

About five months ago I wrote an article about how a black bitch slapped and assaulted a seven month old white baby and how there was no outcry about it in the liberal media. No mention that it was a “racial attack”. No black person or white liberal condemned this cowardly attack on a helpless white baby.

You can watch the disgusting video here: Let’s play slap the white baby

Now it has emerged that a frail, defenceless 84 yo white granny from East London, Hope Shepherd, was brutally assaulted over a long period by her black caregiver, Ncediswa Mkenkcele, at the up market old age home called, “Berea Gardens, Lily Kirchmann Complex” where her daughter, Bernice Robertson, paid R14,000 a month for “specialized care” of her demented mother.

Her daughter noticed the bruises on her mother and installed a camera on the 31st of December last year when her mother sustained an unexplained broken arm.…The footage was taken on February 3 and again on February 23.

You can watch the 10 min Carte Blanche report here: Elderly abuse

In there they show the footage of how this black bitch slaps, punches, elbows and kicks the old lady. She even took hairspray and hit the aunty with the bottle and sprayed it in her face and Laryngectomic hole (she had throat cancer). There is also footage of how they used her hairbrush and toothbrush. Towards the end they interviewed the syphilitic black cow and as can be expected…she claimed the old lady called her a “baboon and a kaffir”. When Derek Watts said that there was no proof of that in the recordings, she claimed the old lady did it in the toilet. Bear in mind that the old lady had throat cancer and cannot speak.

Yeah right Ncediswa. Inventing bullshit justification for your psychopathic behavior as you go along you sick slut.

Where is the outcry by the media about this blatantly racist attack.

You can also read the report by the black newspaper the Sowetan here and see how sympathetic the black readers are to this old lady calling her a “racist” and “a stubborn and ungrateful old era white”:

Sowetan report on the abuse of an elderly white lady

See, it never stops to amaze me how cowardly this species of simian bi-ped is. They can hit and kick defenceless old ladies and babies, but I would have liked to spend just five minutes with Ncediswa Mkenkcele and see her try that with me. She would have had her goddamn lights punched out.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Carte Blanche said that one in twenty of elderly people are abused like this in South Africa. You repeatedly see these kinds of abuses and tortures of whites by blacks in SA and then you are not allowed to hate. The church tells you that you should love your enemies, turn the other cheek and forgive them seventy times seven.

Sorry, but then I will have to suspend my affiliation with the religious fraternity...for a while at least, because as Mark Twain said you can either be a patriot or a Christian, but not both at the same time.

This bitch has appeared twice in court on charges of assault to do grievous bodily harm and will appear again on June the 5th. She has been released on a warning. That's right...a WARNING!!!

There is no more justice in this country. It is at times like these that pure hatred wells up in me. An intense hatred so strong that I can feel my fingers grip around the windpipe of Ncediswa Mkenkcele and rip. A hatred so all consuming that I can hear her teeth break and feel her skull flatten under my boot with every stomp on it. The only thing I ever pray for, is for that day to come as soon as possible.

19 May 2015

Max du Preez: Liberals should change their name

By Mike Smith

20th of May 2015

So here is the proof. Max du Preez loves our blog…

Max loves Mike’s blog

…But he hates it being called a “Libtard” and a traitor.

“The right wing seems to mean that I have turned my back on my own people; that I am a leftist quasi-communist; that I am a weakling always trying to please the black majority. “Libtard” has become the favourite rightwing insult”.

No Max, we have never called you a “quasi-communist”…a “Doos” yes, but NEVER a “quasi-communist”. You are a Full-Blown Communist.

Maxie tried to elevate himself above us racists by defining his brand of liberalism:

“My political values are, however, broadly liberal: tolerance, respect, accountability and the separation of powers.”

So that must mean that we, “the rightwing racists” are intolerant, disrespectful, blah, blah, blah…

No Max, you are NOT tolerant. You are only tolerant to those who agree with you. For years now, in article after article, you have shown how much you hate white South Africans in general, but especially the Afrikaners. Everyone who disagrees with you is scolded as a “racist”. You denied the elephant in the room that the multi-culti Rainbow nation is a failure. You constantly sing the praises of the ANC and especially a Marxist terrorist like Mandela and call it “respect” and when I called him out for what he really was, a wife beating, womanizer and mass murdering terrorist, you want to tell me I am disrespectful?

When I show the world who and what the ANC really is, namely a gang of thieving, corrupt, Marxist terrorists, you call me intolerant and disrespectful?

Yes Max, I am proudly intolerant. Intolerant of corruption. Intolerant of the mass murder of white farmers by your beloved Noble Savages. Intolerant of the high-jacking, torture and murder of my people in South Africa.

I am intolerant to savage cultures who buy their wives with cows, consume human body parts cut from screaming children in the form of Muti, cultures that believe to hunt 13 year old girls down and rape them is honourable, etc…Exactly what part of that savage culture should I “respect”, Max?

It is fine if you want to respect them. Just don’t expect me to.

Accountability? After 21 years of ANC misrule the only people you hold “accountable” for the mess SA is in are the whites…and the former system of Apartheid.

Separation of powers? Look around you Max. The New (improved in your eyes) South Africa is effectively a one-party Communist state with a dictator like Zuma at the top. This is the country you believe in and have been glorifying for the last 21 years. No Max. You are in love with tyrants.

…But you have a solution. Liberals should change their name to Social Democrats. What would that help Max? Doesn’t matter what mask you wear, your Communist petticoat is still showing.

You say, “I think, rid the (DA) party of outdated ideological restraints and stimulate a whole new mission statement and public image.”

Max, please don’t “think”. I cringe every time I hear a Libtard say, “I think”, because you have proved that you cannot “think”. You are totally incapable of “thinking”. It is because the likes of you started “thinking” that the country is in the dwang it is in. Idiots like you should STFD and STFU.

I will tell you why. You actually summed it up in your beliefs and what Social Democrats are in your eyes.

“Social democrats are people committed to an open society and the freedom of the individual, but they have a special focus on social security, equality and the plight of the marginalized. They are not socialists, but they believe that the state has a role to play in making sure the goals are achieved”.

It shows what a political dunce you are Max. Social democrats do NOT believe in equality. They believe the state should create equality by stealing money from the hardworking and successful people and giving it to the lazy and unproductive. All it creates is equal misery. And BTW… They are Socialists.

And that you hold as morally superior? Take a long look in the mirror, Max. I am holding it up for you. You are nothing better than the thieving ANC.

Now that the ANC has called you a “racist” and shunned you, you feel lost and ostracized. To the right you cannot go, because they see you as a traitor. You find yourself in the political deserts, lost and without a home. Like the cold blooded chameleon you are you want to change your colours, but you remain the same.

Here is some advice for you, Max. If you have so much “tolerance” and “respect” then show it. Put your money where your mouth is. Sell everything you got and go live amongst your beloved “marginalized” Noble Savages in Diepsloot and share your “white privilege” with their “plight”, because if you don’t you are something else I despise: A hypocrite.

Bob's got your ticket to heaven

By Mike Smith

20th of May 2015

Zimbabwe's vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa has reportedly told rally-goers in the southern town of Kwekwe that they will be cleansed of their sins if they vote ZANU-PF.

Sins cleansed if you support Mugabe’s party

So if you vote ZANU-PF you will go to heaven and if you don’t vote ZANU-PF, you will go to hell.

Now where did I hear that before?

Jacob Zuma: Vote ANC; go to heaven

Speaking in Zulu, he said: 'When you vote for the ANC, you are also choosing to go to heaven.

'When you don't vote for the ANC you should know that you are choosing that man who carries a fork, who cooks people.

'When you are carrying an ANC membership card, you are blessed. When you get up there, there are different cards used but when you have an ANC card, you will be let through to go to heaven.'

Meanwhile, a severe drought is coming to Zimbabwe, but after ruining the Zimbabwean economy by chasing white farmers off their land, Mugabe doesn’t seem worried at all, because Bob’s your uncle. He’s got your ticket to heaven booked.

Nobody will starve, Mugabe assures Zimbabweans … saying relief food would be available to feed them.

Yes Bob. We are the world. Do they know its Christmas time at all? Feed them cake. That’s what friends are for.

Bob’s probably right, because he will just hold out his hand to his Marxist brother across the border and Zuma will supply another few billion Rands he robbed from the white taxpayers. Or he will make a video with a few starving crying black children and show it to some gullible European liberals who will throw tons of money at him just like they did to Ethiopia in 1984 and Somalia in 1992 where 400,000 and 300,000 blacks died respectively. Drought didn’t cause those famines. War did. Marxist politics did. During Apartheid, South Africa faced many droughts some lasting seven or ten years. Not a single Black has ever died of famine during Apartheid.

The most amazing thing is that no matter how severe the drought in Zimbabwe will be or hoe many thousands of blacks will die, Bob will make sure that he and Grace are well fed and besides it is no big deal if they die as long as they have Zanu-PF membership cards the gates of heaven will be open.

16 May 2015

ANC marches against itself

By Mike Smith

17th of May 2015

Self criticism can be a useful thing. It can shock you back on track. It forces you to wake up, focus and perform better. I do it sometimes as well, like when I play billiards and cannot sink a ball I say to myself, “Oh come on Mike. You’re playing like a right doos.”…Then suddenly I start to focus and play better. It helps.

But there are limits. I don’t stop paying my electricity bill, then switch off my own lights and then kick myself in the nuts, because I don’t have any electricity. That would be insane.

But that is exactly what the ANC has done.

The day the ANC protested against itself


Several hundred Soweto residents, most of them dressed in the African National Congress's gold and green t-shirts, marched from Hector Pieterson Square to Eskom's offices in Diepkloof.

Eskom is of course the electricity supply company in South Africa with the state as the only shareholder. The state is run by the ANC. Everything that happens in Eskom is decided by the ANC. Now they chastise themselves for their own stupid decisions. Only in South Africa.

“The Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee, which has long campaigned against pre-paid electricity meters, came up with its own explanation for these problems on Wednesday. It says that electricity must be free. It accepts that it costs money to generate electricity, but says simply that the ANC promised free electricity to people who needed it, and now it must deliver on that promise. When pushed on when exactly this promise was made, it appears to hark back to the 1994 elections.”

Apparently the Soweto residents owe Eskom something to the tune of R8billion in electricity arrears…but hey, not all of them are not paying. They found at least ONE guy who does pay…

Oupa Nkosi, who joined the march, said he was up to date with his payment but his pre-paid electricity did not last.

"I am buying power like I am buying bread since pre-paid meters were introduced. Last week I bought power for R100 and it lasted for two days and on the third day, I bought for R150 and it took a day," he said.

Hhmmm…Oupa…have you tried switching the lights off at night or are you scared of the Tokoloshe and therefore have to sleep with the lights on? You know, electricity is similar to candles. If you burn the candle at both ends it burns twice as fast.

Tshiawelo pensioner Elizabeth Msibi said: "I am supposed to be getting a certain percent of electricity free, but this pre-paid system does not include that free portion," she said.

Hhmmm…Lizbet…exactly how many percent “Free” do you expect? …99%?

Sometimes you have to wonder how the Zot mind works and whether it works at all.

You are dealing here with the minds of children. There are three holes in the wall. You stick the brass prongs in the three holes and Voila! Magic. The kettle boils all by itself.

“What? You want me to pay for it? No, wena. I don’t pay for that magic. If I pay for that then I won’t have money for beer, Eish. Take your magic electricity and Suka,wena. I will send the wife to fetch firewood and boil my water like that.”

The problem is that when the lectricity is free, people will just leave everything on. Why bother switching the lights off? Use the stove to heat the Khaya. But Eskom doesn’t have enough power stations. So what now? If the children don’t want to switch the lights off after them, then you must switch it off for them. Loadshedding.

Now they will throw a tantrum. Just ignore it. But these children are little psychos who will go and get knives and stab their own parents for switching the lights off.

Like I said. Only in SA.

15 May 2015

The Xhosas got a new king

By Mike Smith

16th of May 2015

The Xhosas got a new king and the media made it BIG news. It is maybe as newsworthy as a sack of rice falling over in China.

How many kingdoms are left in Europe? I am not talking about principalities. I mean real kingdoms. Britain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Belgium and the Netherlands. That is it. Seven.

Now how many do we have in South Africa? I am not talking about “King” Letsie III of Lesotho or “King” Mswati III of Swaziland. I mean in SA itself.

Answer is nobody knows. Probably hundreds. Let us try to count a few:

Well we all know that xenophobic idiot called Goodwill Zwelithini of the Zulu’s, but we also have a king for every other tribe. Some tribes even have two or three kings. Take the Xhosas for instance.

President Zuma attended the coronation of the new king of the Xhosas:

Pics of the Xhosa king’s corronation

But the Thembu’s are also Xhosas and they have a king too. Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo.

In December 2009 King Buyelekhaya was convicted of offences including culpable homicide, kidnapping, arson and assault. In response he proposed secession from South Africa.

Yeah why not. Might just as well.

Then you have the Pondo’s who are also Xhosas. They also have two “Kings”. One in the East (King Zanozuko Sigcau) at Lusikisiki and one in the western part and is formed by Libode and Ngqele…what is his name again? His Majesty “King” Ndamase or something.

Then you have the Bakwena tribe who are Sothos. They have a king too. And the baTlôkwa who are also Sotho’s. They have a king too. So does the Bafokeng and the Venda…but hang on…the Mpaphuli and the Tsivhase are also Vendas, but they have separate “Kings”.

And of course the Ndebeles have a king too, “king” Mbusi Mahlangu who got into trouble for criticizing the ANC government on radio. And so it carries on.

Phaw! Europe has seven, we have seven hundred! We have a king around every corner. Bunch of loser Europeans.

Jokes aside…

You see it is all a farce, because President Zuma is the REAL Number One.

When the “Kings” do not play along, he deposes them at will.

Zuma deposes two kings, names six more illegitimate

All of these so called “Kings” all the way up to Zulu “King” Goodwill Zwelithini are nothing, but ANC puppets. Tax-sucking parasitic puppets that we support.

"There they wait in fear with swords in feeble hands
With dreams to be a king, first one should be a man
I call about and charge them all with a life that is a lie
And in their final hour they shall confess before they die"

Manowar – Warriors of the world unite

14 May 2015

The final stages of the ANC's NDR playing out

By Mike Smith

14th of May 2015

Recently, Gugile Nkwinti a former male nurse turned South African Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform, told the agricultural magazine “Landbou Weekblad” that the ANC government will not stop at their original target of 30% agricultural land in black hands by 2014. They won’t stop until they have it all, even “if it takes an eternity”, the minister said.

”Most land WILL be in black hands”, says minister

It is nothing new. Of course the ANC would never stick to any promises. They are lying Marxist scum. Where have they ever honoured any agreement, promise or settlement?

Neither was I surprised that the Freedom Front Minus’ MP, Pieter Groenewald, actually believed the ANC and thought the ANC would stop after they got 30% of all white owned farms. The FFminus is a group of naïve “moderates” who actually truly believe that you can negotiate with Communist trash.

Nkwinti said that the FFminus “misunderstood the 30% transfer all along”.

How many times have I said that that reasonable people cannot reason with unreasonable Communists? They are psychos. There is only one way to negotiate with Communists and that is a bullet through the brain.

Last year Minister Gugile Nkwinti said that commercial farmers must cooperate to avoid a situation in South Africa "worse than Zimbabwe", and the FFminus bleated like the little woolly lambs they are.

Nkwinti's Zim warning draws sharp reaction

Can somebody just please tell me what is it that the FFminus do not get? I wrote about it a year ago already: Mike Smith article: The ANC’s totalitarian tiptoeing goes on a gallop as the Second Phase of the NDR is sped up

In there I mention all the laws already set up by the ANC to steal White peoples land and property.

- According to a constitutional court verdict of 2013 there is a difference between “deprivation” and “expropriation”. According to that verdict the state can take any property and give it to someone else as long as the state does not become the owner of said property but only plays a “facilitator” role.

- According to the government’s Green Paper on Land Reform a freehold system will be introduced that will reduce the powers of the owner of the land. A land control commission will decide how the land is used and will be able to make arbitrary decisions on title deed disputes.

- The draft Expropriation Bill does not only refer to land, but extends to ALL property with the emphasis on “redistribution” which means that 50% of your house, your cars, your furniture, etc will have to go to the black maid and gardener.

- The Promotion and Protection of Investment Bill (Investment Bill for short) clearly states that government may expropriate businesses at below market value all in the interest of “redressing past inequalities”. That means ANY property being used for commercial purposes is in the ANC’s crosshairs.

- Under The Infrastructure Development Bill land can be expropriated within 57 days for any “development project” such as building of nuclear power stations which will open the door for large scale corruption far worse than the Arms Deal scandal.

- The purpose of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Bill is centralized land ownership planning. It wants to integrate low cost housing in affluent areas which means that parks and open tracts of land in white areas will be allocated to low cost black housing projects with the accompanying rise in crime it will drive property prices down and eventually whites off their land.

- Under The Extension of Security of Tenure Amendment Bill farm workers and even their family members not living on the farm will have rights like burying their dead and letting their cattle graze on the land. The farmer will practically not be able to evict anybody from his land.

- Under The Rental Housing Amendment Bill a home owner who rents out a property will practically not be able to evict tenants or determine the rental price. Rental housing tribunals will do that.

- According to The National water Amendments Bill a Water Tribunal will issue licences to use water. This will be determined on a “use-it-or-lose-it” principle and according to racial transformation criteria. In effect, it means that the state will have the right to withhold or suspend the water license of a mine or a farmer and force him out of business.

Four months ago the media reported that The ANC wants a land cap of 12,000ha per farm and a maximum of two farms per owner and the white moderates called it “irrational”

A week ago Minister Nkwinti mooted a 5000 hectare ceiling on farm land saying that the ANC’s previously mentioned 12,000 hectares would not apply to agricultural land, but to forestries, game farms and renewable energy farms as these enterprises required vast areas of land.

Make no mistake…The ANC wants ALL white land and ALL other property movable or unmovable.

Sorry if you live in an affluent white suburb in SA and haven’t woken up yet.

Bad news for some Jhb suburbs from the Expropriation Bill

You should go on your knees and thank them that you are allowed to keep the shirt on your back and escape with your life.

What about that is so difficult to understand?

Further, the ANC already put plans in place (and taxpayer’s money to the tune of R2billion) to set up Communist style collective farms called “Agri Parks”

James Myburgh of Politcsweb called it ”The ANC’s destructive itch”

In the mean time farm attacks where white farmers are attacked by blacks have increased by 30%...but hey, it is not racially motivated, right?

Reuters:Farm attacks on the rise

The moderates at Afriforum said this is more than a farm murder every two days. “If this rate of farm murders in 2015 continues then this year there will be more than 200 farm murders,”

Farm murder statistics of 2015 worse than that of 2014

Now look at this:

“After initially saying it is not planning any load shedding on Monday, Eskom announced at about 16:40 that stage 1 load shedding was implemented as at 16:03.”

Load shedding starts without warning

So they first switch the electricity off and tell you 37min later about it. Then comes this.

Attackers beat farm couple with spades after load shedding

…But don’t be alarmed. The ANC regime says there is absolutely no connection.

Combine load shedding with a few Taxi strikes that block off entire cities and the trap is set.

Perfect. If I were them, I would have done it exactly the same.

You can believe what you want. I believe the ANC is not governing for blacks; They are governing against whites. 

I further believe that the ANC’s anti white politics have just stepped up another gear. Their governing against whites has now become an orchestrated full on attack on whites to drive them off their land and out of the country. The final stages of their National Democratic Revolution is being played out.

More than ever before in the history of this country, whites will have to prepare for a total onslaught. It can come at any moment.

13 May 2015

Yoko Ono says she had sexual relationship with Hillary Clinton

By Mike Smith
13th of May 2015

You know…sometimes when I look at these world politicians and what they get up to I just shake my head. I think God packed up a long time ago and left us to our own devices. This earth is ruled by pure Evil.

Watch. Satanist Hillary is going to become president.

She was told so on the 6th of June at the 2008 Bilderberg meeting that was held from the 5th to the 8th of June in Chantilly, Virginia, USA. The very next day after attending the meeting, she suspended her presidential campaign on June 7, 2008 and endorsed a nobody, junior senator, bi-sexual Muslim radical, cocaine addict and MK Ultra mind controlled Illuminati slave, Barack Obama who seemed to have come from nowhere.

Four months later he was president of the USA.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton attend Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, VA

You see? You think you live in a “democracy”…It is all an illusion. Those who are in power are not voted into power; they are PUT into power. It is not a conspiracy theory, it is a conspiracy fact!

For years we have been called nutcase conspiracy theorist for saying the government watches our every move, collects our data, etc…then came Julian Assange and Edward Snowden and proved it was all true. Not only that…it was ten times worse than any conspiracy theorist ever imagined.

Mind controlled celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihana, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, etc is nothing new.

It goes back a long way to when a bunch of mediocre nobodies with bad hairstyles from Liverpool conquered the world and proclaimed themselves more popular than Jesus.

The Beatles were mind controlled

All you have to do is sell your soul to the Devil. He’ll look after you. Hillary Clinton has done just that a long time ago.

Don’t think you can turn back though. There is no way out. As John Lennon found out.

Like The Eagles sang in Hotel California: “We are programmed to receive, you can checkout any time you like, but you can never leave!”

Yoko Ono: I had affair with Hillary Clinton in the 1970’s

“We met many times during the New York Vietnam War protests in the 1970s, and became very intimate. We shared many of the same values about sexual equality, fighting against the authoritarian, patriarchal, male-dominated society we were raised in” she explained.

“We had a brief romantic fling when I lived with John in Manhattan and Hillary was studying at Yale, but eventually we lost touch. I am amazed how things are going well for her and wish her the best for her campaign” she told reporters during the press conference.

10 May 2015

In defence of Allister Sparks and the Verwoerd comment

By Mike Smith

10th of May 2015

I have three of Allister Spark’s books. I quite like his writing style. He is an utter liberal twat, but he is definitely not stupid.

As editor of the Rand Daily Mail, he and Helen Zille campaigned furiously against Apartheid. They exposed the death of Steve Biko and the Information scandal where Dr. Eschel Rhoodie and Information Minister Dr. Connie Mulder used money from the defence budget to fight a propaganda war against South Africa. This at the time when the whole world made SA out as the skunk of the world, because of Apartheid.

It wasn’t actually a scandal at all, but it meant the end of Prime Minister John Vorster. Sparks and Zille smiled and tapped each other on the shoulder back then.

These two, Sparks and Zille, were so fanatically anti-Apartheid that they resigned when their bosses at Anglo American told them to tone their hatred for Apartheid down a bit.

At the DA party bash in Port Elizabeth, Allister Sparks tried to pay tribute to Helen Zille, saying that he had the honour to know many intelligent people, including Hendrik Verwoerd, but Zille was the cleverest politician he ever knew.

It caused a shit storm started by coloured journalist and ANC stooge Eusebius McKaiser who immediately smelled weakness in Sparks and challenged him to a public debate.

Verwoerd comment overshadows Zille’s last dance

McKaiser challenges Sparks to public debate

Said, McKaiser: "You do not go to a political party's congress where there is a predominantly black audience and tell them that Verwoerd, the architect of apartheid, was intelligent. We are outraged and we are justified."

McKaiser should not pick on an old liberal softy like Sparks. He should come here and debate ME. I‘m his Huckleberry.

It is clear that McKaiser has not yet read my take on Verwoerd in Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box - Part 20 - Dr. Verwoerd, Nationalist Visionary, “The most hated man in South Africa” and the success of Nationalism

Seriously, I don’t know what McKaiser’s problem with Spark’s comment is. Does he think Verwoerd was stupid?

Verwoerd was without a doubt the most intelligent Prime Minister/ President this country has ever seen.

Verwoerd studied at the prestigious Afrikaans University of Stellenbosch and as a brilliant student he obtained his BA and his MA degrees magna cum laude. He eventually at the age of 23, obtained his Ph.D in Philosophy that included Psychology in 1924 also cum laude.

In 1925 he arrived in Germany and studied at three German universities namely Leipzig, Hamburg and Berlin. He also travelled Europe and the USA and returned to SA at the age of 26.

Verwoerd spoke several languages including Afrikaans, Dutch, German, English as well as the black languages of Zulu and Shona.

Is that a stupid man, McKaiser? At least Dr. Verwoerd had a REAL Ph.D and didn’t have to lie about it like you did.

I never claimed an Oxford degree – Eusebius McKaiser

You McKaiser, is a low life hypocrite. You go to Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship, were too stupid to make it, dropped out and then come back and support the “Rhodes must fall” campaign at UCT, spitting in the face of the very man who made it possible for the likes of you to study at Oxford in the first place.

Eusebius McKaiser defends his right to support Rhodes must fall campaign

Who is the real stupid one here McKaiser? Verwoerd or the ignorant, drop out and failure that you are? Verwoerd had more brains in his left toe than you in your entire skull.

Verwoerd’s biggest critics were the English speaking press in South Africa, but let us look at what the “Rand Daily Mail” (a sworn enemy of Verwoerd) on 30th of July 1966 wrote about this great man.

“At the age of 65 Dr. Verwoerd has reached the peak of a remarkable career. No other South African Prime Minister has ever been in such a powerful position in the country. He is at the head of a massive majority after a resounding victory at the polls. The nation is suffering from a surfeit of prosperity and he can command almost unlimited funds for all that he needs at present in the way of military defence. He can claim that South Africa is a shining example of peace in a troubled continent, if only, because overwhelming domestic power can always command peace. Finally, as if that were not enough, he can face the session (of parliament) with the knowledge that, short of an unthinkable show of force by people whom South Africans are rapidly being taught to regard as their enemies, he can snap his fingers at the United Nations. Thanks to the recent judgement of the Hague Court (on the South West Africa issue) he can afford to condescend to the world body, graciously remaining a member as long as it suits him. Indeed, the Prime Minister has never had it so good.”

Under Verwoerd and his policy of “Separate development (“Apartheid”), the living standards of Blacks were rising at 5,4% per year against that of the whites at 3,9% per year. In 1965 the economic growth of South Africa was the second highest in the world at 7,9%. The rate of inflation was a mere 2% per annum and the prime interest rate only 3% per annum. Domestic savings were so great that South Africa needed no foreign loans for normal economic expansion.

A few months before Dr. Verwoerd was assassinated, the editor of the British periodical, “Statist”, Paul Bareau, wrote...

“At the rate at which South Africa is now expanding the term „miracle” is likely to be appropriate to its development over the next few years”.

“Time magazine”, eleven days before Dr. Verwoerd’s assassination, wrote,

“South Africa is in the midst of a massive boom. Attracted by cheap labour, a gold backed currency and high profits, investors from all over the world have ploughed money into the country, and the new industries that they have started have sent production, consumption – and the demand for labour – soaring. Such are the proportions of prosperity...”

Even Lord Deedes admitted, “White South Africa grew to become the economic giant of the continent, the other members of the Commonwealth virtually sank into poverty.”

Quotes like these are numerous and a testimony to the success of Dr. Verwoerd’s policy of “Separate development”. These quotes come from sources that were normally extremely hostile to Dr. Verwoerd and South Africa.

What was happening at the time was that Dr. Verwoerd was winning the Cold War all by himself. He was showing the world how successful Nationalism is and he was showing up the failure that Socialism/Communism is. Verwoerd destroyed the Marxist terrorist onslaught against South Africa by nipping arch Communists (including Mandela) in the bud by arresting them in Rivonia and destroying all their cells in South Africa. By 1965 the ANC and the SA Communist Party was defeated.

And for THAT you hate him, McKaiser. You are nothing but a Communist Apparatchik.

Go on McKaiser. Attack statues like that of Rhodes and remove them like you removed Verwoerd’s statue too. Like I said in Opening Pandora’s box: “Dr Verwoerd does not need any statue of himself. By the time he died he built his own monument which is there for all to see: The Republic of South Africa…”

09 May 2015

Black maid poisons white family with Muti

By Mike Smith

9th of May 2015

I cannot for the life of me understand why white South Africans still insist on having a black maid in the kitchen. I fired mine twelve years ago after expensive jewellery disappeared. The monetary value aside, it had deeply sentimental value to me. Besides she did the work half and the thing was so stupid, she stole teabags, hid them behind tins on the kitchen shelf and then forgot about them. To think, I paid her double the going rate for maids.

That is nothing. I know people who caught their maid stealing several times, but still do not fire her, because she is “like family”. She’s been working for them for 20 odd years already. She’s been stealing them blind, but they still feel sorry for her. I just cannot understand that kind of mindset.

Today I cannot imagine having a maid in my house, touching my clothes, my bedding or my food with her Aids invested paws. Or, heaven forbid, use my toilet. Imagine them eating out of the same plates or drinking from the same glass as you...Eeewwhhh! I am getting nauseous just thinking about it.

No, takes me two hours twice a week and my house is sparkling clean.

I want nothing to do with maids or gardeners. The further they stay away from me the better. You just cannot trust them, ever.

I must admit, it was a bit difficult in the beginning. You kind of feel guilty if you stop tipping blacks, but I taught myself to simply ignore them. I don’t tip car guards or petrol attendants. I don’t buy junk at the traffic lights from them. I don’t give money, clothes or food to beggars. I want Nothing, but Nothing to do with them.

Look at this:

Maid throws poisons Muti in fridge water of white couple

A young Afrikaans couple (25 &26) suffered nausea, stomach cramps and diarrhea so decided to install a camera in their kitchen. They filmed the black maid who took a bottle from her handbag and poisoned their drinking water in the fridge. They called the police who took her away.

Now they are shocked and surprised. They say there was never an indication that she was unhappy and they never considered firing her. They shudder when they think what could have happened to their two month old baby.

Let it serve as a lesson to all those whites who still trust their maids and insist on having one. They are a menace and a nuisance. If you haven’t done it yet, Fire the damn maid! Fire her yesterday. Do the work yourself.

In fact I actually want to thank and congratulate this maid. She just caused another few libtards to wake up and open their eyes.

07 May 2015

More libtard Afrikaner traitors having a Vlok foot-washing moment

By Mike Smith

7th of May 2015

If there is something I really hate, then it is fanatical religious people trying to convert me.

Firstly they make the assumption that there is something wrong with me. That I am a bad person a sinful person, etc.

Then they try to convince me of it too...I need to be rescued. I am stupid for not believing what they believe. Can I not see that I am lost, I am damned? I will end up in hell. In order to be saved I should be just like them. They are the only righteous ones. The ones who know the answer. The ones who have seen the light. The illuminated...Insert chorus from Händel’s “Messiah” here...”Halleluja!”

Dr Jamie Glasov in his book “United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror” explains this behavior very well.

The fanatical religious people trying to convert you are truly sick people who need professional help. They suffer from inferiority complexes, guilt feelings and ultimately have death wishes. They see themselves as bad people, sinful beings not worthy of life. They need to die and be born again, but they want you to die with them and be born again as well. In fact they want to drag down the whole world…the whole world should die and be born again.

My best friend at school became such a converted “Happy Clappy”. Tried to convert me as well and being the open-minded person I was, I went along to his church. I could handle the singing and the clapping (I did not partake), but it was when one guy stood up and started speaking in tongues and fainting in the aisle and another standing up translating what the first one said, that my bullshit meter went into critical alarm level and I burst out laughing. I could not control myself.

Later he tried his best to convince me some more, but the more he spoke and the more serious he became the bigger the smile on my face grew. No amount of logic or reason from my side could convince him that his behavior and talk were irrational.

Instead, out of frustration, he called me a “demon possessed” son of Satan, damned and going to hell…the guy was about to burn me at the stake. Needless to say…the friendship didn’t last very long after that.

Understand. You cannot talk reason to unreasonable people. Fanatics of any kind are unreasonable people.

Such is usually the behaviour of self hating libtards or as Lenin called them, “Useful idiots”, as well.

Liberals are riddled with guilt feelings. They see themselves as bad people. They hate themselves so much that they want to kill themselves. They hate all people who look similar to them (whites), because they believe these people are just like them. That is why they hate their own race and want to destroy it. They constantly try to convert you to their ways, and if you refuse to believe as they do they call you a “racist”.

“Racist” to them is a word worse than “Demon possessed, Satan worshipper”. Someone once said that “racist” is what a liberal calls you when he actually wants to call you a “Kaffir”.

They want you to feel just as guilty as they do. You should suffer from white guilt over “white privilege” just like they do. You should confess, repent and be born again to their ways otherwise you are damned and will end up in hell.

...The more they jump up and down and perform, the bigger the smile on my face grows.

This is basically what happened when I read this liberal rubbish:

White Afrikaner: Repent or be damned

Two former Apartheid spies Nel Marais and Jo Davies were hypocritically pulling their intestines out in an article about Afrikaner guilt... full of altisonant, albeit rather meaningless, boring and overly inflated English grammar probably trying to show off their “intelligence” or shall I rather say, lack of it.

Dr Dan Roodt tried to talk reason to them

I won’t. They are lost. What’s the point? Two useless traitors.

These two hypocritical sycophants think that by belittling and degrading the Afrikaners they can suck up to their new bosses in the ANC and score lucrative government contracts for their now private companies.

They were once Apartheid spies. Civil servants in the pay of the very Afrikaners they now try to kick whilst they are down. They were upholding the system of Apartheid. They were the enemies of the ANC. Then it all changed. These treacherous scumbags together with their bosses Neil Barnard and Mike Louw hopped into bed with the Communist terrorist filth and brought the ANC to power, selling out their own Afrikaner blood.

They are dead to me. They have nailed their colours to the mast. They are Afrikaners no more. I view them as “Volksverraaiers”. Traitors of the worst kind.

Besides, I am not sure if they truly think their verbal vomit is going to let Afrikaners repent en masse. Maybe it would have worked ten years ago, but today Afrikaners are for the most part long past confessing and repenting. Every day I see how their backs are stiffening.

As for me personally…I am unrepentant about anything to do with Apartheid. In fact I am immensely proud of whatever small role I played in upholding it. It was not perfect, but it was the best and fairest political system this country has ever seen. I wish I could have done more. I regret being so politically ignorant in 1992 otherwise I would have joined Kommandant Willem Ratte and instead of occupying Fort Schanskop, occupied parliament in the Cape and put all those NP traitors up against a wall.

I just hope that I live long enough to see the day where these Commie foot washers and the likes of them will be hunted down like dogs, no matter where they are in the world and put out of their misery.

04 May 2015

The murder of Jayde Panayiotou and the manipulating liberal media

By Mike Smith

4th of May 2015

Two weeks ago the beloved teacher from Port Elizabeth’s Riebeek College Girl’s High School, Jayde Panayiotou, was abducted outside her home at Stellen Glen residential complex in Deacon Road, Kabega, brutally murdered and her body found in the Uitenhage township of KwaNobuhle.

Readers of this blog will by now have noticed that I said absolutely nothing about it at the time. Reason being…When it came to the way the media handled the murder, I could smell a rat a mile away.

Every day there are white people brutally murdered by blacks in South Africa. Farmers are the most vulnerable, but most of the time the sheer brutality and lengthy torture of the victims, often with nothing stolen, tell us that the motive is not robbery, but something else.

Problem is that the media NEVER makes such a big noise about these murders.

There is no doubt that Jayde Panayiotou was a beautiful person. She was much loved, but in the bigger scheme of things, the question has to be asked, “What made her case so special to the media?”

The media knew right from the start that there were speculations about her murder. They knew who the real perpetrator (her husband) was, that is why they played the sheeple like a cheap fiddle and the public like a bunch of fools all fell for it.

They published the picture of the black suspect taken at the ATM where he withdrew money from her bank account. Something they never do.

Usually, when it comes to black on white violence, the media goes out of its way to hide the race of the victim/s and the perpetrator/s. In this case they had no qualms to repeatedly publish pictures of the victim and the suspect. By me the alarm bells went off.

Then came the highly publicized marches after her murder, the highly publicized funeral, and her husband’s moving tribute at her funeralthat he incidently googled and stole from Charles Atkins who wrote it in 2010

Like I said, “What made her so special?”

When three year old Willemientjie Potgieter was picked up by her red hair by one of the savages and shot in the back of her head, the media hardly mentioned it.

Nevertheless, In the Jayde case, people were angry. Comments on News24 and IOL quickly degenerated into racial accusations and stereotyping, but the most amazing thing was that the comment sections were not blocked. It was thrown open.

Normally when these black savages murder an old white couple or so, the comments sections are closed to prevent exactly these so called “racists” remarks. Why were they, what appears without censoring, almost all allowed in the Jayde case?

And just as the “racist” comments reached fever pitch online, they broke the news that Jayde’s husband, Christopher was arrested for planning her murder all along. Behind it all was a devious white male who had an extramarital affair and who contracted black killers to the price of R80,000 to murder his wife.

Why did the media do it?

The media never lets a chance go by to vilify white males and this was again such a chance. Further, the public should hang their heads in shame for being such evil “racists”; for leaving such dirty, racist comments online. Like naughty school children they were chastised, made to wash their mouths with soap and sent to go and stand in the corner by teacher Media with her rod of morality in her hand.

The media loves stupid sheeple. It sells papers.

On the other hand, the media can only fool those who do not know or understand the agenda.