28 February 2015

Welcome to the topsy-turvey Azania where the criminally, corrupt scum rises to the top

By Mike Smith

28th of February 2015

What is stupider than an ANC ambassador that bought an online doctorate?

An ANC ambassador who bought an online doctorate from an university that has closed down already.

Yes...This is exactly what the South African ambassador to Japan Mohau Pheko did.

Pheko told the SABC that she registered for and “worked towards her degree” with La Salle, but the university closed down before she could complete her "studies".

However, the university closed in 1996 when it emerged it was selling degrees and other academic qualifications via the internet, the broadcaster reported.

South Africa's ambassador to Japan Mohau Pheko admits lying about PhD

She told the broadcaster she still addressed herself as doctor.

You don’t know if you should laugh or feel sorry for her.

She is just one of a long list of ANC members with fraudulent degrees. I do not understand how these bastards are allowed to get away with this. It is fraud. They should be imprisoned and made to pay their salaries back.

The most amazing is, her boss, President Msholozi Showerhead knew of Pheko's fraudulent degree in 2010, when she was appointed ambassador to Canada. You can add that one to his 783 charges of fraud.

He has 4 wives and face 783 charges of corruption How is it possible that this idiot can be walking around freely let alone be made president?

The results of forced integration in schools - Covering up Black on White Crime in South Africa

By Mike Smith

28th of February 2015

Yesterday morning a white Matric pupil at the Nico Malan High School in Humansdorp was stabbed by two black grade nine boys.


According to an eye-witness the victim asked the two grade nine boys to wait in order for the girls to get off the school bus first. "They then pulled out a knife and started stabbing him," says the eye-witness.

The victim was stabbed in his arms, shoulder, neck and chest.

"The school told us and the teachers to keep quiet (about) this, but I feel that is not something to keep quiet about."

The school, says on its website: “With the student numbers doubling over the last two decades and an excellent year on year Matric pass rate, it can rightly be said that, “Here we put the child first”.

Nico Malan High School

Oh really? Which child do they put first then when they try to cover up the crime that a white child was stabbed by two black children? Would they cover it up when the roles were reversed? No, it would be on the front page of every newspaper!

The student numbers doubled over the last two decades obviously since forced integration was introduced by the ANC.

The school’s “Vision” is: “Nico Malan High School strives for excellence by developing proud and well balanced children through the application of basic Christian values.”

Seems like a waste of time to me if two clearly “unbalanced” black pupils think that stabbing a white student with a knife doesn’t carry any consequences.

Watch now how this whole incident will be turned around by the liberal media and the white pupil will be called “racist” and deserving of being stabbed by the black pupils. Just reporting the truth about it will get you branded as a "racist"...as usual.

Yes, this is the benefits of forced integration in our schools. It is only a matter of time, before it is YOUR child getting stabbed.

26 February 2015

SSA and the spies who were left out in the cold - The SA spy cables analysis

By Mike Smith

26th of February 2015

I have not laughed so much in a long time since Al Jazeera (The Arabic CNN) revealed the South African Spy Cables, a 128-page report called “Operational Target Analysis”.

It really showed me what a bunch of fools our State Security Agency is. No wonder they changed the name from National Intelligence Agency NIA to SSA, because there is truly NO intelligence in the SSA.

They are all a bunch corrupt, paranoid conspiracy theorist thinking they know it all, just like Mbeki with his AIDS denialism and conspiracy theories he trawled on the internet in the early hours of the morning with a glass of Johnny Walker in the hand.

No seriously, I haven’t seen such amateurish schoolboy reports in my entire life!

It seems as if they have been reading too many David Icke books on shape shifting lizards and what not, or have seen too many conspiracy rubbish on Youtube. I actually wonder what they do the whole day, because it seems like between surfing online porn and reading conspiracy bollocks nothing else gets done apart from conveniently losing our state secrets (at a price of course) to whoever wants to buy it.

What these bastards forget is that they are civil servants. They work for us. We pay their salaries…basically they waste our money fucking about the whole day.

Here are some examples.

Apparently they uncovered a plot that the USA was undermining that stupid AIDS denialist Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma and her appointment as AU leader as well as a plot to kill her.

Spy cables, plot to kill Dlamini Zuma

The USA laughed it off…Dlamini Zuma spy cable claims absolute rubbish says USA

I don’t know where these guys get these theories from. Must be good shit they are smoking. Nevertheless, there is a lot more.

Spy Cables: 10 ways SA spies have failed

Apparently there are Jihadist terrorist training camps at Zakariyya Park Madrassa (Muslim Learning centre) in Lenasia, and at a farm in Port Elizabeth and in KwaZulu-Natal.

Spy cables reveal SA Jihad camps

So when these camps exist, why are they not doing anything about them? Arrest the terrorists or are they perhaps secretly supporting them? No, they cannot arrest anybody, because there is no one to arrest! At least not where they are looking.

The Zakariyya Park Madrassa said they were a strictly academic institute and all their students were legal.

Muslims saying SA spy cables completely baseless, unfounded, questionable and wholly untrue

Madrassa seeks apology

The Madrassa is seeking an apology from Al Jazeera? Why blame the messenger? Sue the SSA!! Sue them for violating your constitutional freedoms and slander!!

On the one hand, the ANC has a love affair with China who supported them during their “Struggle” on the other hand they say Chinese agents stole our Pebble-bed nuclear power station plans.

SA spies suspect China behind nuke facility break-ins

Why would China do that? They can simply ask Gwede, Zuma or Blade and they will GIVE them the plans…for a few Renminbis of course.

But the best is probably this one:

SA spies say Israel pursued destructive policies in Africa

Some of the information appears to have been taken from the book “Gideon’s Spies: The Inside Story of Israel’s Legendary Secret Service The Mossad”, by the crackpot Welsh author Gordon Thomas…A book full of fantasy, lies and inconsistencies. I own a copy and anyone who has read it will tell you what a load of rubbish it is. It ranks right up there with “By way of Deception” by Victor Ostrovsky. Another book I own.

Said a US administrator about “Gideon’s Spies”… ”booksellers ought to consider selling it in the fiction section”

In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's spokesman David Bar-Illan likewise characterized Thomas's charges as "beyond the pale and beneath contempt," wondering aloud how anyone "can take seriously such unmitigated drivel."

Spy Cables: Mossad used sex to entrap

Spy cables exposes how theft of SA missile technology was covered up

Spy Cables, Ex Israeli agents threatened cyber attack against South African banks

According to our SSA idiots, every Iranian carpet dealer or shop owner is an Iranian spy. Former finance minister Pravin Gordhan reportedly received a hand-delivered note from unknown sources (Mossad) threatening a cyber attack “against South Africa's banking and financial sectors” for supporting the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel, but then worked WITH SA on other issues.

Mossad worked with SA

I am sure that if Mossad wants to attack you, they won’t be so stupid as to give you a hand-written warning (that can be traced) beforehand. They’ll just do it. Further they won’t tell South African SSA officials about their strategies in the whole of Africa, unless they want to sow disinformation of course, but I doubt it if the SSA is intelligent enough to realize the difference between real intelligence and being led by the nose.

In the book “The Unspoken Alliance: Israel's Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa” by Sasha Polakow-Suransky” he makes it quite clear that is a well known fact that there is no love lost between the ANC and Israel.

The ANC hates Israel for many reasons. First of all, Israel stood by Apartheid South Africa, sold us 25% of all their weapons when the whole world had an arms embargo and other sanctions against us. They even helped us develop nuclear weapons and Jericho ballistic missiles. Further the ANC was sponsored by PLO and Hamas terrorists; The very enemies of Israel. The ANC actually boycotts Israel and ANC ministers refuse to visit Israel with their Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement.

Why would Israel want to work with them? The diplomatic relationship between Israel and the New South Africa is completely cold.

To summarise. Take these so-called Spy Cables with a generous pinch of salt. It is clear to me that the SSA is staffed by a bunch of morons who are completely out of their depth when it comes to international intelligence and protecting South Africa’s state secrets. One feels almost sorry for them. It is like watching schoolboys going up against trained soldiers.

Nevertheless, State Security Minister David Mahlobo said in a statement on Wednesday, “A full investigation has been launched into the purported leakage”.

25 February 2015

Ubuntu and Black Social Moral Behaviour

By Mike Smith

25th of February 2015

Peter Senge (a senior lecturer at MIT) wrote in his book, “The Fifth Discipline”, the following introduction:

“Among the tribes of northern Natal in South Africa, the most common greeting, equivalent to “hello” in English, is the expression: Sawu bona. It literally means, ‘I see you’. If you are a member of the tribe, you might reply by saying Sikhona, “I am here”. The order of the exchange is important: until you see me, I do not exist. It’s as if, when you see me, you bring me into existence.”

If you grew up with this perspective –Umuntu ngumuntu nagabantu – (a person is a person because of other people) your identity is based upon the fact that you are seen – that the people around you respect and acknowledge you as a person. “It is social moral behaviour in action – African style!”

Now this all sounds very nice and Rosy and liberals love it. They lap up this junk like spilled Cool-Aid. Black culture is so innocent and so much superior to White Western Culture, right?

Let me now show you REAL “African Social Moral Behaviour in action.”

We want their penises back

The families of six men killed in Kraaifontein last year say the victims’ penises were cut off, and they want them back.

The six were killed in a mob justice attack for alleged theft, but their families now believe they may have been killed for their missing organs.

The bodies of the victims, aged between 18 and 30, were lying face down with their hands and feet tied up. They had been stoned to death and their penises cut off.

“What did they do with them?” yelled Madimpho Masiu, 30, the sister of victim Lulama Dunga.

“Maybe they used them for ukuthwala (a get-rich-quick-ritual). We want his body parts. Our ancestors want his body in full so they can welcome him.”

Nofomile Ngxabela, 54, the mother of deceased brothers Sakhele and Sandisile, says her sons’ privates were cut off.

“We are scared of the accused, they will kill us if they are released,” she says while sobbing.

“We want them to tell us where our sons’ penises are. We want to bury them properly. Black culture dictates that someone be buried with his body intact.”

23 February 2015

ANC says: “Whites come back. All is forgiven”

By Mike Smith

23rd of February 2015

You know you have hit rock bottom when you have to admit that you have failed as a government, failed as a productive group of society and failed as a race.

Military S.O.S. to whites

Wanted: White and Indian cops

This is exactly what has happened to the ANC. Through their pathetic racist quotas in AA, BEE, Sport, university entry, etc they have admitted that they cannot make it in life without having discriminatory laws against a white minority of only about 9% of the population of South Africa.

Blacks should out of principal reject Affirmative Action appointments, because if they don’t they actually admit to their uselessness.

I mean if I were a black dude, I would like to know that I competed and was appointed on merit and deserving of a position, not assisted because of my black skin, but that is exactly what the ANC has been doing. After twenty years of misrule in South Africa they still feel it necessary to keep these racist laws and said that they will keep it indefinitely. So they admit that blacks are useless and will be useless forever. AA and BEE is a slap in the face of any self-respecting black person.

The ANC keeps on propagating their bullshit that AA and BEE is there to “redress past injustices” and uplift the poor disadvantaged blacks. However, all the beneficiaries of government tenders are already rich. Their children go to the best private schools. So even the rich blacks who never experienced Apartheid and never knew poverty of any kind are all AA and BEE candidates purely on the basis of the colour of their skins and poor whites who were born after 1990, when the last Apartheid laws were scrapped and who had NOTHING to do with Apartheid, are excluded purely on the basis of the colour of their skins. There is absolutely no justice in that. It is immoral and it is wrong.

What did the policies of the ANC achieve? A ruined country. A ruined infrastructure, a ruined civil service…everything ruined.

Get this. AA fired all the competent whites soldiers and policemen and the few who remained were prevented from being promoted. Incompetence and corruption set in and destroyed these former jewels in the South African civil service, but now that they have hit rock-bottom they want the whites back:

I want to wish the ANC good luck with that.

How do they expect any self respecting white person to join them when a sword of Affirmative Action dangles over their heads? To me it is clear. The ANC admits that they screwed up firing all the competent whites and appointing all the useless and lazy AA blacks who are like fish out of water when it comes to doing the jobs they get paid for.

All they want now is for whites to come back and bail them out. They want whites to come and do all the donkey-work, get paid peanuts and be refused promotion for efficiency. Stuff that, I say. Let them sink. If they are so good then they must show us what they can do. They should show us, without the help of white consultants, how they can save themselves and the country.

Don’t hold your breath.

22 February 2015

Useless, corrupt ANC: “Ons roep die Baas…alweer!”

By Mike Smith

22nd of February 2015

A few days ago 34 Cuban Engineers at a cost of R35 million arrived in South Africa to fix the water systems.

SA spends R35 millio on Cuban engineers amid criticism

Rights group AfriForum has strongly criticised the deal saying it is a slap in the face of South Africans.

Hot on their heels came 100 Cuban Diesel Mechanics to repair the army’s trucks at a preliminary budget cost of R200 million and, because they cannot speak English, they brought some Cuban teachers along to do the translations.

For the same cost the SANDF could have bought 200 brand new trucks complete with a maintenance plan and have money to spare. On top of it the Cubans are being paid R1000 per day, received free cell phones and are living in luxury guest houses at a cost of R15million already.

Cubans repair army trucks; Costs the same as 200 new trucks

City Press reported that National and Provincial government departments have spent more than R30 billion on consultants in the past financial year.

ANC government blows R30 Billion on consultants

The combined amount is more than enough to cover the entire freeway improvement project which is currently paid for by motorists and more than six times what is spent on environmental protection.

Rapport newspaper reported that the hiring of consultants has in some cases gone so out of control (Eastern Cape) that consultants need to be hired to supervise consultants!

Consultants hired to supervise consultants

The annual reports showed that consultants are hired for everything from the design of roads to the buying of stationary, the organizing of parties and interior decorating of diplomatic residences.

South Africa's competent White Civil Service in parallel to the incompetent Black Civil Service

So in effect what happened is that now in South Africa you have a unique situation not seen anywhere else in the world. You have a fully incompetent Civil Service made up of mostly black ANC cadres who are cashing in huge salaries for doing absolutely NOTHING and in parallel to them you have a Civil Service of mainly white consultants actually doing the work earning ten times more than they used to. It is a recipe for disaster, but all I can say to those white consultants is, "Scoop whilst the scooping still lasts, because soon there will be nothing left".

These whites were formerly employed by the state, but because of Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment lost their jobs.

Amazingly, South Africa who is not at war with any country, spent the most (R3 Billion) on defence consultants.

South Africa has about 55 million people. R16 million are on Social Grants and receive money for doing nothing. About 800,000 whites are living in poverty due to AA and BEE. Why is the government not training these people up to be the mechanics, technicians and engineers? Will they really rather employ Cubans than train or employ their own white people? Yes, because they are racists!

Why is there a shortage of mechanics, technicians and engineers in the first place? Because the Fuckwit ANC must be the only government in the world that chases its skilled people away with high levels of crime, AA, BEE and stupid slogans... You hear it every day…”If you don’t like the new South Africa go back to Europe. Emigrate to Australia”, etc.

All other countries like the USA, Germany, take on every engineer they can get. They actually have a bad name, because they are accused of poaching engineers from Korea, South Africa, etc. Hey, if the ANC is so stupid to chase their skilled people away, then don’t blame the countries who gladly take them on.

The ANC had TWENTY YEARS at the helm of the education system. It is stuffed. They had 20 years to train up a skilled workforce. They ruined it. The ANC doesn’t want educated people, because no educated person will vote for them. They want to keep the masses dumb. All they need is voting fodder to keep them in power forever so they can keep on stealing until Jesus comes.

The ANC through the hiring of consultants at the cost of R30 Billion a year proved to me enough…They proved to me that they are racists of the worst order. They proved to me that they are stupid and useless. They proved to me that they are incompetent. …They proved to me that all these years…the Right-Wing Racists were right! They cannot run a country.

21 February 2015

Who is really keeping Mugabe and Zuma in power?

By Mike Smith

21st of February 2015

You have got to ask yourself what is wrong with the world.

Dictator, tyrant and mass murderer Robert Mugabe is turning 91, throwing an obscene birthday bash whilst Zimbabweans are starving in their millions and the European Union is rewarding him by throwing millions in aid at him.

Mugabe triumphant ahead of obscene birthday bash

You have to question the motives of these European liberals.

Mugabe killed about 20,000 Matabeles between 1983 and 1987 who supported his opposition Joshua Nkomo. He drove thousands of white farmers off their land and dropped the country into abject poverty and starvation. Two million Black Zimbabweans are starving and dying…and the European Union rewards him…Job well done, Bob.

Mugabe is controlling the population. He has killed more blacks than colonialism or Apartheid ever did and the blacks think he is a liberation hero. They rewarded him by making him the president of the African Union.

"Down with imperialism. There was no country in Africa that was opposed to Zimbabwe becoming chair (of the AU), not even a single one," he boasted after his AU appointment last month.

Who is behind this man?

It has to be remembered that Mugabe is a staunch Catholic and a Jesuit, just like the current Pope. Mugabe attends mass every Sunday in Harare.

Therefore it was not surprising that in spite of the EU travel ban placed on Robert Mugabe, he attended the inauguration mass of the first Jesuit Pope Francis 1.

Jorge Mario Bergoglio better known as Pope Francis 1, is associated with the abduction, torture, murder and disappearance of tens of thousands during Argentina's dictatorship in the 1970s in what is known as “The Dirty War”.

The Truth Behind Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Pope Francis: Breaking the Silence, the Catholic Church in Argentina and the ‘Dirty War’

“In His book, “The Secret History of the Jesuits,” Edmond Paris – a secular journalist from Europe documents historically the same information told by ex-Catholic Priests. The author exposes the Vatican’s involvement in world politics, intrigues and the fomenting of wars throughout history. He comments, “It appears, beyond any doubt, that the Roman Catholic institution is NOT a Christian Church and never was!”

Mugabe molested by one of his Jesuit mentors?

…But the rabbit hole goes deeper…

In 1993 Chris Hani, the leader of the South African Communist Party and considered by many as the successor to Nelson Mandela, was assassinated.

The actual assassin, Janusz Walus, is a Catholic, who came from Poland. The Pope at the time was a Pole, Karol Józef Wojtyla, or Pope John Paul II. Clive Derby-Lewis who was also involved in the murder of Hani was a staunch Catholic who was educated at Christian Brothers' College and was made an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion (almost a priest) at Blessed Sacrament Church in Johannesburg before he left the Catholic Church in the early 1980s and joined the Afrikaans Protestant Church. His wife Gaye Derby-Lewis who had a hit list of senior ANC and SACP members, is a former Catholic nun originally from Australia.

You can read the Jesuit oath here. The Jesuit Oath

…And you can see how the Jesuits hate “the doctrine of the Church of England, Calvinists, Huguenots and protestants” and consider them “damnable” and consider the Pope to have authority over kings and leaders and has the right (from Jesus himself) to depose of them.

Now ask yourself again…Who is keeping Mugabe and Zuma in power? Why is it that Mugabe can say he will rule until he is 100 and Zuma can confidently say that the ANC will rule until Jesus comes?

Also read Vatican Assassins

20 February 2015

Racial clashes at CPUT - Why we had separate universities

By Mike Smith

20th of February 2015

Look at this crap happening at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT)

CPUT students in race clash

Race clash: CPUT at standstill

So a bunch of black students (about 300) who wanted free education (because they are poor, but always have money for alcohol) went on a rampage on the Bellville Campus of CPUT yesterday at around 16h00.

As usual, when they chimp out, they prevent anybody else from studying or leaving the campus. The blacks shut the gates and prevented the white and coloured students from going home. When a white girl wanted to drive through the gates the boons stoned her car, rocked it and jumped on it. Two white male engineering students rushed to help her and were hit from behind with bricks and the one had a stone thrown in his face. Nevertheless they managed to bravely fight back and open the gates for the other students. Some of the coloured students helped them to keep the gates open and let the other students escape.

These young men are obviously heroes, but as usual the media turns it all around in those reports as if the whites beat up the poor blacks and “shoved them to the ground”. How dramatic hey? 300 boons against about 10 white boys, but the boons are the victims. Go figure. It just makes your blood boil doesn’t it?

Where was campus security? Where was the police? These young men whose fees are all paid up are now in hospital. Their studies disrupted simply because of a bunch of uncivilized savages with an entitlement chip on their shoulders.

You see shit like this and the liberals still ask you why you are a racist.

God help me, because every time I close my eyes I see that quote of Mencken drift past my brain...

19 February 2015

Moer hom, tannie!

By Mike Smith
20th of February 2015

Tannie, jy moes die gespuis VREK gemoer het.

How to cure a LWB

By Mike Smith

19th of February 2015

Watch the video of American Rapper "Afroman" known for his 2001 song “Because I got High“ punch one of his white female fans who thought it a good idea to get jiggy with a nigger.

Well if she is going to lay with the dogs she shouldn’t complain when the fleas bite her. Hopefully she is now cured of her mental diseases called “liberalism” and “multiculturalism” and never dances with an Afroman again.

Now if someone can just do this to Helen Zille, she might also get cured.

US rapper and musician Afroman was arrested on Tuesday after punching a female fan in the face

Cell phone blocking as a weapon of genocide

By Mike Smith

19th of February 2015

The other day the journalists and politicians at the President’s State of the Nation address were up in arms about their cell phone signals that were jammed and with their knickers in a knot chanted “Bring back the signal”.

The lying bastards in Government first called it A technical glitch and then blamed it on Human Error

State Security Minister David Mahlobo said an operational error by a member of the state security department caused the disruption. The minister says the operator failed to properly terminate a device that controlled airspace.

This is of course fully illegal. It just goes to show how the ANC wipes their arses with the Rule of Law and the constitution.

According to Icasa, the independent communications authority of South Africa, “No organisation is allowed to jam cellular signals, and any device which is used to jam signals is illegal,”

Cell phone jamming illegal says Icasa

So what are the spooks doing with such equipment, let alone use it on an unsuspecting public?

I will tell you what they do with it. They give it to criminals who use it to rob cash in transit vans.

Six armed robbers arrested in foiled cash in transit heist

A similar device was used in April last year in eMala¬hleni (Witbank) in a cash in transit heist where R100million was stolen.

Powerful new weapon now in robbers’ hands

These kinds of jammers are very expensive and in South Africa it is used only by the State Security Agency, The Military and the Special Investigations Unit.

The jammer is actually used in the military and called a RCIED,portable Briefcase Jammer (RCIED stands for Remote controlled Improvised Explosive Device) and its main function is to jam the signal for a remote controlled IED (Improvised Explosive Device).

The lies about signal jamming

Actually, if you have a little bit of knowledge of electronics you can build your own device for less than R1000 There are videos on Youtube how to build one out of an old TV remote or old cell phone parts.. Cell phone jammer easy to build

The question is where else can these jammers be used? In farm murders? In “The night of the long knives”? In genocide?

Make sure your contingency plans do not rely too much on cell phone use and make sure you have a plan B when your cell phone is jammed and you cannot reach your family.

No if only I can figure out how to block the cell phone of that crazy Ex of mine...

Black leader urges people to destroy colonial heritage sites

By Mike Smith

19th of February 2015

I just love it when black are open and exercise their rights to free speech, because then we can see what is really going on in their heads. Then we can see what they really want to do to us.

“UDM Nelson Mandela Bay leader Mongameli Bobani called for the destruction of heritage sites that depict the history of colonialism and apartheid.”

Destroy colonial heritage sites urges UDM leader

This thickheaded simian bi-ped stands their dressed in woven cloth and spectacles on his face, courtesy of colonialism and Apartheid of course, and doesn’t even blink an eyelid whilst uttering this bollocks.

I am just curious where he is going to start with his destruction. Maybe the roads? How about the bridges? Maybe the car he drives in? Maybe the house made of bricks with a tiled roof he stays in? How about the razor he uses to shave his ugly mug with or the pen he writes with, or the knife and fork he eats with? OK, I know…maybe I am overestimating the civilized level this Noble Savage has reached.

Point is that when he looks around him, EVERYTHING is courtesy of those evil systems of colonialism and Apartheid, from the toilet he pisses in to the bed he sleeps in. So where is he going to stop? Maybe with the words they adopted for civilized things they never had like “i-Mesi” (knife, from the Afrikaans word “Mes”) or “i-Skêra” (scissors, from the Afrikaans word “Skêr”)?

Well, he will have to strike out three quarters of his modern vocabulary then.

It is when you read Franz Fanon’s “The wretched of the earth” that you begin to understand the mind of the colonized savage.

Their egos are so small and fragile that they get horribly offended by a word like “Kaffir” which means unbeliever in Arabic from where the word originated from in the days the Arabs used them as slaves. They start crying “racism” like babies and want to kill you if you use it.

Further, they have a deep seated jealousy of the colonist whom they can see on a daily basis is more sophisticated and superior in intellect and behavior to them. What they cannot have or be…they want to destroy.

They want to destroy all vestiges of the white man, because it reminds them of their own inferiority. They do not care if they starve to death when there are no more white farmers to grow food for them or whites to employ them. As long as the noble savage is not reminded of his inferiority and here lays the problem, because a white man who grows food for them or employ them reminds them of the fact that they are incapable of looking after themselves.

That is why they don’t care about burning down schools, because in their view a white person building a school for them is not a good and benevolent liberal, he is a “racist” who reminds them of their inferiority basically telling them that they are unable to build their own schools and educate themselves. Which is of course true.

The same with whites building hospitals for them and the white doctors treating them. They are all “racists”, because when you help them it says to them that their own muti-medicine from their Sangomas is inferior to Western medicine.

Without the whites of the world feeding them and medically treating them their numbers will quickly fall back to pre-colonial times. That is why I urge all whites to do what Sir Theophilus Shepstone suggested. Do not force civilization on them. Simply have nothing to do with them. Leave them completely alone.

Nevertheless, I would love to see him try and destroy the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria or the Blood River Monument between Vryheid and Dundee in Natal. See how far he gets.

17 February 2015

When will Denmark adopt Apartheid?

And the LORD thy God will put all these curses upon thine enemies, and on them that hate thee, which persecuted thee. Deut. 30:7

By Mike Smith

17th of February 2015

It is just a matter of time. I think Apartheid is coming to Denmark soon. It won’t be long now. Denmark attacks: 'We have tasted the ugly taste of fear,' Prime Minister says

And to think Denmark was voted the happiest country in the world in 2012 and 2013. Denmark is considered the happiest country

Not so happy anymore, are they?

In fact the other Scandinavian countries like Norway and Sweden were also under the top five “Happy Countries”(2nd and 5th respectively).

I tell you what, when these attacks happened in Denmark, I was two minded on whether I should have sympathy with these liberal, pussyfied former Vikings or not. Although they are whites, nowadays all they are is a bunch of sick Social Democrats aka “Useful Idiots” to Lenin.

I mean it is like having a psychopathic brother on death row. You kinda still love him, but you cannot have sympathy with him, especially not after what he has done. Justice must take its course.

Turn back the clock 30 years or so to the bushes of Angola and you would find SWAPO’S military wing, the PLAN terrorists, being supplied with rations from these Danes and Swedes. Rations ten times better than our dog biscuits and condensed milk tubes. You should have seen what SWAPO terrorists had in their camps. These guys had luxury goods such as tins of caviar courtesy of the Danish government, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark, the Danish Anti Apartheid Movement and other “Solidarity” and “Humanitarian” organisations.

Most of this aid would be kept and consumed by the SWAPO trough-pigs at the top and the rest of their “refugees” would live in poverty, hunger and conditions worse than WWII concentration camps. It was all well documented by UNTAG and other international observers like the Red Cross and Amnesty international.

Denmark and National Liberation in Southern Africa

How Denmark supported SWAPO and ANC terrorist death camps

The mind boggles when you think of how these traitorous, white Western countries in Scandinavia (and the rest of Europe) sponsored Marxist black terrorists against their white brothers and sisters in South Africa. I mean, through our veins pumps the same blood as the Franks, the Germanics and the Vikings of our former mother countries. We share the same religion and almost the same culture as Europeans. How they must hate themselves to hate us so much that they would support our demise at the hands of savages and cowardly Marxist terrorists.

When they supported the ANC and SWAPO they did not think about all the white women and children they were helping to kill in South Africa. Now that the chickens have come home to roost, they want to cry. As far as I am concerned, the Danes know exactly where they can find sympathy…in the dictionary…Somwhere between “Shit” and “Syphilis”.

Fortunately the Apartheid Government was not a bunch of idiots. There is an old saying that a fool and his money are easily separated.

What these Danes did not realize was that the Apartheid Secret Service, BOSS or the Bureau for State Security infiltrated these Anti-Apartheid and “Solidarity” organizations, set up front companies and trusts in South Africa (like the IUEF or International University Exchange Fund) through various Broederbond companies and channeled millions of their money away from the ANC and SWAPO to fund BOSS to undermine and fight the Communist scourge. They even used the Danish Confectionary, a bakery belonging to his Danish friends in Smal street Johannesburg to channel money.

This all came out when South African “Super Spy” Graig Williamson testified in front of the TRC. Williamson under Col Johan Coetzee also set up the South African News Agency to recruit and use journalists for South Africa in counter-intelligence and propaganda.

It is quite well documented in the book “Unfinished Business: South Africa, Apartheid, and Truth”, by Terry Bell, the leftist Cape Town journalist who was banned and in exile from Apartheid South Africa for twenty-seven years.

You can read it here on page 100-103 Chapter 8.

Unfinished Business: South Africa, Apartheid and Truth

Or read this excerpt: How Anti-Apartheid money funded the Apartheid Police

Denmark should rather have kept all that money, because they are going to need it now to fight all those terrorists in their own backyard. They hated us, because of Apartheid – Watch! Soon they will embrace and introduce Apartheid. Mark my words.

13 February 2015

The signs of the coming revolution in South Africa

By Mike Smith

13th of February 2015

It is brewing it is stirring and before you know it we will be in the thick of it…

Make us rich or the city will burn

That is what 250 black Small Business protesters chanted to the ANC city leadership in Port Elizabeth the day before yesterday.

They came in their numbers, shut down municipal buildings in the Port Elizabeth city centre, and threatened that if they were not made millionaires, Nelson Mandela Bay would burn.

Well if you study revolutions like Dr Crane Brinton in his “Anatomy of a Revolution”, you will see that creating expectations is probably the worst thing a government can do. Even P.W. Botha learned that lesson in 1983 when he created the tricameral parliament. Soon he had a revolution on his hands and had to declare a state of emergency.

The ANC is doing the same.

The ANC has been flaunting the wealth they have stolen from whites and they have made too many promises to the blacks they cannot keep. So no surprise then when the natives get restless.

When the blacks finally revolt what do you think the ANC is going to say to save their own asses?

“You see all those whites there? It is their fault that you are poor. Go on, we gave you AK-47’s, go take back what the whites stole from you.”

For the ANC it is actually easy to make everyone millionaires. All they have to do is print paper like Bob Mugabe did. Uncle Bob also promised his followers he would make them all millionaires. He did not lie. In fact he made them all Billionaires. He is a hero.

Japan should introduce Apartheid says former advisor to Prime Minister

By Mike Smith

13th of February 2015

Ayako Sono is a smart lady. She has authored many books and was the advisor to the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, but she set off a wave of online fury this week when she wrote in the conservative Sankei newspaper that South Africa's former policies of racial separation had been good for whites, Asians and Africans.

Ex advisor to Japan PM praises Apartheid

In a column entitled "Let Them In - But Keep a Distance", Sono said Japan should open its doors to more foreign workers, especially to care for the growing numbers of elderly, but should make them live separately from Japanese.

I actually liked the way the British Daily Mail called it “an embarrassment for the Prime Minister Abe”, but then shut all the comments out on the article.

Japan PM ex-adviser praises Apartheid an embarrassment for Abe

Bunch of cowards and liars. Nowhere in that article did the Prime Minister say that he was embarrassed due to the remarks by Ayako Sono. In fact Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga declined to comment on Sono's remarks at a regular news conference, but added, "Our immigration policy is predicated on equality, which is guaranteed in Japan."

That’s it!

So where did the Daily Mail get it from that anybody was embarrassed about what Ayako Sono said? Sucked out of their thumbs of course…as usual. The only ones who are embarrassed are the liberal twats masquerading at the Daily Mail as journalists who refuse to admit the truth.

They should rather look around them in the UK and see the results of their own failed policies of multiculturalism on immigration and rather hail the brilliant scholar and journalist Ayako Sono for her brave and visionary proposal for the immigration policies of Japan.

Like I always say, “The day will still come that they will beg us to show them how to introduce Apartheid.”

Just wait and see.

The report on the SONA Chimpout

By Mike Smith

13th of February 2015

“Unbelievable”…is what my liberal family member said to me when we discussed the State of the Nation (SONA) Chimpout in parliament yesterday.

Unlike friends, you cannot choose family, you are stuck with them…So I couldn’t just ignore him.

“Why “unbelievable”?” I asked him…”were you expecting anything else?”

You see, this is the mistake liberals make all the time. They think blacks are whites with black skins. That apart from the melanin in their skin, there are no other differences and that blacks are just as capable of running a country as any other.

However, the proof is in the pudding. Show me the successful Black run countries and I mean the ones that are completely run by blacks, not a country like Botswana where whites from Anglo American Corporation holds the hands of the Tswanas in order to rape their country for minerals. It doesn’t exist.

To me the Chimpout in parliament yesterday was not “unbelievable”…it was fully anticipated. In fact 30-40 years ago we said they can’t run a country like South Africa, the liberals of the world called us “racists”.

When the ANC took over in 1994 and the one municipality after the other became bankrupt, infrastructure like roads collapsed and corrupt politicians started enriching themselves to the extent that thirteen municipalities had to be placed under administration…and we pointed it out, we were called “racists”.

13 South African municipalities under administration

The Circus yesterday started with marches through St Georges Mall and the streets of Cape Town then progressed to parliament where the journalists discovered that the cell phone signals were jammed and ended with a punch-up between the EFF and the police and a subsequent walkout from the DA after the speaker couldn’t say whether the “security guards” were actually dressed up police.

Why do we still bother with a parliament? The ANC wipes its arse with the constitution. Freedom of speech? Independent media? Nonexistent when you block the reporters from reporting on the biggest spectacle of the year by jamming their cell phone signals. Nonexistent when, upon asking a question, an opposition parliamentarian is silenced by the speaker and violently (unconstitutionally) removed from parliament by the police.

That the EFF and the DA were correct when they said that the ANC has turned SA into a police state similar to the Apartheid state is a misnomer. They turned it into a joke!

November last year we saw the police enter parliament for the first time in the history of South Africa. Yesterday we saw it again. It NEVER happened under Apartheid…But hey…The DA just cannot let an opportunity go by to take a swipe at Apartheid, right?

To all of those, the EFF, the DA, the ANC and the police who provided us with the spectacle we saw yesterday, I want to extend my sincere thanks. Apart from the “bread and circus” entertainment value, all you succeeded in was to prove us “racists” right! Well done.

I also felt that it distracted from the real issues on hand. The actual SONA that President Msholozi Showerhead delivered.

There were no surprises.

Eskom will receive a bailout of 23 Billion Rand. So the taxpayer is being fleeced again for the theft and incompetence of the ANC.

This means that the ANC can sabotage any state owned institution (meaning owned by us the taxpayers) into the ground, steal it into bankruptcy and expect the taxpayers to bail it out so that the stealing can start afresh and the institution further destroyed.

Why do we allow them to get away with it? Why? These bastards should be put up against a wall and shot! When oh when are the South Africans going to wake up and do it?

Further, he announced that foreigners won’t be able to own land in South Africa and a ceiling of 12,000 hectares of land ownership will be imposed. This is obviously aimed at nationalizing the mines and stealing the farmer’s land. So all those vast tracts of land De Beers/Anglo America Corporation, et al, owns will be confiscated and it is only a small step from there when all whites in SA will be declared “foreigners” (probably Indians as well)…They want to institute a 50/50 policy where half of all farms will be stolen from the owners and given to the workers.

The Sovietization of farms will continue in what the ANC calls “Agriparks”. They have allocated R2billion to develop such co-operative farms. As in all Socialist countries where this has been introduced, it will be a disaster and result in famine. But don’t worry, because just like in Stalinist USSR the ANC already has a “Potemkin Farm” to show the world how successful they are in the Vhembe District Municipality in Musina.

According to the Mining Charter, 26% of all mines in SA should now be black owned and mines are forced by government to uplift townships in their areas through the National Upgrade Support Programme.

In the schools the indoctrination will continue. The children will have to also sing the African Union anthem, Let Us All Unite and Celebrate Together, a black liberation song cheering the black’s victory over the whites in Africa.

Nevertheless, they are planning a few hundred new schools, 12 new colleges and 3 brand new universities. Good luck finding teachers and lecturers for these institutions.

The rest is just a bunch of empty promises…They will fight HIV, fight crime, solve the electricity problem, create jobs, blah, blah, blah.

You can read the rest of the bollocks here:

SONA: Zuma’s full speech

I was actually waiting for him to say when he was going to pay back the money he stole from us to build Nkandla. Silence.

10 February 2015

Anxiously awaiting Zuma’s State of the Nation address

By Mike Smith

10th of February 2015

So Thursday is the big day when Umsholozi Showerhead is going to dazzle us with his Noble Savage brilliance and tell us (again) how wonderful the ANC is, how much they have achieved and how much they are going to achieve…

Somehow this time I don’t think anybody, not even Über Liberal Max du Preez, is going to believe him. The ANC is rotten to the core; permeating the whole of South Africa’s precious air with their pungent smell of corruption, incompetence and mismanagement. There is now doubt. They must go!

The State of the Nation…In short…It is Stuffed!!

The nation is depressed, miserable, sick and tired of the useless ANC that is killing our country.

It will be interesting to see how Zuma “charts the course” as Minister Jeff Radebe put it in the Pretoria news

Personally, I think the ship has been off course since 1990 when the dead terrorist was released from prison and it is now heading straight for the rocks.

Radebe is optimistic and he might even be right. According to him with Zuma at the helm, “The ship will ultimately arrive safely in port”.

Exactly where that port is, he did not say, but my guess is…it is probably somewhere beyond the gates of Hell.

I doubt if Minister Radebe has ever spent time at sea, knows anything about navigation or has a cooking clue what the sharp point and the blunt end of a ship is called.

I mean it is not as if his tribe, the mighty Zulu Empire, was known as a seafaring nation. To be exact, by the time Jan van Riebeeck arrived at the Cape of Good Hope in 1652, the Zulu’s didn’t even have dug-out canoes yet, let alone the wheel. What the F#ck does Radebe know about seafaring? Nevertheless, he seems to love his seamanship metaphors…Check this Bollocks out!

“Since 2008 when the global financial crisis struck, the international arena has been a sea of turbulence. Global uncertainty has plagued markets and many nations have struggled to stay afloat. South Africa has not been immune to this and our nation too has felt the pain. However, through sound planning and consistent leadership we have been able to navigate our way through choppy seas.

And further…

“When President Jacob Zuma delivers the State of the Nation Address on Thursday at 7pm, he will again stand at the helm and chart our course for the future.”

All I can say is, God help us with that!

Normally, a captain of a ship is quite a competent person. Zuma, is not a competent person. He might be a helmsman, but he is certainly not a “Captain”. There is a big difference.

In fact he should be scrubbing the bilges with his (lack of) qualifications, but on second thought, he will probably stuff that up too. He is so useless I won’t even trust him as a look-out.

I don’t think anything Zuma can do or announce in his address will save the ship. The only thing that will prevent the “Good Ship South Africa” from spectacularly crashing against the rocks in the near future is a Mutiny.

09 February 2015

Of traitors and the billionaire "Victims" of Apartheid

By Mike Smith

9th of February 2015

Last week after Table Bay Boulevard was renamed “Traitor Frikkie Avenue”, the F.W. de Klerk foundation held a conference and had Traitor Frikkie, Kgalema Motlanthe and the cigarette king of SA, billionaire tycoon, Johann Rupert as guests.

I think the only one who spoke a bit of sense was Rupert when he said that trade unions destroy jobs, that they look after those who already have jobs and therefore are not bothered to CREATE jobs. Rupert is not stupid. He was after all the brains and driving force behind the Small Business Development Corporation during the Apartheid years that created over 600,000 jobs.

Besides, in 2005, when the British design magazine “Wallpaper” described Afrikaans as “..one of the ugliest languages in the world…” Johann Rupert withdrew millions of pounds of advertising from Wallpaper .

They obviously didn’t realize that Rupert owns Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Montblanc and Alfred Dunhill.

He said he had “had enough” of his language being belittled and he would not sit still and look on while his language and culture were drawn through the mud. Good man. I wish more Afrikaners would withdraw their money from those who degrade their language and culture.

However a few things bothered me from Rupert’s speech. He was saying that freedom of speech is under attack in South Africa, in the same way it was during Apartheid and those who opposed Apartheid were labeled “Kafferboeties”, “Communists” and “Enemies of the state”.

Liberal Rupert also stated that the rule of law, farmers and food security, and the prerequisites for economic growth were all at risk. He mentioned that when food disappears from our tables, the ANC will have a revolution on their hands.

It is funny how Rupert, who opposed Apartheid after he crapped himself because of the 1976 riots, and who was one of the people who wanted to speak to the ANC in 1987 (behind the NP’s back) got extremely rich during Apartheid.

Last year he had a moment of brilliance when his eyes finally seemed to have opened and at Remgro’s meeting in Somerset West where he said, South Africa is slowly going bust

I also find it amusing and hypocritical how a man who is apparently $8billion strong can say Inequality is making the world ill

He is harping on about unemployable poor blacks and how we should invest in education, but when we had an excellent education system under Apartheid where the blacks of South Africa were the most literate on the continent, he opposed the system.

But he reserved his most damning comment for the end.

"Quite frankly, it's hard to defend this country's leadership abroad ... with the levels of incompetence and corruption."

Ah yes, Mr. Rupert. Those were the exact people you thought you could talk to, negotiate with and who you wanted in power in South Africa. Don’t cry now.

What I also found interesting was how Rupert mentioned that Apartheid was not good for business in South Africa.

He said that he was making 10-12% more profit overseas than in SA during Apartheid. What he is not saying is how much he is making now in the New Improved South Africa 20 years later. Looks like the honeymoon and glory days are over. I am sure if he was making a profit now he would not be complaining so much.

Seems like poor Mr. Rich Rupert was a “Victim of Apartheid”. It is not enough to make billions under Apartheid, he is complaining that he could have made a lot more. Think about it…If he could have made 10% more per year, how many Billions did he loose during Apartheid?

Maybe he should join those other poor 21,000 “Victims of Apartheid” at The Khulumani Support Group who had the highest living standards, the highest educational standards, the highest medical standards, the highest life expectancy…etc, etc…of All the blacks on the continent of Africa, yet today complain with a white bread under the arm that they were “Victims of Apartheid”.

Funny enough, only 16,000 of the 21,000 “Victims of Apartheid” have applied for reparations.They have more than a Billion Rand in the fund, earn R50 million per year on interest alone and to date has not paid out a cent in reparations. I suggest Mr. Rupert apply…Along with all those National service men who were robbed of two years of their lives in a useless war when the politicians were busy handing the country on a silver platter to the very terrorists we were fighting anyway.

“KSG national director Marjorie Jobson, confirmed that the last audited financial statement showed that there was currently R1.1 billion in the fund (2013). “The South African National Treasury put R800 million into the fund. Archbishop Desmond Tutu put R90,000 into the fund. Mary Burton put money into the fund. Geoff Budlender donated the royalties from a book he published to the fund. The government of the Netherlands made the biggest contribution, around R345 million. The Swiss government put in few million rands. The fund accumulated about R50 million interest each year,” she said.”

So get this…Nobody has ever been found guilty of “The Crime of Apartheid”. These victims told their STORIES (that is all it was) to that circus called the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which was not a court of law. Most of these anecdotes would never have stood up under cross examination in a court of law yet they want to pay these people out R1.3 billion (currently in the fund). In fact anybody with a sob story can go and claim to have been a “Victim of Apartheid” and cash in on it. No evidence required. I am actually surprised only 16,000 have applied so far.

Now if they really want to help these people, they would take that money, build a few schools and teach them skills that will ensure them employment for the rest of their lives, but I guess studying and work are too much for the “Victims of Apartheid”. Better to sit on your arse the whole day, cry “Victim” and be fed by dumb liberals.

Nevertheless, coming back to the speeches of Traitor Frikkie, Rupert and Motlanthe, Pink Frikkie said that He sold South Africa out because he had to

Rupert also congratulated him on his decision to unban the terrorist organizations 25 years ago. Frikkie is unapologetic. He said That day he believed 100% in what he did was the right thing. He did it because of “righteousness”. Apparently the NP could not morally defend Apartheid anymore.

Frikkie said that it wasn’t pressure, it wasn’t sanctions it wasn’t that the ANC could cause a civil war, it was because of “righteousness.”

He admits that the ANC was at that stage militarily, effectively neutralized. For him to hand the country over to terrorists was a “conscious decision” that was for the bigger part “Morally driven, value driven and religiously driven”…

There you have it just as I wrote about it in Pandoras Box Part 31…his great Broederbond mate Dopper Dominee Pieter Bingle of the Boer Church better known as the Gereformeerde Kerk (Reformed Church), and his other Broederbond buddy Dominee Fritz Gaum convinced him that handing the country over to terrorists is what God wanted.

F.W. “Fuck Wit” de Klerk consulted his Dominee friends on everything from making cabinet posts to what to write inside his Christmas cards. I kid you not. LA Times: De Klerk’s love affair with his religious minister

It that article it states: “De Klerk says his legal background "gave me an appreciation of open-mindedness and level-headedness, and taught me the value of considering all the options before coming to a decision."

The NYTimes wrote this: “According to the Rev. Pieter W. Bingle, Mr. de Klerk's Cape Town minister, the President put it simply. ''Dialogue is God's style,'' he said.”

Source: NYTimes: Understanding De Klerk

It is hard to believe that an intelligent man like De Klerk who graduated as a lawyer Cum Laude could be so ignorantly superstitious and morally misguided that he believed God personally spoke to him.

I cringe every time I hear people like De Klerk, Rupert, et al say that abandoning Apartheid was the right thing to do and that they could not morally defend it and they had no other choice. Utter rubbish that they come up with to make themselves feel better.

If they could not morally defend Apartheid, then how do they morally defend the New South Africa? It is the Rape capital of the world. 4000 Farmers brutally tortured and murdered since 1990. Jails overflowing. An utterly corrupt ruling class of kleptocrats. Infrastructure crumbling, children dying in derelict hospitals, an education system that breeds poverty and unemployment…Yes well done oh morally superior F.W. De Klerk. I salute you and hope you sleep better tonight.

Fact is the ANC was defeated. There was no reason to hand the country over to them. Almost every black tribe already had their independence. A federal option could have been better. De Klerk’s negotiators were amateur lightweights against the ANC Communists.

I am sorry, but I don’t think De Klerk will be remembered for “doing the right thing”, rather for being one of the biggest traitors in the history of South Africa.

Nevertheless. It is water under the bridge. Let him choke on his 30 pieces of silver. What do we do now? Today, 25 years after his speech the country is stuffed up. He refuses to see it. Ignore him. We have to seriously start thinking about the future. How do we get this country back on track? Maybe getting rid of the ANC would be a good start.

04 February 2015

Mugabe on his knees

By Mike Smith

5th of February 2015

Mugabe is a busy man since he became the Chairman of the African Union. The 90yo tyrant recently returned from Ethiopia and addressed supporters (??) and journalists when he fell down a short flight of stairs.

Mugabe falls in front of hundreds of supporters and journalists

Journalists forced to delete pictures of Mugabe’s fall

Supporters? Does Mugabe have any? He must be paying them well.

Pity he didn’t break his neck and passed on to Old Nick where his terrorist buddies, Mandela, Arafat, Ghadaffi, Khomeini, etc are all waiting for him to join them in their wailing and gnashing of teeth. The disgusting bastard is turning 91 on the 21st of February. Wonder how he survived so long. Just like Mandela. All these terrorists seem to live so long. As if they are clinging to this life for as long as possible, because they know they sold their souls to the Devil and know what is waiting for them when they die.

I am sure Mugabe has a Guardian Demon protecting him. I was reading the other day in the book “Iron Fist from the Sea: South Africa’s Seaborne raiders”, how the lads from 4-Special Forces Regiment (4Recce) together with the Rhodesian SAS and the SA Navy tried four times to assassinate Mugabe at his holiday home in Mozambique in 1979. Every time he was tipped off from a leak high-up and they came to an empty and dark house. They could easily have ambushed the Special Forces raiders, but that would probably have given away that there was a leak.

They were not the only ones. Mugabe survived many assassination attempts in his life. On the 10th of February 1980 a bomb exploded behind his limo. On the 18th of December 1981 Mugabe and ZANU-PF party members escaped assassination when a bomb exploded at the party head quarters in Harare. Seven civilians were killed and 124 injured.

However, one cannot help but wonder how different Zimbabwe would have been today if they succeeded in killing the bastard.

Personally I believe that the leak and Mugabe’s Guardian Demon is one and the same person and a member of MI6. It was in their interest to have Mugabe in power for as long as possible, just like it was in their interest to bring the ANC to power in South Africa. Maybe it was not a bad thing…it depends on how you look at it. Sure 4000 white farmers have been killed in SA under the ANC, but due to their AIDS policies about 300,000 blacks die every year of AIDS. More than ever died on the Angolan border in a war that lasted 23 years.

Sure 5000 white Zimbabwean farmers were driven off their land by Mugabe, but now 12,000 blacks die of hunger in Zimbabwe every month …more than ever died in the Bush War of the 1970’s.

Is this a disaster? For some yes, for others no. If it is in your interest to depopulate Africa, Mugabe is the best thing that could have happened to Zimbabwe and the ANC the best that could have happened to South Africa.

Nevertheless and be it as it may...just like I had a special bottle of Moet et Chandon reserved for the day Mandela croaked, I have a special bottle with Mugabe's name on it.

02 February 2015

Racial dilemma of the integrationists

"A racially integrated community is a chronological term timed from the entrance of the first black family to the exit of the last white family." Saul Alinsky in “Rules for Radicals”

By Mike Smith

2nd of February 2015

It is with interest that I saw the storm in a teacup at the Curro Roodeplaat Private School in Pretoria.

School segregation report ‘shows persistence of racism’

It was enough to get the liberal brigade to gasp for breath especially that Irish git John Robbie on 702.

Apparently, you had a mostly white private school overrun by rich black kids causing the white parents to take their children out of the school. At the moment, the few white kids are in the minority. These few 6 & 7 year olds were then huddled together so they could be with their friends from their own culture.

The blacks found out about this and cried “racism”…And here was where the spectacle started.

It seems as if these black parents have never read the Bill of Rights in the Constitution where Section 18 states “Everyone has the right to freedom of association.”

…That includes the children. Why are they unconstitutionally forced away from their friends and into integration with people they don’t want to be integrated with? Has anybody ever considered asking the kids what would be the best for them and who they wanted to play with or are their constitutional rights ignored?

This is where the illogical dilemma starts for the black racists and white liberals who cry “racism” every five seconds, because they say that we are all equal so then it should not mean a damn thing who is in which class with whom.

Further, if whites are then so racist, why do the blacks insist in associating with them? Surely you would think that they would be as far away from such racist scum as possible, don’t you? We see this all the time. Always blacks wanting to be on white beaches, dining in white restaurants live in white countries, etc. Never the other way around.

Which brings me to the white liberals and that puke-evoking ass-wipe John Robbie…Non of them live in Black townships amongst their beloved noble savages. They are quick to tell other whites to integrate with blacks, but they themselves never do. I find that a tad hypocritical.