26 June 2014

Three Noble Savages arrested in SA for beheading and eating a dog (while it was still alive)

By Mike Smith

26th of June 2014

I wonder how the liberals (especially the animal rights activists) are going to explain this behavior.

Three arrested for beheading and eating dog

Two Nigerian men and a South African woman in Klerksdorp cut the head of a dog off with a serrated bread knife whilst it was still alive, ate pieces of the meat and stored the head in a fridge for later consumption.

Inspector Suzette Kotzé of the SPCA said the Nigerian men believed that dog meat could prevent diseases like malaria.

"They also believe that by eating dogs, they cannot get attacked by witches, or be poisoned," she said.

I have travelled extensively through Africa. I have seen dogs being eaten by the locals with my own eyes.

Now when you mention this to liberals, you will get the standard responses: “It is not all of them”…”Not all of them eat dog”…etc…

Not so:

Meet Bassey Umoh, restaurateur who owns a dog eating restaurant in Abuja Ngeria called “South Africa”. He has been selling dog meat for the last 30 years.

Dogs dinners prove popular in Nigeria

'Improves your sex life'

Dog meat lover Chibuzo Eze says he eats dog meat because "e dey protect person from all those nyama-nyama disease them" - it gives you immunity from different diseases.

Beke Nnkwo says he was introduced to the cuisine as a cure for malaria.

Bassey Umoh the restaurant owner also eats the meat he sells.

"Eating dog meat gives you a special protection against the most potent juju (charm)," he claims, reeling off the benefits of dog meat.

"Dog meat also improves your sex life. And if you eat dog meat, you cannot be poisoned."

Bassey Umoh says his cuisine is in high demand although his business is not doing so well because dogs are becoming scarce now in Abuja.

"Everybody is eating dog meat openly now, that is why dogs are scarce," he says.

Another popular dog-meat spot is "Zimbabwe", an open-air joint next to a small river on the outskirts of Abuja.


Can someone please remind me again why we had Apartheid?

Young white man beaten and kicked to death in Spur Restaurant

By Mike Smith

26th of June 2014

For those who do not know, “The Spur” is a franchise or chain of family orientated steak houses in SA. One of the few places you can still take your kids to. It is disgusting that this kind of thing is happening at a family restaurant, but I almost had the same experience.

About two years ago I was sitting at such a Spur restaurant in Kimberley (Mohawk Spur) with a German lady. This is the same one who told me she would show me she would walk, woman alone, through a South African black township at night and nothing would happen to her. She smokes so we were in the smoking section.

When we entered the smoking section there were two fairly well dressed black gentleman in there already. As we were looking at the menus they ogled her and one came up to ask her for a light, ignoring me.

Immediately and instinctively I raised my eyebrows as I disgustingly looked the guy up and down. I didn’t say a word. My eyes and body language told him to “fuck off!” She smilingly handed him her lighter and I looked at her in amazement.

The guy saw that I was very upset, started to apologize and crawled back to his table. They left shortly afterwards.

I was as furious as I was astonished and gob smacked. We had a similar incident a week before on a Cape beach. I briefed her many times on the situation in South Africa.

I explained to her (again) that the guy HAD a cigarette lighter otherwise he would not have been in the smoking section to start off with. The trick is to ask a lady for a light so she can open her handbag and see what is in it to steal. They would then grab and run or hit you, grab and run. Sometimes they will wait outside and follow you until they can rob, rape and kill you. It is simply a reality in SA. We locals know it, but tourist think we talk shit.

These criminals are opportunists who will take advantage of any sign of ignorance or weakness. In SA you don’t give them half a chance. You tell them to get lost. You go out in groups especially at night. I still cringe sometimes when I think what would have happened if she was alone. SA is not the place for naïve liberal Europeans.

She didn’t believe me. She told me I overreacted. The guy just wanted a light. Yes…sure.

I must admit. Afterwards I thought about it and maybe she was right. Maybe I was overreacting, but see the reports below. Now I feel exonerated.

Six dine further in Spur after kicking white youngster to death in smoking section

Tragic death after six-man assault

Bradley du Preez (20) was taunted in the smoking section of the Little Eagle Spur at the Lemon Tree mall in Alberton by four men and two women who threw him with a spare rib bone. An argument and scuffle followed and the restaurant staff asked him to leave. Bradley paid his bill and then, on his way out, flung a bottle (other reports say a half filled beer glass) at them and the four males proceeded to assault him, hitting and kicking him to death. The two females remained seated. The men casually returned to their seats and continued eating and drinking. The restaurant owner locked the doors to prevent them from escaping. The six were very aggressive and refused to pay. Everything was caught on camera.

It was hidden away on page 12 of the Afrikaans newspaper “Beeld”. Only the local paper the Alberton Record ran with it. They were granted access to the video. It is not available to the public, because it is part of the court case.

This is the report after the newspaper viewed the video. CCTV footage reveals deadly assault

Was this a senseless racist killing or a drug hit?

The names of the suspects are: Julian Lopez, Ruddy Pholo, Lyll Mkandala, Cisely Molete, Gbadamosi Gbenga, en Ryan Pillay. The name Pillay is an Indian name. Lopez is the mother of one of the accused (not sure which one) and could be Spanish, Portuguese or coloured. The rest sound all black.

Numerous narcotics were found in a car used by the six suspects.

According to this report, five of the suspects were known to Bradley du Preez and his family.

Spur Assault: Employees tried to rescue Bradley

A family member of Bradley made contact with the RECORD stating that the five, known to the family, have not only been told by Bradley’s father that they are not welcome in their home, but that they also have prior convictions.

All I know is that if this was a case of six whites kicking a black, Indian or coloured to death, it would be front page news all over the world and called a “racist attack”.

Some self defence advice

Rather go out in groups, even if it is to a family restaurant. Isolated the hyenas will tear you apart.

Carry a firearm, be trained in its usage and be willing to use it in self defense.

If you are unarmed, isolated and outnumbered do not fight. Rather walk away to live another day.

If fighting is inevitable, fight with the ferocity of a tiger and use any makeshift weapon (bottles, ashtrays, etc) that will give you leverage. Be prepared to kill if you have to, but stay alive.

Never, ever turn your back on your attackers. Any animal will get an instinctive chase-and-kill instinct if you do that. In war, most soldiers are killed when running away and the opposition chases.

Don’t be a naive liberal. Nobody will think you are a good person. It will get you killed in Africa.

25 June 2014

SA history should be rewritten

By Mike Smith

24th of June 2014

In the book “1984” by George Orwell, Winston works for the Ministry of Truth where it is his job to rewrite history and the parts that do not fit gets flushed down the “Memory Hole”.

This is where SA’s history is going.

A few years ago I had a look at a Matric history book. The entire section on the Anglo Boer War was one and a half pages long. I just smiled. What else can you do?

The ANC’s latest plan is to make history a compulsory subject at school and rewrite it to focus on the SA part, especially the “struggle history” of the ANC.

Rewrite SA history – Teachers Union

ANC terrorists will become heroes.

…can’t wait.

Sadtu deputy general secretary Nkosana Dolopi said:

The current curriculum placed too much emphasis on European history instead of "local heroes and heroines and their struggles".

"We want a clear story about [the late former president Nelson] Mandela. Our children must know that Mandela belongs to the ANC. He was groomed; he was developed by the ANC.

"Our children must know that there was a time in our history when he was regarded as a terrorist by the very same people who today regard him as a hero."

"Our children must know that at some stage we owned land - the Khoi and the San and the African people used to own land. We were herders of cattle, we were not workers ... we were farming. [Then] came Jan van Riebeeck [and] later we were changed from owners to workers of land."

I wonder why stop there? It is common knowledge that when Van Riebeeck came to SA the blacks already had harbours, airports, hospitals and world class universities. White man destroyed all of that and oppressed the black man.

Noble Savage Fowl Play

By Mike Smith

24th of June 2014

I wonder how the liberals will explain this. Probably the fault of Apartheid or colonialism.

Barberton man Sfiso Sambo fined R500 for having sex with chicken

"The hen's intestines had become dislodged as a result. Her injuries were so severe that she was euthanased (sic) to prevent further suffering. "

They should have put him down, along with the poor chicken. Sick phuq! Then they ask us why we had Apartheid. Phew.

This case above is still mild. There are ones far worse than Sfiso.

24 June 2014

Liberals in love with terror and tyranny

By Mike Smith

24th of June 2014

In a free society everyone has the right to choose his/her own profession and pursue his/her own happiness.

However, there are certain jobs/careers most of us find morally disgusting, like being a prostitute for instance…or an ANC politician, but one that ranks right up there is wiping the arse of a decrepit terrorist for 20 years.

Sorry, but there are just some things I will never do for money.

I do not know what motivates a person to become a personal assistant to a mass murdering terrorist, but I doubt it if it was the money, because surely they cannot earn much as a PA.

It can only be love…And here the book “United in Hate: The left’s romance with tyranny and terror”, by Dr Jamie Glasov springs to mind. In his book Glasov mentions several examples of Liberal idiots who were in love with tyrants like Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Castro, etc.

This is exactly what Zelda La Grange a young Afrikaner woman was. In love with a terrorist. She devoted her entire life to Nelson Mandela, the man who wanted to unleash 7000 trained Communist terrorists on South Africa (Operation Mayibuye) to make the streets flow with the blood of her own people.

How does one begin to understand this mindset? How can it be normal to be like this? It can only be described as a mental illness.

My boss, my friend: Zelda La Grange talks about her love for Madiba

In there you can read how she would arrange his slippers for him at night. Listen to this sickening crap:

In the book she writes:

“What worried me most and kept me awake was whether during this prolonged illness there was ever a moment when he was conscious enough to think, 'Why hasn’t Zeldina been here?' I cringe when I think about the fact that it may have crossed his mind that in the end I had perhaps left him as I promised I would never do. Did he think that I had neglected or abandoned him? And now, 19 years later, I was longing to put my white hand on his dark skin; to touch the skin I was brought up to believe was not as good as mine. Yet it was that dark skin that gave my life significance. My entire being at the age of 43 yearned to touch that hand once more, to feel the ripples around his knuckles, to see his smile lighting up the room when I say, 'Don’t worry Khulu, I did not desert you'.”

Zelda is without a job now. She says she is going to sell flowers for the rest of her life. I must admit, I didn’t expect anything else from a Liberal “useful idiot”…but it doesn’t stop there.

The editor of “Beeld” the Afrikaans daily newspaper, Adriaan Basson, seems to be in love with Mandela AND Zelda La Grange. In fact he seems to be in love with all these Communists, affectionately calling Ahmed Khatrada and George Bizos “Oom” (uncle) as if they are his loving close relatives.

He called Zelda La Grange “A role model for generations of young Afrikaners”.

Zelda becomes a symbol for new Afrikaner

BTW…What is a “New Afrikaner”? By implication there should be a former or older version of Afrikaner as well. What are the differences? What are the criteria to fit the mold of a “New Afrikaner”?

Nevertheless, he writes endless drivel about how Zelda teaches us that we should all work together building a prosperous and peaceful country where people are happy and successful, not belly aching and griping about the corrupt ANC the whole day.

According to him, corruption has no colour, it is just “poor government”. I suppose the rest of Sub Saharan Africa all have “poor governments” and it has nothing to do with the ethnicity of the rulers.

Adriaan says we should follow Zelda’s process of positive change for peace, reconciliation and freedom…He even advises teachers to put her picture up in class.

You know…I want to puke when I read rubbish like this. I have to restrain myself. How can the editor of a newspaper claim to deliver impartial news when he writes crap like this?

How far are South African whites willing to be pushed?

By Mike Smith

24th of June 2014

The ANC/SACP’s Zimbabwefication of South Africa is going into top gear. They want to steal 50% of all the white owned farms in SA and give it to their black voters.

Farmer outcry over land bill

Plan to share farms with workers on track

Apparently successive generations of white colonists and the Apartheid government stole the land from blacks and should now give it back. One of the major excuses for this is the apparent 1913 land act.

I do not know who believes this simplistic rubbish, but it must be people who have not yet read my 2011 post ”Who does the land belong to?”

In there I proved that it is the biggest load of rubbish that whites in SA “stole” any land from blacks. The 1913 Land Act actually resulted in blacks getting MORE land and the Bantustans or Homelands also handed more land to blacks than they originally settled.

These lies of “stolen land” have been part of ANC propaganda for many years and used extensively by idiots like Malema and the monkey circus called the SACP.

In my 2011 article I mentioned the inevitability of a brutal war that will result from this. I cannot see that the white farmers of SA will accept this stealing of 50% of their properties and businesses. A commercial farm today is a business. Nothing else.

Once they have the farms they will come after the businesses, the houses and every other piece of property whites own. It is blatant state sponsored theft and an oppression of a minority.

I cannot see that the rest of white South Africans will allow the farms to be destroyed and put their food supply in jeopardy.

I also feel that the ANC and SACP by threatening to steal the farms are now openly and deliberately enticing the white population into a war. A war that they seem cocksure they will win.

At the moment the farmers are trying to talk to the Communist Minister of Agriculture Senzeni Zokwana, who cannot even pay his own cattle herder a decent minimum wage

Talking with these Communist does not work. They are not reasonable people. They want the white people’s land and they want whites to leave South Africa .

I love it when they drop their masks and pretence and show us what is REALLY on their minds.

UDM leader Mongameli Bobani said that “white people must be removed from their mansions to live in shacks, while black people are moved into their lavish homes” and the mayor of Port Elizabeth Benson Fihla agreed with him.

It is actually nothing new. We have known for decades what it is they really want to do to us. Only the dumb liberals denied it.

To me it is clear; the Communists are putting the screws on whites in SA. It is becoming unbearable. It will be interesting to see when they will snap and what will happen next. Watch this space.

23 June 2014

What if Ebola comes to South Africa?

By Mike Smith

23rd of June 2014

Last Friday “Doctors Without Borders” in Brussels said that the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is “totally out of control”. The WHO said that it killed 337 people so far.

Ebola totally out of control: Doctors Without Borders

Microbiology Professor Robert Gary from the Tulane University School of Medicine said it is only the “Tip of the Iceberg”.

Ebola outbreak, “Tip of Iceberg” experts say

The virus is spreading and is difficult to control. There are several reasons put forward for this:

1.No proper health system in place.

2.Tribal customs of kissing the corpse when washing it. (Ebola is in body fluids).

3.Medical workers re-using gloves, gowns and goggles due to lack of funds.

4. Superstitious beliefs that Ebola is a curse or a conspiracy to prevent people from eating bush meat (monkeys, bats, rodents, etc)

5.Porous borders. People pass freely from one country to another.

We have a lot of these West- and Central  Africans here in South Africa due to “porous borders” introduced by Thabo Mbeki of the ANC. What is going to happen when Ebola comes to South Africa? Where are our doctors and nurses?

Ah yes…The ANC chased them out with their stupid Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, quotas for medical students at universities, etc…

UCT: Race must still be concidered

But don’t worry. The ANC has it all under control. They dumbed down the education system that anybody with half a brain can pass matric at age 15 and obtain a medical doctorate at age 20.

But I am sure that in the case below, it is not true. This young man studied very hard.

Meet Sandile Kubheka, at 20, South Africa’s youngest doctor

He earned his degree at the University of Kwazulu Natal where lecturers regularly strike or students riot (since about 2006) singing “Pass one; Pass all”, burn tyres to receive free education, etc.

Controversies at the UKZN

Riot police at UKZN

Lectures and tests get suspended, but somehow, people still get degrees, even doctorates.

So Ebola is nothing to worry about for us in SA. The ANC are producing a whole string of whiz-kid doctors just like Sandile that will protect us all.

18 June 2014

Why we have to reject the ANC’s “New South Africa” and trek forward

By Mike Smith

18th of June 2014

Here are two posters which were National Party full page advertisements in the Afrikaans Sunday Newspaper “Rapport” on the 28th of August 1983 asking the voters to vote “YES” in the upcoming referendum on the 2nd of November.

It gives you an insight of the elaborate treason plans that were playing out behind the scenes in South Africa.

At the time, the majority of Afrikaners had no clue what they were voting for. They had no idea of what the South African National Intelligence Services (B.O.S.S. or Bureau of State Security) was planning for South Africa together with treasonous, corrupt politicians, MI6, CIA and the Anglo American mining establishment.

In 1979 wizz kid Dr. Niel Barnard (aged 30 at the time) took over BOSS from Hendrik van den Berg. He was appointed by new Prime Minister P.W. Botha. In 1980 the name BOSS was changed to N.I.S.

The plan to hand South Africa over to Communist Blacks was already long in the making as I have proved in my Pandora’s Box series.

Obviously to hand the country and political power over in one go would not be accepted by the public so they had to do it in carefully disguised stages. They had to slice the salami piece by piece.

First they needed to change the constitution. Then consolidate power by combining the position of Prime Minister with that of State President where the President would be an executive president with full power. For all intents and purposes a dictator. That is what P.W.Botha effectively became.

In 1981 the senate was abolished and replaced by the president’s council which was an advisory body consisting of sixty nominated members from the white, coloured, Indian and Chinese population groups.

In 1982 P.W. Botha presented the Presidents council with proposals to set up a new constitution to share power with coloureds and Indians, but not blacks.

Under the new 1983 constitution, Coloureds and Indians would be included in a Tricameral parliament that was so chaotic that nobody could understand it and it could never really function. All smoke and mirrors for the sheeple, but P.W. Botha managed to consolidate almost absolute power for him.

The Conservatives in the NP realized that the only way to oppose P.W. Botha was to break away and form the opposition. This is what Dr. Andries Treurnicht did when he started the Conservative Party in 1982.

To get a mandate from the people, P.W. Botha held a referendum in 1983. The question was:

“Are you in favour of the implementation of the Constitution Act, 1983, as approved by Parliament?”

Yes or No?

66.3% of the whites voted “Yes”. What did they vote for? The lies sold to them by the NP. These lies can be read in the Pictures below. I will translate.

Picture number one:

South Africans who vote “Yes” vote for:

1.A safe future for us and our children.

2.A peaceful co-existence and equal opportunities.

3.Orderly reform and reasonability.

4.The protection of group interest through own decision-making.

5.The promotion of common interests through working together.

6.Strong and goal orientated leadership.

7.A unified and defensible South Africa.

8.Economical, Political and Social stability.

9.The maintenance of orderly government and standards.

10.Safety, freedom and progress through justice.

Picture number 2:

If you vote “NO” you are voting for left and rightwing extremists. And all it offers you are unrealistic, unworkable dreams, confrontation between population groups and a breeding ground for our enemies. If you vote “NO” you are voting for stagnation and decay. Not exactly something to vote for now, is it?

We are here to stay. Build the future. Vote “YES” X.

end of quote:

As you can see, 31 years later, things worked out a bit differently in South Africa. The NP didn’t stay, they are long gone. We have a horrible, corrupt Marxist terrorist government, standards are dropping in hospitals, education and just about every government department. Safety and freedom is nonexistent with people living in fortresses behind burglar bars, electric fences , cameras, armed response security, etc….Of all those NP promises, nothing came. The Conservative Party was right all along, but back then they were called “verkramp”, “racist”, “retarded”, whatever…

31 years have passed and today we see the results of all those naive people who voted “YES” in 1983 and 1992.

I do not know about you, but I am discontented about how the country turned out. Nothing like we were promised. I also get red under the collar when I read these adds and look at what has become of my country.

Today we can blame the “yes” voters. We can swear at these bastards like P.W. Botha, F.W. de Klerk, Pik Botha, Roelf Meyer, etc…but what is it going to help us? We need to find solutions and a way out of the shit they dumped us in.

We can deal with these traitors later. Personally I would like to see them put up blindfolded against a wall and shot. But we need to get our priorities straight and get out of the dwang first.

It will have to start with a drastic and bold move. A declaration or manifesto like Piet Retief published in the Grahamstown Journal on the 2nd of February 1837.

The Manifesto of the immigrant farmers by Piet Retief

We need to reject and break with the ANC’s “New South Africa”, like the Voortrekkers did with the Colony, on the grounds of the ANC’s criminal misrule and corruption.

But what I am proposing is not a physical trek, rather a mental one. A defiant mental break and rejection of anything and everything to do with the ANC and their corrupt regime. That we can start with.

At the moment I feel that we are stagnating. None of the parties or groups is achieving anything for our independence or the restoration of our country. We are no closer to our goal than we were in 1994.

The word “Voortrekker” means to lead from the front and go forward. To progress. We need to do that in our minds.

It is out of this mental and spiritual break that the physical break will grow.

13 June 2014

Eish! It’s my Kultcha

By Mike Smith

13th of June 2014

Here is one for all the feminists to explain. Especially those in the ANC women’s league who campaign so vigourously for women’s rights…

Motsoeneng gets wife as a gift

Traditional Venda chiefs have given SABC acting chief operations officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng a wife, a cow, and a calf.

Women were lined up in Thohoyandou, Limpopo, on Wednesday for Motsoeneng to choose one.

“The girls were around 10 and they paraded for him to choose. He chose the one he liked,” Mudzi executive secretary Humbelani Nemakonde was quoted as saying.

“All the girls were there with their parents. Their parents knew what was going to happen and they all agreed.”

The woman Motsoeneng chose was pictured in the newspaper bare-breasted next to him. She is a 23-year-old human resources management student.

He received the gifts because he was “committed to his job and understands the strategic objectives of the SABC”.

In February, Public Protector Thuli Madonsela released a report which found Motsoeneng's appointment irregular. His salary increased from R1.5 million to R2.4m in one year. She found he misrepresented his qualifications, that he passed matric, to the SABC.


This one is from the front page of the Daily Sun, the newspaper with the highest circulation in SA. My Punani works magic

It is the story of a very proud magosha (prostitute) who went to a sangoma/inyanga (witchdoctor) to get some vagina rub muti (traditional medicine) of the wozza-woza kind (love potion number nine) so she could attract more customers.

Apparently the stuff works.

“I consulted an inyanga for lucky muthi,” she said. “Since then my business has been booming. Even mlungus (white men) want to kill each other over my punani, because they all want a piece of the cake,” she said.

Ghmf, cough, hoes!

I think somebody should report her to the Human Rights Commission for being racist. She charges white men three times what she charges blacks.

She charges R300 a round for white clients and R100 for black clients – but it’s the white men who keep her business going.

What’s the bet the local dominee is her best client?

Obama's hypocrisy in Iraq

By Mike Smith

13th of June 2014

Kurdish freedom fighters are sweeping through Iraq from the North on their way to take Bagdad. A quarter of Iraq is now firmly in their control including the oil rich region of Kirkuk.

The Iraqi army that was trained by the Americans at a cost of $25 Billion is in full retreat. Apparently the army is suffering from corruption and low morale.

Foreign companies and about 500,000 refugees are fleeing the region.

…But don’t fret, because “Tackleberry” Obama, the son of that Kenyan goat herder, is coming to the rescue…

Insurgents take two more Iraqi towns, Obama threatens air strikes

Why is it that whenever there is a problem in a foreign country where the American’s stolen oil interests are threatened the first thing they think of is, “Lets bomb the shit out of those bastards!”…?

The only thing that gives them the “right” to play “Police Academy IV” around the world is the 7000 odd nuclear weapons they possess. The message is clear. Do as we tell you or we will do to you what we did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII…Yes, the oh so morally correct USA is the only country to ever use nuclear weapons against another nation.

Russia has about 9000 nuclear weapons, but do you see them threatening and coercing other nations with it? No.

But hang on. Who are these Kurds that the Obama regime and their media lapdogs are now calling “Islamists”, Jihadists”, “Terrorists” and “Insurgents”?

Weren’t they the excuse for the Yanks to enter Iraq in 1990 (Gulf War) and 2003 (Second Iraq War)?

I can vividly remember how George Wobleyoo Bush showed us on television the empty chemical weapon containers that Sadam Husein and his cousin “Chemical Ali” (Ali Hassan Al-Majid) allegedly used against these very Kurds in Halabja back in 1988.

Although no evidence of any chemical weapons were ever found in Iraq, Sadam and Ali were hanged. Mainly for the Al-Anfal campaign that saw an ethnic cleansing of the Kurds in 1987- 88.

But hang on…weren’t Sadam Husein and Ali supported with weapons by the Americans during the Iraq-Iran War (1980-88)?

So let me get this straight. First the Iraqis were the friends and the Kurds the enemies.(1988)

Then the Iraqis became the enemies twice and the Kurds became the friends who needed American protection. (1990, 2003)

Then the Iraqis were the friends again who needed to be trained (2003-2011).

Now the former Kurdish friends are the enemies again who need to be bombed by Obama who wants to protect the Iraqis.

The mind boggles.

The Americans are losing credibility, because you never know where you stand with them. You never know who is friend and who is foe, because it can change in an instant. America is like a drunken sailor on a rolling ship doing the bulkhead shuffle; one moment port side the next moment starboard side.

These Kurds want to establish their own country where Turkey, Syria and Iraq meet. There are Kurdish minorities being oppressed in all of these countries.

I am all for it. Let them establish their own country where they can be a majority and rule themselves. Besides it will stop them from running to Europe and seeking asylum all the time.

12 June 2014

Commie hypocrites on the possible release of Derby-Lewis and Walus

By Mike Smith

11th of June 2014

You might have heard that the killers of arch Communist and MK terrorist scumbag Chris Hani, namely Clive Derby-Lewis and Janusz Walus are up for parole and that the SACP is not happy about it. They are threatening to march.

Free Hani killer and we’ll march

Apparently the reason why they do not want Derby-Lewis released is because he and Walus have not disclosed the full story about the killing of Hani yet.

Thulas Nxesi, the SACP National Deputy Chairperson, went on a tirade about it in a meaningless rant but something he did mention was the fact that “….the military precision with which Hani`s killing was executed was part of a vast political conspiracy which, in all probability, involved more than a Polish immigrant, Yanus Walus, and Clive Derby-Lewis of the Conservative Party.”

He also mentions the biggest load of bullshit that, “The murder of Chris Hani, an iconic figure of the liberation struggle, on 10 April 1993, nearly plunged South Africa into a racial civil war which would have taken the country along a very different and disastrous political path.” And that “Were it not for the intervention of our founding president, Nelson Mandela, backed by the ANC-led Alliance, the history of this country would be vastly different, with tragic consequences.”

This is incidentally also the reason why liberals worship this “peace loving” god, Mandela.

To tell the truth, if anybody was to be credited for NOT going into a full out racial civil war back in 1993 then it should be Generals Constand Viljoen and Jannie Geldenhuys. They had the strongest army on the African Continent and if it ever came to that, I think blacks in South Africa would have been a distant memory by now…beings that lived on the other side of the Limpopo River.

Sadly we missed our chance in 1993.

Nevertheless, Thulas Nxesi is also the ANC Minister of Public Works. A year and a half ago he was handed the Task Team report on the Nkandla upgrades of President Jacob Zuma’s palace, but then did everything in his power to keep it under wraps, including lying and having the report classified as “Top Secret”. He later said that there was nothing secret about the Nkandla report. So why then have it classified as such?

Nkandla: Why did Nxesi lie

Between 2009 and 2013 his department also misspent R3.5 Billion.

Public works misspending R3.5 Billion

This is the Minister who is worried about the non-disclosure of Derby-Lewis and Wallus. Why does he not start disclosing the full story of what happened at Nkandla and what happened to the R3.5 Billion that vanished from his department on his watch?

Then when he is finished with that, I suggest that we release Hani’s killers so we can finally get to the truth and find out who the REAL killers of Hani were. Walus and Derby-Lewis were only the patsies, the fall guys.

Journalist R.W. Johnson in his book “South Africa, A brave new world” opened up the conspiracy around the killing of Hani.

He makes the case that Hani was killed by former Defence Minister and double agent who spied for the Apartheid government, Joe Modise, along with former President Thabo Mbeki.

They were the ones who got rid of Hani (who was destined to become Minister of Defence and probably follow up Mandela as president) to capitalize on the Arms Deal bribes and kickbacks.

I am all for reopening the case. Let the two men out so they can tell their story. Let us see how deep the rabbit hole goes. Is that maybe the real reason why the SACP do not want them to be released?

The brutal Noble Savage is progressing – Jealous ex eats man’s heart with knife and fork

By Mike Smith

11th of June 2014

Can one call it progress if a cannibal uses a knife and fork? Are we seeing evolution in action? The fact that he used a knife and fork kind of made him “noble” I suppose.

Jealous ex eats man's heart with knife and fork

A Zimbabwean man has been arrested in Gugulethu for allegedly cutting out the heart of his ex-girlfriend’s current lover and eating it with a knife and fork.

The suspect allegedly stabbed 62-year-old Mbuyiselo Manona in the chest and neck and bit the victim on the left side of his face.

A witness said he saw the suspect sitting next to Manona’s body and “digging from the body and stuffing his face”.

Police apparently found the suspect with a piece of heart dripping from his mouth.

Liberals will make this off as if it is a once off event. Not so. I once wrote an article about how South African blacks were always and still are Cannibals. You can read it here…

Were South African blacks ever cannibals?

11 June 2014

Are we witnessing the deposition of Zuma?

By Mike Smith

11th of June 2014

Last weekend (7th of June 2014) we saw President Jacob Zuma being admitted to hospital, apparently for routine checks.

President Zuma admitted to hospital

The day before, the leadership of the ANC apparently asked Zuma to take a break and rest following an intense elections campaign. ANC urges Zuma to take a break

The story, according to ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe is that Zuma is taking time out of the public eye ahead of a cabinet Lekgotla next week where they will discuss the 3,7% decline in ANC votes in the May elections Zuma steps out of public eye

Zuma will miss some major events. He will not be at the funeral of former president Mbeki’s mother and he will also not be at the 16th of June Youth Day celebrations. Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa will stand in for him. Apparently Zuma will be working on his State of the Nation Address (SONA) on the day. Ramaphosa to step in for Zuma

Now if you believe that ANC spinned crap you should start reading this blog from the start. I for one do not buy a single word of it. I have seen too much and know too much to swallow such junk. The truth is that they are busy replacing Zuma with the hardline Communist Cyril Ramaphosa. Jacob Zuma should take heed and learn a few things.

Let me use two examples.

P.W. Botha

On 18 January 1989 we saw a similar little palace revolution in the NP ranks when Pik Botha (Minister of foreign affairs and information) told the country that President P.W. Botha was ill (following a mild stroke) which would make him miss an important meeting on the future of Namibia two days later. Acting president Chris Heunis took his place. Two weeks later, Botha resigned as leader of the NP but not as president.

P.W. Botha expected his favourite Barend du Plessis to take his place, but the NP caucus elected F.W. de Klerk to succeed him.

In March 1989, the NP elected de Klerk as State President but Botha refused to resign. Botha said that he had the constitutional right to stay on as President for another year until March 1990 and that he was considering running for another five years.

The situation was ridiculous. F.W. de Klerk as the leader of the NP was in effect P.W. Botha’s boss, but P.W. was the president of the country and everyone’s boss.

Botha resigned from the state presidency on 14 August 1989 stating that F.W. de Klerk did not inform him of his planned trip to go see Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda who was sheltering the ANC terrorists.

Botha went on live television saying that his NP mates were forcing him out and that he should use his health as an excuse to resign.

The NP made De Klerk the president. He was not democratically elected.

Walter Ulbricht

Walter Ulbricht became the Chairman of the State Counsil (President) of the former GDR(Communist East Germany) after the death of Wilhelm Pieck in 1960 and was largely remembered for building the Berlin Wall and creating the surveillance and police state the GDR became under the Stasi.

At the time the GDR was a satellite state of the USSR, but Ulbricht wanted bigger autonomy and even suggested that the USSR follow the GDR as an example of a Communist State. He got too big for his shoes and fell foul of Leonid Brezhnev, president of the USSR who gave the order that Ulbricht should be replaced after meeting Erich Honecker on the 28 July 1970 in Moscow.

On the 3rd of May 1971, Stasi chief Erich Mielke arrived at Walter Ulbricht’s office along with a few Stasi officers. With his hand around Ulbricht’s shoulder, Mielke took the 78 year old for a long walk down the Spree River and back explaining to him the situation. By the time they got back to the office, Walter Ulbricht was not the president anymore; 58 year old Erich Honecker was the new leader of the GDR.

Walter Ulbricht announced his resignation the same day, stating “Health reasons” for it. He was pushed aside into a bullshit position specially created for him namely “Chairman of the SED”, the Socialist Unity Party.

He died two years later (after suffering a stroke) on the 1st of August 1973 at a government guest house next to the Dölln Lake north of Berlin.

Not only did they get rid of Ulbricht politically. They also started to eliminate his name from the history of the GDR. The “Walter Ulbricht Stadium” in Berlin was renamed the “World Youth Stadium”. The name of the “German Academy for State and Law Science” in Potsdam, named after Walter Ulbricht was also changed.

Lesson for Zuma

Zuma will still learn how it works amongst the Communists. Nobody is bigger than the party and the party is always right.

It looks like his time is up. The Communist Central Committee will replace him and wipe his name from the history of the ANC and South Africa. It is what happens when you bring the party in disrepute and make it the laughing stock of the world.

10 June 2014

Will the Neo-Inquisition of Cultural Relativists and Racial Egalitarians ever admit that they were wrong?

By Mike Smith

10th of June 2014

I have just finished reading a new book by Nicholas Wade called, “A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human history.”

You can download a free pdf copy here

Nicholas Wade is a well known scientific journalist and critic of cultural Anthropology. He once said that Cultural Anthropologists should get educated in genetics.

That is basically the basis of his book…that the beliefs of cultural relativists and racial egalitarians stating that “Race does not exists”, “Race is not biologic” and that “Race is a social construct” has no validity when one studies the latest genetic findings in the Human Genome Project

Wade proves that race is indeed biologic. He further proves that human evolution has been frequent and recent and is still happening.

Race as a taboo subject

How did it come about that only the bravest of academics today dare to state the truth that race is biological and not a social construct as the main stream academic world believes? How did Multiculturalism become the modern day orthodoxy and goes almost unchallenged? How did it come about that the mere word “Race” has become racist and has been banned from political and scientific vocabulary?

Five years ago I wrote about the start of Racial Egalitarianism and Cultural Relativism and mentioned that it was Franz Boas who one night was rescued by an Eskimo in a snow storm that brought about these rubbish beliefs. Rubbish, because it is just a theory without a shred of proof.

Franz Boas: How an Eskimo caused the demise of Western Civilization

Wade elaborates on it in his book (Chapter 4: The Human Experiment).

He mentions modern day “Boasians” who calls anybody with a belief other than “Race is a social construct” to flat earth believers. Those who do indeed believe in the biological nature of race make it off as insignificant.

On page 68 and 69 we read about Ashley Montagu (born as Israel Ehrenberg) , a student of Franz Boaz.

Start of quote:

The politically driven distortion of scientific views about race can be traced to a sustained campaign from the 1950s onward by the anthropologist Ashley Montagu, who sought to make the word race taboo, at least when referring to people. Montagu, who was Jewish, grew up in the East End district of London, where he He began to promote Boas’s ideas with more zeal than their author. Montagu developed passionate views on the evils of race. “Race is the witchcraft, the demonology of our time, the means by which we exorcise the imagined emoniacal powers among us,” he wrote. “It is the contemporary myth, humankind’s most dangerous myth, America’s Original Sin.”

In the postwar years, with the horror of the Holocaust weighing on people’s minds, Montagu found ready acceptance of his views. These were prominent in the influential UNESCO statement on race, first issued in 1950, which he helped draft. He believed that imperialism, racism and anti-Semitism were driven by notions of race and could be undermined by showing that races did not exist. However much one may sympathize with Montagu’s motives, it is perhaps simplistic to believe that an evil can be eliminated by banning the words that conceptualize it. But suppression of the word was Montagu’s goal, and to a remarkable extent he succeeded.

“The very word race is itself racist,” he wrote in his book Man’sMost Dangerous Myth: The Fallacy o f R a ce.8 Many scholars who understood human races very well began to drop the use of the term rather than risk being ostracized as racists. In a survey taken in 1987, only 50% of physical anthropologists (researchers who deal with human bones) agreed that human races exist, and among social anthropologists (who deal with people) just 2 9% did so.

End of quote:

As can be seen, Ashley Montagu was also the main author of the 1950’s UNESCO Statement on Race

Further debunking of the arguments against race can be read on page 117 under the title “Arguments against the existence of Race”.

There you can read the theories against race by amongst others Jared Diamond and Richard Lewontin incidentally both from Jewish decent just like Franz Boas and Ashley Montagu.

Is stating the truth racist?

The word “racist” has become the swear word to silence any objective discussion on race. In such an environment, truth cannot be found.

I am afraid that no matter how much evidence the Human Genome Project produces or how much people like Nicholas Wade write about it, the truth about race will not be acknowledged anytime soon simply, because people have a natural inertia to accepting truth and rejecting their preconceived or old ideas even when their own observations show that they should do so.

The world before science

Author Robert Lomas in his book “The Invisible College” wrote about this kind of inertia prior to the creation of the “Royal Society”, the world’s first scientific body.

Up until the 16th century people in Europe were still very much superstitious and believed in magic to explain most things.

During the rule of the “Long Parliament” (1645-7) in England, Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General, executed 200 old women for practicing witchcraft.

Magic and miracles were a part of everyday life. In England at the time at least a 100 elderly women a year were burned alive on suspicion that they were causing disease by casting the “evil eye”.

Queen Elizabeth I had a court magician, John Dee who spoke to angels and apparently created the Elixir of life. He outlived her, so obviously the Elixir didn’t work so well and Dee died shortly after King James I fired him, yet another victim of the Elixir of Life. However, John Dee was a very competent mathematician and astronomer.

Europe was still in the grips of the Churches control on education. The medieval universities in Europe were established when scholars returned from Islamic learning centers like Cordoba, Toledo, Seville and Granada with books they have translated from Arabic.

The heritage of learning passes to Muslim civilization

However, the church controlled all the universities and set the agenda for education.

You can see this kind of fanatical control in how they treated Galileo’s famous gravity experiment of 15 89 (said to have been conducted from the leaning tower of Pisa).

His results showed that bodies of different weights fell at the same speed, but his findings were logically disproved by the negative thinkers of the Inquisition on the grounds of dogma and without any supporting evidence.

Before the seventeenth century, people believed that the earth was the centre of the universe, that the sun, the stars and the planets moved around it, that the stars were made from imperishable celestial fire; that they were arrayed throughout the universe on great transparent spheres, etc…

The basis of these beliefs comes from Aristotle’s views expressed in two books, “Physics” and “On heavens”.

Aristotle are often praised for the accuracy of his observations, however as we have seen, the expert is not always right.

Aristotle insisted that women have fewer teeth than men. He married twice, but never looked into the mouths of his wives. He also believed that children are healthier if they are conceived when the wind is in the north. He also claimed that the bite of a pregnant shrew is dangerous to horses; that insomniac elephants can be sent to sleep by rubbing their shoulders with salt, olive oil and warm water; that a man bitten by a mad dog will not go mad, but any other animal will.

In 1633 Galileo (if not the inventor of the astronomical telescope certainly its first professional user) fell foul of the church. He was summoned to Rome and forced by the Inquisition to recant his statement that the sun is the centre of the solar system and the earth revolves around it.

What makes this so astounding is that the Inquisitors general of the Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church KNEW that Galileo’s heliocentric model was right. They knew it from their own observatories.

The Church needs to predict Easter very accurately; (the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after the spring equinox). Their own observations showed that the sun does not travel in a perfect circle around the earth; that the earth travels in an ellipse around the sun.

Using theology to disprove experimental observation is something we find difficult to understand today, however this is exactly what liberals and cultural relativists do when it comes to the topic of “Race”. They are no different to the Inquisition and their fanatical Blind Faith who hate competitors.

It was only when Sir Robert Moray found the Royal Society along with other scientific thinkers such as Robert Boyle and Sir Christopher Wren that western civilization saw a rapid movement away from superstition into the direction of the scientific method of observation, experimentation and analysis. The world moved from Sir Isaac Newton to Prof Stephen Hawking in the last 300 years.

Imagine if Stephen Hawking proposed his Big Bang Theory to the Catholic Inquisition, questioning the need of a “God” in creation? How long would he have survived?

Now you might not agree with Hawking, but you have to admit that a society where he can be free to postulate his theories is far better than the time of the Inquisition. We would today never tolerate the Inquisition. Why then does society tolerate the “Neo-Inquisition” of “Racial Egalitarians” and “Cultural Relativists”?

Over the years we have seen many scientists and academics shouted down and their careers destroyed by the Neo- Inquisition. Now, after the evidence of the Human Genome Project, after the book by Nicholas Wade, they still do not accept or acknowledge that they were wrong. They will go on the attack.

It was only in 1992 that the Catholic Church apologized to Galileo .350 years after his death. How long will it be before Cultural Relativists and Racial Egalitarians apologize to us?

06 June 2014

ANC, please… STFU and STFD!

By Mike Smith

6th of June 2014

The poor ANC. They just never know when to STFU. They have no sense of humour. Communists in general NEVER have a sense of humour. They so desperately want to be taken seriously. These sad, miserable bastards hate it when you laugh in their faces and make fun of them. You want to hurt a Commie, use humour.

Last week they marched to Primedia’s offices over a cartoon that depicted them and their voters as clowns and “poephols”

Then yesterday they marched to the Mail and Guardian’s offices to hand over a memorandum to demand “fair, objective, balanced and accurate reporting”, after the paper openly urged people to vote against the ANC and their cartoonist Zapiro regularly pulls the Mickey out of them and their useless leaders.

'Fokof!' the ANC Youth League tells M&G

As usual the ANC used children as young as 13 to do their dirty work for them, just like they did at Sharpeville (1960) and Soweto (1976).

They were also protesting against the paper and its “White masters”. The Mail & Guardian is owned by Zimbabwean entrepreneur Trevor Ncube, a (black man). In fact most of the newspapers and media in SA are owned by non-whites. The Independent Group (IOL) is owned by Iqbal Surve, an ANC stooge who believes the M&G is funded by the CIA

Now the ANC is upset again because a DA member tweeted a pic of a line of dogs waiting to urinate on a pic of their illustrious and illiterate leader, Msholozi Showerhead

As usual it is “Racist”. A row of white, black and brown dogs is “racist”. They are upset that the picture compares ANC voters to dogs…and yes you have guessed it…it is “racist”.

In fact the picture would actually depict people who reject the ANC, but logic was never the ANC’s strongpoint.

Zizi Kodwa, ANC national spokesperson is the „dog“ barking the loudest.

What a hypocrite seeing that Comrade Zizi Kodwa is the one who called for "dogs" who didn't support Jacob Zuma to be beaten-up

You know…In all these cases, I would not have known about the cartoons and jokes if the ANC did not make such a fuzz about it. I wonder if Comrade Zizi is not maybe secretly working for the opposition, because he seems to be blikseming the ANC’s name with a plank.

05 June 2014

The beyond Useless ANC and their brilliant ideas - The 2004 gun laws

By Mike Smith

5th of June 2014

As I always say, the ANC should rather sit on their hands and do NOTHING. They should rather all go home and go on the piss or whatever it is they usually do, because it is when they touch something that it turns to shit…And God forbid, don’t let them start to “think”, because they can’t! The ANC has proved over the years that they are totally incapable of thinking. All they can come up with are ideas to steal public funds.

You can actually take your pick from the “List of useless ideas” that the ANC has come up with over the last 20 years. All to eventually rip off the public.

Here is a good rule of thumb: Whenever the ANC comes up with an idea or a new law, ask yourself how much it is going to cost you, Joe Public, because that money is going to somewhere end up in the pocket of an ANC cadre, guaranteed.

Take the stupid ANC's changes to the firearm laws that they introduced 10 years ago (2004).

Beeld Newspaper: Weapons licenses: Case not taken further

All of a sudden people were limited to four firearms, their old green licenses invalid, and they had to get competency certificates and new white firearm licenses and if they did not comply, millions of legal firearm owners would overnight become criminals in possession of illegal firearms. The deadline for the so called “Amnesty” was five years later in June 2009 (later extended). Amnesty? For what? For being a legal gun owner? Bollocks man!

The ANC cadres obviously set up all the firearms courses, the companies where you had to go do the courses and the costs of the courses, passed the law and waited for the sheeple to flock to them to be fleeced.

The poor little sheep were all in a flat spin, panicking, asking me for advice, etc.

I told them that it is an obvious sham, to hang on to their firearms and whatever happened, to NEVER, EVER hand those weapons over to the ANC. To me it was clear as day that the ANC’s laws were unconstitutional.

Still, I saw my friends and family all go for the training, relicensing and handing surplus weapons over to the police.

Some people with a bit of brains like the South African Hunters and Game Conservation Association (SAHGCA), Afriforum and the Transvaal Agricultural Union took the police to court over the constitutionality of the new laws. Nothing came of it. None of the parties pursued the issue further.

This means that now, five years after the deadline, there is absolutely nothing to force people with the older green firearm licenses to apply for new licenses.

This means that now you sit with two sets of laws for two sections of the public, those with green licenses (the greens) and those with white licenses (the whites).

The greens who wiped their arses with the ANC’s ridiculous junk laws, can now relax.

See? All that panicking was for nothing.

The whites on the other hand, had to pay all those training fees, licensing fees, stand in queues for hours (time they will never get back again) and have to renew their licenses every ten years. On top of it they handed over their firearms to a corrupt, criminal gang posing as a government.

To the ANC, it was a success. They succeeded in disarming a great part of the white population and make tons of money out of them on courses and licensing fees. The ANC is smiling. They are laughing up their sleeves at the stupid white sheeple.

But it doesn’t end there.

What did the ANC do with all those weapons that the whites willingly and against better judgment handed over to them? Let me enlighten you.

Just the other day I reported about a massive arms cache found in Norwood, Johannesburg and the East European (Ukrainian) syndicate operating from there selling the weapons to hijackers, bank robbers and farm murderers.

The criminals who flooded South Africa under the noses of the ANC

Now they have discovered that most of these weapons came from people (white license holders) who handed their weapons over to police. These weapons were never destroyed. They were sold to the syndicate by corrupt policemen.

Prosecutor Talita Louw told the court yesterday that among the recovered weapons were guns that should have been destroyed during the amnesty period. Louw said that an R1 rifle handed in at the Roodepoort police station, in April 2010, during the amnesty was found at the Norwood house. In May, the same rifle was officially taken out of the storeroom for destruction. It is not known how the same firearm was found in the possession of the Norwood syndicate.

"There are several firearms that have visible serial numbers but are not reflected as stolen on the firearm registration system . they are still registered and have ownership."

“…a pistol, handed in for destruction at Tugela Ferry police station, in KwaZulu-Natal, was used in the killing of a Gauteng Spar supermarket manager.” “…only police station commanders and strongroom clerks were allowed access to the guns in their keeping.”

The rest of the weapons came from government sources (police, army, prison services, etc).

So all those good meaning fluffy-bunny sheeple (white license holders) who handed their weapons over to the police are now REAL criminals. These murder weapons are still registered in their names.

All I can say is I hope those people who handed their weapons over to the police feel good now and sleep well tonight.

04 June 2014

The Colonial – Post Colonial Cycle

By Mike Smith

4th of June 2014

Colonization of Africa from the Ancient Greeks to the more modern day post Enlightenment colonization brought all sorts of luxuries to the “Noble Savages”…Woven cloth, running water, the wheel, a written language…, but also that wonderful invention called, “The Mirror” so that they could look into it and see themselves for what they are.

It was not long after they saw themselves that they started comparing themselves to the colonizers and what they could not understand they condemned as witchcraft… technology, machines, science, etc.

What the colonizers took for everyday, common equipment the Noble savages saw as magic.

It sparked a dualism in their primitive minds, one of resentment, the other of a deep longing to be like the colonizer.

The resentment stemmed from an inferiority complex, an envy and jealousy of knowing that he would never be able to be like the colonist.

On the other hand he would indeed try to be like the colonist by mimicking him, wearing his clothes, drinking his alcohol, smoking his tobacco, driving his cars, etc, but no matter how he tried he realized through simple observation that he is inferior to the colonist and what the Noble Savage could not have or could not be he had to destroy.

You see the same theme through the ages. Credo Mutwa wrote about the ancient colonization of Africa by the Greeks and Phoenicians in “Indaba My Children” and Franz Fanon about modern day colonization in his books such as “The Wretched of the Earth”.

To understand this mind-set, I will quote from The Wretched of the Earth:

“The gaze that the colonized subject casts at the colonist’s sector is a look of lust, a look of envy. Dreams of possession. Every type of possession: of sitting at the colonist’s table and sleeping in his bed, preferably with his wife. The colonized man is an envious man. The colonist is aware of this as he catches the furtive glance, and constantly on his guard, realizes bitterly that: “They want to take our place. And it’s true there is not one colonized subject who at least once a day does not dream of taking the place of the colonist.”

But Credo Mutwa and Franz Fanon do not just write about colonization, but also about decolonization.

Colonization and decolonization follows a certain pattern that can be plotted on a Sine Curve. It can be seen below:

It is at stage 9 where the likes of Fanon stop, sigh and fawn over the return to paradise and Eden. To them it is the end when in fact it is only the start of Hell.

It is at this stage that we, who have lived in Africa our entire lives, can observe a continuation to the next stages.

Positioning. A lesson from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts

What makes BJJ and MMA the most effective unarmed combat styles in the world is the study of fight stages and positioning.

When one knows at all times at what stage of the fight one is and in which position one is then one knows how to fight out of an inferior position into a more superior position.

When one then studies my Colonial-Post Colonial Cycle above, it becomes obvious which stages of the cycle Zimbabwe, Angola, Nigeria, etc. are at and we can then compare South Africa to it and predict what will be installed for us.

Look at this example of conditions in Zimbabwe for instance:

Cow dung used as sanitary pads

“Due to high sanitary costs and lack of resources, Zimbabwean women make do with pieces of cloth, newspapers, fresh grass and even cow dung to absorb the flow of their monthly menstruation.” – Sowetan.

So you tell me which stage Zimbabwe is at.

What is also amazing is the 130 odd Liberal organizations supplying the girls with “Dignity Sanitary packs” so they don’t shame themselves for the stench when they sit in school and then bunk.

Ah yes, sanitary pads and school; More of those evil colonial things the liberals and the formerly colonized Noble Savages hate so much.

When you see this, you know which way SA is heading and you just shake your head in disbelief at the idiots who voted for the ANC.

In fact it is called “Operant Conditioning” and as Dr. B.F. Skinner proved, once the rat discovers the lever that delivers the cocaine, he keeps on pulling it until he dies.

03 June 2014

How the radical Second Phase must be pursued - SACP Central Committee

By Mike Smith

3rd of June 2014

The South African Communist Party had their Central Committee meeting on the 1st of June where they patted each other on the back and masturbated their egos.

How the radical Second Phase must be pursued - SACP CC

Here in their own words you can see how their minds work, how they operate and what lies ahead for South Africa.

Firstly they congratulated the ANC on their 62% win in the election and then mentions how they (The SACP) were behind that win.

The SACP sent in tens of thousands of their activists to swing the vote in favour of the ANC.

That is right. The ANC is nothing without the SACP who provides the brain power in the Troika.

They further mentions how the DA who could only get 22% of the vote was rejected by the black voters due to the action taken by the SACP.

That’s true. The DA muppets are no match for the trained political activists of the SACP. That is why the DA will never win.

They then harp on about “poverty”, “inequality” and “unemployment” and why the second phase of their National Democratic Revolution is needed.

The scapegoats are “The mineral-energy-finance monopolies”…

Other critical elements of a radical second phase of the NDR must be:

-the strategic transformation of the ownership and control function of key commanding heights of the economy; and

-accelerated land reform in both rural and urban areas, focused on food production and safety, sustainable livelihoods and integrated urbanisation.

• In other words, stealing of white owned businesses and property by driving them out of their homes, off their farms and out of their businesses. THAT is what they call, “Economic Freedom”.

They then attack the mining bosses again that they are not in compliance with the rights on their mining licenses. About the Chamber of Mines they said:

“This is the mouth-piece of mining monopoly capital that has plundered the natural resources of our country for over a century, poisoned our environment, super-exploited workers from the entire southern African region, and made huge profits much of which have been expatriated. We cannot allow their pursuit of mega-profits to continue to suffocate our manufacturing sector, to cripple job creation, and to contribute to rising energy costs for industry and all South Africans.”

The mining sector is being hit hard by strikes especially in the Platinum Belt. It is their punishment for not capitulating to the SACP.

In the book “Government by Deception”, Jan Lamprecht explained how the mind of the Communist works.

In the mind of a Communist, he is always at war. A total war where anything goes. He is not satisfied until he owns everything. And he will get it by any means. He will use deceit, lies, murder, whatever works to achieve his goal.

In the mind of the Communist, a country and its society is made up of “hills” to be captured. They call it “Key commanding Heights”.

You can see it in their wording:

“…the strategic transformation of the ownership and control function of key commanding heights of the economy”...

There is the Military hill, the Political hill and the Economic hill.

In SA they already have the political and the military hills. They just need the economic hill to introduce their full blown Communist State.

This is the aim of the Second Phase of the National Democratic Revolution. The wealth of the people. Their property.

How do you stop the SACP?

Communists are psychopaths. They are not reasonable people. You cannot persuade them. You cannot bargain with them. You cannot negotiate with them. You cannot reason with them at all.

Any attempt from you to negotiate with them will be seen as weakness. If you were really strong, you would smash them not negotiate with them. That is why they ran rings around Roelf Meyer, et al at the Codesa negotiations.

Believe me, with Communists you have to DESTROY them! Completely and utterly. There is no other way. Anything else is futile.

The spawn of Satan - Teacher apparently called blacks “demons”?

By Mike Smith

3rd of June 2014

Here is a report about a grade eight teacher who “apparently”, “allegedly” called blacks “demons”.

Teacher calls blacks demons: Report

Notice how it is all hearsay from a 13 yo girl who sms’d her mother to notify her about the incident. No proof, yet the Sowetan newspaper headline states it definitively, as a fact although they do state in the sub heading that it was “Allegations” and the teacher “Alledgedly” said….

She apparently said that:

-Blacks are demons

-the reason government was failing was because it was led by black people

-black people were stupid for voting for the African National Congress

-in the Western Cape people were "more than happy" with the Democratic Alliance, "thanks to white people

If we skip the first one about the “demons” and if the allegations are true, then I do not see what the fault is with the rest of the statements. It is all TRUE. We all know it and say it. The newspapers are saying it and publishing cartoons about the clowns and poephols who are in the ANC and who have voted for the ANC

Coming back to the “demon” part…How is that “bad”? I have also been called a demon (in bed) before, so what is the issue? It is a compliment! No seriously, prove to me that a “demon” exists, what exactly the connotation (negative or positive) is and what the issue with the teacher is after calling blacks “demons”.

Sounds like a inquisition “witch-hunt” to me.

Besides, people who have lived in SA for a while know the beliefs of blacks. They know that missionaries to SA have largely and spectacularly failed to convert blacks to Christianity.

Georg Schmidt, a Monrovian, was the first Protestant missionary to set foot in the Cape in 1737 and ever since then, every subsequent missionary to SA wasted his time.

Today in the 21st century space age, blacks still practice their tribal beliefs somehow in parallel to pseudo modified Christian beliefs. Blacks still practice polygamy, worship their ancestors, sacrifice animals to their ancestors, believe in witchcraft, believe in goblins called Tokoloshes, consult witchdoctors called “Sangomas” and consume human flesh in the form of Muti.

This is not your under class here…these are sometimes highly educated people in high positions.

See here: Senior ANC minister claims ex-wife bewitched him

Beating up Whitey for the fun of it

By Mike Smith

3rd of June 2014

Here is a report from Adriana Stuijt about four blacks who kicked a white man to death.

Murder: Afrikaner pensioner Lukas Labuschagne 72, kicked to death by 4 black men in Mercedes: nothing robbed

The article was originally published in the Afrikaans newspaper Rapport: Kicked to death on the side of the road

You can read there how these 4 “neatly dressed men” in their Mercedes cut the pick-up of Labuschagne and his son off, and kicked the old man to death. His son Adriaan (47) was also assaulted.

His son said, “Blood came pouring from his mouth and nose. His dentures floated in his blood.”

Two of their black workers were on the back of the truck, but did nothing to help their employers. The police have not arrested anybody yet.

Howard Dembovsky, a traffic activist and spokesman for “Justice Project South Africa” blamed the motorists (Labuschagnes) for the death: saying that ‘they should not under any circumstances get out of their cars no matter how angry THEY ARE AGAINST OTHER DRIVERS.“This can only end in two ways…by you ‘winning the fight’ and get into a lot of trouble, or get badly injured.”

…Which in effect means Whitey should take the blows, be killed and not complain too loudly…

Actually, I also blame the two white guys…for not wearing a fire arm and using it when it was necessary. Imagine if they had used fire arms, then Lukas Labuschagne would still be alive today. If they trained for such an eventuality, they probably would have handled the situation a lot better and be alive today.

Sorry, but in this day and age in the New (Improved) South Africa you cannot afford to be caught by surprise like this. You have got to be prepared for these kind of situations.

Here is another example from the Zululand Observer:

Cop in road rage assault

A black policeman in plain clothes beat up a white motorist (Josua Joubert) in front of his terrified family and pointed a gun at his children in an apparent road rage incident on Friday morning.

Joshua and Engela Joubert were taking their 15 year-old daughter and 12 year-old son to school.

Josua said: “He stopped right behind me, got out and starting fisting me through the open window. Blood flew everywhere and he was swearing and hurling racist abuse at us. The kids were screaming and he went back to his car and came back with a gun, which he pointed at the children.”

After trying unsuccessfully to get the man’s car keys, to prevent him leaving the scene, Joshua drove to the police station where he was amazed to find out that the plain-clothed assailant was a policeman reporting for duty.

The incident was logged and after being treated for his injuries at hospital, Joshua and his family were seen by Brigadier Bongamusa Zondi, who promised a full investigation.

From that “full investigation”NOTHING will come.

Apart from a small report in a country newspaper in the case of Joubert and a report in an Afrikaans paper in the case of Labuschagne, the media will not bother with these assaults on white Afrikaans men any further.

…But were the roles reversed!!! Were these two blacks assaulted by whites…Then this would be on the front page of every newspaper in the world and on every television channel for days on end.

I can tell you one thing, if it was me, I would not sue that cop. I am not interested in money, but if he had pointed a gun at any of my children, the bastard would be dead. No two ways about that.

02 June 2014

The ANC’s totalitarian tiptoeing goes on a gallop as the Second Phase of the NDR is sped up

By Mike Smith

2nd of June 2014

One thing that readers of this blog will know is that apart from political commentary I have warned and chronicled the slide of South Africa from a once First World country into a Marxist terrorist hellhole for years.

I even called it Totalitarian tip-toeing to a GDR model for South Africa

It is a grand plan. A Communist conspiracy hatched in the 1950’s to take over South Africa and turn it into a full blown Communist state.

It is nothing special to predict what the ANC Marxists have installed for SA. It is common sense for any freethinking, non-blinkered person. If a person understands Communism and knows how the tripartite alliance (Troika) of the ANC, SACP and COSATU works, then it becomes easy to recognize how SA is becoming more and more Communist by the day.

My liberal critics have denied the “Red Threat”. Liberal journalist turned a blind eye to it, mocked it or tried to cover it up. In their delusional minds Nelson Mandela is a saint, Tutu his disciple and South Africa the Rainbow Utopia of the universe. Anybody who dared to attempt to clean their rose tinted glasses for them or shatter their pipe dreams would be slaughtered and called all sorts of bullshit names like “Far-right extremist”, “racist”, “backward”, “behind the times”, etc.

However, times are changing. Now they are seeing that we were not “behind the times”, in fact we were years ahead of them. We were the visionaries.

In an article in Rapport, journalist Frans Cronje says The Red Threat is back (or was it ever gone?)

He mentions how 40% of current ANC cabinet posts are held by members of the SA Communist Party. The SACP was not on the voter’s roll. They were not democratically elected. They are only there because of their Troika alliance with the ANC and Cosatu.

He further mentions how the naïve DA told him that most ANC members see parliament as a huge restaurant where they come and eat and socialize before they go home again. This might be true. The average ANC MP has no clue about politics, but Cronje says, behind this useless lot sits the Communist intellectuals.

The exception to the rule is the Communists in parliament who work really hard to influence ideas and policies of the ANC. The Communists are the brains in the ANC.

Everything in that article has been said on this blog thousands of times.

Eventually the petulant liberals had to admit that the emperor was indeed naked.

At his inauguration speech Zuma has promised the ANC voters “radical change” and the South African Communist Party said the time for transformation has come

“The tripartite alliance should boldly advance with a second phase of the democratic transformation of the country, the SA Communist Party said on Sunday.”

What does that mean…”The second phase of the democratic transformation”?

Simply put: It is Commie Speak for “Large scale theft”.

It is clear that the ANC/SACP only pays lip service to the property rights in the constitution whilst passing the Land Restitution Bill and pushing the controversial Expropriation Bill that will confiscate all property deemed in the public’s interest not just land. That means cars, houses, businesses, mines, etc.

Land restitution bill passed after heated debate

Zuma reshuffled his cabinet and appointed new judges in order to push through the long awaited second phase of the National Democratic Revolution Zuma appoints new judges

It doesn’t take a genius to see where all of this is heading:

The State wants EVERYTHING!

In the above article in Rapport, Cornelius Janse-van-Rensburg, CEO of AfriBusiness , a non-profit business rights watchdog, wrote that property rights in SA are on the same road as Zimbabwe

No shit Sherlock! We have been screaming it from the rooftops for yonks.

He highlights a few items from certain policy documents and legislation proposed by the ANC/SACP/Cosatu troika.

- 20% Of a districts’ agricultural ground will be transferred to blacks at 50% of the price which will be determined by the state.

- According to a constitutional court verdict of 2013 there is a difference between “deprivation” and “expropriation”. According to that verdict the state can take any property and give it to someone else as long as the state does not become the owner of said property but only plays a “facilitator” role.

- According to the government’s Green Paper on Land Reform a freehold system will be introduced that will reduce the powers of the owner of the land. A land control commission will decide how the land is used and will be able to make arbitrary decisions on title deed disputes.

- The minister of Rural development and land reform, Gugile Nkwinti, made a proposal that 50% of all commercial farms be transferred to black farm workers without compensation and added that farmers who do not cooperate will face a fate worse than the white farmers of Zimbabwe

- The draft Expropriation Bill does not only refer to land, but extends to ALL property with the emphasis on “redistribution” which means that 50% of your house, your cars, your furniture, etc will have to go to the black maid and gardener.

- The Promotion and Protection of Investment Bill (Investment Bill for short) clearly states that government may expropriate businesses at below market value all in the interest of “redressing past inequalities”. That means ANY property being used for commercial purposes is in the ANC’s crosshairs.

- Under The Infrastructure Development Bill land can be expropriated within 57 days for any “development project” such as building of nuclear power stations which will open the door for large scale corruption far worse than the Arms Deal scandal.

- The purpose of the Spatial Planning and Land Use Bill is centralized land ownership planning. It wants to integrate low cost housing in affluent areas which means that parks and open tracts of land in white areas will be allocated to low cost black housing projects with the accompanying rise in crime it will drive property prices down and eventually whites off their land.

- Under The Extension of Security of Tenure Amendment Bill farm workers and even their family members not living on the farm will have rights like burying their dead and letting their cattle graze on the land. The farmer will practically not be able to evict anybody from his land.

- Under The Rental Housing Amendment Bill a home owner who rents out a property will practically not be able to evict tenants or determine the rental price. Rental housing tribunals will do that.

- According to The National water Amendments Bill a Water Tribunal will issue licences to use water. This will be determined on a “use-it-or-lose-it” principle and according to racial transformation criteria. In effect, it means that the state will have the right to withhold or suspend the water license of a mine or a farmer and force him out of business.

Further, these laws are purposefully vaguely written so that it is open to interpretation and can be extended to include any person or any property, not just land. The state has your savings, your furniture, your shares, everything in their crosshairs.

Cornelius Janse-van-Rensburg finishes off by saying that South Africa stands at an “Economic Crossroads” and it is the responsibility of the business community to ensure that the right decisions are made.

I would say it is the responsibility of every South African to throw the ANC bastards and their Communist mates out of parliament and out of the country.