30 May 2014

Girlfriend or dinner?

A tourist took this video in Ethiopia. http://www.beeld.com/nuus/2014-05-30-bok-se-kind-klou-om-te-hou

28 May 2014

Mixing African Law and African religion for the African Utopia

By Mike Smith

28th of May 2014

South Africa’s most senior judge has sparked debate around the role of religion in law, in a lecture damning the country’s descent into a moral void.

Mogoeng: Why law, religion should mix

It seems like the judge reckons that we need religion to keep us moral. I certainly don’t. But which religion should that be? The Catholics who killed thousands of dissidents via the inquisition? The Protestants with the witch hunts? Islam that chops off hands for stealing and stones women to death for “adultery” when they were raped? Jews who wiped out entire nations because their “God” told them to spare no one? The African religion where you kill old women, because your ancestors told you she is a witch?...Or shall we just have the Satanist religion?

I mean the constitution says we are free to choose our religion. We also have a Westernized European law system (Roman Dutch).

I mean surely if the majority population is African then the country should be ruled by African Law right? And according to the honourable judge Moegoe we should mix the majority’s religion with that law system. Not such a bad idea.

So let us do a mental exercise like Plato did in “The Republic” and let us create the perfect “African state”.

First of all, we can start by marrying several wives. Then we kick them out to go and work whilst we lie in the sun drinking beer. We take their voting rights away. Voting is far too European. Damn Greeks are to be blamed for that. And we have plenty of children to look after us in our old age, because we never had old age homes.

The children don’t go to school, they just look after cattle and goats. And if they are naughty, we BEAT them!

And just about every crime is dealt with by beating the criminal to within an inch of his life (if it was a minor crime) or killing him (if it was a major crime like stealing my cow), because in our perfect African state there are no prisons.

Anybody suspected of being a witch…well we just kill them and burn them.

There will be no money, we trade chickens and goats. And if you want to marry, you just rape a twelve year old girl and force her family to start Labola procedures, because we buy our wives.

See? Within no time we will be back 30,000 years into the Stone Age…the way Africa was 100 years ago when it was still colonized. The perfect African Utopia. In fact we have a perfect modern day example just north of our border called Zimbabwe.

The tragedy of children seperated at birth

Mike Smith

28th of May 2014

Sometimes King Solomon’s wisdom is needed with Affirmative Action in the Health Department. Oh how wonderfully brilliant these Affirmative Action appointees in our state hospitals make the case against Affirmative Action stronger.

Gauteng moms in baby swop (sic) dilemma

Two babies were swapped at birth and four years later the one couple wanted to divorce. So the daddy must pay maintenance and insisted on a paternity test. It proved that neither he nor his wife were the biological parents of the child.

The mother being unemployed wants to milk the daddy for maintenance so wants her real biological child back, unfortunately the other mother does not want to let go of the child she raised for four years.

Now, every man and his dog are trying to unravel this mess. You have Child Welfare, the Centre for Child Law, the North Gauteng High Court and a ton of lawyers involved just because of a stupid, incompetent and negligent Affirmative Action nurse who couldn’t do her simple job. Just brilliant, ain’t it?

Now how should they resolve this? Swap the babies around, swap the mommies around or swap the daddies around?

Whatever they decide upon…I hope they sue the shit out of the Health Department.

27 May 2014

Boko Haram – NWO’s new False Flag Boogeyman

Mike Smith

27th of May 2014

Who does the NWO Yanks think they are fooling with this disinformation “Boko Haram” crap?

Nigeria military found kidnapped girls; rules out force

Just watching that movie where their leader Imam Abubakar Shekau sings off his script will tell anybody that it is a hoax. It is pathetic acting at the best.

Hey? I mean it is like somebody thought, “OK, How can we make these baddies look more bad ass?”

Anybody with the slightest bit of knowledge of the “Problem, Action, Solution” tactics of the NWO “One Worlders” will recognize the same old-same old script being played out here.

Country “A” has oil, minerals or drugs. NWO wants it. NWO creates and funds “Boogey Man” (Al Qaida, Boko Haram, etc) (The problem). The dumb sheeple voters demand “action”. NWO provides “Solution”…Which means bombing the shit out of 13 year old girls.

Look at this utter American hypocrisy. Back in Iraq and Afghanistan they are bombing hundreds of thousands of civilians, including school girls of 13 years old to smithereens. Why would they suddenly give a flying hoot about 300 odd school girls kidnapped in Nigeria? Answer: They don’t! All they care about is the oil of Nigeria.

The Real story of Boko Haram

The US wants control of Africa and its mineral riches before the Chinese can get their hands on it.

The Chinese are moving in quietly. Securing mineral and fishing rights by investment and building infrastructure for African nations. They also prop up their favourite dictators with arms and money.

The Americans are less subtle. They tell the locals that if they don’t accept American “help”, they will send in the goons and create havoc. Any country not playing the NWO game will go the way of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Syria…and now Ukraine.

The Americans are using military force where China is using economical force. For that the Americans have the US AFRICOM with its headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.

Now if you want to see the conflict of interests between the USA and China then look at the two maps provided.

Cut a long story short, Boko Haram is a CIA creation as WikiLeaks proved. It is funded by the CIA and their members trained by the CIA. Their weapons come from Libya.

The purpose is threefold. Create a Boogeyman to invade Nigeria and her neighbours under the pretext of being the “Hero Saviour” and make Muslims look bad in general, but the ultimate goal is to eliminate Nigeria as a potential strategic rival to the US in the African continent.

See? The same reason White South Africa was eliminated. It was never about black and white. It was never about "The evils of Apartheid". They wanted our minerals like they now want Nigeria's oil.

Further…Look at this bollocks!

US 'only' country helping to find Nigerian schoolgirls, claims John Kerry

Here is the truth:

Boko Haram 'created and funded by CIA': Randy Short

Boko Haram: The handwriting of the CIA in Nigeria

Wikileaks: Boko Haram is a covert CIA operation

26 May 2014

Zuma and his new cabinet set to drive Commie Agenda

Mike Smith

26 May 2014

Msholozi Showerhead has been inaugurated as President for another 5 years.

It is really hard for me to use the “P” word when I think of Zuma, because calling him a “president” is a bit like saying Hitler was a “painter”…the statement might be factually true, but it doesn’t tell the full story.

Nevertheless, 27 presidents were at his inauguration, but not a single one from the “BRICS” allies. Wonder why?

Mugabe made a grand appearance being cheered by a fanatical crowd. When one thinks back to 2000 when he drove the white people of Zimbabwe off their land, then it is not hard to imagine what the cheering crowd has installed for South African whites. SA crowd cheering Mugabe

I can still recall how JZ was elected president after defeating Thabo Mbeki at the Polokwane conference in 2007. How happy people were saying it was time for a change.

I was shocked and said Bad just got worse

You can also see there how I made a long term prediction for the Zuma presidency.

You can also see how shocked I was that certain Afrikaner leaders were sweet talked by Zuma, went to braai with him and how they even praised him On trapping birds and kicking dogs

How anybody can be optimistic and have hope for the future when a Communist scumbag is appointed president is beyond me. Now, seven years later, they see that I was right. Things under Zuma got a lot worse than it ever was under Mbeki and Zuma is moving his pieces into place to implement a full blown communist state. Hold onto your seats, it is going to get even worse.

All you have to do is listen at the Communist speak. Whenever they talk about their “National Development Plan” and how they want to “drive socio-economic transformation forward”… “…to decisively confront unemployment, poverty, and inequality in an equitable and accountable manner,” then you know…The Communist agenda is going full steam ahead.

You can read this Communist drivel over here: Communist junk

I quote a section from SACP spokesperson Alex Mashilo:

“…the fifth administration should drive polices for radical socio-economic transformation and development, as stated by Zuma in his inaugural address on Saturday. "This is incompatible with neoliberalism. The SACP therefore says, one of the critical conditions for our second radical phase of democratic transition to succeed is to do away with all the remnants of neoliberalism in our state."

See? These Commies are tired of pussyfooting about. They want their Communist Utopia and they want it NOW! Zuma is their front man.

Just like in other Communist countries all over the world, people are not free to study or work where they want to anymore South African doctors to be told where to work

Whilst everybody was focused on the election, Zuma quietly signed into law sections of the National Health Act that can prevent doctors and other health professionals opening private practices where they choose to.

This is where that useless piece of ANC toilet paper known as the “Constitution” contradicts itself again, because under chapter two, the “Bill of rights” section 21 guarantees us our freedom of movement, but section 22 says that our professions may be regulated by law.

So a doctor will need a “Certificate of need” to practice. Dictating where doctors work is not unlike a “dom-pass”

I wonder if Helen Zille and her “Black Sash” clowns are going to march against that like they marched against the “Dom-Pass” system in the 1950’s. Don’t hold your breath.

And forget the free market, because in true Communist style, from now on the government will decide how much your house is worth

Further, you just have to look at the idiot that Zuma appointed as the new Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene to lose all hope for the future of the country.

Nene, who has been an ANC MP since 1999, was also chairman of the finance portfolio committee which oversaw government spending. He is the main thief and they made him minister of Finance? What a joke! Talk about making the wolf the shepherd.

Best part was to see arse creepers like Marthinus van Schalkwyk and Pieter Mulder getting the boot from Zuma, but it was the replacement of Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Pieter Mulder by Bheke Cele, former corrupt police commissioner that made me sit up straight.

Zuma has promised to spead up land reform saying that the “willing buyer, willing seller” system does not work.

The previous cut-off date for land claims was December 31 1998. The National Assembly seeks to reopen the land restitution process with a new deadline for land claims – December 31 2018. Bheki Cele will oversee the new land grab process.

I see people are again full of hope. They are preparing themselves for the next five years and hope it goes quick so that Zuma cannot be re-elected. Hehehe...until he changes the constitution that is. He just need to pay Malema enough to back him and he has the two thirds majority needed for that.

23 May 2014

Meanwhile in Zimboonia

By Mike Smith

22nd of May 2014

Isn’t it amazing that this farm is still operating in Zimbabwe? In 2000 Zimbabwean “War Veterans” invaded white owned farms and violently chased the owners off their land, but somehow they never touched this sugar farm owned by Tongaat Hulett.

Zimbabweans invade SA owned sugar farm

But if you read the article it becomes clear. According to Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association provincial chairman Francis Nando:

"The political leadership is protecting Tongaat Hulett for reasons best known to themselves," he told The Herald.

Aha! They are paying bribes to Mugabe whilst exploiting the poor blacks of Zimbabwe as virtual slave labour.

Further: “Tongaat Hulett, which owns the whole Triangle estate and 50.3 percent in the Hippo Valley plantations, has come under repeated government pressure to give up its majority ownership.”

See? Their payment must be late, so Mugabe sent in the goons. That is how Communism works. They want half of what you have. Then they want half of the half you have left and so on until they have everything and you become expendable.

Meanwhile in the rest of Zimbabwe:

A Zimbabwe man who caught two goats having sex, beats up male goat, and was caught raping the female goat.

Man finds goats having sex; assaults ram, rapes female

The woman, who kept on falling into a trance and changing voices, claimed she inherited the witchcraft from her sister.

Half naked witch runs out of power; crashes into stranger’s house

A Zimbabwean man is reportedly having sleepless nights because of a snake licking his wife's private parts and a goblin demanding the blood of his brother's sons.

man asks police for help. Snake licking wife’s private parts

The criminals who flooded South Africa under the noses of the ANC

Mike Smith

23 May 2014

Ever since the ANC took over in 1994 we have seen an influx of criminals into SA on an unprecedented scale. They are not only from Nigeria,Congo etc, but also real hardcore mafia guys from Italy, Eastern Europe, the Balkans, etc. Names like Radovan Krejcir and Glen Agliotti springs to mind.

Agliotti is a convicted drug dealer and Krejcir is wanted in the Czech Republic for fraud of millons. Agliotti was also the personal friend of our former police chief Jackie Selebi, himself a convicted criminal.

The ANC is well known for running criminal activities in South Africa from their bases in Zambia and Angola. R.W. Johnson wrote about it in his book “South Africa's Brave New World: The Beloved Country Since the End of Apartheid” (2009).

In there you can read how Joe Modise, one of the founders of Umkhonto we Sizwe and former Minister of Defence ran a stolen car and drug syndicate from Zambia and how he, Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma were all involved in and benefitted from the corrupt arms deal of the 1990’s. You can also read there how they orchestrated the murder of Chris Hani, head of the SACP.

Why would they suddenly stop their criminal activities when they became the rulers of SA? They didn’t. As we can see today, they are still stealing on a grand scale. South Africa is run by a gang of criminals.

In the news is a syndicate kingpin from Eastern European decent living in Norwood in Johannesburg who was caught with hundreds of automatic rifles (mostly police and army issue), hand guns and explosives that he was supplying to criminal gangs to rob banks and blow up cash ATM’s.

One of SA’s most wanted found with large arms cache

The newspapers didn’t mention his name, but said that evaded arrest. Three others were complicit and they were caught. Police acted on a tip off.

Syndicate kingpin evades arrest

The raid was part of a larger intelligence-driven operation

Police nab big arms dealer

National police commissioner General Riah Phiyega was on the scene last night. She said the arrests were the result of her direct orders to crime intelligence officers to start identifying the country's top 15 syndicates. Phiyega declined to say whether more arrests were expected. "The investigation is highly sensitive."

So the top 15 syndicates are just the tip of the iceberg. How many more are there? These are just the ones they know about. How many more are there that they don’t know about? Why are these bastards allowed to operate so freely?

I think the ANC just don’t like the competition. They knew about these syndicates for a long time, but it was only when they got onto the turf of the ANC that they got nabbed.

Meanwhile, the biggest criminal in the country, the President, with more than 700 charges of fraud and corruption against him, is allowed to continue his activities.

22 May 2014

General springs jailed troops in the Democratic Banana Republic of South Africa

By Mike Smith

22nd of May 2014

If you want proof that we are living in a banana republic, then read the story below. I compiled the facts from various sources including the Afrikaans press (Beeld).

1. On Friday the 16th of May 2014 the police raided an illegal shebeen called “The Carwash” in the Bongolethu Township near Oudtshoorn. “The Carwash” is known for drug dealing and several complaints have been received from the public about the behavior of the patrons there.

2. On the premises were 32 members of the army of which one was a colonel doing a course at the Infantry School. There were also several members of the Prison services, several police members and even a former mayor.

3. When the police arrived they all jumped over the fence, but were apprehended.

4. According to the law, anybody on illegal premises is committing a crime, so the police arrested the whole lot, took them to the Bridgeton police station and started issuing them fines of R200 each.

5. An Affirmative Action army general (believed to be Brigadier-General Xolani Mankayi from Pretoria) formely involved with the Infantry School, arrived drunk on the scene and demanded that “his” soldiers be released immediately.

6. At that stage a fight broke out between the police and the army members.

7. The general then ordered 120 armed troops who arrived in two busses and two Ratel armoured vehicles to spring “his” troops from police custody.

8. Police closed the gates of the police station and barricaded themselves in.

9. The arrested soldiers were released into the custody of the army on condition that they come back later to fetch their fines. They have not returned yet.

10. Both the police and the army are as silent as the grave about the incident.

11. Beeld said that the matter was discussed at a high level in order to reach a truce between the army and the police.

12. Only the president may authorise the use of troops within South Africa. On Wednesday night, the Presidency said no authorisation was issued.

13. Defence expert Helmoed-Römer Heitman said, “Assuming that is correct, then what we have is an extremely serious situation,” adding a court martial should be under way.

14. Heitman added, “The commissioned officer involved in that should be in jail for life without the option of parole… It was a manifestly illegal act, a manifestly illegal order, no excuse at all, end of story.”

General allegedly springs jailed troops

120 spring soldiers from police custody

The Rotten Red Blot in Parliament

By Mike Smith

22nd of May 2014

At about 14h15 on Tuesday the 6th of September 1966, the cowardly Communist scumbag Dimitri Tsafendas stabbed Prime Minister Dr. Hendrik French Verwoerd four times in the neck and back from behind whilst he was seated in parliament.

As a schoolboy we once did a tour through parliament and they showed us the exact spot where Dr. Verwoerd was killed and the blood stain was still visible on the carpet years later.

Back then I never thought I would see the day that red Communist bastards would sit in the South African parliament, let alone run the country. Now the parliament is FULL of red Communist bastards.

Oh my. How things have changed. We just had the first sitting of the fifth parliament and what a circus it turned out to be. The EFF members, along with leader Julias Malema were sworn in wearing red overalls, gumboots and the women wearing red domestic servant uniforms…Whilst earning R80,000 a month and being stinking rich from BEE contracts. Not only themselves, but oh how the hypocrisy of these Champagne Socialists stinks to high heaven.

This is the new red blot in parliament. A rotten one…like the proverbial rotten apple that will make the entire basket rotten.

But that is the beauty of democracy. One idiot: one vote…Because of democracy, we have a Marxist terrorist organization at the head of the country stealing the state coffers empty.

Nevertheless, the red “worker’s clothes” is so that they feel closer to their voters, but aren’t these clothes symbols of colonial repression? Overalls, gumboots, aprons…surely these were brought here by those evil whiteys to enslave the blacks. If Malema wants to feel close to his voters he should wear animal skins… and remember to take off his R7000 a pair Louis Viuton sneakers and his R250,000 Breitling watch

First sitting of fifth parliament

Malema stands to attention as he is sworn in

EFF overalls brighten up Parliament


21 May 2014

News24 and the MSM Psy-ops agenda

By Mike Smith

21st of May 2014

Someone must have a word with the psy-ops department of News24, because their anti-white petticoat is hanging out.

Psy-ops are supposed to be subtle and subliminal. In fact it doesn’t work when people know they are being manipulated, misled and brainwashed.

I have exposed their anti-white agenda hundreds of times on this blog. Just yesterday we saw how six people were arrested for burning a woman they accused of witchcraft in a township, but the accompanying picture is of white hands behind and clutching the prison bars.

Do they want to suggest these were white people who did this? Do they want to suggest that it doesn’t matter what race the perpetrators were? Nevertheless they are not being truthful.

Look at the below report about a video on Parent24.

Sex, ovulation, ejaculation and fertilisation: real-life video

An otherwise good and informative video spoiled by the accompanying picture encouraging race mixing.

According to News24 this is how babies are made. A black man and a white blonde woman.

Their agenda is becoming so blatant and obvious that one can hardly call it “hidden” anymore. A child can see it! It is clear that there is a sickening media agenda driven by racial egalitarians and cultural relativists to push race mixing and multiculturalism down the throats of South Africans.

20 May 2014

The lifestyles of the Champagne Communists

By Mike Smith

20th of May 2014

As a student I worked three jobs to pay my tuition and stay alive. When I wasn’t working I was studying; through the night, over weekends, during holidays…I had no “Jol”. Nobody paid me a cent. I never received a single free lunch EVER. Through sheer determination, ambition and hard work I managed to buy my first house at the age of 23. Nowadays people are 23 and still in matric!

I am not unique. During my student days I have seen others struggling even more than I did and others reaching higher levels in life than I did. I am proud of them.

That is why it irks me tremendously when I am told I was “advantaged” during Apartheid and I am being discriminated against because of it.

Whenever a black person looks at a successful white person he always thinks that that white person got there because he oppressed some black person. That he stole from blacks and that is why he is rich and successful.

They believe it because they are told so by their Marxist ANC and union leaders.

But let one of those Champagne Communists (Joseph Matunjwa for instance) in the Trade Union (AMCU) with his six luxury vehicles including three BMW’s and his three houses be accused of living a life of opulence whilst his union members are starving…then Oh No! He never stole a cent.

His wife is a director of several BEE companies. Black Economic Empowerment discriminates against whites on the basis of race and unfairly benefit blacks on that same basis yet he and his wife are no racists.

Maybe it is true. Maybe he worked and studied really hard. Maybe he never stole a cent from his member’s fees and maybe he never received any bribes from the mining bosses, but then he mustn’t ever accuse others of doing so.

Amcu leader’s life of luxury

Amcu’s Mathunjwa: I did not steal

On black superstition and media psyops in SA

By Mike Smith

20th of May 2014

The superstition of blacks in SA is well known. They believe in Muti bringing good luck, wealth or a loving partner. They believe in putting their beds on bricks to prevent the Tokoloshe of getting to them. One can write books on the subject of black superstition.

The darker side of this superstition is that ignorance can get you killed. People suffering from epileptic fits or asthma attacks are often accused of having evil spirits in them and burned alive. A demented old woman who who forgets to put her clothes on and appears naked on the street can be accused of being a witch and burned to death.

Here is an article of six blacks (four men and two women) who were arrested for killing a woman they believed bewitched her sister-in-law.

Witch set alight – Six held

Catherina Nkovani (52) was assaulted with various objects and burned to death by her relatives. They were charged with murder.

Now, how do you judge such people? In their minds they have done nothing wrong. In fact in their minds they have done the community and the world a favour to get rid of this “witch”.

Now we come with our Roman-Dutch law system and tell them they are wrong and have been wrong doing this for thousands of years.

This just shows that you cannot have these different cultures in South Africa equal under the same law. The only thing to do is to separate them and each group governs itself according to their own respective laws.

This most logical, practical and fairest solution was called Apartheid. The UN declared it a “Crime against Humanity”. Go figure.

Further to the article…Look how News24’s psyops division AGAIN posted the hands of a white person next to the article even though the incident took place in a black township and all the names of the people involved are black names.

The cruelty of the Noble Savage towards animals

By Mike Smith

20th of May 2014

I am pretty much indifferent to what these savages do to themselves, but what they do to defenseless animals gets me really hot under the collar.

Cruelty towards animals is found everywhere. There are even despicable whites who are perpetrators, but living in Africa for most of my life I have never seen the scale and sheer brutality of cruelty towards animals as I have seen in South Africa. It is part of their culture to torture animals to death like in the Ukeshwama ritual.

I have reported on this many times in the past, but you can see some examples at this post.

The ultimate question to blacks. What is there to like or admire about you?

Below is an article and a video from the Afrikaans newspaper “Die Burger” telling of how a neighbor filmed the savage beating of a chained up German Shepherd bitch by a black gardener using the handle of a garden rake. The owner of the dog (also black) just looks on and does nothing. The neighbor reported the incident to the SPCA who confiscated the dog.

Nowhere did the newspaper mention the race of the perpetrators and if it wasn’t for the video, we wouldn’t have known it.

I just want to know, what kind of sick piece of scum can treat a dog like this?

I wonder how these bastards will feel if I tie them up like that and beat them senseless with a garden rake?

19 May 2014

Who will save the DA from self destruction?

By Mike Smith

19th of May 2014

Everything is not well in the DA camp. Since Lindiwe Mazibuko (DA parliamentary leader) decided to call it a day and take a sabbatical from politics questions have been asked and accusations have been flung around.

Those who worship Helen Zille as the be all and end all of opposition politics in SA do not know her very well. I have heard from a few DA insiders that she is a really difficult person to work with; stubborn as hell, do not listen to good advice and acting very dictatorially.

Reports of her authoritarian management style are common and have even made it into the press a few times. She should be careful that she doesn’t commit political hara-kiri.

Over the weekend the Sunday papers reported that she said in her party’s federal executive that she made Mazibuko what she is and that she saved Mazibuko on several occasions.

I made Mazibuko: Zille

Almost immediately Helen Zille fired back and said she was misquoted, selectively quoted, the press is malicious, whatever…

Zille: Mazibuko claims a concoction of leaks

Claims I attacked Mazibuko are false: Zille

I quote a section from her response:

Start of quote:

“1. I conceded that I had worked very hard to promote Lindiwe’s career. In fact, I said I had never done as much to promote any person’s career in the DA before. This is an objective, evidence-based fact. I did not say I “made” her. And I did not say I “saved” her. I certainly did not say that she would be “nothing without me”, as the Sunday Times headline falsely claims.

2. I said that I had repeatedly taken responsibility for mistakes made in Parliament, in an attempt to protect her and the Parliamentary team. That is also a fact, and no-one in the know would dispute it.”

End of quote.

I am sorry to say this, but I think those journalists were fairly accurate. Seen in the context Zille indeed basically said that she made Mazibuko and saved her several times.

The fact that Zille is trying to worm her way out of this one is just causing her to lose more credibility…not that she ever had much.

See, Helen Zille and the other liberals in her party are the biggest racists around. I will tell you why, because they think blacks are stupid and cannot see through their plans.

A while ago Julias Malema refused to debate Lindiwe Mazibuko and called her the “tea-girl” of the “white madam” Zille. Malema refuses debate with Zille’s “tea girl”

Now it turns out that Juju was right all along. These blacks like Mazibuko and Maimane are just token blacks and stage props for the white liberals in the DA who still pull the strings in the back.

That is why I have repeatedly said that black South Africans will NEVER vote in large numbers for the DA. They do not trust the DA. Every single black academic and middle class black I have spoken to told me so. The past election results show it too.

Blacks know that the liberal whites in the DA are not sincere. They just use a few black faces to win a few black votes. They try to create an illusion of non-racialism and kumbaya happiness with lies. In short they are trying to bullshit the blacks. All they are succeeding in is alienating the blacks more.

The past election showed that the discontented blacks did not vote for Zille, they went to Malema’s EFF party. The increase in DA votes came from the decrease in votes for smaller parties like the FF+.

The DA has no clear vision of the future. They do not know what it is they want to achieve and/or how to convey their message to the masses. All they do is copy what the ANC is doing. In fact the DA is trying hard to be more ANC than the ANC. Their policies are almost identical.

Zille is complaining about an unfair and malicious media like an old woman with a wet panty. She should know all about the malicious leftist media, seeing that she was one of the main journalists at the Rand Daily Mail twisting facts about Apartheid.

Nevertheless, Mazibuko was apparently worse than Zille.

“Lindiwe Mazibuko has been described by her colleagues, allies and enemies as a monster who always wanted to have her way. It is understood that Mazibuko’s increasing tendency to alienate colleagues and throw her toys out of the cot when the party took a line that she was not happy with led to her sudden departure.”

Mazibuko was DA’s Malema

The article above tells of how Mazibuko “was good at blatantly stealing other people’s great ideas and driving them as if they were her own, without giving credit.”

Basically she got too big for her shoes and it was when she started defying the leader Helen Zille that she rung her own death knell. Law One of The 48 Laws of Power says: “Never outshine the master”.

But Helen Zille knows the game. There is a little palace revolution brewing in the DA. People talk openly of The plot to kill Helen Zille

Make no mistake, she is under fire and targeted for political assassination by the media and discontented members in her own party. It will be interesting to see if she survives the assault.

16 May 2014

Blatant racial discrimination against white males in South Africa

By Mike Smith

16th of May 2014

They aren’t even trying to hide it. It is fully in your face.

I suppose the real reason behind this decision is that when a civil war breaks out in South Africa you want as few as possible white pilots.

No White males in SA Airways pilot programme

And this is one is just, because they can…

Telkom SA plans to target white, male employees when making job cuts

So how can anybody expect us to build a nation of equality by creating more inequality? How can we build a non racist society by increasing racial discrimination?

I have given up on all of that in 1996 already. That was when Thabo Mbeki started implementing AA and BEE. To me it was clear that the ANC was not interested in nation building or reconciliation.

So what do you do? Boycott SAA and Telkom? What about the thousands of other companies who racially discriminate against whites in South Africa? We cannot boycott them all.

But I tell you what we can do. In the mean time we can note them down, make a list, because the day will come that they will be held accountable for their actions.

They must enjoy their kicking and slapping for now. In my life in Africa I have seen that nothing lasts forever. Things turn 180 deg very quickly and sometimes the wheel comes a full circle.

I just hope and pray that I live long enough to see these companies dragged before court and forced to pay billions in reparation. In fact I hope and pray that I live long enough to see their CEO’s and decision makers blindfolded against a white wall facing a firing squad along with the corrupt ANC politicians.

Public officials + Corruption = Traitors

The psycho mindset in South Africa

By Mike Smith

16th of May 2014

That South Africa is mental asylum run by the inmates is a fact.

I have often wondered which of the peoples are the most psycho; white or black South Africans?

So let me start with the blacks.

This is the part where the liberals close their eyes and put their hands over their ears. They don’t want to know the truth about their beloved Noble Savages.

For us in South Africa “Muti-murders” is a daily occurrence.

Muti killings is a way of life in rural areas of South Africa

I once wrote a chilling article about the reality of Muti Killings in South Africa Mike Smith on Muti Killings in South Africa: What blacks do not want whites to know

In there you can read how 100% of blacks believe in the power of a Sangoma (witchdoctor) and 70% believe that human body parts make the Muti stronger. You can also read in there what they superstitiously believe the Muti can do.

The trafficking in human body parts is big business in SA. “Between the two countries (SA and Mozambique), 19 different body parts were mentioned as missing from bodies. They included heads, female genital organs, breasts, tongues, ears, eyes, hands, legs, lungs, guts, skin, arms, jaws, lips and fingers.”

One would think that in this day and age there won’t be primitive savages and cannibals in a modern country like South Africa, but it is a fact of life. It is a headache and an embarrassment for liberals, cultural relativists and racial egalitarians who want to convince us “We are all the same”.

Here is another one of those horrid articles from today’s MSM.

Lehlohonolo Joseph Scott, 26, a Lesotho national accused of chopping up two people and boiling the heart of one of them is expected to appear in the Durban Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

Human limbs found in pick-up truck

Hey? Horrific stuff…And this in a modern country like South Africa.

But that is not all. Look at this incident…

11 foetuses found at Eastern Cape Taxi Rank

What happens when you work at an abortion clinic and you see all these fetuses around? Well you recognize a lucrative business opportunity. You can sell it all to a Sangoma for big bucks…If you are a sicko psychopath of course, because no sane person will be capable of doing such a thing.

Now the liberals will try and tell you that these are isolated incidents. In fact it happens every day across the whole of South Africa. Life has very little value in South African townships and rural areas. Examples are legion:

Foetus dumped in rubbish bin

Baby dumped in Western Cape

Dead foetus goes missing

Two foetusses found on Limpopo rubbish dump

Foetus found in sewage

Foetus found in plastic bag near Free State school

Foetus found on Freestate dump site

Foetus found in sewage tunnel

Foetus found in canal in Eastern Cape

Dogs found eating baby in Cape township

Dog eating baby’s head in Durban

Hungry dogs eat baby body parts in Gugulethu

Baby thrown into pit toilet then burnt

Dead baby covered in rat bites - Soweto

See? This is the sick society we live in. This is South Africa and the psychos that we allow to work in our gardens, kitchens and look after our children.

That is right. Savage cannibals walk between us. They look after our children and work in our homes.

This is what I cannot understand about white South Africans. They will rather get tortured, raped and murdered in their own beds by these psychos than to make the beds themselves.

No sane person will let a psycho cannibal look after his/her children or let a psycho cannibal work in his kitchen or garden, yet South Africans do it all the time. Daily the newspapers are full of incidents where whites got attacked or murdered by their black gardeners or the maid who let black robbers, rapists and murderers into the homes of their employers.

That is why I have to ask, “Who is more psycho; The savage cannibalistic blacks or the whites who employ them as nannies, gardeners and maids”?

You can take it further. This information is freely available on the internet, so why do tourists not avoid such a country? Why do they insist on coming here to get robbed raped and murdered? The mind boggles I tell you.

Thirty students from Maryland university robbed at gunpoint on tour bus in South Africa

Kazakhstan Foreign Affairs delegation robbed in RSA

Norwegian teenager raped in Cape Town

British woman in AIDS fear after being repeatedly gang raped in Mpumalanga

German couple and their son hacked to death with pangas

17yo Belgian virgin tells of gang rape ordeal in South Africa

French tourist raped on Durban beachfront

40 Dutch tourists robbed in Langa township near Cape Town

12 May 2014

SA voters outsmarted by the Communist pincers

By Mike Smith

12th of May 2014

Six years ago I wrote an article called

Beware the Communist Pincers where I explained how the classical political pincer tactic works.

This was back in the days when there were only rumours of a breakaway party from the ANC. The breakaway came in the form of COPE.

COPE was unsuccessful, because it was a party made up of moderates in the ANC. In Africa, might is everything. Moderates are looked down upon as softies and enjoy no respect.

The next breakaway came in the form of Mamphela Ramphele’s Agang party. Another bunch of moderates who enjoyed no support amongst the blacks.

Suddenly Malema comes along with his radical EFF or Economic Freedom Fighters and overnight becomes the third biggest party in SA with over a million votes and 25 seats in parliament. Why?

The blacks who were not happy with the ANC didn’t vote for the DA. They voted for the more radical EFF!

The DA votes climbed due to other smaller parties like the FF+ and the IFP folding.

If you take the 62.15% the ANC got and you add the 6.35% of Malema’s EFF then you get 68.5%...more than a 2/3 majority needed to change the constitution and an increase in votes from 65.9% in the last election in 2009.

Remember that Malema was apparently fired from the ANC. Back then I said he was promoted! He was getting too old for the ANC Youth League anyway and was promoted to lead the more radical arm of the ANC namely the EFF.

Once again another Communist pincer maneuver.

We won’t be a second COPE – Julias Malema

I quote from the article above:

“He also pledged to give the ANC, which got over 62% of the vote, the two-thirds it requires to change the Constitution in Parliament to introduce radical policies such as land expropriation without compensation”.

See? The SA public has been duped and outsmarted by the Communist pincers once again.

Europe has a New (World Order) queen

By Mike Smith

12th of May 2014

In the ancient mythology Europa was a Phoenician virgin princess/goddess, seduced and tricked by Zeus who transformed himself into a bull and carried her away on his back to the shores of Crete, raped her and eventually abandoned her. It is from her that the continent of Europe takes its name.

As we know, Europe is for a long time now not the home of the Europeans anymore. It has been swamped by waves of illegal immigrants and colonized by the third world. Europe is undergoing a transformation, a death and a rebirth in the image of the New World Order. The Phoenix dies and rises anew from the ashes.

In the vision of the NWO there is no place for the European in Europe. The European should be displaced, reduced, his genes mixed and diluted, better even when he dies out and goes completely extinct.

This is no conspiracy theory. It is conspiracy fact. We can all see it every day when we look at countries like England, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, etc. Fact is that the demographics of Europe are changing and it won’t be long before the traditional white European will be the minority in his own country and on his own continent.

For the New Europe a new queen, a New Europa in the form of a drag queen is needed and for that we have the freaky spectacle of the Eurovision Song Context that produced us the very image of the disgusting NWO goddess-demon in the form of Conchita Wurst.

This is where the NWO symbolism starts. The symbolism is explained in various works of which Manly P. Hall’s encyclopedia, “The secret teachings of all Ages” is probably the most reliable seeing that he was one of the NWO insiders.

Those who are au fait with the symbolism probably spotted the androgyne being and the song “Rise like a Phoenix” as in-your-face symbolism as it comes.

Compare it with the androgynous (male/female) bearded “Goat of Mendes” (aka Baphomet). The fact that it is a Jesus lookalike is further just a coincidence and nothing to worry about. It is not making a mockery of the Christian faith whatsoever. Never.

The “artist” Conchita Wurst has the real name of Thomas Neuwirth and it is mixed race Colombian and Austrian.

The name is a vulgar play on words seeing that “Conchita” means “pussy” (vagina) in Spanish and “Wurst” means “sausage” (phallus) in German.

The expression “Es ist mir Wurst”, means something like „I don’t care“ or „I do not give a damn“.

Conchita Wurst said that her win showed European tolerance.

Tolerance for what? Satanists pushing their agenda? Include me out.

Nevertheless, maybe it was no conspiracy at all. Maybe it was just all a sick display of Political Correctness.

Europe declares Queen Conchita the Eurovision Song Contest winner

The Cruelty of the Noble Savage – ANC mob brutally kills woman: Disturbing video

By Mike Smith

12th of May 2014

A disturbing video has surfaced about an ANC mob apparently killing a woman for being a COPE supporter. It was first apparently shown on Adriana Stuijt’s website and brought to my attention by various readers.

IOL reported on it as well

It is not sure when the attack took place or where, but some of the crowd members are wearing ANC T-Shirts that says “Vote ANC” on the back so it must be in South Africa.

The gruesome images depict a woman lying on the ground, being kicked and hacked with an axe and beaten with a ten pound sledge hammer. Men women and even a school girl join in and kick and stomp the woman to death.

SO far the police, COPE, the ANC…nobody knows anything. All we know is that there is a deafening silence coming from the liberals…

Watch the South African Noble Savages in all their glory and understand why we had Apartheid. The disturbing video can be seen by clicking on the link. Watch this space for updates.

08 May 2014

The 2014 General Election – My analysis

By Mike Smith

8th of May 2014

The fifth illegal election since the treason of 1994 is over, the votes are coming in and the terrorist organization known as the ANC is set to misrule South Africa for another 5 years. Prepare yourselves for another five years of theft, gross corruption, mismanagement, increasing levels of violent crime, nepotism, racist Affirmative Action and Black Economic Empowerment.

It is supposed to be the first “Born Free” vote, because the eligible voters of 18 years were born after 1994 and apparently according to the ANC’s propaganda bullshit, blacks were not free to vote in South Africa prior to that.

Truth is that since 1983 coloureds and Indians had their own houses in parliament and Blacks had their own countries where they could go and vote for…well, their own dictator, because that is what democracy in Africa means: You have the right to elect your own dictator.

How anybody can take a farce like an African election seriously is beyond my comprehension.

I once spoke to a black friend of mine who had a masters degree in psychology and who was a full-on WWF wrestling fanatic. I asked him how he could watch that crap and cheer for his favourite wrestler especially after knowing full well that the outcome has been determined beforehand. His answer to me was, “It’s entertainment”.

That precisely sums up my attitude to “democrazy” in Africa. I take it with a pinch of salt, laugh a little and let them entertain me. No sane person can take such a ridiculous mockery of democracy seriously.

The fish rots from the top down

First of all the so called Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) that is supposed to conduct elections under Chapter 9 of the constitution is only independent in name. Its head, Adv. Pansy Tlakula, is an ANC crony and is under investigation for corruption and fraud . A few days before the elections five opposition parties wanted her resignation. She conceded in her response affidavit that she acted unlawfully leasing IEC offices in Centurion from Abland — a company in which her business partner Thaba Mufamadi had a share. Source

Hey? She is an Advocate. She knows the law backwards. She knew she was acting unlawfully, yet still went ahead and broke the law. Now when you have a corrupt piece of trash like that at the head of the IEC, how can you ever have free and fair elections? The fish rots from the head down, but you cannot tell the head that, especially not in South Africa, because then you are “Racist”.

Violence, intimidation and voting fraud - what is new?

On the eve of the election, voting stations were set alight in Bekkersdal and the army had to be deployed there and at Evergreen squatter camp (Springs) to maintain order. Also in KZN a voting station has been destroyed

Ninety-seven people were arrested for election-related crimes and 131 cases registered. Source

Also on the eve of the elections ANC thugs, also known as “service delivery protesters”, disrupted opposition party gatherings and special voters .

Between the special votes and the night before the elections, police found ballot boxes in a party member’s house (which party is not mentioned). The IEC officials were fired. In Cape Town ballot papers had been “accidentally” dropped from a van. Source

In East London more than a thousand ballot papers went “missing” from a voting station and the station only opened two hours late at 09h00.

In fact, on election day 2500 voting stations opened late and voters left out in the winter cold unsure of when the voting would start. Many just went home.

When voting eventually started, journalists were intimidated by East Rand police and threatened with arrest, because they were apparently “too close” to the voters. More like trying to hide the irregularities going on at the voting stations from the media, if you ask me.

One man; Three votes.

At Shoshanguve township a man was caught casting his vote three times. How he managed to get past all the checks is a mystery. How many others were NOT caught? And then people still believe we have a “One man; One vote” system in South Africa? What a joke!

We don’t want the Boers to rule us again

A 78-year-old woman who arrived on crutches to vote at Hitekani Primary School in Chiawelo, Soweto with the ID book of her dead daughter said that she votes in every election, because “we do not want the Boers to govern us again”

Makes you wonder how many other dead people were voting, or how many people were voting with other people’s ID Books in that election.

Nevertheless, what this Gogo failed to explain, probably because she is too thick or demented to grasp, is that “The Boers” didn’t want to govern her or her kind whatsoever. That is why they gave each tribe their own country where they could govern themselves.

By her own logic, it should then not be fair for “The Boers” to be governed by her people either. “The Boers” should have their own countries back where they can govern themselves like they used to before their countries were stolen by the British. In fact I am fully for the restoration of the two former Boer Republics, namely the ZAR and the Freestate.

The Marxist Brotherhood sticks together

Despite all these irregularities and much more, the election will be declared “free and fair” by the observers. Why? Because eighteen Zimbabwean parliamentarians and senior government officials came out to „observe“ the elections. Yes Zimbabwe, that beacon of democracy on the otherwise dark continent.

It is only fair seeing that when Mugabe and his Zanu-PF scum won a two thirds majority in the general election of July 2013 with one third dead voters or voters over 120 years of age (life expectancy in Zimbabwe is 44), The ANC government of South Africa along with the rest of the African Union,declared the Zimbabwean elections free, honest and credible

South Africa congratulates Mugabe on “successful vote”

It is enough that the people THINK there was an election…

Three days before the election in SA the results of an Ipsos poll showed that the ANC was set to win 63% of the vote and the DA 22% and it was published and spread through the world media networks. Basically the public was being mentally prepared for the predetermined result.

In a country where everything from crime statistics to Matric results are manipulated and falsified, what are a few election results? Piece of cake actually.

For the British and American Rand-Lords who REALLY run the country (Consolidated Goldfields, Anglo American, LonRho, et. al.) the important key-word here is “stability”.

They do not want anything or anyone to interfere with their raping of the country’s mineral resources. They want a steady supply of cheap black labour…at least for now so our nation’s gold and platinum can flow out of our country and into their pockets.

If the ANC ever lose an election, they will “go back to the bush” as Mugabe used to say. This means they will resort back to their terrorist tactics of bombs in shopping centres, necklace murders and throwing people off moving trains.

This will spell disaster for the Rand-Lords and their operations.

Even if we do have a truly free and fair election and an opposition party wins fairly and squarely, they will manipulate the results to keep the ANC in power, just so they don’t start their campaign of terror and destabilizing the country again.

Therefore it is enough that the people think there was an election in South Africa.

The coming mining revolution - Was that the ANC’s last win?

Certainly. The ANC should enjoy the next five years of stealing and pillaging the state coffers, because they are on borrowed time. They have overplayed their hand with the mining strikes and the resulting Marikana massacre. The mines are mechanizing at a rapid rate.

Due to the depth and the narrowness of the platinum and gold reefs, current mines rely on cheap manual labour to extract the ore. It is a hard job.

It takes mine workers descending to depths of up to 4,000 meters below surface, crouching in narrow stopes, with a jackhammer drill, to get the ore out. At these depths, temperatures are so hot that it requires refrigerated air and water to be able to touch the newly exposed rock. Humidity is close to 100%. It’s hot and it’s cramped. It’s also dangerous – there are rock falls and ‘rock bursts’ simply because of the pressure.

According to experts these kind of mines are history and will be closed

Two new discoveries of reefs tens of metres thick similar to the Plat Reef and Anglo America’s Mogalakwena Mine allows for open-pit mining. One is owned by Ivanplats Ltd., now Invahoe Mines Ltd. The other discovery is from the small Canadian junior Platinum Group Metals Ltd.

According to geologist and mining expert Andy Jackson, this allows you to mechanize the mine. You don’t need to have guys doing hard manual labour to mine the reef. You can bring in big machines and mine relatively cheaply, paying a much better wage to a smaller number of workers.

The mine owners like Anglo American and LonRho were caught with their pants down at Marikana. For years they have missed the boat on mechanization of their mines, but they are catching up very quickly.

Gold Fields has brought in a crack Australian engineering team to help overcome one of its most daunting challenges: ramping up production on its mechanised South Deep mine, its last and troublesome South African asset. Australians to dig Gold Fields out of trouble at mechanised mine

Hot on their heels is JSE-listed platinum-mining company Northam Platinum who has also brought in Australian expertise to upskill local operators at its fully mechanised Booysendal platinum mine in Limpopo.

Northam Platinum brings in Aussies for mine mechanisation upskilling

You can read more about the future mechanization of South African mines here: Mechanised platinum mines forecast for South Africa

The impact of mechanization on the future of the ANC

It is not only the mines that are mechanizing. Other labour intensive operations such as commercial farms are also mechanizing.

The mines and the farmers have no choice. The unions in SA are forcing them to do so. These unions (COSATU) are in a tripartite alliance with the ANC and the SA Communist Party and they are holding the mine owners at ransom with their control of human labour.

Once the mine owners have achieved their mechanization, the unions will have no hold on the mine owners anymore. The ANC will then become obsolete, because there will be no need to appease them to control their lapdog COSATU anymore.

That is the day that the ANC will be kicked to the curb or as Julias Malema put it, they will be dumped like a used condom.

06 May 2014

Black doctor tells of hell in SA hospitals

Picture source SAMJ - Triage typical of every weekend at G F Jooste Hospital

By Mike Smith

6th of May 2014

I read a review of the new book by Dr Maria Phalime, “Post mortem – The doctor who walked away”.

The review can be read here: Why I stopped being a doctor

She has a website: Maria Phalime – Doctor turned award winning author

What struck me was her story that basically confirmed why it was necessary to have Apartheid. I have heard hundreds of similar stories from other doctors and nurses in South Africa. In fact, in the comment section after the article you will see many doctors confirming what she said.

I have interviewed many blacks who told me exactly the same of their culture in the black townships, especially over weekends.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“We worked 12-hour shifts, seven days a week, followed by a three or four-day break. The four-days-three-nights stretch wasn’t too bad, as the bulk of that consisted of relatively normal working hours from eight in the morning to eight in the evening. It was when I worked four nights in a row that I really felt it, because those nights always fell over the dreaded weekend.

Those weekends were particularly horrific. Stabbings, gunshot wounds, car accidents, rape, beatings … All manner of violent trauma made its way into the emergency unit, most of it alcohol related. The injuries themselves were gruesome, but what shocked me more were the perpetrators – friends, lovers, neighbours, family. It was very seldom the proverbial hooded stranger in a dark alley.

These were people who knew each other, lived together, drank together. And on weekends they hurt each other. The wheels came off over the Easter long weekend. The trauma was relentless, and by Monday morning there were so many patients in the emergency room that we didn’t know who had been seen and who hadn’t.”

Now when it goes like that in the townships, how can anybody expect white and black South Africans to ever live in peace next to each other? Liberals would turn it around and say that Apartheid caused this behavior. In fact the separation is a natural outcome from asocial behavior. Good people like to associate with other people who are nice, pleasant, etc. Nobody wants to associate with people who drink themselves into a stupor and start chopping each other up with pangas.

Problem is that white South Africans still employ them as gardeners or domestic servants. When you speak to these whites then they always swear that THEIR one is not like the others. THEIR one is one of the good ones and their children are also “good ones”…and their parents are good ones too…

So if they are all so damn good, then where does all this bloody violence and criminality come from?