30 April 2014

Why Blacks keep on voting for the ANC

By Mike Smith

30th of April 2014

It is a question that many people, especially whites, ask in South Africa: “Why do blacks keep on voting for the ANC?”.

It boggles the mind of any sane person how people can still vote for such a thieving and corrupt political party such as the ANC.

Despite the ANC’s police killing black workers at Marikana, murdering demonstrators like Andries Tatane and dragging taxi driver Mido Macia to his death, handcuffed behind a van, blacks will still go and vote for the ANC in large numbers on the 7th of May 2014.

Andries Tatane – Last moments

Outrage as South African police drag handcuffed man behind van

Even inside the ANC and their alliance partners (SACP and COSATU) this question is asked.

There are many reasons and over the years I have mentioned them all on this blog, but a recent article by Mohamed Motala summed up the important reasons very well.

The full article can be read here:

Why the poor vote for the ANC

I will first summarize Motala’s reasons and then extend my own commentary.

The ANC voting fodder is the 10 million jobless, homeless, desperately poor or as they are referred to in Communist speak, “The Lumpen Proletariat”.

These people like “free” stuff: Social grants, war veteran’s grants, disability grants, old age grants, child support grants, and a whole herd of “free” services offered by the Department of Social Development . Without these services these people will have NOTHING.

1. By using COSATU as the muscle, the ANC spreads disinformation, intimidates and threatens these people that they will lose these services if they do not vote for the ANC, but at the same time they are providing poor households with inferior services thinly disguised as a caring government.

2. Opposition party representatives are intimidated away so they cannot inform the poor about the truth.

3. The ANC use huge “Rent-a-crowds” that they fund with free T-shirts and fast food parcels to intimidate others and to induce a sense of fear and anxiety amongst the poor electorate. Now for my Commentary:

The mistakes we make

We think they think like us. We are for the most part reasonable and intelligent beings so we tend to think that the ANC is also like us or can be convinced to be like us.

When they do crazy things like lose jobs, building houses that fall apart within three months or stuffing up the education system, we think they are stupid.

That is true. Most of the middle management of the ANC is indeed stupid, but at the top sits intellectuals who are also members of the Communist Elite who know exactly what they are doing.

ANC tactics

The parasitic ANC has one goal and that is to stay in power forever.

They need to stay in power to stay at the front of the feeding trough stealing public funds.

For that they need vast amounts of uninformed voting fodder that is easy to manipulate with lies, empty promises, coerced with threats and rewarded with tidbit snacks.

No informed, educated person would ever vote for the ANC. It then takes no genius to realize that it is not in the ANC’s interest to have an informed, educated voting public. Hence the dumbing down of the education system.

People who have secure jobs and a decent living standard have nothing to fear from the scaring and intimidation of the ANC and cannot be manipulated into voting for them. Hence the lack of job creation under the ANC.

Therefore it is in the best interest of the ANC to keep the people poor, uninformed and uneducated.

The ANC has no interest in real upliftment of the poor. They have no real interest in creating jobs or educating the people.

The ANC can preach “Equality” and “upliftment of the poor”, but in fact they need the different classes and the poor to stay in power.

At the heart of communist dogma is the class struggle between the “haves” and the “have-nots” or the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat.

Under Communism, true equality can never be reached. They need the poor majority and the few rich so that they can incite the poor majority to enslave the rich minority.

If everyone is truly equal then they have nobody to incite against anybody else and the Communist government will have no leg to stand on and become obsolete.

Racial politics of the ANC

In all societies you have about 10% “Haves” and 90% “Have-nots”. To get to power, you have to convince the 90% “Have-nots” that the 10% “Haves” have been stealing from them and oppressing them.

In South Africa, the rich minority is mostly white and the poor majority is mostly black, which gives the class struggle a distinct racist tinge to be exploited by the Marxist ANC.

That is why the ANC will never let go of Apartheid and will never establish true racial equality. They need Apartheid to stay in power.

That is why, 25 years after the last Apartheid laws have been scrapped, the ANC still insist on racial classification on official government forms where you have to declare your race and racial policies such as Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, racial quotas in sport and university entry, etc.

The ANC foments racial tension so they can exploit people’s fears and anxieties.

The ANC is nothing but a gang of psychopaths who do not care how many people are killed, tortured, raped or traumatized due to these racial tensions. It is all about THEM, how long they can stay in power and how much they can steal in the process.

What are the alternatives?

We also need to extend the question to why the poor won’t vote for the DA or any other liberal party despite the Western Cape being an example of a relatively well run province (compared to the rest of the provinces run by the ANC)?

Simply put, blacks do not trust white liberals. When you speak to them, they will tell you that with a white conservative or right-winger they at least know where they stand. With a white liberal they never know what he is scheming about.

Therefore they won’t vote for the DA in large numbers no matter how sincere the DA pretends to be. They will rather go the other way and vote for a party even more extreme than the ANC, the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters).

The other alternative is for blacks to rather spoil their ballots as arch Communist scumbag Ronnie Kasrils told them to do in his Vukani! Sidikwe! (Wake Up! We are Fed Up!) campaign.

Opposing the ANC is an act of love - Kasrils

You see…Kasrils is a Communist intellectual who understands a basic principle of politics. The idea is not just to convince the proletariat to vote for your own party, but also to dissuade them from voting for the opposition.

Time will tell how successful his strategy against the ANC will be, because as you can see from the article above, he is not really opposed to the ANC, he just wants to shock them into becoming more Communist and push through their thieving policies of nationalization faster.

Nevertheless, at the heart of the reason why the blacks will keep on voting for the ANC and not for the DA are the racial communist lies and disinformation of a “Wit Gevaar” (White Danger) spread by the likes of Kasrils for decades.

Because of these Communist lies, voting in South Africa will forever be along racial lines. The majority of the black proletariat does not understand the differences between the policies of the DA and the ANC…but come 7 May 2014, Blacks will vote for blacks and whites will vote for whites. You can bank on that.

28 April 2014

Oh Vlok! Adriaan says we need to wash more feet

By Mike Smith

28th of April 2014

It is now about 8 years ago since slime-ball Adriaan Vlok (former minister of law and order) washed the feet of Reverend Frank Chikane for plotting to kill him in 1989.

I remember the day clearly and how I read about it in the media. I still get sick to my stomach every time I think about it.

If there is something I despises then it is this Jannie-jammer-gat attitude of these Apartheid fossils.

Every one of them, De Klerk, Vlok, Pik Botha and the rest of the State Security Council (SSC) should man up and take responsibility for fighting the terrorist scum of the ANC, not crawl in front of the feet of their despicable former enemies and if anything, go to prison instead of scape-goating a foot soldier like Eugene de Kock for the orders they gave him.

De Kock took his orders directly from the SSC. There is no way that they can claim they never ordered any assassinations or did not know what was going on. At the TRC they claimed that the word “eliminate” did not really mean “to kill” and that De Kock acted out of his own, misinterpreting “eliminate”.

Nevertheless, Adriaan Vlok is now a “Reborn Christian” and according to him, WE have not washed enough feet yet.

That is right, this cowardly, demented fool has a guilty conscience that is eating away at him like burning cancer and to sooth his pain WE (Apartheid perpetrators) need to go and wash feet…

Apartheid perpetrators must apologise - Vlok

I would really love to see what his definition of an “Apartheid perpetrator” is especially seeing that not a single person has ever been found guilty of the “crime” of Apartheid.

Hey?...What does Adriaan Vlok mean when he refers to these “many apartheid perpetrators who are living quiet lives”…???

What about the crimes of the ANC that were swept under the carpet at the TRC? What about their bombing of civilians in supermarkets and pubs, their laying of landmines on farm roads killing mostly black farm workers? What about their torturing rape and killing of their own members in hell camps like Quattro in Angola? When is the ANC going to start and apologize? Why is Adriaan Vlok not calling on THEM?

How about the entire Zulu nation apologizes to the descendants of the Voortrekkers for the massacre at Bloukranz? How about the Entire Ndebele tribe apologize for the 23 Voortrekker men, women and children, they literally skinned alive at the massacre of Makapaansgat? How about the British crown apologizes to the descendants of the Boers for killing 34,000 of their women and children in concentration camps and start paying reparations?

And don’t get me started on the descendants of the victims between Inkhata and the ANC during the early 1990’s…

Adriaan Vlok should rather keep his trap shut than talk about reconciliation in this country. It’s a pipe dream.

Cape gangster VIP guest at Zuma rally

By Mike Smith

28th of April 2014

You know why crime is high in South Africa? I have been saying it for years…

The ANC loves gangsters.

Here are some links:

ANC is plotting with gang bosses

ANC in cahoots with gang bosses

Turning children into killers: The Commie way of waging war

In fact the ANC scumbags are the biggest gangsters themselves. In his book “South Africa's Brave New World: The Beloved Country Since the End of Apartheid “ (2009) R.W. Johnson exposed this nest of vipers for the common criminals and gangsters they are. One in particular was Joe Modise who was running a smuggling operation to Zambia, dealing in stolen cars, drugs, weapons and what not.

Not only that, they are cowardly double agents and Impimpis who will betray and rat out their best friends like they did with poet Breyten Breytenbach.

It is therefore of little surprise that one of the Cape’s most notorious gangsters  businessman, Mark Lifman, was a VIP guest at at President Jacob Zuma’s recent birthday rally at the Vygieskraal Stadium in Athlone.

Cape gangster gets VIP invite to Zuma’s party

Lifman – who was photographed with ANC provincial chairperson Marius Fransman – has been under investigation by various agencies for numerous crime-related issues.

Another ANC leader in the province slammed Fransman’s relationship with known gangsters. He said it was well known that Lifman gave the ANC money ahead of elections. “Why else would he be allowed so close to the president,” asked the ANC leader.

As usual the ANC lied about it…Fransman says ANC not associated with Lifman and he did not give the ANC money

The Sunday Times published an article and a picture of Lifman (wearing a yellow ANC T-shirt) standing next to Fransman.

How to turn an idiot into a genius

By Mike Smith

28th of April 2014

IQ is inherited as this study of twins proves.

This is bad news for liberals who believe intelligence is created by environment, (contrary to all findings).

Basically, if you were born stupid, you will remain stupid for the rest of your life. Sure you can build up a bit of knowledge by reading books, but your cognitive ability, the way your brain works and analyses data or look for solutions to complex problems is pretty much constant throughout your life.

So if you were like Julias Malema who could not do mathematics, then it was tough shit…Until now…

Apparently there is a cure for Julias Malema. All he needs is a stiff punch (or slap) to the back of the head.

Actually this “cure” is not new. We in South Africa have been practicing this for the last 362 years.

Punch turns dropout into maths and science genius

Psycho hypocrisy of SA’s super rich

By Mike Smith

28th of April 2014

According to Mugabe’s “Mini-Me”, Julias Malema, he has to be rich, because otherwise he won’t be able to inspire the poor if he lived in a shack himself.

Malema defends lavish lifestyle

In fact, according to this little black Stalin, you do not have to live in a township to “liberate” people from the township.

According to reports over the weekend, Malema stood on the back of an old truck addressing supporters while the silver buckles of his Louis Vuitton shoes gleamed in the sun.

A pair of Louis Vuitton men's loafers can cost almost R7 000.

During his days as ANC Youth League leader, Malema was known for his expensive watches, cars and designer clothing.

Malema has since found himself in financial trouble over the non-payment of his tax. According to court documents, Malema owed R16m plus interest after failing to submit tax returns between 2006 and 2010.

Some inspiration he is…

Malema is also infamous for his genocidal racist rants and threats against white people, like what he said on Sunday at a rally at Durban's Glebelands Stadium in the Umlazi area.

“We are not going to drive white people into the sea because white people are part of us. We want white people who are ready to share the wealth with us. We don't want greedy white people. We don't want greedy black people. That's why Cyril Ramaphosa is not our friend.”

SA has nothing to celebrate - Malema

See the veiled threats and racist stereotyping by this moron? As if all whites are rich and all blacks are poor and when whites do not want to “share their wealth”, they will be driven into the sea.

Why doesn’t this racist scumbag with an oversized anal cavity for a brain start by sharing a bit of his wealth?

Oh I see. In typical Communist fashion he wants to share what others have, never what he has. He want’s to share white people’s wealth but doesn’t want to share his wealth with poor whites.

By his own definition, rich whites should be left alone so that they could be an inspiration to others stuck in townships, but that is not what he wants. In his screwed up mind, a rich black person like himself is an inspiration to the poor, but a white person who is rich is a racist who oppressed blacks and should now give his wealth to blacks.

Truth is that tenderpreneurs like Malema got rich by racially discriminating against whites with BEE and AA quotas in tenders. They practically steal the white people’s tax money on a daily basis.

This is hypocritical trait and double standards are typical of psychopaths. They accuse others of exactly the things they are guilty of and constantly claim the moral high ground.

Another psychopathic trait is their “selective Amnesia” where they will ignore their own faults and concentrate on others’.

People like Malema simply choose to ignore the 400,000 whites who live in abject poverty in townships in South Africa and simply choose to ignore the excesses of the stinking rich black celebrities in SA who are rubbing the noses of the poor in their wealth

16 April 2014

Civil war in the Ukraine and the impact on South Africa

By Mike Smith

16th of April 2014

I have been asked to comment on the Ukrainian conflict…something I am actually indifferent about. Nevertheless, I will try.

In a nutshell, the West created the whole crisis. Since the breakup of the Soviet empire the West has pumped about $5-Billion into the Ukraine to get influence.

Now they demanded their pound of flesh and pressured the Ukrainian government to join NATO and side with the EU. However they miscalculated the wishes of the people. So they staged a coup d’état and installed an illegitimate fascist government.

Why am I indifferent?

I do not know who I despise more, that bastard son of a Kenyan goat herder, or Vladimir Putin. They are both dictators, scum and mass murderers. The dictator Putin and his sidekick Dimitry Medvedev are like gangsters and have (for instance) assassinated hundreds of critical journalists between them. Obama is even worse. He has bombed thousands of people in Libya, Afghanistan, etc.

List of journalists killed in Russia

However Machiavelli taught us in The Prince that when all options are repugnant; choose the lesser of two evils. That will be extremely difficult for me in this case.

In the past, both Russia and the West supported the ANC terrorists against us in South Africa. So if they want to slaughter each other on Ukrainian soil then they should go for it. I will be watching their mutual destruction with popcorn in my one hand and celebrating it with a beer in the other.

Pardon me for being a bit cold, but I am watching the Ukrainian conflict with a sense of Schadenfreude.

What disgusted me in my observance of this escalating conflict was the hypocrisy of the West.

It is amazing how they used to accuse the nationalist government of South Africa as “undemocratic” and worse than “Nazis” and supported the liberals and socialists against us, yet at the same time in the Ukraine they supported the undemocratic Neo-Nazis against the democratically elected government of Victor Yanukovych in a coup d’ tat in late February of 2014.

The West supported nationalist ideals in Scotland, Kosovo and a two state Apartheid-like solution for Israel/Palestine, etc, but were fully against self determination for whites and blacks in SA or whites and blacks living in parallel in separate states…just like they were against self determination of the Russians in the Crimea.

The Crimea had a fully legal and democratic referendum on self determination and secession from the Ukraine, a right inscribed in the UN charter, the International Covenant on Political Rights and several other international treaties. Yet the West declared the referendum illegal.

Was the Crimean referendum illegal?

Although the Crimeans voted 96% in favour of joining Russia, Obama refused to recognize it. Neither did the Europeans.

"The referendum is illegal and illegitimate and its outcome will not be recognised," Herman Van Rompuy, president of the European council, and José Manuel Barroso, European commission president, said in a joint statement.

France and Germany echoed the statement by the British foreign secretary, William Hague, that Moscow must face "economic and political consequences".

Vladimir Putin was fully in the right to send his troops into the Crimea to protect Russian citizens there and Russian interests such as the military and naval bases at Sevastopol. He was acting in full compliance of the Russian constitution and in fact had a DUTY to act and protect Russian citizens in the Ukraine.

Fact is that the West does not like Putin that much, especially after he rubbed their noses in the dirt in Georgia in 2008 with the South Ossetia and Abkhazia conflict.

He also stuck a stick in the spokes of the West’s globalist ambitions in Syria by assisting Bashar al-Assad against the Western supported Al-Qaida terrorists and stealing the show with diplomacy; Yet another hypocrisy seeing that the West has told us for 23 years that they are fighting against Al Qaida in Iraq and Afghanistan. Utter bollocks! They want the oil and the opium.

Understand one thing…These globalists do not like their plan of creating a one world totalitarian government to fall behind schedule.

One thing one should never do is get in the way of the globalists, unless one wants their wrath unleashed upon one and one’s country.

Putin has stopped the Western globalist’s relentless eastern expansionism in Syria, Georgia and now in the Ukraine and for that he will not be forgiven…He will have to pay.

In South Africa, the Boers did the same when they stopped the British expansionism into Africa…Something the Boers are still paying for today. First their man Rhodes was stopped in 1899-1902 then the nationalists stopped globalist Smuts in 1948.

The globalist agenda only came back on track again in 1994 when the ANC came to power.

With us it was a matter of getting their hands on our gold and other minerals. Apartheid was just their excuse.

At the moment it seems like Putin is in control. It is a sort of stalemate with a flavor of nuclear deterrence ala General Andre Beaufré. Russia has about 9000 Nuclear weapons and the USA about 8000. Add about 200 from the UK and 300 from France then I would say Russia is up against the West in a nice balance of deterrence.

The West knows that the majority of Ukrainians feel themselves Russian. All the Ukrainians I have spoken to told me that in the Ukraine nobody speaks Ukrainian. The lingua franca is Russian. They are Russians and have been for centuries. It is only the West’s propaganda machine that wants us to believe that the majority of Ukrainians support the undemocratic, fascist puppets of the West under Oleksandr Turchynov.

The West is using a strategy that will eventually backfire on them. They think they can do whatever they want because they have the money, the media and the weapons. They also think that they can be as hypocritical as they want, because people are stupid and believe all their lies.

Fact is that the West is losing credibility very fast. In today’s electronic age people are informed. The globalist agenda has been exposed and everyone can see for themselves what the West is busy with. Edward Snowden has exposed about 1% of their tactics. Vladimir Putin gave Snowden a new home and a base to further expose their agenda.

Believe me; these globalists are not impressed with Putin or Snowden exposing them. They need to shut them down…both. They cannot have intelligent people thinking for themselves and damaging their credibility.

For me personally I realized the West had no credibility when I saw them supporting the Angolan government in extracting oil from the sea and at the same time they supported Dr. Jonas Savimbi, the opposition UNITA leader of Angola by giving him weapons.

The West was apparently fighting Communists in a global Cold War…They were fighting them in Vietnam and in Korea, yet they supported Communists against the pro-western Whites of South Africa and imposed severe sanctions against us.

Those same Russian Communists they were fighting a Cold War against were their allies during WWII…apparently, because National Socialism was a “bigger evil”…Yeah right…Bullshit, they didn’t like the competition…

The Germans could not be allowed to have ambitions of ruling the world with a totalitarian empire…That is the job of the Americans, right?

Nevertheless…The West will be incredibly stupid if they ever go up against Russia in a conventional war. Surely they must have learned the lessons of Napoleon and Hitler. The Russians are extremely patriotic and love their country to bits.

I doubt it if it will escalate into a nuclear war. Victory in a conventional war is unilateral; in a nuclear war, destruction is bilateral.

I even doubt it if the West will do anything apart from imposing sanctions if Putin’s troops march into East Ukraine or even take over the entire Ukraine.

The only way to bypass those nukes is to get your agents to start a civil revolution inside the country in the same way South Africa’s government could not use nuclear weapons against the ANC’s riotous mobs during the Apartheid unrest.

Western agents will provoke riots and anti government protests inside Russia itself and try to get one of their agents installed as a puppet. The Second Russian Revolution.

The Arab Spring has shown us what the Western Globalist’s new tactics of warfare are. Why use your soldiers against a country you want to take over when you can use their own citizens to depose of the government and you just march in under the banner of “Western Aid” and support for the heroic “freedom fighters”?

If you study revolutions like Dr. Crane Brinton in his book “Anatomy of a revolution”, then by definition the Ukraine is already in a revolution. There are certain stages like when the armed forces go up against the citizens, but when the armed forces join the citizens, you have a full scale revolution on your hands. That stage has now been reached.

60 Ukrainian servicemen side with protesters in Slavyansk

What will the impact for South Africa be?

It might sound wrong to say, but we have to look after our own interests. We as White South Africans have no friends in the world. Therefore, I hope the West and Russia lock horns and wipe each other out…but only properly. Maybe if they are over their ears involved with each other they will leave us alone to sort out OUR coming revolution.

10 April 2014

ANC wants Tokeloshes called to drive out DA witches from Cape Town

By Mike Smith

10th of April 2014

The ANC is truly run by idiots. Look at these clowns.

Witches want an apology from Mbalula

An organisation representing witches is demanding that Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula and ANC provincial secretary Songezo Mjongile apologise for “inciting” witch-hunts.

Last year Mjongile was ordered to repay the Brett Kebble estate R350,000. Just another corrupt ANC bastard.

The South African Pagan Rights Alliance (Sapra), said it was offended by statements Mbalula and Mjongile made in Nyanga on Sunday while commemorating the 35th anniversary of Solomon Mahlangu’s death. Mahlangu was an ANC terrorist convicted of two counts of murder and hanged in 1979.

In a reference to the DA, Mbalula told ANC supporters at the Lusaka Community Hall that the Western Cape was governed by witches. He asked for tokoloshes to be called to chase the DA away.

Now, remember that this same Mbalula was once Julias Malema’s predecessor at the ANC Youth League and a deputy minister of police. He holds a degree in teaching from the Free State College of Education in South Africa, from which he graduated in 1988.

See what I mean? No matter how supposedly “educated” they are they never relinquish their beliefs in witches and tokoloshes.

But I can understand why South African Pagan Rights Alliance (Sapra) director Damon Leff felt so strongly offended by Mbalula’s statements, because calling the DA a bunch of witches is an insult to witches.

Nevertheless…This is Africa…Here just being accused of witchcraft can get you killed and it can lead to genocide like in Rwanda.

Victims of witch-hunts in South Africa are ignored

Laughing and mocking these beliefs of the noble savages in South Africa is useless unless we can think about how to use it against them.

For instance. Imagine you are a farmer and your land is illegally occupied by ANC squatters and you are at your wits end of how to get them off. Buy yourself one of these flying babies below and fly it over them every night whilst you make witch noises over speakers hidden in the bush…Check them run over each other to get off your land.

Should Afrikaners vote for the EFF?

By Mike Smith

10th of April 2014

I see that Wikus Kotze, the white Afrikaans guy who is an EFF member, was arrested for fraud.

EFF Afrikaner nabbed for fraud

Kotze reportedly caused a stir on social media earlier this year, being labeled a traitor by some in the Afrikaans community.

“They told me I was an idiot, a fool, that I was sucking up to black people, that I was a traitor betraying my white skin,” the Saturday Star quoted Kotze as saying.

Well…I think maybe we should all vote EFF in the next election.

I mean why not? Voting anything else will just prolong our misery. Better to get Malema in charge as soon as possible so that we can get this show on the road.

If Malema becomes president he will go down in history as a great hero, for he will be the one who will be remembered as the person who united the whites of South Africa in their struggle for freedom.

Who knows, maybe one day the Afrikaners will erect a statue to him.

Dr. Blade Nzimande: "Nkandla report is white people's lies"

By Mike Smith

10th of April 2014

On the 19th of March 2014 the South African Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela released her long awaited 447 pages “Nkandla report” called “Secure in comfort”.

You can read it here:

Secure in comfort – The Nkandla report

In her report, she found that Zuma and his family improperly benefited from the R246 million security upgrades to his private Nkandla homestead in KwaZulu-Natal.

These included a swimming pool, a cattle kraal, and an amphitheatre.

Madonsela also found that Zuma breached the Executive Members' Ethics Act. She recommended that a percentage of the money be repaid.

The report also stated that a lack of proper project management and oversight had created a "licence to loot".

The opposition DA party soon afterwards released an SMS to more than a million people which read:

"The Nkandla report shows how Zuma stole your money to build his R246m home. Vote DA on 7 May to beat corruption. Together for change."

Needless to say the ANC was livid and took the DA to court saying that the report did not say Zuma “stole” the money from the public.

On Friday the 4th of April 2014 Judge Mike Hellens dismissed the ANC’s case saying that the DA’s SMS was fair comment and that the Oxford Dictionary basically states that “loot” is synonymous for “steal”.

That however is not entirely true…You can read the Oxford Dictionary meaning of “loot” here:

The Oxford dictionary definition of “loot”

“Private property taken from an enemy in war”…

Who exactly are Zuma and the ANC at war with? Well they declared a war on South Africa on the 16th of December 1961 and started a terrorist campaign called Operation Mayibuye against the citizens of South Africa. In the subsequent 18 months they carried out 200 acts of terrorism against South Africans of all races. It included laying landmines on farm roads which killed mostly black farm workers.

This war carried on through the 1980’s, the early 1990’s with their horific necklacings and is still waged on South Africans today in the form of farm attacks, and urban warfare disguised as “crime”.

Nevertheless, Zuma shifted the blame to government officials, saying he did not ask for the renovations and he would not repay.

Zuma: I never asked for Nkandla upgrade

In fact the report states that Zuma had detailed knowledge of the Nkandla upgrade and did nothing to stop it.

The Democratic Alliance has launched a criminal corruption case against Zuma over the upgrades and plans impeachment proceedings.

The SABC then reported that the minister for Higher Education, arch Comminst and General Secretary of the SACP, Dr Blade Nzimande has said that the media reports about Zuma stealing public money to build his Nkandla palace were "lies perpetuated by white people",

Nkandla articles “white people’s lies”

As usual, when a piece of Communist trash is pushed into a corner and all else has failed, he plays the race card.

As far as I know and as far as I can believe my eyes, Thuli Madonsela is a black woman, not white so that makes Dr. Nzimande’s statement ridiculous. Most of the journalists who reported on the Nkandla report are also black.

The DA called Nzimande’s insane utterings a poor attempt to cover up the rot Blade’s ‘white people’ rant a cover up: DA

Blade Nzimande is a fool. He should give his doctorate back. How this idiot can be the minister of higher education’s beggars belief.

Education was wasted on this dimwit. Think about it…All that studying and all he has to show for it is shit for brains.

09 April 2014

Communist "sharing" is perpetual theft

By Mike Smith

9th of April 2014

I sometimes come across idiots who defend Communism. They tell me it is a noble idea to “share”.

When I point out that in all communist countries to date it led to total collapse and even genocide in some cases. When I point out the spying and the secret police making people disappear they are quick to defend it by saying the Americans and the West are worse or at least just as bad.

I get people who say that in the GDR (former East Germany) it wasn’t all that bad.

When I point out that Germans today are still paying a Solidarity tax to rebuild East Germany 25 years after the fall of the Berlin wall and that the unemployment in East Germany is massive, then they blame it on the Capitalists who do not want to “share”…

The quickest way to shut them up is to tell these Communist apologists who think Communism is so great to all move to North Korea…There is still a beautiful Communist Utopia for them to go and live in.

You see, the Bible says in Mathew 7:18 that you recognize a tree by its fruit.

“A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit”

…if Communism was such a noble idea then why do we not see it in the fruit it bears?

The concept of sharing is good. It is benevolent. Stealing on the other hand. Forcefully taking half of what someone else has is malevolent and evil.

That is exactly what the ANC has proposed now. Farmers must give 50% of their farms to the labourers.

SA farmers don’t owe anyone anything

And the biggest Union Group Cosatu which is in a Communist Troika with the ANC and the SACP supports it.

Cosatu backs 50% farm stake for workers

On Sunday, Rapport newspaper reported that farm workers on commercial farms could own half of the farms according to a new proposal government was considering.

The proposal meant expropriating half of every commercial farm in South Africa and handing it over to farm workers, according to the report.

The newspaper was in possession of a document named "Final Policy Proposals for Strengthening the Relative Rights of People Working the Land", which was discussed with agricultural organisations last Monday.

The historic owners would retain half of their farms and the state would pay for the 50% taken for the workers, Rapport said.

But where is the state going to get the money from?

Land claims to cost taxpayers up to R179bn

They are just stealing, stealing, stealing.

Whites in SA are constantly threatened by the likes of the EFF and the ANC that if they do not “share” willingly they will be robbed of their land, their homes, their money, their possessions, etc.

That is Communist “sharing” for you. They want to “share” 50% of what you have, never 50% of what they have.

Once they got your 50% then they want 50% of what you have left, and so on until they have everything and you have nothing. What then? Then you become expendable. Then they don’t need you anymore. Then you get chopped up with machetes.

Why is it that whites South Africans could never see that it is not going to end when the land claims are all settled? The first wave of land claims was just the start!

Then they want 50% of all the farms that are left over….and so on.

With BEE they already went after 50% of the businesses.

And once they got all the farms and the businesses, they are going to come after the homes. You will be forced to give 50% of your property up to the maid and the gardener. They did the same in all the Communist countries, why won’t they do it in SA?

It is the way Communist “sharing” works.

Whites farmers in SA were stupid to even agree to start with land claims. They were stupid to agree to Affirmative Action and BEE. They should never have done it. They should have gone to war with the ANC over their land, their jobs their businesses back then already. It is nothing but theft.

When will whites take a stand and say, “Up to here and no further”?

How many women and children must still get raped and killed? How many more jobs lost? How many more businesses and farms stolen before whites in SA will take a stand?

It is either that or they will lose everything including their lives, because I can assure them that the ANC and their willingness to “share” is not going to go away. Ignoring the problem is not going to help. Constantly hoping that things will get better is useless.

If you want it to get better then you have to MAKE it get better. You have to get off your arse and get rid of the root cause of the problem, namely the ANC.

Mathew 7 goes further…verse 19…Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire.

04 April 2014

Minister says jailing prisoners doesn’t work

By Mike Smith

4th of April 2014

According to our illustrious Minister of Correctional Services South Africa with a population of 50 million has the highest prison population on the continent, even higher than Nigeria with a population three times higher than us.

I will tell the minister why. It is, because all the Nigerian criminals are here in SA!

They had to flee Nigeria where there is Sharia Law and the prisons are hell holes compared to SA prisons.

Nevertheless, Minister Sibusiso Ndebele said that jailing criminals doesn’t work. There is not much “correction” going on at our “correctional facilities” and it does not serve as a deterent to crime.

Jailing criminals doesn’t work: minister

He also does not supply us with a solution then to what does work.

Should we chase them out and export them to some other country like Nigeria is doing?

Prisons as we know them are not that old. Only about 150 years or so. The modern prison system was born in London and influenced by the utilitarianism of über-Liberal Jeremy Bentham.

Trust a liberal to come up with a kak idea.

See, in the old days, prisons were not used as punishment for crimes committed. Prisons were only used as temporary detention facilities until trial or execution.

After founded guilty the real punishment would be meted out in the form of hard labour, flogging, hanging, etc.

There were galley ships and penal colonies back then.

In Africa blacks had their own laws. You steal my cow, I kill you. You rape my daughter, you marry her, etc.

There were no prisons amongst the Zulus or Xhosas. There were no mental institutions. Punishment was swift and brutal, often resulting in beating an offender to within an inch of his life or death. I think Nietzsche said, “The fear of pain is the mother of morality”…or something like that.

Crime was a lot lower in those days. Since the liberals came with their humanism and utilitarianism, crime has gone through the roof and prisons started to overflow and the cost to the taxpayer climbed exponentially.

The report above states that every single prisoner in SA cost the taxpayers about R10,000 per month. What do they feed them? Steak and caviar?

I think the Minister is absolutely correct. Our modern prisons are not working. Our entire Roman-Dutch law system is wasted on Africans.

So what are the alternatives then?

Should we reinstate the death penalty? Hang rapists and murderers?

In my opinion, Yes.

Further, the focus should be on punishment for the crime not rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is an automatic result that follows the punishment.

One can also let the victims or the victim’s families decide on the punishment.

And I am all for turning Marion Island into a prison. Send the bastards there to turn big rocks into little rocks. The rocks are sold and proceeds used to feed them. No cost to the taxpayer. They should pay for their own food.

Or how about locking say 20 murderers in a cell and you do not feed them…you just leave an axe amongst them? In the end nineteen will have magically disappeared and you will only have to hang one prisoner.

The dissonance of an Illegal strike at Limpopo hospital

By Mike Smith

4th of April 2014

There appears to be an illegal strike at the Mecklenburg Hospital in Limpopo.

Illegal strike at Limpopo hospital

This causes severe cognitive dissonance, because one does not know whether one should be happy or sad.

If you say you support the strikers the left will have a severe stroke from all the dissonance, because striking workers are their darlings. The left loves protests, revolutions and striking workers causing chaos, but at the same time they will slam you for cheering when thousands of their strongly pigmented patients die.

Maybe the health workers are really good and their strike will indeed cause more deaths. Not sure if that is a bad thing though.

But this is South Africa, remember? Here things are always a bit Topsy Turvy…

I mean, in reality, with these incompetent health workers on strike the patients will probably live longer and the hospital’s mortality rate will go down!

Now is that a good thing or a bad thing? Should we then support the striking workers or condemn them?

Anyway, the mind boggles…just ask any liberal.

More attacks and torture on whites in South Africa

By Mike Smith

4th of April 2014

Below is a video of two bastards who broke into the house of Dirk de Waal of the farm Weltevreden near Zeerust. The article can be read in Beeld:

Robbers scatter as pepper gas alarm goes off

They first tried to stop the alarm by switching off the Main electrical switch, obviously not realizing that the alarm runs on battery power. They scattered when the pepper gas went off. The police are looking for them. At least nobody was hurt.

The next attack is just sickening in so many ways.

Elderly white woman tortured for hours in her own home by her black gardener

Engela Nel is 86 years old and lives in a security village called Zebra Park. Her gardener for the last five years, Thomas Madimetsha Kemp (39) attacked her on the 19th of March for R3000 (about $300) to pay his Sangoma (witchdoctor). The police did not inform the media at the time of the incident.

This bastard grabbed the old lady by her neck, chocked her, hit her on the head until she was unconscious and tied her up on her bed before he tortured her for hours. During the torture she prayed for her attacker.

Later she was locked up in the study while he ransacked her house. At about midnight he made off with her car, bank card, cell phone and television.

I do not know how many times I should say this. Do not have a black gardener or maid. If you absolutely MUST have one, ensure he is white.

History and a multitude of similar attacks have shown that you cannot trust these bastards. It does not matter if he has worked for you for five years or ten years. You do not trust him. They will turn on you in the blink of an eye.

Further, what is the use of living in a security complex when YOU are the one allowing the bastards in? You can have the best security in the world, but if you open the door for him, it is all useless.

I cannot emphasize this enough…You do NOT employ them. Do not give them money. Do not feed them or clothe them. Have absolutely nothing to do with them.

They vote for a corrupt terrorist regime that exercises racial discrimination in the form of AA and BEE against our people.

Lastly…praying for your attacker? Praying for the scum that is torturing you for hours? How utterly fucked up is that? Shouldn’t you curse him and send him to hell? Besides…where was God during the torture? Looking the other way?

I am sorry, but I just cannot understand this mindset of white South Africans. It is like the Uhuru Guru used to say, “White South Africans will rather be killed in their own beds than make it themselves”.

03 April 2014

From Gravy Train to Gravy Plane as MP’s scoop in SA

By Mike Smith

3rd of April 2014

We all know that there is just no end to the greed, theft and corruption of the ANC, but they are not the only gravy scoopers in Mzansi.

Actually I am in awe of the collective criminal mentality of the left wing liberal scum. Where they get these ideas from is astonishing. I would never in a million years dream up these schemes.

They are all already on the biggest gravy train the world has ever seen, yet their greed knows no bounds.

Now the ANC MP’s are backing a plan where they want 24 free flights a year for them and their spouses…for ten years AFTER retirement…And Johnny Taxpayer must cough up.

Free flights for retired MPs proposed

But the ANC says that the idea was not theirs. It comes from the DA.

Retired MP travel benefits not ANC idea - chief whip

One would expect a little bit better from DA, but it turns out they are going to steal even MORE taxpayer money when they come to power one day.

They tabled this proposal in 2007 already.

An MP who had served one term (five years) would get eight economy-class tickets a year for 10 years, 16 economy-class tickets a year for 10 years for two terms, and 24 business-class tickets a year for 10 years after serving three terms.

Scoop that gravy you bastards. Scoop it while you still can. Steal as much from us taxpayer’s while it lasts. What you are busy with is what revolutions are made of. Mark my words…The day will still come when you lot will all be lined up against a wall and shot like dogs and I will be the first to spit on your corpses. You are scum of the worst order!

Turning children into killers: The Commie way of waging war

By Mike Smith

3rd of April 2014

For those who are au fait with the ANC’s “People’s War” this will be nothing new. It is just a continuation of their terrorist campaign started in 1961 by Nelson Mandela.

Over the years we have seen the cowardly ANC scum using women and children to do their dirty work for them. When these women and children then get shot by police they milk it for every bit of propaganda to recruit ten more terrorists.

In the past we have seen how the ANC works in cahoots with Cape gangsters in order to destabilize the province and make it “ungovernable”.

ANC plotting with gang bosses

ANC in cahoots with gang bosses

Now we see how these gang bosses are using 13 year old kids on bicycles to assassinate their opposition gangsters, because they know that under SA law, the kids will not be imprisoned and will most probably be released into their parent’s care.

How gangsters turn kids into killers

Behind all this gang violence sits the ANC.

In the Western Cape you have the Provincial Police Commissioner apologizing to the communities for not doing their job.

Fact is that he is acting under his boss the national police commissioner Riah Phiyega who is answerable to the ANC minister of police Nathi Mthethwa.

Effectively the ANC bound the hands of the police in the Cape. They want maximum disorder and chaos so they can show that the DA is unable to run the Cape. Then when people vote for the ANC, they will step in, restore order and be the heroes. Basically the ANC is running an extortion racket in the Cape. If the people want the violence to stop, they should vote ANC.

01 April 2014

This week’s “It’s not my job award” goes to…Cebekhulu Civil Engineers

By Mike Smith

1st of April 2014

They were awarded a R23 million contract to upgrade a road in Northwest Province, so all they did was to put down a flimsy layer of tar and when the tar started to peel as fast as they were putting it down, they just painted the lines over the potholes.

Only in South Africa!

A lick of paint to cover potholes

When the City Press started asking questions, they all scattered like cockroaches when the kitchen light goes on.

That is just another R23 million of hard earned taxpayer’s money wasted to enrich useless, incompetent BEE tenderpreneurs who will pay kickbacks to their family members in the government who awarded them the contract in the first place.

Sad thing is that NOBODY will be held accountable for it. They will just get another contractor who will be paid double the amount to fix the road, but who will do exactly the same; Pocket the money and make a duck for it.

The process will repeat itself at least three times before an outcry will be reached and the road will be fixed for real.

We have seen the same with the ANC built RDP houses which fell apart after three months and had to be rebuilt. Same with schools and hospitals. It is just an endless paying out of tenders and kickbacks to these corrupt ANC scum.

It doesn’t take much to figure out that you can start three companies, all apparently independent from each other, and stuff up the work with the first company just so your second company can be awarded the new contract and because it worked so well the first time, you stuff up a second time so that your third company can pocket the maximum loot…etc, etc…That is how BEE works.