28 March 2014

Cowardly scum torture old lady for hours

By Mike Smith

28th of March 2014

The Beeld newspaper reported in Afrikaans that three men with balaclavas tortured a widow, Christine Otto (75), yesterday on her farm.

Robbers tortured woman on farm

They tied her up, burned her with a clothing iron, hit her with their fists and a whip amongst other things and eventually made off with her cell phone, car and three firearms.

When she managed to push the panic button after the bastards have left, the security company called her phone and the robber said the “gogo” (old lady) is in the shower.

That is the only hint they give through that it was a gang of blacks, because normally the media in SA is quiet about the race of the perpetrators when they are black.

OK…we in SA are used to these kinds of attacks from blacks against whites which often lead to murder, but let us just pause here for a moment and reflect on the psychology of the perpetrators.

Firstly, how utterly brave must you be to be in a gang of three and hit a tied up, defenseless old woman with your fists?

What kind of person can even get it over his heart to do such a thing? Either they have no emotions, are extremely sadistic or they are filled with a tremendous hatred for the victim.

They didn’t even know this lady. She has never done anything to them. Why do they hate her so much that they feel nothing to torture her for hours?

One cannot even think that a human being can torture an animal like that, let alone a fellow human being.

This is the same kind of mentality that picked little Willemientjie Potgieter (3) up by her hair and shot her in the back of the head.

The only logical conclusion is that they hate whites in general. They hate whites to the point where they have dehumanized them and are able to torture them for hours.

I wish I could climb into their skulls and see the hatred they carry inside themselves. They must think of whites as worse than cockroaches or something. Where does all this hatred come from?

Who tells them to go “Kill the Boer, Kill the farmer”? Who tells them “One Settler One Bullet”? Who tells them, like Faraday Nkoane did, “Stealing from whites is not a crime”??

Steal from whites

You have the president of the country singing “Bring me my machine gun” and “Kill the Boers”…These are open calls for genocide and the world looks the other way. Nobody does a thing.

Further, we are told we should not hate. We must love these bastards. "Turn the other cheek", they say. We must reconcile and live in peace and harmony with these brutal savages...How? Please tell me.

27 March 2014

ANC mixing politics and religion again: Walking with Zuma is like walking with God

By Mike Smith

27th of March 2014

Apparently walking with Zuma is like walking with God…

Walking with Zuma is like walking with God

….This is according to ANC Northern Cape chairman (and illegal salt miner), John Block, who is facing charges of fraud, corruption and money-laundering of about R60million involving illegal leases of buildings, etc.

Block could walk free as state closes case early

Of course he will walk free. He is one of the untouchables in Zuma’s circle.

Zuma can have more than 700 charges of fraud against him for the infamous arms deal, he can have the most damning report of any president in the history of SA against him (Nkandla), but he will not face prosecution.

Untouchable Jacob Zuma

I don’t know which “God” John Block is referring to, but it seems to be Mammon…one of the Seven Princes of Hell that the ANC worships.

Maybe he should go read the Bible first before he utters his drivel…

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. Matt 6:24

Further, God hates corruption.

Divers weights are an abomination unto the LORD; and a false balance is not good. Prov. 20:23

God Hates arrogance.

The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the froward mouth, do I hate. Prov. 8:13

This is not the first time they blaspheme like this:

ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa said God wrote the “Vote ANC” sign

ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe said that the ANC is a tool in the hands of God and that the ANC is in government 'through God's will'

And then our own Illustrious Prez Msholozi Showerhead…

God votes ANC the rest can go to hell

I think the ANC’s days are numbered. God won’t let them get away with this arrogant blasphemy.

For me...I am not very religious, but I pray every day for the destruction of the evil ANC. In fact… Every time I close my eyes I see a South Africa free from the corrupt ANC scum.

Deus in virga percutiet te

20 March 2014

Cruelty of the Noble Savage - 20 stolen sheep squashed into a Toyota Tazz

By Mike Smith

20th of March 2014

20 stolen sheep squashed into a Toyota Tazz

Police were busy with their routine patrol in Ermelo, when they spotted a suspicious-looking Toyota Tazz.

The South African police then stopped the vehicle to investigate and that’s when they saw 20 sheep squashed into a Toyota Tazz of which 16 were already dead.

The driver failed to produce any permit to transport the stock or any proof of purchase and that’s when the police realized that the sheep were stolen.

The man will appear today in the Ermelo Magistrate's Court in Mphumalanga.

In South Africa reality is more absurd than satire

Three doctors make South African surgical history in record 23 hour emergency operation

By Mike Smith

20th of March 2014

A top-team of South African cardiologists made surgical history yesterday by saving the life of a Mayfly (also known as a “One-day fly”) in a record 23 hour long emergency operation.

The patient, who belonged to the order of “Ephemeroptera” suffered from Dilated cardiomyopathy or DCM a condition he was born with on the same day of the operation.

Because of the patient’s short life span, the surgical team had to be assembled from pediatricians to geriatricians who performed at various stages as the patient’s life cycle unfolded on the operating table.

In a combined effort, the departments of cardiology, pediatric cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery did the first Medtronic CoreValve implant in South Africa on a patient at Universitas Academic Hospital.

Professor Hennie Theron, Prof Stephen Brown and Dr JP Theron of the faculty of health sciences, with the assistance of Dr Jean-Claude Laborde, performed the operation on Wednesday.

Without their expert intervention, the patient would have survived a maximum of one more day.

“After I examined the patient, I knew that we had to operate quickly”, a very tired Prof. Theron said after the operation.

“Every second counted and even then chances of survival of the patient were slim.” Prof. Theron continued.

Complications set in several times during the marathon operation. After 12 hours, the by now adult patient was clinically dead. Only through CPR lasting several minutes and the eventual use of a Defibrillator could the One-day Fly be brought back from the brink of death.

“Only one more hour before the anesthetics wears off and the patient can enjoy a full life”, Dr. Sehularo Gaelejwe Chief executive of the Hospital said.

The advantage of this new valve is that it can be implanted percutaneously (through the skin) through a catheter from the groin, but what made this operation so unique and even more spectacular is that the entire procedure was conducted through the patient’s arsehole.


OK, I will admit that I twisted the facts a little in the above article. You can read the true story of the three heroic doctors over here:

Three doctors make SA surgical history

But if you think that the above story is ridiculous and absurd, then try a dose of reality. See what is REALLY going on at Universitas Academic Hospital.

Volksblad Newspaper reports that since October 2013, the Hospital has lost five top Cardiologists and consultants, mostly because of bullshit.

The latest is the very same Prof Hennie Theron (head of cardiology at the University of the Freestate) who has been suspended for “using the “K”-word” against a security guard.

Prof Thereon vehemently denies it. People who have worked with him for 19 years say they can testify that Theron has never used such a word.

No proof exists. Only the bullshit accusations of a halfwit security guard. But Dr. Sehularo Gaelejwe Chief executive of the Hospital didn’t think twice to suspend him on mere allegations. Apparently they see the matter in a very serious light and a full investigation will be conducted.

Freestate loses umpteenth cardiologist

In the mean time, another cardiologist, Dr. Gideon Visagie resigned from his post in protest to the suspension of Prof. Theron.

Now I am sure, given that the allegations are true, that the poor (in)security guard’s feelings were hurt when he was called a Kaffir, but let’s think about it rationally for a moment…

How many black people’s lives has Prof. Theron saved in his life thus far? Probably thousands. How many black lives have been saved by his colleagues who have also resigned from the hospital? How many blacks are now going to die, because these brilliant doctors are gone?

Don’t you think that the hospital’s management should see THAT in a serious light instead of the (in)security guard’s hurt feelings? Are they really going to let people die here, because of some bullshit allegations?

This country is truly a mental asylum run by the inmates.

Tell you the truth, I think there are other, more sinister matters playing a role here. It appears as if these White Afrikaner doctors are targeted to be driven out. Their lives are made hell. Even if these allegations are false and the Prof. exonerated, he will go, because nobody needs to take this bullshit.

In every Communist country from Cambodia to Cuba the Communist have murdered and eliminated the intellectual class as soon as they have come to power. The ANC is doing the same, just using different methods.

Communists do not see intellectuals as assets, but rather as potential enemies.

Do you remember Dr. Wouter Basson ? He is incidentally also a brilliant cardiologist and a White Afrikaans male, just like the doctors above. He was the head of Project Coast, the Apartheid government’s secret biological and chemical warfare program.

Do you start to see the pattern here? These doctors must be fired an eliminated, because they are potential enemies of the ANC Marxist terrorist scum.

Personally I do not know what these doctors are still doing in South Africa. They should have left for Canada or Australia years ago.

Like I have said many times, The ANC does not care about saving black people’s lives. They are only interested in staying in power forever. They will get rid of their potential enemies at any and all costs, even if it means that thousands of blacks will die as a result.

18 March 2014

Helen Zille proves that liberals do not understand the psychology of the formerly colonised

“The Negro enslaved by his inferiority, the white man enslaved by his superiority alike behave in accordance with a neurotic orientation.” ― Frantz Fanon, „Black Skin, White Masks“

By Mike Smith

18th of March 2014

The darling of the liberals has lost it completely. Helen Zille now officially belongs in a mental institution. It is the only way to describe her behavior.

I wrote about her antics like getting Ghostbusters in to rid her residence, Leeuwenhof, of ghosts about three years ago when she wanted to have men who have multiple sexual partners without condoms charged with attempted murder.

Is Helen Zille going cuckoos?

It is clear that this liberal idiot is sexist and bigoted in the extreme and totally racist to boot.

Out she came a few days ago and challenged Msholozi Showerhead to a public, live TV debate …her aim of course is to win black votes.

This in itself won’t be a difficult debate to win, because Zuma is an idiot with no formal schooling.

You are illiterate like Zuma, pupil told

So why does Zille think she is hardcore? Does she think it will be an accomplishment to mentally bully an intellectual cripple like Zuma?

If anything she will just make blacks resent her more. It shows that she has no understanding of blacks, their values and/or culture. Actually she should know better seeing that she can speak Xhosa fluently.

A woman (white to boot) talking down to the great Zulu, Msholozi, putting him in his place…How far does the white madam think she is going to get with blacks trying that stunt?

Zille is so desperate to win black votes that she has made a total fool of herself several times in the past.

Three years ago she tried to impress blacks by doing a toyi-toyi dance at Kliptown in Soweto. Blacks resented her even more and made fun of her.

Malema: Zille dances like a monkey

Recently her desperation to get a token black person for the DA blew up in her face when her perverse five day love affair with Agang’s Mamphela Ramphela turned into an embarrassing fiasco.

‘Embarassing fiasco’ as DA and Agang split after five-day affair

Now she has just made an even bigger fool of herself. On Sunday she went to visit the Baralong people at Bodibe in the North West Province…Dressed like a black woman stirring a pot of “pap” and riding a donkey cart holding a blue beach umbrella... A crowd called her Masechaba, or mother of the nation.

Twitter storm over Zille’s Bodibe pictures

As can be expected… blacks slammed her for “trying too hard” and for a patronising attitude towards black people.

What is she trying to prove? That she is one of them? That they are the same as her? God only knows what goes through her liberal air-head.

I have spoken to blacks extensively and there are some fundamental facts that she and liberals in general need to grasp and accept.

1. Blacks do not trust liberals.

2. Blacks will NEVER vote for the DA, not in big numbers anyway.

3. In SA blacks vote for blacks and whites vote for whites.

Zille will never be accepted by blacks as one of them. Her attempts are an exercise in futility.

No matter how well she runs the Western Cape, how many wall-less toilets she builds for them, how many RDP houses or schools she builds, they will never like her.

She tried to brag about how well the Western Cape is run, but completely miscalculated the reaction of blacks in response to her.

She referred to young blacks from the bankrupt and destroyed Eastern Cape as “Refugees” streaming into the well run Western Cape and the blacks hated her for speaking the truth and called her a racist.

Helen Zille: Exposing her racial nakedness

What Zille fails to grasp about the psychology of the formerly colonized is clearly set out by Franz Fanon in his book, “The wretched of the earth” and other works.

She is hated and despised for simply being there. Her mere presence reminds blacks of their inferiority.

The fact that the Western Cape is outperforming all the ANC run provinces is not admired by blacks…they hate her for it, because it shows them up for the failures they are.

To blacks, the DA run Western Cape is not an example or model to strive for. They don’t think they should run or uplift the other eight provinces to the Western Cape standard. No, in their minds the Western Cape must be destroyed and run just as badly as or worse than the Eastern Cape.

Every western hospital with western doctors and nurses is a testimony to their primitive and backward Muti and Sangoma medicine. Every western built school or university reminds them of their inability to invent the wheel, a written language or basic arithmetic. Every white built house reminds them of their inferior mud huts or tin shacks. The list is almost endless.

As long as there is a single white person left in South Africa, blacks will despise him/her for making them feel inferior due to his/her presence. To blacks whites are colonizers and are what Franz Fanon calls, “colonial germs of rot” that must be removed not only from the land, but also from their memories.

14 March 2014

Sissy ANC bigwigs hiding behind girls

By Mike Smith

14th of March 2014

It is nice to see that the ANC is being given some of their own medicine for a change albeit from the even more radical EFF. Apparently the locals in Bekkersdal had enough of them, their insults and their lies and tried to throw them out.

ANC “unwelcome” in Bekkersdal

Armed guards forced to protect ANC bigwigs

But as can be seen in the picture, when the going got tough, the ANC bigwigs were hiding behind girls.

Nothing new...That is what they have always done. We have seen at Sharpeville and in Soweto (1976) how this terrorist scum used to hide behind and amongst children and women.

But look further at this hypocritical trash...

Brian Hlongwana, the chief whip of the ANC in Gauteng, said in a statement…There could never be a concept of no-go areas in a democratic society. “It is unacceptable that schooling should be disrupted as it was done today and legitimate public representatives being barred from doing their work”…

This coming from the ANC is rich, seeing that during the 1960’s to the early 1990’s they have largely made the townships no go areas for whites, Inkatha or anybody who opposed their brutal and fanatical ideologies and methods.

Further, the ANC burned down hundreds of schools and used school children as cannon fodder against the armed forces and people of South Africa. It was standard practice for them.

Thabang Wesi, the leader of the Concerned Residents of Bekkersdal, told Sapa that residents were surprised when they saw bodyguards with weapons in the township.

He said the guards shot at unarmed people, mainly school pupils. The ANC were squealing like pigs when the Apartheid police did this, but when THEY do it, it is somehow fine…??

13 March 2014

Max du Preez and the stubborn blindness of liberals

By Mike Smith

13th of March 2014

One of the most frustrating things for a right thinking person is the stubborn blindness of liberals.

No matter how much evidence you produce, no matter how big the elephant in the room, they simply refuse to see it. They live in a perpetual state of denial of the truth.

Take the pathetic liberal and Marxist apologist Max du Preez in his latest rant for instance.

Failed state, my foot

He was trying (rather pathetically) to refute the statement by Alan Dershowitz that South Africa has become a failed state and a lawless country.

US Lawyer calls South Africa a failed and lawless country on CNN

Max du Preez has a long history of ANC arse creeping with his substandard articles and he has been slammed by me many times in the past. I am not going to make an exception in this case either and will take his arguments apart one by one.

1. Reporters attending the Oscar Pistorius trial can see for themselves that SA has a functional, sophisticated judicial system.

Mike Answers:

First of all, the Oscar Pistorius case is a show trail, because the ANC knows the world media is there.

Secondly it is clear that Max du Preez is not au fait with the statistics, was too lazy to do his homework or is blatantly lying.

Truth is that South Africa has an extremely incompetent and corrupt police force. Forensic experts and laboratories are overloaded and months behind schedule. Police are unable to protect farmers against assault and murder. Police often rape, assault and murder members of the public sometimes in horrific ways like towing them behind police vans.

According to Statistics from the SA Law Commission (see pg 14,15, 18 for graphs)… 75% of violent crime cases reported to the police never make it to court and only 6% result in a conviction two years after they were reported to the police. Of the cases that did make it to court 40% are withdrawn before the trial due to incompetent police bungling investigations or dockets that mysteriously disappear.

Further, the judiciary is racist. Judges are politically and racially appointed and not on merit.

In a country where murderers and rapists have a 94% chance of walking free, Max du Preez should not talk of a “functional, sophisticated judicial system”.

2. “…we get regular reports of white men (in the USA) who have murdered blacks getting off scot-free; of people who have spent years in jail just to be freed because of new DNA evidence; of people (mostly black) who have been executed unfairly.”

Mike Answers:

Max du Preez is creating a straw man argument (without any proof) that has no bearing on the topic of whether SA is a failed and lawless state or not. What exactly is he trying to prove? That the USA is a failed and lawless state worse than SA and therefore everything is hunky dory in SA? That this biased and subjective rubbish was even published is beyond comprehension.

3. “Dershowitz also said South Africa had “deep, deep racial divisions”. That may be true to some extent. But when he said it, I felt like reminding him that there are more African-Americans in jail than in college or universities; that one in three African-Americans spends time in prison.”

Mike Answers:

Again, what does this have to do with SA being a failed and lawless state? What is he trying to prove? That white American are hardworking and successful and blacks failures? That whites are racist towards blacks or that African Americans are highly criminal? His statement is absolute bollocks. Not worthy of further comment.

4. The hordes of foreign journalists attending the Pistorius trial will testify to the fact that they stay in excellent hotels; eat at brilliant restaurants; find our banking and telecommunication systems better than most in the world; don’t feel unsafe when they go about their business; and that the road infrastructure in Gauteng is very good.

Mike Answers:

The Hotel and restaurant standards in SA are good albeit a bit overpriced. Hotel theft is rampant as the 2010 World Cup players from Colombia and Egypt and the four international golfers staying at the Garden Court hotel in East Londen last month can testify.

I wonder if Max would leave his suitcases open, his laptop out and his wallet on the counter when he leaves the hotel.

Baggage theft at airports has reached epidemic proportions. ATM theft is rampant and tourists are frequently warned to be on the lookout and not to be distracted at ATM’s.

Foreign tourists are frequently robbed raped and murdered at resorts, on Table Mountain at the beach, etc. Shopping centres and restaurants are frequently robbed by armed robbers. I honestly do not know where Du Preez gets his unsubstantiated drivel from that foreigners in SA feel safe.

Tourists run the gauntlet in South Africa

The banks are fortresses where you speak to cashiers through bulletproof glass, because they are frequently robbed. ATM’s are blown up with explosives.

Telecommunications are average and expensive, pathetic if you try to log on to the internet.

As for the roads. I do not know where Max du Preez drives, but certainly not where the rest of us drive. Pothole signs everywhere. Every second car a 4x4 out of necessity.

5. Why would anyone of sane mind even say the words “failed state” and “South Africa” in one sentence?

Mike answers:

Because by definition it is, as Max du Preez points out. Definition of a failed State

6. Our media are free, independent and diverse. We don’t have a culture of military intervention in civilian politics. We don’t have religious fundamentalism or conflict. We don’t have a threat of terrorism. We don’t have tribal or regional wars. Our constitution guarantees the rule of law and individual rights and freedoms, and it is jealously guarded over by the respected Constitutional Court.

Mike Answers:

With the ruling ANC and their check book journalism where they pay journalists to write favourable articles you can hardly speak of an independent media. IOL, the biggest newspaper group in SA is owned by Sekunjalo the company of Iqbal Surve who fired an editor of the Cape Times for reporting that his company received an improper fishing tender from the ANC government’s agriculture, forestry, and fisheries department.

The entire ANC is militaristic. Terrorist in fact…and acknowledged by several governments to this day. These terrorists are now in civilian politics and a threat to the country. They steal the state coffers empty, they let infrastructure run down. They destroyed the health system and babies die at hospitals. They destroyed the education system, effectively making millions of people unskilled and dependent on the state.

Religious Fundamentalism, tribal warfare et al…Is Max ignoring the Xenophobia in South Africa? Is he denying that Somalians, Zimbabweans, Congolese, etc are violently assaulted, murdered and their shops looted or destroyed by local blacks?

The constitution guarantees nothing and the ANC wipes its arse with it as they constantly try to undermine it with things like a “secrecy bill”, a memorandum on crime statistics, etc.

7. We have strong institutions like the public protector, the auditor-general and the Independent Electoral Commission.

Mike answers:

The Public protector, Thuli Madonsela, is constantly in the news as the ANC tries to undermine her investigations into the R200million public money stolen by President Zuma to build his Nakandla palace and other government fraud and corruption scandals.

The Auditor General, Terence Nombembe is a watchdog without teeth and ignored by the ANC for all intents and purposes. For instance, he failed to comply with a court order to provide access to records concerning the procurement of arms and the Asmal Report stated that the ANC government has a “persistent disregard” for his recommendations.

The Independent Electoral Commission or IEC is only independent in name with the top officials being racist and biased belonging to black only organizations such as the Black Lawyer’s Association, Black Student Society, etc. How would it be if these officials were whites who belonged to Whites Only organisations?

8. Our civil society and business community are vibrant and strong. Our economy is fundamentally sound and well managed.

Mike answers:

Our civil society and business communities are plagued by the racist policies of the ANC namely Affirmative Action, Black Economic Empowerment, racial quotas for university entry, Racial quotas in sport, etc. Society is today more divided than during Apartheid.

The economy is in tatters and the Rand at record lows. A year ago the Rand was R10 to a Euro. Now it is R15 to a Euro. What is so fundamentally sound about that?

9. Our challenges stem mostly from our history of oppression, division and under-development. We tackled these challenges head-on in 1994 with our political settlement and in 1996 with our Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Mike Answers:

Blaming Apartheid and colonialism for the ANC’s failures again. How utterly boring. South Africa was a safer and better run country with world class health and education systems during Apartheid. Your challenges do not come from “oppression” or “division”…it comes from the theft and corruption inherent in the ANC.

The TRC was biased, a total fraud and a cover up. Large sections of the atrocities committed by the ANC, like their indiscriminate bombing of civilians, the evils in their hell camps in Angola and Tanzania, etc were covered and denied from the public.

The TRC failed to achieve any “reconciliation”. If anything, it only served to divide the people of SA more. It stoke hatred of whites from blacks.

10. We have faltered seriously since then through weak governance and business apathy, but we’ll send a strong message as voters when we go to the polls on May 7, and we’ll get back on track.

Mike answers:

Faltered seriously is an understatement and who is this “We” you are talking about, Max? Speak for yourself and your own failures like supporting the ANC all these years.

Seems like you have high hopes of voting the ANC out of power. Forget it Max. Look at Mugabe. There is no difference between the ANC and Zanu-PF. They will stay in power forever unless they are pushed out by a violent revolution.

No Max. Forget about coming back on track. South Africa IS a failed state. South Africa had a stroke and the blood clot was the ANC. This country will never be the same again.

12 March 2014

Alex Boraine says SA on brink of becoming a failed state

By Mike Smith

12th of March 2014

There comes a point during every liberal’s clouded thoughts where they just cannot deny the truth anymore and reality starts to set in.

Latest of these cretins to start catching a wake up is veteran politician and former vice-chairman of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Alex Boraine.

This “useful idiot” (as Lenin used to call liberals) helped organise landmark meetings with the then exiled ANC in Dakar and co-founded the Institute for Democracy in Africa (Idasa).

He said he had been delighted when the apartheid government had ended and the ANC had come into power.

He said he had met “very fine” ANC members when the party was still banned - but today many had been sidelined.

According to him, today so many of the country’s cornerstones of democracy were under attack that the country was in danger of becoming a failed state.

Things began to change under Thabo Mbeki, a fine economist but detached from reality. During the last five years under President Jacob Zuma South Africa had become “a mess”.

Apparently he has now written a new book, “What’s Gone Wrong? On the Brink of a Failed State”. (Jonathan Ball Publishers)

I tell you what went wrong Dr. Boraine…Liberal idiots like you brought Marxist Terrorists to power in South Africa and thought everything will be hunky-dory.

Self-righteous liberal idiots like you thought you knew better. You called conservatives “stupid”, “backwards”, “racists”, “verkramp” and “lacking vision”.

How does it feel now that you have to admit that all those conservatives were right all along and you were wrong, Dr. Boraine?

How does it feel now to have to admit that the Apartheid government you hated so much was a hundred times better than your beloved ANC that is ruining South Africa?

SA ‘in danger of becoming a failed state’

Flight MH370... And other strange disappearances

By Mike Smith

12th of March 2014

On Saturday the 8th of March 2014 a Boeing 777-200ER belonging to Malaysian Airlines set off from Kuala Lampur to Beijing and mysteriously disappeared from radar 50 minutes after take-off. There were no distress calls.

A joint search and rescue operation covering 30,000km2 is currently being conducted by eleven countries which have dispatched a total of 34 aircraft and 40 ships to the effort…yet still no trace of the missing plane or its 227 passengers of 15 nationalities and 12 crew members has been found.

The Boeing 777 is classed by aviators as an extremely safe plane with an almost flawless safety record. This specific plane had its last maintenance check in February 2014 and found to be in excellent condition.

The captain, 53-year-old Zaharie Ahmad Shah was highly experienced. He was in the company for 33 years and had 18,365 hours flying experience. Zaharie was also an examiner qualified to conduct simulator tests for pilots.

Two Iranian men traveling on the plane with stolen European passports (stolen in Thailand) sparked rumours of terrorism, but after an investigation it was dismissed by the Malaysian Police.

Family members of 19 families have signed a joint statement saying that passengers' cell phones connected after the flight had been reported missing. In each case, the phone would ring, but the call would be hung up.

Bizarre: missing Malaysia Airlines passengers' phones ring, but no one answers

If there was an explosion or the plane hit by a missile there would be debris and fuel, yet nothing has been found.

If the plane was high-jacked it would not suddenly disappear from radar.

The authorities know exactly what the plane’s last position, height and air speed was and at exactly what time it disappeared, yet the plane cannot be found.

Time: 00h41 (local) 16h41 (UTC)

Position: 6°55′15″N 103°34′43″E

Altitude: 35,000 feet (10,668 m)

Speed: 471 knots (542 mph; 872 km/h)

Here are six important facts you are not being told about Flight 370

• Fact #1: All Boeing 777 commercial jets are equipped with black box recorders that can survive any on-board explosion.

• Fact #2: All black box recorders transmit locator signals for at least 30 days after falling into the ocean.

• Fact #3: Many parts of destroyed aircraft are naturally bouyant and will float in water.

• Fact #4: If a missile destroyed Flight 370, the missile would have left a radar signature.

• Fact #5: The location of the aircraft when it vanished is not a mystery.

• Fact #6: If Flight 370 was hijacked, it would not have vanished from radar.

There are some other strange disappearances…

World's 10 most mysterious plane disappearances and strangest aircraft crashes

Speculation and conspiracy theories abound and I see that even the respected Washington Post says that it disappeared “from radar so suddenly and inexplicably that it might as well have flown into another dimension.”

Lost: The mysterious, baffling disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Personally I believe Flight MH370 is in Neu Schwabenland together with Elvis, Hitler, Marylin Monroe…and the mysterious R1.2-Billion South African Satellite that the ANC seems to have “Lost” without a trace.

Scandal of R1.2 billion missing SA satellite

MP on mission to find 'missing’ satellite

I think if you go there and have a good look around you might also find the R30 Billion “lost” annually due to the ANC regime’s corruption, negligence and incompetence.

South Africa as a nation has “lost” a staggering R385 billion since 1994 due to corruption at every level in government.

'Culture of corruption' costs South Africa R30 billion

Corruption - SA Counting The Cost

11 March 2014

ANC forcing government employees to campaign for them

By Mike Smith

11th of March 2014

Here is further proof of the farce called the “New”, “Improved” and “Democratic” South Africa.

Forced to campaign for the ANC

What a joke. South Africa is a one party Marxist state built on the GDR model where they also called themselves “democratic” as in the “German Democratic Republic”.

In East Germany the Stasi secret police had thousands of activists on their payroll.

Their job would be to spread communist propaganda in pubs, around BBQ’s, etc in order to campaign for the Marxist-Leninist SED (Socialist Unity Party) who ran the country into the ground for 43 years.

25 years later, Germans are still paying solidarity money for the destruction communism brought to the GDR. They destroy and the West must rebuild… And then you still get idiots who defend the system.

Nevertheless, many of the ANC politicians were educated in Marxist-Leninism in the former GDR. Therefore it is of no surprise that they would implement all the dirty tricks they learned from the communist scum over there.

Currently polls are showing that the ANC might lose Gauteng province in the upcoming election.

I am not so sure.

ANC fears it will only get 45% of votes in Gauteng

ANC Secretary General and arch communist Gwede Mantashe vowed last year that there is no chance of that happening. No chance ANC will lose Gauteng: Gwede Mantashe

He is probably right, because Gauteng is the richest of all the nine provinces of SA and there is no chance the ANC will let go of it, at least not without a fight. If the ANC loses Gauteng, they will lose South Africa.

In the Western Cape we have seen the ANC’s strategy of destabilization and trying to make the province ungovernable. They work hand in hand with Cape Flats gangsters. I wrote several articles about it. You can read it here.

ANC organising the Lumpenproletariat to make the Western Cape ungovernable as part of their Second Transition

ANC in cahoots with gang bosses

They rent crowds to destabilize fruit farms and fling poo at tourists at the airport and even necklace the opposition. They will stop at nothing. They are total scum and not interested in “democracy”. They have never stopped their “People’s War” .

The ANC has NEVER been “democratic”. Right from the start they have crooked their way into power. The April1994 elections were rigged by stuffing ballot boxes, making ballot boxes disappear, etc.

When the Zimbabwean Marxist dictator, Robert Mugabe used £500million of blood diamond money, one million ghost voters and 116,000 voters aged over 100 to crook the elections, the ANC congratulated him.

How a Communist dictator stays in power

Zuma congratulates Mugabe on election win

This is what they will do to win.

Paying each of 3000 public works employees R2120 per month to campaign for the ANC and attend President Zuma’s rallies is still mild. Even threatening them with job losses is mild.

Wait until they really start to lose their grip on South Africa and you will see the true ANC come out just like in the early 1990’s when they killed 20,000 people (mostly blacks) by necklace burnings and throwing them off moving trains. The ANC is only interested in “democracy” when THEY can win.

10 March 2014

ANC councillor by day; Highway robber by night

By Mike Smith

10th of March 2014

Below is the story of one “Precious Poppy Tau”, an ANC councillor in Middelburg.

Tau was accused of robbing several hitch-hiking women along the highways last year. She allegedly offered her victims a lift before brandishing a gun and robbing them. Tau and her husband were arrested two weeks ago and face three charges of assault and armed robbery.

ANC councillor by day, highway robber by night

This is the kind of criminal scum running this country.

American lawyer calls South Africa “A failed and lawless country” on CNN

By Mike Smith

10th of March 2014

The prominent American criminal lawyer Alan Dershowitz lashed out at South Africa during an interview with Pierce Morgan regarding the Oscar Pistorius case.

Dersowitz said that he has spent time in SA and it is “a failed and lawless country”.

US lawyer calls SA a failed country on CNN

The man is absolutely right. However, how did SA become like this?

Maybe it is all in the interpretation of the semantics. If South Africa has failed, by implication, it must have been successful once. If it became a lawless country, by implication it must have been a lawful one once.

When exactly was that Mr. Dershowitz? The period before the ANC? God forbid, not the Apartheid period, is it…??

Let me remind you Mr. Dershowitz, that your country the good old US of A waged economic warfare on South Africa and imposed sanctions on us in 1986 for trying to prevent this failed state from happening.

The US Congress imposed the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act in 1986, stabbing us in the back after we won a proxy war for them against the world Communist empire in Angola.

What I want to know from you, Mr. Dershowitz is this: Now that your country has helped to bring a Marxist terrorist organisation to power in South Africa, a regime that, as you acknowledge, is destroying the country and causing crime to climb exponentially by the day, what is your Senate doing about it? Why are you not imposing sanctions on the criminal Zuma regime? Because if you are not, you are complicit in the destruction of South Africa and the lawless nest it has become.

President Paul Kruger defends Pretoria, kills EFF member

By Mike Smith

10th of March 2014

I simply couldn’t suppress a chuckle. The spirit of President Paul Kruger still seems to dwell on Church Square in Pretoria.

110 years after his death, President Paul Kruger once again fought for his capital city...and won.

A few days ago a bunch of EFF hooligans were demonstrating and singing outside the Pretoria High Court when one was running in Church Square and tripped by the chains around Paul Kruger’s Statue…

EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi confirmed that the man, identified only as Max, had died. Ndlozi said: “He was running in Church Square and tripped by the chains around Paul Kruger’s statue. He fell terribly on his head. His name is Max. It was an accident.”

Accident?? You decide…

EFF member dies outside court

African loving liberals ignoring "endemic" baby rape in Africa

By Mike Smith

10th of March 2014

Just the other day a Pretoria academic, Dr Louise Mabille resigned after a “race row” when she stated that “the rape of babies is a cultural phenomenon among black ethnic groups”.

Not surprisingly, knowing the low life traitor scum amongst us, the man who launched the complaint against his colleague was University of Johannesburg political science lecturer Piet Croucamp.

You can read about it here Investigation underway as lecturer resigns over racial row

She was immediately attacked by the liberally biased media for “hate speech” and LWB journalist Jillian Schutte (married to a black man) called her article ”The utmost backwards racist thought”

Schutte wrote: “This is a direct assault on the humanity of the complete black population. How is this unscientific conjecture and abysmal racism acceptable in her academic circles? This is hate-speech in its most blatant form.”

…And with that the liberals again showed how they ignore the elephant in the room, just like they ignore “corrective rape” of lesbians, Muti-murders and other black cultural phenomena such as Ukutwala the practice of abducting and raping young girls as young as nine to make them wives.

One wonders how liberals reason their dualistic nonsense, because at the one moment they are pro-black, pro-gay and pro feminism, but at the same time they ignore the cultural phenomena amongst blacks that repress gays and woman.

Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni recently signed a law imposing harsh penalties (14 years in jail) for homosexuality and also banned mini-skirts for women. The Ugandan reverend and government minister Father Simon Lokodo, (the current State Minister for Ethics and Integrity in Uganda) said that heterosexual child rape was preferable to homosexuality and that men raping girls is natural.

Even British actor/interviewer Stephen Fry (who did the interview with Lokodo and is gay) acknowledged that heterosexual child rape was “endemic” in Africa.

Now what I want to know is, what does feminazi Jillian Schutte have to say about that? Stupid liberals like like her and Prof Piet Croucamp should be made to apologise to Dr Louise Mabille…and then put up against a wall…